Davis County Clipper from Bountiful, Utah on March 15, 1918 · 2
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Davis County Clipper from Bountiful, Utah · 2

Bountiful, Utah
Issue Date:
Friday, March 15, 1918
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-m- : T'-r -i ' t ' ' fK ' - T I 1 I : 1 PAVXS COUNTY CUPPER BOUNTIFUL UTAH TRENCH MORTARS CAPTURED FROM THE TEUTONS 01 WEST FRONT Gold Cuff Links NSEG0IID DRIFT If far my raaaan my pair af cuff llnka made bjrua la net aatiafactary wo will give you a naw pair' Mila la tha guarantee that 'geea wWl aaeh pair - Whan you want tha beat cuff llnka made order from iml BOlfD PARK MEN WILL BE CALLED TO THr COLORS GRADUALLY DURING PRESENT YEAR SECRETARY OF WAR REACHES FRANCE ON CRUISER CONVOYING 10000 TROOPS MAKERS OF JEWELRY Order Issued for Mobilisation of 05000 Mm Beginning' March 29 — No Sweeping Withdrawal of Men v Is Contemplated MMAMnaur- uu LAkcemr Voyage Enlivened In Mid-Ocean by a Submarine Alarm but Periacope Provea to Be Only a Floating Spar kAIi'smsv wwrsi I Va-f hA-sSIA 4M1 Paris— Newton I I’iiVor American secretary of war came to France on a cruiser convoying 10000 troop of ' which a iMtrtlon were aboard a former fiermun liner It wuS'lcarned Weiliien-day The voyage wu enlivened In mid-ocean by h aiilimiirine nlurin according lit furilier Infornuitlon There was con-Klilemlile ciiminnadlng before It wan discovered tliut the "iierlacui!'’ was only a flouting mr IScfore the rulner entered port Sunday luorulng nn alunn wa wlrelened from tlie port tliut a submarine wa lurking near by The French aent out a cfliiHiflernblc convoy of hydrophilic and dirigible linker wnu visibly Impressed by the thoroughness of them preparation ' After binding the aecretury of war relumed the call of French military and lnvul chief and walked niwut' the town for forty minute before hoarding a train for rurl Arriving In I'nrlx Raker aceom-pnnled by General Fondling began a round of formal rail eoneludlng with Anihfiaxudor Sharpe who will present him formally to President Polnciire Raker lHned a statement In wlileh he declared Ida Intention of visiting all the coniiuiinlcntlon lines of the army niter which lie could confer thoroughly wilh I'ersIiliiK In onler to aupiHirt morn eiTecilvoly the American and allied annles INCREASING MEAT SUPPLY Public’s Response to Food Administrator’s Appeal 8hows Astonishing Results - Washington — Evidence tliut the public made general resiHinae to the food administration's appeal for Increased production and decreased consumption of namt la shown In statistics fur-- nished the food administration on March 12 by the department of agriculture i Aleut Hiilmnls In the United States Increased OOOOtxi In the year ending January 1 lft KL tbo Increase eonatst- - - In of J2M7000 rolK RTtfl-OUli hone and 1284000 abeep Inflection of beef far slaughter Increased 2039651 sir 243 per cent but Inspections of Jiogs il creased 218 per cent more thun 1000000 head and luiqieothm of sheep fell off 219 per cent approximately ”300000 head Thu 'gains In available nnsit Indicated by these figure were wlmt cuuacil the food administration recently to relax restrictions on meat consumption so that there might be greater saving of wbcut for export Exisirts of all kinds of meat decreased during the year due to lu£ of SlllM Price nhi for meat anliimls were idgiicr than ever before The average price of liecf advanced 221 per cent from $950 jier KM unds in 1910 to $1100 In 1917 Hogs advanced fnnn $000 to $1010 a total' of 07 per cent and sheep Increased 40 per cent from $7AJ to $11 Draft Obstructor Blows Off Head Aktey Minn— William Peregrin arrive Kwrinllat leader In this secltou killed himself by pluclng a piece of dynamite In his mouth lighting a fuse and blowing his head off The deport ment of Justice 1ms been Inquiring Into his activities In connection with ogl-tutlon for tlie rvieul of the draft law lust June Inhuman Mother Murders Babe East Orange -N J— The 2 month- old baby of Mrs Maude Rwiuell will 'he"a “hunW to the mother Its life- wAa snuffed out by chloroform held to Its nose In s liund-li'aha-’MTflTuTinelf has 'been committed to the Essex county Jull In Newark on a murder charge -Aero School at Lucky Baldwin Farm The "'Inrgesr ballnotr station and aeronautical school In the wprhl Is to lie established by the government yin the old 'Lucky" Raldwln ranch near here It waa elated Wednesday In a telegram from Congressman Charles II Randall Tlie school will accommodate 4000 men Explorer '8tf anaaon " 1K“ Vancouver IL C— Vllhjalmur Ste-fansaon the Arctic explorer la aeri pusly in north of DawMm Y T and nay not recover according to Information nved here Wjdiiradoy Milwaukee Hae Button Famino Milwaukee— Nalla holding on suspenders and safety pine In strategic pots may soon become common in MU wankee The city Is In the throes of " button nmlne: 'Delayed deliveries alcndrclare are' responsible Amaral Biddle Glvan Command -s-rsk-iwTFrTv mv - aablnftoD— Mujr General Jmm B Biddle who recently'1 wae"r'eliver by' Major General Jeyton C March as acting chief of staff la to command' alT American troupe In England It le un V derstoud The Rrltlah troops have taken mnny recent roufllctn in the Cniuhral sector HOMES OF THE RICH BEING USED FOR Muny homes of the rich of New York have been converted Into workrooms by auxiliary chapters of the Red Cross The society women of New York hnve taken advantage of the new places offered to the government for war work and doing their share by muklng surgical drewdng and various hospital garments Several hundred women are dally depriving themselves of pleasures and devoting their time to this patriotic purpose The photograph show members of ft- Red "Cross auxiliary Industriously engaged In their patriotic work In tlie home of John D Rockefeller Jr DIRECT FIRE WITH balloons PHOTOGRAPHING ENEMY TRENCHES FROM AIR The American forces on the Lorraine sector now have a balloon with an all-American crew directing and regulating the artillery Are of the guns" - In" the photographij ’that "sector- an American shown fixing hla parachute Just before going up When the captive ballooa which Is used for the observation work is endangered by the hostile airplanes the balloon Is "reeled in" How- X-Ray Movlas Are Jakan Dr E L Cruslua of the New York X-Ray laboratories sunouacea that la co-operation with a film company he has perfected a system for taking X-ray moving pictures which la expected to 14 of great service' In treating W-jurlea of the Joints A private exhibition for physicians and surgeons will be held after which Doctor Cruslue will lecture and demonstrate the proc- Among the! pictures taken thus far are lllustratlona of the movements of the knee- inkle and elbow Doctor Crust os says that the photographs show not only the hones but tbe muar ctea sad that by moving I Joint that has been Injured and photographing the action of imisrles nml nmvement of hiuies It will tie possible to find out pi! a bat rt have been Injured and the treatment renulmL German guns ammunition mid other The photograph shows trench mortars The effectiveness of our gunfire depends greatly upon the observations of our airmen who photograph the enemy's lines The airplane graflex ahowa the glmjila yet efficient manner by which these soaps are taken - CONDENSATIONS New York feeds zoo animals on horseflesh One of the best paying Jobs for women In Japan Is that of hairdresser Brooklyn N Y expects to run tmlM’ In new' subway tir 1918 autumn New York In 1017 spent $20112509 for dwellings to house 67410 persons In England It Is mandatory to employ at least 70 per cent of female labor in Ipduatrial plants j The tailoring trade In New York city has over 30000 women workers of the voting age who are unnaturalized Several wpmao JireAcUuxAa news- paper rorjiYiHdrn 1 1 behind tliftJtae along the battle front In France QuaJIfled women lawyers la Italy are shout to be granted the privilege of practicing their profession In that country implement of modern warfare In captured from tlie Teutons WAR WORK J American women In various parte of the country are now operating farm tractors Savannah Ga baa an organisation of girts praying dally at sunset for American aucceae In the wer A newly designed pair of scissors bu a space In the handles foy the storage of cotton and needles A resident of Richmond Cal baa saved all the odds and ends of string for 17 years snd now has a ball weigh-Ing 80 pounds and la said to contain about forty miles of string The semaphores of the traffic police In some of the large cities' ars supplied with a system of mirrors by which the operatqry ar? enabled tQfeeJoaU (M- reettens jibqut jJicin - Rhotanlum the name of a new aub- atUute for platinum- ao-alloy- of metals of the platinum groups snd Je being used for crucibles ifultlon tuliea nnd thermo couples Washington— Eight hundred thousand men are to- he colled to the colors gradually during the present year under the second army draft which begins on March 29 An announcement on Murch 12 by Provost Marahul General Crowder of the number to tie called was followed' closely by an order fur the mobilisation of 93900 men during the five-dny period beginning Murch J-D some 13-000 of them to he assembled under the second draft Eighty thousand will he men of the first-draft of 08700 not yet luin'moned Into service IMuIls of how the second draft Is to lie applied will bo mude public later after congress bus acted upon proposed legislation providing for the registration of youths attalulng the age of 21 yeurs aud for -busing state and district quotas on the number of registrants lu class 1 In hla first official statement on the subject however General Crowder assures the country that no sweeping withdrawal of large numliers of men at one time is contemplated and tluit care will be tuken to avoid Interference with harvesting The movement will Include the mobilization of 28000 southern negroes in northern camps Because of the peculiar camp situation some districts that have completed their quotas will be asked to furnish more men and will be given credit under the second draft Fill Vacancies Several thousand of those ordered mobilized will be tmed to fill up the ranks made vacaut by deaths and other withdrawals Others will be for Industrial calls of which fifty-six already have been made Deputy Provost Mursbal General Johnson stated The first contingent of Industrial workers drafted recently went to France Johnson said Tlie onler will take men from all states except Iowa and Minnesota Ststa Allotments ' Following are state' allotments: Arizona 148' Arkansas 1541 California 1745 Colorado this Connecticut 093 Delewnre 898 District of Columbia 102 Idaho 242 Illinois 1901 Iudluna 2077 Kansas 587 Maine 340 Maryland 882 Michigan 5538 Missouri 1170 Montana 521 Nebraska 450 Nevada 72 New Hampshire 212 New Mexico 127 New York 1288 North Dakota 2647 Ohio 0933 Oklahoma 598 New Jersey 4275 Oregon 309 Pennsylvania 7828 Ruode Island 301 South Dakota 226 Texas 4M3 Utah 247 j Vermont 131 Massachusetts 2069 Alabama 2634 Florida 2505 Georgia 5925 Kentucky 1651 Louisiana 8573 Mississippi 2220 North Carolina 5174 South Carolina 343 Tennessee 2708 Virginia 2178 8PEED UP TRANSPORTATION US Draft Men to Be Rushed to France as Fast as Ships Can Ba Had Washington — New orders hare gone forth to speed up the sending of troops to France In consequence tlie nntlonal army nude up of men of the selective draft are to be dlapa tclied to Eurojie'aF fast as ships are available to transport them l’avlng the wuy the war department announced March 12 the beginning of a widexpread slinke-up In the commanding generpls of the selective troops The orders to speed up are reported to have resulted from fresh apiieals on the part’ of the allies for more American forces tofyelp withstand the shock oFjtlie expected Oeriimn ’offensive France’ particularly Is said to have renewed her urging In this respect For tbls no definite official confirmation could be obtained "Tlie whole movement across" said General March "Is being speeded as TOLL OF THE SUBMARINE Total of 1t500 Parsons Slain by Gorman Ruth loo Washington— A total of 14500 persona have been killed by German torpedoes hurled without warning Into M'tel -A v’ T merchant vessels This figure compiled by Rrltlsh au-thoriiiea waa mentioned for the flrat time here Wednesday by a distinguished diplomat recently arrived In Washington after a visit in New York Ford to Make Tractor Detroit— Henry Ford hns announced plans tor the building of a tractor plant which will employ 100090 work era He plans to make the manufac ture of tructor one of the leading tndustrles of the' world: Bride of Four Days Suicides ' w CliYcogiC— YlriC f Sadie" ftertolinl $ "young' Grlite of 'four ilnysi' was found unconscious Aboltle of add by-Jwr aide "Mnytie It was all the wine we hnd at our wedding tliut made her do It" luouned her biiHlmnd EAR TAGS Hi Mm Kar Tffj Is WiM ffBfft ' kf BmNmi all prer ike tiM Iibi Alllftll k B IB HfV hglg Iff ffffliAlm akHwimma kVucMWfftiifl SALT LAKE STAMP CXL 14IT I Bit qTY ITAM ISEND FOR FREEISAMPLES nhna aMHaum la ante ffbma land fUk lafcl ff NWU1 A lAUAidMislAh Addmw (wn-a-iM) BARGAINS IN USED CARS H wlnRU m4 caiv-BalcSa OUwnHlii St-lMle-2M w law ChiimhI dm ctei naalas DBililM-aar mm M nul kf dlkl an flat Writ Im InilM U u4 incfly-ilaa Um Car Daac I Ate Cm la Laka Chr Full-of-Life Seeds WawfalfciHttikByyisr— riihrmkg plaattag— whH aUpplag facUHIaa ura m m4 alltr mf i— Si U blgk Writ ter ratatesi el Vie tee ParUy I— da VOGELER SEED CO Sak Lake Cltjr Utah WELL TO KNOW WHAT TO SKIP Advloa to Readera la Worth Ponden Ing— Man Who Waited Many Years to Finish Book "Reading should ba a Joy not lenance" said Mr Pett Ridge at the dansion house after distributing prises and certificates to pupils of th dty of London college "Above an”' ha added according to tha Dally Chronicle "lean to skip Skipping is an exercise which pro ' vents obeslity of the mind" Mr Pett Ridge told some amusing tories "In a military hospital" he said "a man asked me whether I could get him Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea' He said T began It 20 yaara ago I borrowed It from another man (Somebody pinched it from me when I was half way through It and IYl never had a chance of getting to the end of IL' I found the book for him He said Tm very glad to have It I began It 20 years ago— I said Tea but you've read a large number o I hooka since then haven't youf The aa replied ‘Oh not I never tried another'" Another story was of the agent of a pill and ointment firm who war sent inte a foreign country As a first step toward business he compiled a long list of complaints beginning with "Asthma" and ending with "Zymotic disease" His goods he said would cure these ailments and then as a sort ef postscript ha added : "If there ahould be any complaints existing la this country ' which ' are unknown In England the pills and ointment Will cure them alsou” Abolition ef Titles One of the recent news Items from ' ’ Petrograd Is that "all class titles privileges and distinctions" have bees almllahed ao that it may be surmised i that conditions In Russia are the same us those wittily described In the old French story- M de Saint Cyr having applied for a passport In ths days of the French Revolution Is asked his name "What le your name?" "M do Salat Cyr" "There arano more Monsjeme" ‘Very well lie Saint Cyrl-— There are he more De’s" "Good Saint Cyr then" v Theism no longer any 8alnta" "Thea 1 am simply Cyr" "No for there are no sires kings are Abollahed” 5 Ayw ff -e- - L-ivueect1 -evvewi Improving on Nature ' One by one nature la bring made te " aurreader her eecrcts to man by the -steady progress of erience Not only la bar mast aacredly guarded secret-how earth was made ef what its recta end laeraln are composed— new bring sol red bat actual rocks and minerals are hringjeptodnced by artificial meant reproduced In a much purer form than they were originally made by Batura The place at which these wonderful expert menu are be-lug rood net ed la the Carnegie- geo-physical laboratory a part of the Cam negte Institute of Washington And Many Dm "But Tm a free bora American dtl-ean" protested the man who was criticizing the government for Its war policy"" ' T donT deoy thaL'my fHCnd” re- ‘ piled the thoughtful peisnai "but la these days uNLUaumCTira4fnre Amcricar dUzeu pan (talk too darped 'mnek”— Birmingham Age-Herald Optlmletle Thought He who reforms himself has dona more toward reforming tlie public than crowd cl noisy Impotent patriots i vKAnWns ert m v - v--:1 ' - v V "

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