The Fresno Bee from Fresno, California on November 2, 1986 · 8
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The Fresno Bee from Fresno, California · 8

Fresno, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 2, 1986
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iA8 Sunday November 2 1986 THE FRESNO BEE Diocese "Continued from Pago A1 I Jprograms because we are the Cath-iolic voice in the valley Harrison jsaid “But we will hae a good percent-age of educational and instructional programs too both secular and re ligious" he said adding there Avould be movies and other family-oriented entertainment programs j Blocks of the daytime will be demoted to educational programs for children Other parts will feature college-level instruction for adults o be offered for credit next year) -jSome of the college-level courses will be offered during the early-evening hours Besides Spanish-language programming there will be locally produced programs in Hmong and Lao which may be the first of their kind in the nation Harrison said As the station gets more money and expands Harrison expects Channel 49 to do more local programs especially for children He envisions Channel 49 growing into a production center supplying other stations with some material and producing other programs exclusively for the local coverage area The station will have to accomplish it without much money Michael Ford the diocesan development director said all of the $1 million it took to get this far was solicited from benefactors in the diocese Both men are quick to say that the station will not rely on collection basket funds for the $200000 to $300000 it will cost each year to keep going Ford said “We’ll be doing direct mail personal contact but nothing in the churches There will be no assessments for Channel 49” The station also will count on income from the Channel 49 Adventurers Travel Gub which sponsors trips with a religious theme to various parts of the world A portion of each trip’s fee is contributed to Channel 49 Another source of income is KNXT publications which prints parish newsletters Underwriters — corporate personal or otherwise — will get 29-second credits before and after programs they sponsor Harrison said Keeping the station on the air may prove easier than it was to get it started Channel 49 became available after the Tulare County Department of Education decided it didn’t want to duplicate programming on Fresno's Channel 18 Trinity Broadcasting Network applied for Channel 49 noping to add to its string of Pentecostal stations: At the last minute Harrison said i 'o diocese made its bid In February 1985 the diocese revived Federal Communications Commission permission to build The seven-month wait was so much shorter than customary that it took the diocese by surprise Harrison said ‘Next came fund-raising program acquisition and transmitter construction The transmitter site Blue Ridge is a condor roosting area — one of two in the state where the nearly extinct birds can be observed To be certain that condors which aren't noted for great intelligence didn't fly into wires supporting a transmitter tower the diocese changed plans and ordered a mote expensive free-standing model Construction was limited to daylight and had to be halted if any of the big birds flew into the area Channel 49’s transmitter was supposed to join other communications masts and towers on the ridge which juts west from the Sierra into the vafley Indian groups denounced the plan saying the ridge was sacred ground and had been for centuries a smoke-signal communications link between tribes on both sides of the Sierra ITulare County gave its permission though and the diocese built Doctors told to limit By ROBERT STEINBROOK Los Angeles Times J LOS ANGELES — American Edwards Laboratories of Santa Ana Calif has warned doctors to curtail use of a controversial stomach balloon treatment for obesity because the device has been associated with obe patient death and about 80 serious medical complications the Los Angeles Times has teamed The restrictions come 13 months after the treatment was initially approved by the US Food and Drug Administration a move that prompted enthusiasm that die balloon was a therapeutic breakthrough and criticism that its safety and effectiveness had not been proven The Garren-Edwards Gastric Bubble is inserted into the stomach through the mouth as a temporary measure to curtail the appetite and help patients lose large amounts of weight So far 17000 bubbles have been inserted nationwide a company spokesman said -But new labeling information mailed Oct 27 by American Edwards to the 2000 gastroenterologists trained to insert the device w arns of new and more severe side efiects than previously reported recommends earlier removal of the Marv Harrison right directs its transmitter on Blue Ridge While the transmitter was going up Harrison was busy getting programs Some will come from the Eternal Word Television Network which Kides Catholic programming Alabama The network was established by Mother Angelica the charismatic nun who was the subject of a “60 Minutes” profile The new station also is affiliated with the Catholic Telecommunications Network of America a venture created by the National Conference of Bishops and with the Silent Network which provides programs for the hearing-impaired Harrison also has purchased children’s programs and other material from syndicators including the old “Victory at Sea” chronicle of Navy accomplishments during World War 1L Harrison's pride though is what he has put together locally Besides the Hmong and Lao programs of the Rev Umberto Nespolo Bishop Madera once a disc jockey will answer viewers’ questions in Spanish There also will be a public-affairs show in Spanish about diocesan affairs each weekday morning Harrison also plans to present tapes he made during the travel club’s trips to the Holy Land and the Vatican Some of the experience for local production comes from another project that Harrison and Madera undertook months ago when the diocese inaugurated televised Masses from St Anne's ChapeL Madera celebrates the Mass in English and Spanish Tapes are aired locally on channels 24 and 59 and via the Spanish International Network on Channel 21 Those in English are beamed by the Eternal Word network to cities across the nation on a rotating basis produced in other dioceses But those in Spanish have made Madera a television personality throughout Latin America Harrison said that not only does the bishop receive letters from Mexico Central and South America but when Madera travels in those regions he is approached on the streets by people who have seen them Harrison said only a handful of Catholic dioceses in the United States operate television stations although many use time on stations to produce their own programs or to air syndicated material The diocese in Tucson Ariz owns a commercial station that pays for itself and has an annual budget in the millions It’s a great deal more modest for Channel 49 “We’re basically a spit baling wire and shoestring operation said Harrison whose expert- - balloon and limits use to the most severely overweight patients Despite the new warnings a company spokesperson emphasized in an interview the product’s “very low complication rate” “The bubble is designed for people who are morbidly obese and not for people who are somewhat overweight and want to tiy the latest fad and miracle cure” said Les Jacobson of Baxter-Travenol Laboratories in Deerfield Ill the parent company of American Edwards “This is a less invasive approach than surgery ” he said “We remain committed to its safety and effectiveness" The Gastric Bubble has caused' perforations and ulcers of the stomach and intestinal blockages according to the advisory mailed last Monday Emergency surgery is sometimes required if the balloon spontaneously collapses and “delayed removal of a deflated bubble may be associated with death” the manufacturer added American Edwards also instructed doctors to tell their patients to notify them immediately upon the onset of symptoms such as abdominal pain vomiting or increased appetite which may indicate that the balloon must be removed Based on an increasing number taping of a Mass as Bob Dickson ChannelMViewing:araafpiH ence in Fresno and Los Angeles television were often with operations that were on precarious financial footing He believes those experiences taught him “We did our homework on this one” he said explaining some of the careful planning that helped put the station on the air for $1 million — a fraction of the cost of a full-power startup A German-matte transmitter that uses less power saved tens of thousands of dollars compared to most transmitters small studios were converted from other uses and the station will make do with a graphics generator that isn't state of the art Cameras and other costly production equipment will be hired only when several tapings are contemplated Despite the limitations Harrison expects Channel 49 will go on the air with a decent appearance that will get better as more money becomes available and the station can expand “We believe the content is more important than the glitz” he said Colin Dougherty general manager of Channel 18 is concerned that his station and Channel 49 soon will be competing for funds Channel 18 went on the air in 1977 as the valley’s first non-commercial public and educational TV station Dougherty doesn't figure that programming will be duplicated although both load their daytime gastric bubble use of reported side-effects American Edwards said that the device should be a last resort limited to patients with life-threatening morbid obesity who had failed other weight loss therapies and who might otherwise require drastic procedures such as jaw-wiring or other surgeries Such patients are often 100 pounds or more overweight Initially the balloon had also been recommended for patients who had failed other weight reduction programs but were only 20 pep cent overweight Such patients might be only 25 to 50 pounds overweight The company said that the bubble should be routinely removed after three months not four months as Ereviously recommended because alloons left in place more than 90 days “have a significantly increased rate of deflation’ A new bubble can be inserted if further therapy is needed The hollow plastic cylinder is inserted through the mouth in its iterated form while a gastroenterologist uses a special lifted fiberoptic rube called an endoscope to see into the stomach and make sure that the device is properly placed The bubble is ihen inflated until it is about two inches in diameter and about 3 ‘‘ inches long The patient is sedated and usually sleeps if '' -V" vy : ' - - Fresno BeeDiana Baldrics adjusts equipment schedules with educational material Channel 18 carries no religious programs and Giannel 49’s entertainment schedule is very limited Dougherty believes that it will take more to keep Channel 49 running than Harrison thinks He said the Channel 18 budget this year is $16 million — more than five times Harrison’s high estimate Dougherty isn't certain that the ways Channel 49 plans to raise money will bring in enough cash “If they have to do fund drives people may have to make a choice between us and them” he added Harrison doesn't contemplate on-air fond drives of the type common on public television and radio stations He says the basic working theory for Channel 49 — KISS (for Keep It Simple Stupid) — should keep the station’s funding needs within expectations Chann$49 listings Program listings for KNXT Channel 49 will be included in The Bee's TV Week magazine published on Sundays Channel 49’s evening schedule also will be part of the daily television listings in The Bee through the procedure The endosrope is also used to remove the balloon which is deflated by puncturing and then pulled out through the mouth About 2 percent of the 17000 bubbles have spontaneously deflated during the first three months of use according to Jacobson Some have been vomited others have passed through the intestine or have been removed with an endoscope The manufacturer has received reports from doctors of 33 patients who developed ulcers 35 who developed blocked intestines requiring surgery and about 12 who developed other conditions The company is also investigating the death in August of a Florida woman that has been associated with the device No further details of the woman's death were released By comparison the FDA based its approval of the product in September 19S5 on clinical studies of 78 overweight patients according to agency documents Since then it has received about 75 reports of medical complications from the bubble Dave Duarte a FDA spokesperson said in an interview “The agency is in agreement with the actions the company has taken” Duarte added Retailing Continued from Pago A1 taking place in I os Angeles San Francisco and other cities around the cuuntiy “The San Joaquin Valley was almost an untouched area when we moved here” said Chris Duzick manager of loo’s Stereo on Black-stone Avenue which opened this year “We're used to competition We're from LA" Joining Leo's Circuit City and Handy Andy in opening new Fresno stores is Home Express which sells electronics and housewares and the Federated Group an electronics chain that opened a new outlet in Clovis Those new stores are putting pressure on independents and department stores like Sears and Montgomery Ward that offer similar products Ventura TV a small but aggressive independent dealer of appliances and electronics has decided to attack the new competition head-oa In its advertisements Ventura cautions consumers about shopping at chain stores warning that the chains often go out of business “The chain stores they operate strictly from a balance sheet said Mark Shirin general manager of Ventura “If they're not making money they'll pull out leaving customers holding the bag” The newest radio ads for Ventura feature Shirin and his sales manager Ralph Anaforian answering the question: What do the big chain stores have that Ventura TV doesn’t? "Empty promises once they close their doors” says Anaforian in the commercial "white Front Zody’s Pacific Stereo and Gemco are just a few examples of big chain stores that have closed their doors in this town leaving their customers holding the bag The stores mentioned all ceased operations in Fresno Gemco is currently shutting down its Fresno store Gottschalk's department store has mounted a more subtle attack on the new competition Gottschalk's bought a full-page advertisement welcoming its new neighbor Home Express to Manchester Center But tne greeting was followed by a long list of reasons why shoppers should choose Gottschalk’s a chain based in Fresno “We thought it would be nice and friendly if we said to them ‘Come on to Fresno and compete with us’” said Joe Lew Gottschalk's chairman “We've always been very competitive in everything we da We will not only continue to be competitive but be even more sa” The Gottschalk’s ad did not go unnoticed at Home Express “It was funny” said David Shires general manager of the Home Express store “It was almost like telling everyone they're afraid of what’s happening” The battle of the electronics dealers has clearly been good for the newspaper radio and television business in Fresno Electronics and appliance advertising in The Fresno Bee is “up significantly” according to Jim Pollard advertising director “I think all media are experiencing growth — tremendous growth” Pollard said At stake in the current retailing war is a share of the multimillion-dollar electronics and appliance' business in Fresno County Figures compiled by the State Board of Equalization indicate Fresno Coun- ty had 160 household appliance jewelry dealers in 1985 who recorded $66 durable million in sales Figures from manufacturers and distributors show Fresno County retailers sold about 33000 color tele Chris Duzick says Leo's Stereo visions and 20000 videocassctte recorders in 1985 There were M000 refrigerators and 10000 washing machines sold The renter of this booming business is the intersection of Shaw and lilackstonc avenues Clustered near that intersection are Circuit City Cutler's Superstore Federated U'o's Bilsten's and Kmart South on Blackstone are Gottschalk's Home Express and Sears north is Wards Best Products and Boot's Camera Video & Electronics A short distance east on Shaw Avenue is Fashion Fair mull where electronics are available at Macys JC Penney Weinstock's Video Concepts Radio Shack and another Gottschalk's Farther east is Breu-ners Home Furnishers which also stocks electronics and Cutler Television and Appliance owned by Ed Cutler Sr The Shaw Blackstone-area retailers are convinced they have an advantage over retailers such as Handy Andy located about five miles west on Shaw or Ventura situated on Ventura Avenue east of Freeway 41 “I couldn't ask for a better place to be” said Ed Cutler Jr “I'm right between Federated and Circuit City This is obviously going to be the appliance and electronic mecca of the valley” Cutler has petitioned the city for permission to erect a new electronic sign 40 feet wide and 12 feet high set atop a 35-foot post and aimed at Shaw and Blackstone The sign he reasons will snare customers driving between Federated and Circuit -City Smaller retailers say mqjor dealers will increase overall consumer demand through the constant barrage of advertising Circuit Gty and Home Express the latest additions to the field are also drawing sightseers interested in seeing how the new retailers operate What customers find in these new stores is a different style of appliance retailing Circuit City has a new building with an eye-catching red-tile facade and 30000 square feet of space Parents can leave their children at a playroom equipped with toys while they wander through sections devoted to specific items such as stereos televisions or refrigerators A staff of 100 works under a profes- sional manager who runs the store for a public corporation headquartered m Norfolk Va - By contrast Ventura TV established in 1951 has refrigerators washing machines stereos televisions and other products jammed into 2800 square feet of selling space in an old building next door to an adult bookstore Shirin the manager is the son of the owner Before returning to Fresno to manage the family business he studied to be a priest in a monastery in Lebanon If the Grcuit Gty store could exist as easily in any city in the nation Ventura is pure Fresno Whether’ Fresno buyers will remain loyal to local dealers or defect to new retailing palaces like Grcuit City remains to be seen "The single stand-alone store owner he has problems unless he has effective marketing” said Wiliam Rice director of the Center for Business Research and Service at Fresno State University “You just can’t sit there anv more” “The big guys ’are trying to convince the consumer not to go some-lace with 10 TVs because they ive 100 to choose from We’ve seen it in clothing we’ve seen it in and now we’re seeing it in durable consumer items” For the moment the addition of new stores to Fresno has stopped white the battle for customers rages on f i’ Fresno Bee is used to competition

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