Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 16, 1947 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
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Thursday, January 16, 1947
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f tMPBBATO** ftJtf OBI n n. rn 0 n. i» D u. Hi jjoon 37 "A Progressive Newspaper For a Progressive Community" THE WEATHER MiiiwiittliuHijtlH, Connecticut and KhoUc Island liiu-rniluoiit Hfclit rain or drizzle ending early thin evening and followed by clearing and colder late tonight and Friday. Eiuitport. to Block Island—Gentle t.o modo-atc variable winds, becoming- northwest late tonight. Vol. LXXI, No. 13 ESTABLISHED 1885 - THURSDAY, JANUARY 16, 1947 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Four Centi ..LATE . . lli.v I'nili'd 1'ro.sH) Il.'U! AKKKICANS ,Vi-u' Yin-Is— Tho Now York Wurid Tologram n:\yn tho Nuvy |,;i> liarir.l Aiiirriran lniHinoNs Him mid n-porlorji from Nuvy li-i'lhcl purls in tin 1 Var Must. Tin- HiinJ tin* fooivoil in n Sliunj;liui <li«|.a!i'li from ll>i oorrosiiniiiloiil, Uilli.ii" II. Nov.-ton. OOo STI:IKI<: SKTrucn Lfinilon Tilt; 10-iluy strike of London transport workers has hci-n sullied. Di.|i:guli-.M of the stn'i<**rN have vott.-d 10 return to work un Saturday. The strik- i-rs ngri-'Hl tu accept an eight hour UJiy with time and a half pay for anything over that. Tin- lixchnngi! Teli-jjraph says it. is LinUi-r.stuod lh>: strikois have. u*,'ri'K! lu aect'pl an t.'i. l .;':H hour i!uy with iivi-riime payable nl'ier right hours. oOd- SOCIALIST KLKCTKI1 I'uris—Vinoont Aurlol, Sociul- li-uili-r uiui spoakor uf llio] Nu- tluiml \ssi-inlil.v. has boon olt-et- i'il |irt--iid*'Jit of tin- floilgjiiig Fniirtli Froiicli lit-iiulille. Thu liost is largely huniiniry currying liltlt- rral power. oOo Teachers To Discuss New Salary Plan League Meets January 28; Legislative Co(mmittee Appointed As Talmadge Takes Oath Lor.don—Tin- te\K Four Council of Deputies agreed today that Aii.striu would be brought into consultation on the ircitity to bu iliafted for the Austrian.*. oOo I.I:,\DI;KS MKKT Tin- White House—C'onirro.s- nionul Iriidi-rs of both imrtii'.i mi't with ITo-Hidont Trniiiiin in thu IVhlti- llnii.Mo thltt morning. Four Ili-puhlliMii lo;i(li'r.s and Iwo I)riMO< rat-, ut tended tin- wt-i'kly loglslutivo conference, whiiili murks tho first time OOP rijnjfros.i/iiofi IIHVI- boon pro.sont. oOo TESTIFY ON CIiA.SH.KS Washington -•• Five ranking members of the Civil Aeronautic I 'Hoard have appeared lit u closed mi-i-tlng of the Senate commorco coinmitteo, to testify nbout recent air crushes. The committee has bi-i-n urged, by Scnntor Mc- Cirriin of Nevada, to uct Imrnc- iliatfly on his bill to sot up an liicliipt-ndi'nt ;iir safety board. oOo TAXKS IVasliiiiKtuii — Sonutor Koliort Till I tins intrixliiooil ]{o|>iilill(>iiii- hai'ki'il Ii-Klshitiiifi tu iMt lend ln- ilt'filillf-ly till-' wiirlluit- oxri-so lil.ti-s. - - -oOo-- - AI'I'KOVKM H.-irtfortl -'['hi- nppointmi-nt of Rlini-r J. Ky.'in nf New HUVO.II as din-utur of tho stuto research (livixum ha.-i been approved umin- iinoiiHly by both Somite find IfflUHC. oOo AKNAI.I, WAKMNT. Atlanta—f.ovrrnor ICIII* Ar- rifill lias wiirrti-d Goorg«' «t:it<- filmier ufficorN thilt ho will l>rlng MI!) iigiiinit thrill if they "ili'fy tho law"—as ho put It— anil uhoy tho or<lor.s nf lloriiiiin TuliiiuilKt- who IIHN taUi-n ovi-r oOo KXI'I.OjilON . Detroit — An explosion has rippiid through a Detroit fire depart m.-nt station 11 ml first reports say two fircmon were Uilli-d, two are believed doud ••ind eight injured critically, oOo AKKAIGNKI) llriilgopurt—Thi- two Alison la inrn ri-n-ntly acquitted of the ••lii.vlng nf u St nit lord puller- niiin, hitvo Ill-en pro.sonti-d In Su- lii-riiir Ciiiirl on broaklnif nnd 'iili-rini; olr.irgf*. Iloth uro known in Nniigiitiu-k. 1'lens or innocent Imvo boon mittle by Kilwiird Comrfmk'h nnd Jo.souh K. (mliui-lnmki. nnd their trlul •luio triitiitivcly IUIN IIPOII sol tor tin- first of J'Vbriiiir.v. • --oOo SALKS TAX Hurt ford- -A sales tax—If Icv- IIH! in Connecticut —would pi'o- tltici- about 30-mi!l!on dollnrx a year. That's an estimate made to- Uay by tin- Connecticut public "xppiulittiro council. ! i A P'"U for roviVion of tho prcs- 'cnt salary schedule of locnl teachers will be .submitted by the salary ! cjinmitteu 01' t ii e IVatiKStuck ! I'vin.'in'rji League at a mooting of, ] i hi: or^ini/nitlon Tuesday after! .d.jii, .iar,. 2» at <\ o'clock in the iSulom uchool, it has been an- .iuunct:d by Presiclunt Edwin C. .vliller. Alonn with the national and .ilaii! i rend there rwi.s been some .spocuUilinn as to the local teach- ^rs' deiaandb (or the coming year, OUL u definite plan'has not yet boon , wrniulacud by the local group. The .-salary committee, which was .'elicved u!' duties after submitting .hu present schedule last year, has I DCen , i'«|iif.'iii..<| to work on a, revision. l j riur LO tho so-called single scak> snUiry X'auj,'atuciv teachers were ! — i receivinj,' wa^os from S1.600 to S3,-j jjOO unnually. An approximate f and a half |ier cunt increase was granted i>y tho fre-jmen with the now salary schedule brinfcint; toach- i-ra into tli u bracket of $1,800 to S3.800. All tf.ichprM wirii lc.--s than four veins experience. refrardleis of whet-hor they have a Bacliulor's or -Vlasicr's decree receive 51,800 in ihe local schools. This .sum is in- crotiscd :\s expf;i:e"cn accummu-; iatcs, with thn .Mji.'ii-st salary p-Tid a .teacher with a B. A. decree bcin^' j .S3,COO and those with a M". A. bcinpj S3.SCO, The majority of tho 90, iC.'.cher.-! in tho local school system rccoivi; hi-twoon S2.100 HIK! S2,2nn! a yr.«r. j \Vith the exception of Torring-^ i^n. I'casor.vible salary increases :rom S?,UO to SSOO are beiry modi: The National Education nssooia- : Karaban Retains Neary In Salary Fight; Speculation On Resignation Talmadge Moves Into Governor's Office, Claims Courts Can't Reverse Election Secretary Ash Re- us Governor of Georgia by the State Legislature, Herman ;i> (right), .son of the lute Gov.-elect Eugene Talmadge, IK sworn into office by Superior Court Justice A. W. Worlll In Atlanta, Gov. Arnall bun reftiHod to recoRiilzu TiilmadKe as such and has accused tlu- latter of being u "pretcnffer." (International Soundphoto) Baer "Unable To Estimate" When School Survey Report Will Be Filed Situation Reversed; Arnall; Locked Out, Sets Up Temporary Quarters (By United Borough residents who have; been anxiously awaiting publica-. tion of a report on a survey of j local .schools made last summer by j the State Department of Education from u statement made to the NEWS this morning by Dr. Joseph Baer of the Stole Department of Education. Dr. Baer said he was "unable to estimate "when the report would Manufacturing be completed. He gave as thc reason Company, and chairman of the Re-' for delay need 'for revision of "a publican Town Committee, will ^e' couple o:' chapters" by two people Shepherd Lodge Plans Testimonii For Rodenbach Charles P. Rodenbach, president, of the Xaugatuck There's been a dramatic reversal In the tense situation inside Georgia's statehouse. Yesterday, Governor Ellis Ar- • nail «at in thc official guberna- I . torlal office. Governor Herman Naugutuck Chapter of tne Amcri- Tulmadge occupied another small- £?" *<-•* Cross has announced, or offce Today it's Governor Her- ^' an ' f p - Flynn also of the Rubman Talmadgo who sits in the ber Company, will assist Mr. Wnnn governor's office of the state cap- | as vice-chan-man of ihe committee-, itol. And it's Governor Arnall who has set up u temporary office. Apparently Talmadge men switched, locks to gain entrance to the governor's office, which Arnal) had held yesterday ag>ainst .the John J. Wrinn Named Chairman Of Red Cross Campaign For $19,720 Judge Shea Admits Three Boroughites To Citizenship John J. Wrinn, Control Manager of the Footwear Plant, United States Rubber Co., ha* accepted the local chairmanship of tfie 19<7 Red Cross Fund Campaign, the by Shepherd Lodge, honored Masons, at a testimonial dinner 10 be hold Friday night ru To'clock in St. Michael's parish hall. Ho will a'.go bo presented at :h6 dinner with a jewel signifying his high rank in the organization. Mr. Rodenb.ich joined the Lodge in 10V and -jcrvcd as worshipful mas- tcr in 1921. Mr. Rculenbach ims necn ilectcd to the 3"rd degree by *.he Su- he is chairman of tjin Knights ^ The committee 'n charge. :if ihe '-^stimonial dinner consists of ".he Honry Zwick, chairman, • :ion rrcommcndjj ;i minimum sa'l- • .try of S2,'100 annually for all t.tiac'n-: prcme Counell. At the present time • ors with Bar-helor's dujrroe.?, nnd | this llgui'e h»s the of the ' .'sa'.ional Congress of Parents of Connecticut.. During his years as i Tcanhcrs. The Connecticut Senate: a Mason .he has. held many import. f"vn^Li^atinj-' rommitioa on ICcluc.'i- Mnn Is expected to recommend this minimum •.•inlxry ['or Connecticut . ti-iiehftrs with Bachelor's degrcos. '. lollowin md jjNo to rocornmor.d approp'-in- 'John U. Ferris, Wa'rrcn D. Abel Lion or Sl'l.dQO.OOO annually for Floyd F. VVoostoi 1 . Harris Whitte- '"Incr.tion us rcqupiitL'd by thp Con-'' 1 ' 11 '"' 0 . J - Harold R. Perry, Idris R. j •-'jCM'tur Stfue Toaohc-tw ns.sofi.i- ' AJder^on, Robert Roller, Dr. Henry I tinn, : H. Gorman. Carl Pepperman. and ! f.ocal CommlKec | Dr. ICvevnm T. Robers. j Thr- following legislative! commit- 1 J uc! ;:e Harry J. Boardsloy, Wa•ten licun nppniiucd in the Xau- ' terbury. will be tnastmas'tor at thc I gJituck r.,i-.igun to work with thp ; banqunt. : r.rsiilr.tivc Actlvitios committee, i TrL> Principal speakers wjll be f-fivlm Rokoloski, chairman; Mary | Arthur .'.1, Brown, Jcwott* City. • nn:':ihuir, Josephine Cibino, Alio'o' Deputy for Connecticut and r. .Mickey, Delia Nyborf;, Kn.thenni>' ^" ! Deifroe Mason and Chaunoy i O"l\,ol(-, Colin Reynolds and H - dements, Now Haven, 33rd Do- •Theri!.s:i Wrinn. Those 'teachers will ' < ?1 ' ce Active for Connecticut. ! I.M.- ki>;it informed or legislative ac- j Warron D. Abel, secretary of the 1 liviLie.s iind ;ir(> expected to keen' J rianaamcni.s committee, an;' MarlK-r.s in thoi." own aciioois in.jn-sur.ccd that all 33rd Degree hon• formed. j ornry members nnd presiding olli- , A mei-tintf of tho oxccntivo honrrt i cnl ' s of Scoi-tish Rite bodies in this ! i)C tlK- local Lenprue will be held tli;itl ' ic t ure invited. The district i s ;Tiie<d-iy al'tfrnu^ii. J-in. L'l at ^ i ^ rj n' 1 P3«cd of the cities ol' Nauga- i o'clock In the Snlern school. Thc : annual mi.-etir.jr . of the Valley ; Touchers asr-oci ition' will ho hold | in An.ionia Wednesday, Jan, 22. j NAMKI1 TO UOAHI) | From Washington comes word 1 MI--I. .Senator Raymond 13. Baldwin of Connecticut hoen <fiven no, -tln.-r iippuintment. Baldwin has | been named as one or four Sertm: i members ol' thn board of visitors ! of the United States Naval aead- outside the St.lie Department Education. Dr. Baer said one or tlie two men concerned was connected with the University of Connecticut, thc other with the New Britain Teachers college. Both he .•:a;d were prevented from working on the local school report by press of other activities. The survey, both t of thc standards and physical aspects of the local education department was made last year at thc request of a citizen;;' committee. The report remplar Educational Foundation i was fli-st scheduled to be made last AUKUS'L.' Warden Loo J. Brophy has shelved ill I Uilk of a-community At any rate, it was Talmadge who sat in the governor's chair today—and who issued statements saying that Georgia now has but one governor—Talmadge. And it was Arnall, who took over tne role which Talmadge performed ycster- . i sion to thu governor's office as the 0 • only legal chief executive of Geor gia. Talmadgo, who was elected governor by the state assembly Wednesday, arrived ut the state capitol shortly after 9 a. m. lEST). The son of the late Eugene Talmadge promptly issued a statement to reporters. He said that he had moved inio thc governor's office without force or violence. Word of Talmadgc's move reached auditorium pending receipt of the report, which, it is rumored, will include recommendation for construction of a new high school. Three Naugatuck Youths Enlist For Three Years Governor Arnall a: his home in Newnan, Georgia, where Arnall went last night with a state police escort. Shortly after, 10 a, m. 'he stormed into the outer reception room of his one-time office. But Arnall never got inside thc door. Talmadge men blocked thc way. And Talmadge sent out word that Arnall could see the governor of Georgia, but he would have to wait his turn, Arnall replied: "This pretender, who won't come out arid face me, will be declared an illegal pretender to the office." i tuck, Wuterbury, New H.iven and Important Matters To Be Discussed By Social Club Cotton Hollow in the Georgia courts, to have the election of Talmadge, by the state ; assembly, invalidated. Arnall has Three young men from Nauga- ', maintained that he will not give tuck were enlisted into thc United i up the office of governor to any- SUUCK Regular Army last Friday, i one but -the duly elected Licuten- it was announced by First Lieutcn- ' ant Governor M.E.Thompson. Arn- ant Edward M. Augustynowski, . all says the' general assembly has commanding officer of the Water- ! no ri t' nt l « elect young Talmadge bury Army Recruiting Station. ' ! to-the term as governor which was Robert M. Shrphord, Jr., son of ' ' cf f Op , n " W , hC " hl « fathcr - Eu * ene Robert, jr. Shepherd, 10 Walnut! '* street, selected the Army Air j Forces as his choice of service for a three year period. John DiLnwenzio, son of Mr. and Mrs. Francisco DiLaurenzio. r>-l Pleasant avenue,, also chose the Army Air Forces unussigned for a three year: enlistment. Chester ,1. Bobinskl, Jr., son of Mr, and Mrs. Chester Bobinski, 18 Goodyear avenue, enlisted in thc Named Mayor At 80 NAUGATUCK NEWS BROADCAST Today — 5:45 P. M. Monday Through Friday from the Editorial Rooms Of The Naugatuck News Station WATR 1.120 ON YOUR DIAL Sevnr.-l important business matters wii bc disciinsnd tonight at » •.,,,<nifr n r ti M , Cot.lon Hollow Social club to be held nt the borne in 1 MiHs Doris Nf.-edham. All members of the group ure rcquce-led to itrtond. Visiting Mrs. Elliott l.,mcj of New Haven load, is visiting with relatives and friends in Williamsport, Pa. First Cavalry Division stationed in Japan as the organization he will t;erve in. Previous to joining the Regular Army, Chester worked in the Time Office of thc Bristol Manufacturing Company in Platts Mills, He stated that he would continue his education under the G. I. Bill of Rights when he returns to civilian life upon completion tary service. of his mili- Ford Cuts Prices To Stop "Spiral" Siirvvor Mrs. Josepl, Sargent is the sister of Patrick Francis Barrett of New York city, who died Sunday on Long Island. Hostess Mrs. Jesse McLcllan will be host- "ss to the Tndcpendent club Saturday evening at her homo on North Main street. In a suilden uj'hi'aval In city pol- Itirn, Mrs. Carrie lloyt, «l>, wife of n retired"' newspaperman, foiiiid Iiri'wlf Mii.rur of Berkeley, Calif. II<-r rk'ViiUnn from deputy nuiyor followed the sur- jtriaf rr.-djrnatlnn of Fitch Hob- I'rt.son from the pu^ts nf Mayor, city coiinell mi'inbcr anil city mutiUKcr-t'lvct. Sirs. Floyt IULS been 11 niomlier of tlu> city council for 2-1 years. (International) Ml NnniKltlti'lc Ii liilklllK illiinil Uli- 1IIH S'liilrliilki'r. I III' Mici^l hriiutirnl i.til- ill it.« fli'lil. SIT h ill NniiKulilck llutlrry A 1 Anlu .Si>rviri..-~.\ilv. Hoy Scouts A meeting of Boy Scout troop, N '". s wH i>e held tonight in the Beacon Valley Grange hall. (By United The nation is watching the aulo- mobile industry this morning to sec whether other manufacturers will follow Honry Ford and cut prices. The Ford company reduced tha price or its uutos $17 to $51 in an ateempt to stop what it. calls "thn insimp spirit of mounting costs find rising prices." and before assuming office. On the other hand, Talmadge served notice today thr.t he doc," not. believe thc courts have any right to over-rule the assembly's ac| tion. And he indicated that he will ! ignore Arnall's court action, just as Arnall has igncyed the general assemblv's action. -JOHN .1. WRINN This year's quota for -Naiigatuck in the campaign, to begin March J, is $19,720. .-Mr."Wrinn..-in 1940 servcd^SW':th'* 1 ' Fund Committee as chairman of '.he .Industilal Division, and IT. 10.15 as the chairman of the United Sl.-ite.s • Rubber Ca. Footivear Dision Plant campaign. The full support of <M] is urged ly Mr. Wrinn as in . the words of sil O'Connor, National Chairman of ihc Red Cross. "Never in time of peace has ike American Red Cross been called upon to render such extensive sal-vices to the military forces at home and abroad and U veterans as are now required hy the armed forces as a military necessity." From Dr. Curran; Board Can Fill Va: cancy i Speculation over possible action by the board of education on receipt if Dr. Edwin fi.'s tion and a report that William Kurnbun )I;IB retained letjal counsel are J.ho lowest developments in iho dispute over the salary paid for co.Tfliinjr hi».;h sfhool football. Mr. Karaban has retained Attorney Thomas R. Neary to represent nim in ih« ca.^e, it was learned today. Scnrct.iry John As'.i of the bo.ird of education said this morning that he had not received the written resignation of Dr. Edwin Curran, member of the board; although it Three Naiitfatuck residents were j WCB made known that Dr. Curran among a class of 40 admitted to U. j iniendtd to submit his resignation S. citizenship yesterday before i in writing in a few doys. ' Judjie William J. Shea at a. natur-l What steps the board might take alization session of the Wate'rbury | ».o fill ihc vnccncy created when Superior cxjurt. JudRc Shea told j Dr. Curran's resignation is received thc srroup that citizenship is "a i has many boroughites wondering. Ki-c-Jl honor and a great privilege"! Some light may bc thrown on the and Ui-Ke<l them to enjoy the rights \ matter by section 23 of the bor- ihoy now possess and bc conscious ! Ollirh '• v '«-r;<>r which reads us fol- of their responsibility to protect ! Iows: "Vacancies in said board may lnem I oc nlled by ihc remaining; mem- T h ; oath of allegiance <va* «d- b . c ™ ° f **]* *° :trd " nlil ' Lho f amc , ministered by Miss Gertrude J. • "^ ho V I I l V °" r !i C ™~ iMIknaltl.. assistant clerk of the : to, but only for the unexpired term." j ,ii f , •• • i illls section wouid Rive regular court in chai-Rc of naturaliwiton. boa) . d Rien , bcrs powcl . lo fil , K the Those from Naugatuck were: j vaconcy- w j L h ' an appointment Mrs. Anna Sai-jtcnt. 15 Walnut I w)linh wo , llc , hold ,, mil lh( , noxl . street, Ceors'e Bahler, 65 Warner regular clec-tions in May. street, and Domingos Silva, 155. It i s expected that if board mem- fcouih Mam street. They were pro-1 be rs act QB authorized by this pro- pared fit local citizenship classes? vision they will leave the appoint- conductcd by Mrs. Gertrude M. I ment .to the discretion of thc two borough director of adult | remaining .' Democratic members. Secretary Ash and Peter Mecgon, since thc resigning Dr. Curran is a Democrat. ' Asked this morning whether the ibourd might call <a special meeting | to acl on a possible appointment ; when Dr. Curran'« rpsignation is jrece!veav""BV5r(t ;v <-:h"ah"-ni-sn Samuel j I. Lyons, i-epliod that, he had "no I comment." j Dr. Cnrran's decision to resign jc:i;ie ^s the clinifax of a s'aries of Incidents concerning a dispute nvfr i salary paid William Itarnbiin for :co-ch:n:r blph school football lasr of Mr. i'all. Dr. Curran, however, haa also education. Hackett Arrives In Italy, Hopes To Visit Pope Beacon Palls James Hackett, Jr., son and Mrs. James Hacketl of High- : expressed dissatisfaction with thn board's "star chamber" sessions and methods of tcachi'r appointment. George H. Palmer, Resident 65 Years, Dies In Hospital George Henry Palmer. Sr., -'GO North Main street, well-known musician and resident of the borough for 65' years, died yesterday after- land avenue has arrived at the pon of Caserta, Ilalv. his parents were informed M-contly upon reception of their first overseas letter from their son. The local soldier stated in his letter that his group will visit Pope Pius when ihcy go to Romo. Following the trip to Rome the group will then proceed to the American zone v of occupation in I Germany where they will join our j occupation forces. I Rubber Workers To Hold Parley On Master Contract Bank Official Y's Men's Club Guest Speaker Dr. K. F. Scotten, suncrvisor of Industrial Relations at Naugatuck Chemical, had the "Y" 's Men and their guests sitting on the edge of 1hoir as he gave them the latest . "Field Theory" of "How Your. F-'-ain P.enlly Works." With . ^. practical illustrations and diagrams j Interment \vill be in Grove cerr.c- noon following d brief illnoss in the Waterbury hospital. Born in Southfield, Mass., he camp to Naugatuck as o young Boy and was employed at the Nauga'uck Manufacturing Co., until his retirement in 1942. Surviving are three sons, George H. Palmer, Jr., of New York, Dayon W., Naugauick Community band director, and Russell N., of Nauga- uck; a sister. Mrs. Elbcrt Jones of Naugatuck, and three grandchildren. Funeral services will bc held Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Fitzgerald Punoral Homo, 320 Nonh Main street, with the Rev, Paul W. a eterson. minister of thc Congregational church. League to Meet , A meeting of the Civic Men's j President George Froohlich, Loc-il | League of the United church will j-IO. United Rubber, Cork, Linoleum bc held evening at 8 o'clock jfnd Plastic Workers of America, in tho church parlors. Rev. Don- i CIO, announced today that the aid S. Barjlett announced today. ! policy committee of ' the rubber James Holmes of Seymour, a magi-i workers would meet in Cincinnati e;an, will feature the program pro-j a I- thc Motel Sinton, Tuc-dny, Jan pared for the evening. All mem-! 21, 10 dipcuss thc tentative agrcc- bcrs are urged to attend, monts ,- caC hcd between union ami United States Rubber company of- The Nauglltuck Highla'nders efced ^^ Cc ^^°^ •if ion-wide master contract CluV had originally bcon selected the site of thc meeting. A conference concerning the prn- IllRliIandcrS Win n r,,!,,,.^.., victory over the played on the local team's court Monday evening. The St. Michael's Five played an excellent game ex- I " ^'-"u.^e concerning tne pro- lending the highly favored Hiuh- |posc G and onc -''alf ccnt-an-hour lander quintet to the limit before waRO hikc wi " bc hcld in Cincinnati on Jan. 27, This conference bowing -to them in thc closing minutes. The game marked the first loss for the locals, having 1 won their | Inc season opener Sunday aains i and" union Shekon five. against „ Mr. and. Mrs. Attend Banquet Hackett of msr. and keen wit, the talk was present- tery. ed with many practical applications j Friends may call at tho funeral or every day life. Guests attend- home tonight from 7 to 10 o'clock, nir tbc meeting were, Frank How- "t.t. Willii>->i H. Imholt/.. Norman Sundholm, Hamilton Bristol, James H. McCormick, Ralph Pronovost, A. L. Rodde and John Renouf. The speaker for the Jan. 21 meeting will bc John G. Mont, irons nror of -the Naugntuck Savings bank, who will speak on the subject, "A G-I Takes a Look at Japan," Mrs. Bradshaw In Hospital M.-A T. P. Bradshaw. 11 South View street, is a surgical patient •at St, Mary's hospital. Waterbury. where she was admitted two days ago. TUITION UP Thc high cost of living has hit Yale. University authorities announce that tuition has been upped from S. r iOO- to S&OO, The institution was said to be facing an operating dci'icit of moie than .{£30,000. Marine Corps League Meeting Tonight Naugatuck Valley Detachment, Marine Corps League, will hold a regular meeting this evening at 8 o'clock in Odd Fellows' hall, Commandant William J. Benson announced this morning. Reports on ihe New Year's Eve dance will be submitted and plans for several future social events will be discussed. CONDITION GOOD Thc condition of the Rev. Paul F. Keating, nastor of St. Francis' church, is "good" today, according : to a report by authorities at St. Mary's hospital, Waterbury, where hr hns h«"n a medical patient for several days. Work Stoppage In Boot Room Two service operators crentod .1 "work stoppage" at the United States Rubber Company footwonr plant yesterday, forcing 40 workers on a conveyor in the plant's bootroom to stoo operations for about an hour. President George Froelich of Local 45, UPnited Rubber, Cork. Linoleum and Plastic . , j — ,*..«• »>**». «/ck4«»:o iltlVKUtV Ol side [Highland avenue attended the Master Plumbers Association banquet held Tuesday evening at Patsy Brown's restaurant in Waterbury." Four Selected For Jury Duty •Joseph Ros'co, Xaugatuck, ami Mrs. Lorctta Baukal, Beacon Falls, arc on a jury of 30 drawn by tho assistant clerk of the Superior | Court' in Waterbury to hear civil ! cases at. the winter session of. the nf S»lcm school, has be?n n:inicd ! court. Thc jurors will report Jan. and tomorrow evening from 7 to 30 o'clock. Miss Moroney Heads Women's Division In Dimes Drive Miss Helen G. Moroney, principal will be attended by representatives I of thc "Bijr Four" rubber concerns reprefcntatives. President Proehlich plain to attend the conferences as does William 'Fernandex, president of Locjl 518 and Frank Witkowski of Local 308, U'. S. Rubber plants here, it is understood, will be represented by Robert Lowell, footwear division and W. L. Bradford, chemical and synthetic rubber diviuions. chairman of (he Women's Division of tho local March of Dimes cam- pai~n. Finnk T. Green. chairman of -tho drive, announced today, Local women's organizations who might care to aid the drivr for funds should get in touch with Miss Moroney. according to Postmaster Green. She likewise has been authorized to accept contributions from Workers of America, CIO, was not.i- ; women's organ Izations. fled and the stoppage was quickly I settled. Roy M. Johnson, 'trust ofllcer of f he Naugatuck National -Bank, who : : ~ is treasurer of the drive, and Post- ItADIO PROGRAM ; master Frank T. Green, chairman. Thc Rev. Paul W. Peterson, pas- a ,. e also authorized to accept con- tor -of the Hillside Congregational i tributlons. church will on the rp.dio devotional program over station WBRY tomorrow morning at 8:15. — For , FIRST Wiif*. Ittfft. 21. 'Josephine J. Jackson. Nauga- Uick and Milton T. Schmitx, Beacon Falls, will servo on the panel of 28 jurors drawn yesterday by thc clerk of thc Court of Common Pleas in Wntcrbury to hear cases coming before the winter civil session and the January criminal term of thin, court, Thc jurors' will report Tuesday. . . - , liver)', iinywhrrr lu louii. Tel. WJ'i. MCKon. HKI'K.M. ASKED Hartford, Jan. 10—(UP)—The lep- islaturc has been asked to repeal a 1945 bill which appropriated $150.000 to build n. museum to house the collection of nearly 100 antique :i\n.oroohil s owned by singer James March DIVIDED FUNDS Half of Jhc money (riven »o the inioH of thn Nn I Ion- Mi Foundation for Infantile ParalyiiN remains in the urea ..contrlbutlnr it Where It In Used by the F o u n d a tlon'M chapter serving; the people In that H«C- tlon, regal-diem of H(fi>, race, creed or color. The other 50 percent of the fund* rained during the March of Dimes ROAR to National HcadqiiarterK for une In education, rencarch. and epidemic aid. Should your chapter exhaust Its money aiding thc l>eoplc of your community thc Nalfoiml Foundation ru»hen nddi.tionul financial amlntunce. TheMe.HcrvlceK are made pon- tillilc only through your contribution* to the March of Dlmen. Join today! —.» pnml .ibliwr in do wlih v« u r Xm«» moni-.v— Ci-l 11 itnlr or HICKS nu»llly round. Ilk-Id., 142 lluiik hi., \\'tli>.—l\4v.

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