Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 8, 1973 · Page 21
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 21

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, June 8, 1973
Page 21
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I Circle Installs Officers, Honor Roll Listed KNOXVIIyLK -Mrs. Grace McOffiw was Installed as president of tho Sunshine Circle of the Christian Church Wetjnaiday during a mooting nt the ehurch. Othefs Installed wore Mrs, Orb Mastin, lirst vice president; Mrs. Ad A Brantlng, second vloo president; Mrs. Sue Van Antwerp, secretary i Mrs. Harold Cloff, treasurer; Mrs* Ellen Krolgh, study chairman; Mrs, Merle Brit* ton, worship chairman, and Mrs, Doris Paulsgrovc, Circle momherfl voted to pay expenses of two youtha for jummer camp, Tho U.S. Department of Labor Is looking for 250 persons, one of; them from Knox- |Kttoxyill,c ANNABEL PETERSON GURREiPONDBNT Homo Addriini 010 K, Timher lit, Phone 9M«ftSII meet Sunday at I p.m. at the church, List Services Maxey Chapel — Raymond Basselt, pastor, Worship at I), Church school at 10, Orange Chapel — Carroll Ochsner, pastor. Worship at 10. Church school at 9. Grace Lutheran — Lloyd KlttlfluB, pastor. Worship^ at lymM* 8au«f, Overly Shane. Vlokl dayHm. Jm Culjl- son, Lorraine 1st lex, Tom Flelabor, Maty Hoym*, Term loenogle, jolt Johnson, «f*W .Tone*, <Jm$ KUler, Beth Lacy, Kavin MeLaflm, Steve MjHt, J<M Mme, Prtd Me- liatw, Cindy Party wi4 Don Wilson., Sophomores ~ Becky Clark, Kathy Cerblii, Ann© Hutchcroft, Tina L&wrence, Deb* fole Mcldtren, Laura Mavis, Sally Nelson, Marlann* Olson, Annette Shea, Georgenn© Spencer, Charles Tournear, Sandy Powell, Kathy Bennett, Terri Chi Dum* Cochran, Nfthcy Dou|tat, $m Shelley Teeslar. Eighth Gride - Paula Moora, K#U*y RMKMI, Jean> nlo ShefWtj Brand* Simpson, Debbie Moore, Candy Palmer, Glen Powell* Hans Block, Jeff Clark/ Steve Llfcchf/told, Chuck Reynolds, Mark Wilson, Tamimy Alatedifi, Jennie Daw- eon, Llnaa JSMund, Maria Ferrer, Jill Gftltalla, Kathy Glbbs, Joanne Graves, Denlse Ral- eton. Amy Schawenberg, Don* na Thompson, Howard Brenner, Jane Petiliord, Valla Davis, Ca(W Kardlater, Lorl Jlodenhouser, Julie Hlckerson, Jeff Johnson, Diane Larson, Bandy McCoy, Joni Putnam, and Nancy Powell. Lecture on TM Rosetta Meyer Maquon Woman Gallagher, Roberta Guatafson, A,free Introductory lecture on Ig Nui'se School villo, who have amounts from United Presbyterian - Dr, Dav 1 d Hendrickson, Randy Transcendental Meditation t . x 1# , $10 to $034 due them. The Stafford Weeks, pastor. Wor Kniss, Paibty Peck, Teresa (TM), which is designed to bring Uueeil Candidate io. sermon! IJromto. Hjly vm dall Oo^nan, Cindy Is Set Monday and Connrma- pawwon, Marcos Ferrer, Jon J Communion tlon. United Presbyterian Knoxvllle man Is Blaine Voss, With last known address listed as P.O. Box 102. Somo $17,378 was found duo and collected from Illinois employers under the Fair Labor Standards Aot, and the workers are those who could not be contacted at their layt known addresses, Inquiries should be addressed to: Wage and Hour Division, U.S. Department of Labor, Room 742, 219 S. Dearborn St., Chicago, 00604. The Appleton Pioneers 4-H Club will conduct a roadside cleanup June 20, members decided at a meeting this week, They will pick up roadside Utter between Maxey Chapel and Appleton. Talks were given by Kathy Cook, Dorok. Orwig, Robbie Carlson and Doug Orwig. Demonstrations were given by Diane Gunthor, Carol Larson, Billy Cline, Sandy Cline and John Carrigan. Knoxvilje Buslnogs Assn. members and their spouses will bold an appreciation day potluck for Mrs. Georgia Ellsworth Saturday at 6:15 p.m. in the city park. It will be' held in the fire station if the Weather is bad. , The club will recognise Mrs. Ellsworth for the restoration job she has done on the old courthouse cupola. Memb .e5S .i3re asked,to bring one covered dish. Karen Larner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Larner, Gtyson, won fourth place in beginner class at the U.S.T.A. twirling contest last Sunday in Galesburg. Sylvia Litvan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Litvan, GiJson, placed second in beginners age 11* 12. Both girls are students of Kathy Gibbs who placed soc- ond in advanced class, first in state solo and third in military strut. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Don Gibbs, Gilson. The stewardship committee of the Christian Church will Watt, Ckriy Randall, mm deep rest and relaxation to it* SndflSU R KS mm<m Will be given Mon- J^WON - Rosctta Meyer, and Steve Soldier. day; at 8 p,m. at Carl Sandburg ^awon, a «t«d«nt at the Fritimen~Ik>w\& Cadwell, Co "ege, * Qraham HotpHal School of ffijft" 1 ' P ft ty ^Richard Mays, a member of N " r8in S' u Ca f*™, has been S^JE'f* war ^ nn ' ^ Jntematjona MedlK sS chp8en ^„] he 8cho01 a « ^ Robert Qm<xt f Janet Mm- ctely, will be the mut Surer ^ u , een ca ndWale in the Friend- Church school at 9-30 Clo« Tl , Kwr ' m off,ci ^ Harvard MeB 'WP F ««v»l. 1 of 9 'vacaUon ^ ^^ Tom Nowby, HoM, Cambridge; Mass and A 1971 graduate of Valiev of vacation Lisa Redenheu*er, Karen Roy- the University ot CrtA* H High School, Miss Mey flr is —t- „ BflGOnd vice nregidflnt and ship at 11, Church school at 9; 45. United Methodist ~~ Prosper Tournear, pastor. Worship at 8;15 and io .45. Sermon: Low Fellows From the Dregs. Christian - Clifford Parke, pastor. Worship at 10:30, wg program Bible school will be held. Pilgrim Congregational — E. D. Lyon, pastor. Worship at 10. Sermon: Can We Move Mountains? Gilson — Smith Terpening, pastor. Worship at 9, Sermon; Come Let Us Reason, Church school at 10:15. Jehovah's Witnesses — Stephen Lett, speaker, Talk at 9:30. Topic; Use Your Tongue for Good. Watchtower study at 10:30, KNOXVILLE Knoxville Senior and Junior High Sohool 1 honor roll for the fourth quarter is: Seniors — Cindy Allen, Trc,eey Bartholomew, Teresa Bowman, Sherry Bybee, Debbie Chapman, J, C, Davjs, Diana Ghlitalia, Rhonda God* sil, Heaths Harris, Shawna Hotchkiss, Nora Meadows, Jofena Moorehead, Joni Mumey, Stisi Muimey, David Mugseimflin, Neai Reynolds, Soott Sherwood, Debbie Won den, Greg A t w a, t e r, Randy Bleichner, Debbie Ooburn, Jim Coffnuan, Bonnie De^ Moss, Daft'Eiker, Gary Eklund, Nancy England, Paul Ford, Tom Grady, Martha Henderson, Joann Hubbard, Shiairon Kennedy, Terry Lundberg, Allan Morris, Vickl Mosher, Tim Meyers, Steve Newby, Nancy Pierson, Mark Reynoilds. Williametta Rhodes, Harry 1 Rowland, Oliristine Shaner, Qe^rge Sharp, Grace Shep-- ard, Gale Sheperd, Daviid Sihraigal, Vickl SnMer, Gary. Stutfer, Dana Thompson, Karen Van Winkle, Cindy Whlt- gitt and Ggry Woodkirk. Juniors — Ka^iy Btoze, Dar vi4 German, Jenijlfer Hiekey, Bruce LlteWleld, Billi© Mal- Jie, Charles Mamlhardt, Debbie RandiaJl, Doug Royar, ORDER NOW Michigan Fresh Chilled Fruit Orders Must Be In By June 23 Delivery June 28 ALL FRUIT PURCHASES CASH Ahh PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE UPON DELIVERY STRAWBERRIES 30-Lb. can, »ugared, whole or illcad $19 .1$ U-Lh, gitn, iU8it«<l, whoU or ilictd $ |,|S lM,b, Itrolffht puck Whol» — I MO ihhb, tUmisht pick whoia - PINEAPPLE y«n Chunlt Tidbit, lugnrftt - -111,21 It^b, cm Ohund TldbU, iu9«rt4 I 9.1$ OO-I^b, aiuihtd Plni»ppl» lia,io Jl'Lb, Qruihtcl Pint«ppl» 17.78 IM,b, HiKight 9wM Ohunlt, Tidbit 111.18 ll'U, lirilshi pick Cfuib»d 119.10 SIMS APRICOTS Halves and Sugared * MQ S17 .15 JONATHAN SLICED APPLES B .Lb. 9WI WW P §K >Ck. MI" ww n* - GAL HAVINS PIACHBS Jtt Wm Wi I::::::::':::::::::::::::::::::: litis I T .10 ftrilaht Pick li Ne Suffer Nr Diebetlct ind fptclil Dltti Oth»i r «»i» Win »t ^v»U»bit ti »h» ItMon pf «fmm FEY'S BERNARD I. PiY, Ownir Ph, 4e?-3244 PROCESSING SERVICE Abingdon, III, Ph. 462-3921 Aftor 5;3Q ar L °3 Angeles claim the process 4 „ noo , 1Por nt ^ Q i, orv , T rAonif "Kathy Br^n, Deanna Car- ^SoTWtS S« S Qom, Jim Hall, JuUa Hurel- »|J. D ' FCREH8E8A ^ S ^n ^VS elected chairman of the state ,hnint Bruce Johnson, Brett enn S pI mm rm am 0100(1 — SNAI convention and was brink, Kniss, Robert Kisler, Jane prQSSUre Steele, 'Micky UtziHger' and """"^fT nave , e ^ U! Debbie Powell. * accredited courses in TM. Seventh Grade — Sha/wn Howerter, Anne Jochimsen, Tim Jones, Ann McGovem, Joe Weech, Joel Hutchcroft, Monte Walker, Dan England, Laurie Whitney, Paulo Fram- Chiropractors Attend Seminar a .Uiburg, in, Ciausifled Advertising Dial 343-7181 flu«ln*«i Service—7 EXCAVATING Systerrn. rr«a EttlmitM, 343- oyn buiii Mi i-ao FBI IPS- ±M ti iM a,g< a".i r4 at Th»nK«i.j(n M«morUnii die Notloei, QUier Nolloai, l T.if CASH RATE—Applie* when id il paid within 8 dsyi from dau of last Innertlon. INDEX Card o/ Tji»nK« Building Li Aviation Idlng Lota « _-.7» , ,.. Minting, intfrlor and _ (arlor, Rarn« and. bmMnu, For free eailmatet call 344-39B any- DVKE'8 TYPEWRITER »ERVIC«, cleaning |nq repair, 1671 Breeher Ave, ,1«-M03. Free pickup. eHWMF CLSAHW8, filrtTi" ae tually ejetracted, not Ju*t iur* face cleaned with clean, clear »oft water steam. No long period. Ron'i Bteamliner, "WEEITTJSQWTFISr" E. J. MARTIN - 342-0621 aWWlDf mfBfflH RETfQVAi; braftam«8 r MeohT. d«|jn „i Wewnouie luparvlaor ",athe 6per.-- : Iv)5oal Firm oof Jfe Dfe M»kfr—piyi .... \wvwfech,~mir. firm ... Mali' Par We furnlah metal container* for apti., bmlneis offioei, atori and factorle*. 1 cubic yard thru 1)6 cubic yard aUet. We rent flatbed trueka or container! for utineii opportunity oata and Motors hlld Care olna — Stamni — Miio. SNAI nominations committee L aC v Dehhifl M flM fi LPilJa TJie m ^ od has be ^ endorsed Miss Meyer, the daughter of Sfi Ho bi n Kiev B H ^ the Illinois State Legislature. Mr, and Mrs; Rolland Meyer, sE'.t Nikki fift High schools and universities in Maquon, is presently serving S u Sffl? SSSE' many states have established as Spoon River College chairman for the muscular dystrophy campaign and will, be vice president of her class for 1973-74. The candidate will play a ^ « T i « n « popular medley on the organ Drs. C. L, and C. Gee Case- as her talent presentation in , „ _ . „ of Galesburg were among the queen contest, bes, steve Comer, Lori Hens- more than 1W chiropractors ley, Larry Icenogle, Brian from Illinois, Kentucky and in- IMcGrew, Pam Adams, Missy qiona who participated in a ru>} Hit Rv f\»« Chaika. seminar Sunday ai Marion on nH ^ ttr Tammy Chewum, Denlse treating patients under the BROWNSVILLE, Pa. (UPl) Happing, Steve Jackson, San- Medicare program, ^ Kelly Carney, 10, was on the dy Jones, Raehelle Jones, Conducted by the American way home from her last day of Jeff Lteten, Larry Lord, Da* Chiropractic Assn., the session school Thursday when she was vld Moore, Stacey Phillips, concerned procedures to fol- struck by a car as she dashed Chria Stewart, Don Powell, low under new legislation which from behind her school bus. Wancy Soberer, John Shaner, includes chiropractic services She was dead on arrival at a -Mike Simkifls, Don Swing, under Medicare effective July 1. nearby hospital, Abingdon Kiwanis Club Elects President ABINGDON—Gene Josefson was elected president of Abingdon Kiwanis Club for the coming year at a recent meet* ing. Other officers elected were Roy Lewis, vice president, and Ted Cramer, treasurer. Forrest HoJainger presented the program on Brazil, iilus- itrating hia talk with slides. He had spent three months there visiting his son-in-law and daughter, who are missionaries." Dr. Donald G, Baughman l n tr o d u e e d the speaker, Antiques ....... rj -... Apartment*—Furniibed Abartmente—Unfurnlabed — Alitoe^-Bport, Foreign Autqa—New, •utoi—Uied - s uilneia Service ^7 :: : 3f (ing — MHO 3: COUNTRY CORNER— Farm - Miscellaneous Farms and Acreages—Rent Farms and Acreages—Sale 42 Pasture for Rent 43 Farm Implement* - gervlo«a..44 Feed - Seed - Fertilizers — « Poultry and Supplies 48 Livestock and Supplies 47 Auctions 2» Commercial Property 59 Construotlon Equipment 75 Employment Wanted H Garages _ T . —SV Good Things to Eat 21 Help Wanfed—Male U Help Wanted— female .—-—-12 Help Wanted—Male, Female .... 1| Household Goods 2g Home Improvement jj5 Houses for Rent «5 In Memorlam - j Instruction - J° Insurance ^-r -fl investments ->» Lawn and Gnrden Need* 34 lost and Found g Moving — Btorigf^.— 8 Money to Loan—wanted 10 Musical r- s5 Mobile Home* for Rent ......S6 Mobile, Home Spaces 57 Mlscel aneou* v --,-- r - -39 Mobile Homes for Sale 68 Motoroyqles - Bicycle* - Ffew Houses for Sale 62A eling or Honey Do spacjal projects, Call low bidder Bill, 94J- 1)34. 24 years of experience. Moving • Storage—8 k Die Makfr- nt/Man^ftnf dejl? 'Z U Mir^Farm »oUlp. froremi/i Tram^fw.Mp.l Dept. Tralnfe— itoeu & Inv. Custodian—Local Daytime Call Sob Tllton, Ma-JIM, Wlttle, Pryor St smith Perwnnel surance available, . Bdangetaha Cou^tr^ 8 <jhjtj, call for appolnt- WANTED — Year around farp Pii STORAGE SPACE AVAILABLE NOW. Puckett Moving St Storage Grand and Penna—343-0149 Child Care-10 NEED A BABYSITTER THIS SUMMER? Visit the Story Book Child Care Center, 369 N, Kellogg. Hour* 8:30 to 6:00 Monday thru Friday. Closed Saturdays. 342-3060. BABYSITTING wanted In your home. Inquire at 1577 McKhlght. WILL DO babysitting In my home, day or night, or by the_hour. Licensed, very reliable, Florence Ave. 343-7791. MINI FARM, Wataga. Just off Rt, 34 for children 2 and older. Huge yard and Indoor playroom. Husband and wife both care for the kids, State licensed. Excellent references. Call for family visit 37S-6606. Help Wanted - Male-11 BARTENDER wanted part time weekends, Apply Beserra'* Taco House. Notices - ^^? e . Notice* Notices , er — Special - Personal 5 50 . 29 P pHe* ,~ r 33 lafeement — r -J? •nt .„ r ..,.- 51 Cottage* , r ..,.6i Office Space Photography Pets a3|4 f "PPlle* ^»ropert^ Mjna' ReaPEslate for tale 6S Real Estate Wanted .- 64 Real Estate—Out of Town 65 Sporting Goods r 71 Transportation - 9 ABINGDON MRS, GfERALDINE BAUER CORRESPONDENT Home Address: RED St. Augustine, 111. Ph. 462-2477 Abingdon Boat Club mem- Jbera voted to sponser a walker for the Walk for Mankind at a Tuesday meeUng. The July meeting was set for the 10th. Crusaders Class of the United Methodist Church will have a family picnic at the Abingdon ballpark Sunday at 6:30 p.m. Dessert and drink will be furnished by the committee. Knox County Genealogical Society will have a workshop Sunday from 3-5 and 7-9 p.m. a,t Home Savings and Loan Assn., Galesburg. Mr- and Mrs. Vernon Turner oi Ft. Gibson, Okla., have been gue#s at the home o£ her parents, Mr. and Mrs, Art Howerter. List Services Borean Baptist-Meet at the Friendly Cafe. Joseph Wilser, pastor, Church sohool at 0:30. Worship at 10:30. Guest speaker, Rev. Grant Rice, Service' ait 7 p.m. 10:30. Guest speaker, Mike Broiwn. Youth at 6 p.m. Service at 7 p.m. Congregational — Kenneth) Sehultz, pastor, Church school »t 9:30. Worship at 10:45. Ser* mon: The Meaning of Pentecost for Today. Genera} Baptist—James A, Jennings, pastor. Church) school at 10. Worship at 11. Service at 7 p.m. Sacred Heart Catholic—Joseph O'Connor Hunt, pastor, Saturday Mass at 6 p.m. Sunday Masses at 8 and 10. United Methodist — Frank First Assembly of God-- Deninger, pastor. Church Kenneth File, pastor. Church school at 9:30. Worship at school at 9:30, Worship at A 'Second Home 1 Costs Less Than You Think! 40 A "SECOND HOME" doesn't necessarily mean rooms on the French Riviera. Or even two rooms on the Spoon River, No, it can be a whole lot Joss — and cost a whole lot less ^ and be a whole lot more fun besides! They're talking about portable second homes — campers, travel trailers — the kind you move as the spirit moves you. (Giving you actually several second homes.) They're not only a lot of fun — they're a good investment, too. (Consider what one would save you on a family vacation alone — plus the convenience of hav« ing it for weekends the rest of {he year as well,) They're all for them, All for them because they believe everybody deserves some fun out of life, Fell free, in fact, to talk to them about g loan for any kind of fun you've got in mind, Because when they make you a loan for your pleasure, it's their pleasure, too. They're "The 'Money Store' Bank" you know, At "The 'Money Store 1 Bank". Come See Us. ". . . where Cmtomfn Are Frlindi," Tht "Monay" Store The Farmers National Bank Member F.D.I.C. Knogvillt, llllneif 10:45, Sermon: Celebration of the Lord's Supper. Christian-Donald T. Hogan, pastor. Church school at 9:45. Worship at 10:50. Sermon: The Marks of a Christian. Abingdon High School honor roll for the fourth quarter is: Freshmen — Teresa Adcock, Steven Baker. Mark Durbin, Jennifer Henri, Jere Hertenstein, Kevin Hiekey. Gary HasdJey, Bridget Iviellfmrter, Anita Mason, Kenneth Morrison, Donald Olinger, Debbie Sohwnr?, Robert BlUpplett, Tom Slnikins, Steve Theilen, Murk Wol- fei'd, Iviin Jennings, KaUierine KJelianilor. UHNIIII Hay, Kenny Swanson, Roger Thurman, Mury Tutibs, Joey Bennett, Mike Bracketl, Doris Rropkti, Tim Day, Joseph Gabriel, Bonnie Uuininond, Dennis Lanilon, Bonnie Lewi*, Richard Quinn, Dan Smith and Robert Van Tress, Sophomore* — Steve Carlson, .Sharon Dennis, Rrenda Ellisun, Ruse Jppolilo, Ed. Si'liullhetss, Jay Bowman, Kevin Brewer. Krjati Ounlap, David Fey, Philip Goud- schsal, Sharon Malone, Debbie Small, Jean Ann W»y, Steve Bond, Sieve Brown, Linda Durbin, Laura Gilbert, Kirk Hale, Judy Links, Debbie Sandburg, Brenda Stegull and Karen W. Merriman. Junior* --• Sue Baker, Pauletle Courson, Lyle Dowell, Cindy Dunn, Jean Gray, Susen Hook, Mary Keeno, Eddla McNeil, Janice SmlUi. Becky Snyder. Connie Thurman, Cindy White. Robin Bennett, Diane Glnther. , „ , John Hahn, Laura Head, Debra Hurt, Dave Jones. Debbie Loren- zeu, Alan Swanson, Cindy Admire, Kara! Dunlan, Becky Key, Laura Klrby, Marsha Link, Pal Links. Kenny Moore. Susan Strahlei. Rhonda Tale and Dave Whitney. Senior* - Debbie Day, Diana fey. Jim Glllenweter, Janet KrclB. Mark Mi'Curry, Richard Owen, Betty Jo Parks, Coleen Trego, Kathy White. Mary White, Sheri While, Lois Beardsley. Terl Hanson, Sandy Johnson, Sain Mangieri. Deane Olinger, Klalno Shugart. Bonnie Atkins. Judy Brooks, Linda Cowan, Reeu DenUar, Allen Duj)p and Handy Wilson. 72 ...73 Trupks - Truck Trailer* .........76 TV =• BadlP - Stereo — ...^..-,47 Wanted to Buy - Mlsc, ..., r ^,- t 35 Wanted to Rent -' -----, ^88 Trailers - Campers - Equip. Tires - Accessories - Part* ;s - Truck Trailer* .... Radio - Stereo r- Card of Thanks-l WE WISH to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to friends, relatives and neighbors who sept cards, flqwers, food and helped in any way at the time of our bereavement. A special thanks to Dr, Bronny and Rev Phillip Snider. The E. D. Maekie, Jr. Family AUTOMOBILE MECHANIC Only Experienced Need Apply ir Good Wages •Cr Paid Vacations ix Fine Working Conditions Apply to Bill Pierson Lersch Dodge 674 E. MAIN PART Time experienced mechanic Work on smsu engine*, mini- bikes, golf car*, bicycle*. Phone 343-9084° PARTS Man needed. Mu*t be able ' off 'aPSletal. efficiently ly in person. Galesburg Iron to take car part* A Notices - Special - Personal—5 MRS. LANE Reader and Advisor Will help you with your problems. For appointments pall 342-6639 189 North Henderson St. (Next to Seastedt Realty) LOSE WEIGHT safely and fast with X-U Diet Plan. $3.00. Reduce Excess Fluids with X-Pel, J3.00, Money Back Guarantee at Osco Drug. , . DRINKING PROBLEM? Want to do something about it? Let us help you Help yourself, Phone 342-2179, 24 hours, Confidential. Lost and Found—6 CHECKBOOK with Clinton, 111. address lost in vicinity of Galesburg Clinic or Research Ho*Pltal. Ph. 342-4141, ext. 42 or 734-7384 Monmouth. Buslneij Service-7 NEVER HANG KNITTED GARMENTS to dry. Lay an, a flat surface. Alway* "think" Classic fled Ads when you need to buy, sell or rent. Phone 3437181. FURNITURE, rebuilt, restored, refinished. Also custom built fur- jUtwre. 343_-2aP3. TYPEWRITER REPAIRS Cash & Carry C. J. Stoltle — 343-5661 HOUSE' painting. Experienced. Exterior and interior. Free estimates. 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Involve* sub-contractor coordination, bidding, job ln«peotion»," job co»ttn*t, piannin|, fmancing., Excellent growth potential,profit sharing, insurance. Call Elite Developers, 309-688-0421,« Mr. Van Dyke. ' ' CRANE OPERATORS NEEDED < Piedmont Crane Service* canj help put you in the drivers seat; for a high paying position a* a, Certified Crane Operator. Many,* many openings in this area,, scale $5.00 to $11.00 per hour,, placement assistance guaran-» teed. If you are sincerely am- > bitlous and a hard worker call* 317-635-9J283 or write to: Pled-*, mont Crane aery Meadow* Drive, Suit dlanapolis, Ind. 4620S. "Service*. 3909' lite L-2, In-.; Help Wanted - Fem»le-12 , BBAimcrAN Ftill or part time, Wee Mr. Don'*, 34>a8Q3 ly wage. KITCHEN help ,~ waitresses. Full time and part time, pay*, nights or weekend*, Apply Beserra's Taco House. >y TQP WAITRESS Job av*Usble for right person. Must be over 2i, reliable, neat and dependable. Call $4^*645 be^or« H P,M,; 34264]5 after 7 P.M., a*k <or ^ack Ene», Northgate Lounge. ± LADY WANTED to care for elderly gentleman, live in. Write Box 889, care Galesburg ReglsteivMalk OFFICE help (over ,39 yr», ol age) wanted for part time wgrk on a permanent basis. Typlngi filing and minimal bookkeeping. Phone 343-7168 for app't. WAITRESS WANTED Apply In pwwn, MsrUe'?, S7 South cherry STORE Clerk* and part 1 if any^an dress Vllle KnwVUl*).. Full and part time, Stat* ex^ejlence, and hot Post ottle 111, 81448, . -x, _ ^WWi/Vitttfelfii Address Post office Bo* 71. Jfr\ok~ ; AVi 34: a I TO BUY OR" SlLJi, CALL - - "write Ayori Man- Box 1385, Galesburg, 61401. to run as hi* own business (to learn and be responsible for ALL PHASE* EXCEPT, sales, bookkeeping, and copy layout) then this is a BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY for RIGHT man: Same salary St bonuses, plus can gain snare in ownership. oM investment ~Jffluj"l f J Dor?t waste It — ftWOUS OUALIFIEP QNLV sieuel (All replies strictly ppniidential) REPAIR and Remodeling contrac tor, Siding, carpentry, cement work, tucking, basement waterproofing, roofing, gutter In g, painting. Free estimates. Work guaranteed. Albert Briggs, 3421041, 342-3426. KNOX Summer painting servioe, professional experience, low prices. For free estimate call 343- i>ll2. ROOFING Roofs, new and repairs, exterior painting, chimneys, foundations. Free estimates, G. A- Simpson, 343-0437. B & R CAliPET Servk'e 'installation (new and used), Restretch- ing, Repairs (cigarette burns, seams, reweavingl. Reasonable rate^. Call 342^4850. ELLISON'S """ Refrigeration Se Appliance Service 342-2587 ROOFING and chimney repair. AH work guaranteed and insured. 20 years experience. 342-0347- WAlXs^ftnlDT 'c'61nplete"h"oUse | cleaning servipe*, floors machine scrubbed and waxed, carpets cleaned. Also complete janitorial service. Insured. Free estimates. Call collect 875-3483, A&A Wlit- _ dow CleanJnjX'O; LAWN BUIUJINU " Steve Wilson. Call 343-3048 Seeding & Sodding E. J. MARTIN - 342-0521 CARPET' shampooing, excellent job done. Mandyke's Electric Motor Repair Shop and Small Appliance Repair and Sales. Write Box 882, rare Galesburg Register- Mall. THE CLASSIFIED NUMBER 343-7181 ASSISTANT MANAGER Train /or Store Management. Training will include a combination of inside selling and office work; assist in total store operations; previous business experience or education desirable but not essential, Full employee group benefits including hospitalization, life insurance, vacation, paid training and more. A career business opportunity for qualified man. For Interview Contact The Sherwin-Williams Company CAW, 343-4510 for appointment GIRL for general Qfflee work, preferably over 30 years of age. Apply In parson. Quint'* Tire Serv- Ice, 848 E. Main, Galesburg. Could Vou Be a "loiter Lady" Do you love beautiful fabrics, have fashion know-how, like people? Turn your talents into a challenging part-time J »usi-* nes*. Coniaefi Gloria P. Kemp. Area Manager Letter'* Designer. Fabrics, w North 8t„ Burling-, ton. Iowa 68601. WANTED FULL TIME j SALES GAL ; Apply to ; Adelaide Wlndisch at ; GERWIG'S | 838 B. Main St. ; Galgaburg, 111. ; TARY '^TypV eooiraentjai at for doctors, Cqnunlaf h .modern oftjoe gjjfi new SECRE' recon i mnrinvn nfflnA ind | ts, Calf £ynn" Bree«e,'MiS .lUa, "Witt 1 ej Pryor & Smith Personnel. , APPLICATIONS for waitresses beJ Ing taken. May call for app t. Ph 343-5151, ask for Mr. Peck, [ ASST. Manager — Be right hand to this busy insurance executive in general agency. $525, benefits! Call Lynn flree*e, 342-1113, Wlt- tle, Pryor & Smith Pw'onnal. WAITRESSES wanVed,*"nlghts, full time and part time, Must be 21. Call 343-6313 for appointment- •" CASHIER-Raeeptlonlst— Greet anc| take customer* payment*. Lots of variety and future. W20 and benefits. Call Lynn Breejse, 342* ma, Wittle, Pryor it Smith Personnel, ' LIKE CLOTHES? Need extr* cash?, Queens Way To Fashion now hiring in the Gslesburif are*. »«o to »1W> and more In fust z evenings. Free $400 sample kit. Car and phone necessary, 815-660-3385 or 815-8ai)-3308 for interview. ATTRACTIVE ladies with nice m- ures and personal ties wanted for sales position* with international company, Good salary. Call Miss Brown for aPP't., 342-0104. ORANDVIEW RESTAURANT Night Waitress, 3 nights a week. Must be 18- Apply in person. ' KITCHEN HEW • Part time and full time. Apply l'» person. Friendly Cafe. % Losey. COW^S'SION' gfflj wanted, Must be 16 or over. Apply in pers°n. afler 7:30 P.M. Orpheum Theatre, Help Wanted-Male—II (Continued oflJP a 8«J2) Help Wantedi-Male-11 Jan xou beat Flat Rate? ic Top Wages Pl«nty of Work, and * Good Fringe Bentfits A-i MECHANIC with GM experience If You Can Qualify Contact BILL STIEHWAW at STIERWALT BUICK 149 WEST MAIN - 342-5101

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