Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 11, 1973 · Page 6
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 6

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 11, 1973
Page 6
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Galesbur Chicago Shootout Leaves One Dead, Four Injured #19 killed and four others in- jmti mty today in A shootout to a mm en oh Side. Police said the shooting started when three men tried to rob Rainbow Lounge pattron in the lounge pulled out a .38 caliber revolver. Dead on arrival at Little Company of Mary Hospital was 6 All in Family ses By RICK DU BROW HOLLYWOOD (UP!) It Nathan Holmes, 24, Chicago. the rerun season that CBS* was during several years ago Injured, but in good condition, TV's "All in the Family" began were Robert Lowe, 23, and to have real ratings impact. Its initial group of first-run episodes had done only so-so in the statistical rankings. But by John W. Ellis, 36, both of Chicago. In guarded condition was Willie J. Baker, 59, Chicago. the 70-market rankings indicates it is no longer && secure in its long-held No. 1 spot among regular series. As "All showed in several be the Family" years ago, shaken "Welby" in Newhartjweek, will begin In the fall. The host of "Tomorrow" will Baker, Police said Lowe and two other men attempted to rob the tavern, and Holmes, Ellis and Baker, all patrons of the bar, were wounded in the shootout that followed. Television In Review broadcasts bad been Youth Drowns SAVANNAH, ill. (UPI) Eugene. R. Richards, 11, Shannon, drowned in the Mississippi River at the end of the Plough public youth are here Sunday. Big near EVERY DOG the time the repeat began, wide interest generated in this new series that had a bigot for its central character. The rest is show business history—a smashing success of ia series that changed the tone of television and dragged the conservative home medium into ta new era of blunt, topical humor in many shows. With rerun season here again for most weekly video shows, "All in the Family" still gets ratings any network would be with. But, at least HAS Ours DAY! every Tuesday... when rr Coney rr 4 it -1 WEEKDAY SPECIALS MONDAY PlXZO All you can eat SAUSAGE ONLY PER PERSON TUESDAY • Veal Parmesan Dinner BUY GET FREE Veal - Spaghetti - Salad - Garlic Bread Hi 1 ^7/ CJC_ (^ I r NO CARRYOUTS ANGELO'S ITALIAN REST AU RANT Hours Place A.M. - 1 A.M. Family 1824 N. Henderson St. 343-0213 pleased recent weeks, in ratings can (be shaken up surprisingly in a rerun season, so bigot Archie Bunker might bounce back to the top again in a survey like the 7(knarket statistics. But for the last three ratings periods, here's how the 70-mairket rankings shaped up: Networks Keep Active For the week ending May 20, the Emmy Awards show was No. 1, the Miss U.S.A. contest second, Mary Tyler Moore's sories third, Bob Newhart's show fourth and "All in the Family" fifth. In the week ending May 27, the police scries "lite Streets of Sati Francisco" was first, "Marcus Welby, M.D-" was second and "All in the Family'* •third. was first, eaime in second, an ABC-TV .anthology teleplay finished be Tom Sftydeir, whose informal ttiittl, the police sedes "The but higMy professional and Hookies" was fourth and "All expert anchoring of the evening and ttte Dean news for NBC's Los Angeles in the Family" Martin show tied for fifth. video station ima paid off In the De-spite the (during viewers rerun season which selective tele- still wilt start hour can sun see worthwhile programs), the net-)Bast works remain highly active, and their announcements keep | Snyder pouring forth, among them; —NBC-TV says it has entered |Angeles station into an agreement with Russia 'television and the ratings race. "Tomorrow" many (broadcasts at 1 a.m. in and Far West, and earlier in the Midwest, will also continue as anchorman at the NBC Los series; v -"The Miss U.S.A. contest of the Miss World beauty pageant, to be telecast (as a) late night (presentation) for the first time on S^pt. 25." -"Take Me Horns Again;" described as a "concept (that) its | will featate well-tatown per- to their featute sonalities returning an I hometowns for visits with An NBC-TV to exchange radio programming. The network adds that the executive says "tackle "Tomorrow" plans to controversial adult fashion."Imimrte family and old friends, to relive their youth." ABC-TV says itohe personalities will Include Burt Reynolds and a female staf. Reynolds already has been announced by topical, matter in an The network says Carson show will continue to be the t)on music subject| NBC-TV as the star of six flO- weckend late - night the Friday |shows expected to be produced different locations around at a glance at, say, For the week ending June 3, agreement also makes possible an exchange of personnel "whose background and experi- followed by wte pop ence will be oif mutual value." series "The Midnight Special." —NBC-TV also says its Reynolds Career Soaring previously-announced "Tamor- Over at ABC-TV, meanwhile, [uled for October. series, a talk shew that the following upcoming pro- immediately follow the jamming lias been announced Johnny Carson programs of for the network's ffiaite-night Monday-fchirough-Fririay each "Wide World of Entertainment" abro and row will the nation or televised about once a month, with the first broadcast sched- ed for October. The way Reynold^ managers his successful re handling career, they may the stock market next. list Jiim on That's right. Our original and famous Coney Dog is only 15c every Tuesday. It's a wiener, golden bun, chili, and chopped onion Coney Dog combination. What a wav to on a way Dog! Over 2,300 restaurants LINCOLN EVERY TUESDAY ISM sini vat wt 5 A&W Post Honor Roll At Toulon High TOULON — Stademfcs maimed to the second sean-esiter honor roll- at Toiito^La'Fayeiate High Schoal include: Freshmen —- Dale Blank, Julio Heaton, Melinda Huffman, David Ketron. Peggy Mahoney, Lori Mallery, Carol Milburn, Kim Mortimer. Jim Walker, Sherry Walter, Karen Costin. Charles Curry. Lorene Ely, Alan Gray, Stanley Grigg, Julio Gustafson, Eddie Jackson, Ivinda McRell, Robert Nelson, Kobln Nowlan, Donald Ouart, Diana Price, Gay Rashid, Michael Redfgcr, Stanley Rice and Martin Webster. Sophomores — Nancy Lewandowski, John Ott, John Rieker, Dale Tracy, Kevin Wallace. Becky Walter, Donna Wasson, Ann Addis, Teresa Eble. Brenda Grieve, Cathy Hargadinc, Carol Johnson. Sheryl Kennedy, Carol Lehman, Jean Newman, Tom Pearson and Scott Welch. Juniors — John Costin, Brian Ely, Ron Heaton, Beth Hepner, Gus Krantz, David Milburn, David Price, Angle Schmidt, Ann Schmidt, Cindy Simpson, Cindy Walker. Debbie Wallace, Dorothy Wasson. Cindy Booker, Jill Carroll, Steve Fogelsong. Patricia lies, Cindy Ketron, Lisa Kuhrts, Steve Long, Mike Main, Ron Thrasher, Richard Walter, Connie Webster, Richard Webster and Phil Wilkinson. Seniors — Leslea Carroll, Barbara Curry, Dennis Daum, Duane Daum, Debbie Frail, George Giesenhagen, Bruce Grimm, Mickey Henneberry, Joyce Hockett, Lynn Huber, Mary Ingels, Mary Lehman, Becky McNeal, Christine Omanson. Madelyn Price, Kim Reed, Robert Wilkinson, Mike Williams, Patty Williams, Cindy Winans, Brenda Allison. Debbie Fell, Russell Jackson. Alan Kitterman, Susan Lewandowski, Crystal Mock, Wayne Mowers. Jon Olmstead, Jim Pearson, Calvin Schroedcr, Gerald Stapel and Joe Zaehringer. READ THE WANT ADS! Familiar Faces* Voices Star Trek fans. All is not lost in space. Familiar faces and voices of the Enterprise crew will be back on the TV screen this fall in an animated cartoon series set for Saturday morning TV. These are the first sketches published from the 9 new show. At left is the new Mr. Spock and the original, Leonard Nimoy; at right the cartoon Capt. James Kirk and William Shatner. NEA hows for Kids? HP I rek Tracks By DICK KLEINER RESEDA, Calif. (NEA) animation has be- tian," before has Prescott in says adult "Never audience Lately, come almost a with dirty word, TV critics. look at LINCOLN YES! Our Kitchen Is Open Monday Nights SPECIAL Rib-Eye \ t BENEFIT FOR Bring Someone You Love Bring Everyone Yoc Hi Only YOU GET juicy, tender, rib eye steak or sizzling chopped steak, with delicious baked potato, crispy green salad, and buttery texas toast, B-Y-E Ambulance Service ELMWOOD HIGH SCHOOL GYM Elmwood/ JUNE 16 7:00 9:00 if : 1 COUNTRY MUSIC PROGRAM (THE RAY HANLON COUNTRY MUSIC SHOW) featuring HANLAN And The especially They take a cursory TV's Saturday morning schedule and quickly dismiss it all as junk. The Lively Arts The men at Filmation Associates, which churns out a lot of those Saturday morning shows, believe that is unfair. This coming season, they're out to show everybody — critics and audience — that there's quality in Saturday a.m. cartoon shows. The cartoon version of Star Trek is their challenge vehicle. Filmation's board chairman, Norman Prescott; president, Lou Sciheimer, and secretary-treasurer, Hal Sutherland, <all believe that Star Trek in animation is a revolutionary step. "WE'RE NOT aiming at kids," Scheimer says. "Kids from three to six will watch anything that moves. II doesn't have to have quality or even much of a story." "This is fche first attempt to do an adult show in anima- besn challenged to watch a Saturday morning show. We feel it is a bold experiment." "The problem is <that kids have not had a choice on Sat- season of 26 episodes. They make 16 — crews working on overlapping schedules — and the network buya them for two years. Thus, each episode is aired six or seven times. It doesn't seem urday morning, says. "We're going to find out if they'll go for more sophistication." Sutherland to matter to the kids. They are designed to be shown on TV here and exhibited theatrically overseas. THESE WILL NOT be Ml animation, at least not as • h compared to the Disney school of animation, but they will be THE BIG PROBLEM in the five ' times 38 f ' u11 36 the Sat<animation business these days This* isn't the first show the is findin « »taiators. Sutherland, an old Diisney hand, urday morning cartoons. They have high hopes them ' but It's the fon in is, something studio is proud of — they also do "Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids,'* which they consider "the best commercial animated show." Star Trek their estimaifon, even better. THEY'RE USING almost aill of the original Star Trek cast as both voices and models. Prescott says they have "the biggest and most expensive cast of voices ever assembled for animation." Gene Roddenberry, who created the original show, is in charge of the stories. says that it's tough to keep the industry alive these days. "The old (animators morning shows wnicn aire their bread and butter. The networks are happy about animated Saturday wihieh What not know you m ay about Saturday morning cartoon shows is the frequency with which they are repeated. Since animated programs are time-consuming land costly to make — it takes four months to make a one haJJNhour show they cannot have a full dying off," he says, "-and new ones are hard to train. There are perhaps 1,000 animators left. In our peak season, we need 2,000." They have a training program at the studio, which helps, but of even more help is their new project of making full length animated features. This was designed specifically for the purpose of giving their animators -a full year of employment, so they'll be on hand during the TV-drawing season. They are doing 12 features for Warner Brothers — three a year for four years. Ail of them will be based on classics, with "Oliver Twist" and "Treasure Island" first up. are Saturday morning shows, too. Prescott says 10 per cent of the networks' revenue comes during those few hours each Saturday morning. r i hA'KMKb ORPHEUM H if ATI HS OPEN 7 PM Ends Weds! SHOWS 7111 1 Complete Show Nightly ACADEMY AWARD WINNER •EST DIM CTOR-MWK NICHOU MIDSTATE5MAN With Patricia Lee, Comedienne Dottie Clark, recording artist Barbara Clarkson plus the Pony Express Band. Tickets $2.50 or Any Larger Donation. AU proceeds taken in will go to the B.Y.E. Ambulance Service of Brimfield, Yates City and Elmwood. Let's all get together and make this a Huge Financial Success, FOR INFORMATION CONTACT President — Rod Finchman — Elmwood Vice-President — Robert Shipley — Brimfield Secretary — Betty Ralston — Yates City Playwright William Inge Takes Own Life HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - William Inge, 60, one of America's leading modern playwrights, who sank deep in depression in recent years over the paralysis of his talents, shut himself in a ; garage Sunday and inhaled | automobile exhaust until he died. Police classified the death as a suicide. i Inge's works included "Come SPECIAL TUE. JUNE WED CONEY OGS Every Tuesday Night Is Back Little Sheba," "Picnic," which won the Pulitzer Prize and New York Drama Critics Award, the movie "Splendor in the Grass," for which he won an Academy Award in 1962, "Bus Stop" and "Dark at the Top of the Stairs." Acquaintances said that during the, past 10 years, Inge had become increasingly morose over commercial or dramatic the Sunset Strip by his sister, Helene Connell, who had lived with him for the past two years. JOSEPH E. LEVINEwicmtm MIKE NICHOLS LAWRENCE TURMAN THE GRADUATE PLUS Joseph E Levme presents a Mike Nichols film Carnal Knowledge WEST All birds are grouped in the biological class called Aves. personal that LADIES Lodies Cocktails 2100 MAIN from NIGHT Price P.M. on Dance To The Sounds of Ron Carroll & THE INN CROWD failures, a scries of problems and the haling he "no longer had anything to say." His body was found behind the wheel of his car in the garage at his home overlooking HOW SHOWING! 7 : QO-9:15 THE POWERFUL AND TRUE STORY OF SHERIFF BUFOROFUSSER WHO COULDN'T BE BOUGHT... COULDN'T BE KILLED OPEN 6:45 SHOWS 7 -8 p.m. Now thru Wed.! fi /tiMuul frcturu indTftmerrm fritrtftlfunMl <Lnf < prtunl ALEC GUINNESS SIMON WARD HITLER: THE LAST TEN DAYS COW* ArMAMQUKTHCTV** LKING T In Color Open 8 p.m. - Shows at Dusk thru Now Wed.! Sheraton Motor Inn Now Playing Thru Wecfc. The French Connection Gene Hackman Roy Schneider Ono Show Each Wght ot 7:30 ADULTS ONLY $1.00 Ofvw«* CINEMA k & II NEXT TO AHLANS H. HENDERSON ST UALtbWUHG " T; ON SHOWIWI 7:15 BfiicelM 64 Fists of Fury ft »0 «ttt*9t*tt»«t «MMMM» PLUS NO X V ILL E WALT DISNEY liroduallout' NAP0U0N* SAMANTHA J

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