Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 14, 1947 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 14, 1947
Page 8
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TAGT: «•— T NJT.WS (CONN,). TUESDAY, .IAN. 14, 1947' Bulletins (Continued from KCONOMV lliirtford — Tim Gcncnil Assembly received tut ndinlnlstrn- tlon-.tponMurwl rrxoliitlon today lo cririilr. an economy commlttoo of M»vi)ft lo Invritltriilo \vlmt •Mivlngft could liiinic-dl.itJ'ly !><> mudr In the oprriitinn of the ifaktr Rovcrninnnt. It WUM the Ktc|i tnkon by the LrglNlii- luro to ctirry out ii'iy of tin- roc- oTiinumtlutlons n( Ihr governor, iTiudc in Ills imiii^iinil uddrcs.s last WrdncHdiiy. oOo TIIOOI' THAN.SI-'KK London—British sources report that troops arc bclMK transferred from EKypt to Palest'no, But these sources any the movement has nothing to do with the Palestine crisis. The war office refuses comment. oOo STIUKK NOTICES rittMbiirfCh—The CIO Uiillril •Sfoaltvorliwt union Is cxpci-.ti'd lo file formal ntrllo- ii'itlci'.s to- dny ngiilnat SO tiiitk: M(PP| companies. However, CIO officials rinphunlzc tllnl I he notices lire merely » inrvluinlcui prrircdiirr In prepuratlon for the n|ieiiinK of wage ncfot\uHonn tin Tlmr.v dny. oOo IllMCUSS FKACK TKRMS London—Deputies of t?i« HI}; Four foreign ministers have bc- KUn preliminary discussions of peace terms i'or Germany and Austria, Diplomatic quarters expect tlic Russians to offer stiff opposition to the .AnKlo-Ameri- .cun demands for comparatively sol'i lornui fur Austria. oOo IN VKSTIGATION I'LANNEIJ Washington — CMulrm:i<n C.nirlc.s Wolvcrton cf the House IiilerNtulc Commerce Committee i-ovcals plans lor a (Jonk' investigation of airline accidents. LISTEN TO THE LOCAL NEWS Each Weekday at 6:10 P. M. over W.W.C.O. , presented by DAVIS&NYE INC, "Tin; Slorc of Service" 150 Grand St. Waterbury Bullet Extraction Requires Three Hours Operation The condition of Hairy Roberts, 25, Enst Wntorhury road, was reported good this morning at Wa- terhury iionpital folou-inf; extrac- tir>n of a .22 caliber buillet from his right thigh yesterday in an operation requiring throe hours. Roberts v/as wounded accidcntly v/hen he and n friend were shoot- in:.: :it ci-f)\v;i Saturday, according to police. Peter Janowicz Wins Compensation Compensation tot;il!ing $288 Will lie paid to Peter J.inowira. Union City, by the Naugatuck Chemical Division. U. S. Rubber Co.. .under in award approved yesterday by Workmen'.-: Compensation Comsr. Marry Krasow. Janc.wic/: lost ,10 percent use or' liis left index finger (is result of centurions and fractures. He will receive $.irt weekly for D.G weeks. Home Economist Martha Logan Speaks Here Friday "Tested Table Treats," a variety of appetizing, nutritious and satisfying dishes v.-ill be presented by Logan, Home Economist Tor Swift & Company, when she sprnhs at the local demonstration auditorium of the ConnccLicut Light t Power Company, Friday, Jan- iary 17, nt 2:J.rr p. rn. Sh,e will be the guest of the home service -de pfirlniont ol' the Connecticut Llgh .1 Power Company. Apricot Up«ido-Uown Cake, Ccl 3i-y Crescents, Coconut Rut-tci'Kcotch Pie. and a delicious, templing- SWG '.lisli Meat RinR will be prepared ioi-roct deep fat frying techniquesi will be demonstrated by the prep- Ti-ation of Pecan Tea Doughnuts jy to j>repai-e, these foods ure so a-Ltractivc that they may be used 'or party fare. "In this period of varying short••>/,'C.-i, tut- nonicmnkcr has many problems which call for the use of .mnyimuion and inffenuity in planning, preparing and sci-vinp those three Rood meals a day," Martha KoRan says. "We arc trying par ticularly to help with the prob- i,. ui shortages of sugar and of Bliortenlng;," j The prepared foods will be dis- j-tributcd as prizes and ,there will ! oe i-tji,jc booJilets for all. Drops of rain !iavo been measured as large as one-fourth inch in diameter. Their rate of fall is from 1C to 25 feet per second. WALKKR TURNER T:il>lo and I'loor Model 15" DRILL PRESSES $90 to $111.75 Comii.'uti; With Motor MULSUPPtllS 'POWER TOOLS 2 2 SAVINGS ST.. TEt.5--224l KI.KCTBIC FL'KL I'l/MI'S for KITCI1KN RANGES I-'I.OOR l>OMSHKTt FOR KKNT GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 17S MATLK STRKKT (Acnws from CHy Biikur.v) Five IH'Mvrr.v Tnlcphonn 50-14 William Powlowski Heads Church Board William Powlowski was elected chairman of the boaru by members of the Holy Savior Polish National church, at the annual meeting of the parish Sunday afternoon at the church hall. Stanley Tarnowski, retiring chairman, declined another term. The report ot the Rev. T_,ouis Knczorowski, pastor, and other officers, showed the past year was a successful one. Others elected were: Vice-chairman, Chester Janicki; financial secretary, Chester Kosakowski; recording secretary, Irene Krzykowski; cnsliior, Caescr Krzykowski; and trustees, John Sosnoroski and Helen Powlowski. tionalfiank Reelects Officers At Annual Meeting All officers and directors at the Naujfatuck National Bank were rceleptcd today at- the annual meeting of the -board held at the bank. One addition was made to the board, ot directors with the name ot Sheirmvn R. Eucll, who Is cashier. (juicers reelectcd are: Donald S. Tuttle, chu.-..-man; William G, Boies, president; Lewis A. DlbbK vice-president: Charles H. Upson, vice-president,' B. N, Wilmot, vice- president; Mr. Eucll, cashier; Miss Anna NolUe, assistant cashier; Roy M. Johnson, assistant trust officer. The directors are; C, F. Austin, VV. G. Boies, H, H. Bristol, C. E. Rriist, Mr. Bucll, J. J. Cnrr, J. E, Ciiskcy, W. M. Chittenden, L. A. Dibble, ICmil Mannweilor, W. H. Norton, < J. H, Schmuck, C. B. TiUtlo, D. S. Tuttle, C. H. Upson, VV. S. Wil."ncrw'ax. WINSTFIGHT OVER POLIO PARALYSIS Evening 1 School Classes Cancelled Snlom school'evcnlny classes will not moot tonight because of the weather, Mrs. Gertrude M. Madi- ftan, director of .adult oducntion. announced. Classes will be resumed on Thursday night, Mrs. Madigan said. •TAMJUU* IM? THERE'S A WONDERFUL MT. ROCK FLEECE OVERCOAT AT .$60 THAT DELIVERS THE GOODS. Hail, rain or snow, for the man on the go, it's a great coat to snuggle into and beat New England weather in January at its. own game because it's a weather beater as well a world beater. They're Rochester tailored, good to look at — great to be seen in. TAKING HER FIRST STEPS alone since she was two, little Maureen Egan, five, leaves the hands of her nurse to walk to the waiting arms of Dr. George Denver, in New York's Bellevue Hospital. Two months of treatment by Dr. Denver have worked wonders in restoring the use of the child's limbs, paralyzed by poliomyelitis. The demonstration was part of drive to raise funds for the institution. (International) niVOBCK ACTION A divorce action brought by James A. Liiwlor, Nnupntuck, in W.itcrbui'y Superior Court yester- y. names Mi-s. Alice (Kellcherj liawlor of Watertmry. defendant. The complaint, which allcsrc.a section Nov. 1, 1930, sUte.v the marriage took place Sept. 23, 1939, n Medford, Mass. NOT RESPONSIBLE NOTICE On and after this date I will not be responsible for any bills contracted other than by my.solf. (Signed) ALBERT K. BREWER. 370 Quinn St. Dated at Nnugntuck this 11th day of January. 1947. ROT ART MKKTING The magazine committee or the Rotary Club will present matters oncoming the "Ro'tariun," the nbagazine of the Rotary, at a neetinp c.f club members to beheld tomorrow at the Y. M.C, A. at 12:15 p. m. Herb Billlnps Is chairman of the committee. The remainder of the meeting will be Riven over to discussion or club affairs members present. by the DEATH. PROBED Now Bedford. Mass., Jan 1-1 — (UP)—The death o£ a man in a jail cell is under investigation by New bcdford police. James E. Counsel), who is beinf: held- with two othe men on robbery cbarjre.5, was foun dead in his cell yesterday. Grange Master Urges Able Representation In Legislature HaitJord. Jan. 11 -(UP) -The Master of the Connecticut State Grange warns that the Grancrc must be ably represented in the General Assembly this year at hearings affecting the future of agriculture. Harry L. Papre, spe'iking at the Orange annual convention in Hart- fodd, says that farmers may have more money in their pockets now than over before, "but that doesn't mean they .'ire rich." Farmers have more cash money now, says Pace, "at the expense of lis buildings, fences, equipment, xnd the health of himself and his family." The Grange is holding a three- lay session, which comes to an end Thursday night. At tonight's session, the sixth de- jji-cc will be conferred. State Senate Announces Make-up Of Committees Hartford, Jr.n. — -(U Pj--Tlic GET A JEEP Vniir Wtn,YS-OVKRI,ANr> Ocnlur LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc. ''4 llnrrlnon Avrnnf (Iff Kuliiuitr I'lnrr, »Valrrl)f>ry •l-bonr 5-KS02 MASS PLANNED A month's mind Muss for Maur ice Cowan wil be celebixited Thurs d.iv morning at 8 o'clock, at St Mary's church. South Carolina's first prln-M press was set up in 1730, and two | years later the territory's firs newspaper, the.South Carolina Ga xette. was published. Registrars Plan Annual Session Registrars of voters Cyril Tuohy (D) and Henry Zwick (R) will si't Jan. 31 and Feb. 7 foi- the purpose of receiving- registrations for puny enrollment and corrections of lists. The registrars will be in session on both days .from noon to 9 o'clock Marines To Meet Thursday Night The Mnriu? Corps league, Xau- gatuck Valrey Detachment, Scn.-j.Lo has announced the makeup of its committees for the current legislative session. Snnnlor Robert E. Parsons, Farmington .Republican and president pro iomnoro, is chairman of the Appropriations committee Senator Herbert S. McDonald, North Haven Republican, is eiiair- mnn of '-ho finance committee. Those are considered '.ho two top committees of the session, in view of the perplexing economic and financing .which must be .settled t.o keep the st.'iic on .in even keel during the two years. Serving with Parsons on the Ser,- <itc Appropriations commiuce will be Republican Senators Alice Rowland of Ridprcfield; John P. Whitehead of Pleasant Valley and William Ablondi of Seymour, and Democratic Senator Cornelius J. Mulvihill, Jr., of Bridgeport. Serving with MacDonald on the Finance committee will bo Republican Senators Nicholas J. Palla- dir.cj of Bridgeport; George Griswold of Grccn\vich, and Democratic Senator Alfred F. Woschler of Hart- Tori !. Thn ch:tirm,-in of the House . I p- propri.'ilion.s co;?)JT3Jl.lf?c v-.'ill bo Kc- J liublicnn Kcprcsnnl.'xlive Neison R. C.'irponter oi Canici bury, while the chairman of UiC House Finance committee will be Republican Representative. John R. Thim of Hamden, Atlantic Hi-Arc Gasoline for Quick Starting 1 POUST'S SERVICE STATION 144 Rubber Avc| Tel. 4035 For A Snack, a Sandwicfc or a Full Heal, Try DUFFTS Restaurant WATER STREET j FULL MQlfoR LICENSE ', will meet Thursday nik'ht at S o'clock in Odd Felloe's h.'ill. -M.-iple street, it was announced by William J. | Benson, commandant. A report «' be given on Linn dance he|H No Year's ICvc. ft is requested thai a members attend. Three Realty Transactions Established 1870 Deposit* Fully Guaranteed Situation/ {5 Veil in. Hand Mortgages arc lon^-tcnn luans inn.1 sometimes •during the years of nmorlixatwn require advice or lieljt. When seeking a loan of (Jiis type, you will find tliis, Bunk qwilifiod, because of experience, to guide yon in your decision. Naugatuck Savings Bank Naugatuck, Coun. GUS SMOKE SHOP \ 402 North Main St. Union City } Gus Klimaszcwski, Prop. J MODEL AIRPLANES \ HALF PRICE ? Siberia is about one .-\nd one-half .imns larfrer than tbo Unkcd States, t has nn aro.-i of mor'j than -1,800.000 square miles. PAINT HARDWARE HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES ETC. SAVE YOUR "DRIVE"— GO 8Y C. T-NRIVING through rush hour traffic and ^~"^ hunting for parking space takes a lot out of you and your car, too. That's why so many folks skip all this fret and fuss and simply go by bus. They just sit back and relax and get where they're going quickly, safely and economically without a parking worry or a driving care. Decide today to go the C. R. & L. way. It saves your "drive," your time and your money. C. R. * L. LUES Free Delivery Throo rr"ilt.v li-iinsact.lons h:ivc boon filed in warranty (lords iji I he o/ilcc ot 'J'own Clerk Raymond J 1 . St. John. A tot, on T-ynti j-o,-i:l Ivis been sold by Ocortrc A, Graham to Eeairio.e L. Harrison; n houtifr and lot on K;i irchild street, has been purchased in- n,'ini(;l Josopli Rnrio from John M:U;. v ari, and t\vci lots on Now Mavon road have bncn sold i5y Chrirlcs I V.'. Dwy to Marry E.. a ml -Elizabeth I K. Smithir.islor. I ~"~" '"" * "" i Patents Issued Local Residents aucil patents last. week, nocordinc to a list compiled by Wooster & Davis, patent lawyers of Bridgeport. - I-ylc K, Shanrr of NauKatuck was J issued a patent, for .1 stripping ma- 1 ; cliinc \\'hich he asiprnod to Box lllar.k Corp., New York Cily. Thom- I ns G. Hawley, also of Nnug-atuck, | n-a>? issued a pntcnt for a fabric | -Mid its rranufiLClurc, which be assigned to the U.S. Rubber Co., New | Yorl; City. Highland Package Store 93 Highland. Avc. — Tel. 8983 Anthony Fnrrar, Prop. FREE DELIVKRY All Parts of WHITE FISH MARKET JOSEPH CABRAL. Prop 8 South Mull! St. Tel. 50(M SALT and FRESH WATER FISH of ALL KINDS FOR SALE Ten room hou»e, 6 room* fin floor, S rooniM second floor, Imth-roomn, hot air furnio* electricity, 2 car paMpe. Kornierly Z tenement hout and o\vn«r will re-convert to I tenement* and eive Immadlitt occupancy to flrxt floor. Locnted cn»t side of town »n may lie Inspected In aNernoolt F.W.EATONj Room 9 Neary Building Church Street THY CLASSIFIED ADS CANS, Inc. Maple Street Tel. 3507 MKN'S mill VVOMKN'S SHOE SKATES (Including White Shop Skates for Women) Boys' Hockey Skates ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE SO SOUTH MAFV ST. TEL. 6162 Conn. PLAY POOL and Bowl at the R & M ALLEYS I6J5 MAPLE STTKEET Bciuilx Table Model Ilndio - EASY TERMS ARRANGED NOW AVAILABLE AT id. H Nu. Mulii St. Union City Store Open Friday Nijrht Until 0 O'Clock Oldest Established Body Shop In Naugatuck EXPERT BODY REPAIRS and PAINTING— We have had many years experience repairing and painting automobile fenders and bodies. A complete shop equipment of hydraulic and electric tools with scientific paint mixing- to match the color of your car insure satisfactory results. Work done by appointment, on predetermined contract, under the supervision of Kenneth E. Johnson. The Naugatuck Fuel Company 87 CHURCH ST. PHONE 52S6 Try NEWS Want Ads-they bring result*

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