The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1949
Page 7
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FRIDAY, MARCH 11,1949 THE NATION TODAY imericans Should Re-examine Democratic Ideals and Weigh lealities in War on Communism By Jam» Mtrlow WASHINGTON, March 10. M'j-Presldcnt Truman snys It's through [education alone that Western people can right Communism. "We must have leader* Inspired from tneii earliest years with HID ideals o( democracy," lie said In n talk »t Rollins College Fin. It would have helped If he had been a mile more specltlc on how (he Inspiring Is done, or Die form sucli education should lake. I You can drill a boy In the Irtens*- 1_ . of democracy, or communism, mid Hopes of Solving Ozark Shooting Grow Stronger Blytheville Um> Of AA Sponsors Sunday Meeting BI,YTHEVIU,K •^——-^— 'Y' Stcretory Discussej R»cr»ational Problems At Rotariant' Luncheon The film, Playground, u. s A ^crrM.n.sia E€SH?f« : Kr.r «„• ^K \ -r-,'..,':... T' Sunday ."'."M tO , bU " d * *"*' Ihe will bcJlove either without tlilnk- Iliig If he's the kind thai ncceptn • slogan* without examining (hem. I That'i hardly sound training for I future leadership In n democracy. • As an example: I The Declaration of Independence I has shining phrases about, all men I created equal and the inalienable iRht to liberty. Since those words were written I in 1716 generations of Americans I have reciled them lustily or had I them dinned into their car.? as » I fact ol American life. Started As Men), Nol Fact But liberty was only an Ideal, not i fact, for many for almost lot) I years alter the words were writ- I ten. There were slaves here when I they were written .and slave* here | until th civil War. And even now, for a lot of Amer- I leans who shout about democracy, 1 the Idea that all men are created I equal is not a fact at all. 1 But I wonder how many boys, [past, or present, busy memorizing »;he words, have thought of the dif- I ference between the ideal and the 1 realities. I And r wonder how many teach- I ers have been acute enough, or fcli I deeply enough about It, to point out I the difference to them. Mouthing the Ideals, without f a =I ing the realities or understanding I them, seems to me a feeble education in democracy. As an Ideal, ol course, the declaration was Important, and still U. But equally Important is this; That is early as the year 1776 it could have been written at all. Fjr written so'early, it shaped our liis- 1 tory. Behind the writing was the long history of mankind and the slow, developing Idea that individual freedom Is necessary lor a good so! clety. Critical of Tcacheri Few schoolboys are taught any of i that, but if they knew the history, they might appreciate more the 1 value of liberty. I wonder how many teaches*, at i least below the college level, know [ enough about it themselves to tench For that matter, I wonder how many schools, Including colleges, I put any; at all on teach- i ing the history of political philosophy. Us in that rich field that American students can obtain a rcul foundation for understanding the importance of human freedom. Unless you know the roots behind the slogan, it seems to me it would be easier to hire a. phonograph to repeat the slogans. Communists long ago discarded the Idea of personal freedom for people. It would have Interfered with the complete control they wanted to shape the kind ol society the> wanted. Communism here probably would have been far less attractive for some ol the Americans who Joined it. If they had been grounded in the history of political Ideas and the struggle for freedom. It's been a. long, tough struggle, »nd will continue to be. A would- be Communist who doesn't understand and feel that, may turn lo the party out °' impatience with the American society as he sees It at this minute. Employment Service Manager Nominated J. M. Cleveland, manager of the Blytheville office of the Arkansas State Employment Service, has beer, nominated lor election u executive conimitteeman for th« Arkansas Chapter ol the International Association of Public Employment Services. Eight Arkansas employment ser- Berryvllle, Ark., March 11— (,r,-_ Hopes of solving the mysterious Ozark mountain shooting o! the two boys and their clog by (he end of the week were expressed uy the sheriff's office here yesterday. Deputy Sheriff Can (lore said the condition of Ihe lone survivor of the shooting, la-ycnr-olrl Loon Tubb, showed further improvement this morning but. that the lad still was unable lo talk. "If he keeps Improving at. this rate, we probably will be able to talk with him in R couple of davs " said Gore. Leon's half brother. Deivcy, 7 w:is killed. Leon lias a bullet woinid 'h, his head. The boys and their dog which also was killed, were found lying in a cedar thicket near their larm home north of Ben-yvllle Monday They had been musing from home .ihice Saturday. Leon's .22 calibre rifle was found nesrbv The attorney, whose mime wus! not disclosed, will address the meet i ,., ., In 8 on the subject of "Alcoholism" '• (> "°* ll " i ""• "'"'. •>• ''• <>, The meeting will bo open to Ihe' sr crelary of the lllythcrillr imbllc. i '""cussed recreational The nifthevllle Chapter of Al- cuhol Anunoniyoiis was nrcmn/cd two years ago and since that time U has grown limn Its otiutnal three members to a membership of 50. nivthcvtllfl's Ministerial Alliance Is helping promote Hie meeting. Printing Device Hits Million Wore/5 a Minute SAN DIEQO, Calif. M'l — A new Ultra hind-speed electronic .^ysiein, which iu designer cluhiw will enable iirlntlnji speeds lo go up lo n intlllon wor'ds a minute, has been developed by an airplane company designer. Joseph T. MtNnney calls his tie- vice Ihc Elceti-ontype. He explains, it system of printing made pus- "Y". niylhovlllo, " S '" X. R. Cnmpbcll, nivor DjviMr.n supervisor with the Frisco i illu . way Company, of Chalice, Mo, WIIK a of the rlub. .if tin- qimllflfd cltrlors Pull-tro\vn electric rd.s cmi develop an attack power of GOO volts. valr rndlo and electronical laboratory, Jiiys he conceived hij nfw method of transmission more tlu:i 10 years afio, and obtained pntenu \ •••- I--H.HUH i>i amen iM principal renturo.i In IIKl lic| c1 ' i«"l B'nve coiiccr is n native of Baltimore. Md., at]<l ciiine hei'e two years a(;o. . - No. 603 AN von KI.KOT10N 01-' ALDKHMKN -— i t. ..... llv . [,.,.-,- i THE DIV'l''I;'nii;NT \Vy\RDS .sllilc by P. new cathode rny tube rtc- [THE CITY OF nLYTHEVIl , ,. si«n, It employs high-speed photo- ] AtiKANSAS. AND [-'OR OTl'lFfl sniphy lit |la- receiver, niul nlso i I'URI'OSKS. Skates made by fastening an iron runner on a wooden tiame were Invented In the Uth century vice men were nominated, together wrth the eight cricumbents for the committee posts. The election will be held at the )ii:;!i-.sp«.d film developiii R A', the (riiiifiriilttcr, a mcs.«iigc Is recorded on tiingnellc tape, or photographic Him, In the form of a pair ol coded impulses per jnr.^.sriKe '-hfvracter. The receiver corn-pits Ihe coded impulses into complete characters (letters, digits, etc.) on the screen o( Ihe cathode tube. The device moves a photographic film In front of the tube's screen j allowing a succession of lines of I complete message characters to be «t|)o.sed on the Him. Tile elcclrontype, according to Mcp.Nney, does not require synchronization between transmitter and . I)e H ordained by Ihe City Council of ''ie City of Blytlievllle, Arkansas: Section one: Prom atij at- a e state convention, tcnatively set for receiver Apnl 8 in Little Rock. Mc-Naney. employed in the Con STABBS BROS. KF.KHIGKKATION SKHVICK ELKOTKIO WIKINM T.iivvri'iu-e St:\bbs J. H. i PHONE 2559 Day or Xlnht 2018 West Ash Street lilnccil in nninlniiiloii upon ihs nc- tlllon Of the tiunlUlod electors of Ihe wiinl lo be loprospiitcd, sutd pdlllon sli.ill tip signed hy not less Ihnn Irn 1101 unit nn inn™ i>i..i, lllty i.W) of such > •SiTtlon TWO: When miy raiull date [ur (he O [fu>e „, ,,j,| M . lllBI , ,„ luiy ut the m'mil wards of lliBil" Clly of niytlu-vlllc. shuU Imvo been j' nomiiiHlc-d In lu'covdnnce with the i' provisions of ttoL-llou one ot Ihls j i Ordliiiuu-e (he imnie of Mich can- i [ dldnlc shnll njipear upon (ho bill- I lot onlv In the ward In which he Is | J n candidate and shnll bo vwled upon 5 only by tlu< qualified volers of Hip ' wurd fr»m which such person Is ; ! n rniirildiito. j | Sc-cllon Three: whereas, there h ! isrent nrort lor elurirylnu the | nw s: I of Ihls city i-onceralim the noml- " iinllon nnd election of aldermen In Ihe Clly of lllylhevlllc, Arknnsns; and, whrvriM, ihrre Is m i,,.|, „,„. fusion resulting from |],v lurk ot such ail arillnnncp; and, whMciis. the ph-etloti ol aldcrinen Is of prop- lo the Well- »h,ill bo In full force nnd Mfwi (rum and nflrr in ijus.itiuc, 1'Mf.fA ami approved March 8. K. H, JACKHON, Mavnr iVIU'M: W, r. MALIK, City CU-rk F j PAGE - n . ., . , l.WMl VI II (If \ [H> WCJI- beliiR unit proper admlnlstrnllon „( Die ntfnirs of (he City o[ lilyihe- i vllle, wild tills Ordinance Ut-ln B nee- !! Doll, Ark cianty fur the prescivntlorr of the - D.P.L. NO.'Ys"" COTTONSEED D«flnt«d, treated and Sacked State Certified 85% Germination 1 Yr. from Station A Ton or Carload Also (Jood AlfitlCit Huy for Siilc Magers & Gill 1 IMinno 'i'lTl CHEVROLET TRUCKS HIAVT-DUTY HIGH «A« TRUCK Model 6419 — 161-iniJi W,e,/bo Uoxmum G.V.W. 14,000 Ib. MtAVY-DUir STAKf THUCK, WJ,.V«KT.. Moiimum G.V.W. 12,500 Ik. HtAvnr-DirrY CAS-AND-CHASSIS w*Wi Dump Bod? Modtl 6403—161-incd Wd.-lko, Woiimum G.V.W. 16,000 Ib. on the job! Righ» on Ihe job day after day because they're |«u B h, and ruggedly built .... Rjghf on the job all of the time with a model to meet every hauling need! Power! Strength! Stamina! Day in and day out, Chevrolet Heavy-Duty Trucks mov c mountains of produce and equipment lo keep American commerce and industry strong. Month after month yeir after par big, rugged Chevrolet Trucks are right on the job Irom one end of the country lo the otherl rJ^";'- u h ?, Che . vrolct is thc nation's leading choice for that job. Here ,s why more Chevrolet trucks were sold last year than any other make ... not iusl in one On,v W Ch Stat ? S ' hUt V? eV " y SUt = i" Vhc Union! «r,n ?h -°L Can Offcr -P° wer wi th economy . . . den g Vr COI , lven ' e »« ... and duly-proved depcndabilny comh.ncd in a variely of models to meet every need ... up to 16,000 Ib. Gross Vehicle Weight! Keep in mind, too, that Chevrolet Heavy-Duty Trucks alone offer you 3-Way Thrift-low cost opcr aUon, low cost upkeep and the lowest list prices in the entire truck field! Look at all these Extra-Value Features! HfAVV-OUTY CAB-AND.CHASStl *(lh Sottltr'i fiot/y Morift 4^0J—)4J.,-,tA Wlircltat* Maximum G.V.W. IJ.50D Ik. HfAVT-DUrr CA6-AKO.CHASS1S »l* Stfui, SaJ, Ma<l,l 6403 — I6Linch VVfc!,Ural» WoAimuni G.V.W. 16,000 Jb. HtAVY-Dim TRACTOR wilFi trailer I03 —137 incA Wk^lboH Maximum G.V.W. (6,000 fh. ."Why ; s H a g ; r | „;,(, co( | on s)oct . >"qs never sees a mouse?" dikt ridnfiah. If your radio sormris Jikc a JH,/. ily of mice have set up house Keening in tlic loudspeaker lit wonder your reception is cheesy! we can trap nnd ruminate «nv sound y<mr sot wasn't designed to produce. OFFICIAL REGISTRATIONS PROVE THERf ARE MORI CHEVROLET TRUCKS IN USE THROUGHOUT THE NATION THAN ANY OTHER MAKEI IftAVT-OUTT CAS-ANO-CHASSH I Rtfrigcrolor Jo<JT HEAVY-DUTY STAKE TRUCK AWol 6^0V I6T irch VlkrtHtll Moumjni G.V.VV, ]6,000 fb. Chtyrofcl In/ct U, fodvttci HaVtii pi'd-upn plolforni. In orfrfi- ffon, a w,W« rcricfy of cab ovpr- engme and convenrroriof dtoii'i onrf cob, cr cllailii tor ,f,,c:a< «<[urpmrnl nnti ipcaol bcrfi*i (of yeur hoi.ljnfl rMrrfi, kuill by nlrobU monuFaclufin, 1981. MAIN $r. «lTT«H¥HU.4ire. 301 W. Walnut Chevrolet Co. p hone RED HOT PRICES On Guaranteed { USED CARS I IU7 Plymouth .(.don,- Si'dmi . . . 15:11.78. tit II Chevrolet, I'/, -Ton Truth . . , $575.00. MM 7 Pl.vmoiilli 'l-ilwir . . . JIOOH.UI. l!MI Nnsh Aiulmssiidtir ,|.ilo»r . . . §<>!)7,19. 1 1) IH I'lymotilli Condi . . . ?7li2.l;j. !!);» Km-ci Jli-Tmi siiihu Tiik'k . . . $.«J3.77. liHfi Nash "<i(KI" .(.(I,,,,,., nn)oll < . _ 511 ,j 5i , i7< Mi;il I'lymiiullv -[.(limy , , , $j»j)5. li).'J7 Ford C(iii|?('. N5 H.I 1 . . , . $|<)5. lil.'tri ClU'vrnlel Simulant i!-ilonr . . . $225. SHELTON MOTOR CO. 215 South Second Phone 4438 UNIFORM Headquarters • Baseball • Softball del Our TAXI and TRUCK DRO UNIFORMS All Colors - (Ifilnifilinc $12.95 HUDSON Clcancr-Clothior-Tailor Service — That's Our Motto! We spurc no MIon In providing nn KXTHA cvoryduy prescription M't-vli-e. which means cxtn> con- renlctioo to you. Keel free to call »n 11.1 lit nny llmo. Prompt do- livery sfnlco, Phone 507. WOODS DRUG STORE mm NOTICF T0 ^ FRrENDS H MW I IV-L AND CUSTOMERS Ci.ll 510 or src me In h, K ri,m n,,ll,ll,, K (ir,,,,,,,) i.'|,,,, r . rcat City Drug Klore, U ,|,.,,., all fl| it |n „( UnKcd In.uranc. FRANK D. UNDERWOOD Have us renew your fnntweni- wllh (inr HUD Invl.vlWc Iniir snles. The hermetically sealed sole Joint will keep out moisture, foreign mutter. There will he no K|,,, n k strain (n distort the .shoe nnd cause discomfort. No ' nulls or stitches. The shoes are truly renewed for lung sritlsfuctory wear here. 1 anil 'i-llay Scrvlcu nn Any Malic nr Alixlcl Reliable Workmanship Phone 2642 We (,'jill ]''nr and Deliver ,Fred Callihan ICIvclriciil Appliance Co. Anlliori/.cft iMolornla Hiilt's .Service 11)1! SD. Isf. SI. SEE YOUR PONflAC DEALER Sales -Servfce-Paris Goodwi Used Gars BLYTHEVILLE .*• if .... With Fiowcfs The Flower Shop Olencoc Hold HMff. ,, honc ,, ,,„ or .,. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151

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