The Index-Journal from Greenwood, South Carolina on December 9, 1984 · Page 14
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The Index-Journal from Greenwood, South Carolina · Page 14

Greenwood, South Carolina
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 9, 1984
Page 14
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14A Tttm lnlK-Jotirnt. Of nwood, school Following are the menus for December 10-14 for schools in Greenwood County's three school districts and Cambridge Academy. Menus are furnished from the County Office of School Food Service. They may be changed due to unavoidable delay in delivery. GREENWOOD DISTRICT S BREWER Meaday Barbecue rib bun, creamy cole slaw, french fries, coconut cake and milk. Tuesday Sausage biscuit, macaronicheese casserole, nleckeya peas, slewed tomatoes, raisinpeanut cup and milk. Wednesday fluretender steak, baked potatoesbutter, tos-- sod green salad, apple sauce, buttered rolls and milk. Thursday Turkey salad, corn-on-cob, green beans, mixed fruit cup, cinnamon rolls, saltlnes and milk. Friday Hamburger bun, sandwich trimmings, french fries, banana pudding and milk. EAST END Monday Pizza, tossed salad, whole tangeloa and milk. Teesday Hamburgercheese, french fries, lettucetomato. Holiday cake and milk. Wednesday Chicken fried patties, whole buttered potatoes, young English peas, raisin cup, hot rollshoney butter and milk. Thursday Sausage Pizza, buttered corn, creamy slaw, lime Jeuocrushed pineapples and milk. Friday Baked turkey, dressinggravy, green beans, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes souffle, cherry tarts and milk. EMERALD Use I Meaday Hamcheese sandwich, lettucetomato, french fries, peanut butter raisin cookies and milk. Tuesday Lasagna, cole slaw, English peas, tangerine, rolls and milk. Princess of Flowers runner-up in Miss Teen-Age America NAHEIM, Calif. (AP) Two South Carolina teens won the top spots in the Miss Teen-Age America contest, a competition tnat ment, attributes fr and talent. Janice Payne, a 17-year-old from Charleston, S C., ' win get a 920,000 col-1 lege scholarship v and a new car for , being named Miss Teen-Age America - j in the contest held WHITESIDES Friday at Disneyland, amusement tark spokesman AJ Flores said aturday . In addition to the scholarship and car, Miss Payne will make television and personal appearances, and will receive travel opportunities and a Steel workers rescue COLUMBIA (AP) Two steel company employees rescued an elderly wheelchair-bound man from a burning house in Columbia Thursday after hearing the barking of a watchdog. Josh GUmore, 88, was listed in good condition at a Charleston hospital with second-degree burns over 20 percent of his body, authorities said; Atlas Steel Co. manager Chris W. Grant said the workers, Robert Weston and Wayne S tames, decided to investigate the barking of the company watchdog. Once outside their windowless CPW Began Adding Fluoride On Dec. 3f 1984, the Greenwood Commissioner of Public Works began adding fluoride intaour water system. This project is one that has been recommended by the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC); it has also been approved by a majority of )ur'watecspgstomers who participated in a survey taken last year on the fluoridation question. The cost of the project has been funded, primarily through a grant from DHEC, and water rates will not increase as a result of fluoridation. The fluoride will be added at the recommended level of one part fluoride per one million parts water, or, in other words, one gallon of fluoride per one million gallons of water. It will be added at our Lake Greenwood Water Treatment Plant and at our Grace Street Water Treatment Plant when that facility is in use. You should notice no change whatsoever in taste, color or smell from the presence of fluoride in your water. . The CPW is glad to be able to provide this service to our customers. If you have any questions concerning the introduction of fluoride into the system, please call our office at 223-8571 , ext. 208. 3.C.. Sun., Dc. 9. 184 lunch menus Pizza, tossed salad, buttered corn, cherry tarts and milk Thursday Cheeseburgers, lettucetomato, french fries, apples and milk. Friday Turkeydressing, green beans, candied yams, cranberry sauce, ambrosiaa, cake, rolls and milk EMERALD JR. HIGH Law t Meaday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Salad bar. Salad bar. Salad bar. Salad bar. Friday Turkey dressing, green beans, candied yams, cranberry sauce, ambrosia, cake, rolls and milk. GREENWOOD HIGH Use 1 Monday Country fried steak, creamed potatoesgravy, green beans, princess peach pie, hot rolls and milk. Taesdsy Chicken nuggetshoneyAarbecue sauce, curly potatoes, tossed saladdressing, mixed fruit cup, cheese biscuits end milk. Wednesday Hot dogschill, french friescatsup, cole slaw, strawberry shortcake and milk. Thursday Baked roast beefgravy, buttered rice, garden peas, sweet potato souffle, rolls and milk. Friday Chili beansmeat, french friescatsup, saltlne crackers, chocolate cake and milk. Corn dogsmustard, french friescatsup, baked beans, princess peach pie and milk. Hamburger bun. french friescatsup, sliced tomatoeslettuceonions, cherry Jellofrult and milk. Wednesday Pizza, tater totscatsup, tossed saladdressing, strawberry shortcake and milk. Thursday Chicken bun, dill chips, french friescatsup. wardrobe. She will also write a column for Teen Magazine for a year, Flores said.1 Anna Whitesides, 18, of Newberry, S.C., was first runnerup in the Teen Magazine-sponsored national finals featuring 12 girls from around the country. Whitesides is reigning S.C. Princess of Flowers. Actor Tony Danza hosted the finals, Flores said. The other finalists were Cassandra Black, 17, East Bradenton, Fla.; Tamara Chandler, 16, Loom is, Calif. ; Kellie Dunford, 16, St. Petersburg, Fla. ; Pamela Proctor, 16, Mis-hawaka, Ind. ; Dana Routt, 16, Atlanta, Ga.; Tracy Schlaepfer, 17, Westminster, Colo.; Susan Steiner, 16, Alden, N.Y.; Jill Tyler, 16, Corona Del Mar, Calif.; Dawn Williams, 17, Stone Mountain, Ga.; and Barbara Wunder, 14, Las Vegas, Nev. wheelchair - bound man building, they saw smoke coming from Gilm ore's small, wood frame house. Weston and Starnes drove to the house. Grant said, and. entered the burning residence to search for GUmore, who lives alone. Meanwhile Grant's mother, Joyce Grant, telephoned the Columbia Fire Department and an ambulance. Although uninjured, Weston and Starnes "had a little bit of smoke inhalation." Grant said. Assistant Fire Chief Frank W. Lee said the house was destroyed, adding that damage to the structure and contents was about $12,000. seven layer salad, cookie and milk. Friday Fish buntarter sauce, french fries atsup, cabbage slaw, chocolate cake and milk. Us ' BODGES Pig n-blanket, tossed salad, corn, cheese wedge, applesauce and milk. Tuesday Suretender steak, ricegravy, blackeye peas, fried squash, pear salad, roll and milk. Corn dogs, baked beans, tater tots, peaches, doughnuts and milk. Taarsday Turkey dressinggravy, green beanspotatoes, cranberry sauce, cherry pie, roll and milk. Friday Chicken sandwich, carrot strips, lettucetomato, dill chips, apples, peanut butter chewy and LAKE VIEW Meaday Chicken sandwich, lettucetomato, french fries catsup, apple wedges and milk. Tuesday Steak, baked potatoesbuttersour cream, green beans, fried okra, congealed salad, peanut butter cookies, biscuits and milk. Wednesday Hot dogschilimustardonions. french friescatsup, sliced peaches, pork n beans and milk. Thursday Pizza, tossed saladdressing, corn, applesauce and milk. Friday Fish stickstarter sauce, french friescatsup, slaw, fruit cocktail, hushpuppies, peanut butter cake and milk. MATHEWS Meaday Pizza, tossed salad, whole kernel corn, pineapple cake and milk. Tuesday Fish, cole slaw, french fries, cheese puffs and milk. Wednesday Salmon croquettes, mashed potatoes, lima beans, fried okra, rolls and milk. Thursday Chicken sandwich, lettucetomato, french fries, sliced peaches and milk. Friday Turkeydressinggravy , candied yams, English peas, cranberry sauce and milk. MERRY WOOD Monday Chicken patty, creamed potatoes, green peas, sliced peaches, biscuits and milk. Tuesday Vegetable soup, peanut butter sandwich, apple pie, comb read and milk. Wednesday Corn dogs, french fries, cole slaw, orange juice, homemade cookies and milk. Thursday Turkeydressinggravy, green beans, macaronicheese, euofnut and milk. Friday Hamburgers, lettucetomato, french fries, pork-n-beans, fruit cup and milk. NORTHSIDE Monday Barbecue bun, slaw, french friescatsup, pear crisp and milk. Tuesday Cheeseburgers, french friescatsup, lettuce tomato, banana and milk. Wednesday Roast beef sandwich, lettucetomato, french friescatsup, peach pie and milk. Corndog, slaw, french friescatsup, apple salad, oatmeal cookie and milk. Friday Baked turkey, dressinggravy, English peas, cranberry sauce, orange, Christmas cake, roll and milk. Use Z Met iay Chicken nuggets, scallop potatoescheese, green beans, pear crisp, roll and milk. Tuesday Suretender steaks, salad bar, banana, roll and lay Ground beef taco, lettucetomatocheese, fried okra, peach pie, cornbread and milk. Spaghetti, green beans, breaded squash, apple salad, oatmeal cookie, roll and milk. Friday Baked turkey, dressinggravy, English peas, cranberry sauce, orange, Christmas cake, roll OAKLAND Monday Pig -n-blankef mustard, baked beansbacon, french friescatsup, crisp carrot sticks, fresh apple wedges and milk. TYPING We're The Experts For any typing, computerized word processing, answering service copies, bookkeeping, payrolls end sdm. services. EXECUTIVE SERVICES Park PlazaeSurte 21 6Q229-0785 Cheesy lasagne, crisp lettuce, tomatoes, salad drees jng. buttered corn-on-cob, rati, sliced peecheswhtp cream and milk. Cnicken pot pie, green beans, candled sweet potatoes, tangerine, angel biscuit and milk. Beefy tacos, cheeselettuceUxnatoes, crisp shoestring friescatsup, apple crisp and milk. Friday Barbecue bun, french friescatsup, cabbage sla wcarrotspicklea , hot cherry pie and milk. PINECRE8T Meaday Hot dogschili, french fries, cole slaw, fruit JeUo Raviolicheesemeat, tossed salad, corn, apple wedge, biscuit and milk. Vegetable soup, peanut butter Jelly sandwich, carrot curia, cherry shortcake and milk. Turkey dressing, ricegravy, cranberry sauce, green beans, fruit cup, rolls and milk. Friday Hamburger, lettucetomato, french fries, oatmeal cookies and milk. SOUTHSIDE Vegetable soupbeef, peanut butterielly i wich, fresh orange, cheese puffs and milk. Tuesday Salmon croquettes, cheese dip, tossed salad, french fries, frozen fruit bar and milk. Hot dogs, cote slaw, baked beans, pineapple cake and milk. Thersday Macaroni pie, barbecue wieners, green beans, candied potatoes, rollshoney butter and milk. Friday Pizza, tossed salad, buttered corn, cherry cobbler and milk. WOODFIELDS Meaday Spaghettimeat, cole slaw, half orange, cinnamon bun and milk. Tuesday Sausage biscuit, cheese cubes, green beans, potatoes au gratin, dessert peaches and milk. Wednesday Golden corn dog, crispy french fries, tossed garden salad, apple piecheese and milk. Thersday Roasted turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, green peas, sliced tomatoes, hot rolls and milk. Friday Suretender steak, ricebrown gravy, field peas, cinnamon apple sauce, angel biscuits and milk. WARE SHOALS DISTRICT SI WARE SHOALS HIGH SCHOOL. Meeday Hamburger, lettucetomato, french friescatsup, cakepeanut butter icing and milk. Tuesday Pizza, beef cheese, tossed saladdressing, cream corn, cookie and milk. Vegetable soupbeef, sal tines, pimento cheese sandwich, cherry cobbler and milk. Barbecue perkrice, cete slaw, speckled better Friday Chicken patticheese, cream potatoes, green beans, pear crisp, rolls and milk. WARE SHOALS JUNIOR HIGH Meaday Hamburger, lettucetomato, french fries, peaches, chocolate chip cookies and milk. Tuesday Fried pork chops, creamed potatoes, blackeye peas, eUo. hot biscuitshoney and milk. Barbecue bun, dill chips, french fries, cabbage slaw, cherry cobbler and milk. Spaghetti, buttered corn, tossed salad. Juice bars, hot rolls and milk. Fried chicken, macaronicheese pie, field peas snaps, apple, hot rolls and milk. WARE SHOALS ELEMENTARY Meeday Tacosmeatcheese, lettucetomatoes, french We've stocked up on some savings, and we're passing them on to our customers! 1W SUPER BUY on 3f PILLOWS (Pm SB? sfvlfc SET AO ImmMmB&mm . . -. 0.77 any size MATCHING SHEETS " VY?n I $3000set&up ijMB jgElHafflaEglSS' Comfortable Cushion ;sa 4 f BATHROOM SEAT fCMB)jajBag Plain. . 10.88 ljCT;nTgVi:4j& gHg&iri Decorative . . . . . . . . 1 9.88 I SATIN SHEETS SUKsUE Ail sizes with lace trim , 45Jf IITl $4588 a:BB!3aKSI! . Complete sets I ; vj'UIP (SfelJjailQSB BEDSPREADS $" Q88 rernrrnTi arena, to amiuum frieecatsup, chocolate sake and milk. - Teesday Tana salad, lotture1otnatt English peascar- Chili beans crispy fried okrs, slaw, cornbread. Baked ham, macaroni pie, green beans, corn, rolls, pineapple salad sad milk. Friday Chlcksa nuggets., french friescatsup, cole slaw, french bread, peanut butter bar and milk. NINETY SIX DISTRICT ninety six men Plssacheesesausage, tossed salad, golden corn, applesauce and milk. Tuesday Chicken sandwich, french fries, lettucedill chips, cherry pie and milk. Vegetable soupbeef, peanut butterjelly sandwich, peer half, Buttered cornbread and milk. Hamburger bun, french fries, lettucetomato, peach half, congo bars aed milk. ".- Friday Cera dogs, trench fries, cole slaw, fruit cocktail ninety mat middle Hamburgers; lettocetomato, french fries, baked beans, peanut butter bar and milk. - Tuesday Pizsa, butter potatoes, crewder peas, strawberry short cake and milk. Barbecue bun, dill chips, french fries, cabbage slaw, cherry cobbler and milk, Spaghetti, tossed salad, buttered corn, diced pears, hot rolls and milk. Fried chicken, macaronicheese pie, field peas-snaps, chilled peaches, hot rolls and milk. NINETY SIX ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. Hot dogschilionion, french fries, carrotraisin Elmblad's 331 Main St. Main St, (on the Square) Jennifer, and Buy "Jennifer" Our Bride Doll for 325" and Get FREE A Little Woknan Doll (a 275" Value) .and she's musical! salad, lemon cakeicing, catsupmustard and! milk. Teesday Sausage biscuit, macaroni pie, buttered broccoli, pear halves and milk. Wednesday Tacoacheeeelettucetomatoes , french fries, congo bars and milk. Thnrsday Fried fish, creamed potatoes, cole slaw, oatmeal cookies, cornbread and milk. Friday Roast turkeygravy, cranberry sauce, buttered rice, green beans, peach cobbler, hot rolls and B THE SPECIAL GIFT Choose from Our Complete sefection Name imprinted FREE on Bibles bought from us. MCCASANS 206 Main St. 229-3503 Mon.-Sat 8.30-6:00 Cards & Gifts w 9-.30-6M) M St. Friday 9:30-9:00 pm trie Jlrst bride in the Gorham Doll Collection, has an original btsquejace. plays the Wedding March. Jo. In antique blue and lace, tx Irom Louisa May Alcotfs America Classic. Little Women. 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