Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 8, 1973 · Page 26
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 26

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, June 8, 1973
Page 26
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4 Gafesbura Reaistef- Galesburg, III. I By NICHOLAS DAN1L0FF |research agreement, a cultural WASHINGTON (UPI) - Despite the political fallout of the ^ , Watergate affair, preparations Hf0it£)Viltmt1Q a'e going full steam ahead for I rVfJLrUUWlb thfi v 1 s} t B6 f soviet leader Leonid POT Bre^lilieV Washington Window Trip Advance I. Brezhnev during which a new series of Soviet-American accords are to be signed. Soviet and U.S. sources say discussions are in an active exchange a g re £ m e n t, an amended civil air transport agreement, and a possible agricultural agreement. Whether President Nixon and general secretary Brezhnev of the Soviet Communist party also will conclude some kind of dramatic compromise or guidelines for the Soviet-American Strategic Arms Limitations Talks (SALT) remains unclear. that they would like the Brezhnev American relations and con visit scheduled for June 18-28, eluded a bevy of scientific exchange agreements. ffect the give-and-take be- Itween Nixon and Brezhnev. Sftftwtiifv of State William P. to foe the equivalent as much as possible of President Nixon's But American officials aftfeogftn told the House Foreign summit meeting in Moscow last May. Skepticism Voiced During that meeting, the United States and the Soviet Union concluded their first accord on limiting defensive and some offensive nuclear arms, drew up a declaration of iples to guide Soviet* skeptical. They say that Soviet-lAffaifs Committee Tuesday American relations have simplyi not developed enough in the last year to prtduce' the same, wealth of agreements as the Moscow summit meeting did. In the Washington diplomatic there is much community the speculation as to ho\V unfolding Watergate affair will that Watergate had no discern! |ble impact on the conduct of .S. foreign 1 policy. Soviet iplomats assert that the candal is purely a domestic merican concern which does lot affect Moscow. May See Splashdown Soviet diplomats, in private conversation, are keenly concerned whether Congress will approve the administration's trade bill with its provisions for normalized tfade terms (most favored nation status) for the Soviet Union. Sen. Henry M. Jackson, D- Wa'sh., has rallied strong support In the Congress against most favored nation status for Russia so long as the Soviet Union does not allow free emigration for Jews and other would-be emigrants. It is generally expected 1 that Bfezhnev Wilt make a brief visit to the Manned Spaceflight Center in Houston on June 22 possibly to see the expected Skyiab astronauts' splashdown and spend the rest of that Weekend with President Nixon at the Western White House in San Clemente., By LAWRENCE LAMB, M.D. Dear Dr. Lamb — Dr. Robert E. Olson, professor at St. Louis University, told newsmen at t recent session of the American Heart Association that the touted benefits of vitamin E are mostly a • myth. He did state, however, -that targe doses of vitamin E benefited an ailment in wihich the circulation through the arteries to the legs is impaired, making walking difficult and painful. Having developed .this condition, Dr. 'Olson's opinion is of more than passing interest to me and quite likely others who are thbs afflicted. I am sure a column devoted in part to 'the benefits of vitamin E, if any, would be of general interest. Dear Reader — Dr. Olson did state that vitamin E was useful in treating leg cramps caused by inadequate circulation to the leg muscles because of athero­ sclerosis (fatty blockage of the arteries). Many people also believe vitamih E is useful in leg cramps' in general. How it works is not known. li a .person has leg cramps from fatty blockage of his arteries to the legs, however, he should first have a complete medical examination. In some insbainces, the blockage is localized and vascular surgeons can put an arterial graft of synthetic material around the localized block or replace the artery. By dietouring blood around the diseased arteries, normal circulation to the leg can sometimes be restored. This operation is not applicable to all people. If a person has extensive disease in the arteries of the legs, extending all the way down to the foot, it may be impossible to detour the blocked area. In recognizing some of the things that vitamin E does not do, I tfhink that it is equally important to note what some of these applications are. Its use in leg cramps caused by inade- circulation appears to friends about smoking in one's bedroom before retiring. Most of my friends agree that it is a bad habit. There are some who disagree, usuaflly in a heated manner. Would you kindly write cne of your articles on this subject? I would very much appreciate it. Dear Reader blocked quate have some merit. Dear Dr. Lamb had discussions with various We have You probably n reading my column that I wttuldn't recommend smoking anywhere, in or out of the bedroom. Smoking in any closed room tends to build up the carbon monoxide level If there's only one smoker and the room is fairly large the level might not be too high but if you're talking about a small room with poor ventilation and " smokers then it can exceed the levels normally accepted as safe by industry. I doubt that one smoker in the bedroom is going to build up that high a level, but even so, the amount of smoke irri- develop in a room are rather disagreeable to the non-smoker. There is always the possibility of falling asleep •while stocking and innumerable reasons why a person shouldn't smoke, which I've discussed before. Add to this the safety problem of possible fires an the bedroom and it doesn't seem very wise. Most people who vehemently, defend such a practice are hooked on the habit. Also, they usually have no appreciation for how much the non-smoker certainly are relatively insensitive to anybody else's problems. Come to think of it, I'm having difficulty thinking of one single reason why a person should smoke in the bedroom or why a person should smoke outside the bedroom either. 1973 VEGA Anything can happen in the reckless race that promise d off past sales records. 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Automatic, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Factory Air, Brown with White Vinyl Roof. SHARP!! '70 Chev. El Camino V8. Auto. Power Steering, Gold '69 Impala 4-Dr. H.T. All Power, Factory Air, White, Black Vinyl Roof Just one example... Brand New 1973 Chevelle Malibu 2-Dr. H.T. With Turbo-Hydramatic transmission, power steering, radio, outside mirror, 307 V/8 engine, back-up lights, disc brakes, windshield washers . . . everything you need and want in a new car. This is not a stripped down model, at this $ A m MM • car. I nib I5 noi a am^cu v 2144 I *° w low p rice ' if/s a beauf y$2144 '70 Dodge Super Bee $3644 A " Power ' factory Air, '72 Bel Air Sta. Wag. All Power, Factory Air, Beige, Black Interior $2944 1 t Solid Black, Black Bucket Seats. *2344 Oquaivka Church Bible School 9 s vistration Set OQUAWKA - Registration for Oquawka United Methodist Church's Summer Bible School will be June 11 at 8:30 a.m. at the church. Classes for children four YorkivoodHigh's] '72 Vega G /r. Honor Roll Told years old through junior high school age will be held at the church June 11-22 from 9-11 a.m. Mr. and Mrs. Billy Essex and familv. Columbus, Ohio, spent 4-Speed, Custom Interior, Radio, Blue with '71 Ford C. Squire 6 Passenger. All Power. Air. *3344 7?^i\>/.«/,#;/»,, LITTLE YORK M\Ugl&i<l iliiuti uL,i named to the second semester and last 9-week grading period honor rolls at Yorkwood High School have been announced by school officials. Named to the semester honor rolls were: Seniors — Karen Anderson, Sally Bertelsen, Kevin Becker, Jana Darrah, Blaine Faudree, Marge Gardner, Kathy Garland, Debbie Hicks, Mike Osborne and Glenn Todd. Juniors — Susan Allen, John Larson and Mary Lauver. Sophomores — rtodd Hall and Cheryle Krug. Freshmen — Sheryl Harvey, Me- Unda Lease, Jenn Lovell, Brenda the Memorial Day weekend with! ^f tUs * CeIia noHS anfi Diana 1 Students named to the 9-week honor roll were: Seniors — Jeff Ballard, Sally Students Black Stripes *2344 '69 Mustang Fastback 351 Motor, All Power, 44,000 miles. Dark Blue 71 Buick La Sab re 2-Dr. H.T. Automatic, Power Steering, Power Brakes Factory Air, Silver with Black Vinyl Roof 72 Vega Hatchback Cpe. Automatic trans. $2844 Factory Air *2544 ON WINNEBAGO; TOO! 71 Ford Torino 2-Dr. All Power. Blue With Black Top $ 2344 70 Fury III 4-Dr. H.T. Automatic, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Factory Air, All White 71 Chev. Kingswood Estate All Power, Fact. Air Light Green, Wood Paneling $3444 |i i =1 • - relatives here. Attending a family gathering were his mother, Mrs. Nannie Essex, his sister, Maribeth, and his brothers, Allen, Dale and Jimmie and their families. Mrs. Viola Simons, Spokane, Wash., was a recent guest at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Richard Slover. Mr. and Mrs. Joe V. Davenport, St. Charles, Mo., spent the j Memorial Day weekend with t Beriiniun Dointf W Bertelsen, Kevin Becker, Mary Bratton. Blaine Kaudree, Marge Gardner, Kathv Garland, Debbie Hicks, Mike Osborne and Glenn Todd. Juniors Susan Allen. Kathy Bertelsen, John Larson, Mary Lauver and Edah Vice, j Sophomores — Kodd Hall and i Cheryl Krug. Freshmen • Sheryl Harvey, Me -j linda I oase. Jean Lovell. Lois ML -- j Ciinn. Brenda Kicketts. Celia Hoss: and Diana Stuart. 70 Bonneville 4-Dr, All Power, Fact. Air. 34,000 Miles _ 71 Malibu 4-Dr. Automatic, Power Steering, 2644 Rc4dio ' Lt Blue 12,000 Miles $ 2544 71 Fury III 2-Dr. H.T. All Power, Factory Air, Golden Brown Saddle Interior 5 2644 71 Monte Carlo V8, Auto, All Power, Factory Air. Yellow-Black $ Vinyl Roof. 71 Ford Torino 4-Dr. 6 Cylinder, Automatic, Power Steering, Factory Air, Light Blue 71 Country Squire S.W. 10 Pass. All Power, Fact. Air, White Wood Paneling The timing is perfect! Just before the camping and vacationing seaionl You can save during the "600" race on Winnebago Motor Homes too! And you'll find every Winnebago specially priced ... all models . . , all brand- new 73's! i ANN ARBOR, Mich. (UPI) Thaanmie Bergman, a defense relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Essex, Ricky and Shelly visited rela-, . T . . w . e tives at Mount Pleasant, Iowa, man for the D f tr0Ilt J ed Wing ; May 27 A ™ s reported doing well; Mrs.'Mary LaFrenz, Fort 1 Wednesday at University Hospi-i Madison, Iowa, spent the Me-i^ following surgery on his moriai Day weekend here withjn^ knee for torn ligaments^ her sister, Mrs. Dorothy Lank-! Bergman injured his knee in; ey, and her daughter, Mrs. Max-|a basketball scrimmage against j ine Hingst. M" s former teammates from the Mr. and Mrs. William McCar -j Swedish National Hockey Team thy, Rock Island, visited May;in May. 2V '4 the home of Mr. and Mrs. \V. Ray Thomas. ••1971 DPC. INC. ^197lbfD *m «iQW7 ,P«uCoQlil»yn ( !n| 2195 N. Henderson St//GolesburgPh. READ THE WANT ADS! Friday. June 8, 1 \

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