The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois on January 7, 1973 · Page 8
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois · Page 8

Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 7, 1973
Page 8
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ra"rp o-o-o r' ry i rr r q f r o o o r Delay of inauguration impossible as in '6 1 By Larry Kramp Associated Press Writer SPRINGFIELD, III. (API - "Possible delay in inauguration," tlie newspaper headline blazed. It was reporting a deadlock between minority Democrats and majority Republicans vying for the speakership of the Illinois House. That was 1961. There was a delay, Secretary of State Charles Carpentier's attempt to block Paul Powell from the leadership post ran for five days. Inauguration of Gov. Otto Kerner for his first term was held up. It can't happen this year. The 1970 Constitution has changed the order of business. Inauguration of the governor comes before the inauguration of the House and election of its speaker. However, there may be a post-inaugural inter-party fight over the speakership this year. A rift in the GOP ranks this year has raised Democratic hopes of carrying off the prize again. Statehouse experts on the new constitution said putting inauguration ahead of legislative organization and elections apprently happened by accident and was not designed to keep the inauguration isolated from the power fight for speaker. Grabs gavel In 1961, the minority was threatened with delay in the inauguration of its own governor if the Democrats persisted in reaching for the speakership. ' Paul Powell wrested the speakership from the Republican majority of 89 because some Republican lawmakers absented themselves during the early days of the parliamentary dueling, and because Republicans defected on the final vote. Carpentier, who was temporary presiding officer over organization of the House, gaveled it into adjournment to stem the Democratic grab. But Powell took up the abandoned gavel and assumed the speakership despite the seats left vacant before him as Republicans deserted the chamber. Carpentier and Atty. Gen. William L. Guild, also a Republican, filed a suit demanding Powell answer by what authority he claimed the speakership. Peace finally ' When Powell refused to answer the suit, Republicans threatened to boycott the Assembly session scheduled under the constitution to witness the inaugura lion Ot Jcrner. Dy DiocKing ine inauguration ui a nuw milium u. onauuii auuuuuu. j Changes recommended tion of Kerner. i in scnoo A task force on finance of the Governor's Commission of Schools has recommended changes in the state school aid formula and new sources of income that would see an additional $171 million in state aid for public schools in 1974. The report, released Saturday by John W. McCarter Jr., Illinois budget director and chairman of the task force, proposes that half of the growth in state income tax revenue, with no change in the tax rate; two-thirds of the state's share of general federal revenue sharing; and all the growth in the state income tax revenue sharing be used to reduce the burden of local school property taxes. Funds from those three sources would amount to $171 million for fiscal 1974, McCarter said. "This figure would grow to $554 million by fiscal 1978." The state budgeted $1.16 billion for aid to education this year and the money from the three new sources would be additional. And (lie task force proposed "that all local property tax rates should be frozen for two years if enough replacement revenue can be set aside to offset a financial loss to the common schools,"' McCarter said. The task force found "that an increased state income tax probably would be the fairest way of replacing the local property tax," McCarter said. "But to replace the education portion of the local , property tax, the state income tax of 2.5 per cent on individuals and 4 per cent on corporations would have to be increased to 6.25 per cent and 10 per cent, respectively." 1 No drastic step However, the budget director said the task force did not recommend so drastic a step. "Reliance on the local property tax to finance public education in Illinois has produced severe inequities," McCarter said. "The same property tax rate produces 75 times as much revenue in the wealthiest elementary school district in the state as in the poorest district." And while the "current formula for state aid to school districts has reduced the resulting inequities ... it has fallen far short of eliminating them." The task force recommends a plan, with three alternatives, to change the current formula. Presented in three "tiers," the plan Is: Tier 1 should consist of a basic state ' V ft Vr- V For last time After exchanged insults, there was peacemaking. The clock was turned back in the House to where it was before Powell's assumption of the speakership. Powell was elected 89 to 85. The 89 is the constitutional majority in the House. After the five days of feuding, and the dire threats of disruption of state affairs bv blockmc the inauguration of a new c SSy t&k ?M X f. ; o6M 17 I A aid formula grant given to all students, regardless of the district in which they reside, to ensure a minimum level of education. m Tier 2 should consist of additional expenditures chosen by the local school district and equalized by the state so that school districts choosing equal tax effort will receive equal revenues per student. (School districts should be able to provide equalized expenditures of at least $1,000 per student under Tier 1 and Tier 2.) Tier 3 Tier 3 should consist entirely of local efforts beyond Tier 1 and Tier 2. It would not be equalized by the state. Tier 3 would enable those districts that wish to spend amounts beyond those which the state considers necessary for a reasonable education ... to do so if the district is willing to pay for it. Tier 3 tax and expenditure levels should be reviewed by the voters of the district at least every four years. The alternatives specify dollar amounts of state aid, tax rates and maximum levels of guaranteed per-pupil support. The third alternative would even require "districts which at any tax rate below $2.50 are able to realize more revenues than the guaranteed per-pupil level for that tax rate" to turn over the excess revenue to the state "for distribution to those districts which do not realize the guaranteed per-pupil level for their tax rates." In addition to recommending a new formula for distribution of general state aid to common schools," McCarter said, "the task force proposed that the state make extra money available to local school districts for educating disad Advertisement 50,000 Drivers Fail last year over 50,000 Illinois drivers failed the state written-exam. Experts say "One reason is, rules and regulations change iind even some safe drivers don't keep up with the new laws." If your license expires this year, you may be among the thousands that, will be re-examined in 197,'. So if you're nervous about taking t ho written exam, here's good news. t'opyrighi 1972 AA-AA School of Safe V. " Gov. Richard B. Ogilvie ponders question as he bid farewell to members of the press during his last press conference as governor in Springfield Friday. Governor-elect Dan Walker will be inaugurated Monday. (AP Wirephoto). governor, Kerner was sworn in only one hour later than the appointed time of noon. The Illinois State Journal reported it was the first time in Illinois history when four Illinois governors were gathered under one roof. Former Govs. John Stelle, Adlai E. Stevenson and William G. Stratton attended. vantaged pupils, building new schools and offering special education to handicapped pupils." The task force also proposed that the state "take a hard look" at teacher retirement funding. Disadvantaged students For disadvantaged students, the task force recommended "extra weighting" (the practice of counting a disadvantaged student as more than one for the purpose of making state aid payments on a per-pupil basis) and setting aside $12 million in fiscal 1974 for special programs for disadvantaged pupils which are not eligible for federal funds. "The task force recommended that the state sell $100 million in bonds to help local school districts built new schools and pay off debts incurred since Jan. 1, 19G9, for school construction," McCarter said. And in the area of special education the task force recommended "radical departures in state assistance to local school districts." "Aid would no longer be distributed according to the number of professional employes who work with handicapped pupils," McCarter added. Instead, handicapped students would be given extra weighting (much the same as for disadvantaged students) in the distribution of general state aid, and the extra money would have to be spent for handicapped students. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Zehr returned home Wednesday after spending the holidays with their granddaughter, Mrs. Doug Lehman and her husband in Los Angeles, Calif. ou can purchase your own "self-scoring" test pajers. with new-questions, answers and road signs you should know for that imjort-ant examination dav. This method has helped thousands pass. Mail $6.00 plus 75 cents handling. (Check or monev order) to A A -A A School of Safe Driving, (MM N. Milwaukee Ave.. Chicago, III. ti0(!4(. Dept. 5-J. Driving, all rights resorted. Boyd fo speak fo Lexington club LEXINGTON (PNS) - Ben Boyd of the McLean County Health Department will present the program when the Lexington Literary Club meets at 8 p.m. Tuesday with Mrs. Lloyd Worth. The theme of the meeting is in the interest of ecology and is entitled, "Doing Our Bit." Forrest Michael Endres left Tuesday for San Diego, Calif., after spending a holiday leave here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Endres. His wife and daughter are remaining with her parents in Mount Vernon while he takes additional training in avionics. Spec. 4 Greg Stollcr returned to Ft. Hood, Tex., Tuesday after spending a 10-day holiday here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Stollcr. McLean County real estate transfers The following real tilile transfer! were recorded In the office of McLean County Recorder of Derdi, Mae Peane, In the week which ended Dec. 79. Tax stamps Indicate approximate value at the rale of SI per tl.OOO. BLOOMINOTON Rudolf F. Fisher fo David D. Duggan, 231 Florence, 19. David D. Duggan to Albert E Harms. 221 norence. u. Albert E. Harms to Dennis A. Row, 271 Florence, 24. E. William Roller to Kay Kinvdon, 1505 E. Olive. Kay Klngdon to R. Thomaslne Rolley, 1505 E. Olive. Phillip J. Harsh to Emmelt W. Mankln, 1616 Illinois. S2.50. Eugene Cochran to Morris Cochran, 1305 W. Olive, $5.50. Lois L. Bloomqulst to David R. Wall, 3U't E. Stewart, $?. Patricia H. Thomas to Kenneth P. Hulson, 41 i E. Stewart. Theresa Ross to Stephen P. Whelan, too N. Roosevelt. S30 Carl Frautschl to William C. Frautschl, Interest In 106 W. Washington. Roy E Schrock to Noble F. Ensminger, (101 E. Olive, (12 E. Olive, S14.50. F. J. Muhlke to John W. Morton. 711 E. Grove, $12.50. Cussfe M. Cannon to Lawrence D. Walters, 617 E. Mulberry, 5V.50. Martha J. Boles to Daniel E. Maxedon, 506 E. Jackson, $9.50. Bobby L. Elliott to John Renslow, 615 W. Jackson, $12.50. Eliiabelh C. Mlsner to Elizabeth C. Misner, 704 E. Miller. Paul Ping to Kenneth A. Miller, 106 S. Madison, $12. ' John P. Wyalt to Paul R. Marshall Jr., 1015 W. MacArthur. Mamie C. Hayer to Carl H. Carbe, 2006 E. Oakland, $26. NORMAL Jean S. Carson, trustee, to Trent A. Shepard Jr., 80.35 acres In Sec 23. Jean S. Carson, trustee, to Trent A. Shepard Jr., 75 acres In Sec 23. Jean S. Carson, trustee, to Trent A. Shepard Jr., 320 acres In Sec. 24. Jean S. Carson, trustee, to Trent A. Shepard Jr., 30 acres In Sec. 9 and 145 acres In Sec. 10. Louise B. Conklin to Gary E. Conklin, 410 N. Morris. Richard H. Hundman to Rudolph Farnetl, property on Jacobssen, $26.50. Mission Hills Development Co., to Louis A. Lynn, 1326 Dillon Dr., U Richard H. Hundman to Billy J. Marquardt, 1810 Jacobssen, $27.50. Melvin L. Brand to Robert A. Olson, 1609 N. School, $21. Robert T. Fleming to Richard H. Hundman, 109 Doud, $7. Richard H. Hundman to Jerome J. Jurek, 109 Doud, $42. J. C Ebach to Larry L. Carr, parcel on Cambridge, $6. Josephine Klawltter, trustee, to Board of Education of Community Unit School District 5, lot 3 in I AUTO yCMH (7 I IMMEDIATE DELIVERY-NO WAITING Pantagraph A-8 Bloomington-Normal, III. Son., Jan. 7, 1973 ' , Group to aid children with learning problems An organizational meeting of a liloomington-Normal chapter of the Association for Children with Learning Disabilities (ACID) is scheduled for 1 p.m. Saturday at Centennial School. Mrs. Ellen Schloss, former president of the Illinois ACLD council will speak, answer questions and show the film "Why Billy Can't Learn." Nationally ACLD Is a nonprofit organization with more than 200 state and local affiliates. Mrs." Nancy Quiggins, 432 Priscilla Lane, one of the organizers, said the Twin City group will meet monthly and occasionally will have guest speakers. ' Pleasant Hill North Subn., north of College Ave., on proposed Towanda, $40. Bloomlnsion Home Service, Inc., to David D. McGrew, 210 Bone, $34. Leon R. Smalley to Ronald L. Crippln, 110 Robert, $35. ARROWSMITH TOWNSHIP ARROWSMITH felbert Hastings to Charles F. Buille, parcel In Original Town, $.90. DALE TOWNSHIP COVELL George R. Lrlndl to Earl Klndfred, properly In Melton Subn., $75. MARTIN TOWNSHIP COLFAX Cliflord Raley to Ronald D. Krieg, parcel In Elmer Wood's Second Addn., $7.50. MONEY CREEK TOWNSHIP f-loyd A. Kinsella to Charlotte K. Goshgarlan, parcel In Sec. 36, $16. OLD TOWN TOWNSHIP Waller L. Punke to Hawthorne Ridge Lake Association, parcel in Hawthorne Ridge Survey Plat. ALLIN TOWNSHIP The Farmers State Bank of Mlnler, administrator, to Ward G. Freltag, Interest In properly in Sec. 10, sale price $38,400. Samuel C. Morris to Gary J. Freese, property In Sec. 21, $22. BLOOMINOTON TOWNSHIP Paul W. Bishop to Paul W. Bishop, parcel In Crestwicke Heights Subn. Richard H. Hundman to Penny L. Billlngton, parcel in Colonial Meadows Subn., $16. OANVERS TOWNSHIP Ellsworth J. stoller to Chester M. Thomson, parcel In Spin Lake, subn., $3. Bauman Realty, Inc., to M. S. Bauman, trustee, parcel in Sec. 5. DRV GROVE TOWNSHIP Perne Treder to Gene Whittinghill, Interest in property in Sec. 3, $29.50. Perne Treder, trustee, to Gene Whittinghill, interest in property In Sec. 3. GRIOLEV TOWNSHIP Sol E. Gulh to Lois Guth and others, parcel in Sec. 34. GRIDLEY Ruth H. Hlbbs to James E. Tipsord, parcel In Village, $2.50. MOUNT HOPE TOWNSHIP MCLEAN Schwulst Building Center, Inc., to James A. Lambert, oarcel in Suburban Homes Addn.. $19. Margie Taylor to Terrance Taylor, parcel Village. CHENOA TOWNSHIP In Johann Besmer to Robert G. Whitley, property in sec. I. CHENOA Marie McGuire to Harry E. Barth, parcel in Pearce's Addn., $.50. Harry E. Barth to Victor Yeiti, parcel in Pearce's Addn. DAWSON TOWNSHIP Josephine Smith to Gene F. Smith, parcel In Sec. 33. Chester E. Smith to Gene E. Smith, parcel in Sec. 22. Chester E. Smith to Steven L. Smith, parcel In Sec. 22. LEXINGTON Ervln Moranville to Charles A. Barry, parcel In Fulwiler and Okeson's Addn., $2. BELT BANK East and Jefferson Streets, Bloomington, Illinois Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation However, the monthly meetings usually will be for getting parents of children with learning disabilities together to discuss common problems and share common feelings. "Of perhaps greatest importance," Mrs. Quiggins said, "we will get to know each other ... We can help ourselves and each other." For the remainder of the school year, Mrs. Quiggins said, the chapter will concern itself with organization in hopes of having it "running smoothly by the beginning of school next year." A temporary board of directors, to be established Saturday, will govern the group. LEXINOTON TOWNSHIP J. C Ebach to Carl J. Burns, parcel In First Addn. to Timber Ridge Subn., $6.50. ..... The Bank ot Illinois In Normal, trustee, to the Lexington Park District, parcel in Sec 5. EMPIRE TOWNSHIP LB ROY John Leathers to Delmar Leathers, parcel In Con- kiln's Addn., $2. , . . , . . Hilda M. Shrigley to Stella L. Andrls, parcel In Oriqlnal Town. . , Stella L. Andrls, to Hilda M. Shrigley, parcel In Original Town. , , Alfred L. Provasl to Ruth S. Pierce, parcel In Original Town, $10. TOWANDA TOWNSHIP Jean S Carson, trustee, to Trent A. Shepard Jr., parcel In Sec 19. American State Bank of Bloomlnoton, trustee, to Richard K. Hagstrom, parcel in Lamplighter Subn., Richard L. McKaln to Harold G. Burton, properly In Lamplighter Subn., $35 50. TOWANDA Austin W. Saffer to Loval G. Auospurger, two tracts in Fell and Holders Addn., $13.50. RANDOLPH TOWNSHIP Corn Belt Bank of Bloomlngton, trustee, to Parklands Foundation, parcel In First Addn to Country Oaks Subn. Everett L. Pearce to Harold D. Pearce, Interest In parcel In Sec. 21. Everett L. Pearce to Ida M. Hamley, Interest In a parcel in Sec 21. HEYWORTH Arden Powell to Gent R. Ferguson, parcel In Original Town. Gene R. Ferguson to Wlnfleld Bales, property In Original Town, $23. YOU CtJ FAST SERVICE ON Color or Block 'n White United Photo Studio & Camen 01 N. Main 110 N. Center HOURS: 9-5MON.-THUR. 9-6 FRIDAY 9-12 SATURDAY a- 1

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