The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 4, 1955 · Page 25
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 25

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 4, 1955
Page 25
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Around Algona Mr and Mrs N. A. Best and sons. John ;md Jim spent !!u- u-vkcnrl in their trnilcr ut Luke Okdboji. — n — Mr and Mrs C. A. Rochleau •'.ml riiiuKhter, M;iry Lee spent last week viH'iitinnins ;il Woman's I.;ikc, Minn. f , ___ ( j _ _ Mr and Mrs Bob Lainq, and Mi ;mcl Mrs A. J. Hickle'fs anc' Hod and Tom left Smiilay fep a week's varalion at Alexandria, j VI inn. The Women of The Moose are having a formal meeting- thi; evening, (Thuoday) at the" lod^e hall. There will he initiation of new members. Q __, Beverly Johnson, daughter o{ Mr and Mrs Cliff Johnson is -peiulin.-; this week at Corwifn Recent Army Enlistees . her unele and aunt. Mr and Mrs Edward Stoll. The East Fork chapter of the I/aak Walton League meets this evininR. (Thursday) at !( o'clock ill the Nufional Guard Armory. Then- will be a movie and lunch. The t,hree Kossuth County men pictured above enlisted recently he Mason City Army Recruiting Office. Thev are. left to right, .. T^ /""* „ iir _!_.. *» .. ) T -r-i , , ". . - _ ° • -. » . . v. • • * ut-i vi * •w i t-j iiiiii t f « v v, t i u i i i t j t, v_/ lilVI.. JIHV <1|l., H'lC HI \ I K.I l\ , Gary E. Green, Wesley, Maynarcl J. Deai-c hs nnd 'Marvin E. Simpson, both of Algona. Green enteied the corps ol engineers, the other two the 3rd Armored Division. All thiee will receive their basic training at Camp Chaffee, Ark. (Cut courtesy of Mason City Globe-Gaxetd-) Mr and Mrs Bob Winter be- fame the parents nf a 8 Ib. 7 «•/.. Rul born Friday morning at St. Ann hospital. The Winters also have two other daughters and n :-on. Mrs H. E. Lampright and Mrs J"hn Foth attended the State '-, invention of the American Le- Auxiharv in D":- MM>,I- Ir .-n "i la Wedne -t week. <!ay through Friday Mr and Mrs Milo Rentz. Mr and Mis Floyd Tumer. Mrs Marjoric Applo and c!nldri-n and Kernvt I-'urlies l^ft Satuiday for Woman's l...k>-. NTinn . where th'-y an- vaca- ti'.Mng in the Kail Miller cuttage. Mrs Goldie Guderian had as l;e; quests f'.r a lew days this w, . k. her and Mster-in- l.'W. Mr and Mrs R R. Fu't-.e.-- "! Albany. N. Y. Mr Furness ' ..i.- been in tta- navy !>>: 1'our-tim .'• cars. • — o — Mr and Mrs Emit Lovslad and Mrs Esther Hclberg and Mr and 1 Mr and Mrs Bob Sigsbee were Mrs Lee Schenk arc on a few " days vacation trip to Colorado. Mr and Mrs W. A. Hardy and Robert, Cindy and Steven expect to leave Friday for a two week vacation at Grand Rapids, Minn. They will have as their guests. Mrs Hardy's sister, Mrs Eli/a- beth Whitson and daughter. Bar barn ol Minneapolis. Mr and Mrs Wilbur Rienders and family spent Sunday at. Orange City with Mrs Reinder's brother-in-law and sister, Mr ana Mr-- Bob DeHaan. The Remdeis daughter. Rosemary. returned home with them after spending B week in Orange City. —o— Mr and Mrs Ralph Rar.ey are expected to arrive here SuiuL.v from then home in Chicago. With Mr and Mrs Lawreniv Gill- ' espie they plan to go to Spirit Lake for a week'.- vacation am! then return to Algona for a longer vr-it with other friends and , e-'.a- tive--. —o— Mrs Dutch Winegar of Cedar Rapids anil Mrs Bob Seller and doughter, Sharon i..f An;es spent Tuesday and Wednesday herewith their ,-ister-, Mrs ' Milton f ,, pent Thui--d.,y I Will and Mrs Harold Van Allen ' in West Bend Sunday attending funeral services lor Mrs Sig.-bee'.cousin, Melvin Bruellman. 14. ot Ollosen. The boy passed away Thursday following a heart at"tai-k while swimming at Spirit Lake. lie was the b.-olher - '. Klainc Bruellina.-i. employed !,-. P.-.-t Tr,,n.-!or heie. Mr and Mrs Lawrence Gillespie iiiid Mr and Mrs V'erlc Ki- rnoie went to Foil UcMge Wid- rK.sdciy to attend funeral service., for Mrs Tom Gillespie who pa.-s.- eri away Monday following a l->nt; j illness. Tom Glllespie L- a !o;-i rner Algjnan and a brother of; the local Ljwience and VV. W. Gillespie. : —o — ; Mr and Mrs R. B. Waller and i family let: F; ulay d..r a vacation .it Summer':- Pint- Point ,a I'.irK Rapid.-. M.nn. Mr Waller and daughter. P.iMiela ret.urri'-d here Monday for a (<--,v c! u v-. p.,:!-;",., is .-taymg wi'h 'ncr gr.irvlm. .'::•'. Mr.- Clara Pi,.tt. until tin- weekend when she will <;<> to Camp Ko.-te: at Lake Ok. b-n — 0 — Plans are being made for a Gu! Scout Leader ;r;;in:ng c >u:.-v *' i" held eai !y in Sent..-. 1 ! b> r uncle;- the direct;, n of M*- iielin week, at L.oV j 'I Mr was o;, j ; !a . i;,;, ( r (' .'n Model n Dry j IKH g. e women are all dautir. e a 11 rut u i;:, 11 i> 111 i . ,, , , i.Mr- SidiK-v \v^'_\"-\™>K ^-M be fo ;.n f F;,< K 'b.'o v.Cation Cl-aiie;,. I •-•"•- i Stanley Muckey and Charlotte Ann, daughter of Mr ' \.miv went to Shakopee. M:nn i . :-.".d Mis Jerry Mc\'av W,.- -ixjc,n Sunday to bung another ciau- ! '' Mike.- Keih-y. T!v- bot'i tv.-w xnerienced leader.' Wishing to v-'lunterr :i ; u G;i] Scout leader -hi.uld cont n-t c -)>- ( 'i- M;> John H -pk;n, -..- Mr- L'•„•;.,n - .-.-.»._. .... , .T. j i,, j ^ Jlt i n ui * 1.1 1 iji inf± ii i i\.j\ ; it 1 ; u ii U - K.-t Thursday and her mother j ghter. ,Iu Ann and Diane Markla ;; ; tve ,, birthday party fm !>er. home af'.ei' a week's visit with G\H'sts were S ,ndra and Jennie | ,! o Ann'- grandparents, Mr and milliard. Mary Ann and Mr<; .]. A Rlmkm^n ni...n., i. Sigsbi i and Linda Sands. ~o— Mr and Mrs R. M. Phillips had j then uaest la>t week, thi- f .: - j if Jo Ann'- grandparents, Mrs J. A. Blinknirin, Diane •heriatiKhte: of Mr and Mrs Ralph Markla. , Mrs Sam Medin arrived Sunday mers si.-ter, Clasa Phijlips of to spend this week "with h'-< ^ >n. C.i inn.-II. She returned II-HIK- Kenn.. th and fam.'v and ..i'-er Sa'.uinay with Mr Van Me- relatives. Tiu Mi Jins live in the f ieeiv. an old fnend of Mr P-.;l- Medm-Bleich .-..ttar-' on Wo,,-.-.- lips who -pent the day >v-rv Tl-.e j Lake. Minn. Mi; M.-disi re, M P '- :!! 'PV "'•"• John. ;.- .-pem-m.: i that then- wa- ., b .d W.JKI ^,.1/1. a ir.otit.-i at C'. •. ir,:i\i v.-; 1 ,.-. his;!he:e Ki-t \v-r-k. !>;i'W,nu a v.-r i.unt, Mi.-s Sally Tur.ier. ab:.ut '20 tte.-s ,,t V:ei: cof.,.-; ; . — o— Mr and Mrs Ray Johnson and family bi.vt- v.iuaU'd their on Grove strci-t and aic vacationing at Clear Lake fur a i-tmpli? D: wt-L-k.s ;utt-r whu-h they will live with Mr .Tor:n.-»nV parents, y.: ;.nd Mi> E'i Jiihnv'M until th<-,. lU'w b:i.-e:nent :v..'U.-i- is i-umplc-l- «i. The;;- f ( ,rm. i iv-!!:. !i;,> bc».n pu'.-eha.^cl by Mi- an;l Mr- Char- j It-;- Ilardur'.-vi- \\\:<- rv."v<-d in d\\~ I thi- w '.-•. ki-iiu. 'Society -Note Honor Miss Oakland Women of the evening circle of l!ie First Lutheran church sjavf a show(;i- Tuc-sdny evening iin the basement for Maria Oakland, daughter 1.1 f Mr and Mrs- A. B. Oakland whose (-n ! 4,j.n;r:me-nl and approaching marriage to Jerry l-Jt-amish. son of Mr and Mrs Hay Beami:ii lias been announcC'd. Forty-eight giif-ts were present and the bride-elect \vas a.-r-sisied in o]-)enin» IH-I- gifts by Mr* Oakland ;,nrl Mrs Beamish. A color scheme ,,| bi U " arid wlute was u-e-d in tlv decor;,(ion-. The (-.-nlertuinnient c'in.-!<i(d of a couple o[ ikit.-. th" f;r.-t portraying "The Newly-weds', bv Anita Haase arid C.',,irlott'.. Clark. The .-eeond w;is "nemmesences r>f a Hi ideirroom" by Be.i Hull, Lenne Pre.-liius. Darlene Clau-Je, Lucille Oison. Caroline Freriei ick, Delores Kriekson. Darleiv Kyli, und fillip Thornp.-.on. Coffee Parly Honors Mr.- Hilda Gronwall gave a cof- lee Wednesday for M;-.s Christine Spongbeig of Minneapolis. Minn, and her sister Kersline Launtson. of Denmark, beloie the women left fir Blue Karth. Minn., with Mr and Mrs Fred Barth ilotnew. fJue-'ts were- Mr.- Julius Peterson, Mr- I. W. Nel.-on. Mrs Sigiid Lunch. .Mrs Ohvr Bakken. Mrs Miller and Mrs Ed Johnson. At Blue- Kaith the women visited Mr and Mr- C ; ;-'.- Knudyen. From there tii.-v \\ < nt !o Min- n-'-apolis v. h'-re M:s SpviigborL; :r,nki\ I:' ;• !io;rie with her son. Carl and his . Ai f ( ... Mrs Lauri'. on look a plane frum Minneapolis to .\( w Vo;-k City, thence home by liner to Denmark. Plum Creek Women T:.,- :>;u: ; , Creek Wo : nen's Club '•'•''ii :nc',-t«'sday afternoon. August 10. at the ' Communitv ioom. H.,st ••-.-;-.- will Li- Ethei Jo!:n.-on and Viol,-'. Davis. Roll < all will be an.-wei-'-d by "My . Hobbii-." a.e requested to b: mi; tlieii h-ibbies for exhibit. Mi- Ev., W..i:,'e will I,; Al Fairmont Wedding A!.- and Air, J;m Walker anci tiie lafu-r'> mother. Mis Rose Kraft i,I Lone Rock attended the v.-eddinu Sunday of Carol Bur- ^.'ess and Ei\v;n E iri-harJt in tin- Lutheran church a! Fairm'o'. The bridegroom j< u cousin oi VI rs Walker. Dorcas Society Tl-.L- D'.irc.-.s -.icit'ty of ti-.e First Lutheran ehuruh iriee's Thursday Au.a. -!. f....r a I -3d o'clock ck-sstri ;unci't.-on. Hi',ste-->es v. ill be Mr; Oliver Ala'son. Air- Hilda Gron- w:;!!. Airs Ke;'.h R..-.V:- v anci Mr- Rob..-n Clark. Infant Baptism i Baptismal rites were held Sunday at St. Cecelia's Catholic i 'uirch for Kevin Richard, son of Mr and Airs H. Ht-r.sley, M-"'P. P. Giaren uf)i-.-:at:ny Spon.- ••!•- w.-i-t- A1:s Henry (.',,. .'eni'eld .m i Gun Ka;.-er of Rolf t ... ORDINANCE NO. 36$ •'•'I OP.CHiAMCE AVEMDirjG CRD^J- /"NCF NO 1 OF CHAPTER IX OF THE ORDINANCES OF THE CITY OF AL- GOM AUTHORIZING USE OR SALE OF TOt- HiTOLS AND CAPS FOR USE 1 i J 'jA f; 1 E BF IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA: - r cton i. That Ordinance No. I of Chatitor IX of the Ordinances of the City cf Alcion.i Iowa b? and the same is hereby ,im,.n,)^H hv adding thereto after the ir. O f section 2 thereof the fql: f -'i",n 3 Nothing in this ord- .ranc" s h all be 'construed to i lr ;''"'''-i! -jsr-, s.ile, offering for ••.-!'(• cr Beeping for sale within e '• ' •! , l,m-t'i of the City of AirK-.j. Iowa, any rap pistols, ^ - '' . [ , or caps for use in CrctiTj,- ; O'dinances or parts of ord- .irr.-i-, n conflict herewith are hereby -n^ak-t! -'erti:-- ? This Ordinance shall be in ;r'? t :p ; r ff 0 , f from and after its pub- cat.-ji .ir-.j p.Ts-.aoe as provided by law Allot,;,-! .ir.-i P.v,s»d b; the City Coun- n of !)-.'• C t. of Algona, lowj this ?8th -- - Ivy D Scuffham City Clerk me this 2gth day of July, Appro-.M I. "iria B. Clapsaddle, Mayor AUTHENTICATION Tl-^ ,-ibr. . r Ordnance No. 369 is here^- lp; - il j: ,,f trrrdcated this 28th day of I. ,ndci E. Clapsaddle, Mayor l 1 '^ D Scuffham P. .hi, shed in the Kossuth County , Algona, Iowa, August 2, RESOLUTION ORDERING CONSTRUCTION OF r ,_ SEWER IMPROVEMENTS HE II HKSOLVED BY THE riTY CITY ° Thai. XVhorens. n Resolution of Ne- rcssit> -,v;is duly ndoptod on the 23rd cl;i> r.i| June, H)55. for the cunstructiun ol ct-i-Uiin sanitary si-wer irnproVL'- mrriv! n-, Si-wer Sub-District No 12 HI the Cit^ .,! Algniia. Iowa: XOW. TMEHEKOHE. BE IT RESOLV- h.u. f.r; miit inn dl this Council, without pi'tii .,(,,-, oi pinpertv owners, that said 'incuts ; irp hcrebv ordered to b<- COM.-'.: ui-!ed: tiiat the extent oi the >voik iiiid i!i t . kind ol matt-rials to br- roiisirji.ri.,d shall be us set out m said Hesolutinn oi Xecessily; that said im- provi try r.t shall be completed by tlv !.->'..•] d.iy ol November. 1955; that on Lom.n,, tion o! the improvement accord- in >! '•' '!.<• ijlans. spet ilitations and ror,n.,.i. tj.f. r.-,'y Council will accept tne sain" and levy special assessments acc-oi-dii-.t; -.„ law and will issue ar,d >eil sjx-cial assessment bonds. and '•!••••• !!-.<• proceeds derived from s: ;! (| sales to pu> the cost ol said o-,i-mi-nt: !he deiiciency between the anifunt v.iiu-h may be .specially Dick Phillips is recovering nice- SPECIAL! 6 Pack Cans $1.03 6 Pack Throaway Btls. J.QI 6 Pack 16 oz. Cans 1/26 Full Case Reg. Btls. p| us d e p. 3.72 Full Case Cans 4.]] Full Case 16 oi. Cans 5.00 Full Case Throaway BHs. _ 406 OTHER BRANDS LOWER PRICES BEVERAGE HEADQUARTERS Barry's Recreation Check on Our Two $25.00 Social Security Jackpots ii";!".' 1 but ;•,'" -.'. .'1 v. i . :. • Iii-i-t-n', ..• l .i if; -.- .' ;;\ t- been I >.:\lilt;':.. i;: : . luw..; M: : Mi-.-.:u- ; - ..{ Cle.,,- A.-i.tM-,-. . •! On...: ,i \\: - M K Mil'!..:!-, J -.!.;>• i-;" 1- . t :; Cli-in :.- .i.-Mi Sta'e> 'l':-.i ,'U- n a;!e:id- t-r, ;;v •" Ho,,. V ;:e I'hain. ' >pei-n-lun; t!;:.. at Clear Lak iiburj ,.nd ! : '. v r. i Me- Mc- '.n^ i.-.arnage to Vaughn" H.-HV :-; ; "v en annourv r d. Rt !--k<iS lod^e Will n;.-(.-: Tuday. Aug. !'. at H o'clock :n M. ,. .R iv;,l X.-ighi,,,,- 1,,,-j.,. w ; : ; ,,.,.._ V» i rip....-j:,,•>• n::;; 1 ;! Au- 1 ID ;. ! o'l-iuek -•' - " ' " NOTIC! >ee Our Large Advertisement Elsewhere in This Paper on Our Special Offer: Automatic (i a s Incinerator Installed AT OUR COST (With purchase of Gas Home Heating Equipment Made by August 15th) To i',.; List of Local Dealers This Special Deal, We \\'ixh io Add: THOMAS Skelgas Service 208 East State Ph. 221-W SWARTZ Algona Hardware BEECHER LANE APPLIANCES -'15 E. State Ph. 77S North Central Public Service Co. Your Cos Company Cab Co. Here In Bankruptcy A petition in baiikruptey \va> •' filed b;,- D.,ie (,',.n. ,,n \ RL,: . !u ; C', 1-." pai'tili-: >. 'ii-ii;.; b 1 .;.-i!'< >• unaer the name of Alunn.i C. i- ' C"iiipany and Has Depot in Al- i gon.i. July 21. n: the U.S. ,, -; :< ' ' v.-i.ui t lit Fort D'Hiije. i A hearing has l)eer, -et '..;- Aug. : 1'J. 1955, at 2 p.m. by ,lonn 'i j MilrheU. Kurt Dmit;e. r-ii-i ee in) bankrupti-y. in the 1-\-,:e .ii biiiKl- j in^ i-.'iu ti'iidin. 1 Tlu Aluona C.ib C'o' hail been i:pei ati-d 1: 'ir. .1 ' -r. t l 1.111 , n We.-t State St \vliu-ti v ,.s al.~o used as a bus depot. Message for Mothers: WALK A FLIGHT AND SAVE 10/0 ON ALL CHILDREN'S WEAR That's right! 10°= is deducted from your total bill when you buy at Fowlers Childrens Store. Think of the Saving when you tog them out for school! CHILDREN'S STORE ATTENTION Horse & Colt Owners LET'S HAVE A BIG TURNOUT ! NTRYRULES For Kossuth Co. Fair Aug. 17-20 1. Classes 1 through 6 to be shown in halter. 2. All animals to be eligible for competition must be owned by an exhibitor residing in Kossuth County. 3. A suckling colt shall be born in 1955. 4. A yearling colt shall be born January 1 through December 31, 1954. 5. A pony must be under 48 inches. 6. General rules and regulations in premium list shall apply to this department. 7. An exhibitor can show an entry only in one of the classes, 8 through 12, but any such entry may be shown in any other class where qualified. 8. Stalls may be reserved for colls and mares with colt if exhibited during entire fair. Fee for stalls will be S2.00. 9. Other entries to be brought in on day of judging and tied out-of-doors. 10. Entries close Friday, Aug. 12, at 5 p.m. CLASS 1. Suckling Colt—Pleasure $7 2. Sucklmg Colt—Pony . . 7 3. Yearling Colt—Pleasure -.. 7 4. Yearling Colt—Pony .. ...7 5. Mare with colt in haller. Pleasure 7 6. Mare with colt in haller. Pony 7 7. Matched pairs—Pleasure 7 8. Palamino, under saddle - . ... 7 9. Western Pleasure, under saddle 7 10. Stock horse, under saddle __ 7 11. Pony, under saddle 7 12. English Pleasure with English Equipment .. 7 13. Single Driving Horse, carl or buggy 7 14. Single Driving Pony under 48 inches 7 Carl or buggy JUDGING FRIDAY AFTERNOON AT 1:00 FOLLOWED BY SPECIAL ENTERTAINMlNT BY THE SADDLE CLUBS OF KOSSUTH COUNTY. $5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 S 5 $3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 <wss-iv] ngninsl lionpfilort proper!irs and the cost of II.r- improvement rhall bo paid for from thr general fund, the improvement fund and/or (he pro- ccotls derived from the issuancr nnd snle of any rertificales or bonds whicli may he legally issued tn pay for said itmprovemenls. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the City Clerk is hereby directed to advertise for bids lor the construction of said sewer improvements, bids to be received bv the City Council up' ID 7-an o'clock P.M. on'the 1P,th dny ol' August. JJJ55, and to be npeitfd by Thursday, Augu« 4, 1955 Algeria do.) Upper DM Mdin«s-3 the C'ounc-il nl Mint. limp. BE IT FURTFrER RE.SOr.VED. that, this Council hold a public henring on the mnttr-r n( the mluplinn of propos- rcl plnns, sppcif Scat ions and fo?-m of (untr.-u-t for thr making of said im- provcmi.-nts, which documents air noiv on filf in Ihp offirp of DIP City Clerk, .said hearing to tjf hplrl in tho'ConncD fJhrimbr.'rs in thp City Hall in AlRonn, Iowa, at 7:.'!0 o'clock P.M. on thp IRth day of August, jfioo. and Mint the City ("lerk Rive nolicc or s.iid hearing by publication of notice once in a local upv.xpaprr at Ip.ast ten days prior to (lip cl.ilp fixed thPiefor. I'ASSF.D AND APPROVED Mils 20th da.\ of July. 1055. Linda B. C:iapsaddlp. Mayor * ATTEST: Ivy D. Scuffham City Clerk 'Published July 23, and Aug. 4. 1!)5S. in The Algona (Iowa) tipper DCS Monies.) 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