Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 15, 1947 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
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Wednesday, January 15, 1947
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T ffEMPERATUBE BlPQAl "\Inon 35 34 ar, no 38 "A Progressive Newspaper For a Progressive Community" THEWEATHEE Connecticut and Rhode Inland— Light ruin nnd drizzle tonight, turning to snow Thuisdny with Rome nftcumnlat.ion during the day. Mild tonight but turning colder with ifX.Te.THin;; northerly winds Thursday. Vol. LXXI, No, 12 ESTABLISHED 1885 WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 15, 1947 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Four Cent) Dr. Curran Talma . . LATE School Board Tactics, Resigns Moves To Strip Gov. Arnall Of Powers! Secret Sessions Criticized; Action Follows Dispute On Salary Of Football Coach Jeering Strikers Protest Troops Moving Food KXfr.;;s';r:s CONCKIIN •„ Ahilui.^ VV niter ISfdfll Sniilli had ivxprrMsi-d the viiiiri-.-ii uf Hit' I'ntti'il States over tln< sit- n.iiliiii In rii'iiml. He Is siild ti> liavt- **\|>rrs^i'd In ^'(/i-i'lifn Mtfi- i.^liT Sli.lnluv Odiiri'i-ii iivri' wluit lulu'ii acalnsl ili'/HDr-mllc. j-lt- nifiil.s whlrh liavi- nut jnlniMl tho |i:ul>" oli'i'tiiral hlix: In I'liliind. •t/Oo - - I'IKS" OONI'KHKNCK WasiiiiKlmi • l-Mvsicli'in l-lai'ry 'I'riifiiun will I'.okl his first |ji- ].:irtisan runti'r«-iu:i* wiih h-:idi'i-H • ; ;s tiiiiitji-i'ov.- niuining. •IIHST Hartford — Giivrriiiir Mc.Con uiiKliy Miiil today that a joint ivsuliitlon would hi- Introduced la till' Senate anil Mouse uppolnt- inx Kin.IT .1. Kyun, New Haven l(i-|inl)lii-;ui. as state ri'iteiiri'li (IIr- t-ctur at sM,<n;0 a year. Sliniillaiirousl.v. a lilll will he i.ff.Ti-d. hi- .s:iid, tu abolish the |j,i'si'iit juli til .suite statute revision e.i/ninilKsii>»i>r—vvhleh will he lihsiirlii'il hy the new llppolut- lll»-!ll. oOo I'KOJKCT FOK SAI.K \7aihnigUui- .Sncri:tary of State Byrni'd r.-vrals that thn bitfKUHl l«i"i of tin 1 controvorHlul Cunol Oil rrfinury-plpulinc project In (,'iinada is for sale tjecauae It has "no known" fuonumiviil post-wtir UNt'. Must of the S13-1,Of0,000 wartime [iinJi'Ct will Ijc offered [or sfilc ;is surplus property under an (igrnomcnt signed wlih Canud-n Uisl Friday. OOo— — RK.IKCT SOVIET NOTICK l.nndon — The British Foreign Olhi-r IIIIN n .Ircleil a .Soviet de- nuni'latlon of a 1020 treaty. The IK-al.v |;)vi'.s .Vorwii.v soverelgnl.y I.VIT Spll'/liergeii. The Forel«-n Of- : llvi- IndioaleH Ulltslln will nnl rec- i etf.'il'/*' a/i.v itgt-er/il*';i( f(ir ei>n- sliiii'liini of military liases on the Arctic Island. oOo- • IN SKCI.USION Kurt Myors, Kill—United Mine Wiirkcru Chief John I., Lewis i» In MTliislon near T'ort Myers >v)illf> Iti.s union Ciise is helri;? lle- I'lili-il liy the Supreme Court. oOo ICKI'OKT SIIOHTACIC Wiislilngtuii - llousfj holders In- iliciite iliai they muy ask tho JiiKticv Depui tmi'iit to, Investi- Kiiti- n rvpurted S 121,000 shortage i" the accounts of the mirtmutit- Retiring Governor Of Georgia Refuses To Relinquish Office To Son Of Late Political Enemy Derisive .strikers st:i:id hy as solci'Iers unload meat from Army lorry in London after the government ordered triioiis tu tnke over the movement of neoi'ssl lies lollmving the strlki- by 2IMIO!) truckmen. Thou- sunds of workers walked out of thf markets in protest us Tommies took over the jol>. (International Kadio photo) Nauges Urges Eagles Support Chamber Of Commerce Reorganization Program BULLETIN Washington, Jan. 15—(UP)— The War Department IN taking a "hands off attitude on the disputed Georgia governorship. The department tmys It could not glvo federal recognition to the appointment of an adjutant general of any state "on the spur of the moment." Allanla, G*.. Jan, 15—(UP) — Herman Talmadte, who was clecl- ed governor of Georgia by Ihe stale legislature early this morning, has moved to strij. holdover Governor Ellis Arnull oJ his military power. Talmadge has issued un order calling foi- the demobilization of the Georgia slute guard—the home guard. This force is commanded by Colonel R. W. Collin.s, who was appointed adjutant-general and com- j morning- for Mrs. Mary (Freeman) mander of the Georgia National , Ca ine, wife of Martin L. Caine Guard by Arnall this morning. borough ultorney and oourl judge, Confusion . Two governors, Ellis Arnall. and Herman Talmadge, are settled in I street. adjoining offices, issuing conflict- ! The f unera | was ,, old ing orders and appointing differ- | j ate ,-csidence at Many Attend Mrs. Caine's Final Rites Funeral Services Held Today For Prominent Resident Who Died Sunday Scores of Naugatuck residents attended funeral, services held this Polio Poster Girl who died suddenly Sunday morning at her home, 282 North -Main from the 8:30 o'clock to Asserts Improved System Of Government Responsi- | bility Of Citizens ! N'ortlhill Naupros. president of i ' the Naugaluck Aerie of Eagles at ' ut meeting of the lviglo : -. Monday night, culled for public support o; 1 [ thf Chamber of Commerce roor- ! gnniKiition program in order lo •. build a gro'iti.-r Naugatuck. Prosi- j ill!nt Nuuges said timl if the bor- ' ough woi-c: to have an improved < .system of government it would not i ljo through efforts of politicians ;' but through the efforts of the citi- ;:ons of tho tosvn. 1 lows; "Foi- the past Severn! %vceks 1 ; hiivc boon giving some thought to ! a mailer which we, aw Eagles and residents of N'augMtuck. should all be interested in. : "You will recall a meeting held . by Lhe Icical Chnmher of Coni; niiirce eai'ly in Deueinbiir. Nearly I 100 local business and prufo&sional men uttundi'd ihis meeting, to c|uotu from ncwapaper publicity, Brophy, Daly At State Development Commission Forum To Discuss New Planning, Zoning Legislation being held A local planning commission was A regional fcrtim is this afternoon at the Hotel 'Bond, Hertford, sponsored hy the com- Cjitab | ishcd in . hc borough about mittL-o on planning and Konmg leg- i930 by voto of , h( , h ., ird Q{ wal ._ islatior. of the Stat-2 Development don . ln(1 burgesses. Defunct for Cjainns.s:on. | approximately nine years, it was W:, LP.O J, Brophy and Bor-j ruappointed last ye:ir and in- oug!i Clerk Charles F. Daly aro j eludes: Warden Brophy, chairman 'to hear discussion of plans and "(•arms office. The accounts of j proposals for a greater Nauga- soiiii. m»nibor!i were said to bo overdrawn by as much (is $3.000. -oOo I.OXIJON STltlKK IjMidnii—Some I7,(MM» London dock workers hiivr joined llrll- nin's .striking food mid transport workers. .Ml Inld, ulioilt (15,000 arr in,w tiiKhiK par! Ill tin- wtilk- »nl, and still other lulior groups lliri'iili-n tu join. oOo NKU'SI'AI'KUS AI'l'KAIt Paris -I'nris iH'Wspapi'i'S will iipl'oju- (in KII- streets today fur tin- first ti rm , | n j,,. v ,.|, days. The I'lsisli lii'twoon publishers and pi-i'.iMini-n (ivi'i- a cost-of-livlng lioiiu.s was settk-d when both skies agreed to arbitration. SWIM MKKT Tin; Y swimming toam will meet [hi- Hopkins Prep team of New Haven tonight at the hitler's pool. All mi'mbiM-s aro rociuestod to moot ut tho local Y at , r .:CO o'clock, Coach Alex Sullivan has announced. NAUGATUCK NEWS BROADCAST Today — 5:45 P. M. Monday Through Friday om the Editorial Rooms Of The Naugatuck News Station WATR »«3ll ON YOUH DIAL tuck to be umlcrtakcn j organized Chamber, in cooperation ' with the Niiugatuck Merchants ! Bureau.' ' "A (hat meeting, President , James L. Kinsley of t Iv IOL-;I! i Chamber, puintud' to .'io.-re of tin? ! aims nnd objectives. Among them , were: "Bettor housi'ng, schools nnd parking facilities, recreation fields, ri'Vi.-iiun of the LUiruugh Charter. "He said that under the . plan evolved by tlu; Chamber, if |HII. into I'l'l'ect, these idiMil.s could be ri'ii'ii'/ud, with cooperation not only from the merchants, but from the citizens of Natlgutuck. "And thut is whore wo come in, We arc citizens, anil v/u are interested in our tosvn. Thu Nnu&ituck Merchants Bureau has done a fine job, but they need the help of every citi/.en of N'augatucU. "I w;is interested in what another speaker at this mooting said -••Sherwood H. Protheroc. executive secretary of tho Norwalk Chamber. He said he came into Nuufrat'-ick early in-tho afternoon among those invited to state their opinion as to the efficacy of the cammitti.'o's bi^ls on planning and /.jning prepared tor submission to :hu 19'I7 General Assembly, Of t-hc tour proposed hills, two are of importance to the borough. The lirst provides "a new municipal planning enabling net. giving! more -<(!3pe to thu activities of tho i local communities and sponsoring! a progiMin of d-cvolopment more ! ex-ol'Iicio; socrotai'y; Borouj John Clerk Daly, McDonough, bORcHckil to the economic and physic:il welfare of the state," Tho second provides for "amending the net creating the Connecticut Development Commission by authorizing t.hat agency to make regional planning, studies «nd as-. .-:is( local and regional plan com-i missions in the organization and' c-irrying .-jut of their work." I Hai-olfi P. Hakl win, Henry Mceckel, Jr., Frank Gillon, William Noble, Jr., Caiulcs Curiis, borough engineer, and John J. McCarthy. Rules, powers and duties of the commission were never stated and since its reappaiiumonr. only one meeting has boon held. New Plan T;ic municipal planning bill, ( which interests the borough, pro. : poses that any city, town or borough may create by ordinance 'a plan commission, which shall con-i sist of from five to nine mcnybers, at lejst ;.i majority of which shall ent men to the same state offices. | St Mary . s church, where' a. solemn Governor Tjlmadge has -set up ' his portable office in the main reception roonr of Governor Ellis Arnull's office. And both men have announced they are ready to receive callers and get down to other olficia: business. The sen of the late Governor- elect Eugene Talmadge was-elected governor by the General Assembly .after a 16-hour session by a vote of 361 to 87. State law provides that the assembly can choose a lending write-In" candidate to succeed n governor-elect who dies before he is sworn in. • However, Governor Arnall re- Mass of requiem was celebrated ot 9 o'clock. The . Rev, Thomas Griffin was celebrant of the. Mass, with the Rev. James Lambert of Stratford, deacon, and the Rev. Goorge Vilciauskas, .sub- deacon. Seated in' the'-sanctuary were the Rev. Albert ..Taylor of j St. F.ra'ncis' church, the -Rev. S. i F. Nalewajk .and . the 'Rev. John I of the St. Hedwig-'s I Rev. George i Wanut, both church,-;.- and. p'Neill. of NoiiwalU,- former, curate. 'at's't. Mary's church. musical service was pre- by Mrs. Albertine O'Don- The sentod nell. organist, with John J. Burke, fuses to surrender the ofllce to Tal- Sl ... ns , vocs i BO loist. Tho service madge. He claims the executive \ included: Processional, "Funeral position should go automatically to': March"; offertory. "Panis Angeli- Lieulenant-Governor Thompson. | cus " ; after Mass, "Light Of Our The excitement began shortly af-j Way":' recessional. "Load Kindly ' 2 a. m. (E. S. T.) when young j'Light " surrender demanded the official that seal. Arnall When Tulmadfro couldn't get in, his men broke down the door to the Deception room of the executive ottlce. and a 300-pund Talmadge bodyguard. Johnny Nahara, tore into Arnall's chaugeur and aide, T, M. Bearers were: Richard Parkinson of the Public Welfare board, I Wai-den Leo J. Brophy, Fire Chief John J. Sheridan. Superintendent of Streets Harold Murtha, R. M. j Shea, judge of probate, nnd Creslo I Klimaszowski, third ward Demo-1 cratic bvirgoss. ! Buchanan, with flying fists. I | Delegation | The Arnall s! de. came out second] Delegations included: Chief John! best in the physical violence, but J. Gormlcy, Captain Anthony Ma- ArnaU still refuses to mova out. ! lono, ; Sorgt. Raymond Carlson, Poster girl for the 1!M7 March of Dimes drive agiilnur polio, Nancy 'IJrui-y, 4. of Louisville, Ky., carries her teddy hear and IUB- ffagc (hlough Grand Central Ter- inal on her arrival in New York, Nancy, who was stricken with Infantile paralysis and has virtually recovered, will participate in start of national March of Dimes campaign. (International) K a r a b a n Reported Seeking Legal Counsel, Planning Civil Action Over $200 Salary Differential The resignation or Dr. Edwin R. Cui-r^n as J member of the local board of education, and seeking; ot k'gal counsel by William Kara ban I with indications that civil action i may result, today brought to a cli- ] max a sorics of incidents over the j salary question of the Beacon Falls athlete for hj s services as high school football coach. Dr. Curran told a member of The News today. "I'm rcsig.iir.g today. I'm dissatisfied witn the whole business." Although Mr. Karaimn had "no comment" to make on the situation at present, he did indicate that matters had "gone further," ar.d did not deny a rumor that he has sought legal advice. Samuel I. Lyons, chairman of the board, also declined comment. Although the salary question is 1 believed to bo. the primary motive ! -'o:- Dr. Curran's decision ta renign, he recently expressed strong disapproval of the board's "star chjmber" sessions and its methods of teacher appointments. Case HUtory Roports have been circulating, for several days that the doctor might submit his resignation. ' The dispute over'the amount of ?n!ai\v for Mr. K&raban budded «bout two months ago. The salary was first announced at the October meeting of the board, when ;t was included in a reading of the minutes of an earlier "star chamber" session. Four newspapers subsequently published the amount as $500. 'Continued On Page 8) iighway Crew Experiences Difficulty In Bethany way to decide that double-header fjuestion is to carry the cast to tap State 1 Supreme court. ^, -.---, _„ w . IIMUT, .O»JI>;L, rvu\monu v^arison, /^ . w « ~. _ pb=erv=rs bc'licve that the only Sergt. Richard Ostronj. Palrolmen I Carsten Makes Statement In, Reply To Complaint From Woodbridge Woman bo electors N'ho municipal olllce. hold no salaried It suggests the (Continued On Page 8) Walsh, Rosko Named To Committees Of General Assembly Naugatuck's t w o Democratic state representatives were named scciation; Deputy Judge John P. Jones; John E, Ash and Peter Meegan. board of education: Mary Burke, Nrtugatuck High school faculty. Borough Clerk Charles F. Daly, James Lyons, third ward Republican burgoss; Mrs. Edna. Fenniman, to committees yesterday, one re- probation officer; Joseph Dinncny, cciving appointment to two com- borough court clerk; Town Clerk George Smith, James Fcnton and John Hartoy, nil of the borough police department, Atty. Thomas Ncary, Ally. Francis McDonald and Attv. Edward F. Supervisor of Ronds William Sweeney, both of Waterbury, rep- , C arsten, in answer to .1 complaint resenting the Connecticut Bar As >-unipioini. made by Mr,. George Tower,. Beth- . any, concerning- the sanding of the j Carsten stated". Carstcn that the district under him had 551 miles of state highways to bo maintained and thai when'.a freezing rain 1'cll it was impossible to cover all the sections of the road system at the same time. additional crew was assigned ~ area this year, Mr. state highway I'rom the Wood- bridgre-Bclhany the concrcic i-oad said that near the air- section in Supervisor Carsten of the stale highway department was contacted by The News after it was learned thai Mrs. George Tc^,er of Wood- to wrfte a letter of 20 To Attend State Y Convention; McGrath Group Meeting Speaker 'and a little looking around.' ""•* ul IhlllK li> ill, with vnnr Xmim ni-j-— 11,1 „ „.,„ llf HICKS iMiulll.v '"••> iii'il ri..ii>.i..|n.r .vnnr xlvrr nil .vriir mill. Hick,, li-j HankM.. H'll.j-,— ,»ilv. Hc saitl ho was surprised to find some items here which he had not found In Norwalk. and he was taking thorn back. Look Hero First "That put me to thinking. How many times have wo missed a hot by not looking in Maugntuck for something. Let's got behind the merchants —let's look here first. In doing so we will bo helping Ncxugatuck grow. "Whiit will bo the results? More money for schools, and other needs. Our town will be as up-to-date and as progressive »s wo flic people want to make it. "Tho merchants will cooperate. Never worry about that. r was interested in another pjint brought out by Mr. Pro- th'voe. He pointed to retail sales (Continued On Page S) A de!ei:cntion of 20 mon and \vo- non from tlir. A'augatuck Y. M. C. A. will attend 'the 80th annual convention of the Connecticut State Y. M. C. A. to be held in Hartford Saturday, Jan. 19. The Hartford Y. M. C. A. will be host, with sessions starting at 10:30 a, m. At the r.oon luncheon Dr. James Lee Ellemvood, secretary of the [ New Yo:k State Y. M. C. A., will •peak r>n the subject; "What a Layman Should Do Abou-t Hl« Y. M. C, A." Following the business session a scries of discussions groups built around various phases of. Y. M. C. A. program will ho hpld. Edward McGrath of tho Naupi- tuck Footwear Public Relations ita-ff will bo a speaker at tho, group meeting on Industry. A tea and social hour will be held in connoc- .ion with the annual meeting of the State L.idios' Auxiliary at 4:30 p. m. The-"dinner and closing session «-ill be addressed by Lyjnan Hoo- v'cr. associate general secretary of -.he Council of the Y, M. C. A. His subject will be "Our Part in Rebuilding a Ravaged World." Attending from Naugatuck will bo. William Boles, William Ncwry. Jr., .Robert Whif tomoro, Wesley Coc, Walter Harris, Edward Mullet'. Otto mitttoes c.nd tho other to one. Representative Daniel J. Walsh was appointed to the Manual and Roll, nnd Roads, Bridges and Rivers committees .with Representative Joseph V. Rasko receiving appointment to the Appropriations committee. Senator Luke Raymond .1, St, John, Tax Collector Patrick F. McKeon, Assessor Louis Comiskey. George Fellows, Cyril Tuohy, Raymond Dolan, Peter Brooks, Matthew Scully, Joseph Noal, Matthew Mahcr, Edmund Ryan, rep- H. Stapleton cf resenting Democratic mittec. town corn- Cheshire^ (R) was appointed to the | Ml ' s > Francis Scully, Mrs. John ~ ' ~ Kissane, Mrs. Ernest Anderson, Rules, Engrossed Bills and tnter- govp.i-nment and Federal Relations committee. Ho is also majority leader. All committee chairmen aro. Republicans, as the GOP control both the House and Senate. , _- , ^..^ „„„„ umi. AII-S. oeori question was mi exceptionally bad bridge intended „ „ „ „.-„.„ ul stretch having unreal number of | complaint to he highway dcpart- " "" " ~~ mcnt concerning the sanding of Iho stale roads from the Woodbridge-Bethany line to the end of the concrete section near the airport. Mr. Carstcn. whose headquarters is in Waterbury, said thai he had not received such a letter as yet. KDVVAKII MCGRATH hort "Brov.-n. Frit/. Klamht, Wilfred La Point. Mrs. Mary Hollls. Mrs. Robert Ha.rt.wcM, Mrs. E. E. Brown. Mrs. Ellen Kn.zann?kas, Mre. Albert Hormonal. Mrs. Edward Frederick, Mrs. Kenneth Frendsall. Mrs. C. Jensen, Wilson B. Kirkendnll. Her- Kohn, Mrs. FrRz Klambt. — All NiillKiiliirk 1!II7 SIlilIclMiUiT, r:ir ill llv I'li'lil. Mi-i. !l ul N llnlliTj ,V Aufii Scrvirv. — .Vllv. hllkink- Hluiut Mil' miM linHil —l-'or (iimlii.v T.iquorK, Wlnpx, llrt>l*M. l>lr., SIIOI' FIRST nl till' rily I':irk- r'i;r Siorr. Jin llrtll!:i' -.trpi'l,' I'niniiil i!»>- thiT.v, iiiiy\vhiTi' In (nivii. Tel. 1HDX. Two Residents Hurt In Falls On Ice Two bo;/)ughites were injured yesterday as ihc result of falls cjiiiscd by slippery walking conditions. John Morader, 64, 562 Rubber avenue sustained an injury to his loft arm when he fell on Rubber .avenue. He was admitted to St. Mary's hospital, Waterbury. Walter Hultberg. 58, 23 Orchard "terrace, suffered a dislocation of his right shoulder when he slipped and fell in his back yard. He was treated at Waterbury hospital and .then returned home. Mrs. John Malik, delegation from St. Mary's Allar society. Prayers at the grave in St. James' cemetery were read by Father Vilciauskas, assisted by Father Griffin, Father Lambert and Father O'Xciii. Arrangements were hills. Supervisor Carstcn also staled i hat the stale highway department experienced difficulty because of .the local cold temperatures asserting that whereas other pavements may just be wet after a rain or snow fall, it would often freeze in that section of the Bethany road. Concerning yesterday morning's state I'oatl conditions through Bethany, Supervisor Carstcn said that three members of the crew ALDRICII LOSES T.iuiuori, Mass., Jan.. 15—(UP)— A j'oraier mayor of Taiinton who conducted a jail cell campaign for assigned to sand that section re- I reelection has come out a poor J - 1 - 1 - --' -" ' - ' fifth in the primary election. Mor- portcd sick and it took time to round up a new crew. He said travel conditions were such tha the highway crew had great diffi culty in keeping the sand truck on the road so the sand could be ,• in charge of the Buckmiller Fu- spread. The supervisor added that '• neral Home, 22 Park place. i VI-EADS INNOCENT New Haven. Jan. 15—(UP)—Mrs. Hazel Santaneillo of Meriden has pleaded Innocent to a manslaughter charge in connection with the fatal stabbing of John Toth. Mrs. Santaneillo is accused of having stabbed Toth with a kitchen knife during an argument. the crew ran out of sand before the job was completed and had to leave tho job to get more. Before rel;j.-ning for a second run the crow mounted dual chains on the tires of their truck believing this would help the truck to better stay on the road. This consumed still more time but a second run was mado. It was pointed out by Supervisor Norwici;. Jan. I5-—(UP)—Sheldon A. White has been found -innocent of charges that he murdered his wife Helen. The state had claimed that White pushed his wife from an automobile, causing injuries which resulted in her death three days later. Hartford Bank Directors Elect W, C. Fenniman Vice-President William C. Fenniman of Hart- 1 received this assignment last year. ford, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence i A graduate of Naugatuclt High E. Fcnniman, 174 Cliff strecl. was '. ™ h °°} and rW .^' CJ T u /» v f sit v in , Ihe class of 1031, he he'd several elected a vice-president of the Hart- responsible positions in other banks ford Phoenix State Bank and Trust piiov lo his affiliation with the Company yesterday at the annual Hartford institution, meeting of : the directors. A member of Delta Upsilon fra- Mr. Fenniman. who is also trust lernMy, he is also a member of officer and tax consultant of tho the Century club of, nnd "lank, is tho youngast trust. o(TlC"r ;v former president of the Hartford Ihe inslitution ever appointed. He i City club. rill D. Aldrich was far behind the winners, Walter Baylies—n former slate representative — and John Parker—a former school committee member, who will compete for the office in the February 4 election. UNIQUE The National Foundation for Infantile PurBi.VKlB' 1W? March of Dlmcti ueginN today. The National Foundation IK unique among voluntary health organization* In that It* fund* are derived Holely from """ *ou rcc— the annual March of DlnioH. It I* not endowed, nor doen It receive revenue from trimt fund*. Its nervier* to Infantile paralysis victim* — recurdloi of age, race, creed or color—are made nonnlhle only through the American people'* participation In the fight Hcvinut Infantile paralyslft; a dlBeaae which In threatening one, threaten* all. Join In that fight, Join the March of Dlmra today!

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