Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on September 13, 1963 · Page 20
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 20

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, September 13, 1963
Page 20
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18 Golesbuna Reaiste^Moii, Gaiesburg, Pricloy,Sept-. 13, 1963 Market Reports Today Bushnell Livestock Market uneven. Top, $15.75. Nos. l's and 2's, $15.50; mixed 210-260 pounds, $15.35-$15.50; SOWS 25 cents lower, bulking at $12.75$14.75; cattle, slow; lambs, steady. Galesburg Hog Market Galesburg Order Buyers C. B. & Q. Stockyards Market steady to 25 cents lower. Bulk of eastern shipping hogs, $15-$15.25. Top, $15.50. Quotations: 200-240 $14.75-$15.50 240-260 $14.75-$15.40 260-300 $14.25-$15.25 Sows: 300-500 $12.00-$14.50 Chicago Livestock CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA) — Hogs 6,500; butchers- generally 25 lower; mostly 1-2 200-230 lb butchers 15.85-16.00; mixed 1-3 190-250 lbs 15.50-15.85; mixed 1-3 350-400 lb sows 14.00-14.50; 400-450 lbs 13.50-14.00; 2-3 450-500 lbs 13.0013.75. Cattle 6,000; calves none; slaughter steers steady to 25 l6w- er; five loads mostly prime 1,1221,300 lb slaughter steers 25.00; high choice and prime 1,100-1,300 lbs 24.25-24.75; choice 900-1,250 lbs 23.75-24.50; good 900-1,250 lbs 22.25 23.25; choice 800-1,075 lb heifers 22.50-23.50; load high choice with few prime 1,000 lbs 23.75; good 21.75-22.50; utility and commercial cows 14.50-16.25; utility and commercial bulls 17.50-19.00. Sheep 300; spring slaughter lambs steady; good and choice 80-100 lb spring slaughter lambs 18.00-20.00; few choice and prime 21.00; cull to good shorn slaughter ewes 4.00-6.00. Interior Hog Prices SPRINGFIELD, 111. (AP) — (USDA) — Interior Illinois hog prices (State-Federal): Receipts 30,000; butchers steady to mostly lower; 1-3 190-250 lbs 14.75-15.50; 1-2 200-240 lbs 15.50-16.25; 1-3 250280 lbs 14.25-15.00; 1-3 280-350 lb sows 14.00-14.50, few 14.75; 1-3 350400 lbs 13.00-14.00; 2-3 400-500 lbs 12.00-13.00 ; 2-3 500-600 lbs 11.12.0. Peoria Livestock PEORIA, 111. (AP)-(USDA)Hogs 5,20; steady to 25 lower; 1-2 200-230 lb butchers 15.75-16.00; mixed 1-3 190-280 lbs 15.25-15.75; 1-3 260-375 lb sows 14.50-15.25; 1-3 375-450 lbs 13.75-14.50; 2-3 450-550 lbs 13.00-13.75 ; 2-3 550-650 lbs 12.50-13.00; boars 10.00-12.00. READ THE WANT ADS! SMORGASBORD Spoon River Cafe LONDON MILLS, ILL. — Every Sunday — Serving 11:36 A.M. to 4 P.M. 75c - Child under 12 $1.50 - Adults SOYBEAN STORAGE available at CAMERON and BERKWICK WAREHOUSE Receipts issued. CONTACT WAYNE GLAS Phone 51 on 6 Cameron CAMERON and BERWICK GRAIN STORAGE Cameron, Illinois New York Stock* NEW YORK (UPI) - Stock market midday prices: Admiral 22Mt Int T&T 51% Aldens Wk Iowa P&L 57V4 Allegh Lud 4U4 Johns-Man 48V4 Alld Chem 52% Kennecott 76V4 Alld Strs 52% Kresge 23'A Allis Chal 17% Kroger 30 Alum Ltd 24 Lib McN 1AV* Alcoa 64% Lockhd 37*4 Am Air 28% Mar Oil 58tt ABC Pmt 34*4 Maytag 36V 8 Am Can 45% Min Hnywl 122% Am Cyan 61% Minn Min 65V4 Am M&F im Monsanto 57 Am Mtrs 19% Mont Ward 38% Am T&T 124% Morrcll 24 Am Tob 28% Nat Bis 55% Anaconda 50% Nat Can 17'/i Armour 40V4 Nat Dairy 66 Atchison 29% Nat Gyps 45% Avco 26% Nat Ld 75% Cclotex 27% NYC 22% Bcndix 50% No Arrm 52Vi Beth Stl 32% Nor Pac 46% Boeing 35 Nor St Pwr 36% Borden 65 Olin Math 42 Borg War 51% Oulbd M 13% Case 9% Pac Tel 32% Catplr 44 Penney 45% Celanese 55% Penn RR 21 Cent Soya 27 Pepsi Cola 57 C&NW 30% Phil Pet 54% Chi RI 26V4 Piper Air 32% Chrysler 73% Pure Oil 45 Cities Svc 67 Qua Oats 70V4 Coca Cola 102% RCA 73% Colum Gas 29% Rep Stl 43% Comm Ed 54 Revlon 45% Cons Ed 88V4 Rexall 38% Cont Can 45% Reyn Tob 40% Cont Oil 66% Safeway 63% Deere 65% Schenley 21% Diana 10 Sears 98% Douglas 22% Shell Oil 47% Dow Chem 59% Simmons 42% Du Pont 247% Sinclair 47% Eastman 110% So Pac 35% El Auto Li 26 Sperry 15% Erie 3V4 Sq D 46'/ 2 Firestone 36% Std Bds 74% Flintkt 22% SO Cal 68 Ford Mtrs 57% SO Ind 64% Friden 45% SO NJ 70% Fruehauf 29% SO Ohio 66% Gen Dyna 25% stude 9% Gen El 83% Swift 39% Gen Fds 89% Texaco 71% Gen Mtrs 77% Texas Inst 90% Gen Tel 28% Un Carb 108% Goodrich 54% Un El 28% Goodyear 39% Un Pac 39% Grant WT 26% Unt Air L 38% Gt Nor 53% Utd Corp 8% Greyhound 43% Utd Fruit 24% Gulf Oil 49% Utd Gas 38% Homestake 51% US Gyps 86% Hupp 7% US Play C 25% 111 Cent 52 US Rub 49 111 Pwr 40% US Stl 55% Inland Stl 45% West Un 33% IBM 457% Wslghs Ab 29% Int I-Iarv 56% Wstghs El 39% Int Nick 65 Woolworlh 73% Int Paper 34% Yng S&T 119% A letter of introduction helps break the rce for a stranger in a new community. MAKE HIGHWAYS SAFE FOR YOUR MERCHANDISE Strong, durable, water repellent, double seams, reinforced corners and with brass grommets. Here is maximum value at moderate cost. Sizes to fit practically all needs. GALESBURG CANVAS PRODUCTS "~7 V*t> U**rStrut 343-9384 TREES CUT AND BRUSH REMOVED HEDGEPOSTS CUT Call 342-4657 STUMP CUTTING May COEI leu than you think to gel rid oi that uniightly stump. Call DeWAYNE JOHNSON EXCAVATING Phone 342-0816 »OTO-ROOTEft FOR CiOGGED TEWERS, 4 DRAINS Don't Dig Up Your Sewer Call 343-6913 - or Phone 342-6430 SEED WHEAT SEED RYE SWANSON SEED FARM RRl, Galesburg Phone 342-8239 FOR SALE 500 Blackface wool lambs. 100 Whiteface wool lambs. 600 Shorn lambs. 60 Hereford yearling steers. 40 Hereford steer calves. WALTER SMITH WYOMING, ILLINOIS - 3651 Salesman - Altona - 484-6533 Galesburg Groin Market Consumers Grain & Supply Co. 12:30 P. M. Corn (old) $1.20 Corn (new) $1.04 Oats 61c Soybeans (old) $2.48 Soybeans (new) $2.41 Deforest Feed ft Seed Co. Wheat $1.82 Corn $1.20 Oats 62c Soybeans (new) $2.38 Grain Futures CHICAGO (AP) — Soybean futures slumped fairly sharply today on the Board of Trade but some grain contracts posted good gains. Setbacks in soybeans ran to well over 2 cents a bushel during the first several minutes. Brokers said the pressure appeared to have been linked with failure of frost to materialize in all the area for which it had been forecast. Another broker said, though, he believes the weakness was linked with a private crop report which still predicted a yield of 740 million bushels, well above the government's estimate. Wheat and September corn continued in good demand, largely by speculators. Wheat was % to 1V4 cents a bushel higher, September $1.88; corn l'/a higher to VB lower, September $1.28%; oats unchanged to ] /4 higher, September 65% cents; rye VA higher to VB lower, September $1.37'A; soybeans VM to 2 cents lower, September $2,581/4. Soybeans Sep Nov Jan Mar May Jul Aug Final Grain Review CHICAGO (AP) — Soybean futures came under a weakening; volume of selling pressure today but the grains were in good demand with prices steady to strong on the Board of Trade. Liquidation of soybeans followed a report that the frost which had been forecast for a broad area of the northern Midwest Thursday night failed to materialize. Wheat was ahead as much as two cents a bushel at times on support credited to all interests, mainly speculators. Corn and rye moved up well over a cent in spots. Carlot receipts today were esti- [ mated at: wheat 12 cars, corn 133, oats 8, rye none, barley 7, soybeans 15. Wheat was %-2% cents a bushel higher at the close, September $1.89 1 /-.-%; corn '/j-1% higher, September $1.29V8-%; oats' Va -1 cent higher, September 65% cents bid; FOR SALE or TRADE ALLIS-CHALMERS D-17 MOUNTED PICKER Used 3 yean. Also fits WD. Price cheap. Contact KENNY RYAN Cameron. 111. COAL - COAL Order your winter's supply of coal now. Prices advance Sept. 15th. Prompt courteous service. Phone 343-9036 WEST MAIN COAL YARD 476 W. Main St. 1961 LAMBRETTI MOTOR SCOOTER Fully equipped, windshield, spare lire, passenger seat. OLIN & SWANSON Phone 734-2614, Monmouth 1.89% 1.1 1.93% 1.91 1.95% 1.92»/4 1.90% 1.88% 1.61 1.60 . 1.63V4 l.Wi 1.63V4 1.62 Chicago Grain CHICAGO (AP)High Low Wheat Sep Dec Mar May Jul 1964 Sep Corn Sep Dec Mar May Jul Oats Sep Dec Mar May Jul Rye Sep Dec Mar May Jul Rang* Prev. Close Close 1.89% 1.87 1.93% 1.91% 1.95% 1.93V4 1.90% 1.88V& 1.60% 1.60 1.29% 1.27% 1.14% 1.13% 1.18 1.17 1.19% 1.18% 1.21% 1.20% .65% .69% .71. .70% .68% .65 .68% .69% .69% .68% 1 .3814 1.36 1.41% 1.39% 1.42% 1.41 1.40% 1.39 1.33% 1.32% 2.58% 2.57% 2.58 2.56% 2.61% 2.60% 2.64% 2.63% 2.67% 2.66% 2.68% 2.67% 2.65% 2.64% 1.29% 1.27% 1.14% 1.14 1.18 1.17% 1.19% 1.19 1.21% 1.21 .65% .65% .69% .68% .70% .70% .70% .70 .68% — 1.38% 1.36% 1.42% 1.40% 1.42% 1.41% 1.40% 1.39% 1.33 1.32% 2.58% 2.60% 2.57% 2.58% 2.61% 2.62% 2.64% 2.66% 2.67% 2.68% 2.68% 2.69% 2.65% 2.66% f Wall Street NEW YORK (AP) - A slightly higher edge was maintained by an iiregulif stock market In fairly active trading late this afternoon. Volume for the day was esti* mated at 5.2 million shares compared with 5.54 million Thursday. Selective gains by blue chips kept the averages narrowly in plus territory. Profit taking in recent gainers muddied the trend, however, and it was a cautious pre-weekend session. Studebaker looked like a repeater as the most active stock, rising another fraction in very heavy trading. U.S. Smelting gyrated between gains and losses, showing a 2-point advance in late dealings. After an indifferent start, some of the "glamour" stocks began to rise. IBM added 3, Xerox more than a point, Control Data a point. Westinghouse Electric moved forward nearly a point. American Crystal Sugar spurted more than 3. Gains of about a point each were scored by Du Pont, Merck and Sears, Roebuck. CBS was ahead about 2 at one phase of trading. Eastern Air Lines was down about a point. Prices were mixed on the American Stock Exchange. U.S. government and corporate bond prices were slightly lower. Markets at a Glance By United Press International Stocks firm in moderate trading- Bonds mixed. U.S. government bonds steady in quiet trading. American stocks irregular. Midwest stocks firm. Cotton futures steady. Grains in Chicago: Wheat, corn, oats, rye and soybeans irregularly higher. Hogs mostly 25 lower, top 16.10; cattle steady to 25 lower, top 25.00; sheep steady, top 21.00. Chicago Cash Grain CHICAGO (AP) — No wheat or soybean sales. Corn No 1 yellow 1.37%; No 2 yellow 1.35%-37%. Oats No 1 extra heavy white 71. Soybean oil 8a. rye %-2 cents higher, September $1.38-38%; soybeans V/s-2 cents lower, September $2.58%-%. COMPLETE TREE REMOVAL Fully Insured — Free Estimates POWER STUMP REMOVAL OLSON'S TREE SERVICE Call Collect — Trojan 6-2103 Gilson. 111. Galesburg, 111. — 342-6234 BLACK DIRT And FILL DIRT NOW HAULING DEWAYNE JOHNSON 342-0816 TERMITES? FOR FREE INSPECTION - CALL — ALEXANDER LUMBER CO. 215 EAST SOUTH STREET 343-2171 Agents for COPPES TERMITE CONTROL SERVICE, INC. over 18 yrs. dependable service Dow Jones Averages NEW YORK (UPD— Dow Jones 1 p.m. CDT stock averages: 30 indus 741.16 up 0.90 20 rails 173.18 up 0.12 15 utils 143.36 off 0.36 65 stocks 263.46 up 0.09 Wardrobe of Glasses CHICAGO (UPI) - The Uhlemann Optical Co., said today the average American woman with glasses has 3.5 pairs and the men average 1.7. The firm said a study showed that people get different glasses for different occasions and end up not with a pair of glasses— but with a wardrobe of them. TRENCHING WITH DITCH WITCH Water, tile, and footing*. Also pipe, hydrants and iiitings. Reasonable Rates. DEAN STANLEY 440 Pine St. — Phone 343-2315 Weaver's Apple House East Edge of Altona on Blacktop. CORTLAND SNOW APPLES, MclNTOSH, JONATHAN and GOLDEN DELICIOUS Open Daily and Sunday to 7 P.M. •— Bring Baskets — SEED Pawnee Ponca Ottowa WHEAT Per Bushel SEED RYE Bu. $2.20 DeForest Feed & Seed Co. GALESBURG ABINGDON Angus Cattle FOR SALE Bulls, cows with calves, open and bred heifers. Ross E. Hanna Little York, HI. Phone RA 9-2162 Daughter Leaves Home- (Continued, from page 11) study aftd wdrk schedule is essential. They try to accent this early. It is passible they don't want freshmen to take all the upper- class men, but it's more realistic to say, if there are no 2.0 or C grade-point averages at the end of the term, there is no sorority rush. Sororities Must Wait Monmouth College is one of many college*, with "deferred rush" held during the second term in January. Mere is where parents and adult friends need to "grow up." Every year, despite all pan- hellenic regulations, some parents still try to manipulate an individual sorority and make their daughters unhappy, frustrated and ill. Times have changed—what you might have wanted in your day is not what daughter wants. Let her make her own decision—to join or not to join and which one. The refrain is, "My Mother won't understand; she'll think I let her down." Don't urge daughter to come home on weekends and cling to you and those high school chums who see her as a glamorous girl. Encourage her to try her charm or maybe brainpower in new and wider horizons. Too many weekends at home, and she'll miss out on study and social life which is so essential in her new environment. Expect her to be so busy the first few weeks that letters may not reach you. Don't phone to rebuke or show alarm; just keep writing, and she'll respond when the need arises. But if you want your budget to be balanced, discourage telephone calls. Telephone companies may appreciate your business, but this won't improve daughter's theme writing. Have you put her on an allowance? Most girls have monthly ones. Textbooks run high, but she can have you billed for these on some campuses, so that you'll FOR RENT Spacious nicely decorated office rooms. Excellent location. Immediate possession. Call 342-1191 before S P.M. 343-9856 not expect her to buy them from her allowance. Dietary Data True, you hope she'll keep that trim figure. But don't expect the impossible. Group living is partially an enjoyment of food. The balanced diet she'll get at the college food service, plus evening snacks, result in added pounds. By November she'll decide to exercise and cut out desserts and by Christmas she'll be weighing about normal. (At least you can be optimistic!). You want her to make good scholastically, but beware of undue pressure. If she writes that she is really studying—in fact all night for an exam—you might drop a hint that health comes first and that a little judicious planning will get better results. She pictures herself a martyr as she slaves all night. What she failed to consider were those wasted hours in the student center. If she phones to say she is in the infirmary—don't panic! Find out whether she went in Friday night and gave up dates all weekend or whether she signed in Monday morning before that big math or science exam. You've heard of someone being "accident prone"? When the going gets rough—students get "infirmary prone." Must Win Privilege Today higher education is still a privilege. It demands concentra tion, and your daughter can develop the stamina and the sense of values she needs to cope with the world. It isn't easy to stay in Friday or Saturday night to bone for four hours on math that doesn't "just come naturally." Especially when it means accepting the fact that there are girls who First Dug EVERGREENS PLANT NOW JAPANESE YEWS SPREADING JUNIPER ARBOR-VITA $3.50 and up BLUE SPRUCE $8.00 and up EVER BLOOMING ROSES — $1.25 and up FLOWERING CRAB RED LEAF PLUM ROSES SHARON Open Everyday 8 to 5 WIRT Nursery ALPHA, ILLINOIS Ph. LA 9-5901 SELECT- YOUR SHADE TREES NOW YOUR LOCAL LANDSCAPE DESIGNER ROBERT E. MILLER TELEPHONE 342-5549 GALESBURG OPEN SUNDAYS UNTIL 4:00 P.M. Telephone 995-3311 layette DJcttte Ibmety INC. JLA FAYETTE. ILLINOIS Administrator's PUBLIC SALE S3.I5 ACRES KNOX COUNTY FARM LAND (FERN PEACOCK ESTATE) Saturday, September 14, 1963 AT 10:00 O'CLOCK A.M. SHARP Sale to be held at KNOX COUNTY COURTHOUSE, GALESBURG, ILLINOIS. Locatton of Farm: Three miles north of Abingdon, 111., on State Route No. 41. LEGAL DESCRIPTION Lots l, 2 and 3 of the Subdivision of the Real Estate of John Reed, late of Knox County, Illinois, deceased, containing 53.85 acres of the East }fc of Section 17, as per Plat and Survey recorded in Vol. 55 on Page 61 in Knox County Records; in Township 10 North, Range I East, situated in the County of Knox and State of Illinois; except dedications and conveyances for public highway. This farm has a choice location and is all Brown Silt Loam Soil, lays level. Anyone interested in this type of farm should look this one over and plan to be at sale. Improvements consist of 6-room modern house, with full basement, garage, and combination machine shed and corn crib. TERMS: 10% of purchase price paid in cash on day of sale; balance upon delivery of Warranty Heed; abstract of title or title insurance will be furnished. 1963 taxes, due in 1964. will be paid by the Estate. Possession of all the buildings may be given upon delivery of deed, but possession of land, excluding the buildings, shall be given after the gathering of the 1963 crops. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION «nd INSPECTION OF THIS FARM, CONTACT THE UNDERSIGNED AUCTIONEERS. OR THE ADMINISTRATOR. Esther Stegall Administrator of the Estate of Ftrn Peacock. Deceased. Auctioneers: LEWIS G. MARKS end MICHAEL E. MARKS Attorneys: VABASH * STOERZBACH. Galeiburg, Illinois MIXED HAY WANTED Call or tee—Bill Bowen, care Wertheimer Cattle Co.. Inc.— CBfcO STOCKYARDS Galesburg. 111.—TeL 343-5612 SWEET CORN WILKINSMKT. 1060 N. HENDERSON have keen minds and attract knowledge like magnets. But as she makes a realistic assessment of her abilities and meets others who have staying power and determination, she'll gain an intellectual satisfaction. One or two problems facing parents, faculty-members and administrators are the urge to marry and the loss of career motivation. You read of it in "Feminine Mystic." The ever-present refrain, "Get your man immediately; marriage is the answer to all your problems" is a real "fairy tale." Those girls who have observed the early high school marriages with all their complications are becoming more objective. In the space age, trained minds are needed in greater numbers. Experts tell us there aren't enough men to fill the gap. Modern woman needs to become involved in a career before marriage and again when her children are on their own. America needs her brain power, and she needs the sense of achievement to be a creative individual. Post Bus Schedules KIRKWOOD - Bus schedules at Kirkwood are as follows: Westbound, 7 a.m., 1:50 p.m. and 10:20 p.m.; eastbound, 11:10 a.m., 7:10 p.m. and 11:05 p.m. BOAR SALE AT THE TEST STATION Located on the WESTERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY FARM 1 mile North st 1 mile West of Macomb, 111. TUESDAY, SEPT. 17 7:30 P.M., CDT Selling Approximately 40 HEAD of BOARS Approximately 40 head sold at this sale. Berkshire, Chester Whits, Duroc, Hampshire, Land- race, Poland China and Yorkshire. Individual feed, rate of gain, backfat and litter mate slaughter data available on all boars sold at this sale. Most of these boars will have a sono- ray reading of their loin eye measurement made by the Agricultural Department of the University of Missouri. We Invite Your Inspection of These Boars Previous to the Sale. Refreshments will be served on the grounds by Macomb High FFA Chapter. For Information contact Secretary-Treasurer or Auctioneer— WESTERN ILLINOIS SWINE TESTING ASS'N. Macomb, 111, Auctioneer: Floyd McCaskill, Timewell, 111.; Nye Bouslog, secretary-treasurer, care Union National Bank, Macomb, 111. PERFORMANCE TESTED 750 YEARLING STEERS At Auction, Sept. 20 Brownsville, Tenn. Sale 4 p.m. at the Mid-South Livestock Center. Field inspected, farm-fresh calves will be graded and sold in uniform lots. Vaccinated for Blackleg and Bang's, dehorned and castrated by knife. Watch for sale of 1400 Hereford steer calves Oct. 7, 1400 Angus steer calves Oct. 9, and our big heifer calf sale of 1800, both breeds, on October 11. TRI-COUNTY FEEDER CALF ASSN. Contact J. D. Peltigrew, Brownsville, Tenn., or county agents at Jackson, Ripley, Covington, Bolivar, Somerville, Memphis or Brownsville. PUBLIC SALE OF HOLSTEIN DAIRY HERD AND DAIRY EQUIPMENT At the farm located 4 miles west of the Lynn Center Junction on Route 150 and >/< mile South; or 6 miles North of New Windsor and •/« mile South; or 6Va miles Southeast of Sherrard, Illinois, on Tuesday, Sept. 17, 1963 STARTING AT 12:30 O'CLOCK D .S.T, The Entire Herd of 29 HEAD OF HOLSTEIN DAIRY CATTLE 29 13 Head of grade Holstein dairy cows ranging in age from three to eight years old, all in good production; 1 Holstein cow, four years ojd to freshen first part of October; 6 Head of first calf Holstein heifers in good production; 1 Holstein heifer to freshen in January. 1*64; 8 Head of Holstein heifer calves, ranging in age from four Months to ten months old. • These cows have ir. the previous twelve months averaged 11,352 pounds of milk and 432 pounds of butterfat per cow. • Test for toe year was 3.8 average. All above cattle have been tested for TB and Bang's and found free of disease. • These cows are set up on "a yearly production schedule, t This is an Outstanding Heard of Cows. DAIRY EQUIPMENT Surge semi-Tonganoxie pipe line milker, 2 years old with No. 82 motor: 2 Surge buckets; Dairy cool 300-gallon bulk tank, 3 years old; 50-gallon electric hot water heater; IHC cream separator, stainless steel and electric motor; 3—feed bunks. TERMS—CASH Lunch Stand by Brotherhood of Swedona Lutheran Church ARCHIE D. WORM, Owner HOLLAND LINDSEY and ROBERT LINDSEY, Auctlonetrs DALE JOHNSON and PALS NELSON. Clerics. Not Responsible for Accidents

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