The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 4, 1955 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 4, 1955
Page 11
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When you say, "Mow are you?" you don't expect anybody to ans*- wer, "My temperature Is 101, impulse is rapid and I've got this pain, in my back." Even if you're just about on your last legs you're supposed to. answer, "I'm just fine, how are you?" for "How are you?" isn't a question, it's a greeting. ' » * » ''Hciw did you happen fo start writing a column?" is probably the same sort of question as, How are you?" and it doesn't require a detailed answer, either but you get one if you happen to ask me. The question may be asked in the same spirit as, "How did you come to take up a life of crime?", but I can go on for as long as I can keep my victim cornered. If anyone thinks they can flatter m« by asking about my writing hobby, he is certainly right. And flattery will get you everywhere with Grace. * * ' * Why does an otherwise pretty normal person suddenly decide she simply has to get into print every week? Is it to keep busy? Well, with a h9use, a husband and three children I've always had enough to do. Is it to express yourself? Partly, I guess, although the same thing could be accomplished by keeping a diary, taking up interrpretive dancing or painting still-life scenes. Is it the money? That check I get sure "ain't " repulsive 1 and there's always ten or more .places to spend it, but I've had some letters from readers I've valued' almost \as highly. (I said, almost). I %Juess it's a combination of all these things plus an urge to show off. ,You don't have to be crazy to want to write a column, but it sure helps. * * * I got started on this subject of my writing hobby because this week is Woman's World's birthday. Every year when it gets hot weather and I'm having subject trouble I dig up this world- shaking fact and write about it. It was Aug. 4, 1949, that the first copy appeared in the Algona Upper- Des Moines, published under my middle name so nobody would know "who dunnit" and making me a hopeless addict of the writing habit ever since. I just happen to have three copies of that first column in my files and in case you're interested, and even if you aren't, here it is. * * * "In preparing this column, I was told by the Upper Des Moines that it should contain items ol interest to women only. Well, what do we girls in Algona talk about over our coffee cups, at our club meetings, and out in the back yard while we are hanging out the wash? Isn't it mostly children, food, local affairs and our husbands? • • • The men sometimes scornfully label it chatter, yakity-yak and just plain gossip, but we girls know that we don't gossip any more than the men do when they get together. We just talk about important things—important to us, anyway. * • • Any mother knows thai the bright sayings of her children are more important than what some congressman says, clear out in Washington. Sometimes the children make just as much sense. « * * When baby cuts a tooth's just as exciting as any sports record, and if the little cherubs are really going good they can wreck almost as many things as any tornado that comes into the news. * * * When we find a new set of ideas for meal planning our interest in them just about equals the interest in plans for world peace. ' • ' , It seems to me that we have an abundance of both extra-cute children and extra-good cooks. Just to name a few of the latter, there's Mrs David King, Dot Smith, Mrs C. B. Murtagh, Mrs Ted Larson, Ollie Robinault, Mrs Charles LaBarr'e, Mrs Anna Hanson and Mrs Hugh Post. Some with a few less years of experience are Alma Stoffel, Val Williams, June Mawdsley, Jean Miner and Lavon Lindhorst. And, of course, there are many, many, more. « * * What a recipe book Algona homemakers could compile if we could get their knowledge down in black and white. But maybe good cooking isn't a matter of recipes. Perhaps you just have to have a knack for it. Good cooking depends so much on I he appetite of the cook. It takes almost super-human effort to cook when you are not hungry or living under dietary restrictions. » » • If our husbands only knew it, sometimes they are partly at fault, too, when they complain about the daily "bill-of-fare" lacking interest. Sometimes a meal that was highly attractive at six loses quite a bit of its glamour when it has to wait for the man of the house to show up about seven. « « « And some of the women are saddled with finicky husbands who don't like this or that. Thank goodness, I'm blessed with a fellow who will eat almost anything. In fact he frequently does—all mixed tip together to avoid 'throwing out leftovers. Anyway. Heaven please deliver me from having to cook for a strictly, "meat potatoes and pie" man. * * «• Now that I've started this column, I could use a little fern- inin,e help. Here ; is a good place to exchange recipes, so send in your favorite, care of "Grace", Algona Upper Des Moines. The doing^of the small tots are worth recording, too, arid club activities and news of them will be wel' come.. Perhaps someone has a better name for this column. It so, we'd welcome receiving suggestions." * * •* Six years later, Grace is'still sending out S.O.S.'s for'help in writing the weekly stint. I guess subject matter is a thing that will ever bother column writers, maybe even Dorothy Killgalen. The mail is pretty scanty right now, but you've been lots of help to me in the past. Through Woman's World I've acquired lots of new friends and acquaintances and have renewed several frierid- ships that started long ago. The letters .are definitely high points and that time I received the "Master Columnist" award in 1951 was the biggest .thrill. The low points come when the typewriter fails to put down anything worth reading and when the immortal prose, adapted from 1 the column, comes back from outside editors with a rejection slip. But I've turned something in to the UDM every week for six years and that gives me a sense of satisfaction. If I can't be scintillating, at least I can be dependable. * * * Almost every week, I've asked for recipes, but I'm not going to do it for a while. You should still send' them in, but to the Algona Upper Des Moines, not to Grace. There's this big, new recipe contest and I'm really exerted about it. If I were eligible I'd certainly enter it, for the merchants who are sponsoring it are going to give away ten bucks every week and is there anyone who couldn't use some of that nice, long green stuff? * * * In the pasi. Woman's World has carried many recipes from you good cooks, and I can think of any number of them that could be winners, for just because you've been kind enough to send them to Grace to publish here doesn't eliminate you from the contest. There's going to be a different category each week, as I understand it, and the first one is for Hot Weather Dishes. I think the men are eligible, too, but Dry Martinis for a hot weather dish might not be too acceptable. * « * For the duration of the contest, I don't plan to use any recipes in Woman's World. Why should I expect you to send ma any when you could just as well be cashing in on them? However, if I can work the angles I expect / *' ^ to eiid up with lots of good food ideas. Maybe 1 cart even write a book about it. Instead ot the best sellers' title, "1 Was A Communist For the F.B'.L", Ml call it, "I Was A Columnist For the U.D.MVV s ."• —GRACE, Church Group AUedyardTo Have Bake Sale Ledyard—. The Rosary Society met July 13 at the Church Hall. An invitation was read to attend the Hobby Show at the Presbyterian Church at Lakota Aug. 3, Committees were named ant) plans made for repairs on the kitchen and hall and also for the Bake sale on Saturday, Aug. 13, and the annual Harvest Supper on September 11. Mrs Ted Green was chairman for the following program. Group singing, accompanied by Mrs'J. F. Sullivan. Duet—Bonnie and Diane Becker. Solo—LaVaun Green. Duet — by Albert and Larry Becker. Poem—by Roger Becker. Father John E. Coady, originally of Bancroft and now from St. Augustine Seminary at Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, gave a talk and showed films on Foreign Missions. He is ' a brother of Mri» Melborne Haag. A delicious lunch was served by Mrs Alfred Busch, Chairman Mrs Elmer Kollasch, Mrs John Miller, Mrs Harold Koppen and Mrs Donald Kollasch. The next meeting will be August 10. Beverly Bashara has been at Cedar Rapids where she visited at the George Homsey home. Mrs J. McDonald and daughter Mrs Milton Jorgenson, spent several days in Des Moines visiting at the D..J. McDonald home and Dr. J. R. McNerney. Francis returned home with them. Mr and Mrs Charles Bashara and Rosalyn and Thomas and Mr and Mrs Edward Munger and son of Elmore enjoyed a picnic, at Bud Lake near Fairmont recently. Mrs Leonard Mino and daught ter Nancy, have left for California to visit her daughter Mildred, who is a nurse there. Mrs Ida Darnell and her brother, . Fred Trouth, returned recently from a month's' vacation trip. They went first to Cambridge, Minn., where they visited at the Frank Trouth home. From .here ,they went to Midland, South Dakota and while there attended the funeral of John Sheeley. They then went to Billings, Mont, where they visited a niece and family, then to Colorado. Mrs Fred Wheeler from Long Beach, Cal. and Mrs John Wecde- man from Des Moines and Mr and Mrs Ed Wolcott of Algona called at .the Gertrude WiPiner home last week and then attended the Band Concert. The two ladies are Mrs Wheeler's daughters, and former Ledyard residents. Mr and Mrs Virgil Loucks and Mrs Violet Miller were m Des Moines visiting Mr Albert West 'at the Veterans Hospital. Mrs Florence Yahnke went to Graettinger last week to visit Mrs Ed Yahnke. Mrs Lawrence Mayne of Long CONVERT YOUR GRAINS TO SOLID MEATY GAINS "As Much As $9.00 Savings Per 100 Lbs, Gain" INERALMEAL Corn savings now pay off more than ever! And you can get first class RESULTS with your hogs on Sargent Min- ral Meal. Results on corn savings are greatest with proper supplementing. Tests prove that you can save up to 6 bushels of corn per 100 pounds gain, compared to ordinary corn feeding. That cuts normal corn costs in half. If corn is $1.50, you can save up to $9 cash per 100 pounds of gains. .On a 200 pound hog, that adds up to $18. Sargent Minral Meal gets such big corn savings RESULTS, because it has the genuine pork building ingredients. Blends these into a great money-saving hog supplement. Sargent Minral Meal has vitamins, proteins and mmrals plus extra factors. On Minral Meal, hogs just naturally make a healthy, profitable finish. 4 Big Meat-BuiWing Supplements All In One Bag - AH At One Low Price On Sale Also J^t Algona flour & Feed Co. Sargent & Co "Mafcws of Fiimpu* Sargent Feeds" THESE WOMEN! "Daddy, may ! borrow five dollars? I'll pay it back to you when I get married!" Beach, Calif, has been visiting at the Ervin Klinksiek and Kelley homes. Mr and Mrs Leo R. Anderson and Bonnie of Tucson, Ariz, were here last week visiting friends.' Mr and Mrs Irving Valvick.are the parents of. a baby boy born July 18 at'the Blue Earth hos-i pital. They have one other son} Mrs Moultpn has returned from" a week's visit with her sister) Mrs Butterfield, at Swea City. She and her daughter, Mrs Jerry Warj ner, of Bancroft, then left for Iowa City where Mrs Moulton will have n check up. Donald Looft, who has been on n European trip for the Government, has been visiting his parents, Mr and Mrs Edward Looft and took his wife and two daughters whd have been visiting here home with him. Mr and Mrs Gordon Le Warne of Meson City were recent visitors at the George Hagge home. Lem Loucks of Wisconsin has been visiting ; his brother and family, the Loucks. Mr and Mrs Leo WOlridsen nnd Sandra and Mrs Willadsen's mother from Ihwbqd left last week for Rockford, Illinois to visit relatives for a week . Mrs D. B, .Mayer returned, re- ceritly from, a 'week's visit at the home of her daughter and family the George Gonias. Thrill Day Feature At State Fair" An international stunt men's contest, in which top daredevils of Europe will vie with America's best-known stunt drivers, was an'-' nounced in'Des Moines today in plans for the 1955 "thrill day" at the Iowa State Fair. This year's thrill day will be Thursday, Sept. 1, fair officials announced. It will feature a program^of twenty-five stunt contests "lasting more than two hours. Among the highlights will be: Driving a stock sedan up an elevated toke-off ramp and hurtling it 80 feet through the air into several cars parked on the Thursday, August 4, 1955 Algona (la.) Upper Des MotrtM-3 track; Crashing automobiles end- over-end and. side-.oycr-side in^an attempt to demolish the cars while remaining at the, wheel; The "aerial torpedo" leap in which , a sednh leaps 100 feet through space, while another stock sedan follows directly bfe- hind, and three other cnrs pass underneath; Crashing two automobiles head-on at full ' speed; Leaping motorcycles t h r o u g h flaming barriers and over five parked cars; Smashing automobiles through blazing board walls while remaining at the wheel; Motorcycle broad-jumping from lone ramp to another; Hell- driving on .two wheels. Assurances'have already been received on the entry of drivers from Italy, France, Sweden, nnd England, fair officials stated. If you want to See 90, don't look for it on the speedometer. Tune In ! Dahlhauser Now Arrtiy Corporal EIGHTH ARMY FORWARD, KOREA—Marvin J. Dahlhauser, son of Mr and Mrs Peter J. Dahlhauser, Whittemore, recently was promoted to 'corporal in Korea, where he is serving with Eighth Army Forward. When headquarters of Eightn Army moved to Japan, Eighth Army Forward was organized in Korea to maintain direct contact with U. S. units on the, peninsula. Dahlhauser, a member of Headquarters and Service Company of the 185th Engineer Battalion, entered the Army in April 1954 and completed basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. He attended Loras Seminary in Dubuque. THE BEST ON THE AIR WAVES KSMN 1010 On.Your Dial MASON CITY - ALGONA HAMPTON Studio In Algona Your Listening Schedule (Daily Except Sunday) BiOO to 8:15 A.M.—Algona Area News. 10:00 to 10:15 A.M.—Algona Area News plus National, International and Iowa News. 10:15 to 11)00 A.M,—The Algona Hour. 12:00 lo 12:30 Noon — News Round-up and Farm Markets. 3:30 to 4:00 P.M.—The Jack Buis Show. prefer... in 3 Convenient Sizes Standard Size... The world's most famous bottle, £y far... for the pause that refreshes * wherever you ore* King-Size... For a king-size thirst, it's mighty nice,., and it's just right; too, for "two with ice," Family-Size... So easy to carry and easy to store ... /or group refresh* rnent perfect to pour. And in all 3 sizes, it's the same bright. Bracing Coca-Cola ,,, same ever-fresh sparkle .,, same w quality you trust." NfW «ltt XVAIlAtlE OMIT At OEAU8S IN tHt ALGONA AREA I9TIIEP UNPfg AMI MO* I IT Of THE COCA-COIA COMPANY »» THE MINERAL SPRINGS COCA-^OLA BOTTLING COMPANY, H UMBOLDT, IOWA

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