The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 4, 1955 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 4, 1955
Page 14
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ft-Algona (la.) Uppe> Da* Mdlftii thursday, August 4, 1955 Atn«« ei -nti, « tttat o< tb*i> N«i Hurt e< At this writing we ate exper fencing the hottest heat situation that anyone can ever remembe of in many, many years and it' getting darned tiresome, too. Yes I like heat along in the winte • months but hea,t this time of th year is a tiresome nuisance, so t speak., Not satisfied with tern peratures in the 90s the weather man is pushing the thermomete Up into the 100s. Why, at Sai City, Iowa, last Sunday tin Weatherman shot the heat up t< 109 degrees and this was the high est point reached in the whole United States, according to re cords. No, there is, no,fun what soever feeing loaded with thosi high temperatures. And the hea is wearing on people, too. Talk aboiit_ sweat — guess we're al sweating, and when sweat comes out from your hide that means your bones.and your flesh' are put to work ^emitting the heat pellets so to speak', and so you suffer And the past week's heat is costing us money, too, because on account of. look at the electric juices we're using to operate inns. Nope, I don't like this heat wave and the sooner it gets out of here the happier I'll be. How about you? . •.' —o— Algona has been visited the past several weeks by many large arboreal orthopterous insects of the Locustidae family and folks have been;called to their screen doors of an evening to do as much annihilating as possible because 'of the nuisance the insects are. Yep, I'm talking about katydids and they seem to have been quite numerous the past hot weather week, so to speak. The katydid is of the grasshopper family and at times they're 'inclined to get- noisy, especially in the evening, and for some reason or other they always seem .to gather near our screen doors and so the noise is a nuisance. And that is what the lousy excessive heat is responsible for. And the 100s in .the shade that we've been enjoying(?) the • past week and which seem to intend to continue for another week or two is sure getting folks down, so to speak. Just look at all the perspiration these heat waves are producing. I would like to do some arithmaticing anent the amount of liquid perspiration the heat is bringing out of my system in a day. In fact I am wondering if the drops of sweat my hide issues would be'enough to fill a cup. It's sure that this heat • session we're having is a lousy nuisance, so to speak. _o— And it was Sunday afternoon that I happened • by the city swimming pool and was it ever a busy place? There were hundreds of youngsters and teen-agers busy in the water and so I asked the office about' how many persons were taking a bath in the pool? And the lady checked her tickets and told me that there were 410 permits issued, and she was sure that within another hour there would be another hundred. This was about 3 o'clock. And as hot I as it was I was almost inclined to take on a swim, much as I don't like baths, so to speak. Yep, the city swimming pool has been a plenty busy place the past heateo week. —o— I take my hal off to the streets department of our city for the peachy and splendid job th;it is being done by new curb r.nd gutter installation. A swell job the boys have taken on and especially are street intersections now swell to travel because of the curve of the curb, so to speak. And another thing, new stop signs have- been installed at intersections throughout the c-ity and they are really a nice job and almost makes it a pleasure to stop the bus. More power to the streut department of Algona, they have sure done a swell job. II was Hay Beamish dropped into the back print shop of the UDM the oilier day just when we were haying our afternoon coffee gulping session and he was invited to take on a cup with us and I am sure proud oC him being a member of the Amalgamated Association of Coffee Gulpeis because on account of Ray knows his Java and how to gulp it, so to speak. And I am told thai Ray recently took on a fishing spree at Woman's Lake, Minn., and that he pulled in a muskie of length and si/e extraordinary And I can believe that he did the trick because on account of he ha* the build and muscle to hook and bring in the big ones. .—o— Here's hoping ihai Ihe lousy weatherman will give up his heat manufacturing and that wu can have some decent weather a no. some nights that are of temperature the sort that we can sleep normally again. And I'll bet you are as disgusted with the sweating us I am, so to speak. County Texas Driver Enters Fair Races Jud Larson, Austin, Texas, on of the nation's leading race driv ers, has entered the big car race at the Kossuth County • Fair, Al gona, on August 17. Larson, 4tl place finisher last year in th IMAC national standings, after f midseason start, also won thi Missouri Stale modified , cham dionship and the Kansas Citj Midget Auto Racing Association title. He will drive the power ful Tom Randol Of'fy in the Al gona event. Slight Drop, New Car, Truck Sales New car and truck sales dropped to 33 during the r>s$t two weeks, according to registrations at the Kossuth County Treasurer's office. Owners who registered new vehicles are: . ' International—Western Buyers, .ruck, Algona; G. A. Scribner, Sr., pickup, Fenton. Ford — Thoreson Bros., Swea ity; E. R. Uken, Titonka; Arnold VTetzger, Whittemore; W. C. D etersoh, Armstrong; F. L. Brek- ce, Armstrong; Robert Schoby, ruck, Algona; Mae $•. Selberg, jedyard; Raymond Bergum, Bancroft; John or Harold Abbas, Bancroft; James W. and Marilyn Olson, Wesley; Mortensen Products, Swea City; Frank Meine, iVhittemore. Dodge—James Allen, Algona. Chevrolet—F. G. Nitz, Ledyard; 2.. R. Dettman, Algona; Donald llg, Bode; Whittemore Hatchery Produce, Whittemore; A. D. /an Norman, Swea City; Melvin •Crumm, Swea City; Mrs J. C. Cverds, Algona. , . ' Plymouth—E. J. Gales, -Bode; L. Baker, Algona; Edward Arend, Algona; Lester Quinn, Lu- 'erne. Buick—R. L. Maxwell, Algona; Vndrew Crawford, Algona. Cadillac—C. L. Livingstone, Alona. ' ' •• Olds — H. M. Smith, Algona; ola Wicks, Algona. Mercury—N. M. Helleseth, West iend. Studebaker—Louis Fuhrmann, .Igona. Another Square Dance Feature Going On T-V The Kossuth County Teenagers Square Dance Club will present its second program over TV station KGLO, Mason City, on the evening of Monday, August 15. The program is being sponsored by Ernie Williams, Algona John Deere dealer, and will run a full half hour. Dance caller will be' Bill Tjadert of Cresco Twp. Chet Cook is in charge of arrangements for the show, which will be broadcast over Channel 3 at 8:00 p.m. Members of the .dance club who will appear include Ronnie Gerbcr, Deanne Eisenbarth, .Fim Lindhorst, Janice Bjustrom, Stan Sorensen, Shirley Shible'r, Dick Kuecker, Beverly Gerber, Harley Troutman, Janice Klooster; Junior Cook, Shirley Sorertsen, Denny Seefeld, Dorothy Gade, Harold Bjustrom, Janice Besch.. HOSPITALS July 13 — Mrs Elmer Ewoldt, 3ode, girl, 6-7; Allen L. Hanna, Rock, accident (expired). July 14 — Mrs Clifford Teeter, Algona, medical; Tom V. Forburger, Wesley, burns. July 15 — R. M. Phillips, Algona, medical; Henry Schep'p- nann, Irvington, medical; Mrs Raymond- Berte, LuVerne, boy, July 16 --- Alice E. Loebig, one «Rock, medical; Mrs Bernard lauptman, Bancroft, boy, 7-15. July 17 — Mrs Darrell Green - ee, Algona, girl, 7-15; Mrs Earl Jooth, Algona, girl, 6-15. July ; 18 — Mrs Milton Madison, .one Hock, boy, ' 7-1514; George rema,; Wesley, medical; Mrs Delmar Plathe, Bode, medical. July 19 — MrstTed Chrischilles, gona. boy, 6-7%; 'Jeffery Gilmore, Algona, surgery; Steven D. lauptman, Bancroft, boarder; /Irs Eugene Schattschneider, Alona, maternity; Mrs Clara Car- te*, Cflrpsli, metfMfS ••-M; - J. Young, Algpna, medical. Jttir*^Mtt jpe'fifllS;; StrMinl. Lli Verne", Bdyv WS^ifnRaney, Wesley, medical; Mrs Myrtle Brayton, Algona, -medical; Mrs Loren Bell, Algona, boy, 8-14; Mrs. .Willard ..Zei'glefy . Algona, boy, 7-5.' , , :'':•' July 21-^Mrs Clarence fhilges, Fenton, boy, 5-8; Mrs Arlo Mur* ken, Algona, ;rriedicalj Dwaine Weydert. Bode, accident. July 22-^Mrs James Stebbins, Irvington, boy, 7-12; James Wor- sler, Algona, accident. July 23—Julia Earth, Algona, accident; Mrs Ganies Ackerfnan, Algona, boy, 7-10. ..•;:.' July 24—Mrs Keith.-'Ridenour, West Send, girl, 8<-5; Baby Chris- chilles, Algona, boarder; Mrs J, Breen, Algona, accident; Mr Marold Schlei, Fenton, medical. Juty 25—Mrs Thelma Anderson Fenton, medical; Mrs Al Thilges Algonaj girl, 8-11; Mrs Clar Hargreaves, Algona, medical. July 26—Mrs William Thomp son, Algona, medical; Mrs Amo Meyer, West Bend, boy. .-. ' July 27 — Ladell Olson, tiur medical; Mrs Matthew Fisch, Al gona, medical. c — , • i Madame Tussaud's in ".London contains wax effigies 6f-.ftios world personalities. RUSCO WINDOWS ji GALVANIZED iStfEEL 'gEtF STORING COMBINATION gives fou more convenience and comfort than any olher combination window I j {s <" HUSCp DOOH HOODS AND WINDOW CANOPIES add greatly to Ihe beauty of your .home! Charles Mi Her RUSCO 'SALES Phone *741-W after 6 p.m. Display at 116 So. Dodge, Algona VACATION WITH US? We invite you—and Ihe odds are 70 to 30 you'll be back year after year. Ours is the perfect location io enjoy complete relaxation in our modern housekeeping cottages among huge pines away from all traffic and hustle. World's greatest variety fishing in 6 beautiful lakes. May we send you our complete siory? ~ '. SUMMERS'PINE POINT Park Rapids, Minn. •" ' -"u) Arrive From England Livermore — Master Sgt. and Mrs Van Vories and children arrived Thursday for a visit with her mother, Mrs Lizzie Nygaard. The Van Vories family, who have been living in England for the past three years, have returned to the United States, us he has finished his overseas assignment. Better be late down here than •srly up there—so drive safely. SERVE Urn iiqfctr ^^^ /~/"\DVQI f"M- "—' COPYRIGHT 1955, STORZ BREWING COMPANY, OMAHA. NEBIASKA, -:^i^ '( *"* •' ".,-.,•• '- >' • ' ^^i|j^^|i *• ' " ' * •' • •' W*>^^uL:"'j^^j^^^^^ t^^ r'^^^^^t'," '-^^^^^^ ^^^ |^| ^||yjL^V'^^^^u Owns These MEAT-TYPE > . ••-. »:;.>*. Will Get Himself \ PICTURED 1 ABOVE: A< GRcfop OF POLAND-LANDRACE CROSS MEAT-TYPE HOGS WESTERN BUYERS TYPE $ FRIDAY IS M-DAY PREMIUM PRICES SEE US FIRST Heavy, lardy hogs sell at a discount. This should certainly encourage marketing of an increased percentage of pigs at lighter weights in. order to qualify for meat-type premiums and to avoid discounts for heavy hogs. Pork production will pay out better ONLY with meat-type hogs. I What They Found In Russia Marion Steddom of Granger, president of the Swine Producers of Iowa, reports from Russia where he is one of the U. 5. farm groups traveling there that "they tell me out here there is a demand for a meat-type hog here and around Moscow and Leningrad." For PREMIUM PRICES Phone 107, Algona. We'll Come To Your Farm And Tell * , * You Your Amount of Premium, For Delivery To Us On Friday . . . Why Be Satisfied With Less Than Premium Income From Your Pork? PREMIUM PRICES FOR MEAT-TYPE HOGS AT Serving Over 200 Processors of Pork In The U.S. A, PHONE 107 - ALGONA

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