Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 15, 1947 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1947
Page 8
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r,\C-T. S—NAT;r-.\T~OK NP.W5 (CONN.), \TET>NT:3nAT ( JAN. 16, Ift47 Naugcs Urges (Continued From Page One) Brophy i Continued trr.m PURP One* fUturc* for ono yoor which indlcat- PU that retail ftjies in NaURatuck fov that year were considerably less than the total of the industrial payroll. He said the flx'urc should De considerably higher, «nd hn cited other Inures for other towns, Ul> To CltUrns "Tf we nn> to have an improved system of government In Nnugfl- tiick, an up-to-date charter, and other improvements, it will not be tnroxiffh thn efforts of politicians. "It will be throuRh tho combined ffforts of you nnd me, and other citi/cns of the town. "There was crltlcUm of our mer- rhnntM because the town was not cK-ccnted Rally for Christmas. -What incentive did wo offer the NnuKAtuck merchants to spend fv l( .|r money on Christmas decorations? Did we start early to shop in NauJMtuek. or did we make a T^inl of gains to nearby towns on ' Christmas shopping tours? W«- i ovittht to give that question a little thouxhl and decide who we are cheating, "The plnn Is to put a paid and flualiled Chamber of Commerce K'ocutivc hHt-p who will 'start the , ball rolling,' and we have only to lnc!< to other prORi-tsslvo lowiv* no blKKer than Naufjatuck, and * which have nut the lndu,itn«'S w.:, rin boast, to MI-B svhnt » man llki.- that can do. | .$12,000 Is, needed. .vardi-n ,imi b.-.roiiRh enRlnenr may «.• ,.* ..iliclo members. The electors -•null be appointed by the chief executive olHcer of the municipality with the concurrence of the IcVislativo body. Terms of the members would be fixed In the ordinance but shall be so arranged at least one but not more than two of such terms shall expire in any one year. Vacancies shall be filled by the commission until the time for the annual appointment of municipal officials. The commission would elect a chairman, adopt rules for the transaction of business and keep a record of its activities, the record bcinjj n public record. The expenditures, exclusive of gifts, would bo within the amounts appropriated for its purposes. The commission would have the following powers and duties: To prepare, adopt and amend a. plan of development; power of approval or disapproval ot the subdivision of land; prepare and ,'idopt plans for the redevelopment of improvement of districts and neighborhoods; prepare each year lists of desirable capital improvements and a financial program, one covering the next financial year and the other covering the next alx years. These lists would be presented tho board of warden and burgesses not less than 60 daya before the budget is submitted; prepare an nnnnnl rjporl nr.d file ,a copy with the Connecticut Development Commission. ' . Development The plan of development would show rppommendalionti • for a general land use plan ns the basis for :.he physical development of tho .-Municipality; for sireuls, bridges, parkways and other public ways; .'or airports, parkts, playgrounds ,ind other public grounds; Tor the jeneral location, relocation and Improvement of schools and other public buildings; for the general" location and extent of public utilities and terminals, whether publicly or privately owned, for water, light, power, transit and other purposes; for the ex-tent and location of public housing and neighborhood development projects. The commission may adopt the development plan by u single reso- ution or may, by successive resolutions, adopt parts of the plan, whether geographical or functional, and amendments. No nation would be taken by the town on any proposal involving the location, acceptance, widening, ntti rowing, or extension of streets, bridges, parkways and other public ways, the location, relocation, acquisition of land for abandonment, sale or less of airports, parks, playgrounds und other municipally owned properties, schoos and other public 'buildings, -the extent nnd location of public utilities and terminals, extent and location of public housing projects find the redevelopment, reconditioning or Improvement of specific ureas until it has been referred to the commission for a report, But the failure of the commission to report within 60 days after Housewife's pause i tlin dale of official submission to it woud be taken as approv»l"bf the propoial. . - • :• A proposal disapproved by the comminslon could b* .adopted by tho -boroiieh only bj a two-thirds vote of th(> board of warden anU burgesses. ' All plans, of a subdivision of land would be submitted to the commission, and none acted upon without ] a public hearing, No street plotted or opened by any private person, firm or corporation would accepted by the; municipality un« less the petition for the game with a plan showing the existing or proposed location "f such street, Its width, grade and any other details has been referred to the commission for consideration and report, No building permit shall be Issued and no building erected in an unapprved subdivision or on an unaccepted street except In the case of lots of record In the office of the town clerk, or in the case of streets which are open for vehicular the time-of adoption of tills act by the municipality. Any persn aggrieved by an official resolution or vote of the commission, may have the commission authorized by ordinance, without chunking the composition an.d without impairing Its powers granted under any other act of the General Assembly. This act would take effect upon Its passage, The bill amending the act creating tlifi Connecticut development commission would provide "to facilitate its. .development program the commission is authorized to determine and .• define those aneas which for geographical, Industrial or other economic reasons should Ijo developed as rog-ionul units und LO make studies for.-the development of such units. It may cooper- site with groups of municipalities in t'hL> organization of regional plan commfssiiins and with local and regional plan nommUsions In Din preparation of development plans, and' .this- end may supply technical service "to sUch commissions on .terms <to h? agreed upon." Passage of LIlis ftmondment would moan the local commission could ask assistance from Hie state group on any particular project. To Distribute Sand Tomorrow, Friday The second distribution of sand in the borough will be made tomorrow and Friday, it was announced today by Warden Leo J. Erophy. Street department crews under the supervision' .of -Superintendent of Streets Harold Murthn will dU- trihute on the East Side tomorrow and the'West Side Friday. Residents desiring sand are requested to place receptacles on curbs in front of their homes. •OTTlSp UNDrt AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY »Y Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Waterbury, Conn. BEACON FALLS Icy Roads Cause Major V , ___ _ A ^»_ m Many Workers, High School Students, Unable To Reach Destinations Beacon Falls assumed the air of a stranded pioneer village for a -few .hours early yesterday morningr, when the icy road conditions caused the C. R. & L. bus lines to temporarily discontinue their service. Many workers and the majority of high school children were unable to leave the town for their destinations. The situation wan cleared up, though, within several hours whea rising temperatures and state and local sanding crews combined forces in the job of clearing : the 'ce away. Center school was not closed but a through aession was held' at the local Institution. The students did not have a lunch hour but were released at 1 o'clock for tho day. No accidents were reported locally. The alert' town crews had the majorltv of local roods sanded before 10 o'clock. Returns to Base PO 2-c Charles Mitchell has ended a furlough spent with hie parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mitchell of North Circle and has returned ;o his base in Virginia. to M«el On Thursday of this week, a get- together of all teachers under the (uriadictlon of Carl N. Bair, Jr., supervisor of rural education, of this district, will be held at the Copper Kettle, Meriden Road, Woicott. Members 'of faculties from the following 'towns will be represented at the affair: ' Harwinton, Middlefield, Woicott, Oxford and Beacon Falls. E)r. Finis Englcman, deputy ."Ommisrtloner r-r education, and Dana Cotton, Graduate Sohool of Education, Harvard, will address Hie group. Hurt In Fall George Label), Main street, injured two weeks ago in a fall on ice, is confined to his home. He suffered a shoulder injury. OFFER REJECTED Berlin, Conn., Jan. 15—(UP)— The Berlin: board of education has turned down an offer of the New Britain encampment of Gideons-to supply free copies of the "New Youth Testaments" to public school children. 'ft Final -Day For Bids Today is the final day to submit bids for thfl position of mail-carrier with the local U. S. post office. Postmaster John J. Lee has an* nounced. The person whose bid is accepted will service the local unit throughout the coming year by carrying mail from the depot tc the post office and vice-versa. He will also be required to make any special runs which may occur during the year. Meeting Held The regular monthly meeting of the Beacon Falls Board of Education was held Monday night at Center School. 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Benedict Zollo in Hartford. Additional Classified LIQUOR PERMIT Notice of Application This Is to give notice that I, Joseph DILco, of 100 Greenleaf Ave., Waterbury, have filed an application dated Jan. 14, 19<7, with the Liquor Control Commission for a package store permit (beer only) for the sale of alcoholic liquor on the premises, 123 Cherry St., Nuu- gatuck,. The busines Is owned by Joseph DiLeo of 106 Greenleaf Ave.. Waterbury, and will be conducted by Joseph DILeo, of 106 Greenleaf Ave., Waterbury, aa permittee. JOSEPH DI LEO. Dated: Jan. 14, 19-17. NOT RESPONSIBLE NOTICE On and after this date I will not be responsible for any bills contracted other than by myself. (Signed) ALBERT K. BREWER. 370 Quinn St. Dated at Naugatuck this Hth day of January, 1947. ~~~~NOTICE .-NCOIVTE TAXES—A tax expert will make your personal report. Certified tax consultant. Ovide V. Philiberl, S9C S. Main St.. Wtby •1-8034. fiUITAR — Instruction!: for begin ners and advanced pupils. Instrument loaned free. Fred Bredlce Guitar Studio, 24 Grand St. Tel. Wtby. 4-0130 or 3-9120. Employment Want««—auto WANTED—Young man for chain grocery dcpt. Good working hours and good wages. We are approved for G.I. Training Program. Apply Fulton Market, Union City WANTED—News Carriers :n a] 1 sections of town. Inquire Mr. H T, Dillon, News Olllce. KKCENT College graduate chem 1st or chemical engineer for work as an assistant chemist in Rubber laboratory of a plant located in southwestern part of Conn State in detail in first hand-written letter, age, education, experience if any, and remuneration expected. Write Box A, Care of Naugatuck Daily News. Help Wanted—Female AT OXCE — Naugatuck &• Waterbury, dependable woman who seeks increase in family income. Steady income — short hours. Write P. O. Box 927, Wtby. Real Estate Wanted Houke* for Sale NEARLY NEW—I family house of six rooms. Built with pre-war materials. Oak floors brass pipes, hot water heat and garage, A. Shepley, tel. 2433 or 5144. - Briefs Mrs. John Zebar.i and her son, John Jr., are currently visiting at the home of Mrs, Thomas Fitzpat- riek, Highland avenue. The St. Michael's Bulldofrs were forced into overtime Sunday before wresting victory from St. John's of Shclton, 47-45. The. contest was played at the down-valley i VACANCY Feb. 15 — An 11 room site 1 . The engagement was the j house on Millville Ave. in A-l ! condition. For further details call A. Shepley, tel. 2433 or 5144. FOH SAf,K —7-ycar-old pre-war C room 1 family house and garage. All improvements. Immediate occupancy, located West side, back j of High school. Patsy Labriola, Real Estate Agent, 172 High St. Tel. 3458. Real Estate Wanted 3 HOIIVCH for Sale VTAIUMtW IMtf A ROGERS-PEET OVERCOAT FOR A NEW ENGLAND WINTER JUST FITS" INTO THE DAYS THAT TRY MENfg SOULS. They are built to master winter's worst and are best known for their comfort, good looks, fabrics, fit and style distinction in the New York manner. 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The board insists the amount agreed upon was $300. Because the issue had become controversial, it was believed the matter would be discussed ut the December meeting of the board, but no mention of it woe made. Following adjournment of the session Mr. Lyons was queried on the matter. Suggesting the minutes of the Seutember "star chamber!' session be read, they disclosed the salary was set at $300. Other salaries mentioned were for .Charles Kcnney, $2,003 and Raymond Foley, $500 as high school dir- j cctor of athletics. Subsequently Mr. Karabnn informed The News that he felt he had $200 coining. Stating he understood his salary was to be $500 he said he had conferred only with Dr. Curran in regard to it as- he assumed the doctor was authorized ;to speak for the board as a whole. He indicated it was not so much the money but the principle involved that he is making the effort. . Secretary John Ash said late today that he has received no olll- cial communication with reference "to .the reported resignation I of Dr. Curran. TWO Family House on Greenwood St. Three rooms In each apartment. Immediate occupancy. Call or see Joseph V. Rosko, 3 Union St. Tel. 4928-2952, ON HIGHLAND AVE. — Two family house. 10 rooms, excellent condition. One five room apartment with two spare rooms now vacant for new owner. Modern step saving kitchen. Oil (Automatic) Hot Water heat. WALTER H- HART, INC. REALTOR — INSURANCE John C, Klernan Eve, Naug. 570T 20 East Main St., Wtby. 4-3129 FOR SALE—One family, 6 room house. Furnace heat. Telephone 4013 after 3 p. m. HOUSE FOR SALE —14 room, 2 family iiOuec in good condition. Two furnaces. No agents. Call 4157—396 Scott St. WHITE FISH MARKET JOSEPH CABRAL. Prop 8 South Mai 11-St. Tel. 50M SALT and FRESH WATER FISH of ALL KINDS FOR AUL Ten room boiue, 5 roo«« •• floor, 5 room* mecond llotr,.! bath-room*, hot air turn electricity, » car (ante. Formerly 9 tenement Mi Mid owner will re-convert M tenement* and «lv* ImoMtt occupancy to flnrt floor. Ix>cated eMt mid* of t»w» Mi nwy be Inspected In •ftei»§»* F.W.EATOI Room 9 Neary Butt Church Street [did TRY CLASSIFIED Rehearsal Tonight For Musicale Rehearsal will be .held this evening for the musical "The Captain's Birthday on the Good Ship St. Francis" which is being sponsored by all the societies of St. Francis parish. Those who wish to try out for p^irts are requested to meet in Columbus hall at 7:30 p. m. FOR SALE—Curtlss St. 3 family, 12 rooms, store, 2 car garage. Four room house with large piece of land. Scott St., two family house, 11 room*. New Haven Rd— one family house, one car garage, large barn and seven acres of land. JOHN HEALY, Tel- 5031. Land For FATAL FIRE A two-alarm fire at Hartford has taken the life of a 60-year-old man. Ernest Russo was trapped in his small • at-tic room. Firemen were told by other occupants that all tenants had escaped. Damage to the building .is put at $8,000. LOT on Riverside Drive—lying between two .Highways—1,420' frojnt- age, 75 to 100' deep. Must be sold Immediately. Price $2,0-30. Louis Taylor, 75 Huntingdon Rd., Stratford. Tel. 7-3828. Heal E*tnte THE NEAGLE AGENCY REAL ESTATE INSURANCE 63 Bank St., Wtby. 4-4256 7» Wanted To WANTED by couple soon" to be married, 2, 8, or •) room apartment. Call 2370, ATTENTION — TRUCK OWNERS! On our hilly icy roads, it is necessary that „ trucks be equipped with good chains to do their work safely. We have in stock the following sizes of thtu hard-to-get accessories available in limited quantity: Truck Chains , 6.50-20, 32x6 Single Pneumatic 7.00-20, 32 x 6 Dual Pneumatic 7.50-20, 34 x 7 Dual Pneumatic '• 8.25-20 Dual Pneumatic Cross Links 7.00-7.50 Single Pneumatic 7.00-7.50 Duel Pneumatic We have a supply of Truck Chain Spreaders ViA Truck End Hooks for chain repairs. Also — For Your Passenger Car Mud hooks for 6.75-7.00-7.50 tires and chain spreaders. The Naugatuck Fuel Company 87 CHURCH ST. PHONE «* Try NEWS Want Ads—they bring

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