Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on September 11, 1963 · Page 27
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 27

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 11, 1963
Page 27
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Credibility of Valachi May Detract From Testimony Golesburg Register-Moi I, Gafesburg,HI. Wed, &pf, ft, T963 2? By HARRY FERGUSON WASHINGTON (UPI) - No criminal case can ever be much better than the "credibility of the witnesses for the prosecution. If a jury distrusts a witness or decides he is lying under oath, the cause is lost almost automatically. That fact stamps a big question mark across the name of Joseph Valachi, the low-echelon gangster who has thrown himself on the mercy of the federal government and promised to tell all he knows about organized crime. His first public appearance will take place shortly before the Senate rackets will be taken before grand juries in an attempt to get indictments against major gangsters. Nobody is quite sure what kind of witness Valachi will make. "He has his ups and downs," said a spokesman for the Depart ment of Justice. "One day he will be calm and tell a rational, con nected story. The next day he will i.ot be so good. You have to remember that the man is badly scared." Could Stir Suspicion Valachi is an uneducated man. He speaks in a gutteral voice that may not be clearly understood in the far reaches of hearing rooms and grand jury chambers. If he gets excited and confused on the witness stand — and there is a fair chance he will at some stage of his testimony — he is going to stir suspicions among the listeners as to the validity of what he is saying. It would be misleading to judge the impact of Valachi's testimony on the basis of what is publicly known about the story he is telling. Valachi talked off and on for almost a year while under maximum security guard at Fort Mon mouth, N.J. It may be that the Justice Department has some dynamite that will give the under world a bad jar, but if so it is being kept secret. This is what is publicly known about Valachi's prolonged "singing session": he has outlined the organization of what he calls Cosa Nosta ("our business" or "our thing") a loose confederation of gangs in at least eight cities. Each of these is called "a family," he says, controlled by a boss. There are lieutenants under the boss and each is in charge of a "crew." Valachi says he joined the organization in 1930 and took a b'o^d oath (his finger was pricked) to die rather than betray it. Names Top Brass He supplied some of the argot of the underworld. When a gangster is ordered to kill somebody, it is called a "contract." You get a contract when you are ordered to "hit" a man. Orders to "hit" are almost always issued by the boss, and Valachi said the bosses included: Vito Genovese, New York (although there apparently are five "families" in New York); Sam Giancana, Chicago; Joseph Zerilli, Detroit; Sebastian LaRocca, Pittsburgh; Angelo Bruno, Philadelphia; Stefano Magaddino, Buffalo; Raymond Patriarca, New England; John J. Scalish, Cleveland. Much of this information was not exactly flash news to police and other law enforcement officers in those cities. The problem has been, not to identify the gang leaders, but to get something on them that will stand up in court. Valachi, for instance, has talked freely about some 30 murders, but as a New York prosecutor put it: "Our office can act only on evidence, and Valachi's statements are pure hearsay." What the Justice Department hopes is that Valachi can come up with some information about the middle and lower-echelon members of the crime organization. One source said he already had done so and federal agents' now are busy questioning those persons in an attempt to obtain corroboration of Valachi's stories and build a solid structure of evidence. The man's hole card in the underworld was his friendship with Vito Genovese, a New York "boss" about whom considerable mis-information has circulated in the last month. He has been depicted as the supreme commander of the American gangs, a sort of Oriental potentate tossing occasional scraps of favors to his underlings and issuing "contracts" sometimes in a whimsical manner. Shared Same Cell Genovese is currently serving a 15-year prison term for narcotics violation and at one time was Va­ lachi's cell mate in Atlanta penitentiary. A piece of fiction that refuses to die in that Genovese still controls the underworld by sending a steady stream of orders from his cell. The Justice Department pointed out that, considering the close scrutiny given to a prisoner's mail and visitors, Genovese would have to be doing it by mental telepathy. This reporter can state unequivocally that he does not have a.pri­ vate telephone in his cell. Genovese did not dominate the underworld, but he was an important figure and Valachi stayed on his payroll for years. Then he got scared and turned stool pigeon. Needless to say the friendship is terminated. Genovese has an appeal of his narcotics conviction coming up this fall before the Supreme Court. The legend that he still dictates the affairs of the un derworld probably got started because members of his New York "family" are waiting to see whether the boss can win his way back into circulation. Tomorrow — Evolution of t h e gangster from Capone to C o s a Nostra.) 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