The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois on November 16, 1926 · Page 13
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois · Page 13

Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 16, 1926
Page 13
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- J J,w--. . - " ' - . . . '. ' v THE DAILY PANTAGRAPH, BLOOMINGTON, ILL., TUESDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 16, 1926. THIRTEEN t. Notre Dame Has An Excellent Chance to Win the National Football Championship This Fall U S. C. BIG THORN IN ROCKNE'S PATH GAS BUGGIES or HEM AND AMY-Wow Mack Brown Was Expert Dodger Visual Sports. By FRANK BECK Must Beat Southern California Dec. 4 Before Irish Can Claim Title. STANFORD IS STRONG , .. I ! I-,. ,1 . - ,, , , -.- u ' - - - n ' " - - - , NOW, MR. LOUD MOUTW,) I I WHAT'S) - I ,. SUCH k WEU.H I I SHOULD (YOU CAN ) J OH HEM! C7i7 IF YOU THINK THAT UP. SH! LJcRUST! flHY OONT HANO YOU SLEEP S WHILE YOU WERE L iISiL TENT ON THE BACK ) ALL RIGHT, NIGHT WthERESM BUSTING S YOU S MY TENT J FOREVER SO) Tip." (UPSTAIRS SEARCHING) OF MY CAR 15 COME ON! CLERK?H GOING Stf INTO A ADMIT V SO YOU'LL FAR AS I J sZ-iZ. FOR THE OWNER fJA!?I,,l YOURS COME OUT Ul PROVE T0 BE HOTEL YOU FOUNO GO AWAY CARE BUT LgyT THEA C1 . flioii, S ON THE SIDEWALK) VT AND tTfj A AND IthE TENT AND LET tt I IT OH'tJ TO; OK A GOOD LOOK J j . AND PROVE IT.- . I'VE GOT j ( um (FIGHTf MWAKING ON THE, ME SLEEP ) 6E ffW FW VA,l T5tTImJc lull.f I MY WIFE Ji ft vJy-!7ME UPJ ) ROAD f EH A Jy . MyJfflLI IT (INjOURSy- (HE-) j V k FOR A M If) AT WHERE I FAT C7 VTENT)J MfK FT ALL; 2 Mr 1 2 3 -3 By Lawrence Perry. C-iUTljhl 1J b th Dill luitirJ. , Br SlMcltl Lti Wirt. New York, Nov. 15. As the football season draws near it' end certain football elevens are drawing out into the clear as leaders. By her cleanly cut victory over the Army, Notre Dame Miiiids out in high relief, a disci, i-t ion which is sharpened by a luminous background of success in the middle west. In the iiouth the University of Alrt bauia team li soaring higher and higher Into the Dixie blue, dominating the south as mount Shasta dominates the California countryside. un the west coast Stanford through h-r convincing defeat of the Vnlver-tity of Washington comMnatlon m.wkI.' out in solitary grandeur as one of the nation's great gridiron outfits. Yost Faces Real Test fiy heating Ohio Stule, Michigan ura in the Western conference the aniiect of superiority. Hut what, oh wl .it, is going to happen when the Wolverines collide with that man-eating Minnesota eleven? North western also has a chance to take the Big Ten title. Hrown's success at Cambridge ii!nst Harvard was merely added teimony as to the power and the versatility of the Brunonlans. Here Is a team qualified to stand with the rt and so she shall continue to Hand unless some unexpected cropper is encountered before the season ends. And so with New York University, I'rlneten'i season is ended. The T!srs accomplished their prime ob-'tive In defeating Harvard and Ysie and content with this triumph they are content to let fame as the champions of the earth go to any ten m that wants it. Vale presented a very good football turn for Inspection at Princeton on Saturday. After a record.breaking tfaion in the way of Injuries and iteneral misfortune the Ell coach finally managed to construct a team which was worth while. It took Tale one half to realize she had a strong rushing attack and an equipment of eluulve plays qual-lii'd to score against any team. In the meantime a superfine forward parsing attack enabled Prlncton to n're one touchdown and to get near enough to the Yale goal to kick an eiy drop between the uprights. Vale played a four-man, diamond !-fense against the Tigers, keeping fven men in the line. Besides, she k pt her fullback, Kline, very close to the line. He nailed a majority of t inning plays that passed the line ' ' scrimmage but he was not in good i"!tln to range against forward Mxes, Forward Pass Responsible. The Princeton quarterback. Caulk-1ns. was clever enough to tuke advantage of this defensive scheme and he forward-passed Yale ragged til through tire first half. .o finely did the pass attack work at length when Princeton lined up on her three yard mark following a tale punt Caulking threw discretion to the winds and heaved a for-War I pass from behind his goal line. iloben of Yale Intrcepted It on Princeton's twenty three yard mark nd ran It back to the Tigers' four yard line. Yale made a touchdown in three plays. Princeton, having practically spol-'ed Yale a touchdown, the Klls rationed the compliment in the third nnarter when with the ball on Princeton's five yard line, following long run by Bunnell, the Yale cn-t'i snapped the ball with no Yale hi ''k In the vicinity to receive it. A Princeton end ruptured the loose '"imding ovoid and a play or two !'er the Tigers kicked out of danger. Vale showed two grwtt running i ''ks in Ciodwlne and Hoben and In Kline a great defensive performer. The Blue line snapped together In 'h second half and outplayed the Princeton forwards, whose etrntiKth 'ter the sanguinary Harvard' game " is fust ebbing. Sturhfihn in pnrtlc-ii'iiv struck the writer ns about the ,,,,st guard he has seen in action tins season. Yale Looked Great. Vale looked like a team that had " und Itself and was coming. Against Harvard it would seem ns though Klis next Saturday will be ready ni l able to score quite a few points. N itre Dame's triumph over tho Aio.v was signal. This Cadet bunch tio ensy team to beat and all the finesse which Knute Kockne, one of muster coches of all time, can give to an eleven ftvas necessary to d'wu the Cadets. I'ne touchdown came precisely as ti e touchdowns against the powerful .unufsuta eleven came unexpected l.i ""in a distance far from the op- losing goal. This South Bend team "' year has had just that faculty "f working along quietly until sud-'""ly on the tall of a shift, a back ' tlung wide and all tacklers are ,ft to earth to duck pins-Called the Turn Th writer takes some little pride i the fact that aa early as October hi Minnesota he called the turn on Indiana aggregation. The pro-of that'dav was richly fulfilled n the embattled turf of the Yankee "a'litim. n a few weeks now the eyes of the country will be turning to Los Angeles where on the first Saturday next month the Notre Dame eleven, win venture Into the sunny rmth o( Southern California to Jle the University ot Southern -aifornla team. , 'his looks to be the most serious "ur'ile lying ahead of the Notre "me eleven. The climate may well Jrnve a handicap to the northerners "".a the strength of U. S. C. Is cer-Min to prove another holiday. Rockne Plan to beat the climate by hav-his men hop off the train not re than a few hours before the "me. The complication Is that after Ktlng the climate the South Bend-" will have to beat the Tro.lans and m itself is no small order. Seven. Ktnrv ..fflro hiillillrii? t,l he jected In Melbourne will have halls "marble and tile and rooms fit-J with Queensland marble and pol-"Bi Darauet floors. y SOL MCTZOfs) ( Cuth and Sporti Orltlc) Mack Brown, All-Southern Conference back last year, was one of tho many stars of that great Alabama eleven. One of his best stunts was getting by a tackier who blocked his path in the open field. Brown did it without usin a straight-arm. Fig. 1 shows him coming straight at the tackier and making a false step to the right in order to convince the tackier lie intends passing to his left. Instead, he merely uses that step to push him to his own left (Fig. i). Then he Jerks his right leg farthor to that side (Klg. 3), at the same time continuing his run by drawing Ins hip away from the tackier (Fig. 4) ho the lalter's hands will fall Khort of reaching him. It's a brilliant bit of work, this scheme of Brown's, for getting around an opponent coining straight at him In the open field, one tljat w. uld help the piay ot any good back who cares to master it. (Copyright, 19L'6). Gridiron Gossip ( By Attociautf Prau) Chh -ago. For the first time this seusun the University of Chicago football team came thru a contest without any serious Injuries last Saturday. Anderson and McKinney, half backs, who were in the fc-ame between Chicago and Northwestern and who had been out on account of injuries, sutfered no hurts to old injuries Saturday and will be in the game against Wisconsin next Saturday. Coach Stagg put his squad thru an easy practice today devoting much time to a defense sgalnst passing. Minneapolis. Determined to get ticket for the Minnesota-Mich't-an football game here Saturday, 25 fans lined up at the stadium ticket office laxt midnight to await the opening of the tale today. A little mine than two hours after the sale started, the last of 4,500 tickets was sold and hundreds were turned away. Iowa City. Iowa's football squadron smarting under four conference defeats began preparations tonight for the season's Hnal encounter against Northwestern here Saturday. Coach, Ingwereen sent Ills men 'hru a long practice on forward p:u plays and then lined them up ag:iint the freshmen for defense work to halt the deadly aerial game of the Purple. Kansas City. Albert Sciie'Ien-berger, 46, former all-American football star was sentenced here todiy to five years in the penitentiary on a charge of second degree frogery. gchellenberger was an nil-American selection in IfO'i and ll'lO v.ten he played on the Princeton university eleven. Later he was an asxlstont football coach at the University ct Southern California. Evanston. As a reward 'or licking Chicago, the Northwestern uni-veriMfrK, football regulars got a day of rest today. While the regulars did not report, the second and third string men started intensive work for the Iowa game Saturday. They went thru a 60-mlnute drill with blocking and tackling getting the special emphasis. The Wildcats came thru Saturday's Chicago contest without any serious Injuries. Madison. Oene Rose, halfback en the Wisconsin team, passed from a substitute role to the hero's pedestal In Saturday's game with lows. As a second string player, Rose saw action In many games this season, but never graced a starting lineup for the Badgers until a revamped bnck-fleld included the sophomore flash. Minn' apolls. A cold, bleak wind which swept over the rain soslted gridiron drove the Minnesota football squad Indoors today ss Dr. Clarence Spears and his coaching nldes began drilling the Maroon nnd Hold warriors for their second clash with Michigan for the little brown Jug here Saturday. Columbus, O Ohio State, undaunted by their defeat Saturday at the hands of Michigan and by the margin of a missed kicked after touchdown, started practice In a driving rain today for the game with Illinois next Saturday. KlmerMarek, whose costly fumble enabled Michigan to win, was working as hard as hla teamates. All the plsyers came thru the Michigan contest In good condition, South Bend, Ind. A two-mile march of nearly J.Oon men led by the army mule today climaxed the welcome home to the Notre Dam team after their victory over AVest Point Saturday. It was a holiday both for the school and the team. The only serious Injury wns reported by Joe Maxwell, and It probably will keep him out of the next two games, Ann Arbor. Mich. Four down and nue to go. Then the championship! That was the cry as Michigan's font-ball team settled down to work today for Its gme with Minnesota, which may decide the championship. It was agreed that next Saturday's battle may In the hardest of the year, ss well as the most crucial for the 'Wolverines. All the men came thru Saturday' Ohio game without serious hurts. Princeton, N. J. Ohio State replaced Harvard on the Princeton football schedule for next fall. It became known tonight, when the board of athletic control announced the dates of the season's games. Cornell, with whom Princeton signed a three- year contract, supplanten Navy, ana j William arid Mary was substituted ! for Swarthmore. All of next year's games will be played at Princeton with the exception of the Yale con- test, which ia scheduled for New Haven. I It's Up to Gophers Now to Break Tie in Big Ten Loop Chlcaro, Nov. 15. (IP) Upon the shoulders of the Minnesota Gophers. In the view of most followers of western conference football, rests the only considerable chance of averting a tie for title honors. Minnesota, which lost to Michigan early in the season at Ann Arbor, meets again next Saturday, the Wolverines wh defeated by a single point last week, the barrier to their championship hopes Interposed by Ohio State. Northwestern, which stands with Michigan at the top of the Big Ten heap, meats Iowa and a defeat for the Wildcats would be regarded everywhere tit a distinct upset. Attention turned today to the Gophers In their preparation for the Michigan combat and their game this week end promises as big a crowd as the Minnesota stadium will hold. Since the Gophers lost by twenty points to Michigan. Fpears' men have hit their stride and have rolled roughshod over Wabash, Wisconsin, Iowa and Butler, conquering the Hut-lerltes Saturday bv an 81 to 0 score. Spears strove tonight only to hold the spirit and the cohesion which have made h s team a Juggernaut after a slow start and polished all departments jf the team's plav with Jocstlng, Almquist and Nydahl as the focal points of his attack. Mlchlgaij began another week of the same hard practice neces-ai-v for the Ohio State conflict and let up not a whit with the Buckeye vie tury. Yost told his men that Minnesota will be a stiffer opponent than Ohio State. Iowa's entertainment of Northwestern was viewed by the latter as a game that must be won. for the Wildcats are at the threshold of their first conference championship. Iowa has lost to Illinois. Ohio State. Minnesota end Wisconsin In successi on and has yet to win ft conference game. For the first time this season, every Big Ten team will be In action Sat-uidav nisalnM a conference 'oc, nd many classic contests are n prospect. Wisconsin meets Chlcngo, In diana battl' Purdue, and Ohio State engages IMinols. All of these have the earmarks of royal battles. Wisconsin and Chloniro are foes of long hIii iidtnir. and conference rankings are forgotten when thev meet. This year neither hold i p. customed confirence plnc. for Wisconsin has won onlv from Indiana and Chicago has won no conference gnmes nt all. Purdue, which founht to a scoreless tie with Indiana a year ugo. l i s Its best team In years this season and is favored to defeat Indiana, but if the latter hns anv talent vhirh will down the Boilermakers It will show Faturd.iv for It Is a thst sll sisrns fall when Purdue and Indlnnn meet. Ohio State nnd Illinois have been brilliant contestants since the P.uek-eves nosed out a heavily favored llllnl team Ave years seo and dimmed Its titl-. hopes In the sen-son's final game. Against Ohio's brilliant record, marred onlv by the one polnt loss to Michigan, ll'inois hns a team which, hns improved every week sipre the start of the season and which was good enough to conquer Pennsylvania. Finnegan Wins Decision. Boston, Nov. 15 (Pt Dick (Honey Boy) Finnegan of Dorchester, won the decision over Chick Suggs of New Bedford tonight In a 10-round contest billed aa a battle for the world's featherweight championship. Finnegan carried seven of the .-minds and Suggs two, while In one minors were divided. FOOTBALL EXCURSION Low Fares To Champaign-Urbana Via Traction NOV. 19, 20, 21 Account FOOTBALL Illinois vs. Ohio Tickets good going all trains Nov. 19 and 20. Clood for return all trains to and Including Nov. 21. Also one day low fare good going and returning all trains of Nov. 20. ILLINOIS TRACTION SYSTEM i i ii I ir i o l I M nign ocnooi news j S !i Kxtenslve plans are being made and unusual care Is being taken to make the Bloomlngton high school homecoming, which occurs on November 20 this year, the "best ever." Four principal events are planned for the afternoon and evening. The first feature of the program Is to he a parade at noon. The line I of march Is to be from the high j school to Felmly Field where the Homecoming game win pe piayea with Normal community high school. The parade is to be made up of floats conceived by the different organizations of the school and by various Individual costumes. The high school organizations of the school which have made known their intention of procuring floats for the homecoming are the following: Hi-Y club, with Bcrnie Gummerman In charge of preparations for the float; short Story club, with Miss Grace Inmnn in charge; orchestra, Pauline iX-an; band, II. W. Garnett; Chemistry club, II. W. Garnett; boys' glee club. Miss Lucille Boss; Dramatic club, Miss Bess Cash: Girl Reserves. Miss Grace Inman; Biology club, Verner Condon; Koosevelt Hebuting society, P. C. Kurtz; Girls' Debating society, Miss Fannie Cumpbell; Latin club, Miss Grace Parker Hnd Miss Carlotta Kinney; domestic, Miss Dora Mun-son; Art and Design; Art League, Miss M. Maude Smith; Manual Arts, Seagurd Bloomquist. The senior i class with Almon Ives In charge of preparations will also have a float in the homecoming parade. John i Parker will have charge of the j junior class float. i The numbers of the B. H. 8. facul-I ty are offering two silver loving : cups as awards in the parade, one for the most original and beautiful i float and one for the most unusual and original hobo costume or novelty i stunt exhibited In the homecoming j parade. Both the costume and the tloats will be Judged not upon the I expense incurred in building them, j hut by their originality. It ia planned to place the competition on a general 'and Inexpensive bnsis in order that every one In the high school may compete. 1 The Bloomlngton high school band, I under the direction of H. W. Garnet,, instructor in chemistry at the school, I will head the homecoming parade to 1 the football field, and will play thru the game. I The other events on the program' are the Alumni banquet in the evening at the high school, and the, Alumni dunce sponsored bv the sen- j lor class of B. 11. S. with Almon lv-es : as uieir president, urciiestra music will he furnished at tills dance. ! Almon Ives, as president of the! senior class, announced the following committees for the homecoming: Music. Willis Brown, chairman: ' members, Lorne Bocke, Harold Camelling. Rosamond Unburn, Bay-: mond Protzman. Lois Hardwell. Dec- j orations committee: Kdinund Hurst,. Madrigale MacuiuiKliie, Ina Peter- : son. Bernlce Guminernmn, Miriam ' Head, chairman. Committee on tickets: Knbert Buttle, .Mildred KichmHil, Anna Cook, Heafer Biley, Kdnard Veltch, chairman. Committee for the' organization of the float for home-i coming: Helen Garher, Verna Mae Thomassen, Helen Prothero, Char-! lotto Baxter, Yelma Varnlne, Mary Allen, Theodore Hughes, I'.dwln j Davis. Ralph Dalton, Darrel Trumpe, j Winfleld Hassler, Dorothea Concklln, ! chairman. These committees held a brief meetng for the discussion of Plans and comparison of Ideas, yesterday afternoon. Other High School Notes, "The Boys' Glee Club Homecoming" which fok place Frldnv night STORAGE Your furniture is afe when stored in our warehouse. Lowet insurance rates. We have automatic sprinkler protection. Model Storage Co. ED STONE, Mgr. PHONE 362 Clean Coal We handle only the hifheal ttiada Illinois and Kentucky coals and each load is thoroughly screened before delivery insuring you clean coal. When you want a clean, hot coal, try us. KENTUCKY BLOCK SPRINGFIELD LUMP PANA EGG West Side Coal & Lbr. Co. 1111 W. MARKET ST. PHONE 3440. Expect 100 to Attend Basketball Rules Meet at Y. W. C. A. Tonight Close to 100 basketball coaches, captains, officials, and school executives will attend the dinner to be held at the T. AV. C. A. this evening at 6:15 for the purpose of discussing the 1H26-27 basketball rules. This conclave, held annually, under the auspices of the Illinois Athletic Officials' association. Is Invaluable at this time of the year, and always helps to clear up mooted points, and works for a more satisfactory uderstanding all around on interpretations of the code. Many of the smaller high schools, who cannot support a football team are already in the midst of basketball, nnd for this reason the meeting Is held a bit earlier than usual this fall. It is possible that a second meeting will be held lntr to 'irnsn mooted onept'i ns thct arise, as the actual playing season gets underway. INStNBIROtSi MATCH Oastl. 1 . . . .iai lis ....12S ...I'S ....411 1 ,...1H . . . . !' ....110 .... S3 1 vza 1 HI VM J.'.l . Mil 3 177 1n3 ins 1.10 Si'tinpiiier ;Mh Korb li'n ErwnbTfcer. , Tn'til ........ Iuulb NVIem J' Fenbf rger. , Kraenbsuni Totals us os 111" S'.'T 1.17 4MB 11l 311 S r.i'i 1 4IOI s 1711 461 in 314 lnr. sss 12(1 S42 . ..4l MB SOS 14 70 Sill UL GAMES TOMiiHT. y rr, 1 2 Vl'mt SM Cli'diirn l HifW hi: i'k. r, Bliti MmiIuwi A)..". 3-4 rhwip rhTlfy Ti. site, n. Ccmb Explodes in Ysrd Chicago. Nov. 15. tT--A bomb :is exploded early today in the yard surrounding the two glory brick flat building of Policeman Thomas Gart-land. ace of the vice squad, but two families occupying the building escaped Injury. Police believe the bomb was placed , In the hope of securing revenge for ' recent activities of the officer. proved in every way a decided success and angers well for possible future club homecomings in the high school organizations. Practically the whole membership of the club was present together with a great number of the alumni, some of whom have, since their training In the club, proven their musical talent In vari- I ous wsys. The glee club party pro- grsm included music, dancng, singing ' and various special games. The Roosevelt Debating society held Its annual tryout for the con- 1 venience of nw members yesterday j evening at 7 o'clock In the Bloom- I Ington high school library. Short ' tryout speeches were given by those boys desiring to enter the club and were Judged by P. C. Kurtz, the club advisor and critic. The list of new members has not yet been an-nouncid. Tryout for the new debating society conducted by the girls of i Bloomlngton high school and under ', the supervision of Miss Fannie Campbell, was held yesterday afternoon in room 114. Their wae no formality to attain membership other than short tryout talks delivered by contestants for entrance before the assembled membership of the club. CfVx (It yiu hv itmii (initios to bk stout batebatl fobtbill. boiina or any othof iport, write to tho PoatiiraaS Horn sailor tnt be mill (Mwr it for yoii.) Question Who won the mosi games of the New Vork-St. IaiiiIs Natio.ial Lengue heilts of 1926? Answer St. Louis won II, New-York won 10. Wui-stiori May a goal be scored by kicking the ball through tin; god posts and owr the bar on a kxk-off ? An" N'o. No score Is allow d In such case. On, to", Toe Inst yiine t the worm m-i ies in which St. Ijjuis won. A b' t St. I ou's would win and l.i bet that New Voi k would win If Alexander did not pitch. What about it? Answer As pltcheis receive credit and are entered for their pitch rig skill or lack of it In parts of games as well as In full games theyi 'l.'iv?, A exsndr pltebed for St. I.oris. M'TICU'. KNOCKED OUT BILLY V1DABECK N-w York. Nov. la 7PW- Mike MoTigiie. former Mght heiivywelchl champ on. knocked out Hilly Ylda-beck, of Bayonne N. J.. In the third round of a scheduled ten-round match here tonight. A sharp left to the head, followed bv a crashing lent S'nash to the chin, dropped YMaherk for the full count. The weights: McTigue. 171: Vlda-beck, 1S4'. Ahd-el-Keblr, Morocon middleweight, won the decision over Julius Weiss, of Gei niai v. after ten round' of hard milling. Keblr weighed Ml, Weiss lf.4. KBstawsfwa Play Safe! Over wet roads and icy pavements, through rain and mud and snow make sure you have your tire chains, and use them. It's the only way safe, sane driving is possible in bad weather. And if your chains are McKay Tire Chains, you'll never hestitate to put them on it's only a matter of a few easy minutes because of the new improved McKay Fastener. And McKay Tire Chains air. They're made of strong, tougli steel, specially treated to give them long life. They stand the bumping, grinding, pounding of hard usage anywhere, where ordinary chains would go to pieces. Yet McKay Tire Chaina cost no more. Remember the name and ask for the Red Band Bag. Kciser-Yan Leer Co. 505-507 N. CAST IT. PHONE 2863111 MSKAY TIRE CHAINS MCK Franklin Co. Sheriff Defies All Gangsters Benton. HI.. Nov. 15. (.. Shr'ff Henry Dorris. of Frankiln enmity. tonight declared that lie intends to siop armed gangsters roinlnj? into the county "If it becomes necessary for me to deputize eery able bodied man In the county." "I am not taking sloik with either side," the sheriff asserted. "I intend to keep both Hlrger .'ind his nin us well as the Sheiton's and those affiliated with them out of this county as far as is humanly posii.e. I have given all deputies under m orders to arrest ten on ach side who come Into this county a-nvd. end I iirc-rl tin. t the onl-rs shu'.l be ear:-ed if it neV' ssit i ies my deputizing every ah'-' wn-rl man in the county. The law "ivi-s me tl at authority, and If It cfn,is to where such druotie me iu'es become ccs-eiiry I -rv'? it Whin It berimes nce"'iry fo.1 tn ti. name additional . pu'l' to .-too gang strife In VY'rlJIn count v. 'ho: commissions will be placed with men h'- and not with ou'slders." The sher ff's (Vc'aratlon was mad" In reply to a statement In a souioeT Illinois paper purported to come f ro n the e.injr ' Charles I r. In which It wns oh-rf d t'-nf 1 'o-r! --h-. l given deputy fon"t!ls'on tn hers of the Shelton gang. - 4 Many telephone lines In Italy nre hlng extended. V WSJ ' .TB 'JOBBOU! I . sV Special Football Train SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 20 $1.73 Champaign And Return Illinois-Ohio State Football Game Irt-LI.MAN TARS-COACIIES -DIMNO CAR Special trnln will leave Rloomlnglon 9:40 a. in.; returning leava I'rhana fiM.'i n. m. and Champaign t.'0 p. m, jj Tirkfta and Pullman reservations at Big Four Rout Station. ti Plione ft."3. tfi W. L. MARTIN, Ticket Agent DRESS WELL ADLER-COLLEGIAN 2-Pants Suits i In the Newest Outs Dtsifned to Out Costa '35 '40 '45 Two-pants suits in the well-known Adler Collegian line, at the prices you ordinarily pay for one-pants suits of other nationally known makes! It's the biff, new development in the clothing industry, to meet the needs of the man of today. 114 CENTER ST. BLOOMINGTON ADLER COLLEGIAN CLOTHES Holeproof Hosiery Munsingweax An autoist of Columbus, Ohio, whi is .-ii:,;.t.y oeaf, takes no chance in n l;e drives out with his eet'an. io warn other drivers behind him, he ! has a .-l:.n i!nted across the rear v Indue- of his car, reading: "Drive e.'refu'l". reafn-es." "HAIR-GROOM1 ) Keeps lla:r Lorn bed, utossy j Well-Groomed all Day ! "Hair Groom" is a dignified j combing erf a rn j which costs oniy ; a few c nts a liir i at nny ilrustor; Millions use it be tause t gives that natural gloss sad well-groomed effect to the hair that final touch to good , dress both In business and on loclal ' occB'-lons. Kven stubborn, unruly or hhampooed hair stays combed all day In any style you like. "Halr-(ironin" Is greaseless; also help grow thick heavy lustrous hair WffflsW oiirloiite $1.80 Urbana And Return Account AND SUCCEED . i I

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