Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 11, 1973 · Page 5
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 5

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 11, 1973
Page 5
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Bushnell Hearing on Sewer Set Tuesday Galesburg Register-Moil, Galesburg,. 111. Monday, June 11 ,J973 _5 BUSHNELL - A public hearing on sewer Improvements for Bushnell will bo held Tuesday at 5 p.m. at the City Mall. The hearing Is one of the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Final plans for sewer extension and treatment plant modernization must bo approved by the EPA before federal and state funds can be It YOUR WATCH Running Out of Tim* , LET US GIVE YOUH WATCH A NEW LEASE ON LIFE! With This Ad Only Complete All Work Guaranteed lot 1 Year This Includes: • Cleaning • Oiling • Timing * Regulating FAST SERVICE Ruity movement!, Chronograph! and Automatic! excepted. OTHER FRANK JEWELERS SERVICES * Pearli reairung, diamond telling, engraving^ allver re- plating, remounting. Af)Ella Mon - * Fri " Ni,e » UrCn. Tii 9 P.M. March of Dimes Officers Are Named at Henry County Meet Phone 343-1412 241 EAST MAIN ST. provided for the project. A spokesman for the office of C. .1. Tieman, the city engineer, said action on the plans is still pending. Bushnell residents approved n $200,000 bond issue in March 1972 to finance the city's share of the cost. Arthur Muller, Chicago, past department state commander, installed Ronnie Cassel as the new commander of the Bushnell VFW Post 1422 Saturday night at the VFW Hall. Muller installed other offi­ cers and gave a talk on the responsibilities of post leaders in light of recent trends and events in the country. Vacation Bible school is In session this week at Bushnell United Methodist, First Baptist, and First United Presbyterian churches. Members of Victor Rcbckah Lodge planned a Past Noble Grand and friends Night for the next regular meeting when they met Thursday at the IOOF Hall. Mrs. Norma Jean Pigg presided and Mrs. Norma Weber and Miss Kathy Wrcs- Bushnell MRS. JAY CLEMENS Correspondent Homo Address: 660 W. Hurst St. Phone 772-2240 tier served as pro lem officers. Thcla Rho has scheduled a bake sale for June 16. Timothy Yocum, son of Mrs. Helen Yocum, was reported to bo hospitalized. GALVA - Craig Leslie, Gencseo, was named chairman of the Henry County March of Dimes at the organization's annual meeting recently at the Standard Plaza, Woodhull. Other officers named arc Barry Regan, Geneseo, vice chairman; Gary Combs, Kewanee, treasurer; and Susan Hepncr, Galva, secretary. Art DeCabooter, Kewanee, was named March of Dimes chairman. Barry Hurtt, March of Dimes field representative from Batavia, spoke at the meeting, outlining work being done on the national, state and local levels. Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Johnson, Geneseo, and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Hawkins, Galva, were honored at the meeting for their years of service to the Henry County chapter. Area chairmen were also recognized. Recipients Of the annual nursing scholarship grants include Gay Marie Longville, Atkinson; Teryl Sue Nelson, Galva; Christine A. Baze, Osco; and Judy Speller, Colona. A total of $10,182 was rais- Notice ed for the March of Dimes this year in Henry County and an additional $4,652 was raised during the Mothers' March. Hours for swimming lessons offered by the Galva Park District have been announced. Toddlers will meet from 10:3011:45 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Children 5-7 will meet from 9:30 to 10:45 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Beginners will meet from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. and intermediate — advanced swimmers will meet from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. About 100 persons attended the annual Henry County Historical Society tour Sunday in the Kewanee area. The group concluded the tour of points of interest in and around Kewanee with a program and refreshments at Midland Country Club. Two of the winners of the essay contest sponsored by the society were among those in attendance. S. Leroy Mendel, 89, of Galva was re-elected department commander of the United- Spanish American War Veterans of Illinois at the organization's a n n a u 1 convention June 7-9 at Hotel Kankakee. Mendel, who made the trip alone, said he encountered a delay in passing the road blocks in the Kankakee area Galva MRS. SUSAN HEPNER CORRESPONDENT Home Address: 24 NE Third Ave. Phone 932-2725 HOSPITAL NOTES Bowman Shoe Store in downtown Gafesburg was closed today and will be closed again tomorrow. Preparations are now being made for the largest sale event in Bowman's history. Watch tomorrow's paper for complete details. Sale starts 7 a.m. Wednesday. v/here several deaths have re-, cenlly occurred along 1-57. At 88 years, Mendel is the youngest member of the 11- man organization in Illinois. Mendel was 17 years old when he enlisted in the Spanish American War. He will observe his 89th birthday on June 23. The first evening meeting of the Galva Unit, Mothers of World War II was held last week with 22 members voting to start a program of suppers for American Legion members on a 6-month trial basis. Reports from several committees were heard. Members announced that the Galva tea and the June 26 sewing meet would be postponed. Mrs. Clara Anderson, Galva, was recently named recording secretary of the department at a convention held in Springfield. Mrs. Mildred Winters, Mrs. Hazel Todd, Mrs. Jerri Lindberg, Mrs. Esther Morrison and Mrs. Virginia Olson were accepted into the organization. The next meeting will be held July 3 at 6 p.m. in Wiley Park. Hostesses will be Mrs. Marguerite Hintz, Mrs. Selma .Mendel, Mrs. Margaret Forrest, Mrs. Ruby Brown and Mrs. Marjorie Walker. Auti-Abortion Group Acts St. Mary's ADMISSIONS SATURDAYS Roger D. Colctnan, 77 Sumner St. J. E. Erwin, Abingdon Mrs. Edna (logwood, Wyoming Mrs. Cynthia L. Johnson, Abingdon Edward S. Rincy, Abingdon Mrs. Alethca Shoop, Abingdon Mrs. Virginia L. Walters, Maquon DISMISSALS SATURDAY: Mrs. Helen B. Romine, Monmouth Mrs. Irene H. Anderson, 879 W. North St. Mrs. Faira C. Smith, London Mills Mrs. Margaret Likes, Maquon Clarence Laswcll, 109 W. North St. Miss Sandra J. Mack, Berwick Glen E. McNeil, Wataga Mrs. Sharon L. Gillette, 1111 Lyman St. Homer Garza, 410 W. Third St. Mrs. Jackie Wetlerow, Knoxville Mrs. Madeline Timmons, London Mills Willis Alexander Jr., 495 S. Henderson St. M. Earl Duke, Applegale East Mrs. Dixie F. Garrett, 217 Phillips St. ADMISSIONS SUNDAY: Mrs. Mary Bailey, 1469 W. Main St. Jack C. Bern, 772 S. Academy St. Charles B. Claypool, 540 Kenwick Dr. Mrs. Mildred Duden, 980 W. Losey St. Mrs. Shirley A. McVey,' Monmouth Miss Ethel Marry, 290 W. Second St. Mrs. Pearl Owen, Moon Towers Miss Ruby Riley, 147 S. Farnhaim St. Mrs. Anna J. Smith, Abingdon Henry R. Stegall, Abingdon Russell F. Wilson, 1214 E. Berrien St. DISMISSALS SUNDAY: Mrs. Martha J. Thurman, 1820 Grand Ave. Mrs. Rosemary J. Grohmann, Gilson Mrs. Catherine Kluetkehans, 900 W. Dayton St. Lesley Allen, 872 Olive St. Mrs. Marcia J. Peterson, 2083 E. Knox St. Mrs. Floy Bond, Maquon Mrs. Christine Stivers, 172 Garfield Ave. Larry L. Johnson, Cameron Mrs. Marilyn L. Thomposn, 48 N. Farnham St. Archer Hits Bus. Arrow Returned DETROIT (UPI) - About 800 anti-abortionists from across the nation, denouncing the U.S Supreme Court for an "irresponsible exercise of raw judicial powers" in legalizing abortion, voted Sunday to seek a constitutional amendment to reverse the high court decision. On conclusion of a three-day convention of the National Right to Life Committee Inc., mem'bers adopted a resolution that "all pro-life supporters throughout this country are mandated to seek out and encourage their U.S. congressmen and senators to sponsor, co-sponsor or publicly endorse such a mandatory human amendment." The resolution supported antiabortion amendments recently produced in Congress. The conventioneers Sunday received a "practical politics kit," including, basic points on lobbying for the "right to life" amendments and how to amend the constitution. "The pro-life movement must and will become a viable political force in the coming months and years on the national scene," an introduction to the kit said. "Only then will we begin to return America to the land where all God-given human life is respected and protected equally." The highlight of the convention was a speech by Sen. Mark Hatfield, R-Ore., who called abortion "a form of violence." It is time, said Hatfield, to "recognize the needs of the poor and oppressed citizens in our land if the nation is to return to a commitment to life." Abortion is "condoned by a society that has become callous and indifferent to the ultimate value of human life," he said. "We must restore a recognition of the spiritual reality that upholds all life." Cottage Mrs. Margaret E. Shreeves, Knoxville Mrs. Beda E. Johnson, Kewanee Chaunccy C. Duling, Galva Charles E. Clark, 881 W. Main St. ADMISSIONS SUNDAY: Robert L. Carter, 925 Dayton Dr, Mrs. Susan A. Helander, Cameron George A. Noble, Joy Mrs. Margaret E. Ayers, 623 Lincoln St. ' Mrs. Nellie M. Burke, 1210 Grand Ave. Amy L. Dopp, Galesburg Route 3 Percy L. Alexander, 448 Franklin Ave. Terri Jo Steward, Galva John A. Martinson, 85 Edwards St. Jeffrey L. Bock, Victoria Mrs. Geraldine K. Yung, Alexis Troy A. Helmick, 516 Olive St. Mrs. Mary A. Benge, 268 Prospect St. Harvey S. Nott, Knoxville Mrs. Judith K. Billingsly, Galva Carl E. Berntson, 120 Chestnut St. Daniel R. Middaugh, Galesburg Route 2 Mrs. Joyce I. Stogdill, 792 S. Broad St. Norris Williams, London Mills Carrie L. Jorganson, Oneida Mrs. Mariam V. Link, Abingdon Mrs. Marjorie J. Mummey, 593 N. Academy St. Bonnie L. Benosky, Woodhull Mrs. Lois A. Shire, , Pittsburgh, Pa. DISMISSALS SUNDAY: Mrs. Mae C. Mundwiler, 1419 Monroe St. James F. Smith, 745 Beecher Ave. Rosemary M. Chasteen, 215 Ohio Ave. Mrs. Doris M. Osborne, Kewanee Randy C. Stewart, 93 Kimberly Terrace Mrs. Linda C. Sunderland, 418 S. West St. Mrs. Edith L. Westfall, 1393 Grand Ave. Mrs. Glenna L. Lockh'art, Osco Mrs. Edith M. Curtis, Galesburg Route 1 Mrs. R. Jane Burgland, Galesburg Route 1 Mrs. Helen L. Campbell, Little York William H. Ott, Dahinda Wilfred F. Flowers, Knoxville Ray W. Ramp, Gilson Debra Lynn Blair, 1513 S. Farnham St. Mrs. Janet L. Quinn, Abingdon Mrs. June M. Rilea, 718 N. Prairie St. Melissa A. Munson, Victoria BRIGHTON, England (UPI) — Mayor George Lucraft did not know his own strength when he fired the opening shot at the archery club's annual tournament. He drew the five-foot bow and aimed at a target 10S yards away. But the arrow soared over the fence and hit a bus 36 yards farther on. The bus driver returned the arrow, then reported the matter to the police. ADMISSIONS SATURDAY: Randy C. Stewart, 93 Kimberly Terrace George K. Horton, Victoria Kenneth L. Loquist, Galva Mrs. Charlotte E. Link, Abingdon Sirrell Shores, 1581 McKnight St. Mrs. Carol A. Josefson, Galesburg Route 3 Karen L. Morris, Abingdon DISMISSALS SATURDAY: Mrs. Sharon R. Mathews, Gilson Kenneth R. Elsey, Kewanee Glen E. Folger, 1419 S. Seminary St. Mrs. Mildred S. Darst, Smithfield Gregory S. Johnson, 678 Bateman St. Mrs. Connie K. Carlson, 1554 Webster St. Annette M. Schwarz, Monmouth Robert C. Nichols, 609 W. Sanborn St. L. Dale Icenogle, Gerlaw John A. Pittman, 239 Day St. Mrs. Wanda E. Noftsger, Alpha Mrs. Viola F. Phillips, Rio Mrs. Phyllis L. Bock, Maquon Shelly D. Sloan, St. Augustine Mrs. Katherine A. Bowen, 60 N. Elm St. Mrs. Patricia I. DePauw, Victoria Mrs. Mabel L. Emory, 355 W. Harris St. Donald R. Lapan, Galva Booklet Contains Tax Information For Flood Loss SPRINGFIELD - The Internal Revenue Service has published a booklet, Tax Tips on Flood Disaster Losses, designed for victims of recent severe storms and floods. The blooklet contains basic advice on how to establish and deduct casualty losses on federal income tax returns. "The most important things taxpayers can do now is make a list of the property they had that was lost or damaged," said Leon C. Green, IRS district director. Green said one of the most difficult things is establishing the amount of loss. This can be done by listing item by item, he said. "It will tax your memory, but the time you spend could mean a great deal in the reduction of refund of taxes," he added. The new booklet provides work sheets and instructions to assist taxpayers in determining their losses. The booklets are available at all IRS offices at no charge. READ THE WANT ADS! I'VE GOT 25 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD BUY A SENTRY AUTO POLICY. ONE OF THEM IS THAT YOU MAY SAVE MONEY. Phone 343*0415 1088 DAYTON DRIVE SENTRY. 71 INSURANCE Rudy Aten 354 E. Main Galesburg, III. OSCO PRE-SUMMER [IfCTRONIC HCft LATHER43ISPEIVSER 0 W- STORE HOURS More.^Fn. 9 AM -9 PM Invention. Saturday _ 9 AM-5:30 pm SCHICK Hot Lather Dispenser Plug it in, wait for the signal, (a light that goes on when it's ready) and push ... a handful of piping hot latherl Comes with 2 refill cartridges. MODEL 300 AD GOOD MON. Thru WED; Osco Reg. $16.88! DIAMONDS PINEAPPLE SLICED or CRUSHED 20 oz. Can 25 WILSON'S CHILI BEANS 15J4 oz. Can 37 RICHELIEU Green Beans • Hominy Peas • Sw. Corn • Potatoes YOUR CHOICE sunbeam AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC CAN OPENER/KNIFE SHARPENER Opens standard size cans quickly and easily. "Quick-Release" cutting assembly for imraersible cleaning. Hardened steel cutting blade. Hidden cord storage. Magnetic lid holder. Sharpener with non-metallic guide for controlled action. Soft Avocado „ finish with textured Ke 9' front. Non-skid feet 12.99 Model CS9 osco $f |88 AT V PAPER PLATE HOLDER Osco Reg. 33c k f Ice Cube Tray GRASS SEED Reg. 99c 5 Pound 609 66°

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