Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine on October 20, 1876 · Page 1
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Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine · Page 1

Bangor, Maine
Issue Date:
Friday, October 20, 1876
Page 1
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BAMOR BY BOUTELLE BTIKR. COURI BANGOR ME.. FRIDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 20, 1876. LV* L -»«.»»l '·"·am* Bupt. «M» A N G O K ili? ·it'big anil toner. B4XTE1.LE BXXJ A BtDJt 1S?M» !«Mj? , $4 no ur isi\ me JntanaMifl 111 01/1 THE BANGOR WEEKLY COURIER f tl e DAILY WIITO AVD ( OL KIT K, irfl |»erYtir invariabtyin ruin en ce 1 KITINOILL A Co , 10 3ttlC|S._, L»=ton ' A 1 ''" V u ^ o r k nrc mull -Ti7cil \ ^ t i u. i n \»cnt,Vo CTremotit^LTCcl, Hoflon I i uw t LL Co , AgcuU. 41 Piu k U. u i ^ ihm Ajrent, Boston \. I otiu \M "L--, W Pork Ri w, S V , having prc PBNOJBSCOT, ss Court of Probate S»plcmlj Term adjoanied aetslon, Qct 4.AD IttTB. Fe O Plckerlop anJ Fr-tnklfn A^Wilso Execution and Truteee In cartain ioBttro ment and ctulleII to Mme, purporting to be 1 theLa MTHldnd Testament ol Ocorce %\ Pickering, la of lialitfor, in said County, deceased, ~' sontct) ihe sortie for I*robftto, OiirJHnKD, That said Executors give public notice to all pcrftODB interested, by causing a oopjy ol lui orUcriobe pnbliebeti Uiree^ceks succeesively in The Eunpor Weekly Couner a itowspapei publish ml in liaiwor. In ss.ld county, that tbcj may ap. penr at a Court of Probate for EHII! county, to be beld ai the Probate Office in said Banfor. on the Liei TiiosUay in October, 18 6, at ten of the clock in the forenoon, and shew c.uise, a ftny they Have wbj toe same should not bo proved* apprereU uni allowed as the Lttst Will and Testament of sui deccaceU I JOHN E iODFItET, Judge Atrae oopy--Attest AMBROSE C FUKT. Bejriater BOOT, *^ , . the undersigned, lm\ju^ hi eu *1 ily t 1 1 ii a 111 f t ID all catt-" lc ] ml ! tr avod lo tho colored Bli^B show n h Hie aubscr i U inia^nd | All|- nunut 1 when the aubscrlpuon c*cpiree linle, t da in JVotice \ Fl tbe Jlouorable !· OuOfiey, IiWgc o e for snht Con nit C(jinnirt li cihc ctaiiuB ot tht cicthtoio of Oll\ JUOLBKOOK, lite ol rijinoulh, Coontv deceased whoso estate has been ·nted m e oUent, hcreliy public nolle , bly to the order 01 ihcutid liid(,eot Pro mt BI^ monllis frc m nod nficr Hie inbtTues- September, 1876 have been allotted to soi , creditors to present ami prove their claime, ant that %\e will attend to the eei vice oaetgned IIB, i llf-ofliccofS U Jfutm 1 1, In PJjnmulb.und on Lhe ycipliLh l u b of Octobei mil I i n u i r n of UH. cloc. m the tlternouu ol e ich ol \ \ I M I \ M 1 I \ R M 3 , I n sv\fruui CHICK, loners rane- »»«. -*»-- Mdoi ·pots. ,make «v MaiM Cation mg mbM! OMOB 'slut «8» \. W. WEATHERIJEE, AHORNEY COUNSE^LOR-AT-LAW, LINCOLN, SHINE, j | t I I r. tl I R3 ncHs of all klmlBiprntnptl) nttcn I-* I to l 1 ( OILD for »o long time in tbtbn rooiTitf ·it ) i iuic buaineaa In Bangor, barlag ma u. ar n c n eitu* to carry on PLUMBING in connect!, j, Ui 1 u other work, announce* tbat be^U prepared c*lirm.tCBfor Plnmbln^ for public a t itc bin! lings of every description. { " «r icre BOlictled U 1 ( rf K», ucer D, ENOUSCOT^S Coltl t Of Probate, 5C1 tcinl A 1 I«7G bpon the petition of DC I ma J Lewi of \\jlli.ini Leu e, Into ot Bnngor m t\ dcceaneil for tlie nasisnuiont tc lierof Ieivti In Uic real 9Bl ite of w l i c h t u n d OeceaiJcJ died poe scsaecl, in which nho nmy be IcgaUv entitled thereto Or teretl, Ttuit said widow give public notice to all persons inicrcetcd, by can sing a cony oi tin* Order to be published three weeks sue ccsshelv in Tlie Bantor WcefcJy Courier, a newspaper pubbeheO in Baugor, in en id Count/ thnt the) m n j appear ijt a Court ot 1 robale for saul County, to be held at tbo Probiit* Offle« ID eftnl Unny:or, on tho last Tuesday m October next, nt tan of tbe clock IB tbe forenoon, and show cause, if any ihcy linvc, why the eame diould not be nnte 1 JOHN E GO1FUB.Y, Judrc, A true cop--AttCbt *l AMBKOSEC t Lun, Hegifter State of.Value. PLNOBSCOT a Courtorrrobute.Septcmbci Term A l lB7rt l'i on the Petition of Catherine GUI land, \vldon f Janiee Uurlintl, Uu, of Curmeljin wtid conn i\, dccoftsed, for an allon-ance out of the pcntouiil u e uirpeo up ami get realty for bumn h mu | IOOO Dozen Files LI tun flniabing off ISODo^cn per week, which I am B£J)in# at JL««'vvest ui -nil ivamtnt them o*]iml to BBTI Imported. t* Ui I \u I »CP then ' 4H4 Ftlt» itr-tnt, at ttn JOBCaiLEn, - - -l Exchi ingeSt. I h i v c on hi ttial lo bxchauj e lor raou t 01 hood Dote| 5uii) oang, W o,l s nv % Saws and uurTuot them to l c o r oui'Lrior|ualit}} one tngine, U tn cj Under, JS in troke, new, cue Cnnne, · m c linuer. anil line loil ,, ao v runni ,, in my Snw T o Honrj tn^mcb, Uvc liorbc power · \ 5liintteilichniea,lmprovel kind, 1 M i l l -ai 1 1 » give 9 itieftction WrODght hon /oint- f i i k n lid Hay IVcott, owe t-ccoud liand Uoi cr, U *'inches, Mith two iluce in good order ~ "1 "- -' - · i Ruhbor ind ak Rivets Wrenches, , utate of which an id deceased died ORUEKEI., That 0apd wiilowgive public notice w all pcrHOuP interested 1] causing ft copy of Urn order to be published thrct HeuLo flikcceseively in The Dangor Weekly Cow icr, a ncjx^ epaper pnb 11 riliod in liangor. In aaid :oontv, tliat tlicy nia appear at a Court ol Prob lie lor Mid conut to le hehl it the Probate Ofllc nn said Ilungor on the labt fucsdav tn October n xt, at tci of -the clock in the forenoon, and enow qause, n shy they hn\ t why Uic some sboultl not b« grunUnlj JOHN K bODl'UET. .lu tgo A true copy--Attest Jl AMBHOSE C FLiwfr, ItcRiBter. Stale 9 f *W«*MC. PENOB8COTS3 Courtof Probate.SepjtcmberTerm A D l^TC Upon the petition of Nimcj T \1 ilson, widow )f v i ii field S W ilsoD, Jate of Bit \ver in sajd ... _ .. ----- , ---- , _. county. ilccenBcd, for iho aeaignnx Do»er In the Real Estate of which diet) poaaebscd. in whiUi she may b i Hcallr cntl lied thereto, Oui'LK£i, Tual aald widow give public notice to all persons interested, bv cai " ol this order 3iicceb=iTtly m .... _ . a ncu spapcr puuUehcd _ ainjr a c»py to be ) ubbalicd iluce weeks Uic Bnngor Wet kly txoricr l " 1 ~ 1 Banfoi. in said ,ourt o f l r o 1 1'rohate Of ilay in Octo- orenooD. and County, that Uiey mav appear a t a . te fur said couutv, to be held at Ui tict, iu wud fiTiieOr ou Hie ) i»l I U L lernc\t,tt ten wf the clock in Uie umj ifanvthcy ha\c,tthi tin not be granted JOHN E GODFrfET, Judge A true copy AttePt 4t AUDBoac C Fww r. Register PivoitscoT ss October" A D 18* We Uic un IcrH.pueJ h nmglicen di lyuppoiDtei b the llonoublc JOHN T GoUFRl \, Ju I"o o Fi ibite for TI t County Commis IOD r o t r anl c\in)ii)c tlic claj i d of Hit ticdiu rs of T1IOMA3 It HOI T, late of D ingor, said (, tunty, rte-XM(*cd,anil r f Un n rtnereli . i l L u l O 1 Holt A b n mnsi 1 Holt now ol le\int and T 101 ol n d L-\i II Hull, l «V-ct oeil, whm*. tstai » to ) uve bei . licrtbj gtvo j y lo tUc Oiucr ol t'lv. t-ud J i v. b tie, lliatti\ nioniJi iruin in I l i v in bci-ttmbtr 1STU h ciiditi -T iu|rc^(.utiuid j i m c thei U i n t n « . w i l l aticnnui (In. Btrvicc ao dikOllu^pl I I m ) . M i t h o i nn Ili in MiTT»nj.or, on Jbl 1 l \ ^ Uie . \ c m l e r 1- ( on l u d a t . i h p Ui O - U ir 1 o i i l u c - d i j tin. M la . a ino of the clwck m iho aRcrnob nt to her of td de**caeed REMOVAL. ' CflAS DWINEL has removed to No 3 Kenilua- keag Itrll£e, East End Uarlow Street, - Bangor, Maine. CEOKGC F. HILL, Proy'r. j^. Tine ppanous and popu ar Hotel has /Sytji been thoroughly renovated by tlio prcscul ieaii proprietor Sc\cral ol Uie choice rooms "r ' rn*·* been rcrtimiehc^l IL 1 oil the op- poinlmeuUof tbo hout-c are now flrot clnae Tho dolly Wai*r has been introduced, MH! the estab liehmeDt IB heated hy eteiim Tl-cte Improvements iml.0 the houM llioioughl cointorUiule, com en en L Dint pleapiu.l, Tin locution ol the t i t \NUMN Hoi sr is one of the mottt ngfceiioU. bcult)i awl letiltJtl iu Die elii Ji i" n i u t i n o m ) m i i u t e s wnlR oi thn Iai m c Cue oin HoiiBcnnil Noroitibega Kail, und imcuiCDl to n i l the hushes parts of llio cit Mr K O I v t Q i i w m , II o 11 i I populnr Clrrk oi tho hou^c \ t i t l coin 11 UL U lisdi t _e UK. chiiics Qf that pot-ilion \Vllfi ihcflo idvmiligcB the proprietor n liters Inisoll that he w i l l bocinblcd mtfv to botielV the expect uiona of the old pain us »f the lions-, ami ntikc It t ilpftiril )e num t lor tlir- Irm rtlliiR | ub Ic Tlie table will be in nle eciuml u ibaiol no othrr hotel in Maine Coaching lo nn 1 frcm thccnis m i l atenmlmntn ! A Nev^ ' Lo L i IB MUNSON'S i J| New York Goods, IN m to ui m BUI tira CURTIS'. ALSO Broadway French Kid Sulton. Call and eeo ibc New Broadway Wnlk.r D. Atwood, OYSTERS, 32, FaneuH Square, Boston, M.»ss. rovidence River Oysters!"!! 25 per Gallon. Norfolk Oysters, 1 00 " " VLbO fl itiom Fjkni BOOTS AND S selling rcry tlic . S. Serge Biittou, ii foxisiitton, id Fox 1'ollhh, . S. Serge PolLsIi, . l or I adfes or Misses Boor HOES - 1.25 l ro\iIencc lti\er Plants and Vi utlie Shell by the BusliU or Riirttl and November Magazines, eccivcilbj D BlGDbF * ( ! REMOVAL; Cfl \ DH1M-! ban removed to No J heu l eag I ndkc East Fml - A LARGE LOT OF FALL AND WHITER GOODS tor Sale Cheap at Die BANGOR BAZAAR, hildrena HOBO in ill Die neu colors. C«r Una) Brown, Iflue, AEC , Jtc Oood \\ uolcn Ho-e for Clu.dren ouly 10 cU pei 1111 Urge nssoilmcnt 01 I,ndice aid Cliihlrei lc nao Undtr\\uir (. hi drcii a biics in tin Icrent qualities mil pni p. Lower thn n ever before X tiuico tlzcs from fiOcte tu V \ c i y Unequal y for $1 ("0 each ndics'Uose in Solid Colors, albo Fincj *-tiii liergroan's ^epMr W orstcrta oi Ij JOcriiln i i Yariw berroaittown Wool t , t i \ IN ilouoce. Collars nn 1 ( i ff K I O lunllct Olovtt- Novelticfa m Jcv\ elr, iril everything nt i p r v Ji« pnccs Kid mil I talc 1 h read G to ice » , Vc. For Mon, Bo) B and Clillilrcn. 5EE THEM F. A. CURflS, No. 2, StncHand's Block, it MM. Bui Hie f u t Is full) e».sblibh«l Hint FURNITURE iiici tlv needs repa rs, tiud that ft can be don In H way to save money and eecun "tUeen u litest, by Becuiiiiic tbe BerMccattl ih mei IUK-u experience i n the bumifSP Tbe pres ib t ie U e t time t get iho \\atrl. June, \n ui on all kinds ol " UPHOLSTERED tVOBK, nrc so Ion nl on, 01 c O I U 1 i Ii tlic limn hate I Please JlliOWH, Dissolution of Copartnership. Tlio co))irtncrBhii» licrctofoie eTistine between Mon-c £. ii ubbur 1 in tins Uny lif »ol\ ed bv muti . iqunl i J-ulicr pirty , ul'ioiizetl to tulle A M011SL b S H U U U A K D c l n i v \ nctlO ublic no tic .. of Vro. tier i ie lastluct. t a i l niii giiid nunil at cc ol No r o i 01 n ol cuch o ;,, . / CominiesioncrB , l 11 01, BoMon UP) ting C ti bcrt lu in. 1 Leather, Licinx HooLs, i f i n c r r \\hcclt) ant) Kmerv, ItalibcU Mcui),' | K»or Hangers. RoUeV 0 , laot Sfcreirs, ck aU cill before yoo mn k oura iruly TM SCITWA 1 143 Exc. give *nc i cill he|ore yoo Dinkoyocrfu: 'ABTZ, ;ltaiKe St. Improved Pocket Stove .1 UOVSK1IOI.D JmCMf,.ilT\- · Al*o n riling Dejl-a .School J!a,3, Noiscte ^ l i t c j I'octet tnlliry. PortemoniiaKB,!llamion as, ind mam Novelties, at ; SEAVEY'S, 8 Kenduskeag Bridge. ^ w Styles EIc^intStitiODerr just rccclieil ·* REMOVAL. lias ItcmoTed to «o. 40 West Market Square, » « !-or uWoo«l BiHhop A Co where he will * i tea-f 1 to B«e alt hid frteodfl and old ocutomcn m l m i i M U U i c m j I BOOTS AND SHOES ~ ' i r «* w meet Uve times He In alBo^tnofai- i w r i f f l \ n i E and GENTS' I^OOTS and SLI] ' rK-i of every ilescnpuon. from a White Sntm Jslii i*r u a I jdj a trench Ki.l or a Man's Kip i OL Mr Chan llaoacoai, who has had charge 1 1 i c C itung IWpaitiDcnt for a.nunibenof jeflm. ' · ill warranting a perfect III every time BH(3 j inh»or ilcrurmed feel flUed to an ea^y Bool or ' «. oenuoverGaileraraade to ordar amlre. ,T S ' " nti * done with neatness aud die State of^Jait.f. PLNOBSCOT ss.0ourtof I'rob,ue,be|lembci Terra J I i r n e t M JIavtes tmmctl E\ecuttix tn n ctr Uin infctn mem iMir|trt!n^ to bt Ihc L \bt\\ ill in TtsL-imciu ol Jot-inn Ilaucf ) ut of Connili in said Conni, deceased, lia\mg nrtacuietl ihc same for Probnie OKDniEi) Tint n a i l Execumx ri-e n«b)ic notice to all in.rt.iuis inlereale I hy iau»i»ig a copy o Una ordir to bo published Wree necks succeflFi\clv JD the Rjingor « t c U y Couritr a nc\vapiper/ puhllshe*! ,n linncbr, in snii County lint iic raa amieir nt a Court of Pro late for BUM) Coimt|y to ,bo held at the 1 roUiite OQJcc in Hnul i;«n 0 'or, cm the last Tuesday in October nc\l nt ten of tl e clock in tlic lorcooon unil show cause if any toe/ h-ive. why ihu Ham Bhuulil not be proved, approved and allowed, n tho L ut \\ ill ami TcfUuneot of eil) dcceiMC-d JOHN E OODUM. l u l g e A true coj.y,--\ttcet AMBROSE Ci FLIHT Kcgiatcr Staff of TLNORSCOT ss Courtofl rob A i ltt»6 Unon Uie petition of Itn l*et Coney wi.low ol Stephen Cont laic of lwgoi in s^i I County deceased for 1111 allot\»nce out or the ucrfioual ee- of «Inch e;u 1 deer i eil -tied | oneeascd ^utJttD, ThaUfaid \\idow give public no lire to aU i ersone tutcrebted, b caoeiuic a copy di this Order to be published Uiree »e*k» sue cc-8lvely in the Uan^or Weekly Qourlcr n newepv per published in Itungor in eaid County, that they may appear at a Court of Probate for eanl County, to be held ni Hie Probate Office iu eaid liangor. on Uic laat Tuenilay In October next, al ttn of Uto clock in the forenoon and show cause, if any Lucy have, u by the same should not be ffrantcd JOHN E GODFREY, JucL-c A true copy,--Attest 40 jAMBBOSB C FLDfT. THOMAS HERSEY, No. 40 West Market Square, PENOBSCOT COtTNTT Moulding Mill, If. BBOnVT g CO., *v DOORS.SASH, BLINDS, CORN BROOMS. Office, No. 1 Court St., Bangor. Maine. Junes ° i NOTICE OF ASSIGNMENT. ^ 1 1 nvBCOCKand CJIAS BABCOCKftsON * ' JtuRjDor, on the tweotj Ant day of Btotember *' l . 1S76, auinicd lo me all ttieu property, both i«rmnl and real for (he beneOt of all theli'Jredl Jr,. Ninety days are allowed to aald credJlon to ·H.I ome tmrtics thereto. | JOS. 8 WHEELWRIGHT. ic,.t. !· 3in AMignee. TO LUMBERMEN. J «raaaTeiD TownsBIMtea- """'a" 1 wmi"»9 WM.H.GBAf,Art- A MAN j THOUSAND. Stale of .Value PESOBSCOT, ss Court of Probate.biplembcrTerm, A ] 1376 TnoraaeA Tavlbr and, Isaac M Bragg, named exocotora la a icttam Instrument purporting to be the last will and leaiiment of Llizabclli 1* Sanford, kteef Uangor, in aald eoonly, deceased having preteittedUie same for probate, OBUERliD, lhat aald executors give public notice to all pcraone interested, by causing a cony of this onler u be published three feeks successively in tlie Banger \VeeklyConrier, a newspaper published In Bangor. In said county, that they may appear a t a Court 6f Probate for said county, to be held at Uio Probate Office In said Uangor. on Uie bun Tuesday U October next, at ten of Um clock In tlie forenoon, and stow came. If any tkejr bave, y tbe eaauUaonld act be proved, approved d allowed, ai toe Last Will and. Testament ol said deceased JOHN E GODFREY, Judge A true copy--Attest 40 AiuaosKC PLnrr,Begi«Ur. *· tht no*ormJH, JmJge of Pnhotto for tht Conmty kf Peuofteoi * The nnderelgDeni administrator of the estate of Mark G YYeymoulh, late of LakeviJlo Flanlatlon. in said county, deeeaeed. reapcetnilly represents that the goods and chattels, rights and ej-ediu ot aald deceased art not sufficient to pay bis Just debts and charge f administration Wherefore your petitioner pr»ys your Honor to grant him alfcenseftoaeU,at public or private sale. and convey all the real estate of which the said Mark , Wernouth died seized aud possessed, including his late homestead farm slluat* In aald Lakevilie Plantation, conlaudag iUty acre*. .nor. ot ton, ortbereal uuu orSe WEYMOUTH. cludJng tbe reversion of the widow's dower'uTeW in,) to salisiy saill debts, expenses of sale, and charges of administration Said real estate Is tho same described In a deed recorded in the Begistry of Deeds of said County, \ ol 4i2. i«igo 224 September 5, ItHfj STATE OF^MAINB. ^°B8COT,BS.Conrt of Probate, SeptembecTenn, noon tbe'roregoln. petition, OBcmo), Tbnt eaid petitioner give public notice to all person* 1 Inter eated, by causing ft copy of the petition, ai d this order thereon, to be published three weekai ncc^Z sively in tho Bangor WeeklyConiler, » news paper published la Banger, In aald ooant r that Iney may appear at a Court of Probate fc r said county, toT^ held lit the Probate Offlu said Bangor, on the laai Taeaday In October next, at ten of tbe clock In fce forenoon, and show eanse, U SJuldnot 1 'bJ'~' 1P TM J " Ofa " 1 *«»'"'"« Attest -Awnoii c. ruKT. Bfgtoto' A true copy of the petition and order UM Attest AMBIOU C. FLIHT, Beguuet. ·uji GOODS, l i r l C f t p . - i n ' T o v e v fnll line fr all tlio new 6t\kltinore I ·· ratern*. j ir »· i l ) m 1 \\ i ile blampmg ilonc nt, Uhinl it Uii* r Bazaar. H.W. DURGIN. E. H. FOGG, Vi holcsalc ind Ikta 1 Dei ei in DOORS, SASH, Blinds, Windows, c., c. Itnnjor, Oct U, ! REMOVAL. CHAS n w i N E L I n s r e u i o i e l t o N o Kci keag llrulge, Fast tnd eel Ci To the Honorable JuJ-i ot Prooalt for the Cottntg f/ Peuohteol s 1 he undersigned a ).iitor the licira of siuinel ^orris, 1 itc of \ , »zic in said Counu. dct t ised. rcprescctrully i eprcsint Ihat the dccuised lt» real biate undevisLd, tbe ownors of which cannot ills 'oseol tbeir separate Interests without lot-s that fcaivard K llorr.a, one ol said burs, resides Ii lie buie of Maosacnu£t.Us ind Uiat Sarih ^J Snooncr JohnP Morns, trincis N Morrlsnnd ilriraJ Hideout, heirs of wud ilnoascd, reside n tbe State of California U hcrclaro lour petl Uouire pray your Honor lo grant a license to Al ioU|MorrtH, tlic admiiuelratoror tho estate of eaid deceased, lo sell al public or privau sale, and con vey aU the real estate of said deciascd ill saul ounty, Including his bite homestead m B ald Vea ie, and about nlnt acres of bmj on the chore o-wl, (including tne reverAion of tbe \v idou d dow. sr therein,) aud dUlribulc Uio prtnculs inor i»a ng expanses jm tDj.dt eucli heirs, itcordmir to heir respeaiverifelm therein * M\m A GIMST ^^ ILIilON UOUIII3 3TATF OF 1IAINL SB.Courtofl'robate.beu 1 J* A/ 1O1U. Upon tlio foregoing petition ORDERED, thitaakl etitioncrgice public notice lo all persons l i t e r Jted, by causing a copy of tbe petition and this orilcr tbercon, lo be pubOshcd three weeks success. "I 1 ?",'S 'jf B «°«° r Weekly Courier, n newspaper published In Bangor, In said connty. the nrst pnbll CHAS, YORK CO, FOL 17 J8 last Harht Square, II i \ o jtist rcrci\ela J irjrc lot of FI OLR ilncctlji horn i IIP \ V t i i \\lmh thev are n lima; vciy I w U hen ym au in \c\nt of anv j o u u 11 do will to c ill UH! m?e itiun U loto pinchiiMi ? tl-«where T) ty keep nlso all kin Ie of Fincy and Family Gr icenes n n I Provision* till ki ^ U AJc.iiaaDil iah, nds oOresb and I.»obst«;s,Ojstcis and Clams. CUAS. YORK CO., Noe r A 18 Eiat Market Squire. 1 ingoi AI line to get yoor watches and j «c)r i i Tiie«l»»arj, Jfr ' b M i n i 1 ixich, i Cor Cenlral v Katon Family School for Bo)s, ,ir jronitiOGtsn-ocH, .n.ii.t-e CEeLlbllshc 1 IS.%) Offers unequalled alvanlAgCR for educating boys fui ImHincbS m intormation, addresa H F EATON, ani-ai tf Principal 1 REDUCTION IN PRICES ! MUSIC BOOKS. The ril u a rribors cjll iltehlion to nn im) t-eilialion ID ttic pnece ol the lollon ioir ijroiotDen ioil , \ i/ - - - - - - -- - - - - - TM --. v u . v u u . D B I U IMUJgur, INI U1U oat TucMlay In November next, at ten or tlie clock Q tbe forenoon, and enow cause, If a uj they have wli the prajerof Bulil petitioner should not be "nutted JOHH E GODFJUBT, Judge AtUU AMBHOS-C FLINT. BeglBter A true copy of tbe petition and order thereon Aue.t AMBECWE (, Fuirr, Ke«ln«r « OrlnM Sht.w.BaiVrunl, In ItaBkruptoT*"* "* Pursuant to an) order of Court. Uie Second gon raj meeting of creditors of asld Orm M SBaw wl " ue held »t the Banknipt Court Room, Bangor, betoreChMlee Hambn. Lra , BecUter, oi tbeJlS 1»7 or NorenbCT, A u 18?«. MID o dock AM, or tbe purporo spec.lied lu Section 5Ka of the of tlie Uulled State, relating to bank THOMAS G 8TICK?IBY r SttlAWAwlt Ajcirn d«on'H Sew n«ib«Ml for 1*1 »o» Hcduceil to » 2 J 2j C lurk* - N4 r Tip t hod for H«Vd Wr- · ll W HI H Clarke. · 50 U · Hew Bfl«lb««l l«r B««d rttn Bv L O tun rson * 1 M Clark**'** ^«v III*ihod far Pluno- rortr K y l l u g l i A Clnikc * J 2 - Clark«'· Improred 9cbool for Pur- I«*B By Hiij.,Ii A Clarke * Bool M Acbool Tor CublaeC Orrun B\ j«o t Boot * CTeawt rltlnctton to Maxic Teachers ··nn hlr IhOii" the llrst nn 1 I tcinORt of Infltruc lion Uoaba as to fiule«, altraclivu, lliorouRh am considered by many to bo tbe iierfectton of a ·Jlttho I. \ \ H l s t the new in-lcc (antled to tbo timeu} doubtless tnorcaae iu lurec elr nlntion Tlic oaicr I ooks n ctutioued are xietl known a being or llic bcstvnnd lire very exteneiFil} imei bv teachers and uii|H3. bilHer book nulled, post rpoo, for rctaD ptioo OLIVER DITSON te CO. BOSTOIV. t MI. ailiou tr Ce.,IJ. B. Dillon * Co., ,11 Brindnny. Mucceasors to NewYoa (Leo * Walker, riiila. OIL ) WATER PIPE. Gftlranizcd Pipe, Enamelled Pipe, Tarred Pipe. Rubber Coated Pipe, Tin Lined Iron Pipe, Tinned Brass Fine, Iron Cietern and Force Pompe, Copper Pumps, Garden Punipa Itiibber Hose and Hose Pipes, Lairu Sprinklers, FOR SALE, WHOLESALE ANBiRETAIL. W A I W O R T H M A N F ' G CO., No. 6» Kllb) Street, Boston. eodlt oclis one square (one Inch In epa tfon one square, two Insertions ofio square, three times in tl Forf one s*|Uftro ouo . jluich week's continuance For hilf-tu]uare,onc bine. For hall-square, three times t or half scjoare, one we«k Each week s continuance , For ono sijitare, in Weekly, threi Each \t eolt e oonlinuance SPECIAL, NOTICES J2 oO per e ,unrc for flrst wcek- DOUBLE Cctrsm for conliDuauci e Daily by prononncli Prof Bich, Pror R spoki VOLUME XLHI --NUMBER 249. g each Bvllable separate of Kent's HUI was next ci ed upon to pri sent tbe subject of readii »f the great lack of appi ontion of good reading 1 on the part teachers nnd j arents. So long as teaclr do not duly appreciate the iiupoi $1 00 j c r equare ^fMOWUSl :VERVWHERE. SEND FOR ($h .._ FINE A BEWTLEY, K DRUGGISTS. WASHINGTON, 0. C. *hc nlool ' Spiual Notices" . _ -^ertlaemciiU continued «r« timcsa toee* at incc, two ttne» a weei, one bull »»* tune a week, one third prire __ ,'nlP w hoe the lime of Insertion ;e n)) ticitigmte I,\nll be « ontlnuert itiilil "e ordered trrmbloiilndvcrliBing muet be paid for ti Don't Forget It! rUTFXtll L ? PATLNTSIDP IJILr FLOW ·ArninUil v i crrei t T CMM I nml flow en m mot refunded Scud for Descriptive Ciruiljr to F. C. MERRILL. So. Paris, Or to J .V KKHOtl; Battxor, .TIaine. tihomnls un Icr Ihe hea 1 of'-MnsinePsNo rt cents pel I nc. cicli insertion, for aolul jril Ijretitt, |,tY liDclor leaded Ihc GENTS' immm GOODS, UMBRELLAS, otc. Come In \ u d l o k 1 ' o u r Sin Hid IX AKNUAL BS.POET OF THE ETNA CLUB M \T MOCK committee awaid l*t premium, ig o\cu to Joseph Cirter, and .2(1 to N ittun U bitten, 1 t o n i yeii» oldstccts J A S inborn, d, II O Friend , 1 st, on iycnroolilitecr': II C Friend 2d J Carter, 1st, 1 ycirold «:ccrs, A 31 Stewart, 3d, J A bauboin, Istoii cow, b 1* Dennett 2J, II D Smith, l«t on two jcars oldheifcis, J If i D j e i , 2J, II D h m i t h , 1st on one ycir old licifcr Bent Friend, 2d, H D Smith, 1st on cilf, J II Drer, 2d, II D bmith, 1st on bull, Alvm Bar- Dlmosoi den, 1st on 1 jcarold bull, Fncnd and Baiden, 1st on bouthdo\vn buck, A M Steviiit, 2d O C B r o w n , 1st on hour t O Uro\\n. HOI.SfS ht direct from (lie- Mannfirt'ircre i we bliall eull Aillio \ kltV LOWbal CASH PRICKS olicc tlic litres, nn \ 1CS t FORGET T1UM 1st premium on stallions, Benj Friend, l - t o n j veirs old, John O Cartel, 1st on 2d, 2 ) curs old. Bamet Stcwait. 2d, James C Friend, 1st i on 1 year old Alden S} vcsler, 2dJH D Smith I 25 SL Unnt a i\. p b(JU I line Hue - j M 1st prcrniumlon colt, S P Delimit, 2d i w John 'larr 500 M 1 1 F 3 · 'ji 1st premimu on mitched piirmuli Pel 200 8 2 * cy Fickett, 2d, J Wikeheld J O O a J j O VLGFTABLJS MEN AND BOYS CALF BOOTS 01 illljncla W c have n hlikiilul Stork ill 1st premium onswcetcoru EllisKricnO, l"t on held to n. Fuuul and B i r d e n , U t 16 rowed corn. leptli i \oung, Jr , 2d,N»- than Whitten, 1st, whcir, .lainei C Kunu MISSES AND CIIILDBEN'S BOOTS '«t,l«t,MonUmpolatoe=Omcr\V Fncnd, 1st, Earlv Roue and Orono potatoes, H Of every \irlcty BUZZEUL SIIAAV, ao Ocl 14 D Smith, 1st, mangel and sugar beets, John Fogg, 1st, blood bceti, D Buswell, 1st carroti, D. Buswell, 1st, radishes and inrsmps E M Sylvester, 1st summert»lu «qua«b Ellis Fiteod, 1st, bnbbardsquash B A Shiw , 1st, nnrro« squash, Beni FnonO, Ut, pnropkmi, D A Sylvester, id Kills 1 neml, 1st California pumpkin, D Busncll; 1st, watermelon,Benj Friend, l«t, citron John Fogg, 1st, cabbage, H Fiioml 2J, J C liundlett, 1st, top onions F M SjUcstT, Uf onions ·t }cl!ovv hi ins -UK! pel- Ic if turnip':, I "·» tin HUH, b UBBERS AND RUBBER BOOTSTC. Jrislol's Hei Y»s Boots. M iilc o i the McCOMBER PATENT LAST. Gt U h ji in lui 0 C OO 1* tat^J, TJmli*ella 9 C. J* Locke, 1^-t, bellpepper, J C RimJIctt 1 - " ^eann A Whittcn t l-,t pen S P Dennett, lot, =tnp M b l v s t e r , 1st rnti ba- ' DentuMt QIICT'; n worsted f|inlt-, Mrs. J. st p r e m i u m t u t 3ISSEEZING CATARRH l h i j IH -i r r r ^ n i t Knco?o BIWO/P, f-ntt-70 llnlil mr 11 id tevinB rcnilv lo (1\ off, until yimr none 1 C U J l t l K l . i l II XC v.\(ldlilVC l|lll!llljlu.d ol Illucllii 111 tcnO m i l jion urn iinlil litidl lor liuemc-is ) Ii. irturc on ii mbo yotnaelf iiiion^ UK. nioal L ^nyilcul ilinircrfl M iiliout relief or con=ol ition .r drnuglit, every Uio-ill or ill "wnifl inencm) ilidgllim. I t id l,. |jro| (.|Uk,l Acnlc Cu rrli, m«l c o i i m i i l\ t o l l i ,UiJ I K i l Heron nL rccni renrc-t= il it to o slitilli m l h « e i k o i ca5cU nan-il or^ n * in.l enltellluliiction oi the tle^, 11 ill pin-, ^ r6|iiratoi vgliimli* I n l t i L |icrmancntcurcot tins letfcrcjse \( tl id 2il, J 3 ctr^ Ht on Mr- b II I , H lq« 13 , 2i! ( u l M i s nel, l«t, A b i » n i r j mi Mi Bcnj 1 l i t ui. .ill Mr- Mi t« biinp-on 1 t L i B t o t v i i , N ' Mr i print quilts Pluncjs I"iicntl, JRcU 01 ijr*. Mrs B A Shaw, 2d, u l , Isr on ri"; riipci, Mrs Urs M Fold, 1st,worsted h i i t c n , 1st, colorcil Ihn- II : :o"cly, 1st, white IInine!, . T V I I I low UK i e inctu- 7n«nn!relitf lvel1 . Worsted tlio morbid B r o n n , l s t be e^i )c Lillet. ^ i t,a pi-c n pure to pre C H R~O~N I C CATARRH. f , il embrcHtlciecItu cusluou, Mrs MosUv, l«t,l L L Busucl' Miss L Jewel B n s H f l l , 1st, j 1st, tird bnsk( w o r k E ^ t c I I t T inlii l u . l r o ^ U i . t l . n i m e o u f n n 01 the l 1 III ck 1T»d tl btnal.c,l mth n mt= MC(.IH-l!ll!l f i n tl UK the in it ci li».i "nicscncuihlcO T, r , fl . l , II«. n itliil |,»s»«ireo BD.I IB removed onlv by pro- f rlc " a U r f i l I n t l i r i n a r ni b on luinc llic fjllili S l i m , nt. i c l l c u M \ i o l i i i t b l « t i i | i Ii \ikint, and J c u t t l Uitv n u n ! the ti M818 arc removed at l o a s l n v II) i I lh II ro-it 13 freed Irom the mnilor ih il u Ol k J. H. W i g linker and wholesale ami retail dealer In Iinui in hair reodB.'No 79 Uainat., Vangor c o m u l n g B maife into gwltobM, :EBi) old balrofmery ·· Uonlrei»br».L canbeiwilbjr WO) at a lllght ex. peuBa. A oew Block of Wigs A \Mu«kci«, u ^^^ f ,^'fi^ l "^.«^ "Jtt«f« filleStoi _ _ ORE. TO Main St. BUKOI Slmte of JlftUue. A certain InelrtiiyeBt purporttng to bo a copy of e LaalWill and Testament or Paul tl late of Chelsea, In the County of buTolt. U8. dewawd, andf of Ip said County of Siiirolk/duiraiUicniciwd luTlng been preaentctl for Probaie, "»w". pUBEOUD. That public notice be riven to II pernooB iniOTestea, b r canBbig a cony ot ikto Jrder to be puMlBhecl thro, weaka BMOM- Ively 1m the B.nror Weekly CourtiV a n«w« aper pobllBbed laBangpr, in MU cou{y, the (nt nbllcallontobeTonrfSaj-, OctoberWiem.{Et 117 may appear at a Court of Probate for Bald xmnty, to ue licld at the Frobato Office In Bald anger. OD the lant Toeaday in November next, at ten or tbo clock In the forenoon, and sbon-cauae. if any they hare,» ny the an me sbonW not be proved, pprovedand allowed,as tbe LaatWOl aadTtoa. ·^menl or said deceased JOHN B. GODFREY, Judge. Atmeeopy-Atteat " IAMBBOU C. FLDIT, Beglater. ' ot Jtgatue. "JMCOT.SS Counof Probate, September Term, DesirableropmB and board /or aj?p»iUeman imd wlft twaj^ntlemonor two ladle* o*n be at No* 10 Firat So*06t. ARNOLD'S BALSAM Has been twed/otiieariy f«rty ynj juk lU n unrivalled for the cure of BOWEL COMI LAIXTS DIARRHCEA. DB SETH AWJOLD'a B^tdAM , ,,. lo cure recent DIABRUCLA. In from ODO to three boors. j CHRONIC DIARHRCEA. DB. SETB ABNOLD a BALAal is warranted lo eanrCmoKic CrxBHiiffiAiihVshorttlnie, frtSl over » yesra standing. DYSENTERY. SETH ABNOLD'81 1 I,win Jci\til, 1 t be, ....,,«,. u,,. " c " lst la " il l u r i n g the nis'lii"t'lnnTlyThe t l i r t l t d till} C mom m i i k tlmiliroiil, bionclual O J u v t t t * ] = t DIOttOCS I.lWlC vcsler, ititd sev U L C E R A T I V E ?[-'; ·' .», ^)neOO. liiiii,n tcriniiiutiu D . ,. .con IMIIIIMI by a most oUcnaivc breath and . I CMMi,li[ and liciring ta tlie destructive and tcml Ie sttifco of the Urned uteemtcd, nnU »«c«uml rauidly lo Uiw " " 1rt ^ r » nucktiul nuB««n A peculiar atldrls generaofi dish blue penr and set n liberty by tins disease uhlcli nonneat- best dl^U bald ingUiel.luoil.woakensanadestrojsilarenorating smith 1 power, aud auo»« Uw Bintem uo ouuorlunjly t£ ,, H 1 'i ho malady uatll UUi polsio la neuua) ~i, h, M , tlirour off tho dy uatll It i« h bylve lie I and expelled It i« here Utat consutntloiial L Carter ireatmcnt iKx.ince of Uie most vital consequence, ' v( , r n I Tarti "bcciiuti. unless arrested at this stngo the disease _·*.' ,, », T ' ulmo . will make r _ · . ,, », T SDCll, E M i ' ...... hss ost iiemct treaunent oi the dueua lend, id, Mis li A bllflw, 31(1 ry ^luw , JJ, ^Ir« I t, tWckiiifr Jlrt, loid, 1-t j un inmciie Jin,, ·j .loth loiltui^ MK C O nkeK ^Ii^ ( O II D -11111,11, i t nub cisc, Ad i f o i i d c , 1 L botile, 2(1, M i « D D n cushion, Mrs C !teachers . Ttaoceof good rcadioff tbe speaker thought tbpy \vcrc not likely to fit themselves for teaching that subject The Importance of a good position of the body and the proper use ol the lungs was emphasized. As a means of real culture much time should be spent upon the soutftls of the lottery Each pupil should be required CODronouncctbe«ouods of the vowels and consonants singly and in combinations until good articulation is secured Much attention should aUd be given to lliccnltivttio i of the proper tines of the \oiceto express the \ariouse notions I pou the playground the pupil t ses the \oicc in i njtural manner, md e\pr :=s ci mtuitivclj the emotion^ of an^cr, pi is- tiie encf, etc , but when he enters Ihc fcchoolrooin his voice Is ^tripped of ill ]cr- «oiiiliti("! indt»nesof expression -ind ifcn deiod extrciuelv monotonous Ihc chrinn in tlieiii introduced I'rol Chapmtn of Bondoin Oollcge, who rcid 11 pjp^i ou English I itcrnturc Piof C «ait lie spoke largely from theory and but lit- lie Horn experience Hi-, remirks «crc vciy instructive, and it mu«t be conceded that although ostensibly piescntcd is thc- orj, they \\ere, nevertheless \cry pricti 'Ihe study of literature ^hould begin as 30on as the child lias leirncd to rc^d Books suited to the ago and abiht ol tlic pupil should be obtained, and heshonldiqe 'ed not force/I to i cad them Prof C did not think literature could be sncccssfn taught bv the use of the manual. A tu itc for tine literature and an acquaintance ^Y th the great authors can be obtained only reading the authors themselves. Prof Chapman wan followed/*y 1'r Round 5 , of Farmmgtoii, whoaJcopic w as Lnglisu bramoiat Prof Rounds be« in by passing a libel ou gt ammai as usna 13 taught Grainimr is claimed to be logic il and at the same time it is notoriously ilh g ical flic study of grimm ir is claimed to leach the correct use of language, whicl it utterly fails to do. i he study of gramn ar which can be included in the one were parsiny, is not ouly a waste of time but U utterly demoralizing Prof R does not believe m teaching gramiu it as a science to children fhe chud cannot learn grammar 1 he science of language is the most abstract of all sciences Geometry can be represented to the eye, but in grammar the child must look within upon the action ol the mind itself, which he is unable, at an early age to do 1 he child is expected to analyze Ins own thoughts before ho Is called upon to analyze the properties of ob- lects which can be represented to tbo senses Alter a ILW remarks upon the inconsistencies of English grammar, the speaker sketched the outlines of grammar as it should be taught, but want ol time coin- Celled him to be ver brief Alter the icmarks of Prof Round , about one halt hour was devoted to a gen enil discussion of the subject of reading Ihe meeting then adjourned to nine o'clock on tbe following da} The meeting was called it the time ap- Hiintcd by the chanman, Prof Hinon ind fir*t preceded to transact some matters of general business file loUowing mem- iers were added | to the committee on m- tiuclion, W J Coithcll of Calais, Piof tlanlej,ol Bates College, Prof Chapman, of Bowdom College; Prof helly of Bel- tsl, t 1. C Hobb ns of Saccaiappa, F O b t m k j of Mechanic Falls L \Vcnt rorth, ol Poitland, K AVoc IbiHi of Fimniogton, J F Moody, of IlebNut. flit- rem lining members of the -committee Urs Kufua committed s spirits. Iler Harrison B unt of Pitteton bad a yoke of oxen fall intc " i one had his neck dislocated Knoi. Benson awidon.ofCamden, leidc Tuesday afternoon by taking arsenic. She subject to low age was about sixty years he ICAVCS a fnmily of four son Xilncolo Perrj I idd's house stable and iton it Damariscotta Mills were burned luestlav Contcnu nearly all saved Ixiss about $1000. A Dcih wind nas blonmjrand as ilstauce was tasked from Damarascolta Both engines j-c«pondcd and prevented u Ue-ai Osfanl · t i n g up the on iiistruction ington, Piof re Prof. Rounds, ol lar Kicli, of Kents H i l l , Prol §30 buck Mils i late uical ot the brnins West Paris 1 odgc- of Odd Fellow s ! dodi cated their nejiv hall last llmr«dn) Ihc nil is iu a large, two-story building bi/c leel Monday the tide in tjho Ivcnm bee at low water w ab l has aoy iccolli cr than the oldest inhahiLint iction tf ever before witness, it th it the ( i l y of Rock- fronnd at her pirron the So low A a land was cnngiit ·,, , ,, Woolwich sido and bad to wait an hour oi two for Ihc flood tide, before she could bring over herjpassengcrs for the «ix o'clock train and for tlic Bontou boat Bath Is to Invca new street and her people arc quarrelling fiercely o\er i name font Vhiskfeag, Quercus and Magoiin are inioug Lbe names suggestcl Uic languid clrci To Hit UoHotaHe.****, of Prolate fo, tire Count* of femo*ieol i tary fiHmmlalioM. OD 13 sing; pli, a stimulint, pro oil it bo pun nnd properly medicated, is tl i moat reliable a| :nt for imparting Ihc neruwai impetus to the ^ rai dormant orgnbs, acrelcril i lallon an 1 arcrttopthc lo which funiUo ill indclivlt gives rifle ciana who h n v c ^ mplojetl ITobtetter » Stomacli I it tcrs in their pra Lice pronounce it the most aaluu r tonic sUmula t they nave ever used, an 1 cfjjcc ally commend i as a rcmed for torpldit} of tl r Iner sUxmnch/and kidncTB, and is a rr nscltant ol noil energ) Tho metllcinal value f the Hitter* lo 8uc to Uio fact that with their h i 6 oi pure old rgc arc,combined in perfect cbem .al harmon). Uie bi^urestorative anil lifepusLua- ng elements knoSrn id n i e n n a l botany The l i t ra never dewciorntij m the most nnfivorablc limates | eodlnu Theunilcrsignt i iinor hejr ot Tyi said Cbant, il. Gmnlian of S ) l v j i E. Portfi, cr I't rtcr, Jr , laic of Nc\\ buri., ilccef seil, respectfully represent . .. , , iat aaul minor u eciz el and poesesBeil oi the lid 1 «mg tlescribcil real i i common of thl I law te of said Nea I euburg. an 1 ai i out, a part of s: I tbelrcal e a tati Thatr it would |be f^ nt said real estate at *(le thereof i: r b i s benefit lie therefore prays m to sell and ( o m i JUtlcat public yr lir i cquirenicnt 01 ]yw Aupu°t est-ite, viz an eighth part louiestead of Tyler Pomr. deceased, siluaui uii said i of two lots of land in l)lr ^Icr Porter's estate being of si id minor STATE Unuo the loiegoinK |i peutioiut- g t \ c itjiblKi eeted b c pin cushion, Mrs iliushion A O t B r o n n luonJI, b Se«cll,lst cliiu O Fnend, M Mi mt iiuderclothes, kn 1st, biaided nightdress , 1ft, lose tidj Mrs D ·nsj, motto Rose Sliaiv B W DJCI , 1st, patch i n d , 2d I ix/ieAV iktlield, I i//ie Friend, 1st, «pool , Frank Ons, 1st, \ isc- O Bioim, 2d Mi M sin stem basket 11/710 led linkli case, Cjlilhia d match ei c c, K L Bus nsket C A Jewett, ]st , Je«ttt, 1st bibj socks mottoes, C Jcwctt, 1st, ihaw, 2d, Jlrs D A bjl- rl otiicrs worthy of hon, 1st, husk mat, Kills Dennett, t u o Cuilciilll il cars, one JO c irs Al 1'LEb O I Caitcr, 2dJ L M *st disll llolih-n pippin^ ,E M. Sylvestci, 1st, one mom, A. M. Strout, 1st, Ins O L. Carter, 2d, H n sweet russet, P Fickett In , 1st, black Oxfoni O M Sylvester, 1st Har, 1st, Hobbardstou Non- fester, Al, O L Carter, Fiekett, Jd, O I,. Cti- lun of I l i l l o n c l l , Mi~s Moses of Bath , Miss Ilavden of 1 irinington Prof Hanson, of W itcivillc, Ihoiuaslash ol l e u iston Prof Huur, ot Pottltnd, Piof Ki n lid "I Orono, Prcf J j f o r d , of M a t u ville Piol Chise, ol K » n t s H i l l , I ci ol Castine, B Pci e of Bangor The meeting voted lo instruct the Hi) to notilj the mcnibeis of tin commit-1 " tec ou Instruction ol the tune and [ila e of SH Ihc iii\t mcttnv It w is dici ltd conoid the bencllt of aaid minor ould bo sold, an 1 the pr ^ [ interest, or otherwise USL 1 .hat license may be arrant* I the above described rcnl vaw sale, accordiug lo Uie 1 T MAIM PEABOD1 PE»OBSCOT_«S (JuurKll'iobatc.bcplcinbcrTcn ution, ORDERED Thil «a»,' loucc to all pereoua m u r . --^-- py of the pcuuon, and this Tdertlieii. u w be | bli^l e 1 three ^eekfl oiiccef in the n ingor \ -jeekK Courier i ucMnuaiHr led in Bajigor i i sj id county, that they mi y appearJlacourool l i f o b i t c f n M i l c o n u U t. be l u l d u t the 1 robatc C Dice in 6-\nl Uatipt r ou tlic iesda 11 Ortolifer uc\t, at ten oftbc | O ( K i-enoon ail 1 c low c-iute.if a n v U i e v lm\r. ( 1 i i \ e r til 6jot petitioner should not be :*· flhle b/ .Value COT F3 Cbu i b l l r e j i l e e| I i Or ntricil r\criitn\ n e n l i n i t i o t l i n c t o l c t l i c l \tl\\i enl in or N i l Oornu , tlie licit mcctlnj; at l l t l l o v v c l l , tht h -,t ucck of T i n i i i i j nc\t llio subject ol sijellin^'tlieii c i m c b i n ic the hoif-e lo-»incraldi,cn«ioi i l i i v d i s cti«ston w is conducted in i \ c i \ pintod ind intercMitijr iiiiiinci A f t u likens on Uic 'iiihjcct « n rt coin mi I ted to Trol Coi thr]| to be pro entod it tbe ncAt nioitin r Vtiei spLllin^,'cauc graniuiir \l'eT i gcnciaUlisLiis-ion tbe s u L j t t t « vs, atom nutted toPtol Itoiinde n l i o u t i toque * u! to piesi nt it tbe next meitm"-1 co ir«e ul iii-.tiuction the kind ind amount or work to be done, tbo books to lie tuetl in L'rimitrv Intu mediate ind O i a m m t r r tde^ Tbe pieseut session It is been i vei \ cue ccs-fnl oncl and those nho attcndi tl cmic a« ij hijjlillr studied V V e b e K U i o u i report by calling tins 15- ·ociatiou tlio Mime leacbero A-soeiitton « bleb -tppill ttioii was assumed tor « tut of »omc teims by «lueli to de ign lie it it i, iotjctliioi^ainzcd body, ind lua, piup. - - . ---itri-ci,! to i l l ]ie/6oiifi M lcte-*U: I b\ c.uisin or lei to lie | I lujhe-l three n c i k 1 ccrti M an 11 n ·HIM I ....... ,,..,. the itnngor M ctkfy Crmricr, incwppTpcr i ul l t » i e 1 in Bangor, in stiid t Mint Ui U tl c r m i\ ai i .r a t a C u i r t o l I'l l|iutui t ud t, t u i u U h I . l i ,1 the Pi ibutc Offl«* ID eai I Unnpor.' on tho ' t lucaday in Ocl utiucM, At tcu ui Uic clock in iu forcno n, in I Fhcfcv r i =e il any lliev I T V the B-vmc Mhotill ) oi c pro\c I i pr nc I tlH.L ^ I W i . a i d It L I [ V n lu i nl JOITN E GODHIEY Judge A true copy -- Vllem ^ -1 j \MDE08E C KLIKT.Itcgieter EXCELSIOR ORNAMENT COMPANY, 304 BBOa DIIVI1-, , ' [F6 TAHLI8JIEU 1NA) j The Mpst Exteosive Stock lishment of any Estab- u I oilier W i inns, Ale] SANFOKD-8 li CURED. ceiiE FOR CATAiutii i safe, certain, and permanent cure for Oatarrb of every form, and Is lira moat perfect n-niedy erer Hill O. L devleed U 19 purely a vegetable diwlllallon. and "olden ru ii applied loovfty by i nnuliatKn, aM eonautatlon Sl,T.. r ". , _,,, pumpkin sweet, O. L Carter; 2d, E i M. Sylvester, 1st, R I greenlug, O ,L|Carter, 2d, H. D. bmith, 1st, Hoxbury ritsset, O L Carter; 2d, E. M bylrester, 1st, Talma D sweet, K. M Sylvester, 1st, early sweet, E. M. bylvester; b of lst i golden ball. O.L. Cartel, 1st, William " · » " * Q»rt« S 2d,E.M Sylvester, 1st, crly no name, and the meetings H L at picsciit lor the plirposeof mforuul discus sion iiul conlcruice rather lh in organi/ tion M e i h i i n e Fulh trlcillliiCl Ware oi tl t O bTANLM bCC lie , Oct Id, IsTC appl - . r by internal ly byiusulnattcL. ' administration ve9ter = rebef It aataataftaa It soothes, heals, and P. Dounctt, and Harden, id, 1st, golden sweet, E. H stituttonaly ad»lniR,er,d it renovated TtTbood. ' M. s ylTester , 1st, wine apple, purinen it of ineaojd poison with which it teal' E - at. Sylveste-; 2d, O. L. Carttr, 1st ways charged In Catarrh, sUmubueB tho stomach, rock sweet, E. M. Sylvester 1st rnothnr a^fea^n^^^^^ ratrol over ^d, H. 1. Smith tissue nnd K2to oboUtia-oolaiteV'ciittolTM^ ho diseaae. Tie remarkable curallve powers. »hen all other remedifta nJSrly firtl.oi -- - - -- itADiCAL Cans, are attMted b' ' 1st premium. pears. Ellis Friend, 1st, No summer pears, O. L. Carter; 1st. crabap- ^ rm m U ,., l !S : P le ». D Bii3wcllicnnbeme»,O C.Friend; . miiiSSeTand 1st, grapes, Hartford prpllflo, Nathan Whit- r«.»or.r,irf,-" Baco JMwkagj. eontainaa Her, 1st, Isabella, Nathan Whither, M, K. 186 Wl CflRttljl Him Ir funrnmlla Tnit»npal T.I- I ' * . - nk and Ir Saufozdls Inuirored Fripnrf Innallng TDUB. and lull dlreoltena for Its use In * rlena ill cafles. Cmrels»Wby all whole EDnCATIOSAl. I LAME BACK. 1IEBTIVO OF THE COMMITTEE OX INSTKCO- flON OP THR MAIHB TEACHER'S ASSOCIATION. A few member* of the committee met at , Oct. 13, .. Mean. Wtett f Potter eemtlemtn.-! have Inat 8cl10013 °* "·»' plice. At 7 O'clock, P. M. Kxneradfromalameandpaiiirtii back through the committee, vtitha small attendance ot roug ·la«dinlliehopitalfortweWeai.y"wltbSutoSrc woll spectfij Ily yours. v w mmi uiy ««·«·( Bin BOW UtOTOllinilV - - -- - -- -- - -- -- ' - " »^w wji. I consider item simply wonderful. Se- chairman ealleU ou ALKXAHDER^AICBSON. Bangor. to prewnt tbe soblsct teaoh spellliig.'i ~ ^ , order by J?rof. Hanson, of Watervl lo, ohaUman of the brief ig. Urn Profosaor Pease, of "How to C, Ban* or, Maine. urday, after sevcntl w*el Prof. Pease WM Its «ned to -with Interest HOLERA MORBUS. warr 1S33S!\ noffDiaeenBeft t CHOLERA INFANTUM Hla age waa 38 yea ra. Tbo Kail says that Re . recommended the plan of wtttiwr ienUi- Dompanled by 'everal Onlveralty baa been lol rfateUagi In tua Baptist 15 State J. H. Sidney, with good succe 19. Sunday loth, heavy K, and N. X. snow ohn Jones of Lake road China, fell from an apple tree on Monday . and waa severely Injured. Tor a ttmto aaritot In tfclacltya Farm of 100 aero Ptnaoat Connr.ui Thorudike, --· --· · '-Una. /or the prk* buoof lUKkenorar the STATE NEWS. Johnson the Lewinou Joseph, lias bcc [i^chnrgcd, nnd the woman who accuse him, Clara llunnewell, bound over lot trm on suspicion of black-mailing While Seth Norcross of Chestervillc, man 80 years of nge was attending to th barn chores on baturday last, a vicious Will attacked him inflicting severe Injuries breaking a rib, bruising his body in an ous places and giving such a shock to hi system that it will require a long time ti recover from It. James Smith of Phillips, was se\crch injured on Saturday, while at work, m a well, a stage gave way and he fell to the bottom, some ten leet Mr. S received se vere wounds in tbe abdomen the gashes be ing several inches in length Kcnnvkcc. The (phina cheese ftctorv lias less than one hundred cheese of this season s production, unsold The price at which it ' now held is 111 cents at the factory. Isaac Morrill, of Wlnslow, was found dead In a Held baturday He was 67 years old, and had been married but four weeks. Tbe Albion Reform Club has just added 53 to iu membej.ship. Cnlno has three Good Templar lodgi numbering 27S members. Supreme Court Is in session at Augusta The number of actions on tbe civil docket is 1240, a considerable increase A son of Alexander Gerald of Clinton, was Injured by the accidental discharge 01 a pistol last Friday, 'sixteen shot entering bis face. The name of the colored student who accidentally facallj shot himself at Kent's BUI, Saturday, was Bnssell. The Journal says that James Gray ot Augusta while serving out a sentence iu the count ance, lutrty jail for keeping a liquor died In Jail a little past noon ot Duison Sats of great sutTer- t o l l Wilchi",l\ i l t l i m H no Diamond le»elrt in U-heJ, lion J] 'deotfe. MIIHICI'I I n n l r nit n[T ~Vl7ii.'ic i lojieca. in 1 optical Oiode t Ir es J l i l M K i r t t ire b,K r l l n JUcriileii nn I oorhim Lomi tiuei- anyt,leatred mnke at nbotit H (f n , C i U i r v Tortoise MK-II e.0 IH in I i cr Card Cases Porlnionuict «0«D8 FOB PRESENTS. FANCY ltevolvers,]oil rinntuiga, Chromos Porlmil, i onorCi-ajoi , enlarged Iroui emill pbouigr coi' " '" ! " cr " ni0 " irtcet try rtc. . . Icwclrv nml Fiqc^ doods nt about Our Ifii/itr utttnl rrt i,l pneej Hcinarkablv Low 1 nei. in I c\cecdingly uoodS Goo Is ire ihc secret oi Uu« Com pany^e succesi. '·Tlie smallest (,T /er Jill? t ^ th tltcsamepromptnetkantlcoHsuterittKmiuthclnri t \ny article scot free Ol e.\|ieiiM. u u r c « i | i o l Watches or olliei irticlesover J l O m r a l u c w II oe sent by E\pres i f d e m r e j w i t h privllei;e of o\ amination belorel paying LiltCTs of in n u n promptly answered Describe the arable deeired as near ns possiblo send the amount otmoncy you »isli it lo cost iu 1 Perfect Sausfactioa is Guaranteed Send for 1 n. t Un-Cnx._Itojn8le{cd Loiters. Dran»,P O Moi e Order, or Express,) scp21 [Box SSI'S POST OFFICF, coOiwlJnjo- - s t w l . m FARHMu Don't Buy a HOilNuHEN, Pair of Heay Boots nntll yon xamiue our Stock. Wo !ia»e luc Largjil stool of iho Best wlected BOOTJSHOES In the Market for Hens'. Women or Chlldrena* wear 111 make von a pair of Kip or TUek lloot* to mcaivr* for »t.OO. Have Purlin a, oua owx and otter nlakea con etantly on band at lowest prices Call an 1 examine before you buy aud save moncj . X. tly on band at mine before yo , BX7O kCO., Cojj. State Exchange Sti STAIRS RAILS. Special Notice o Builders and Dealers. I am pi epand to fumlaa STAIRS, RAIL, POSTS, BALUSTERS tan REASOXASlE PRICES ae any practical tali builder All ordaw^t plw » ot baaJneM, or Mni from A latance, accompanied by correct plans, will n oeiv»urumptaOentHn amt be«xacutad in a work mann SPAPFRf

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