Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 11, 1973 · Page 21
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 21

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 11, 1973
Page 21
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Here's Way To Arrange Working Area When it was just a bench and a few hand tools, there really wasn't a problem. But with the purchase of a power tool you are faced with the problem of converting a work corner into a real workshop. Power tools must be placed with both accessibility and safety in mind. If you had all the space you needed there would be no problem. What you must do is get maximum usage out of the space you have. Basement, garage, attic — they are all good spots for a workshop. Consider the space under the basement stairs, or a breezeway for that matter. If space is tight the first thing to do is just put retractable casters on your power tools. Then roll them back against the wall when they are not in use. Use casters even if space is not a critical problem. They allow you to rearrange the shop layout for each job. Get casters that have brakes on them to prevent rolling while you are using the tool. Figure your tool placement in relation to your workbench. Generally this is against one wall. Hang hand tools on the wall over the bench to keep them handy yet out of the way. Small items and odds and ends of hardware should go Oceania No One CHICAGO (UPI)-Oceania, now in the midst of a cultural revolution, definitely is a place — one of the largest areas on earth. But its boundaries are a matter of opinion. There is no question as to where it is. Oceania, according to Encyclopaedia Britannica, comprises the islands scattered throughout most of the Pacific Ocean. The problem comes in establishing where it begins and ends. The most comprehensive, though least useful, concept of Oceania is that it embraces all of the insular region between Asia and the Americas. A more common definition excludes nontropical areas, such as the Aleutians and the Japanese archipelago. Specialists on Oceania further define the area by eliminating Indonesia, Formosa, and the Philippines. This Gajesburg Register-MoiI, Galesburg, Monday,June 11, ,1jj%9 jj GET MAXIMUM USAGE OUT OF THE SPACE YOU HAVE into drawers in the bench. Use jars and coffee cans for screws, nuts, bolts and nails. There should be a light over the bench. The table saw is generally the most used power tool. Place it near the center of your shop with about six feet of clear space all around it. The tool should be placed so that you approach it from the left hand rear as you bring work from the bench. A table saw should be lighted over the blade to prevent it casting a shadow on the work. If you have a jointer, place it next to the saw. This eliminates steps in taking work from the saw to the jointer. The sander should be arranged so that work can be taken to it easily from the jointer. Allow about three feet in front of the sander and two more on the side toward which the disc turns. If you are lucky enough to own these additional tools, consider these space recommendations: Bandsaw — Can be placed against the wall with four feet in front and on the right side. Scroll saw — In a corner with two feet of working space in front and on the left. Lathe — Against the wall or in a corner with back and right end against walls. Leave two feet on the left and two more in front. Work areas can overlap. This is true of saw and jointer. The space around your workbench can be shared with space used for some of the power tools. If you use casters you can allow plenty of space for any tool in, use, then shove the tools out of the way while you use another. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) Body Riddled With 145 Bullet Holes SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (UPI), Police described Rene Guzman as an ambitious young man who used his border connections to steer narcotics across the Rio Grande into Texas. But police said he appparent- ly was stealing loo much money from Fred Gomez Corrozco's gangland till. His body was found along the Rio Grande with 145 bullet holes. "They say it was Corrozco. It sounds like Corrozco," Bexar County sheriff's Sgt. Fred Cropper said today. "One bullet would have done the job but old Corrozco likes to make a point —no one pockets Corrozo's money and gets away with it." Doctor Says Love Stories Cause Trouble LONDON (UPI) - A physician said today that passionate love stories published in maga zines for teen-agers can lead young women to sexual promis cuity. "Stories now increasingly end with the couple in bed together, as if that was the natural and only end to a relationship," said Dr. Stanley Ellison, chairman of the Responsible Society, formed two years ago to combat sex exploitation. One magazine, 'he said, advocated trial marriage. "Women are now in a very difficult position," Ellison said. Corrozco, who Is wanted for murder in Mexico and the United States, was boss of 10 key men who controlled narcotics in the San Antonio underworld until he was jailed in Mexico, according to police. But he broke out of the jail six months ago and arrived in San Antonio, "That's when all the trouble began—when he escaped from jail," said Bexar County Sheriff's. Lt. Frank Steggall. "Our informers told us that those 10 associates of his apparently split up about $2 million of his organization's drug receipts and decided to take over, since the big dog was cooling in a Mexican prison. "They figured he'd be there for life, or at least long enough for them to take over. Now, I hear they have a contract on him. But that won't stop Corrozco. He's clever. He's a wisp when it comes to hiding. He's one tough hombre." Five of the 10 have been killed. The other five, police say, know they are being stalked by Corrozco through the southside barrios of San Antonio which police call "Tortilla Flat." Guzman was an extra death, not among the 10 head men. Steggall said the first man Corrozco killed when he got back in town was Gilbert Escofoedo. Escobedo was standing in a southside bar bragging about how Corrozco had been muscled out, Steggall said, when Corrozco walked in and announced that Escobedo and the nine others were "dead men." He then shot Escobedo to death, Steggall said. "He doesn't care who knows about the killings—either us or the ones on his list," Steggall said. "He's out for revenge and apparently nothing is going to stand in his way of wiping them out." Others dead were Agapito Ruiz and Roy Castanos, each killed April 8, and last Thursday David Garcia and Joe Richard Garces were killed. Last U. S. Lunar Mission in Progress CAPE KENNEDY (UPI) - A small unmanned radio explorer satellite aimed at understanding more about the physics of the universe, marked a straight course for the moon today on the nation's last planned lunar mission. Ground controllers were to make a minor mid-course correction, if needed, today in the flight path of the Explorer 49 spacecraft. The radio astronomy satellite was flying so accurately on its five-day, quarter-million mile journey, that no course correction was required Sunday in the first hours after launch atop a Delta rocket. Explorer 49, using the moon Is for Real, Sure Where But It Is leaves a sort of geographical miscellany bordered by New Guinea, Palau, and the Marianas on the west, Hawaii on the north, Easter Island on the east, and New Zealand and Australia on the south. Even in its most restricted meaning, Oceania comprises several million square miles of the earth's surface. In this vast watery area are more than 10,000 islands, consisting of about 500,000 square miles of land, with a population totaling more than 2,5 million islanders. Scientists for decades have heatedly debated the origins of these islanders, but it has been established that this was one of the last regions on earth to be settled. No human beings lived in Oceania until -about 20,000 years ago. When the settlers arrived they brought along centuries- NO WONDER Wives are too expensive to waste. Glare gets 'em, Try canvas window awnings for that cool, shaded environment in which a helpmeet helps best. Beats trade-lnsl Let's talk It over. We'll gladly come by -with samples and give you a free estimate. Open: Fri. Night & All Day Sat. old social, economic, and religious customs from their Indonesian and Asian homelands. While the "civilized' world seethed in strife, generations of islanders lived in beauty and tranquility. Each island became, in a sense, a laboratory in which a small community experimented while adapting its heritage to the new environment. This existence perhaps offered one of the world's best opportunities for individuality, for in the typically small settlement any islander had a chance to influence change in his own culture. By the time Europeans began exploring the Pacific in the 16th Century there was an apparently unlimited variety of customs evolved by local groups to meet the problems of living in their own one- island worlds. For several centuries the area generally resisted pressures to change. as an anchor for its data gathering and also as a shield from earth's radio noise, will listen to radio signals from the sun, earth and the planet Juipiter. It will also be making the most extensive study yet of low frequency radio noise from this galaxy, the Milky Way and beyond. "Our main purpose is to extend astronomical measurements and learn more about the physics of the universe," said Dr. Robert G. Stone, the chief scientist for the $19.7 million project. "We'll look at the general background and how the signals are distributed throughout the sky." Radio commands from earth, Police Look For Three Hijackers NEW DELHI (UPI) - Police in three Indian states launched •a search today for three men who hijacked a Royal Nepal Airlines plane diverted it to an U. N. Council s Talks Peace Key UNITED NATIONS (UPt) The Security Council resumed its review of the Middle East crisis today, preoccupied by the forthcoming talks "tfn the subject between Pre s<l dent Nixon and Soviet leader Leonid I. Brezhnev. Nixon and his Soviet visitor will stairt their talks in Washington next week and some United Nations diplomats said they thought those talks might hold the real j key to resolving the Middle East dispute. Meeting May Adjourn In fact, diplomats -said, the Security Council is likely to adjourn its own review of the Middle East until after Nixon and Brezhnev finish thp)r talks in order to see what develops in Washington. U.S. Ambassador John Scali said Friday that peace in the Middle East depends partly on cooperation between Washington and Moscow, but • he also stressed the importance of the United Nations in any settlement. '; This council session, which opened June 6, has not produced even a suggestion of a possible new approai$ to the Middle East crisis -^although nearly all of the .."speakers warned that council inactivity could touch off new hostilities. Israeli Withdrawal Foreign Minister jflohamed Hassam el-Zayyat of Egypt, whose government requested the council review, said in his opening speech that Israel first must withdraw from"ail Arab territories it occupied in the 1967 war before any settlement is possible. Ambassador Yosef Tekoah of LONDON (UPI) — The price Israel said his government Sundav and of g° ld fel1 h ? a sharp $4.50 an would negotiate directly with abandoned ounce toda y while the dollar the Arabs without precondi- after the 442-pound satellite has achieved a 682-mile high lunar orbit, will order it to deploy four 750-foot long, Vz inch round tubular antennas. They will form a giant "X" in the sky, as long as the Empire State Building is tall. The sensitive electronic ears will pick up signals that can't be heard from earth, as the satellite circles the back side of the moon. Apollo 17 in December was the last American manned lunar mission. Although exploration of the moon is expected to start again in the 1980s, the United States has no more moon flights scheduled now. Gold Price Falls, Dollar Up Slightly a rfield where thev e caped staged a modest rally in early tlons. But he :also said Israel ^^ ieW '.^ W ^A , ey _. : ! S i !Er trading in London, the onlv would not agree to turn over Awarded Degree Miss Mildred Gillars, 72, known as radio propaganda announcer "Axis Sally" during World War II, who was imprisoned for 12 years for treason, graduated June 10 from Ohio Wesleyan University. Living in Germany when the war broke out, Miss Gillars became a propagandist for "Europa Sender" using sweet chatter to demoralize American troops. UNIFAX Good Lighting Important To Environment of Home •NEW YORK (UPI) - In home lighting—as ir. so many other things today—it's "do your own thing." "You shouldn't worry about what's being done. Do what pleases you," says Ruth Mo- Clintock, who heads the New York 'showroom of Bruce Industries, Inc., maker of contemporary lamps. "There are just two points to keep in mind. First, the basic function is illumination. And, second, your lighting should help to create an environment, and be the 'frosting on the cake,' as it were, to enhance your furniture, walls and ceilings." Working within these two premises, the young executive says, you can achieve effective and attractive lighting based on your own ideas. Some random suggestions: If you feel you need light at either end of a sofa, it does not necessarily require matched table lamps. Use a table Jamp and swag (chain) lamp, LENNWC Reiidentlal and commercial ducted »ystems. Electric. gc«, oil. Conversion*. Electronic a 1 r cleaners, humidifier*- Heat pumps, air conditioning. Complete TOTAL COMFORT systems or add-on units by factory- trained crews. Prompt service all maker.. F<'ee estimates. ' WHERE TO CALL" Ring Sheor Metal & Heating 213 Urovs St.. Knoxvillt, 111. 61*48 Phons 218-4213 LENNOX HEATINQ SYSTEMS with both at eye level. Big lamps Jcnd drama to a room, but the bigger the lamp, the smaller the room will appear. Another way to introduce excitement into a room is by using ithe bare-bulb look. These bulbs have a built-in glare feature and are functional as well as decorative. How many lamps in a room? A good guideline is five lamps in a 12 x 20-foot room, Miss McClintock says, Another guide is to provide at least one lamp for every seating group. Miss McClintock's suggestion on "which lamps for what use:" For dens, play groupings, study areas — wall lamps or swags. For game rooms and limited space areas—ipole lamps. Other great space savers, she suggests, are tree lamps with two and even .three lights, and functional floor lamps that also provide small table top space, magazine holders and various functions in addir tion to lighting. For bedrooms — headboard lamps. For dining areas—chandeliers for the traditional room or, for the more casual dining area, the same effect can be achieved with ceiling pulley lamps. If'you do want a chandelier, Miss MoClintock recommends, use it in concert with wall sconces and include a dimmer to help create a variety of moods. The two most common faults in lighting planning, according to the Bruce executive, are the two extremes: not enough light and too much) light or light flooding. with a $400,000 bank shipment, The search started shortly after police received news of the hijacking of the Royal Nepal Airlines twin - engine Otter during a domestic flight to Katmandu. The plane's captain was ordered to land at an unused airfield just over the Indian border. There they fled with the money in a jeep waiting for them. 4 Million Rupees The money the trio stole belonged to the Nepal national bank and reportedly totaled about four million Nepal rupees. The hijackers, police said, were among the 13 passengers who boarded the 22-passenger plane at Biratnagar, on Nepal's eastern border, for the 200-mile flight to Katmandu. The passenger list identified the three men as M.P. Dhungar, B. Bhandari and P.R. Subedi. Their nationalities were not immediately known, but police sources said the names were Nepali. The aircraft, with three crew members and 10 remaining passengers, flew back to Biratnagar. Work of Nepalese The Nepalese ambassador in New Delhi Hold newsmen that the hijacking appeared the work of "Nepalese nationals who knew about the money and wanted some loot." It was the first hijacking reported by Royal Nepal Airlines and the third such incident to occur in the Indian subcontinent. Everywhere You Look There's A 342-0185 WHITE ROOF Nothing Looks As Fresh As New Paint NOTICE TO GALESBURG RESIDENTS! I am still engaged In the painting end decor- atlng busine** — For reliability, neatness and good workmanship, call us today. 342-6550 — OR — 343-6562 Dll I V kirtC PAINTING & DILI. I fVlwC DECORATING 1273 E. FREMONT — Galesburg, III. trading in London, the only major European market open for business. Trading was described as "very moderate." Most European markets were closed because of the Ascension Day holiday. On the London gold market, the most important in the world, the metal's price was pegged at $115.50 an ounce in the first of two daily price fixings by major bullion dealers. This compared with the Friday peak of $120. agree occupied land beforehand. I MAKE A MISTAKE ABOUT A YEAH AGO? It 's nol too late | to get a MIRACLE WATER REFINER Leo Swllzer The Miracle Man ... and ... GET HAPPYI "RENT or BUY . Whore You Get Servlto ^5^N^HENjDERSONJS^ Phone 342-6188 We sell and ! service Carrier! i Air Conditioning Equipment The finest air conditioning equipment can be ' installed and maintained by our expert and ' experienced staff. Should a replacement part- be needed, it can be supplied from a Carrier regional spare parts depot, or from our stock. The finest equipment combined with prompt, efficient maintenance is the bedrock of our offerl Authorized Carrier Dealer GALESBURG SHEET METAL WORKS PHONE 343-1136 277 I. TOMPKINI

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