Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on November 14, 1973 · 62
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Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · 62

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 14, 1973
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-w w t w ml " U '"— '' i U2— INDtPENDENMAM) ' Vi uJmwi v i ’ i ' anny Villanueva not kicking about collapse of news channel Tne Country Parson X ""IIIy J s Mr' i By JERRY BUCK Associated Press Writer Television’s first allnews channel — News Television 34 — collapsed under the weight of its financial burdens But Danny Villanueva who directed the 8 -hour daily news series said he feels he and his col-t leagues dared greatly and eventually will be proven as harbingers of a new kind of television He said he sees all-news television as a viable alternative to the diet of soap operas game shows and reruns “We still feel we were right” said Villanueva general manager of News Channel 34 and KMEX-TV and one-time kicker for the Los AngeleseRams “Another broadcaster said he was shocked that we did it He said he couldn’t believe we’d take on this monster” The four-month-old allnews show died Oct 26 when its owner the Spanish International Network could not obtain addition al bank financing due to the tight money market Once in operation the series exceeded its budget by 100 percent and Villanueva placed the net loss at $300000 ' ft ’ Villanueva discussed the venture as he sat at his desk at KMEX the Spanish-language news show A plaque over his desk quotes Mexican leader Emiliano Zapata: “It’s better to die on your feet than to live on your knees” KMEX discontinued daytime programming and at present has only its night Spanish operation Beginning at 6:30 am the series presented current news throughout the FM Stations day mixed with five-minute segments on such regular features as business finance consumer- ism entertainment agriculture politics real es tate travel and leisure Hampered by financial limitations it operated with only four writers two cameramen one reporter and 8 to 10 on-cam-era commentators It reached only a small audience in Los Angeles and was further stymied by the fact that it was on a UHF channel In addition as soon as it reached the air the operation began to wayer in its concept and targeted audience It was originally called “NFB” - for new finance and busipess — and was to be dirdbted toward the financial community Much of its news was to be on ticker tapes across the bottom of the screen Villaneuva said “We felt that we needed to address ourselves to a broader audience We didn’t feel they’d just sit there and read it We had to address ourselves to the concept that the viewers wanted to be informed about a borad range of things” The lack of resources prevented the station from offering the kind of news programming that would have attracte more viewers It had only one camera crew and that covered mainly news conferences It did not have film crews covering the big stories helicopters to fly in film to get it on the air quickly or remote units for live coverage of major news events That kind'tof a news operation is standard at the more affluent stations — and in turn contributes to the station’s income The Federal Communications Commission reports that the more money a station spends on news the more profit it will make “IT really amounted to radio news on television because they didn’t ha-vethe camera cres and film backing it up” said George Nicholaw general manager of all-news KNX radio “People tune in television to see the news and if you don’t have that attraction there’s no rea- money? ‘Sell somet you don’t use with a Cals-sifiedAd Dial HE2-595fL m " UK - m KFI - M0 KGH Ull - 1430 KKH - 1200 K0M KII6 - 740 K7WI - 000 MU MOO - 1500 KG0S - 1010 KUO KMT - 1500 K6H - 1300 KIIV HIT - 1100 Kfifj - 1230 KUC KFAC - 1330 1310 UNK - 710 KIU - 11M 000 RIIX - 1070 KtVM - 1400 030 KOGO - 400 KWU - 1400 1230 KOOl - 1540 MOM - 1300 070 KKl - 1370 WHO- 1400 570 Kill - 1150 005 - 1000 nu - 4 DOOLEY’S PRICES ARE LOWER! "One kind ot hero is a farmer who leaves a piece of ground more fertile and productive than he found it" Copyright 19? 1 by f rank A Clark son to watch” Nicholaw said all-news radio is the most expensive of all radio formats The costs of translating that to television — with film cress and remote units — would be staggering Another veteran newsman said “This is a good town for radio because xso many people are in their cars so much But most people are working during the day and can’t stay home and watch TV And you can’t toss a TV set into the car” Nicholaw said “It was an admirable try but whether there’s any future for all-news television is going to depend on the costs You’ve got to have the camera crews Jerry Lewis Jerry Lewis will be special guest on the third one-hour television special of the Bill Daily and His Hocus Pocus Gang series Daily is a regular on The Bob Newhart Show Series filmed at major amusement parks countrywide is syndicated in- Barnaby Jones Meredity Baxter will protray a schizophrenic murderess in “The Deadly Jinx” episode of Barna-by Jones and the remote cameras out to make it work People won’t sit still now for ‘rip-jnd-read’ news” Villanueva said however that if the money was available he’d try again tomorrow “I think we were on the right track” he said “If we’d just had more time and if the financial backing had just been there I think we’d have been a tremendous success” special guest more than 150 markets with Ideal Toys sponsor- ing TV ROT W0RKMS? 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Robert Cruz 40 ‘News Rene Irahola 50 Consumer Contest 52 Three Stooges II 6:30 —7 Movie: “Gambit” A glamorous Eurasian girl and an Englishman of dubious character plot to steSl an invaluable Diece of sculpture Shirley MacLaine Michael Caine (’66) 9 ‘Dick Van Dyke Show 11 ‘Andy Griffith Show 28 History of Art 30 Musicale 40 La Hora Familiar — Consuelo 50 History of Art 52 ‘Little Rascals 6:45 30 Pastor’s Desk 7:00 PM 2 News Walter Cronkite 4 News John Chancellor 5 Bowling for Dollars 9 What’s My Line? 11 1 Love Lucy 13 Mod Squad 22 ‘Esmeralda 28 French Chef: “Puff Pastry to Go” 30 Living Word 34 El Primer Amor 40 ‘Aaron Berger Show 46 Bible School 50 Consumer Contest 52 Speed Racer II 7:30 2 Tne New Dating Game 4 Inner Space The world-famous underwater diving team of Rpn and Valerie Taylor capture the remarkable lifestyle of the Grey Nurse shark Their search takes them to the waters around Montague Island off Narooma NSW Australia 5 Help Thy Neighbor 9 Concentration 11 Bewitched 28 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Yoga for Health (R) 34 Walter Mercado 40 ‘News Rene Irahola If :00 PM 2 Newsroom Joe Benti 4 News Paul Moyer 5 Twilight Zone 7 News Hambyick Schubeck 9 Phil Donahue Show 11 To Tell the Truth 13 Get Smart 22 ‘Reporte 22 34 News Jesus Mares 11:15 34 Cinema 34 11:30 2 CBS Special: A Roval Wedding 4 Tonight Johnny Carson 5 Mevie: “Monkey Business” Marx Brothers Comedv ’31' 7 ABC Wide World “Jack Paar Tonite” 11 ‘Alfred Hitchcock 13 Movie: “Gold for the Caesars” Jeffrey Hunter (Adventure ’64) MIDNIGHT 2 Movies: “Please Don’t Eat the’Daisies” “’Two Way Stretch” f2:15) ‘“Showdown” (3:40) 9 ‘Boris Karloff Thriller 11 Movies: “Port Afrique” ‘“Duke of West Point” (2:00) “‘Captain Fury” (4:00) 12:55 13 News 1:00 AM 4 Tomorrow Tom Snyder 7 Eyewitness News 9 Wanted: Dead or Alive Steve McQueen 1:30 5 ‘Highway Patrol 2:00 AM 4 Newservice 5 News George Putnam THURSDAY NOVEMBER 15 5:55 4 Knowledge Unemployment 6:00 AM 2 The World of Islam 11 ‘University of Air 6:25 4 Not for Women Only 6:30 2 New Perspectives on Alcoholism 11 The New Zoo Revue 6:45 7 22 ‘Commodity Report 4 KNBC Newservice 7:00 AM 2 News RuddQuinn 4 Today 7 Next Billion Years 9 Garner Ted Armstrong 11 Bugs & His Buddies 13 Bozo’s Big Top 22 ‘Market Opening 28 Sesame Street 7:30 5 The Gallery 7 News Larry Carroll 9 Youth & the Issues 11 Batman Superman 13 Skip ’n’ Woofer 22 American Exchange 8:00 AM 2 Captain Kangaroo 5 Jack LaLanne 7 Ralph Story’s AM 9 Community Feedback 11 ‘Dennis the Menace 22 New York Exchange 28 City watchers Country v Motion Picture Home4-8:30 5 ‘Broken Arrow 9 News Ted Meyers 11 Yogi and Friends 13 Gumby 22 Commbdity Line 28 Yoga for Health i:00 AM ' J 2 Joker’s Wild J Barry 4 Dinah’s Place Guest: Ricardo Montalban 5 ‘Gene Autry 9 Bruce Brown Talks To 11 ‘I Love Lucy 13 Tennessee Tuxedo 22 New York Exchange 28 Sesame Street (R) rf:15 22 Yale Farar Show a: 30 2 $10000 Pyramid 4 All Star Baffle 7 ‘Movie: “Father of the Bride” Spencer Tracy Elizabeth Taylor (Comedy ’50) 11 Green Acres 13 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