The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 28, 1955 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 28, 1955
Page 2
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2-Algona (la.) Uppef Des Molnes Thursday, July 28, 1955 . . . 1 "A-il. l!-j!ei. . .;.. -.-^ J-: '--.. .'. -~ .-*•-... -----• L__l i ... -'-' '-'-.- • - • • Company Comes A Long Way To Visit In Sexton By The Village Gossip Sextan — Mrs Fred Jennings' company is {sicking up bill, out- of-toWners ate still, in the lead and they are coming from way out now. A nephew, Warren Godden of AJgona, is home from army service*; Jn Germany. A niece and family, Mr and Mrs Harold Merills are visiting fr'om West Virginia and Mrs Merrill's mother, Mrs Fanny, Spiker of Buffalo Center, accompanied fhem here. Another nephew, Vernon Larson and family are visiting from Phoenix, Ariz. Local callers were Mrs Martin Mimbach, Mrs Joe Namer, Mrs August Kirschbaum, Mrs Leo Kirschbaum and family ajid the-old faithfuls, Mrs Arch Burger and Mrs Bud Elberts. The • telephone being added this week shbuld be more company. Fred Jennings <"and his sister;' Julia Taft, attended the OK Settlers Picnic at Grant Twp. Sunday. Mr and Mrs Don Jennings and baby Ann, of Albert City were callers. Mrs Jennings sounded like a proud aunt saying she was a beautiful baby with beautiful red hair. Glennda Gabrielson accompanied Martin Mimbach and Leola Schieber to Blue Earth, where Leola caught the bus to her home at Henderson, Minn. . She had been visiting here with her grandparents. The pretty little blond visiting Sammy Prevv the past week was only his aunt, June Ditsworth of Algona. One of those "they'll do it every time incidents" happened to Clarence Huff. He sold his junk including old car and. tractor to a junk dealer who cut it up. The same day people began stopping to ask if he wanted to sell the same items. i There's good proof Glenn Gabrielson doesn't waste any time getting his work done. They returned from a trip to Chicago one afternoon last week and the same day Glenn was seen driving the tractor and wagon to thfj elevator and still dressed in his blue suit. While on the trip they stopped at West Branch, la. to attend the 25th high school reunion of Mrs Gabrielson. Arch Burger was luckier than Mr and Mrs Henry Bailey and Mr and Mrs Bud Elberts. Arch •was helping with thfe' coh).bir4n^ on the Bailey place and 'was'in the crib when the''latest rain storm hit, soaking everyone else out in the field. Not all farmers arc lucky enough to have boys at home to help but Art Klein should get by anyway if the other two girls are as good tractor drivers qs Virginia. Most farmers who retire and move to town don't really mean it. Harvey Steven is a good example as lie is often seen during the busy season-around the "old home place" where his son Everett, now lives. For a different reason it is 'also a popular place with the neighborhood youngsters and a few visiting cousins from town. The Stevens have been pasturing a riding horse at their place for the summer. • St. Joe Relatives Attend Rites, Sterling, III. St. Joe—Mrs Courtney Ryan, 41, of Sterling, 111., daughter of Mrs Kate Perk and the late John P. Reding of West Bend, passed away on Sunday, July 17, with funeral services from the Catholic church in Sterling on Wednesday with the following relatives attending: Mrs Kate Peck, Mrs Math Kirsch, Mrs Will Reding, Mrs Ed. Be.sch, Mr and Mrs Georgt; Bormann. Mr and Mrs Alfred Reding, Mr and Mrs Harold Reding and Mr and Mrs Ralph Reding. Mrs Courtney, the former Evelyn Reding is survived by her husband, one daughter, her mother. Mrs Peck and many other relatives and friends. Dwayne Weydert, son of Mr and Mrs Anton Weydert, had the misfortune to fracture an ankle on Thursday when he jumped off an empty flat rack. He was taken to St. Ann hospital in Algona, Thursday, and returned home on Friday. Mr and Mrs Willie Reding and Mrs Vernon Kramer and daughter Sharyln were Sundcy dinner guests of Mrs Reding's sister, Mrs Augusta Kurth, in Blue Earth, Minn. Mr Jake Garrriann, fa- We've Got 'Em! Auto - Lite Spark Plugs Ignition Engineered Advertised in this Month's FARM and HOME Section PJgCIVAL MOTORS WHAT IS A REALTOR? The term "Realtor" is not a synonym for "real estate agent". II is the distinctive and exclusive designation for a person, engaged in the real estate business, who has been elected to a local real estate board which is a member of the National Association of Iteal Estate Hoards. Inasmuch as a realtor is subject to the rules and regulations of the National and State Associations, the term "Realtor" indicates competence and high standards of business conduct. Always look for (he name "Realtor". DEAL WITH LISTED ALGONA Allen K. Huchanan President Jerry IM. Lewis Yice-l'residenl Ted S. Herbsl StT.-Treasurer 11. 1). liutchins Joel !\I. llerbst 1'. J. Kohlhaas (.'has. li. Murlagh I). 1). Monlux J'aul AI. Scdcy Oliver S. Carlson Norm Ik'st John C. Love HANCKOI'T A. W. Kennedy A REALTOR BELOW HURT 11. K. Rachut LAKOTA Robert Hamilton 1. K. \Vortman LKDVARU Tice IJracU SWKA CITY A. J. JJilsborough (iil'furd Smith T1TONKA (u'i'liard Hums Karl SI oil (lordon Hanson WJHTTKJUOUK J. 1'. I'hlenhake 14' VEKNK Kuunett (.'. Ivnary MK3UJEHS OF THK KOSStiTH COUNTY REAL ESTATE B ther of Mrs Redtng Bftt Mrs KuHh, is staylflg ' .with Mrs Kurth In Blu6 Earth, Riverjiale Bustlers 4-H Achievement tiay rrteetihg and Mother- Daughter tea will fce held Monday, Aug. 1, at 1:15 p.m. in the school hall here. Mr and Mrs Kenneth Curran and family of Douglas, Ariz, are here visiting relatives and friends. The Currans formerly lived .here before moving west. . Rev. Leo C. Schumacher le.'t Sunday for a two week's vacation through the west. Father M. Diederichs, S.C.J. from Hales Corners, Wisconsin, is here in St. Joseph's parish during" Father Schumacher's absence. Randall Arthur Berte, son- of Mr and Mrs Raymond Berte, born on July 16, was baptized Sunday by Rev. Leo C. Schumacher. Sponsors were Mr and Mrs Walter Freilinger. Mr and Mrs John Lenertz Jr. are parents of a daughter born on Sunday, July 24, in St. Ann hospital s in Algona. 'Mr and Mrs Lenertz have a son Douglas. The annual Knights of Columbus and C. D. of A. picnic was held Sunday on St. Joseph's parish grounds with a nice crowd in attendance. The afternoon was spent with the playing of contests and games. IF IT'S NEWS WE WA/fT IT Plowing Contest Set For Aug. The Lone flock Communliy Club is sponsoring the Kos- suih County' Level Land Plowing Contest to be held Tuesday, August 9, according io Chairman Dick Gross, Lone Rock> The event will be held at the Ornle Behrends farm, IVi miles south of Lone Rock, beginning at 10:00 a.m. The first prize, being offered by the Lone Rock Com-,, muniiy Club, according to Chairman Gross, is an all expense trip to the State Plowing Contest io be held Aug. 16-17 at Cherofcee. Other priies will be available io the contestants. Any farmer interested in entering the contest should contact Dick Gross or other members of the Lone Rock Community Club NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Sealed bids will be received by the City Clerk of the City of Algona. Iowa, at the City Hall In the said City until the hour of 7:30 P.M. on the 18th day of August. 1055 and then will be publicly opened and read, for the construction of sanitarv sewer lines and manholes for the City. The work will be in one section as follows: 6828 lineal feet of 8" sanitary weiuplpc, including approxl- drop Inlets. , .• • 1 Existing manhole ro be re• y 'raps' into existing manW>l*s. _fc the work of the above , sedtlofi wfll be' awarded as one contract for -flll Items of work Involved. The exlent oC the work, kinds of materials, and type of consructlon to be as shown on the plans and specifications oh file in the office of the City Clerk where they may be examined by Interested parties, or the.v may be obtained from the City Clerk, for private use, upon payment of $10.00, all of Which will be refunded to bonn fide bidders for this work, upon return of the plans and specifications In good condition, within two weeks after the bids close. All work is to be constructed irt strict accordance with the above referred to plans and specifications, and active consttuction work Is to be started on or before the 1st of September. l'J35 and completed on or .before the I5th of November, 1855. At said time a hearing .will be held on said plans and specifications and form of contract, at which any Interested person may appear and file objections to said documents or to the jcost of the project. All bids must be accompanied, in a separate envelope, by a check on a bank In the State of Iowa, certified by such bank and payable to the Treasurer of the City of Algona. Iowa. in the amount of 10% of the amount •of the bid. as security that the bidder will enter into contract for doing the work and will furnish a performance bond in the amount of 100% of the contract price, to be approved by the Council of the City of Algona. Iowa. The contract will contain a provision that the contractor shall keep said improvement in a state of good repair for a period of two years from and after the date of acceptance by the City Council and the Contractor's .bond shall guarantee the performance oil this PI ' ca^the {Successful; bidder shall ftS re t« p.o the according -to the ^lans, specifications and contract, the City Council will Accept tlte same and levy special assessments according to law and will Issuo and sell special assessment bonds antj use the proceeds derived from said sale to pay the cost o£ said Improvement, the deficiency betwMn the amount which may be specially as-. sessed against property owners and the cost of Improvement to be pajd for from the general fund, the improvement fund and/or the proceeds derived from the Issuance and sale of any certificates or bonds which may be legally issued to pay for said Improvement. All bids shall be submitted on the proposal form prepared for this pur- oose, which forms shall be available at the office of the City Clerk. Bv virtue of statutory authority a preference will be given to products and provisions grown or produced In the State of Iowa. Bidders shall not be permitted to withdraw their bids for a period of thirty days after the same are sub 7 milled. The Clly of Algona, Iowa, reserves the right to reject any or all of the bids and to waive informalities. Published by authority of the City Council of on i ' By Linda B. Clapsaddle Mayor ATTEST: Ivy D. Scuffham Citv Clerk (Published July 28, 1955, in The Al eona (Iowa) Upper Des 'Molnes.) WA* • • .That, "Where**, a.ftesolutlon of Necessity Was duly adopted ort-lM,.83rd dly « JurieY 1DBS, for the ebhrtruiUwi Sr certain sanitary sewer improva* ments In Sewer SUb-Dlstrlct No, 12 in the City of Algona, Iowa: .,,'•,,, NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, on motion dt this coimcl lfj» Ithaut petition of proUefty owner* th«l ipatt improvements are hereby ordered to be cohstrifctea; that the" extent of, the work and the kind of material* Jo be considered shall be as «et.OUt?lHj said Resolution of Necess ty; tt»aU«lia Wtj provement shall be completed by th* 18th day of November, 1985; that on completion of the lmprov«5m|nl.accord- ing to the plans, specifications and contract, thejCity Council wmflcceflt the same and levy special fisSJssnttnW according to law and,, will .IssUe and sell special assessment bonds, and use the proceeds derived from said sales to pay the cost of said improvement; the deficiency between the amount, which may be specially assessed against benefited'propettleB ahd the dost of the improvement sHall be pald^fof from the general fund, the improvement fund and/or th,e pro* ceeds derived 'from the Issuance find shle of any certificates or bonds which rtay be legally issued to pay for said (improvements. .... . : BE IT FURTrfER RESOLVED, that the City Clerk Is hereby ^directed 4o adverllse for bids for the construction of said sewer improvements, bids .to be received by the' City 'Coaneil^Up 10 7:30 o'clock P.M. on the' of August, 1055, and to be; opened by the Council 'at that time. •-••'' '*'• BE IT FURTHER RE6OLVED, that this Council .hold a public,hearing on the matter of the adoption of proposed plans, specifications and form of contract for the making of .said*:'improvements, which documents are now this ttth day at Julfc 1$. Mayor • ATTEST: . ! ivy iS. Scuffham (Published C JUly 26; , and Aug. 4. 1968,111 The Algona (Io\va) \ipWr Dta iytoiiies.) ;-,,;...•..,. COMPLETELY AIR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR COMFORT Relax tn Coolness While Getting Your Haircut At FOX BARBER SHOP 30* x^ /? 0 PR/C£S FOR. WE RESERVE BABY BEEF SALE! ^ THE LIMIT RIGHT QUANTITIES -2_ I> > •BULK BABY BEEF STEAKS IALL CUTS, lb . . . CUKTISS COLORED MARStiMALLOWS/^P^... CHOCOLATE NUT ; / FUDGE CANDY u4 BAG ...... on NEWSBOY COOKIES ^^-•\) •V«f"' $ALM>BOWI SAUSAGE SPECIALS ^, CHOPPED PORK LOAF SUMMER SAUSAGE ARMOUR'S THURINGER STYLE LB, Mighty Good Eating Easy on the Budget BABY BEEF CHUCK ROASTS BABY BEEF BEEF RIB BOIL FRESH GROUND 100% PURE GROUND BEEF LBS. BABY BEEF FRONT QUARTERS, lb. . BABY BEEF HIND QUARTERS, lb. DUNCAN MINES • FROZEN FOODS 1 ADAMS ORANGE JUICE 6-OZ. CANS WASHINGTON APRICOTS , Cm the* KOI ! FULL LINE OF I CANNING I SUPPLIES J Jar rings, caps, ! lids, jars, Certo, •Pen-Jel, Sure-Jell, FINEST QUALITY IN YEARS WASHINGTON MOORPARK APRICOTS 12-LB. LUG I jelly glasses. ^^M npip /)0 flEGULAfl Gn'NO COfFEt WoiFFs::i, OUVES , 33 r WOLFF s^/" OuvKv,,, 43 C-.._ f^ A««k FQil COOLING O«»tO dUM*K*MID^^ n?/yy/0 O* FLUFFO 7Q 3Lb.C«n 1 VI CALIFORNIA WHITE SHAFTERS ^POTATOES lOLbs. JUICY, tUSCIOMS EUBERTA flNEAPPLEIpFACHES .ikLr ^Btf <^^^^Bi ' ^1 H HH • W ^Br • • MM ^Pr CRATI §r SUNKI5T EXTRA-JUICY 'flLEMONS tor

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