Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on September 12, 1963 · Page 20
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 20

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 12, 1963
Page 20
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lBBMMs%»MI»iis»%»s^s»»^^ SSSSi Market Reports ftew York Sfoetti NEW^QRK (UPD—Stock market midday prices: , Admiral,.22V4 Int T&T 52^ Aldens 22% Iowa P&L 57 . Allegii Lud 41 3 4 Johns : Man 4^4 Alld Cliem, 52% Kennecott 75% Alld 5fcrs.52& Kresge 23% Alli§ Cha] i7.% Kroger .29'4 Alum jid. 23% Lib McN\,14 Aicoq 63V\ f Eflckhd 3J%. Ani Air 28V 8 Mar Oil 5BVi ABC.Prnt,34Vi Maytag 36% , £m Can 46.V ? Min Hnywl #0 Am Cyan. 6IV4 Minn Min 64% Am M|eF ;9% Monsanto 57V*. 4m Mtrs 19y*. Mont Ward 38% Am T& T l w/ * Morrfill 24% Am Tob 28Vs Nat Bis 55% Anaconda 50% Nat Can 17 Armour 4{^4 Nat Dairy 65% Atchflon 29V'4 Nat Gyps 45% Avco 26V4 , 4 Nat 1x1.75% BendiX 51^ NYC 22^ Beth StL 32-V4 No Arttii 52 Boeing 35% Nor Pac.46 7 / 8 ,, t Borden 65 Nor St Pwr 36% Borg War 50% dlin Math 41 y 8 Case 9% dutbd M 12 7 / 8 Catplr 441/8 Pac Tel 33 Celanese 55% Penney 45% Celotex 27% p e nn RR 20% C^nt^oya 27% p e psi Cola, 56% C&NW 29% Phil Pet 54% Chrysler 72% Piper Air.31% Cities ,5vc 67J/8. PureJOil 45. Coca-Cola 102,% Qua Qats 70% Colum Gas 29% RCA 73% Comrn Ed 53% Rep Stl 43% Cons Ed.88$v Rev ion 45% Cpnt ,Pan M 45% Rexall. 38%,. Cont ,pil,66% Reyn Tob ,40% Deere 65*% Safeway 62% ijjarm 9%^, Schenl^y 21% Douglas 22% Sears 98V4 Dow,Chen^.59% Shell Oil 4,8 Du # Ppnt24§% Simmons 42% Eas/man 111" Sinclair 47% El .Auto Li 2. §9 Pac 3.5 Er IJ.,, w Sperry 15 Sft.I> 46,. Firestone 37 Std JJds 73% Flintkt 22% sp Cal 6/% Ford Mtrs 57% SO Ind 64% Friden 44% SO NJ 70%" Frueliau^ i '6 SO Ohio 66% Gen Dvna j25% St'ude 8% Gen El 8l|l Swift 39% Gen' Fds 88% T.exaco 72%' Gen Mtrs 78%" Texas ; Inst. 91% Gen Tel 28%., Un Carb 108% Goodrich 54% Un El 28% Goodyear 39 Un Pac 39% Grant WT 26% Unt Air L 39 Gt Nor 53% j Utd Corp 8*% Greyhoiind .43% Utd Fruit 24% Gulf Oil 49% . Utd Gas 38% Homestake 51% US Gyps 85 Hupp 7% . US Play C 25% 111 Cent 53% US Rub 49% 111 Pwr 40% US Stl 56 Inland Stl 45% West Un 33 JBM 455% Wstghs Ab 29% Int Harv 56% Wstghs El 39 Int Nick 65% v Woolworth 73% int Paper 34% Yng SStT 120% Chicago Produce CHICAGOJUPD—Produce:, , # t Live poifltry too few -redetpts to report prices. Cheese processed loaf 39%-44; lirick 39%-43%; Swiss Grade A 50- B 49-53. Butter steady; 93 score 58%'^ffe Score 58%; 90 score 57%; 89 score &%. , Eggs steady; white larjfe extras 40; mixed large extras 38%-39; mediums 36; standards 34%. READ THE CLASSIFIEDS! MIXED HAY WANTED Werfheimer Cattle Co.. Inc.— CBScQ STOCKYARDS Galesburg, I1L—Tel. 343-5612 FQR SALE Sr TRA^E Afiui -oinkCMCRs p-17 MOUNTED PICKER Used 3 yean. Alto fill WD. Price cheap. Contact KENNY RYAN Cameron, IU, COMPLETE TREE REMOVAL F»Uy Insured •<-. Fr*e Estimate* fcoJHSB 8TWMP REMOVAL OtSQN'S TREE SERVICE Call Collect^— f rgjan' 6-2103 . WANTED Edper^nced man, fgi yea* aTa^md «farm work. References required. ART WOLFORD Abingdon Pnone 83 or 6124 Galesburg Order Buyers p. ft. $ Stock'yIaMfi Market % cenls lower. , Bulk 01 eak&h sfiiffpiiig hogs, #S.& $15.50. top, $16.75. Quotations: 200-2W :.::..:....#5;rJo-#S:7i 240-260 ;$|5.TO-$15.65 26d-300 :$14.23-$15.56 Sows: 300-500 $12.00-$14.50 BtKhhell LlVeftfWtfc Market fs 15-25 certe tower. Top; $15.75; bulk 210-260 pounds, $15.50-$15.60; sows steady; bulking at $13-$15; cattle, steady; lambs, steady. Interior Hog ft\U% SPRINGFIELD, 111. (»P) - (USDA'l - IrtteTfof Illinois hug pHceS (State-EfedeTSl); Receipts 24,000; butchers 10 tfl SO Wwe'f; 1-3 190-250 lb bdtChetS 15 .O0f -l5.50; 1-2 200-240 lbs 15.60-16.00 ; 35 head Is 216 lbs 16.25; 1-3 250-280 Jbs 14.25-15.00; 1-3 280-350 lb sows 14.00-14.75; 1-3 350-400 lbs 13.0014.00; 2-3 4d0"-5(W lbs 12.25-13.00 ; 23 500-600 lbs 11.00-12.25. Tomorrow's Estimates .CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA) Official ...estimated, livestock receipts for Friday are 5,000 cattle, 6,000 hogs and 300 sheep. Peoria Livestock PEORIA, 111. (AP)-(USDA)- HOgs 4,200; 1-2 200-235 lb butchers 15.75-16.00; mixed 1-3 190-280 IbS 15.50-15.75; 1-3 270-400 lb sows 14.00-.15.25. .Cattle. 185; . mixed good and choice .900-1,200 lb slaughter steers 23.75-24.00; mixed good and choice 800-950 lb slaughter heifers 21.2522.75; calves ,12;, ,good and choice vealers 24^.00-27.00.. w .. .. , Sheep 135; few, prime 90-100 lb Spring lambs 20.00; goqd and choice 85-118 lbs 17.50 ; 18.50; few utility 1 slaughter ewes 4.00. to litSO*. M. Corn (old) $1.19 Corn (new) $1.03 Oat£ ... .JJ.C Soybeans (old) $2.50 Soybeans (new) $2.40 Die Forest F«cd A S«ed Co. Wheat ..$1.82 Corn ...$1.20 Oats 62c Soybeans (new) ..$2.40 GraiOlituWs dftfCACfb (AP)~'• PHces eas|<) (n tlie ^raln futures^ market to^lay as } buyin| slackened an .arounii and encouraged some profit cashing on the Board of Trade. Setbacks. ran tb major ffactions in wheat, rye and soybeans. Brokers said the commercial gtippdtt which had bolstered September whe^t the past several days appeared to have sldwttl The active short covering which contributed, considerably to the strength of soybeans during Wednesday 's broad advance was believed to have run its course for the present. Wheat was Ve to l '/4 cents a bushcT lowgr, September $1.85 '/2; corn % higher to Vk lower, September $i:26te; pats unchanged to % lowef, September 64 3 /4 cents; rye % to 1 cent lower, September $1.33%; soybeans. 1 /* to % lower, September $2.58%. 1.87V4 1.8 &V2 1.91% l.89 :1 4 1.93% I.88V2 1.60% 1.91% 1.86% 1.58% 1.62 1.60% 1.62 1.60% Chicago Livestock CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA) H^ls 5^00; butchers, vi ySt.eady ... wedk; mdkly 1-2 200-230 lb butchers 16.25-16.50; mixeH 1-3 190-260 lbs 15.75-16'.25; loacl 2-3 a^'putjd 280 lbi 15:50- mixed 1-3 ( 300-350, Jb Sd\vS 14.50-15.00; 35^400' lbs 14.0014.75; 40d-'#§0 M 13. it 25; 2-3 450-500 lbs 13.25il3.75; 5«J:g()0 lbs 12.75-13.50. battle 600; calves none; not enough steers for. an adequate test; load prime 1,500 lb slaughter steers 23.25; scattered lots standard and good 900-1,100 lbs 20.0023.00; few good, to low choice 850950 lb slaughter he*ifers 22.0022.50; utility and commercial cbws 14.50-15.25; utility ahd commercial bulls 17.50-17.25. Sheep. 500; spring slaughter lilmbs about steady; good and choice 80-100 spring slaughter larpbs.^18.00-20.00; few lots choice arid prime .21.00; cull to good shorn slaughter ewes 4.00-6.00. Dow Jones Averages NEW YORK (UPD—Dow Jones 1 p.m. CDT stock averages: 30 indus 739.66 off 0.68 20 rails 173.36 up 0.60 15 utils 143.43 off 0.10 65 stocks 263.24 up 0.03 TRENCHING WITH DITCH WITCH Water, tile, and tootinoi. Alio pipe, hydrahlt arid JlttlhgV. Reasonable Rates. DEAN STANLEY. 440 Pine St. — Phone 343-2385 Wanted to Buy 80 to 120 ACRE FARM Modern in vicinity North to Northeast of Calesburg to Galva. Call 343-6907 or Webster 2-2686. COAL - COAL Q/dajj you* winter's Wisely of coal now. Prices advance Sept. 15th, Prompt courteous service. .. . Phone 343-603* WEST MAIN COAL YARD 476 W. Main St, Chieeigo Grain CHICAGO (APr- High Ldw Wheat Sep Dee Mat- May Jul . 1964 Sep Corn Sep Dec Mar May Jul Oats Sep Dec Mar May Rye Sep Dec Mar May Jul Range Pfev. Close CMe 1.87 lM% VMVa iii 1.93V4 1.93 1.88% 1.87% 1.60 1.58'/ 2 Pinal Grain Review CHtCAdb (AP)—The grain futures market Had recovered nearly all its early losses by eaVly afternoon today with some contracts showing moderate gains' on the Board of Trade. A forecast df frost and freezing weather for parts of the upper Midwest tonight attracted support for both corn and soybean^. Trade in wheat was irregular. Carlot receipts today were - estimated at! wheat i cars, eorri §0, oats 4, rye hone, bar% 20, soybeans ttflttc. Wheat, was eerits a busliel higher St the ctose\ September $1.87; cfirn higher, September $1.27%; oab linchan^ed^ to. % higher, September ^p'/t cents; rye i% higfierjb Va lowe.r, September $L3^36V/i; soybeans. %-VA higher, September $2.60y 8 -Vi. Mdrfcet's at a Glance By UWied Pr^ss Internatidnar Stocks easier in moderate tta&- ing. Bonds irregular. U.S. g'overrtiiient bonds firm in quiet trading. American stocks higher. Midwest Stocks easier. Cotton futures steady.. Grains' iri Chicago: Wheat; c^rn, oat^i rye and soybeans lower. Ho^s sjfeady to^w^ak, tob 16 .50; cattle few skies atpui steady, top 23.50; sheep st'eacfy,, top 21 v 00; dressed beef weak to 50 cents lower, top 43.25; dressed pork loins 1.50 to 2.00 lower, top 46.00. Eggs and Poultry Red Howe, Hatchery Knoxville Road, Galesburg Carge clean EggS 22c Under grade Eggs 16c Leghorn Hens :.. : 3c Heavy Hens 7c 1 .273/4 1.14'/4 1.17% 1.19% 1.21% .651 /4 .68% .70% .70 1.25% 1.13 1.16V8 1.18% 1.20 .63% :67% .69% .69% 1.27% 1.25% 1.14 1.13% 1.17V4 1.16% 1:19 1.21 1.18% 1.20V4 Soybeans Sep Nov Jan Mar May Jul Aug 1.36V4 1.331/4 1.40% 1.37% 1.41% 1.38% 1.39% 1.381/8 1.32% 1.32% .65V4 .65% .68% .68 .70% .70 .70 .70 1.36V4 1.34% 1.40% 1.38% 1.41% 1.39y 8 1.39% 1.38% 1.32% 1.33 2 .60% 2.57% 2.59% 2 ,56% 2 .63 2.6OV4 2.'66% 2 .63% 2 .69 , 2.66% 2 .69% 2 .671^ 2.66% 2 .64% 2 .601/4 2 .58% 2.62% 2 .66%' 2 .68% 2.69% 2 .66% 2.58% 2.57% 2.6J% 2.64% 2.67% 2.6814 2.65% Chicago Cash Grain CHICAGO (AP) — Wheat No 1 mi^ed 1.89%. Corn I^o 1 yellow 1.36%; No 2 yellow 1.36%. No oats or soybean sales. Soybean oil 8n. LEAVING TOWN SALE 1762 NEWCOMER DRIVE FRIDAY—9 to 9 . SATURDAY—8 to 12 . DlsHir. Pots. Pans, Wriat Nots, Tools. Antiques, Clothing. P*Iced to tit your pocketbook. Don't miss this one. BACKYARD SALE 138 CEDAR AVE. FRIDAY, SEPT. 13 Rain Date, Monday, Sept. 16 Girls clothing, size 10-14. Also woman's and small boys. Nothing told before 9 BLACK DIRT And Fltt DIRT NOW HAULING DEWAYNE JOHNSON ' 141-0616 Wall Street NEW YORK (AP)—Slipping a Bit from its latest record peak, the stock rnarket worked irregularly lower late this afternoon in active trading. Volume for the day was estimated at. 5.3 million shares compared with 6.68 million Wednesday. . , Gains and losses of most My stocks ranged from fractions to arouri'd a iidirit. More volatile or specially-situated issues had wider moves. Late trading was featured by an advance by most leading rails as industrials shaded off. BAR-B-QUE CHICKEN DINNER & COUNTRY STORE Sponsored by Violet Chapter O.E.S. at the Masonic Temple dining FRIDAY, SEPT. 13 $1.00 — Serving 4:30 to 7 BERREAN CIRCLE EMMANUEL METHODIST BACKYARD SALE 331 E. WATERS ST. FRIDAY, Sept. 13—8 to ?? Everything 25c and less. Atier 4. BACKYARD SALE 954 HAWKINSON FRI. It SAT.—Sept. 13-14 9 to 5 Lots of winter clothes, 'all sizes. Toys, bedspreads, curtains, English bicycle, 2 TV's, furniture tc miscellaneous. FOR RENT Spacious nicely decorated office rooms. Excellent location. Immediate possession. Call 34i-1191 before S P.M. 343-98S6 FOR SALE lAvge assortment polyetheline flou-er arrangements and hand snfocklcf ptflows, satin gtngKam corduroy, etc. Beautiful bed dolls, silk pajama pillows, gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, etc. May bf' seen at my home Fri. - Sat. - Sun. September 13, 14, 15 ifrom »:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Mri; Chorles Wilkins, Sr. X070 N. Henderson St. FURNITURE AUCTION The undersigned executor will sell at auction 6h Woods Street, Avon, 111. Saturday, Sept. 21,1963 Starting at 1:30 P.M. Westinghouse' 4 b,myw electrip stove; Frigidaire electric refrig- ei-gtos;. Philce TViand starid; two-nieoe living tbom suite', breakfast set, formica top table and four chairs; studio couch; two china closet and bookcase combination; occasional rocker; two occassional chairs; § Ingle ,bedjy.be4.and. drffser-; 4^0 .metal cabinets; wooden cabinet ate; kitchen cabinet; card table with tour folding chairs; electric fan; electric heater; roll top desk; floor and table lamps; Electrolux vacuhin sweeper; sewing cabinet; step stool; Perfection oil range; Morris chairs: dairy electric water heater; pictures; hassock; dishes and cooking utensils; poller type leaf rake; tri-cycle and wagon; Victrola; set platform scales; $6st drill; five gallon stone cider jugs. Some stone jars; set old encyclopedias. Some antique dishes and glassware. Numerous other articles TERMS: CASH Not Responsible for Accidents LOUIS HIEL Executor of Estate of Lena P. Hiel, Deeeaifd. LOWEEL BUCK. Auctioneer First PTA Meeting of Year Held at Roseville ROSEVlffiJS ~ The first ft A meeting heW in the Elementary School Buliding on Monday night at 7:30 wHs well SttendetJ, with 100 per c§ffl of the.teac 'hers present and i§5 parents paying clue! and becoming full fledged PTA ftfertibgrs. Mrs. Lee loy WilfM, tH4 pre^tiM cdfldiWteo* tM bulSWess miietWg .tfttrifig" ^fllcM time the budget for the tfeaT was Adopted. The pfogrtfrtt b^gart with Mr-o- duction of the school staff. Lynn Hill, superintendent of schools presented , Eugene S. Tinker, principal of the high school, and Lee Roy William's; principal of thg ^eHfenta-ry §nd r junior high. The.principals, then presented the teachers working with them. The secorld part Of the program was given to a period when parents could visit in the" class rootys and. meet the teacher of their child or childrei}. Tinker and tHfe nigh school teachers met parents 3f rilgh school pupils in the cafeteria where parents and teachers discussed plans,. for the months ahead and o^ue^tiohs of parents on matters pertaining tb the hhjh school program. „ The. attendance award went to the thir.d., grade room of Miss Burkholder. The program of the.. evening was planned by.Mr. and_.Mrs. Don, A'&cissp'n, and n the Hostesses were Sth grade room,, parents: Frbm Mrs. Logan's roorrl Mr. and Mrs. Don ^KlrkpatricK, pr. ahd MrS: LSwre'nce Myers; from Mrs. Dole's r66fH, Mr. Snd Mre. Max Kidder, Mr. and Mr^. ?aul Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. Gilmer C&fteel . Require Assistant The Roseville Board of Education meeting Tuesday night at the Elementary School buiraihg dP rected Supt. Hill to. employ another teacher who would gi ^e assistance to each of the two first grade teachfirS Whf> havfc 6^ Enrolled in the two rooms. Hill made a complete report to 1 the board ..of _the enrollment ir| the schools... HiS report included the break-dQwn. in class size ^nd class attendance, The high school enrollment this,, which' is . a substantial ) percentage-wise ihcrease over last year,'£ envollmettt: Mr. fefill also reported ^hat there had be'eri a l6o per; cent compliance here to the state law requesting that all ctfilci ren entering first, fifth and ninth grades this fall have medical arid d £htal YARD SALE 424 W. BROOKS ST, , FH1DXY kkti SATbMt>AY Sept. 13-14—9 'til . ( . High heeled dress punipi, like new, 7V 2 AA, Men's, women's. 4c toddler's clothing. Misc. items. 1955 Studebaker. BACKYARD. SALE. 1232 S. SEMINARY ST., FRIDAY, Sept. 13, 1963 j.jtw. tiii ?* Good 'Clothing, baby furniture ** c i ot **S. » no ], J n ,i lfiSU»P 80 J»»>. Not responsinle for accidents. FRIDAY, SEPT, 13 —* 8 A Id 1449 hdRENCE Hip boots, lawn seeder... trains, erector set, bow, beds, clothing and miscellaneous. examinations Before tfie first day of school. , „ There w£s a discussion on bus ins*urSnce. R Wat.vbte^l to increase Jjie insurance ttt a maximum coverage of $3?I.o00 for ffi- dividual accidents and a maxi- ffttrni tst tmtoo pet toiaf afcti- dent coverage: ffig Mitt wafe a<M $m for ttie year, tli'e followin| four items % wer6 appropriated - } . $250, 000 educational fund; $4,000 municipal fund; $5,000 transportation fund; $37,000 bidding ftlrfd. Attention, was called to the joint meeting of the. board, with the 1 Citizens.', Committee .on §ept.,^i7. All hoard members x were .present, Tjie .^rneej -Jhg .adjourned to meet, on Thursday, Sep^ J9,,, Wccfe Observed \V«th^Si»H Shaubena cHapfer of the Daugn- m$ df tWS Aweridan ft^v($liitioit flbserved Constitution Week; wftich IS Sfept. 17-24; ft! a 1 me*etiftg Tdes- cTay, with a sRit enfltle3 "Wnting the .Constitution." Mrs. Carlton Gossett M progfar^ chairman, in-, trodtfjfed the,program by reading the preamble to dtir Constitution after which she introduced Mrs. Wendell DcMoss, division director of DAR from Bowdn, who gave the, skit. . The .jneeting was held in ..the home of Mrs„.G,,.G. Nielsen with Mrs. R..S. Fisher,.and, Mrs.. G. \V. Aldrich, assisting t hpstes§es /t . Mrs. Otto pBerjpbnn, .regent; called the meeOrig to Order. Mrs. tfarrleS A'tfderspri opened itfie session with a pra'yer after which the Fllife chaiirHSn,, l^rs; Lloyd Adfasgoh lead iri tU flag ceremony stnd latdr f^ad ^ fldg p'Oefri entitled "Three Nde'dg." Mri Paul Taylot read the Pre'SIde'rtt General's messdge. ^ _ DQfiHg the b'usih'ess session Mrs. Charles McMurry read an invitation to the first division DAR mfeStirrg t'd b-e held ik fte- wanee Sept. 24 beginning at 9:30 a. m. Mrs. R. S. Fischer announced^ (iiat all. clothing for the DAR schools is to be brought to the next i4 meeting whjch jwill, be on t5ct. 8 at.jfie home of Mrs. Cliarle's McMurry. Tea, waS served by . the host- DOUBLE GARAGE SALE 1839 ROBERTSON THURSDAY—4 'til dark FRIDAY —(0 to 4 flrfln or Shine Lots 'Of t disHas, rrieh'l, worHan's, and, ^chlldren 'Sj clothes, iylntei,.& slimmer. Overshoes, roller skates —toys. GARAGE SALE TRASH Ar^D TREASURES Friday ahdSatuiaay 115?,, N. ..HENDERSON Mrs. Bill Lawson Mrs. Ed Sandidge Mrs. Ronald Shea Backyard Sale 1480 WEBSTER ST. FRIDAY, Sept.. 13—8 to J , FURNITURE.and CLOTHING lit Case of Rain in Garage. Backyard Sale FRIDAY, SEPT. 13 9 to 5 901 Daytori FOR SALE 500 Blackface wool limbs. 100 Whiteface wool lambs. 600 Shorn lambs. 60 rterefo'rd yearling steers. 40 Hereford steer calves. WALTER SMITH WYOMING, ILLINOIS - 3651 Salesman - Altona - 484-6533 PUBLIC SALE ^ . ( Tha ynderjiigned executor will sell at Public Auction at farm Id­ eated 3 mile South of Abingdon", 111. on Route 41 then 1 mile West then North !o iirst house on Sept. 14, AT 1 O'CLOCK SHARP ,22 — HEAD OF CATTLE — 22 . ^ 11 —Mixed Hereford and Angus stocK cows; 10 —calve's; 1— Registered Hereford bull, 3 years old. MACHINERY 1952 Oliver 88 Tractor;-Oliver- cultivator^ 1951 Ford tractor; Ford loader; Case plow; Kewanee harrow: IJewanee di^qj rag rnoirW; IHC ervdjggte seeder; Massey-Harrfs side rake; Farmers Friend elevator; Massey-Harris combine; Case • spreadep; sprayerj hammer mill! ZjyWW¥<9»XXW>er-, one flare bpx^cL one. rack; J bqatesjaad one straight box; hayrack and sfeei gear; teea wagon; water tank on jyheels;».J!. stock tanks, one is lifetime, one galvanized; A—hog house; double hog house; 2 Doane type hog houses; inteKest in spray«r< ^ae^tank and standi- extension ladder; Surge muker y/U% 2 buckets; IHC cream separator; a .-tanit -Jjeaters; hay fork and, rope. Misc. sniall tools; some fence posts: woven wire and barbed wire. FEED 2 ,000 Bales, more or less—Hay. FURNITURE ed with qoil Sprlrip; Dining room suite, bed with qoit Spring, dfetter, clitit of ctraw- ers, chairs and items too numerous to mention. TRUCK—1949 Ford Pickup Truck . —CASH Noi Responsibly for Accidents Auctioneers—LEWIS G- MABK% a Q d ft»CJiA«L MARKS Clerks-^pgpLJ. MArtK%*&d J?^JTH ,BROWN , CHARLES A. WESNER, Attorney RON A L ROBERTS Sxecutor of the WiU and Estate of Clyde Shaver, Decsasad esses ifrom a table decorated with fall flowers. Methodist Auction Success The fourth" afuilial auction sponsored.^ ffie Methodist Church and held last Saturday at Eldridge Park netted over $1,100 miffi tt6& \M yelr's sSfe. . WSfrrie* MiffiiKy wfi5' seVv^as 1 superinlftftlelfft rtf thi§ year'^ filietftJH, .hflS MSd tttat ptX&r\4 whu hm hot yet tufted in alictidh fnbMe^ 66 so by this Sat- tlrday MbTie 'yg are b b*d turrtW ifl to the treasurer, GCnevieve 1 Romme. A repdft will be given to church rttenibirs on Stinday, Sept. 15. Church Sets Workshop Teachers and workers in the church school of the Methodist Chyrch . will be given .the. oppor• tunity to attend a workshop at the church on Thursday, Sept. 19, at ^:30 p.m. at which time Mrs. rtaTph'.rtun'kel.of industry, district director for children's work v will explain some coming changes in Sunday school materials. Council to Start Plans , The Serifor Youth Council of the Methodist Church will have at} organization meeting, Suriday at 7 o 'clock. MYF members of the cdtiffcil Are Ricky Calmer, Cynthia Bak ^r, Randy Waddell and Sara Beth Winters. KO»Svilie Briefs Glenn Meredith' of west of ^Seville, is" a patient in the Rocky Mountain lirflpital at Denver, Colo. He ha'v 1 a heart ^attack while visiting ih the hdme of his dau 'gh- Backyard Sale 804 LOMBARD AHyfirfie Friday & Saturday September 13 A 14 Backyard & Rummcge Sales; etc. Must be ih our office 12 hbbn day before ad runs. Call 342-5161 Display Advertising Debt: Galesburg Register-Mail ter, Mrs. Clarence Isaacsqtl and family at Aurora, Coto. The meeting Of the Coffee Club scheduled for Friday will not be held this month. John J. Ockert is exacted to return to his hbfrTe this week from a northern Michigan resort, where he spent the summer. Next week he will begin hii sehiof year at Western Illinois University. The Warren County Republican Women's luncheon will 6e held at the NationM cite in Roifeville Saturday at l p.m. The £ast Ofiicers' Club,,of the Order of Eastern Star .will hold a^Jqtluck, iuppe'r, this t Thursday evening, at 6:30 in the Masonic rilll jprior to the stated meeting of the chapter. Organize Junior Bowlers The Rose Bowl today announced a meeting to be held at the bowling alley Saturday to organize a grade, school bowling league and a high school league. The grade school age group, Sth through Sth grades, will meet at 9 a.m. The high school age* group will meet at lb a.m. The Bowl management is inciting anyone interested in bowling in^a league this season, to attend the meetings. Mr. ami j Mrs. L v R. Schmidt arid daufhters will have as their guests this wee^, Mrs. Schmidt's sister, of ftighlaAd. READ TI<E WANT ADS! DRIVEWAY SAIE 2131 MeMASTER AVE. FRIDAY, SEPT; IS - * ft £ Clothing for all Hie family. Piano. roUs, end table*, lamps', winter coats. Raih Date TiTdt., Sept. IT Business & Professional WbrnerVs Club BIG Sidewalk Sale Clothing — Jewelry Dishes Miscellaneous Articles Friday* Sept. 13 3 to 7 P.M. Saturday, Sept. 14 8 a:M . 'Til ? Southeast Corner East Main Street and Grand Ave. PUBLIC SALE HOUSEHOLD GOODS Including HAMMOND MdDEL "M" SPINfiT OrlGAN At ^onvs of .Jaie Morrow Whiltaker, 114 W. Prairie, T«Julbn, 111! (1/2 block west of Toulon Grade School.) Saturday, September 14 iEGlNNINCi AT t:00 P.M. HAMMOND MODEL. "M"- SPINET ORGAN, excellent condition. bikcR • w ««ittvliril8h with KeftCH: DUnidht "21" console TV., 4 years old; double bed: .wicker ,rockingHphaijs^j^ak jrjpcker,; w iarge, wicker chair; walnut end table; vanity; lawn chairs; chest of drawers; Whirlpool ..washing-machine;—rollaway rbed. .and ihnersprih'g mattress; 2 magazine racks; Frigidair,e .with, freezing comnartmejat; u G.;E.eJqciri<; stove; dinette ahd 4 chairs, chrome; Maytag cdmbmation washer- dwer; >Arvin**table radio; ?.G.E.. stean>..iron;. pop-up toaster;, waffle iron; G.E. electric mixer; kitchen-utensils and pots and. pans;., ^ing-; er Sewing MacHirie (cabinet); sewih'g ca"binet; riigHt stand; writing desk; jcedaji qh,;, wainut^double,bed . and dresser.; vanity dresser; chest of drawers; pair dresser lamps; bathroom scales^ironing board; circulatititf fan; 2 heating pa*ds; Electrolux sweeper; small oak chest of drawers; walnut bed u dresser, and vanity; small straight chair; rose barrel-back chair; 3 card tables; Christmas decorations; small electric fan; • Fiexsteol davenport and chair;' -2 matching end-tables; glass top cpffee table;, pair matching table,.lamps;, large beige overstuffed chairi beige barrel-back chair; magazine rack; 2 small inisc. tables; large tilt-back chair;,ottoman; • platform, rocker*; floor, lamp; walnut drop-leaf table with extra leaves; pad; walnut china cabinet; 4 matching chairs. • Many other articles Including furniture, tools, bedding, rugs, dishes, etc , ( , ^ Mi| ,. These items are In excellent condition and most were purchased new In recent years. TERMS OF SALE: Cash. No property to be removed until settled lor. Cecil W. Whittoker EXECUTOR OF ESTATE OF MORROW WHITTAKER ART WESTLIN and DEL PIT2ER—Auctipneera EUGENE H. RENNICX, JR.—Altorifey PUBLIC SALE The undersigned Efevlsees arid Owners under {he Last Will ancj Testament of Mabel L. Woods, Deceased, will sell, at public auction, on Saturday, Sept. 21,1963 At 1:00 O 'clock P.M. At tttiS Ifite fe'slfldHce St the said Mabel C. Woods', deceased, lot cated 1 block South of, the Tpmpkihs, State Bank in the Village of Avon, Illinois,Jjh.e, teUp\^g*4P^ib$&«frt estate: ^ The South 49 feet and 4*/ a inches of Lot Four (4) in Blocks Ten (10) in the Original /Tow.0, now Village of AY^h. situated in the County of Fulton and State of Illinois. This property consists of a 6-room, two-story, modern residence, oil heated and in^good repair. Ai Jha rear.of t&e j-esidence there is a commercial building 18'xzO and afiached thereto is a one-car garage. TERMS OF SALE: 25% of the biS on day of sale. Balance to be paid on February-Stti>iG04 at-which time Warranty Deed shall be delivered to ,the Purchaser or Purchasers, Sellers to pay the 1962 general real estate taxes, payable m M63 arid thfi Purchaser or Purchasers Posse^b§ln S to^De' given said Purchaser or Purchasers on day of sale. Abstract of Title brought to date of sale shall be furnished the Purchaser or Purchasers. Purchaser or Purchasers to keep the present insurance in full force and effect after date of possession. Anyone interested in -inspecting the £aid premises prior to day of sale, please contact the undersigned auctioneer or Nealy Woods, R.R. Prairie City, Illinois. Not Responsible fox Accidents NEALY WOODS, |VA IQWIN WOODS, FRANCIS HATCH, Owners LOWELL BUCK' Auctioneer — Avon, Illinois I

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