The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 4, 1955 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 4, 1955
Page 12
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Evelyn 'Jritekft — irf Ma ihfttefl&i is plentiful Other weeks it is difficult to,think ,o? a thing. This is one'bf the "vflcant'weeks, Not only is my mind a vacuum, so is everyone'; fel$e'!j,',"; Slfltoe '& • <jn the heat, for I tthirtk we have be- cdme so apathetic that a real news scoop \yould go past firac- tically urniotitiefli •• "••*•* '..'*'.''* : * Bit fey bl| 1 may be .able to assemble a few items. I'll "start with .the Roy Bjustroms', vacation. They <were'''jdined' here' recently/ by .Ppy's Cousins, Mr and Mrs ViGtofHelStrom of Stratford and went from jhere'.to Rapid City, S. D;, where they visited Mr and Mrs Frank Houston ;Sr., thence to YelltfvMon^ ParX'bufto Idaho where they visited • ^justrom's relatives, and then merrily on into *fCanada. ,,Canada .always sounds cooL :> I suppose there are warm'placesj probably just as hot as'I&wt), but somehow I can iievef think of Canada with grass. It alwctyp has a snow covering- and pine trees laden \ylth frpst In'my mind.' Sort.of a/phristmas card decoratio'ns, '.'•'' ••••'•.' ii- ..''»' • . ; . ' Mrs Gilles is having a nice vacation at"AuguSta, Wis., ,with her sister,. Mrs Edith Miller, /it has been hot and humid there too so 'they have canceled all activities except the bare necessities but if it cools up a bit, she and her sister are going to take a littlq ."side trip" as she calls . it; In that case she won't be home BALLROOM WHITTEMOHE, IOWA > Friday, Aug. 5 FRANK BUHR Sunday, Aug. 7 VANCE DIXON Friday, Aug. 12 ANN'S ACC. BAND Sunday, Aug. 14 LYNN KERNS .Friday, Aug. 19 JERRY DOSTAL No Advance Booth Reservations Doors Open at 8:30 ty a .till.around August 9.- I have an -"- 1 '- idea it is a trip to Madison where Mrs Miller's son and family live. (Hope they find a cool spot along ithe lake. f ; ;- t •: -. * .*;••. When I called Mabel Livingston the .other day,' Charley answered the phone. He. was listening to the ballgame. '. I asked him who he Wanted to win. He replied "I don't care just so the Yanks get licked."' I agreed, but I'll admit my knowledge of baseball is about equal to my knowledge oi Sanskrit, and you can guess .what that amounts to. - * * *':"-•• I worry for the safely of Charles Steil. He goes past here hatless these "hot days. According to things I have read, the head should be protected from thq sun. I've watched him at "work hear- by, and there he is in the beating sun, bare headed. * * * Did y6u ever know that talcum powder mixed with Water to form a paste is a fine thing to fill nail holes or other small dents in wood .or plaster? Paint over it and it is better than putty. I know it works because 1 we have had cause to try it here and it works perfectly. It was used to fill nail holes left when a partition was torn out here. I had a Wight idea a year ago and had a .partition put at: the back door Which--made a little hall to my dining room. It irked me later to have so small a dining area, so acting on the privilege of women, out came the dividing wall, and now we have a nice sized dining room. • • " '"- ,» • «; I ,. A red-letter day! • Esther .just came in with TWO ripe tomatoes off our own vines. She has been nurturing them carefully ever since the .little plants went in, and the past several days she has Watered them . each - evening. Comes the reward of picking our own "fruit". The vines are heavy with produce and I wish fewhi tlzaie-•p.oSt'ilteshftfi adjoin ng garden. She has had five tomatoes' already, her Te*aS meltfrts are abiodrnY she' had seV feralnice pickings of string beans plenty of cucumbers and a eouple of peppers, so already her garden has paid off, „ * *, * • / Last week I went up i6wh on "Saturday" night Friday. It is the first time I've done it and today has been Sunday-all day, 1 for one am in 'favor of '.the* bid way—* just-so I. won't have such difficulties remembafiiiglwhat day ] am writing afciout goings and comings. We dropped in at Harrison s and Rovn s. enjoying the air conditioning very, much, ^as well as the bar where We were served a very good' sundae. It seemed quite like-Bejttg in a city. Jess Lashbrook hadia chat with me the other day brj. a subject close to his heart Should concern every, tax ip*ayer. He is anxious to ha/'e .ade<}Uate hous.- ing for the street- 'maintenance equipment, I didn't feali'zo how much money has gone into the various vehicles, and his explaina- tion of the waysj and means of getting proper housing sounded logical. How complex has become the department from tlie time my father was 'street commissioner. He would not hnve liked the motorized era. a lovet of horses. One of my dear frienJI has for the past few weeks slept or what- she terms .net "pallette 1 downstairs because her home has no first floon bedrooms and she finds the upper fchambers too warm for sleeping cbrnfort. Some people don't like a soft bed. I had an aunt who didn't like being our overnight guest because of the springs on the guest room bed. She ,was plenty;' "fleshy so it shouldn't have huft'her, but pity my poor, uncle-4a little thin man with no protective "cushions". He never complained, so I suppose I shouldn't be too sympathetic. because he was bora the June; we moved our House td this corner lot from the;onejiext east. When? Oh, that wdUlrf be giving Bob fcway. Maybe "inert don't like hav- ng their ages told any better than -•"•--•-'- ELfiVATOR There's a new 260,000 bushel elevator at Chufdan, Workmen recently finished pouring the forms. It will be ready for use in late August. Council Minutes MINUTES ' , The Clfy Council: m«f'' Jun6' (3, 1955 7:30 ,lfi ' Tert , SaiHon with . , , the May6f Pro TertvlHutzell Slid !air Coun- cllnien present Rovft.i ; . • i ••;;..'• - ijijcij ^>f(3»pifi nuvf.i.Ji • » • I--.An assignment of Pf&eeeds?of the .... tract by Glover ,.ConstrUctl6r> Co. to Carleton D, BSh.Wai accepted/ A Resolution was'adopted'ordering construction of street Irrtbfoverrt'erjf' and June 30, 1955 at 1:30 P.M. as the time set for hearing and opening of bids. Meeting adjourned 1 'to JUniMA, 1955 at 7:3D P.M. ; , . ;, ': Lihda' B.-; Clifpsaddle. Mayor Attest: Ivy D. Sc'uMhanrij City Clerk ' The City Courjcli met M adjourned ses- iion June 1_6, 1955 ..<><; 2:30' P.M. '.with he. Mayor, and >l| Cpuifcjlfrjeh present except Parsons. ,. _• ^ * •,, Builder's , l permits •• ..wife's .granted to ohnson Oil Refining Oil CoV Kossuth •arm Bureau, "-•—--— ••* • -- - humwayy ;lopsaddle __., Appwisiftfl 'i.-ii.j p., M. Bbrchardt, Appraising i. Municipal Equip. Co.' Mdw, _i 1168 124.13 174.60 .. JUS As;) i 24.28 H<W., Supplies -x..ji F S. Norton & Son, Mdse. __j Pratt Electric, Repairs :'j.* Glover Constr. 'Co., Mdse. ... . Concrete Products Corp., Mflse. 115.72 L. K. Ferguson, Supplies ^- A., 8,'4( Albert .Saas, Salary .. Ter.esa Norton, Salary .... 66/1E Dr. Sawyer, Rent —. . . 35.0C James Egll, Salary' _.„_*___. 163,76 Fred Gronbach, Salary .^..— 122,00 Ray Wessel, 'Labor .,_.- 35.2£ Albert Fofsberg, Labor .—- 15.6f Iowa State Bank, Tax 20,50 Weldon Bros., Est. No. 8 ., 16i92;61 Zimmerman & FrancescOrt, Supplies . __.j. 17,50 Socony-vacuum Oil Co., Oil x _^. 8.71 Dr. Kcnefick, Vat. 20.00 Donovan's Cabinet Shop, Sup» plies . _.— __ Norton Machine Wks., Repairs J. C. Penney Co., Supplies .. Skelly Oil Co., Mdse. - Marvlri Cronfln, Refund WUtzell's, Mdse. Sandy , Stebritz, Labor ... Recreation Fund . Howard Stephenson, Salary ___ Don Cook, Salary ---- •: ------Bill Dewel, Salary .....I _____ , Sheila Sullivan, Salary _______ Jackl VanderWaal, Salary _____ Marcia Stlllman, Salary 41.65 52.31 3.68 11S.50 10.45 27I : .IO 69.00 126.10 158.04 84.99 62.20 62.20 49.20 Terry Cook, Labor j .3(.36 we could have a, veiry long rain for their' beiiefit as well las our !©WA'S WONDER SHOWPLACJ FheSURIF : 1,6 A R • LA KE , (.1 O WA FRIDAY, AUG. 5th ' No. 1 Old Time,Band WHOOPEE JOHN, And His Orch; ' SATURDAY. AUG. 6th HENRY CHARLES St :Oich, SUNDAY, AUG. 7th Wp0,DY HERMAN ,-, /And His Third ilOth 'Diiace' Tf? THURSDAY; AUG. Hth 'Music In The Morgan Manner RUSS MORQAN And His Orchestra NOTICE I Have Recently Installed Air Conditioning In My Shop. ESSER BARBER SHOP North Jones St. Afgona 31* I saw ihe Lawrence Welk T.V. show the other evening and if air program's 'werefas good as his, almost I woultj be persuaded to buy a set. But a couple of mediocre plays and then those fttKIUL 1 Thun,, Sept. 1 llirilii, tciion nn Amtrici'j Championship billies of '45. 13-29; Niihu. Sept. 2-3. STOCK CAR RACES Sifle chamj tif ift mil $«P>. Bi?-iim« daredevils [mm coiut to coait'iul • I) In miire «Jiernoon cl huudous itunti ' WED. STARRING AUTRY awful wrestlings made me freeze tp the idea. So I am right where I started—well pleased with my radio. ' • V *..,*.:•* Women are really jihe weaker sex and it takes a m;an to right .things. Esther has, been sleeping on the bed-davenp6r,t.during this warm spell and the;other morning 'she couldn't-get-it back in an upright position. ' Ari S.O.S. got Robert Carr here ^and with a simple twist r .of i th'e wrist, io- everything was right. He explained what Esther had done wrong, and we were thankful the •davenport didn't ;Kave to under- go'major ,s,urgery.' ! • • .-'..:.,. ,..«v ^ »vl.»; '"•<•: ''•"-' Weather -Uti 1 1906 t wonder what : the temperature was back in June 1906. People seemed tp be stirring around quite a bit. "Miss Ruth Purvis (sister-in-law of Ed Hough and sister of Belle Purvis) is clown from St. Paul for a visit with her many Algona friends and relatives.—Mr and Mrs T. H. Wadsworth were- visiting at Union Grove, Wis., last week. Dara Dodge (cousin of Dot Smith) has gone to 'South Haven, Mich., where he will work in a hot°l during this summer. Lawrenc 0 Horan came down from Dolliver for a Sunday visit. He is conducting- a prosperous hardware and implement business." * * * ' The Everett Van Steenbergs ot Flint, Mich. left early Monday morning for home having concluded an interesting vacation. They came to visit Mr and Mrs Oran Hudson and other relatives and with them and the respective families spent several days at ihe Bad Lands and the Black Hills. They report it was very warm and very dry up there whi'jh cletracted a little from the charm. I heard enough about tiv? Ban Lands years ago from my chum "Shortiu" Lowe to dampen anv ardor I might have for a 'rip there. The Wisconsin Deli.-, sounds much belter to me. Doesn't the very name sound cool and enticinji? Later, in early fall, the "Three Mu.skateers" plan ID #o there, thenco to Davenport. Does not thut sound lovely? • • • I saw Bob Post the other day, the time in years. He lives at Topeka, Kan., and he and his family vacation at the Okobojis. He had a fine coat of tan, but 1 have an idea it was a Kansas product. He had not been at the lakes long enough to acquire such u rich golden tone. He hasn't aged a bit. I talk as though he had reached old age. As a matter of fact I can remember his age humwayy Fred ErlcksOrtj -.hf. t), t, :iapsaddle and Joseph • Dahil ' ' application filed by *Wi|lard He was Farm Bureau, Roberts; Rest Erlcksortj 'H. :i3.,«, Linda Joseph -Dahlhauser. An by'Willard Gfegson was rejected for>not complying. ; ." • , i.Floyd Weishaar requested that the sanitary sewer be extended to hiii-property which is Irt a sewer district, ,'said request was granted. . \ . ; .-,,-. It was decided ttf Invest $15,000. of the Sewage treatment. Plant Bond i Interest Sinking Fund in Government Bonds. A Ford ;tcact6r. with mower ,and blade was purchased from the Hovey- Implement Company for Jl,889.9).«. ' The Engineer Was instructed to have the sto;m sewer ditch through Block 56 0. P. cleaned out. = • 1, .Resolutions granting -.: cigarette beer permits were approved' ' . Ordinance No. 366, regulating the use and installation. of,,public and private sewers, was. finally .adopted .'and Ordinance No. 367, : establishing •'sewer sub- district No. 12 Wai slsb adopted. Resolutions were "adopted -that condemnation proceedings ,be instituted in order that the .City can acquire certain real estate for storm sewer construction. Meeting adjourned to June 23, 1955. at Linda B. Clapsaddle, Mayor Attest: Ivy D. jScuffharh,^City Clerk The City Council met in adjourned session June 23, 1955 at 7:30 P;M. with, the Mayor and all Counc/lmen present Parons and Rovn, ' Mr. Bellnap of the St. Health Dept., Dr. Schutter and Dr. Chapman discussed th the Council the new state law on milk and recommended the enforcement of a new milk ordinance. , -. Builder's permits were granted to Geo t. John, Jack Limbaugh, Chas. Patteron, Harm Helmers, Mrsi Eva Wille, Josephine Dittmer and David Gouge. An application filed by Richard Norton was re- eded. • . . • . The Engineer advised -and was directed o reconstruct the storm sewer on Moore itreet from Call Street to North Street A Resolution of necessity fof- the con- truction of sanitary sewers ;-l'n sub-dis- A petition objecting to ithe construc- ron of a storm sewer in the northeast part of Algona was 0laced on file. Meeting adjourned to June : 30, 1955 at 7:30 P.M. ,] , Linda B. Clapsaddle, Mayor Attest: Ivy D. Scuffham,-,Gity Clerk • * * * *.;..The City Council met -Ir) special session on June 29, 1955 at.7,-30 P.M. with Mayor Pro Tern Hutzell and all Councilmen present except Kinsey and Rovn Louis Ferstl, Frank Cunningham and Paul Seeley appeared in regard to a proposed real estate development. The Council agreed to cooperate with the sanitary sewer construction. Meeting adjourned. . Linda B. Clapsaddle, Mayor Attest: Ivy D. ^Scuffham, City Clerk The City Council met in regular session on June 30, 1955,at 7:30 P.M. with the Mayor and all Coi/ncilmen present This was the time set for hearing on the proposed plans and specifications for bituminous surfacing on certain streets. There were no objections. A Resolution was adopted that the specifications not be approved, that the scaled bids be returned unopened and that the specifications be amended so thai the gravel for the concrete base course not necessarily be obtained from a pit located in SW'/VSEl/i 25-95-29 A petition was filed by property owners of Church Street requesting that the trees on said street not be destroyed The salary of Kenneth Frank!, a street department employee, was set at $21500 per month. An Easement from David & Carrie King for the construction of a closed sewor line was accepted. Builder's permits were granted to Fred Hagen, Leonard Thilges, Ben Bakken W M. Rcinders, E. C. Pittman and E. L. Williams. An application filed t>y W. J. Lamuth was rejected. The following claims were allowed General Government Fund Linda Clapsaddle, Salary J 15000 Ivy D Scuffham, Salary 23950 Nancy Sands, Salary ., 100.64 " ' 16^77 Jerry Downey, Labor ._-. Joseph Deines, Salary Tony Guzowskl, Salary .1- Marilyn LovVman, Salary Iowa State Bank, Tax NW Bell Telephone, Service City Clerk, Adv. Cash Thompson-Hayward Chemical Co., Supplies ii West Disinfecting Co., Supplies Hub Clothiers, SupplieS 8.82 161.70 147.00 91.20 71.10 17.07 10.85 72.00 26.80 25.50 7.84 15.58 89.25 Kohlhaas Hdwe., Supplies Norton Machine Wks., Repairs Municipal Utilities, Labor Debt Service Fund Iowa: State Bank, Bonds 15000.00 Emergency Fund General Gov't. Fund, Transfer _ 1300.00 Airport Fund Municipal Utilities, Water 5.25 Parking Meter Fund Ernest Hutchison, Salary 118.12 Park-O-Meter Co., Mdse. 516.29 Meeting adjourned to July 7, 1955 at Linda B. Clapsaddle, Mayor Attest: Ivy D. Scuffham, City Clerk. Ofaph JJresettted anv.s!ffef id bufchasis aiSprox, 22 acre* dLGtty. bWii* |d land hear ; the sswaga ,f tfe.atwe'Ht Ordinance ^6y 368 rachtertE '~tha affibcmt 'ot Me'ertsfe Jet iaf :f HnH- operatof ; v*aS finally adtifcted. 'Sll The Jdllowing elalins Avol-d • General CJoverrtmsht Fund Nancy Sattas, salary, .» ..... i^-i. L. K, Ferguson, salary — ,u--, 18,57 "Towa, State. Batik,., .tax j£-'' la. : Pub;Emp., Retirement,, la. Employment v S<So. ; Cbtftttl'., tax ORDINANCE NO. 368 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE no 281 REDUCING THE AMOUNT OF LICENSE FEE REQUIRED OF OPERATOR OF ROLLER'-SKATING RINK Be it orda.ncd by the City Council of Ihc City ot Algona, Iowa: Sec, I That Ordinance No. 235 entitled liOlLER-SKATING RINKS, AN ORDINANCE PROVIDING FOR THE REGULATION OF ROLLER-SKATING RINKS PRESCRIBING PENALTIES FOR VIOLATION AND REPEALING ALL ORDINANCES IN CONFLICT HEREWITH, enacted October 10, 1946, be and same is hereby amended by striking all of Section 3 therefrom and inserting in lieu thereof the follow- ino Sec, 3. License Fee. The operator of every roller-skating rink shaii Day' to the City of Alcjona a license fee in the sum of $25.00 per year which sum 15 payable at the office of the City Clerk euch year 01 portion thereof the roller- skating rink is in operation, in advance. 1 he Council may, by pr jper motion or resolution of record, divide a year 'into pcnodi with corresponding division of the antouct of said license fee,Sec, 2. That this Ordinance shall bo in force and effect from and after ill pas- Siigu dud publication ds provided by law. Pulsed, adopted and approved this 14th dd/ of July, 1955. Ivy D. Scuffham, City Clerk Approved Linda 13. Orfpiaddle, Mayor AUTHENTICATIQN The above and foregoing Ordinance No. ,^6ii is hereby duly Authenticated this i4ih (Jjy of July, 1955. I u..11 8 ri.i|f.-,ri,ii 0 , M, v ,"i Ivy D. Scuffham, City Cleik L K. f-'erguson, Salary 17 Albert Boekelman, Salary Iowa State Bank, Tax ~ NW Bell Telephone. Service C.ty Clerk, Adv. Cash League of Iowa Municipalities Dues Gate City Steel, Iron I Union Frcightways, Freight Kohlhaas Hdwe., Supplies John Carroll, Legal Services Street Fund Jess Lashbrook, Salary Albert Pergande, Salary .'."' Glenn Burns, Salary 1^1 Richard Frambach, Salary Raymond A^etzen, Jr., .Salary Jack Mears, Salary Donald Prew, Salary "III " John Bahr, Labor __I.I_I Harry Ward, Labor I_IIII~ Fred C. Hagg, Salary Iowa State Bank, Tax Kossuth Mutual Ins. Co., Rent " NW Bell Telephone, Service City Clerk, Adv. Cash ','_ Clarence Fraser, Sidewalk R B. Phillips, Sidewalk _. Leo Hatcher, Labor Lyle Signi, Inc., Signs „._*... Hovey Implement Co., Tractor etc. Algona Equipment Co., Mdse. "I F. S. Norton & Son, Supplies Pratt Electric, Repairs Harry Cutler, Labor . ~~_ Miller Engineering Co inn Glover Const. Co., Mdse. & La-" bor ...... Donovan's Cabinet Shop, Mdse". W. C. Brown Supply. Supplies Kostuth Co. Mamt. Fund, Rc- sealing Street Kohlhaas Hdwe., Supplies Norton Machine Wks., Repairs Ptrcival Motors. Repairs L. R. Steinrnan, Labor Public Safety Fund A. C. Wciihaar, Salary Albert Bockelmjn, Salary Raymond Krebs, Salary . ---- R'chard Groen, Salary , .", Leo Counley, Salary Iowa State Bank, Ta« Ruirnond Krcbi, Expenses Leo Counley, Expenses ~~"_ Federal Labs., Inc., Supplies" Hunter Mfg. Co., Repairs NW Bell Telephone S?rv,«f r " l(u Kohl, Salary Ri*lyh EILe,rl,. S^lary ~~ " Alyona Fire Co., Services jioulltr F,ru Equip. Co., Repairs Sanitation U K. Ferguson, Sal, H.jrry Word, Labor Reiner Hclmcri,'Labor Keakus Hclmcrs, Labor George Weig, Jr., Labor Free: Pergande, Labor ...7.111 NwTcll Telephone,' Scr'vicu '. ' City Clttk, Adv. Caih ", Fund I'y - .- 47.25 84.40 10.40 6.00 90.00 274.53 29.13 3.6B 755.03 119.75 108.67 108.67 92.29 87.29 92.29 101.59 18.62 45.36 278.48 83.20 10.00 14.80 13.35 8.4,87 51.20 160.00 41.20 1889.91 280.00 6.00 3.00 142.50 1253.07 396.67 86.96 33.36 323.84 17.83 133.02 8.10 57.50 134.75 134.95 121.70 132.30 126.70 30.00 94.55 19.75 69.62 6.75 23.75 20.00 10.00 483.00 10.83 132.30 71.82 90.16 84.28 74.61 47.17 73.75 12.55 13.45 COUNCIL MINUTES The City Council met in adjourned session July 7, 1935 at 7:30 p.m. with the Mayor and all Councilman pressnt except Cook and Parsons. Preliminary plans for a new -street maintenance building were considered and it was decided to submit this question to the voters at the general election Nov. 8, 1955. Another petition from property owners on N. Church St. was filed asking that no trees be destroyed on said street. It was agreed to make only the south end o£ Church Street 31 ft. wide and the remainder 25 ft. wide. Building permits were granted to M. W. Bittinger, Hay Johnson, H. H. Valentine and E. S. Kinsey. The , salary for William Woodcock, a street employee, was set at $215.00 per month. The salary for Police Officer Ernest Hutchison was set at $280.00 per month. A Resolution was adopted setting the date for receiving bida for construction of bituminous paving July 28. 1955 at 7:30 p.m. Meeting adjourned to July H, 1955 at 7:30 p.m. Linda -B. Clapsaddle. Mayor Attest: Ivy D. Scuffham, City Clerk. « * • The City Council met in adjourned session July 14. 1055 at 7:30 p.m. with the Mayor and all Councilmen present except Rovn. i A complaint about the storm sewer near the Trinity Lutheran Church was made and the Engineer and City Attorney were instructed (o make investigation. The City Engineer was instructecp'to determine which properties, in sewer district No. 11 were not connected to the sanitary sewer and the City Attorney to notify said property owners they must do so. . , Builder's permits were granted 1 ; to W, J. Lamuth, Robert Holtzbauer, Melvin Sill, Owen Hurt. Don Prieskorn, Frances Herbst, Claire Anderson. Jon Dahlhauser and Farm Service Company. Vaughn' Biilnjf K «e« . i.i-f!.i^U. r ,84 AdvanceJPtttn. Cct.r fegflls ''iiiii'i '¥MQ Upper Des Moines Publ.' Co., -;• i legals .iaL.-«j.j...i-i» v Jt».A,..iari.i Nat, Itjst. bf Muin.,I.ia\|/lf4ttie6r|; I. B^JvtT'co^p'.rt'^clserilU-II^I-^Aip Jess Lashbrook, salary ........i.119.75 Albert' Ptrgande. .-salary .... 168*7 'Burtlsr-. .salary, ,.".»_-" i "108.87 Frartbach,. salary-: ,;_il.» 82.40 ... .. _ ia: Metzetl,'. 3t] salary -i.'87.89 Jack MearS, salai'y"---' •••-<—- — Donald. Prew, salary — Kenneth Franltl,- salary __, William Woodcock, salary ....^..^ 91.03 John Bahr, labor .1..— i...^.. 8.80 L. K.,rerguson, salary „ i....132.30 Harry Ward, .labor ..........i^. 22.88 Roakus Helmers, labor'..... '•,. 88,6-f Heindr Helmers, labor .....J... 39.20 George Welg> Jr., labor 1-i 21.44 Fred Pergande, labor . 3.87 Eugene Helmers, labor „ 15,68 Max Helmers, labor _ 25.48 Clarence HelBeson, ; labor *.'. 31.73 Iowa Stat'e Bank, tax-....i..... 74.80 la. Kmp. Sec. Comm., tax 249.82 la. Pub. Emp. Retirement tax—.410.92 Algona Irts. Agency, ins. ....:... 68.75 Pntzlg Testing Labs., tests 1S.OO Olover Const. Co., refund ' •_ 30.UO Algona Reminder, supplies, .. 60^3 Glenn Miller, prints .»„____ 21.50 Donovan's Cabinet Shop, supp. 87 00 Bradley Bros., supplies __ ... .51 Kent Motor Co., repairs .... 8.85 Hilton's Super Service, supplies—140.99 Schultz Bros., labor 6.00 Advance Pubt. Co., legals .j....147.59 North Am. Steel, mdse. 318.77 Continental Oil Co., gas 231.12 Algona Welding Wks., repairs _. 10.25 Greenberg Auto Supply, supplies .80 Tunk & Deim, pipe .. 2.12 Svvartz Hdwe., supplies 4.38 Public Safety Fund \. C. Weishaar, salary ... .. 159.51 Albert Boekelman, salary 166.78 Raymond Krebs, salary 164.88 Richard Groen, salary .21S.34 ..eo Counley, salary ...183.71 x>wa State Bank, salary _ _ 07.20 la. Employment Sec. Comm., tax ...'. 19025 la. Publ. Emp. Retirement, tax__332.fl-l Federal Labs., Inc., supp. 4.88 Long's Studio, supplies - 1 60 Kent Motor Co., repairs _-. 55.76 Wagner's DX. gas 2.38 Hilton s Service, gas 43 66 Viking Oil Co., gas 83.26 Ira Kohl, salary 20.00 Algona Fire Co., service .' .205.00 Hooker Supply, supplies . 11.3-1 Sioufter Fire Eufp.. repairs 10.53 Fire Ext. Sales, repairs __. ..'. 16.38 Sanitation Fund Harry Ward, labor .. • 34.02 Reakus Helmers, labor 17.64 George Welg, Jr., labor ". 8.57 Clarence Helgeson, labor ... 17.15 la. Employment Sec. Comm. tax ; -___ ;_. • __ H5.78 la. Pub. Emp. Retirement, tax_.147.83 Algona'Plumbing, repairs' ........ 6.00 Len & Leo's, gas .. 16.26 Swartz Hdwe., supplies . ; . 24.07 Advance Pub. Co., legals ..' 84.15 Upper Des Pub Co , legals 71 20 Fred Gronbach, salary ... 92.111 James Egli, salary '..- 154.40 H. J. Cowan, repairs . 3900 Algona Block & Tile, mdse. ... 50.39 Iowa State Bank, tax n 13.80 McGraw-Hill Co., Inc., book 4 74 Buell & Winter, eng 205.02 City of Ft. Dodge, supp. ._.;, 2.00 John W. Smith, expenses ... 1008 Arnold Motor Supply, supp. .50 Funk & Deim, repairs '2.1)9 Grppiiberg Auto Supply, supp. 330 tuppile; &fkl, V*C 1eCeph't»j (jiK.i t '• t»l *wm~ k-i^Af* ' \ifaiii iiiilfiptf j .*•• j. IQGr VVHHlt .salary - ***«* JB«,.MItty'..-.v..4-.«..' du* IH^ HaU-Strahorn, ...... . 95.09 suppl Rusk Drugs, supplies _________ _. 12.58 Western Auto, supplies ' 4 59 Upper Des Motnes Publ. Co,, supplies ----- .................. . 8.50 Schultz Bros., repairs ....... .- . 5.30 Geo. T. Walker & Co., supplies.. 2.97 Thuente's. supplies _________ ... 9.20 David & Carrie King, easement' 1.00 Stanflard. Oil Co.. supplies ...... 34.87 '•• '< \ Recreation FundJ *i. • ' -, Don COOK, salary ________ .. ' 6880 Howard. Stephenson, salary ... 73.40 William Dewcl, salary ..... 1 ____ 60.80 Sheila Sullivan, salary ______ 44 so Marcia Stlllman, salary .. ;. 44.80 BUILT-IN COOKING UNITS bring a new look to the modern kitchen ... Install at any height. Place them close together or at opposite ends of the kitchen . . .-In a peninsula, In art island. Specify four, six or any number of top burners you ne.ed. < Install in wood, metal, brick, plastic or any other material' A wide variety of colors and finishes. Save miles of steps. Eye-level controls . . 4 easy to see without stooping. Tht Very ultimate In fast modern cooking equipment "America's easiest ranges to keep clean." YOU'LI, BE "YEARS AHEAD" WITH CALORIC BUILT-INS Whether you're building a new home or remodeling you'll want to see this built- in unit before you make any decisions. Available .for both bottle and natural gas and with automatic or manual controls. PRICES ARE Np HIGHER THAN A REGULAR GAS RANGE I RAPID THERMOGAS CO. Phone 16-Algona i Ml. So. Philips &, EL CO TRADE MAHK KEGISTtHED ftj^—HJHHIUIIIU «^_ .™- ' Cooperatives Make Savings For You Many of your neighbor? kn<?w the value of cooperative membership* They get to §hare in the savings qf the qQoperatives they do business with. 1 FELCO members profit two ways: l^^they share in the cooperative savings; ana 1 2-^they get top prpdyction from their livestock and poultry with FELCQ feeds. Stop in this week,, and learn ebowt the double advantages of becoming a FELCO member. You get the best feed you can buy; and you share in the cooperative savings. How carvy'QU tase on 3 deal like that? Stop in today, let's talk s1$ut it j. The Farniers Elevator, Bpds Farmer* Cooperative Elevator Co., . @w«§ City "'. : Farmery Cooperative gpgety, Wesley Burt Cooperative Elevator, \\ Lone Rock Cooperative Elevator Co., Lone Rock We« Bend Hevator Co- West Bend Fpjfon Cpoperatiye ?levator Qo., Fenton Wbittcmore Cooperative Elevator, DO BUSINESS WITH YOURSELF ' • '•'"*."* i* ««• .-Wr- -

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