The Fresno Bee from Fresno, California on July 16, 1988 · 2
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The Fresno Bee from Fresno, California · 2

Fresno, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 16, 1988
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Q A2 THE FRESNO BEE Saturday July 16 1988 Digest Former UCSB chancellor guilty of embezzlement SANTA MARIA — Former University of California Santa Barbara Chancellor Robert Huttenback and his wife were convicted Friday of embezzling more than $150000 in university funds to make home improvements Huttenback a history scholar specializing in British colonialism served nine years as chancellor A Santa Maria iuty also found Huttenback guilty of tax evasion in his 1983 1984 and 1985 tax returns and was found guilty of submitting false tax returns in 1983 and 1985 His wife Freda Huttenback was found guilty only on the embezzling charge Huttenback quit under pressure on Sept 1 1986 following a June 1986 UC audit that determined he had inappropriately spent university funds SF area pastor is new Methodist bishop SAN DIEGO — A San Francisco-area pastor outpolled a former aide to the late Martin Luther King Jr after two days of balloting by Methodist delegates to select a replacement for a retiring bishop The Rev William W Dew Jr received 94 votes in the 38th ballot to break the deadlock among delegates from a dozen Western states at the United Methodists conference Dew 52 pastor of Ramon Valley United Methodist Church in Alamo and the Rev James M Lawson Jr a former King aide were the leading contenders after 28 ballots spokeswoman Frances Smith said Bishop Leontine TC Kelly the first black woman to become a bishop of the 91 million-member United Methodist Church is retiring after serving in San Francisco since 1984 Baby missing after car runs into canal OROVILLE - Officers searched an Oroville lake and canal Friday for a 1-year-old Davis boy who apparently washed away after a car being chased by police crashed and overturned at the water's edge The state agreed to cut the flow of water from Oroville Dam into the Ther-malito Forebay and Diversion Canal to aid the search for Bryan Larum The boy’s mother Teresa Albertaz-zi 27 of Davis was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving Thursday after her car plunged into the canal on State Route 70 Albertazzi and two older children Eric 5 and Haldor 3 escaped serious injury 2500 writers picket resist rift in union LOS ANGELES — In a strong show of solidarity 2500 members of the striking Writers Guild of America picketed the 20th Century Fox studios Friday morning one day after 21 dissident writers moved to break away from the union ‘The move by the 21 has proved to be a pseudo-event” said Brian Walton executive director of the WGA West The guild has been on strike against television and film producers since March 7 The 21 scriptwriters calling themselves the Writers Coalition filed a complaint Thursday with the National Labor Relations Board in an effort to leave the WGA and resume work The WGA prohibits its members from resignation during a strike and the Writers Coalition believes that such a rule is illegal UC regents approve faculty staff raises LOS ANGELES — The University of California Board of Regents on Friday approved a 3 percent pay increase for faculty and a 2 percent pay increase for management and professional staff with both increases beginning in January 1989 Management and professional staff at the nine-university system also will get an additional 6 percent pay increase beginning June 1 1989 The increases follow the salary scales in the Budget Act signed July 8 by Gov Deukmejian The Board of kejrents as expected also approved a plan by University President David P Gardner to raise tuition tees for out-of-state students by 10 er( nt Gardner says the increase is neu-ssary to hlp restore $04 million cut by the legislature 7 stolen paintings found in Shasta homo PI IjIjING — Seven stolen paint-rps worth an eMima'cd SVKlOHO w t ftt overi-d by federal and local rjo r i s d ir r g a scarih of a G-'m- ! r-jiai norrvt-a'iem Shasta ! : - hrM s d part mcrl re- : i r ‘IV ! tie p M-np- pro- i1- b -’ l-VOiO'd J ' I - I Vkefi M ji r a f p pom t rr San I ! i - I - 1 i Ie jHireo ' : ' -I V" -i’l-f ' ’f v : ' ' 1 ifil' Remorseless killer gets his wish — death Associated Press SAN LUIS OBISPO - A convicted double murderer who claimed credit for five unsolved killings and ripped his shirt open in court to display tattoos inspired by the crimes got his wish Friday: A jury recommendation that he die in the gas chamber Jurors deliberated just 90 minutes after defendant Dennis Webb’s dramatic courtroom confession then recommended that Superior Court Warren Conklin impose two death sentences The same juiy had already convicted Webb of murdering a couple who were sexually assaulted beat- : s -v if® Associated Press Margo Gamier says her brother wanted to be hot dog king Slain SF policeman had empire in sight By ELIZABETH FERNANDEZ Associated Press SAN FRANCISCO - The day after he was slain San Francisco po-iceman Lester Gamier got his not dog permit For months the ambitious young man had been planning his first stake at building an empire He had bought a pushcart scouted out the perfect comer in the financial district and tabulated the bulk price of relish If his first hot dog stand were successful he told his sister he would open another then another Someday "he would be the hot dog king" Sunday night as Gamier sat in his car in a Walnut Creek shopping center two bullets were fired execution-style into his head and his torso The vice squad veteran was known to carry at least one gun while off-duty His revolver was missing Monday his business license came through "He was always looking forward” said his sister Margo Gamier 28 "He’d say ‘Margo you can’t go back You have to go forward’ He was the only one I knew who did what he set out to do” Gamier wanted a fancy car — and he took a part-time job in a fashion store and bought an ’84 Corvette with the help of a loan from the police credit union He wanted a home with a pool "away from the fog" of Daly City — and last year he bought a ranch-style house in C and moved his style house in Concord fixed it up ' ‘ i parents there with him and his dogs Chewy and Spunky He wanted to join the police k y: EM $ S i V I - - PrM LOUIS LOCASTO Vc'y tjjb irodent fifii have no feelings ladies and gentlemen My heart is a block of ice 3 p — Dennis Webb en robbed and shot to death in the presence of their two young children ”1 have no feelings ladies and gentlemen My heart is a block of ice” defendant Webb told jurors in begging for execution -fL flJ ' i if - ‘'x VK Vi’i X i'v AV f A i-- j m-f it'i jS Associated Press LESTER GARNIER — Vice squad veteran Olympic team — so every morning he lifted barbells on his patio "He told me on Sunday ’You wait and see: I’m going to make it to the police Olympics next year’ ” his sister said Gamier won two police commendations The first was for helping to arrest three armed men who were holding up a McDonald’s restaurant in 1981 The other came two years later for arresting a man who had tried to kill his little boy Gander's funeral was held at Mission Dolores Church where he was baptized From San Francisco Examiner Father fights for custody of abandoned baby By CATAUNA ORTIZ Associated Press SAN FRANCISCO - The New York parents of a newborn baby girl abandoned at birth in the restroom of an airliner visited the hospitalized infant Friday and the father promised to fight for immediate custody Christina Marie Iicasto charged with abandoning the infant after se-( retly giving birth and liuis lorav 1o held the baby and spoke with a f-ediatrman at Mills Memorial Hospital in San Mateo lb- parents decided to name the tbild Alyssu Irarui-s" attorneys Webb sat expressionless as the verdict was read and relatives in the courtroom burst into tears Jurors who sat through the two-week penalty phase of the trial left through a back exit without talking to reporters Webb was convicted June 20 of two counts of murder and one count each of robbery and burglary in the Feb 5 1987 slayings of John and Lori Rainwater in their Atascadero home Webb 36 a drifter white supremacist and motorcycle gang member from Mesquite Texas expressed no remorse for any of the killings in his chilling appeal to the juiy He said he deserved to die Health a grim By AUDRIE KRAUSE Bee staff writer SAN FRANCISCO - A World Health Organization official warned public health experts Friday that San Francisco’s experience in stopping the spread or AIDS infection among homosexual men doesn't necessarily mean that the epidemic has crested "We believe that it is much too early for self-congratulation and complacency” Dr Jonathan Mann executive director of WHO's AIDS Program told several hundred health experts gathered here for an annual update on AIDS which is sponsored by the University of California at San Francisco While changes in sexual behavior are credited with virtually eliminating the spread of new AIDS infection among homosexual men in this city Mann painted a grim picture of the global effects of acquired immune deficiency syndrome Officially health experts have identified 100410 AIDS victims who have been diagnosed with the disease in 138 nations but the unofficial estimate is that between 200000 and 250000 people have died from the sexually transmitted disease that deactivates the body’s immune system and leaves it prey to a variety of opportunistic infections In Fresno 96 people have been agnosed with ive died Mann said personal behavior patterns and cultural and social values determine how the disease will spread in different nations The AIDS virus is present in blood semen and other body fluids and is spread through sexual intercourse needles shared by intravenous drug users and transfusions of blood or blood products donated by infected donors In addition an infected woman can spread the disease to her unborn child during pregnancy While homosexual men have been hardest hit by AIDS in the United States western Europe and New Zealand AIDS victims in central Africa and the Caribbean are primarily heterosexual More recently Mann said AIDS has begun to spread in the northern African nations eastern Europe and Asia Many people mistakenly believe AIDS is a "gay” disease because it was first detected among homosexual men who developed a rare form of cancer as a result of the breakdown of their immune systems Had it first been identified in another group Mann said it would have been labeled a sexually transmitted disease right from the start Mann questioned whether it was an "extraoidinaiy historical coincidence” that AIDS began to spread at about the same time that scientists developed the technology to identify retroviruses like the virus that causes AIDS "it is humbling to realize that a global explosion like this could occur without our being aware” he said’ With the realization that AIDS was a global threat Mann said said Hospital nurses had named the child Elizabeth ”We are going to reaucst in court Monday that the child be released to him as its father and there are no charges against him" as an unfit parent said Vicki Yeley attorney for lzmis Lncasto at a news conference fallowing the visit Earlier Friday social workers vowed to fight to keep the baby out of the mother's custody Although both parents visited with the baby only the father attended the news conference Louis faxasto did not speuk deferring to his liwyc-r Yc I17 noted that the family has and that he preferred death to life in prison “I’ve killed several times he said "I’ve never been busted for it I beat the system but now the jig's up" Speaking calmly and laughing occasionally giving no names places or dates Webb claimed: At age 21 he killed a homosexual "I don’t like homosexuals" he said For $10000 he committed a contract killing for an unnamed “outlaw motorcycle gang” shooting the man in the head To win initiation into a motorcycle gang he killed a man When he was interrupted during a home burglaiy he shot one official paints AIDS picture Insurance coverage still a major problem By AUDRIE KRAUSE Bee staff writer SAN FRANCISCO - While state and federal laws provide AIDS victims with some protection against discrimination in employment and housing insurance is another matter "Insurance is an inherently discriminatoiy business” said Mark Scherzer an attorney with the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund which represents AIDS victims in discrimination complaints Scherzer was one of three experts on anti-discrimination law who reviewed the rights of AIDS victims as part of a conference sponsored by the University of California at San Francisco Scherzer tied discrimination against AIDS patients to the insurance industry’s historic prejudice against homosexuals Manuals used by insurance underwriters have traditionally labeled homosexuals as poor risks according to Scherzer "These things are still sitting in those underwriting manuals he said "In most places it’s not against the law to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation" While Scherzer agrees with insurance industry claims that AIDS does present a substantial financial risk he said the indus-try is not bearing its share of the costs of caring for individuals with acquired immune deficiency syndrome David I Schulman an AIDS discrimination attorney with the city of Los Angeles said the insurance industry’s fiscal concerns are real but only part of the story "The real policy discussion has to be about how we spread the costs of caring for people with AIDS” Schulman said "If the insurance industry doesn’t pay the community will have to pay” In Fresno the high cost of medical care for an AIDS patient prompted Gottschalks to eliminate AIDS coverage from its employee health plan The group WHO organized an international mobilization That effort has helped put AIDS into a political and social context and resulted in international cooperation on a level not previously experienced Nevertheless Mann said WHO experts expect to see another 1 million AIDS cases within the next five years "Where the virus is present and where the behavior that contributes to its spread is present the spread can be explosive” he said two other daughters and said the father is “very upset" and is seeking immediate custody She said the entire family has been unable to sleep since the child was bom just prior to a flight from Newark NJ to San Francisco on Wednesday Custody has rested with San Mateo County's Children's Protective Services since the infant was found Monday’s hearing in juvenile court will determine whether to continue the county's temporary custody and a permanent custody heuring will Ik? field later Attorneys for Christina lixnsto 24 said 'Ihursdiiy she wanted her daughter bak despite pending sentence and possibly two people He killed a black because of his race Webb pulled off his white dress shirt as ne spoke and pointed to tattoos on his burly chest inspired by some of the crimes: a skull with two bullet holes representing the murder-for-hire a tombstone for the dead black man Among his many other tattoos are the lightning-bolt symbol of the Nazi SS storm troopers and the words “white power" The prosecutor San Luis Obispo County Deputy District Attorney John Trice said there was no record of any of the crimes policy still covers other expensive conditions such as cancer however Schulman also was critical of the California Legislature’s lack of leadership on AIDS policy blaming it for a rash of "right-wing” ballot initiatives two of which have already been defeated by California voters While AIDS patients who are denied health and life insurance have little recourse the situation is not nearly as bleak for victims of housing and employment discrimination Arthur Leonard a professor at the New York Law School said a US Supreme Court ruling has established that federal laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of a physical handicap are applicable to AIDS patients Although the federal law does not apply to private employers Leonard said there are similar laws in some states including California that are applicable to all employers Schulman credited civil rights legislation enacted over the past 30 years with creating a positive legal climate for the protection of AIDS patients Historically Schulman said epidemics have been used to focus public panic on already disenfranchised social groups "Only in the past 35 years have we begun to think about the role of the law in terms of public panic” he said "Civil rights laws enacted since then have had one thing in common — they are rules for how you treat people in public who might be perceived as frightening or different” Schulman said it is understandable that many people fear AIDS because the disease is related to such fundamental human Issues as sex and death Like the stain a chemist uses when examining a cell under a microscope Schulman said AIDS highlights chronic social inadequacies "Because AIDS is an acute crisis layered on top of these chronic problems it offered an opportunity to change things rapidly” Schulman said As an example Mann said that in a recent 3-month period the incidence of AIDS infection among an estimated 100000 intravenous drug users in Bangkok Thailand increased from 1 percent to 16 percent “We can’t know for sure the size of the vulnerable population but there must be several million people” he said Mann said health and social support programs are weak or non-existent in every country in which AIDS has appeared charges of felony child er ment She has pleaded innot The Staten Island worn freed on bail afer posting $5 cash If convicted she fact six years in prison The brown-haired bluen by is in stable and good con Mills Memoriul Hospital Srxial workers asked in c PJTS filed with the county ( ourt to retain custody for 10 days until 11 hearing to 1 lix asto's actions last Wedm I he I jM'jCitos Ixith plan t Monday's closed 930 a m 111 Bclmnnt

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