Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 8, 1973 · Page 19
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 19

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, June 8, 1973
Page 19
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Coninmer Grain & supply Co. I D - 1 ffl • J ^iXiE^Mfi^ I^WCK rrices No, 2 Corn (old) $2.10 New Corn $1.78 No. 1 Boans (new) ...$3.43 N#w York Stdekt N&W YOftK (UM) - mafket midday briee*: Admiral 9% fit PWP 28 Allddhem WA Iftland Stl isfer-Mall. Galesburg, HI. = "--— 1 - ^ J J * 1 ~ ^ ' ^ -•iiWrii hi Til - ul ^taM" -f ii^ xU' itf ir^Mi^nr * + *T * •™fc-i^r- Jun§ § Mills lnt Harv tttt Int Nick 29% lnt Paper ,15% AUd Stfs 28 Allis Chal 8 Alcoa 59 % Am raws By STEVEN H. YOLEN SAO PAULO, Brazil (UP!) Investors Jly Sep Dec Jly Sep Dec Wheat NEW YORK (UPI) - Growing signs President Nixon plans to infl Chicago Grain Rang* CHICAGO (UPi)-Wheat was substantially higher and ,<50rti and soybeans mixed at noon today on the Board of Trade, Prices at Noon , move vigorously against 2 74U iitt RU A "«»«tion, possibly by next i-ni- .m m week, boosted prices today in 2.67% up VA gtock Exchange> Shortly before noon, the Dow , t . te ... Jones industrial average had 2 .14 Up % 2'. 08% Soybeans 10.15 Am Can "ftft Iowa P&L 22% ^ ft < te ° arie a 8<>» Bfaali Am Cyan 24 Johns-Mn 2! AmElPwr 26% Kennecott 2 Am Mtrs PA Krcsge ,W/« Am T&T 51% Kroger 16% \nacofid,a 18% Lib McN 4V was the economic joke of South America.. Not today. Business Today \ Corn 2.21 off 1 Jly Aug Sep Nov 9.04 average gained 5.94 to 915.49. Advances U P 4 ' /4 outpaced declines, 817 to 319, U p g0 0 1,494 issues across the off 40 8.24 off 29 6.02 among tape. Volume to noon totaled about . , 6,500,000 shares, against Up 4% 6,400,000 Thursday. President Nixon, in a com* Mercantile Exchange mencement speech at Florida CHICAGO (UPI) - Futures Tf^ 0 ^? 1 . University, hint- n« fVi* nuinnL iiA -»-ui -t- w» e d the administration would on the Chicago Mercantile Ex- move soon against the rising of inflation. The speech speculation that change today: High Low Close Prev. H?S MM ^ Live Beef Cattle heightened Jun 47.80 47.62 47.80 47.45 Aug 47.40 47.00 47.40 46.75 Oct 47.10 46.70 46.97 46.55 Dec 47.05 46.60 47.05 46.25 Feb 47.12 46.75 47.12 46.55 Apr 46.72 46.40 46.72 46.30 Jun 46.50 46.40 46.45 46.30 Live Hogs Jun 40.80 40.40 40.77 40.40 iy 41.50 41.07 41.37 41.00 r Aug 40.05 39.60 39.85 39JO Oct 39.05 38.50 38.90 38.20 L ^ Dec 39.35 38.75 39.20 38.60 Feb • 39.45 38.85 39.40 38.60 Apr 37.70 37.20 37.50 36.75 Jun 38.20 38.00 38.00 37.70 Jly • __ 38.00 38.00 Froen Pork Bellies Jly , 56.50 55.80 56.12 55.90 Aug 55.52 54.92 55.37 54.72 Feb 54.37 53.75 54.32 53.50 Mar 54.00 53.35 53.90 53.00 May .. .....53.70 53.05 return to Phase II now, is being planned. Norton Simon led the actives, ind gained % to-3Q% on 194,100 ihares. Texas Oil & Gas was :econd, falling 1% to 15 on 11,700 shares, followed by Gulf Life Holding Co., which dipped 4 to. 27% on 101,800 shares. Prices on the American Stock El Paso Natural Gas rose % id Occidental Petroleum %. Grain Future* CHICAGO (UPI) Grain range:. Wheat Jly Sep Dec Mar May Con Jly Sep Dec Mar May Oats Jly Oats Jly Sep Dec ^igh Low Close Prev. s 277 267 274 258% 276 266 276. 267% 269% 260 266% 256% 27Q 260 266% 256 had reached an agreement in principle with the Soviet Union to develop a $10 billion project to bring Siberian natural gas into the United States by 1979. ^ Oils were in the limelight. Atlantic Richfield rose Vk, Getty 1% and Exxon 1%. Glamors were mixed. ARA Services advanced 1% and Corning Glass 1, but Xerox slipped .1%... Texas Instruments picked up Honeywell 1%, Motorola 1%, i% and Sperry Rand 1. ' Northwest Airlines added 1, 262 254 262 252 Delta % and Flying Tiger %; DuPont and Dow each rose % among fractionally higher chemicals. Steels and aircrafts posted 204V2 211 213% slight gains. Rails and motors 195% 202 198% moved irregularly in fractions. Ashl Oil 27% At! Rich 89% Avco 10% Bea Fds 24% Bendix 35 Beth Stl 29% Boeing WA Borden 22 Cap C Bdg 36 Catplr 55 Vz Celanese 32 Litton m Lockhd 6'/« Mar Oil 31'/« Maytag 27% Merck 9l '/2 Minn Min 84 Mobil Oil 67 Monsanto 52% Nat Bis 45% Olin Corp 14% Outbd M 34 In 10 Brazil has Cen II Lt 22% Owens-Ill 32% Cen Tel 23% Penn Cen 1% Cessna 21 Penney 82% Chrysler 27% Pepsi Cola Cities Svc 44% Pfizer 43% Coca Cola 142%Phi! Pet 50 Colum. Gas 29%Procter G Comm. Ed 32% Quak Oat i 44% RCA 25% Cons Ed 23% Cont Can 27% Comsat Rep Stl 25M Revlon 63% Safeway 31% St. Regis 37% SanFelnd 24% Cont Oil 33% CPC Intl 29% Deere 40% , Du Pont 168 Sears 98% Eastman 132% Shell Oil 50% Exxon 99 Simmons 19% FaLstaff 3% So Pac 30% Firestone 19% Sperry 40% Ford Mtrs 58%Std Bds 52% Fruehauf 28 SO Ind 89% Gam Sko 26% Stvns JP 27% Gen Dyna 16% Stude 35% Gen El 60 Texaco 36% . Gen Fds 25% Tex Inst 97% Gen Mfcrs 68% Uri Carb 38% Gen Tel 28% , Un El 16% Gen Tire 18% Utd Corp 8% Goodrich 22% . US Stl 31% Goodyear 25% West Un 21% Greyhnd 14% Wstghs El 35} Gulf Oil 23% Weyerh 58% 111 Cent 18% Woolwrth 23% 222% 212 221 222 215 204 203 193 203 198% (old) 201 192 199 196 Hearing Is Set DENTON, 111. (UPI)-Judge 103 100 104% 103% Bruce Saxe, Albion, has sched- (new) 104 100 106% 103 105% IX uled a hearing June 26 on al- 102% 102 1 legatoins of voting, irregularities school 111 & Soybeans Jly 1065 1035 in a 1972 Christopher 105% 109% 106% |t>ond election after a vote re- disclosed 964 1015 960 1034 count Thursday disclosed no substantial change in the totals. 603% 566 597% 563% READ THE WANT ADS! Mar GARAGE SALE 1080 nation's most state tree is the pome tree of 10 states. BACK YARD SALE Saturday, June 9 Clothing, Dishes and Misc. Items. 1459 Rock Island Ave. SAT, June 9—SUN., June 10 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. Guitar, record player, records, clothing and toys. MOVING SALE SATURDAY, June 9th 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. 200 FULTON ST. Household items, 3 sheets of plywood, twin beds, clothing. Cancelled In cue of rain. GARAGE SALE — 708 S. Market, Knoxville, III. Frl., 5-8 p.m, Sat., 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Craftsman jig saw, typewriters, uniforms, strawberries, o 1 d silverware, stereo tapes, sporting equip,, njc. nacs, RAIN or SHINE MONMOUTH AUCTION REPORT Receipts Cattle Calves Hogs Sheep This Week 280 O 1889 0 Last Week 375 8 2838 0 Last Year 371 4 1530 O CATTLE: Receipts mainly feeder cattle. Demand good. FEEDER CATTLE: Choice 350-550 lb. steers 55.00-63.00; 550-700 lb. 50.50-55.25; mixed Good and Choice 600-800 lb. 46.50- 50.75; Choice 300500 lb. heifers 50.00-54.50; mixed Good and Choice 350-550 lb. 47.0050.25; Good and Choice replacement cows with calves at side 440.00485.00 per pair.' COWS AND BULLS: Cutter and Utility cows 32.25-34.90. HOGS: Receipts mainly feeder pigs. Demand fairly good. Prices 1,50-2.00 per head lower, SLAUGHTER BOARS: 350-550 lb. 33.50-35.50, FEEDER PIGS: U.S. 1-2 20-30 lb. 16.00-21.25; 30-40 lb. 21.00-26.00; 4050 lb. 25.75-30.75; 50-60 lb. 30.5033.00; 60-70 lb. 32.75-35.50; 70-80 lb. 35.25-41.00; 80-90 lb. 40,75-44,50; U.S. 1-3 40-56 lb. 24.00-27.75; 60-70 lb. 30.00-33.00: all sold by the head; 115-165 lb. 35.25-39,10; sold by weight. BACKYARD SALE 445 N. CEDAR Saturday, June 9th 8 A.M. - ? SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE FARM FRESH PLA&T SALE Petunias, Cascade's Magic's & Doubles, all colors, 39c & 49c tray pack. Geraniums, four for $1.00. Snaps and etc Beautiful hanging baskets. Tomatoes, sweet green peppers, cabbage, sweet potatoes. Out on the farm Vz mile East of Knoxville on Rt. 150. Open daily years produced aft economic "miracle" compafable to the postwar rebirths in Japan and West Gertiany. American capital has been edging away from most South American countries because of the fears of nationalization and native hostilities, but Brazil continues to attract foreign business. Anyone who remembers the runaway inflation In the early 1960's, when prices soared over 100 per cent annually, when industry stagnated and currency devaluations were inefifec- tivc; now views Brazi'l's eioonamic. situation with wonder. It has achieved over nine per cent annual economic growth the last five years. Its growth rate of 11.3 .per cent in 1971 led the world. Annual' inflation is down from 120 per cent in 1964 to about 18 per cent. The official goal for 1973 is 12 per cent inflation, ruinous in a developed country tout unprecedented^ low for Brazil. m Chicago Produce CHICAGO (UPI)-Cheese: Processed loaf 70-S0.50; single daisies 78-82; Swiss blocks 80100 lb Grade A 89-92.50, B 8790.50. Hie Brazilian oniielrd. laughing stock ot monetary circles, revalued against the American dollar at the beginning of this year for the first time, Brazilians actively seek foreign capital and technical assistance. In a recent list of the top 183 corporations in were controlled by foreign capital. Such international giants m Volkswagen, Esso, Shell, Ford, General Motors, Aloan Aluminum, Anderson-Clapton, Bayer, Nestle, Goodyear, General Electric and Unilever have found havens in Brazil. J "There is no country in the world today with the political stability, the growth rate and the potential of land, labor, power and markets as Brazil," said Martin R. Altmann, managing partner of Price Waterhouse Peat & Co,, the large U.S. consulting and accounting firm. Fiscal Incentives Offered Altmann, considered an ex- Brazil's knew Brazil had the potential to become an economic power if for no other reason than its size (as largg as the continental U.S.) and its natural resources. In the past, however, the Brazilians couldn't pull it all together. Lack of communications and transportation in such a laflge land mass stymied efforts to extract the resources, human as well as nautral. Today, infrastructure projects receive top priority. One is the 2,500-mile Transamazonic Highway of the previously impen Amazon River Basin forest. For many years Brazil's export dollars depended primarily on coffee. No longer. Last year for the first time manufactured products accounted for more foreign exchange than did coffee. Flea Market MOOSE HALL CHERRY Sunday, June 10th Hours: Donation! Positive Attitude, Adult Handicap Workshop Dealer Space Available WOODED if -I -, i*- V* fo 1 Aer§ In'llig All UtlliHii Inefotltd, WAT AO A, ttC* • ^ 1 *V fc* ^sr^^s ^^^^^^e^B ^s ^BM through rain pert on declares that planned and CHICAGO (UPI) Midwest eggs: Steady; prices unchanged; extra large 61; large 60; medium 57; pullets 48; standard 51; checks 40. Swimmer Dies VIRDEN, 111. (UPI) - Mark Steven Reynolds, 10, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Reynolds, drowned in the Virden Recreation Center swimming pool Thursday. The antelope fawn at the age of one year can run up to 25 miles an hour. GARGAGE SALE 1281 MONROE ST. SAT., JUNE 9th 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Baby clothes, adult clothing, real nice girls clothing sizes 8 to 10, plenty of nic-nacs and misc. items. economy, "for the well well executed investment, the prospects (for foreign investors in Brazil) are excellent." The milit ary government which took control in 1964 of Latin America's largest and most populous nation has establtehed fiscal incentives for investors, loical land foreign. Overseas investors, for example, are allowed to repatriate profits earned in Brazil under controlled but reasonably liberal conditions. "President (Emilio G.) Medici has given instructions for the government to keep its doors ... open to businessmen. They will find support," says Antonio Delf inn Netto, *he civilian finance minister. Since 1966 hi has been the man most responsible for Brazil's turnabout. Economic analysts always BACKYARD SALE 949 E. South Saturday, 9 a.m. -5 p. Clothing all sizes, toys, dishes, playpen, niisc and some free Items. GARAGE SALE 184 Garfield Ave. THURS. 4-8—FRI, all day SAT* 8-12 Old records, books, some clothes, hie nacs. canning jars, green half gallons, encyclopedia Brl- tannica and yearbooks, tires H- 55-15, A little bit of everything. Come and browse. GARAGE SALE Saturday, June 9 1740 S. Seminary 8 a .m. - 3 p.m. aby furniture, clothes & misc. items. Nothing sold before 8, Omicron Theta rage Sale GIANT YARD SALE Sat, June 9 9 A.M. to 7 P.M. 609 Ohio Ave. 650 KENWICK Saturday, Juno 10 A.M. - 4 P.M. WANTED Siding Cement Work JUasonabU PrlcM 4630 CORNER SALE $72 BEECHEB (Corner Greenleaf and Beecher) Sat.. June 9 — 9 a.m. <- 4 p.m. Uots of sm. children clothes, Ids. and mens clothes and lots of misc. BACKYARD SALE 757 E. Knox Saturday, 9 to & Baby, children and adult Ing, shoes t books, potty dishes & misc. items. cloth- chair, DRIVEWAY SALE 373 Nt CHAMBERS Saturday 8 a.m. * 5 p.m. Dinette set w/6 chairs, clothing, dishes, antiques, old bayonets, 2 captains chairs, radio, some primitives, baked goods & misc. BACKYARD SALE BROOKS Saturday Clothing Books and GARAGE ANP PATIO SALE 1458 N. Cedar Street Friday, Junt f*h 5 IM *wrk SaJujrday, Jun« 9ih 9 Jill 3 p.m. Charcoal gill), kitchen exhaust fan, HUJIIP pump fully equipped, bathroom lavatory like now. «ome Fiiajncra equipment, disheu, glassware, ail kind* of nic-nacs, QARAQE * YARP BALE m7 S. Chambers Friday Sva. — 4 - 9 p .m. Sa!u?4ay 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. Sm. appliances, linens, blankets, dresses sz. 13 & 20, lingerie, Ids. shoes s;c. B*/a narrow, nlc nacs & misc. items all In good condition BACKYARD SALE SATURDAY. JUNE 9 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. SUNDAY, JUNE 10 8 a.m. lo 1 p.m. 9J4 W. NORTH Portable TV, children** games, adult clothes sz. 10 thru 14, many childrens clothes and misc. items. YARD SALE 987 S, Pearl Saturday 9 • ? MISCELLANEOUS In case of rain held In garage GARAGE SALE 722 Ruby Thuri., June 7—4 p.m. To Dark Fri., June 8 — AH Day Sat., June 9 — All Day Dishes, some appliances, misc. Items. BACKYARD SALE 218 S. Main AVON, ILL. Sat., June 9 9 A.M. - ? BASEMENT SALE — 405 N. Washington, Abingdon, 111. — Saturday, June 9 — 9-5 — Many new items, infants sleepers and diaper stackers, selling out business. Driftwood glassware, aquariums plus equipment, Rawleigh products and many other items. Old and new. Church cookbooks, etc. FOR SALE 1972 UTOPIA TRAVEL TRAILER Tandem wheel in excellent shape. Fully equipped. Must be seen to be appreciated. 342-3672 4 Family Backyard Sale — 1385 Lana Av«. — Fri. as Sal. June 8 Ac 9 — 9-7 — Very good chil­ drens clothes, sz, 9 mo. to 8, Ids, sz, 10-12, maternity clothes, sz, 9-10, Lots of good toys, nic nacs, Avon cosmetics & many misc. items. GARAGE SALE 1038 BEECHER AVE, SATURDAY, JUNE I 8 :)0 a.m.-4 p.m. Full sz. bed w/sprlngs and mat- iiess, many children a toys and clothing, men & womens clothing, dishes and nic-nacs. WANTED Building to tear down for lumber Call After 5 P.M. 342-2780 Crop Hail INSURANCE Deferred premium payment till Fall. Acreage discounts available. For a quotation call . , . BOWMAN Oneida 483-8202 Rockford Mutual Ins. Co. LARGE BACKYARD SALE 263 Cottage Ave. JUNE 9 — 9:00-5:00 JUNE 10 — 9:00 - 5:00 Clothes, dishes, furniture, nic- nacs, salt 3c peppers, 1902 Chevy, 1003 Ford wagon, and misc. items. In case of rain be held In garage WANTED Housekeeping Personnel Will consider all applications. Applyl Ja Person 565 W. Main St. ANTIQUES FOR SALE + Buggy, roll top desk, 2 wall phones, brcntwood chairs, rocking chair, cane bottom chairs, iron kettle, cream can, copper boiler, wite wheel tire. 253 Cedar Ave. After 6 Thuri. & Fri. Saturday — 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Removal of Treei STUMP HEMOVAL TREE PLANTING TRIMMING - FEEDING SHADE TREES FOR SALE SOUTHARD TREE SERVICE OTtMtOOTIR WANTED BUY SCRAP IRON (Will Pick Up) Junk Cars Removed D&D SERVICE 529*9431 529,9493 Don't Dig Up Your Sewtr No Charge If We Fill €•11 343 6913 Phone 342-6430 GUARANTEED WORK FOR YOUR MONEY Stationery Tickets Envelopes Business Cord GGDSIL PRINTING 817 E. Brooks 343-4558 LARGE GARAGE SALE 587 E, Third SAT., JUNE 9lh 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. SUN., JUNE 10th 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Lots ot ladies dresses and clothing nz. 12, shoes sz. 6 & 6i/ 2 , children & Jrs. clothing, jewelry, lots ot drapes some are new, tablecloths, curtains, bookcase, new built- in oven cabinet, many misc. items. C&H Market Across from Dick Blick LANDSCAPE GRAVEL STEEL LANDSCAPE EDGING GALESBURG Builders Supply Co 600 E MAIN STREET Phone 342- 4155 FOR SALE $23,000.00 wt t • Wet! edge of city. • U/2 S*oty-3 bed*oonV .Oium. ir 30 ft. cedar paneled UvV fm„ carpeted, fireplace, , A i)idlng glass doors Id covered paftlo. • Paneled den or dining, •k Air-Cond., foncod yard,, lot just under acre, landtctfped. For Appointment 343-8452 fir.Hi Acreage BEST BUY On Black Top Just South from Allona W- 8 Acre tract has utilities at 3 Bedroom Ranch —Carneted. 2 car garage & basement, J, (£ ' baths, many extras on 2 acres i, landscaped and fenced, $30,QCtO 3 Bedroom Trl-Level '-^-i Carpeted lg, beautiful famij room, central air, gaftage basement, patio, will sell for $32,500. Contract available, Call 484-5993 for Appt. Leo Hoger Broker, Auctioneer, Appraiser COMMERCIAL NOTES Lettuce New Cabbag Cucumbers FOR SALE Head Leading Midwest Wholesale Grocery Firm is offering 8% Annual interest 6 months Commercial Notes ibo Yel. Onions .25c lb. p a • I. Yellow Onions .15c lb. WATERMELON and CANTELOUPE * J t i ! ' NOTICE Contrary to Malicious Rumor The AVONDALE TRAP RANGE Avon, III. Is Still OPEN and Operating The Hours Are: , Tues. & Sun. Eve. Practice at 7:00 P.M. Program at 8:00 Public Convenience?' REGARDING INVESTMENT QUESTIONS* WE WILL OPEN FRIDAY WW EVENINGS FROM 6:30 P.M. - 9 P.M. SATURDAYS 9 A.M. • NOON Blunt, Ellis and Simmong;; Incorporated Members of the New York Stock Exchange 204 Bondi Building Galesburg, III. 61401 Ph. (309) 342-5181 Quality & Beauty IN CONCRETE STEPS Antiques Auction Furniture 1533 NORTH KELLOGG ST. GALESBURG, ILL. SATU R DAY, JUNE .y Manufactured In Galesburg Footings Installed to Below Frost at No Extra Charge Delivered at No Extra Charge Galesburg Area Ornamental Iron Railings Available For All Steps Constructed In One Piece With Non-Skid Surfaces Reinforced For Exceptional Strength and Durability CONCRETE MATERIALS COMPANY 1050 Monmouth Blvd. 343-3181 GALESBURG 1:00 P.M. (DST) ANTIQUES: Walnut marble lop Denial Cabinet Walnut leaf extension table, Round extension table, Walnut sheet presi with teardrop Pulls, Wicker chair, Oak knitting stool, old woo< chest, Large Pewter and Pistol, Several Wash Benches, Curlin, Irons, Rare Depression, two wardrobe trunks, Large Jardlnier Service for eight—A ichbo rough Wedge wood—signed Eirurla, England, complete. Knights Tern pier Sword, Gold and White Quilt, Old Wooden Storage Box with Ferry Morse Seed Co. label, Sugar Buck et, Large Metal Hall Tree, Metal Button stool, Rug quilte sewing cab., Childs Elec. Iron, Gavel, Holland Pitcher, 3x5 QfWttta Rug, Calvert Blue Candy Dish with Metal Trim, Brass ClockTCfilldi Rocker with pine solid seat (100 yrs. old), Pearl Opera Glasses Childs' Wooden High Chair - StroUer, Marble Mantel Clocks. JUgur ines & Brie a Brae. FURNITURE; Five piece Walnut Dining Suite consisting o. Round Table and four upholstered chairs, two Oriental Bride's Vases, 2 walnut table lamps with Bamboo Shades, Channel back lounge chair, swivel vinyl rocker, Platform Rocker, Hair Dryer, chrome and blade chair, 2 fireside chairs, club chair, card table and 4 chairs, Fan Glow elec. heater, Tree lamp, Mitchell Dehumidlfier, Snack trays, toilet stool and tank, Fireplace Set—tools and basket, lots of Dishes, Pot and Pans, TV Set and 2 stands, 2 burner Elec. Plate, Ice Chest, Kitchen Stool, Charcoal burner, Iron Shelves; Bird Cage, Set Colonial Homestead Dishes, Mahogany Serving TrayyHur* ricane Lamps, Granite Ware, Cupid Holder, Trestle Table, Bedside Table, Cedar Chest, Stem Ware, Mengel Bed and Nile Stand,' 2'up­ holstered fpot stools. Camel back trunk, Mantle and Metal Lamp, Brass lamp, Fans, Stool, Floor lamp, Sheets, Pillows, Rugs, Spreads, Golf Clubs, Drapes, Blankets, Lots of Good Luggage, 2 cedarllhed Wood Wardrobes, 2 hand hooked rugs, Lots of snag rugs, 3, Indian Navajo Rugs, Large 3x4 plate mirror, Slip Covers, RCA 10" portable TV & stand, Desk Lamps, Lots of Xmas mchd., Table Model Radio, Crutches, Canes, Umbrellas, Fish Poles, Oval Mirror, Large upholstered foot stool, Lots of Pictures, Blond Dine Chair, Curtains. Lota of Towels, Door Mirror, W. Rogers silver, alum, mast, 8 it, step ladder, 4 velvet sofa pillows, Garden and yd. tools, yd. cart, seeder, Poker Table, yd. chairs, Large Storage Box, Galvanize Tubs, '16 ft, wood ladder, Lots of other misc. merchandise. » Mrs. W. Donaldson, Owner DtLENE ( CORBW'S AUCTION SERVICE Phone 343-9033 COOK and WOODS—Auctioneer! There are some exceptionally nice Antiques and Furniture and must be seen to be appreciated. Sale held rain or shine. GOOD ONES Remember you rold favorites? Well, we've got them. Candid Camera (ch> 32 Mon.-Frj.) The Real McCoys ( ch. 44 Mon.-Fri.) The Honeymponers (ch, 32 Mon.-Sqt.) t 1 y PLUS; Boxing - from the Olympic and Forum (ch. 44 Wed* & Frl.) 342-2161 I'M FREE INSTALLATION AND TWO MONTHS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE (Offer Valid Only In Wired Areas) i i North Henderson »j -T rv V 1 i

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