The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 28, 1955 · Page 25
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 25

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 28, 1955
Page 25
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2-Algona (la.) Upper Des Moines Thursday, July 2ft, 1955 Company Comes A Long Way To Visit In Sexton By The Village Gossip Sexfon — Mrs Fred' company is picking up bill out- of-towners are still m the lead .-niri they are coining from way "lit now. A nephew. Wai ren Godden of Algona. is home fiom .irmy service in Germany. A niece and fami'y. Mr and Mrs Harold Mcrills are visiting from West Virginia and Mrs Merrill's mother. Mrs Fanny Spikrr of Buffalo Center, accmnpanii >i (hem here. Another nephew. \"ei non Larson and family aie visiting from Phoenix. An'/.. Local cal- leis were Mrs Marl in Mimbiich.. Mrs Joe N'amer. Mrs AuguM Kirschliaum. Mrs Leo Kirschbaum and family an;i the old faithfuls. Mrs Arch Burger and Mrs Kud Elberts. The telephone '.riru added this week should be more company. Fred Jennings and hi- sister. JuKa Taft. attended ihe OK Settlers Picnic at Gran!. Twp. Sunday. Mr and Mrs Don Jennings and baby Ann. of Albeit City were callers. Mrs Jennings sounded like a proud aunt saving she was o beautiful baby w'uh beautiful red hair. Glennda Gabrielson aceompan- :od Martin Mimbach and l.eola Schieber to Blue Earth, where Leoln caught the bus to her home at Henderson. Minn. She had been visiting here with her .grandparents. The pretty little blond visiting Sammy Prew the past week was only Ins aunt. June Ditsworth of One of those "they'll do it every time incidents" happened in Clarence Huff. He sold his iimU including old car and tractor to a junk dealer who cut it up. The same day people began stoppir.g to ask if he wanted to sell Ihe .same items. There'.- good proof Glenn Gab- nelson doesn't waste any time getting his work done.' The\ returned from a trip (,, Chica-'i one afternoon last week and th« same day Glenn was seen driving the tractor and wagon 10 th- elevator and still dressed in hi- blue suit. While on ijie trip lh"v stopped at West Branch, la t'.' attend the 25th high sciv.^1 ie- union of Mrs Gabrielson. Arch Burger was luckier than Mr and Mrs Henry HaiU-\ and Mr and Mrs Bud Elberts' Arch was helping with the combining on (he Bailey place and was in the crib when the latest rain storm hit. soaking even-one cKc out in the field. i Not all farmers are lucky j enough to have boys at home t'i | help but Art Klein should gel 1 by anyway if the other two girls Jan- a- good ti.utor drivers as ! Virginia. I Most fanners who retire and ! move to town don't really mean ;!!,_ Harvey Steven is a good e.\; i.mnle as he is often seen during | the busy season around the "old i home place" where his son Kverett. now lives. For a different reason it is also a popuKu place with the neighborhood youngsters- and a few visiting cousins from town. The Stevens nave been pasturing a riding i horse at their place for the smn- j mer. St. Joe Relatives Attend Rites, Sterling, ,„. St. Joe—Mrs Courtney Ryan. •41. «.f Sterling, 111., daughter of Mis Kate Peck and the late John 1'. Reding of West Bend, passed away on Sunday. .July 17. with hm'eral services from the Cath- "lic church in Sterling on V.Vd- nesdav with the following relatives attending: Mrs Kate Peck. Mrs Ma!h Kir- s.'h. Mrs Will Rcdim:. Mrs Kd P.esch. Mr and Mrs C.eoi •_••• B<>r- mann. Mr and Mrs Alfred Heding. Mr and Mrs Harold Hedin;; and Mr and Mrs Halph iU-ding. Mrs Courtney, the former Evelyn Keding is survived by her husband, one daughter, her mother. Mrs Peck nnd many other relatives and friends. Dwavnc Weyder!. son .if Mr and Mrs Anton WeydeK. had the misfortune to fracture ,,n ankle on Thursday when he jump'jd off an empty flat rack. He wax taken to St. Ann hospital in Algona. Thursday, and returned home on Friday. Mr and Mrs Willie Reding and Mrs Yei non Kramer and daughter Sharyln were Sundry dinner guests of Mrs Reeling's sister, Mrs Augusta Kurth, in Blue Earth, Minn. Mr Jaktj Garmann, ia- We've Got 'Em! 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KS'J'A A REALTOR BELOW IH'HT LAKd'J'A Holu-rt Iliimilloii J. 1C. \\drlman LKDVAUI) 'lice Urai-k SWKA CITY A. J. Milshorou^h (iilTonl Smith 'JTIONKA (ierhard Uruns Karl Stoll (•union ilaiison J. I'. U VKK.NK Kiumelt ( . Knar\ K()SSI T 'JH Cor.N'J'Y IE HOAHJ) .• 9>JU' tlirr df Mrs Reding and Mrs Kuvtli. is staying with Mr.-: Kurth in Blue Earth. Riverdalr Rustlers 4-H Achievement Day meeting and Mother- Daughtei Ira will be held Monday. Aug. 1. at 1:15 p.m. in the school hall here. Mr and Mrs Kenneth Curran anil family of Douglas, Ariy.. arc heir visit ins relatives and friends. The C'urrans formerly livid here before moving west. Hev. Leu C. Schumacher lf:.'t Sunday for a two week's vacation through the west. Father M. Diederichs, S.C.J. from Hales Coiners. Wisconsin, is here in St. Joseph's parish during Father Schumacher's absence. Randall Aithur Bcrte. son of Mr and Mrs Raymond Berte, born on July 10, was bapli/eri Sunday by Rev. I.,eo C. Schumacher. Sponsors were Mr and Mrs Walter Freilinger. Mr and Mrs John LenerU Jr. are parents of a daughter born on Sunday. July 24, in St. Ann hospital in Algona. Mr and Mrs Lenertz have a son Douglas. The annual Knights of Columbus and C. D. of A. picnic was held Sunday on St. Joseph's parish grounds with a nice crowd in attendance. The afternoon was spent with the playing ol contests and Raines. IF IT'S NEWS WE WA/fT IT Plowing Contest Set For Aug. 9 The Lbfte Rock Community Club is sponsoring Ihe Kossuth Counfy Level Land Plowing Contest to be held Tuesday, August 9, according to Chairman Dick Gross, Lone Rock. The event will be held at the Ornie Behrends farm, 1 Vi miles south of Lone Rock, beginning at 10:00 a.m. The first prize, being offered by the Lone Hock Community Club, according to Chairman Gross, is an all expense trip to the State Plowing Contest to be held Aug. 16-17 at Cherokee. Other prizes will be available to the contestants. Any farmer interested in entering the contest should contact Dick Gross or other members of the Lone Rock Community Club NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Sc'iilfd liids will be received by the Ci(\ flerk of flu 1 City of Algnnn. Town, ill the City Hnll in Ihe .s:ii<l City until Ilic limn- nl 7:1)0 P.M. on the Ifl'lh clny (il 1 AIIKII.:!. l!in;> ,-iii(l then will be pub- liely opened iinrl reiid. lor Ihe const nirt inn ol s.-init.-iry si-wcr lines find m.'inholfs for the City. 'I'lu- work will be in one section as lollmvs: (iR28 lint-ill feet of R" s.-inilnrv sewer pipe. inehidinR nnproxl- niately 111) (i" on 8" Vs. 2\ Manholes, of which 10 have drop inlpts. 1 Existing manhole to be re- inoved. 2 Tnps into existing manholes. Thf work of the above section will be Awarded as one tohtract for all itoni= nl work involved. " The rxlriil of the work, kinds of tniitennls. find type ol eonsrnctinn to lie as shown on the plans nnd specific.!! ions on rile in the office ol the Cif. Clerk where they may be cxnmin- ed by Interested parties, or thev mnv be nlit.iincd from the City Clerk lor pru,.li- use, upon payment of $10 Oil nil "I which will be refunded to bonrt lulc bidders for this work, upon return of the plans nnd specifications in good condition, within two weeks artei the bids close. All v.ork is to be constructed in Mint accordance with the above rc- lein-d to plans and specifications and active construction work is to be stinted on or belore Ihe 1st of Sep- Ictnhcr. liijlj and completed on or be- In n the 15th of November. HI55 .-M siiid time a hearing will be held >n -;ml pirns and sped I (cations and 01 MI of contract, at which any inter- • person may appear and 'file oh- itmns to said documents or to the i.-' of the project. All bids must be accompanied, in a sep.n.-ito envelope, by a check on a biink in the State ol Iowa, certified by such bank and payable to the Treasurer of the City of'Algonn. Iowa, in the amount of 10', of the amount ot !iu- bid. as security that the bidder will enter into contract for doing the \vnik and will furnish a performance bond in the amount of 100'; of the contract price, to be approved by the Council of (lie City of Algona. Iowa Tic contract will contain a provision the contraetoi shall keep said im- in a slate of good repair loi ii ncriod of two years from and af- tei the date of acceptance by the City Council and the Contractor's bond shall guarantee the performance of this provision. In case the successful bidder shall fail to enter into contract with the City of Algona. Iowa, for the construction of said improvement or furnish bond a* required by law, the certified check deposited by him shall be cashed and the proceeds retained by the City of Algona, Iowa, as agreed liquidated damages. On completion of the improvement according to the plans, specificutiijns and contract, the City Council will Accept the same and levy special assessments according to law and will issu" and sell special assessment bonds and use (he proceeds derived from said sale to pay the cost of said improvement, the deficiency between the amount which may 'be specially assessed against property owners' and the cost of improvement to be paid for from the general fund, the improvement fund andAfr the proceeds derived from the issuance and sale of any certificates or bonds which may be legally issued to pay for said improvement. All bids shall be submitted on the proposal form prepared for this purpose, which forms shall be available ,-it the office of Ihe City Clerk. EJv virtue of statutory authority a preference will be given to products and provisions grown or produced in the Slate ol Iowa. Bidders shall not be permitted lo withdraw their bids for a period of thirty days after the same arc submitted. The City of Algona. Iowa, reserves the right to reject any or all of the bids and to waive informalities Published by authority of the Citv Council of Algona. Iowa'. CITY OF ALGONA. IOWA By Linda B. Clapsaddle ATTEST: Mayor Ivy D. Sctifflinm City Clerk (Published July 28. 1955. in The A1- eona flown I Upper Des Moines.i RESOLUTION OfiDEHtMO CONSTRUCTION OT SEWER IMPROVEMENTS BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA: That, Whereas, a Resolution of Necessity was duly adopted on the 23rd day of June. 1055. for the construction of certain sanitary sewer improvements in Sewer Sub-District No. 12 in Ihe City of Algona, Iowa: NOW. THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLV- F,U. on motion of this Council, without petition of property owners, that said improvements arc hereby ordered to be constructed; that I lie extent of the work and the kind ol materials to be considered shall be as set out In said Resolution ol Necessity; that said improvement shall be completed by the 15th day of November, 1955; that on completion of (lie improvement according (o the plans, specifications and contract, the City Council will accept the same and levy special assessments according to law and will issue and sell special assessment bonds, and use the proceeds derived from said sales to pay the cost of said improvement; the deficiency between the amount which may be specially assessed against benefited properties and the cost of the improvement shall be paid for from the general fund, the Improvement fund and/or the proceeds derived from the issuance and sale of any certificates or bonds which may be legally issued to pay for said i Improvements. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the City Clerk is hereby directed lo advertise for bids for the construction of said sewer improvements, bids to be received by the City Council up to 7:30 o'clock P.M. on the 18th day ol August. 1955. and to be opened bv the Council at that time. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this Council bold a public hearing on the matter of the adoption of proposed plans, specifications and form of contract for the making of said improvements, which documents are now, on file In Ihe office of Ihe Cily Clerk, s-ald hearing to be held in the Council Chambers in the City Hall in Algona, Iowa, at 7:30 o'clock P.M. on the 18th day of August, 1955. and that the City Clerk give notice of said hearing by publication of notice once in a local newspaper at least ten days prior to the date fixed therefor. PASSED AND APPROVED this 2Gth day of July. 1955. Linda B. 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