The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois on November 24, 1926 · Page 8
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois · Page 8

Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 24, 1926
Page 8
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THE DAILY PANTAGRAHI, BLOOMIXGTON, ILL., WEDNESDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 24, 192G. EIOHT Reports on Regional Conference Heard by Woman's CIuIj ) .Memhers The. memlers of the fij'i)tj a li.'.'' 1 i ! I ran at tl.e.r t:.- i?.g pirl of tt.t 1" I rrliiinii w. ' i1 i-F'arker ;ir 1 M : T Mrs o. IV 'i ' oeedl'igs iif In' ' I'anvirs Ml Mrs (it:v district nn-t '! fit I reports w r- '" ' three' l' '.:. ar-rompi r !. I I ; M I I'll) I.IK pro- .-, r.i.iV 11.- I I'llti T I li ' I- ill x 'A:- ; W. M l..ut.e; ' I if 11 . '-' ' ri.eetll.g ht i ' r :r..n i.: the . . L-l U I f I j ' S i'ii e L,:.y 1', p.!i- con. Trie rn'i'ii a.'.n. ..f 'he mee'ltur an gv.-n I.-, ."i" !,. ira iuet. Prlcor, mfr i.-t in gr.ui.tiinr at the Norma! miix-r.-.':-. 11 A -!' In-i.l the . rloin n(t'-p!:n t h.r an iienoe fori n hour wl.i.e (!. n .! It fee! wllnl luii-.. . ,i.'f.. ..f r h F.nL'!;sh l.n.'mire . I .i- .n 1 .r talk with ' hut dlc-ui.:..n l ! i r-t.t tin--! or lea nl I . the oriKin I of lanE'jiiK" at.'t a l-i'i-f restin.e the history ..f o'.ir own I., -e ;.ii:.'. Mi gave tniiny ir.r, re-r-ljr ir d. i ; t ...r of Enghsii ,.!.!- ly gn:rii: Ink to the original r;r.!-l;r:t I. r a i.e.rsd.ttwn. and discii.-.. d rl.'; n -' in our from the '.id 1'ri-hh. One of the im-t brought o.Jt I'v y leelura n In i-o alrna on tho r ttl toriaU to ' ijo . ael "When tli-i put up in I'! .. I I rtived a Ins.'" !.,' I . . ' II g lU'llltH s. 1 i a r in her j 1 ! '; .n r.h the h M.-ii dii .H t mo i ." .Mia i'neer f.ti.s were fust ' n :;t.J Normal r.:'tnlicr of tch prion callc i from people who though II. e w.ii.i vtowiy" alioiild ba used. 1 think sl .w" is richt. Blow la one of a cr .'ip of adverts which were ,ricin..:iy t .rti.c-l from djectives by :i'l ' .-" hut the suffix has gradually 1 . n dr. i jml. other words In this c!:is are low, wrong nd right. "The tntril.h lantuiire is growing Iry the use of borrowed Words, of combination of words and of the en- Urging of old meanings A word is I the only thine c can borrow from another country ni.d Itave that country aa rich as it was before. There Were SO.OOO wnds in the Knglieh language in the Middle Ages and there are 4' 0 now. The number which the average man -has in hts varaculury today Is estimated by ome auinonties to be as few as j.livu ana o otners to i.e as many asjH0Uie grand patron; Mra. Krl.du 1 000. Oar language la a living, growing thing and in apite of its shortcom-Inga will become the foremost language of the world. We have just reason to be proud of our language nd to take an Interest in it." COMVRJNITY PLAYERS HEAR MISS LARKIN Members of the Community Players met last nUht fit the home of, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Humphreys on KaBt Gro.e street. Miss Yarkin, dramatic reader from the Columbia School of Expression in Chiuago, read Glasworthy'a "Loyalties." Miss LsrkJn hat a charming prraonallty nd she gave an exceedingly Interesting interpretation of the play. Uavla Kwing, presidmt of the Players, announced that the winners of the prize plays would be revealed on gome evening when the plnvs themselves wlil be viven. He also announced that the play to be given on the evening of December 17 at the high school auditorium will be 'Candida,'1 by George Bernard Hhaw. I About 100 attend, d the mot tini.' laaC night and were received and greeted by a hospitality committee composed of Mra. Hal Stone. Mrs. K. Mark E"nns and Miss Hazel Funk. i Mr. Bromwall Hostesa. j Mra. Charles Bromwell. of Kast I Monroe street, waa hostess at a delightful Informal afternoon yesler- I roon at her home, honoring Miss ranees Pillsbury of East Olive treet. Early In the afternoon two tables were placed for bridge and prizes for the piny went to Miss Margaret Jonea and Mrs. Caroline Wagner. Other guests came In later for tea. The house and the table were attractively decorated in pink rosea and curdles. o Ertartain at Luncheon. Mr. James Madison Furdiee, of North Madison street, and her daughter, Mra. Park Knlow, of North Clinton street, entertained yesterday With beautifully appointed luncheon at the Woman's Exchange. Cov-era were laid for 46 and the tables wera decorated with yellow chrvs- nthemums and tall yellow candles. The afternoon following the luncheon waa spent in playing bridge. .- . , Mm Larkin Guest of Miss Gunn. Miss Anna I-arkin, who read Galsworthy's "Loyalties" for the members of the Community Pin .vers last evening, was the house guest of Miss Ethel Gunn of East Olive street, during hfr stay In the city. Miss Gunn entertained a party of len guests at dinner last evening at the Village Ian,, honoring Miss Larkin. o o o Heme from University of lllinoa. Miss Beatrice Stephenson and Charles Stephenson, who arc attending tha University of Illinois, wi'l apend ThBnksa'vir.g with their par-rnta. Mr. and Mrs. c. . Stephenson Of K.ipt Jefferson street. O O 0 Thanksgiving in Hoopeston. Mr. and lira. Floyd Waktlund of North Prairie win spend Thanksgiving in Hoop non, where thoy will be gue.Ms of Mrs. Wake-land mothe-. Mrs. Laurel Nehltt, nd-' of Mr. Wak. land's parent Mr n Mrs. P. D. Wakelan.1. 4 O O Will Visit in Minier, Mrs. Sain Welty of East Washington street, w.'l ko to Minier today where she wlil s.,en, a few (lavs at thn home of Mr. and Mrs S s Tanner. AN EASY WAY TO LOSE FAT 1 .'.o. r 00. uy aunormai "t , 1 i. 1 -""8 ' " cause, hlrh often hes in a a nnd That ,!, Wsrmola Prescription Tablets nted ; ' ..', ' , - yott.eetheresultsineycrycircle.LcJ, fat it not one-tenth so common as it was. You should learn about Marmola, what It does and why. Our bonk will tell you, and with it comes our guarantee. This is the easy, pleasant, asfe way to reduce. Let tjs tell jrotl what millions know about it . Write Msmola Co., 235 F General Motors Bldi..Doit. Itwill briagyou our intuit book, .l.nlU.rmn anJI rttir .. Society Clubs Personal Ttll Ui About Your Thanksgiving Plans Are y "ij entei tn ining gu.'Msnt voir Lome iliriin! the Thiiriks-KlVV.i. or li vim expect In vik t relatives or friends at T" ! tl t on Iti.-it ore .islon '.' Are ion uivlng a fimllv dinner, or iI'MTViriK the uv.-iHon with a no IhI iifTnir. Tlis l"'m t a ur:i ti'i Will te itlil'l to J 1 1 1 J i tl MH'll items ind vrmr fnerds and neon. untune. will Iki Inti P Med In 'falinK them. Phone 24601 and ask for the Society Editor Eents of Today .Mtrlsm H. . r W. V.. Mcintosh auxiliary ofi The follow Inn Enests have heen "l'.irnilv oiia!" eve-i'"11""' '''' ',r- nin-' Mrs. ll'.rry (.."k: md av mif. Hull, f,.i: W.i i, I irem.-n and Ki.Klneelai 'l'(;anh-i;iv r.g daricc, evening. I.h.oiiiir.gti.ti c'ul) hallniniii. i Friendship t of the Church of C,i d 1 : i1) p. chapel. 1....I.S Cl .o, noon cm. ,.. no, ..nooin hotel. I'riion Th:iliks:;lvh e si-rvlee, ad- lr" U"v; '. s,.-r. ". 'Ju p. in,, ,-ri 'iiiii . i -. ... ... ... Clovi r I.' .f cluh, 2:3') p. m., with Mrs Ofoige K.-hinan, M8 W. Urove st'f et. Art association exhibit, day and eveiilnu, ot si. Lo u: artists' palnt-inifs. Y. W. '. A. I'ythian Sist. r "ftoll call nltrht," 7:ii p. m. Castle hall, W. Jefferson i ah tie Hub. 7:30 r m with Mrs. ! OuJc Worthlngton. MO K. Ji-fferson Mr. 1 1. Woman's Auxiliary of St. Mat- thew's church, la a .m.. parish bouse. Seroi d F. I! Thanksgiving meet Ine rind social of young mens and ij hit women's classes, 7:3j p. in., rliiln h. PAST OFFICERS OF KEYSTONE HONORED Keyato'ie Chapter. Order of the Fastern S'tar. entertained Its past matrons and patrons last evening at the Masonic temple. Other guests of lnn,,r Were William N. Kwing. ns- Muhl, grand chaplain; Mrs. Clara Koogle. grand representative of Maryland; Mrs. Laura Troyhlll and Mra. Oeorge Idem mernbera of the eligibility committee of the grand chapter Over 100 attended the dinner and the tabiea vere decorated with Thanksgiving baskets of fruits and with lavendT candlea In crystal stleka. In 'he ceremonial which followed lira. C'nra Koogle, who has recently been appointed representative from Maryland, was escorted for the first time under her new title. She was presented with a clft of (lowers from tbe chapter. The formal Initiation followed. f On Thanksgiving Visit. Mra. A. F. Strange of While place, will go to Chicago today to jolu Dr. tftrmige. From Chicugo they will go !', ,JH'n"1!"'ire '? m',n T,"",k-''vm with their daughter, Mra. W. H. Bar ton, and Dr. Marlon. They will also spend the week-end in Chicago with their a..n, Dr. Kussell Sirange, and wife, who will arrive In Chicago on Friday from Detroit, Mich., to spend the week-end and attend the Army and Navy football game. O'Loughlin-Bowers. The marriage of Miss Zoe Mow era anl Liihern O'Loughlin, both of Decatur, was solemnized at 4:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon at tha First M. K. church, the single ring ceremony being performed by Dr. Frank Mccarty. The bridal couple was accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Chester Mct'onnell of Decatur. The party rtiado the trip to Bloomlngton by motor. Mrs, Chambers Hostess. Mrs. Walter Price Chambers of 101S North Elder street, entertained yeterday afternoon at her home, honoring Miss Annabella Smith of Chicago. Three tab'es were placed for hrldce. During the serving of refreshments a group of musical numbers was given by Miss Frances Liggett and Miss E.leen Graham. To Hold Meeting. Members of the Marian B. Mrln-tosh auxiliary and their families will meet t the home of Mrs. Harold Hall, of SO!) West Oakland avenue, on Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock. The evening will be spent In games and music. Alsxandsr School. A box social will be given Friday night at 8 o'rlock at Alexander school. A program will be given by the school children. More People Dyeing! Thousands of women give old garments latest colors, and make drapes and fiirnlahings all bright and beautifulthanks to home dyeing. So can you! it's fun, and how it saves money! Deep-dyed, rich colors or daintiest tints. So easy, If you lust use real tiva niamnnri tivpfl rn a j l on any raonc right over other roiors. Dye , anything: eaav as ' b' Laa' Ba 'J. E' . rrite, now at any drugstore- m. , with simple directions, a'tuM pleca-goods color samples, "K- ur. "rli '"' illustrated book Color Craft free DIAMOND uiLS, uepi. mi, uurlltigton, Vermont. "V MV'9 1111,3 Family Reunions and Thanksgiving Dinners Planned I Tin i.lisi-lvlmr i!:iy Is i'.ontlnlly a . 1i - of k tli.'i iri-H for family mern- Ixts an. I close frdvnls. Anions; the : rniiny nniio. l:lch will gather t- tu.ii iovv arc the follow Ini;: ! Mr an ! Mi M. I-. Alnswortli, of I I, "i!.r l"at flivo s'r.ff. will entertain at dinner tomorrow nt their home, i fevers wlii ! laid for 12 and anions; thi ii'Kt will tie Mr. and Mrs. Merle lAlnsuorth. of M ion Clfv, and Mr. and Mrs Knocli ilroi k, of Kast .ief- feron stret-Mr. and Mrs C. W. Tarker will hive n family dinner M!x Jiorothv I'.irker who Is tenrhliiK In H.'llflower. and Ceorn" Parker, ot Chleafn. will r..n l the d;iy with their parents. Sr onj Mm. Truman Km II, of far- linvllle: Miss II. ha Knell, of Chl- easo: Mr. and Mrs. Jamet Casner, of Champaign, and .Mr. and Mrs. H-rt M.'fann, of Kast Olive street Mr and Mra. Frank 1. Miller will ent'Ttaln a fimlly party of about 80 u lleAe r.n Tlnr.,l.iv aenelm B, h,.r ,,,,. 6.. ,,,, j.-c aVenUe, Nonnal ' ' ,.,.,, r.rove street will entertain the mem- hen of her f mily tomorrow. Oueats from out of town will be Mr. and Mrs. Allen Knyhurn, of Norfolk, N'eb., who were married on October -7 in Minneapolis, Minn. . Members of the Bohrer and Fifer i families will Join In Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow at the Kifer home ! on North Md-ean street. Covers Ill be laid for ten and Miss Jer- trtnle Rohrer, of Chlriigo, who Is spending two days with her paretns, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Uolirer, of Kast Waln'it street, will be present. Mr and Mrs. James I.lirht, of Kast Oakland avenue, and Mrs. J. O. Will-son, of North East street, will entertain family groups. Mr. snd Mrs C. A. Flellin. of 1303 South Center street, will be host and hostess to the memhers of the Ftesch and Hauschul families. Covers will be laid for 12. Mr. snd Mrs. R. E. Chambers, of 4H1I- West Oakland avenue, will have as their guests for dinner tomorrow at noon the following people: Mr. and Mrs H. II. Orendorff. Mr and Mrs. Herman Orendorff and their son. Jack; Mrs. Mayme Mc-Klnley, Minor Neil and Kollo Neal. Miss Clay Honored at Party. Misses Effle and Ethel Shade of 4'i7 West Monroe street, entertained at their home on Monduy evening In honor of their niece, Miss Catherine Clay of Mitchell, South Dakota. The evening was spent In playing bunco and other games, after which luncheon was served. O St. Matthew's Auxiliary. Members of St. Matthew's Auxiliary will hold an all-day meeting today at the parish house, beginning at 10 o'clock. At noon a picnic dinner will be aerved and during the day the women will sew for the bazaar. To Deer Creak for Thanksgiving. Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Engle of 421 East Grove street, will spend Thanksgiving at the home of Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Danforth In Deer Creek. Here from Chicago. Miss Gertrude Donnelly, who teach a in the Chicago schools, will arrive tonight to spend the Thanksgiving recess with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Donnelly of East Chestnut street. o Trinity Luthsran Thanksgiving Dinner. The annuul Thankiglving dinner and supper which Is given by the ladles' Aid of thn Trinity Lutheran church will be held this year at the school hall on the corner of Madison and Moulton streets. O Thanksgiving in Chicago. Mis Mary Funk of East Grove street, and Miss Ida Margaret Hiley of Kast Washington street, wlil spend Thanksgiving with Miss Funks parents, Mr. and Mrs. C, A. Funk at their home In Chicago. TODAY IS "Baby Day" At Roland. SPECIAL! ToH Onl, n Our Mo Modern Inranu' Dapt. lt lor Oaniar Aula. Infanta' Pmk and Riga Silk B.mnai Llninaa Site tap Paua, Pink and Blua 7r,t RnWw Siys-ti, J7i.1. 11.00 MAri Kioa e I'nnsfa Color Hoe. Siaaa fai 23. Qui tail RamuM IS 60 Wliita Ei.Wrtfiwn Punting, Pink and ll.ue Trim 12.11". hdw'rtii-tiMa f'up and Snncfr. Pink. Urtfn aril Ited, $1.00 Infanta Silk Mm'i'ailna T,1c ami It. SO lnfnu Wli'ta Si,k Fnplin II n- It 6.1c HJ1 sw enroll and Priuh B.t TSi. tn y 1 .o r W."! Tnouw. Whit arltk Pink 4t 7 Aiiiliijua )t..wa .... l.(Kl A lulMili' Hiula Wool Mit!aa (J J auu 1 'I'lIK n'il. Hrllit, At- lr, NA t.a.li7t Cii!ra 7:i, ....I ai V V JCL.Mrrn'a Outinf Sltti.'nc Onr-menu, with Fwl. Klaci to Veara luo ' i Cotar laftiiera S0o and II 00 Jti ma for rubllcatlon In tha 8o clcty eolurnna may he given by culling 2410 between the hnun of 1 and e:30 In the afternoon and 7 and !' In the evening The Society Kditiir will be pleased to receive Informutlon concerning your guent. house party or other social function, club nueiingi your visit to distant points, youi tour abroad and all news of a alml'ar nottirs. Phone 2)60. COLLEGE STUDENTS RETURN TO HOMES The return of college student to their homes tomorrow will add much to family gatherings on Thanksgiving. Miss Beatrice .Stephenson and churlea Stephenson will come Irorn the L'nlv. rity uf Illinois to ho with their parents Mr. and Mrs, C. A. Stephenson of East Jefferson street. Miss Mary McMinn and Aaron Mc-Minn daughter and son of Mr. and Mis. L. K. McMinn of East Washington street who also are students at the University of Illinois will spend Thanksgiving and the weekend at home. They will bring with them a number of guests for the holiday and rovers will be laid for 12 at the McMinn home for dinner on Thanksirlvlnir of these Misa Pauline Perclval Miss Pauline Baker and Everett Olson will remain over the week-end and will attend the Mitzi dance on Friday evening. Miss Mildred Whitnier daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy of East Washington street will arrive this afternoon from Smith college for a visit of three days with her parents. Miss Alice Light who attends Northwestern university will spend tomorrow and the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Huher Light of East Grove street. BL00MINGT0N TfllMBLE MEETING YESTERDAY Illoomlngton Thimble, Order of tin-Eastern Star, met yesterday ufter-rioon at the Masonic temple. The following officers were elected for the coming year: President, Mrs. Marietta Cantrell; first vice president, Mrs. William Baptist; second vice president, Mrs. Mary Cornell; secretary. Mrs. Lottie Bruce and treasurer. Mrs. EuKene Arnold. Mme, Gillmal of the Oriental theater gave a comedy stunt of songs and a group of readings was given by Mrs. Helen Sawyer. A social hour followed the business session and program. Mrs. Gildner Hostess. Mrs. George Gildner of 30g Phoenix avenue entertained the memhers of the w.A.C. club at her home yesterday afternoon. The affair was ar-raneed as a surprise party In observance of the birthday anniversary of Mrs. Gildner's mother, Mrs. Henry Fltzpatrlck. Games were played during the afternoon and a two-course Ittrcheon was served using a color scheme of orange and white. Mra. FilzPalrlck received many gifts. O Phi Gamma Delta Initiation. Alpha Deuteron chapter of Phi Gumma Delta fraternity held formal initiation on Monday night at the chapter house for David A. Miller c( Lincoln. The Successful Working Woman. (She prides herself upun ber effl ciuocy. She is as alert In regard to her health, us tier work, and bag learned that time lost through, pre-ventable illness is not good business. She has also learned that Lydia E i'iukliaras Vegetable Compound la a reliable medicine and does not hesitate to recommend it to her fellow workers, to protect their health, which la their greatest asset, Mra. Elizabeth Chamberlain who works in the Unlonall Factory, Trenton, N, J., gays she got "won-lerftil results" from taking Lydia E. Pmkham's. Vegetable Compound. Adv. .1 'kW J t JACKETS the firSportWear ana bchool All the girls who have seen them are wild about these fine, soft leather jackets, so good looking and warm. Faced with plaid flannel or fur. Priced as low as $ JQ.50 Children's Sizes 8, 10, 12. Junior Sizes 13, 15, 17. Ladies' Sizes 34 to 42. Ccmt in and sec them today. W. H. ROLAND "The Store that Sells Wooltex" Made by REED BROS. Milwaukee . -waw, 1 J i,T I 1 S III I )U 1 I "at, fa Leave Thursday fr Chioago. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Ixiar of North Grldley street, will leave Thursday morning for Chicago, whore they will Join Mr, and Mrs. Harlan Greenfield and their little daughter, Marlorle, of Milwaukee, Wis., for the Thanksgiving holiday. All will be guests of Mr. (in en Held a father, Chajlea Oiemiflrld. Thanksgiving in Decatur, Mr. and Mrs. Jt. F. Fredrieksoii and their family, of 1304 West Olive street, will spend Thanksgiving in Decnlur at tho homo of Mr. Fred- rtckwu's sister, Mia, O. i'alkeni olh. Return to Forrest. Mrs, A J. Ehblry and h r children I have returned to their home In ror-rest after visiting Mrs. Christina Clark of W5 houtli Low street. Mrs. Ebbley and Mrs, Clark are aistera. Employees Are Entertained. All of the employeea of the firm of Gray-Trimble and Smith were entertained at dinner at the Holand Tea Room Inst evening. V. D. E. Hancock, aecretary of the Association of Commerce was the principal speaker of the evening. Short addresses were given by Mr. Gray and Mr. fcimlth, O Odstt Club. Mra. Dale Worthlngton of 813 East Jefferson street, will be hoateas to tho members of the Odette club this evening at 1: SO o'clock. Thanksgiving in Indianapoba. Edmund Munger of tha faculty of the Illinois Wealeya Bchool of Music, will apend Thanksgiving with his sister, Mrs. Lyttle In Indian-apolls. o Go to Indianapolis. Ruth and Ronald Lernine of 811 North Oak street will spend Thanksgiving in Indianapolis visiting their brother and sister, Karl arid Esther I.emnie, who are students at Indiana Central college. Today's Fashion Notes By Aileen Lament. Cuprrifht 1V2S lit Tin Pailj Pantafrapb. llj Seerial Laaed Wire. New York, Nov. 23. Furs were the fiature. Visitors to the first day's sessions of tho Horse Show at Madison Square Garden could coma to no other conclusion. During the morning sessions, the short fur coats were much in evidence worn over frocks following sport lines. Altho a score of flat furs were in evidence there was a notable throwback to beaver. At the afternoon gathering the longer and more elaborate furs were worn with chinchilla, caracul, broadtail, mink and sable being headlined. In the evening ermine came Into Its own altho the velvet, metal velvet and brocade wraps lined with fur had plenty of partisans. Altho there were plenty of hotheads at the Horse h.ow, there were likewise many cold feet. For the stockings and shoes were offered little protection from cold concrete floors. In the daytime parade, the beige and gray tlnta predominated while In the evening the color of the skin Itself glimmering thru the thin fabric determines what variety of nude tone la presented to the eye. One or two new arrivals from Eng land appeared in hats with handles. The hats were nearly all of velvet or ribbon and brlmless. The handles usually were of twisted velvet ex tending above the crown from ear to ear. The handles are of contrasting color to tho hat . The handle is purely decorative, not for use, A5 Christmas Cards Always Just a Little Nicer Here Your orders for Personal Engraved or Printed Cards should be placed at once. Montag Stationery Large size sheets and envelopes; plain and lined; special $l,box. Toys, Games, Dolls A Real Toyland C. H. MARQUIS tf 315 N. MAIN ST. I j i V Store Open Evenings I I DAUGHTER: "Mother may I have the use of the X car Friday! ' ?J n MUiJitli: "I should say not. I have promised several n I fi of the neighbors that I am going to drive them down town 1 1 B Q to Newmarket 2nd Dress for $1 Sale. You'd better come II a 8 alng with me. You can buy your whole fall wardrobe at I I X Newmarket FVidav ntld llpln VHll AaA Vaan ilnmn ononoa II Ever Ready Club. Tha Ever Heady club met on Tuesday afternoon with Mra. Frank Heiier, of IS08 fiouth East street. Bunco was played and prises were won by Mrs, Thomas Kltigerald and Mrs. Dan Brhwarti. The next meeting will be held on next Thursday with Mra. Lucaa Fitzgerald, of 1205 South Wright afreet. la Thanksgiving Guast, Miss Nina Crlgler will arrive today to spend Thanksgiving with Mrs, Ralph Pealrs, of 10 North Bchool street, Normal. Miss Crlgler, formerly of Normal, Is now hud of the extension department of the University of Arizona at Tucson, and has been attending a home economic meeting In Washington. Have Thanksgiving Dinner. Mra. Hanna Summerland, lilt East Washington atreet, entertained at a Thanksgiving dinner at her home Tuesday. Among her gueata were Mra. Anna Bealy and daughter, Mae, of Lorraine, O.; Mr. and Mra. Timothy Benjamin and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pochel, of Bloomlngton, and Mlsa Eva Ilouaer, of Randolph. DRESS MAKING ALL KINDS ETHEL MUNSON 416J, N. Main. Phona 1707. Howard's Buttermilk the Buty-Bring Cream Keeps Skin Soft, Clear and Pliable To prove tbls to your complete satisfaction, get a package at your usual toilet goods counter. The directions are simple and it costs so little that any girl or woman can afford It. It is guaranteed to satisfy you In every way or the purchase price will be cheerfully refunded. Hlmply ask at your fatorlle drug er toilet goods counter for a tube or Jar of Hueard a Buttermilk Cream. Morals mulleins itore and Kdwnrd P niaal aril lota of It Ait. Quickly soothe Irritation in tha throat, and helps Nature to clear the air passages. Pleasant to take for adult and children. Sold in try drug afore WW for every 1 W COUGHI A M m an Mmm Miss Oulld Visits Par.nts. Miss Florence Oulld, who la Instructor In home economics In the high school at l'lttsfteld, will upend the Thanksgiving reryss with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Oulld, of 408 Beerher atreet. Return From Indianapolis. Mra. John Mcriarnea, of Holder, and Mra. Clinton I'lerson, of 101 ( South Fell avenue, Normal, have returned from a visit In Indlunapnlls The Best the Market Affords in Dressed Poultry for Thanksgiving Turkeys Freshly Killed, Home Dressed, firm, whits and rlellciously tender lb 55c Ducks Young ducks, fat tened to flavory perfection, Home Dressed, lb 30c Live Poultry, we have a very choice selection ef lire poultry, turkeys, geese, ducks and chickens at lowest prices. Fresh Supply of Delicious Oysters My Store Meat Market. Phone 2540. W Deliver. Extra Savings are the "8. A H." Green Stamps We Give. First Quality Turkey Marvelously Low Priced for Today Only 1.35 A high grade, salt basting, blue enameled ware roaster of perfect quality. Excellent for turkeys and other poultry as well as lar meat roasts. Size 13x19 Inches. ' Sale on 2nd Floor, My Store. "Sim iWjv Four Reasons why you will find Bunnell Bros, Sub-Salesroom a very pleasant and profitable place to supply your Winter shoe needs: Extremely Moderate Prices Excellent Fitting Service Fine Quality and Style Variety " Whether you are ready to make selections or not, we cordially invite you to stop in next time you're down town; we're sure you'll enjoy your visit. The style pictured conies In patent leather, priced at $5.85 7IDD17D DOrVrC Black and Tan Tweed abilA 1 JUAV UVVS SI South A HOUSE with Mra. Fred VVeldkneiter at,, daughter, Judith Ann. Mrs. W'nUI-koettrr is Mrs. l'lerson's daughter. GIFT SHOP OPENING Thanksgiving Afternoon Opan F.a.h Thtlrailar anit KrMar Aftirn.,., and Kirnliis l.'nlil l lirl.imaa, MRS. J. H. 8AAGER 20 E. Kelsep Phone 1783 J Dinner, Thanksgiving Day is a big event and you can't afford to have anything but the best poultry and meat. We have a choice stoek and you'll find the prices exceedingly moderate. Geese Large, well fat- ;25c . teued geese ot tbe roost select quality, Hera Dressed, lb Chickens Full Dressed, tender and plump, very choice Quality, Home Dressed lb 33c Blue Enamel Roasters -Similar style In black kid and patent leather at $4.85 1 kj -Radcl "Radcllrfo Gaiters" Side Square OF QUALITY Roland's TfP Uu to ofiersoyouwootiorgcu J light if NEW lot IS eta i

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