The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 4, 1955 · Page 23
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 23

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, August 4, 1955
Page 23
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By Russ Waller * * • If you happen to be over in Ankara. Turkey, and spot a 1950 Iowa license plate, it belongs tc Gardner Patterson, son of Mr ant. Mrs Charles Patterson of Algonn Gardner is on 18 months leave from Princeton University, am, is doing work for the Stale De partment in Turkey. He has ;car there, and while he will ulti match- be issued a diplomatic corps license plate by Turkey, th/ procedure takes a long time-— si long, in fact, that Gardner founc out he could drive the car if he had a license plate- from th( States, and the ugt- didn't matter Mr Patterson rummaged around iiis garage here and found the 1050 Iowa plate, which wa^ forthwith airmailed to Ankara. Gardner is connected with the Foreign Operations Administration. Ruth Clark in the Tiplon Con servative comments that "olli family's at the awkward >-tage- loo large for one can of soup, package of pudding mix or pin; uf ice cieam anrl not quite largf enough fur two." Algona's first bankruptcy peti tion in many a moon w.xs filed last week by tin- Algona Cab Co Hie local f:im ha-, changed Viands several times in recent years, and the going has been -'ouyh. yet theie i> some riemano for cab service. » • * Some of the boys in our shop are gluttons for punishment. Right through all th:> hot weather, it's coffee at 10 and 3. altho we do note a few slip oul to the Coca Cola machine instead of sampling the steaming brew. TIP OP THE HAT A salute to Bancroft and th' Bancroft Lions baseball team, o! State Historical society Iowa oity, J la. ESTABLISHED 1663 Entered as sprond c-lass mallpr at the postnfficp. at Algona, Iowa. Nov. 1. 19,12, under Art of Congress of March 3, 1879. ALGONA, IOWA JHURSDAY, AUGUST 4, 1955 3 SECTIONS - 22 PAGES VOL. 92 - NO. 31 Bob Baas Gets To See A Big League Baseball Game Bob Baas, the young fellow from West Bend who has been living at the Roberts Rest Home because of invalidism, had the ihrill of a lifetime recently. As everyone knows, who knows Bob, he is a sports fan from way back. Hi; kn:-,A-s the rules and records from way hack' when. About a woek JIM! a half ai;o he iis taken hi Chi,'ago by Ill- brother-in-law and sister. Mr i'nd Mrs Kennc'.h hid.'Hour of PJm- rnetsburg, and saw t!ie White . l yix play the Yan^c,^ -- and to his -!reat satisf.ti Men the- Yankees 40) beat by th. 1 Sox. The <;r."jp eft Vvednesd.i/ nn-J came bacK Friday. Bob also was able to visit ot'm r places than >!io b.ill naik. They -laved at the HMTJSO;-) 1,'ofH across from the C<:-,iad Hilton. They toured Lincoln Park, the <iavy p;ur and saw several ,lt-s- u-oyers. and drove down Michigan Houlevarcl. H.)b is now 21i years old. Since 'ic was 11, must ulai dy.-lrophy :ia.- plagued I im, and for s-vei;ii years he has been confined to a .vneel chiiii. He altended ci.i.---- es in high school by mean.- ot a "Teach-A-Phone" and graduated with high honors. •• i . • ..*U'& -. Bob Baas J He is able to watch television witn a set presents! to hirr> through courtesy of the Algona Rotary club. Now that he's actually seen a big league game, one of his favorite pastimes, that of following baseball teams and iecord>. has taken on a new meaning. Thi.- i was a trip he will never forgt!. I I State League. The ( i owd have been goo'i. : omi"- timi.'s tie:nen<Jous. and the v-am is playing top-note!; baseo.-il. It i.- no exaggeration to say that the Bancroft team at home, in a community of about 1,000, is drawing us large crowds as do th..' Des Moiiir-- Bruins of Uie We.-tern League ni many of their home games (playing better ball. ;<ni, many people .-;r-). It to'u- considerable money to field a o';\m nich ;is that of Pane. oft. arv! we 'lope th" imaiv-ial n'Uitn . -jl- fu-icn! to (•(..•r.p'-nsi.te • ,,;• tin- et- And while we're at it, we might iy f:..: the Algona KCs. while 20 Entries Compete Aug. 9 In County Plowing Match The first Kossuth county level land plowing match will be held Tuesday, Aug. 5. on the Ornie Behrends farm, 1' 2 miles south of Lone Rock. The winner of the match, which will have 20 entries, is eligible to compete in the Iowa Slate plowing match to be held on Aug. 18 in Cherokee county. This state contestant will have all expenses paid including the transporting of machinery fo the contest site. The Kossuth match is being sponsored by the Lone Rock Community Club under the direction of Richard Gross, con- tesJ chairman, and Dale Schroeder, president of Ihe club. Entries must be made by Saturday, Aug. 6 and rules of the contest will follow the state requirements. A detailed description of the contest can be found elsewhere in an advertisement in today's Algona Upper Des Moines. Implement dealers in the county arc cooperating and many will have machinery demonstrations or displays at the contest site. Plowing will start at 10 a.m. The Lone Rock Legion Auxiliary will have a food and beverage stand. Visitors are welcome. Big Parachute > Wanted! Jump Booked, i One Gypsy Flight Meet Kossuth League, arc still in there ('laying oall ami having fun, win Dr, N, J. KeJley is a subscriber (probably the only "tie in I..v, i> to the Mukluk telegraph, published at Kot/ebue, Alaska. T):i- is an especially gtiod paper {.< read dui'ir.i; tile current "warm" period here, as it is published up around the Arctic Circle. Dr Kelley ran across it while stationed in Alaska with, the anr.y dental corps, and has read it evei since One -.ample ot how t'i"n>"M and personal the Telegraph be ci 'ines is -hown in this local item "Tngvv Jorgrnsen, who traiici! his riot; team for a motor sco.iter Tell us that two days after t-n had nuide the final payment on I. is machine the clammed thing broke down." Another item Ir.iir. a village correspondent say- ".-ony we are slow with our new.- again- -no time to write as w*. just caught tour whales." Anc the largest ad in the 3 cul paper': From Coca Cola, of course-. • * • Although not reported in the daily press, it seems that during the recent R.E.A. convention held in Washington, U. C.. Vice President Nixon dropped around unexpectedly as he has a habit of doing where conventions ari being held. As he began to speak, glowingly, about l i:Jl hi.- audience got up ami walked out Seems that Nixon, while a member of Congress, con.-istently >•,)!ed against all RKA mea-.-urcs, which he is now praismi,. Some people, like elephants, have K/ny memories. « • • Manager Jess George doesn't swear this ;s true, but it seems a guest called down in the hotel and asked for a full length mirror. Tolii by the clerk that there was already a half-length mirror in the room, the guest replied "Yes. and twice I've gone out without mv trousers'' * * * Asked how things went ai church, which the little girl had attended for the time, sin replied: "Oh. fine, mother. A man offered me a big plate of money but I said 'No thank you'." » » » Famous Last Line — (By Harold E. Talbot, resigning as Secretary of the Air Force, under pressure. because of the income of $120.000 he has made on the side in the past two years i: "I'm going back to business and make myself 9 litll« dough." Algona'.-- Munlcip;:! Airport will the scene of. the Kn.--utii Fly- break- ho niay utlfiui and at a nomiii.,1 tee. a spcithtoi area the airport dur- •ng Club's uiiiv.ial i ta-t tl'.is Sunday. If move in and force canc"llatinn. Sunday. August 14. will be tin. .late of the event. A delicious breakfast will be served from 7 to 10 a.m.. and all flyers and their passenger.•A-ill b" fed tree. Any other per- >oi;.- m'cre-ted enjoy !he meal Phere will be tor visitors to ng the day At 9 a.m. if weather permits, a parachute jump will lake place, with Art Hill of Fort Dodge doing the jumping. Also, for the day, a special offer is made of an aerial tour over Algona for only $1 with the coupon to be found elsewhere in today's Algona Upper Des Moines. Clip the coupon and present it at the airport office for the ride at this special offer. Entertainment and pri/es ')e offered, nei chants. Joe Kollaseh of Swea City would like to meet up with that gypsy family that slopped their car along the county road a half mile north of Swea City, Monday. So would the county sheriff's office. Joe said he was walking along when a car stopped, and oul jumped a gyspy woman, who began gesturing and poking him in the chest, while Ihe man also did some fast chattering, while two gypsy children looked on from the car. Joe thought maybe they wanted road directions, but when they suddenly jumped into their car and drove away, he began taking inventory. A wallet with S81 in it which he carried in a breast pocket was missing. The gypsies, loo, were still missing as of Wednesday. Program Ready For 97th Fair Here, Aug. 17-20 A full, 4-rlay program of grandstand and grounds activities has boon completed for the 97th annual Kossuth County Fair, which opens in Algona on Wednesday. Aug. 17. and continue.-- throufjh Saturday. AUK. 20. Lou Nitchals." f;iir seere'pry. said the- opening day would alsc feature the appearance here for 20 drivers in big car auto races. Drivers from seven slates will compete here, with promise of lots_ of action as Bobby Grim Indianapolis, and Jud Larson. Austin. Ttx., who have been outstanding t(j date, set to continue their own personal battle. Time trials will be at 1:30 p.m. with the first race tn bi.-fiin an houi later. Offenhauser Battle Grim is currently number one nan in the point standings, and he's had his stillest competition l vear from Larson. Both men ive Offenhausers. as do six culvers entered here. Larson pilotr-r| hi> Offy to first place in the "Hawkeye Futurity" racing j classic in Des Momes June b'. and | will be out to trim Grim if he I can. Oilier drivers who will make up UK- field include Bill Burdick. Andy Anderson. Wild Willie WiMnaber, Harrv Hoff, Lee Drol- iiniier. Flit;-. Tes'tmeier, \'ic Ellis. Les Tuinei. B, b CiebeiH, Ken HubiijUit. Eddie Loet.-cher, Dukt W.iIUrs and Jack Jorr'aii. Ask Early Entries Attention i-s called to the fact tluit entiles for the Kossut.i Fair can be made anytime ahead of the fair. They can be made at the office of Secretary Nitchals up until August 16, and on Aug. hi and 17 at the office in Floral Hull, where Mrs Wm. Dodds will again be in charge of entries.. Thus it is not necessary to wail until the first day of the fair to make the entries, and officials. would appreciate it if entries weit; matte ahead uf time. For I'r.e third straight year, Kossuth County baseball 'fan.-> will get a chance to see two tup- ilight games during the fair. This year, Friday, Aug. 19, is the day, and four Kossuth County League teams will take the field for a big doubleheader. Lone Rock Vs. Bancroft The present league - leaders, Lone Rock, will meet the second place league team. Bancroft, in the opener at J p.m. The Lone Rock team has a 9-1 record, while Bancroft, is 9-2. Both! losses have been at the hands u< Lone Rock, and each time bv .lust one run. Whittemore, a surpriser in the league race so far, will tangle with the Algona KCs in the second conies! which is set for 2:3')' p.m. Both games are seven | innings, and airangemcnts Mr tr>e ' garni-.-, are in charge o- Don ! Smith. Jr. i F d $50 F ult OnC S Fires 3 Shots At Burglars In Bancroft Fred Kadow. who runs a cleaning plant at Bancroft and lives in an upstairs apartment, downtown. was credited with frightening away three or four men who were making an attempt to bur- lari/e the Cowing-Wohnke grocery store there at about li:40 a.m. Friday. Kadow could not sleep, and while up happened to look out the window. He saw the men start to bre,>k open the leur door of the groccjy. At this point he- called to hi- -.lie to notify the town mar-r,:ii. and he in tu:n loaded and pointed a revolver out the window a! the men. telling them to stand .-till or lie would shoot. At this command, they began running down an alley Kadow let 14. , with three shots. none o; whirr, evidently hit a target. Sheriff Ralph I.mdhorst was railed, iind was working or; the case thi< week. Before Kado-.v called to them, the men hai. broken open the door, and the only thing they had time to grab \ was a carton n! cigarettes. ! Anderson, Wolf, Fangman Reelected To Head ASC w as t h they chopped in y fled under the alley tie Harry A. Bates Passes; Rites Here Friday donated by Kos>uth Goiter Operation Clapsaddle. hu.-bann of Algona's mayor. Linda Clap.--.ul- dle. w.i.-. scheduled to undergo surgery at Veteran's hospual in Des Moines this morning TJ'I'.urs- day) for removal of a goitn . City's Spraying j Unit In Action The City ol Algona's -lew j spraying outfit to kill fly- ...nd ! mosquitoes was in ac'u'n t ; .- ! week. The equipment has K -n ' purchased by the city ard \.i!i. I only a small expenditure in tin I future for chemicals. The wo.-!: will be done by reguiat citv ere.-I ployecs. ' : The equipment and supplies j came to less than S'J.CiiO L.i-lj year the city financed spi :,\ -:n_; I by a pi'ivate concern an.l it "i-.'.-t : over $1,000; two years a.^o con- j tributions totaling almost $2,000 , were made toward iwo sprayings of the citv. Services for Harry A. Bates. 73, resident oi this area for the p;i-! 55 years, will be held Fridav at i 2 p.m. at McCullough's Funerpl . Ch;-,p.'l. Rev. G. G. Halhan-r. Co'-.^i egation.i] Church pastor. 1 will officiate and burial will b ( in Rivet-view Ce.iu'terv. Pallbeart-i •-• will be " Roy Sarchet. Walter Klamp. Roseoe Mawdsley. Frank Cruik.-hank. Henry Dearchs and Floyd Gardner. Mr Bates died at Roberts Nursing Home Tuesday following a lengthy illness. He had been at the nursing home for a vear and a half. Harry Arthur, son of Mr and Mrs Horace Bates, was born a! Fremont, Xeb.. Mar 27. 1877. He came to this area when only 23 years old, and had made' his home here since that time. He f.ii med until his retirement. His wife, the former Lydia Sarah Ripke. preceded him in death. Survivors include a daughter. Faith Marie I Mrs George Broesder). and a -on. Earl Roger, both ot Algona: and two br >U.ers. They are Emory Bates. Tacoma, Wash.; and Ernest Bates, De.= M..ines. A brother, two sisters and a daughter. Frances, who ised at birth, preceded him in death. Richard I. Anderson of Grant twp. was reelected chairman of the Ko.-suth A§: icultural Stabili/aiU'ii and Conseivaiion t ASCl committee at the annual convention of town-hip ASC d'-legaies held Saturday. " Pictuied above is the county committee, all revlected. but not , heietofor.j pictured. Left to right are Anduw Fangrnan, Greenwood twp.. Mr Anderson (.seated), and George W. Wolf of LuVerne township. Named as first and second alternates to the county committee were Herman J. Studcr of Prairie twp. and Donald Bollig of Seneca i I'll Were elecled for " »ne-year term starting Monday, Aug. , 1. All are experienced in ASC activities, and theirs is the'policv- making and decision-making functions in the county ASC setup as it conforms to the national program. Virgil L. Rohlf'is the county o.lice manager. (Alguna Upper Des Moines Polaroid photo) Men Elude Pursuit Here After Cashing Bum Check Mr and Mrs Mark Stanton and .-on James, left this morning i Thursday) for a vacation trip to Ontario. Canada. Dave Lynch Barn, Grain, A Fire Loss A large barn and corn crib on the Dave Lynch farm. 2'2 miles northeast of Lone Hock, were totally destroyed by fire, la-t Friday morning. Fourteen calves and about 7500" bushels of oats, 4000 oushels of coin and alfalfa from 40 acres, and a brooder house were also a total loss. Six^fire companies fought the blave. coming fiom Lone Rock. Swea City, Burt. Bancroft. Fenton and Whittemore. In the above picture taken by an Upper Des Moines photographer after the fire had left the barn a smouldering rubble, Willard Ohm is operating the bulldozer m the center, being used to clear the yard of debris while the Fenton fire company is still playing a hose line on the . Marion with a Su ;i is at the nozzle. Walk- Smith T-shirt, and the other members put into the barn, a 40 x 70 structure, a Sheriff Lindhorst, Deputy i Sheriti Don Wood. ; ,ncl Algona 1 city poln-e were called into action : Wednesday morning when a j worthless check for $47 was dis- f covered to have been cashed at j the Council Oak store here bv i Manner Chris Wallukait. j Seconds atu-r- two men bought about S3 wort); ot groceries from a clerk, and pocketed the change Views Vary In Postcard Poll, Friday Opening Replies began to come in today at the Algona Chamber of Commerce office on the question of whether or not local business firms should remain open on Friday nights or Saturday nights. The Friday night opening has replaced the Saturday night opening for the past 16 weeks. Considerable difference of opinion has developed on the subject. In the next mail following receipt of the official ballot to be turned in by Chamber members who hold retail sales tax permits, another postcard was received by Chamber members urging repeal of the Friday night opening. The message was sponsored by a group of business men opposing the Friday night plan, who said that Algona business has been hurl as a result of the Friday substitution for the traditional Saturday night opening. maclt mi a S47 check. Wallukuit a call to the Eminetsburc bank on which the check was dr.iwn. only to find out it was worthless. He called the sheriff'.- onie... j meanwhile sending one of ihe! boys employed in the store to trail the men. The men separated, however, and the boy followed the one with the groceries, who proceeded to place them in a car parked in front of Penny's. It later developed this car had nothing to do, with the incident, and did not | belong to the men. | Tin- boy spot 1 ...; a city paliol-l man and went to inform him ot j what was happening, at which i point the man he was trailing disappeared. A fast search tailed to locate either of the men. .-md, a state police alarm was broa;!- cast. It then developed that from ;he (inscriptions given, the men are already wanted for similar chec!< Heals in several other places. pervisor Swea Farmer, Son In Court After Clash Walter Kockler. Swea City farmer, was finer! $f)0 and cost's of $22.IK on a plea of guilty to a charge of assault and buttery, Wednesday morning in the coui-f of Justice of the Peace C. H. Ostwinkle in Algona. Kockler was charged with assault ancl battery against A. M. (Tony) Kollaseh," Kossuth county supervisor from the 5th district. A similar charge against Geo. Kockler, son of Walter, was withdrawn on recommendation of | County Attorney L. W. Nitchals. Trouble In Swea City The trouble took place Monday evening about 6:30 p.m. on the Main Street, of Swea City. wiii!r- Kollaseh was sitting in his park"d car. A bill for SI 1.14 had been presented to the county by Ki-ckler, ba.-ed on a tile conne-ted wiih a new grade on a ci-unty road. Kollaseh said he could not --ign the claim as a leuitiiMite one. without knowing moiv about it, at a Monday meeting of the board fit' supervisors. The claim was tabled. The Kockk'is somehow Iienr4 about tile tabling of the bill, ami lather and son drove into Swe;i City looking for K'>i!u : -c!i. Ky t ' witnesses said that the two :>»< proaclied Kollaseh, and berated him in strong and abusive language, and that the father reached through the open car window ancl took a punch at Kollusch, breaking his glasses and inflk-t- in f 4 a small cut over the supervisor's left eye. Threat Of Jail Kollaseh filed the charge following the incident, and the Kocklers were haled into court for a preliminary hearing, Monday evening, with the hearing then set for Wednesday morning after each man had posted a $.~i() bond. During this Monday night session, the Kocklers were still incensed, and County Attorney Nitchals finally told the father that if he didn't sit down ancl keep quiet he'd have to put him 'n jail, which calmed down the proceedings. After the fine was paid by the elder Kockler, in cash. Wednesday, and tlii- case was dismissed by the J. P. Kollaseh said that he intended to file a civil action for damages. FINED FOR FAILING TO YIELD RIGHT-OF-WAY Henry J. Kohlhaas, Agona, was fined $2.5 and costs in Justice Ostwinkli-'s court W e d n e s d a y morning on a charge of failing to yield the right-of-way on highway It)!), six miles south of Algona, on a charge filed bv the Slat,.. Highway Patrol. New Manager, LuVerne Co-Op Weather No Bar To Cu pid the •.'in 1 smouldering remain; i.s in the foreground were unidentified. The alfalfa had been week ago Monday. The fire was discovc-rc.i about 10 a.m. Two of the Lvnch's children, and a neighbor's son, were saddling a pony in the" barn at the time when they saw the hre. Hundreds of nejghbors flocked to the Lynch farm to give what assistance they could, many hauling in water, borne saddle equipment was also lost. The loss was partly covered by insurance. Total loss wast estimated at about $50000 Six licenses to wed issued in the past week office of Alma Pearson, ch the district court. They w<.iu to the foil, couples: July 27 — Ralph Simon. S"na. and Phyllis El.-becker croft. July 28 — Daryle l.eeper. Burt, and Durlene Hentges. Algona. July 29 — Kenneth. Shivers, Indianapolis, Ind , and Harriet Griese, Burt. July 30 — John R. Johnson and Mary Knoner, Slurgis, S. D. Aug .2 — Lyle Kuyper, West Bend, and Irene FoerUch, Wesley. LuVerne—Eldon Guess of Lytton, Iowa, was named managi r f the LuYerne Co-Operative Elevator and assumed his duties Monday. j Gordon Scott, manager since j its or-umi/.ation, resigned, and hr- i future plans are n it known at I tnb time. I __ The Lu\'erne Co - Opcraiive Elevator was orgamxed In 1'ijo with Albei-t A. Schipull. pr.-.-i- ilent. Directors were Wilson l.egler, Lawrence Miller, Albert Het'ti. Loyd Larson, Donakl Warmbier and LeRoy Hanse!:i;.iii Ofticers at this time are Wilson Legler, president: A. A. Schipull, Lawrence Miller, Ali> M Het'ti, Loyd Larson, Willum Marty and Edwin Hanselnu.n. Mr Guess has a wife and t ! n---e daughters. They do not pla:: 75 Bales Straw Destroyed, Burt A freak fire destroyed 75 bale-; of straw in a matter of minute-; within the town limits ot Burl dt 2:30 Wednesday afternoon, when a tractor-drawn trailer loaded with the baled straw broke into flames just as it was being hauled across the intersection at the- west edge of Burt. The tractor-driver, who also owned the straw, was Harry Sanke>, whu lives nn the edge of Burt, The ,-traw had only been balt-l I ab..ut l.i minutes, and was bein;.; hauled trom the Sabin farm norm of Burt. Quick response by the Bu:t f;re- ciept. saved the trail--!- tr.iin much damage. Cause of the ireak lire was not immeduttelv determined, although it w;<s thought a cigarette tossed from a pas.-mg car might have sparked the b!a/e. Mr and Mrs Tom Verhuel will .-pend the month of August at Clear Lake. Mr Verhuel has business at O.-age and will commuii' there. Mrs Vei hut-1 will be home from time to time during the brief periods. Winner of 16 Stale fc National Aurwds, 1950-1955 Including General Excellence. low* Free* Ais'n, 1955

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