The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 21, 1955 · Page 47
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 47

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1955
Page 47
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Some people are equipped with a -oil of built-in sense of direction. They always know which v, ay i:; north, and once they've In CM over a ioad they never have any li->uh!e finding then v.-.-iv auam. TJiis kno>.ving where y -si aie goim: is a talei-,;. much i-.n !!'.'• order of Ihe mn o|' absol- iii'- pitch .-'.nd it is bestowed on ju.-t a favored few. * * * I must have been absent Ihe day they were haiuiim; out the p ii'. • "i wh,it<-vi ;• it i- that goes UlVe do it by starting with the knm- - kdge that the swimming pool is in the south part of town and if that doesn't help I remind myself that the sun usually sets in the west, somewhere in UK. vicinity of Brundage's back dour, fin reforo, Brundages must live west of us. If the founders o: Algnna had only seen to it that the main drag ran nor'M ano south like it rlid in the t'i..-n where I spent my chihlho-Ki. everything might be crystal clear. People who know me never ask tii' 1 how In get anywhere. My direction-; mi how to get to 1 tie !>•>>! '.fill <• have a Way of landing the unwary somewhere NOW-IN OUR SHOWROOM-See The Latest In GAS BUILT-IN KITCHENS £9-*,- separate... N ^4;, ; ultra-convenient... s colorful... , in the virinify of Sexlon. Once in a while an unsuspecting stranger will stop at our door and ask where r-o-and-so-lives. If the destination is nut of pointing dis- lance. Hie-'' 1 people arc 1 really sunk. Km' all I know, some ot thein may still ho out driving around and looking if their gas tanks hold out. T always hope nobody pets lost permanently because of me for I'd hate lo foe held • responsible for separating anyone from his loved fines forever. * * * Now with Father it's different. He not only knows where he's supposed to go. he also knows Ihe direction in which he's traveling. It probably comes from having to do all the chauffeuring at our house for none of the rest of the family knows how to drive excepting from the bac\ sea*. But even Father is not infallible. One day on our recent and all-loo-soon-conclude.; vacation he got lost, but good And he'll probably never hear the last of it. V # * Don and Lucille Clark were vacati-aimu in the Earl Miller cottage at Woman's Lake so we deride-.! to yo down and spend ;•• day v, ith them. Father was the driver and hi.-' passengers werr practically all the^womon in hi-' hfe--hi.-- mother, his wife, two daughters and his pet female dog. Wienie. Father knows northern Minnesota like the bnck of his hand, or so he has always main- tamed. But this day he saw a lot i.f 'h:<l state that he didn't even diram was there. *. '• * We weren't trying to take a -hoit cut. It was a beautiful day. just rmh.t for a drive in the forest. We piann'.d t" take the inure scenic route .-••' we could sf" more of l.c<-ch Lake ai?.! we'd Lie per- I'fc'lv O.K. as 1'iiK' as we kept | ^.- ; :u: r: nth and a bit west. Th' ] only 'r >ufo!«- wa-- that the road* I didn't krviw 'hat. Thf-y perv.-M- i ed in -tufob'.vnly meanderine !'ir.iii!vi i'i tiie woods, all in an i :•',•.•• ternl-.' direction. ' » » * i Twice we found quite well| maintained road- going sou', n. j Kureka 1 . we th-.uuht. a 1 !a-t we're I h'-adcd in the r:s;h! dsn-ction. \ K,i-•'•, time ..ft', r Komg fi-n; three i 'f. live m'.ies down '!'>• ruad wt j c,i!:i'' to :: lie; • i end "Herman"- THESE WOMEN! By d'Alessio over the serve. top. Freeze firm and —GRACE. 'When I suggested you bui|d an outdoor grill, exactly what 1 had in mind!" isn't road away?. And I fancied I eould see the Floshay Tower in the Twin Cities just over the horizon. About the time we all concluded we'd have to retrace the 75 mile? and start over again at Cass Lake, we came to the highway. From then on we were in familiar territory and we soon arrived at Woman's Lake. In all our tnean- dering we had gone only ten mile.; out of our way! • * • The next day I undertook to guide r.iy mother-in-law and the kids on an expedition to Bemidji to see the sights. We didn't get lost at all! However, the route I picked took us about 25 miles farther than we would have had to go. but let's ignore that minor incident. If the pe and - .i :• d I • t.iM anothe There's a very illusive mystery BUILT-IN COOKING UNITS bring a new look to the modern kitchen . . . Inr.tflll at ;;ny hff.M. f'ljr-; ihrni i.!c':f together or at opposite ends ct the I it: !.?n ... in .1 poninsu!.!, in an island. Specify tour, or ivy of top burners you need. Insfjil m wood, metal, brick, p'.-.stic or any other material. A v.:cio v.V'fty of crio'j and fin.:.'ics. S.IVP '---.Irs o! M.--J;I. tyi' :o."M '.. :if' s . . . "iisy t- "?e without stooping. The a:':'-;'.'.'-" '->•'<• :.< vt ;• din City of Algona is look- i very worthwhile pro- they'll put new filters ..Tjing pool. T.I keep count down, the n the poo! is sc :ictieally cats the According to my , the same filters art t were installed twenty- ago when the. 1 pool w;).-, they are practically use- Lven if they weren'i they'd be ofos'.ilete by Filter-. I've heard fust 'tiey but I h'.ipe it can swimming <casoi * * Colwell has a lot s h e \v n -1 e cl (\ u: i e couple "f weeks a i. This week's recipe is for i frozen lime pie and you don't have to bake it. eggs •j cup sugar few drops green food coloring 1 cup light cream 1/3 cup lime juice 1 tablsp. grated lime peel i recipe graham cracker crust 1 pint vanilla ice cream Beat eggs till thick and lemon colored. Gradually add sugar and continue beating until mixture is light and fluffy. Add green coloring, cream, lime juice and peel. Mix well and pour into refrigerator tray. Freeze finn. Break in chunks, turn into chilled bowl, beat until smooth arid return to tray to freeze a little longer. Line a 9 in pie platt or refrigerator tray with graham cracker crust. Beat the ice cream until smooth. Spread on the crust mixture and top with tiie fr"/.en lime mixture. Sprinkle a fe'.v graham cracker crumbs Whittemore Mr and Mrs Thomas Dnnphy visited with Mr and Mrs Erwin Siems in Rochester last week Sunday. Mr Siems is a patient in the Melhodist hospital at Rochester. Mr and Mrs Clifton Keene and daughter Patricia returned to their home in San Francisco last Wednesday after visiting at the home of his parents, Mr and Mrs Theodore Keene. Mrs Herman Bode and daughter Marlene, of Wesley, visited at the Daniel Foley home here Tuesday afternoon with the former's mother, Mrs Elizabeth Eiesle. Dr and Mrs J. S. Dcvine of San Diego, arrived here last week Saturday to look after business matters and visit with old friends. They returned to San Diego, Sunday. Mr and Mrs Frank Schumacher, of here, Mr and Mrs Emil Schumacher of F'enton, visiled with Mr and Mrs Edwin Schumacher in Algona last Monday. A personal shower was held Friday night at the Harry Schmeling's in honor of Judith Greinert. Marilyn Schmeling was the hostess. A number of relatives gathered at the Arthur Hcidenwith home Friday evening to celebrate the birthday of Dorothy Rosendahl. Mr and Mrs Leonard Meyer and sons, of Rodman, Mr and Mrs Herman Voigt. Mr and Mrs Herbert Potratz, Mr and Mrs Norman Schultz, Charles. James, and Ja- Thursdoy, July 21, 1955 Algond (la.) Upper D«» MolnM-7 nice Schullz helped Mrs Ruth Schultz celebrate her birthday Sunday evening. Mark and Marvin Montag of Washington, D. C., sons- of Mr and Mis Al Mnntag wen 1 honored at a family picnic Sunday. The guests included Mr and Mrs Hugh Duffy, Mr and Mrs Lewis Duffy, and family, Mr and Mrs Martin Duffy Jr. and family and Martin Duffy a n d daughter Theresa, of here. Mr and Mrs Herman Miller and family of Waterloo. Mr and Mrs Al Montag of West Bend. Mr and Mrs Maurice Duffy of Churdan, Mr and Mrs William Duffy and family, Mr and Mrs Earl Connors and daughter, of Algona. Mr and Mrs Fred Montag, Mr and Mrs Ralpheal Montag, and family of West Bend. A family picnic was held at the. Mrs Anna Dau home here Sunday. All her children were present and included Mr and Mrs Hugo Meyer, Mr and Mrs Victor Dau and family. Mr and Mrs Wilbur Roeber and family, Mr and Mrs Melvin Roeber and son David, Mr and Mrs Lawrence Meyer and family, and Mr and Mrs Herbert Zurnach and family, of here, Mr and Mrs Frank Jurgens, of West Bend, and Mr and Mrs Ernest Bernau and family of Corwith. A Kelly reunion was held Sunday at the Woodrow Russel home. Present were Mr and Mrs Thomas Kelly, and Mr and Mrs Edward Kelly and family of Pomeroy. Mr and Mrs Arthur Kelly and family of Rock Island. Mr and Mrs Fred Fish and family of Titonka. Mi- and Mrs Raymond Voigt, and family, and Mr , Mrs Paul Potratz and family of here. Tune In! TO THE BEST ON THE AIR WAVES KSMN 1010 On Your Dial MASON CITY - ALGONA HAMPTON Studio In Algona Your Listening Schedule (Daily Except Sunday) 3:00 to 8:15 A.M—Algona Area News. 10:00 to 10:15 A.M—Algona Area News plus National, International and Iowa News. 10:15 to 11:00 A.M.—The Algona Hour. 12:00 to 12:30 Noon — News Round-up and Farm Markets, 3:30 lo 4:00 P.M.—The Jack Buis Show. Mar- proof Saf« Dull- proof Weath« proof Watch for THE GREEN-AND-GOLD BJUSTROM FURNITURE VANI of "Amen..) i c.: - .-' ' ij:v;>.";. to >• • (' d'.Mn." YOU'LL PL 'U'-., AMI AD .'. : i H CALORIC BUILT- INS i b .iy wt nt '.-.:'•' • '• ••••'•<' up i * * * | Aflcr ihe speedometer register Barbara birthday part • •d the little ?.; downtown i F:'.ro;ite home i 4:c> l.-ut thi- rl up buy the/ com - P hot i day ;;;id th( Ba; bara's tumnv- - mi-.-.-ed up hi : :iif ;;C:ijn ancl a.n- \Vhufhrr you'r? building a now home or r'.modeling you'll want lo sco ;his built- in unil before you make any decisions. /\\v!abl<? for ho!h bolllc and natural nas and w.ih niilcrnaiic or manual controls. PRICES ARE NO HIGHER THAN A REGULAR GAS RANGE! • • ^ _, ,. ... Phone 16-Algona c _ oU:i:«c C» So. Ph.lipsSt Bu: ; ,:: e •-. thi-n th-y set out f-.r th -• -'. j pa: :>-. N'.ib iciy answered '.)'• •';•-.'•' ..i. r and !•• .ill appearanc.. '..:':- | ;:)..;..; u x- and B.:rb:i-.a were e:th< : ' >'• •"••' i F.i. -!!v the I-.;".':. ;.->' ci'iild's i - , :-n-i-'.'. '•;:!;..;• w,.- cunt;,,'' i and the C''! i 'f '•'•••' b -•'!'• '• wi !!,- ;' i.rid that though they h ,:\ • ••• -' • •'•;• -• I :}••.• • !-ht hour, they had t:.. i i'••''• r.. :;:.-! \v;-,ii;.- d.iy, the party was t':-.i ! : i- i-." ' •-,.-.'. ...:-,--riVM,n Wh: ; .h. of c.-'-urs-. . j : -, • :,!',t I!':-re b.,V:.-- and -till .*.".- ' V/hcr. you are lost in the wild ,.,>••-,; fr. -:,i\ v. ,i-!.'d anti iri :. •• •- -. ..; •.:... •,:;-,!• ••'...:'. 'r.,iV - ! ,_.,; ( irc>- V •: R:;! b> ::• Cu-t •:!',-• Ii;-ptf..i- Mrs Harry Hargreaves has so u.'io.i-.- ti'.e M:!i-.. - !.i-C:.n.. ; !: .;, n v .f her t>.mih' ill and in t! f • :.'.:. '' i ;> : '•'• • "i .'''••' U'- ; '• ; ' 'h.^pita! ti'.it :' is a big prolilc:!' ' : '•'-. :i. iii- MLMi"-, her mother. Mr •:• T. -. C,,r::.i.dy at Mt-rcv in M..-':. '.-'. Tilv. he:-,-i--:n-!.,w. M: - P ••• H H.,:•.;:• av> ;,! Park m Ma.- .;: V Ci'.v ;.;id her t.itr.e: . Ti-m Ca. - V : .,'. >.-••• !•..>:!.( n; Whi'.ti 'ivri 1 '.•'. .i\: i. : • :\- '• ..p. 1h:,t by t'i'.i-; til: .<• \ •:• :,','-. t' . p.! 1 .:'-:'.'.- are nuicl'i ii. 1 '.]:' j.:. \t-'i ..'.i.i i' .it the strain d •<.•• .;. ' >i ;'-.;..•<• Mi- 1 larm'eave- ir/. V ' biv. !'.-..r,u a i..t'.:cnt liersc-lf. !;. This time of year, the sharp !•', 'Ai.; 1 At uur house, we are iut O t:nu ;!-e !': iiu-n limeade hard. It'- Xi .'-- I'Npi i:-ivc than usir.a fresl'. O; !::;,••- arvi yuu don't have tc V :. 'it .' with soiU't i-iim :\n I advl'.im Trade-in Deals Biggest'Selling History f and see f can sit this pretty for only We $ 2328H ¥ delivered locally/ WILL BE ON July 25 thru Next week we will be taking our annual summer vacation. Our force hopes to get in some relaxation and fun. So we can come back and serve you with added vim and vigor starting Monday, August 1. MODERN DRY CLEANERS & TAILORS «*v I f I '-' I O O Whal about the paii-time help I hire on my farm during the summer — will rr.y Farm Liability Insurance cover any damage or injuries caused by Ihe help? Will ii cover my liability for injuries suffered by my part-time help? r-or the answers to your iiiMiiance questions, feel tree to eall mo; at the Bohannon Insui aiuv Agency, Phone 103. e'll mince no words. Vw can buy a Buick SPECIAL like the one shown here if you can buy any new car. You can boss this big and brawny Buick Sedan for just about the price of the smaller cars — even for less than some models of the three most widely known smaller cars. The price we show here proves that. JJut you can't get anywhere else for the money what you get in this Buick, or any other new Buick -and that's something you really ought to look into. For Buick sales are soaring to all-time best-seller highs this year just because more and more people are discovering how much more automobile their dollars buy in a Buick than the same dollars buy elsewhere. They find Buick a bigger package of sheer automobile for the money— bigger in power thrill, in stretch-out comfort, in ride steadiness, in structural solidity. find Buick size and styling an added C" in . Or- 4 e bjrga ;:s. S?:C'-'-l Pri -. Model 48, Evan factory-installed prestige — Buick readability and handling ease an added pleasure —Buick brawn and precision an added reassurance. And they find Buick performance a thrill without peer—for where else can you get the whip-quick response and bettered gas mileage of Variable Pitch Dynaflowf? Maybe you'd better drop in and see how much real automobile and fun and deep- down satisfaction your money buys in Buick. Whether you want the low-priced SPECIAL, the high-powered CENTURY, the extra- r o o m y S r i 1 E u, or the custom-built ROADMASTER — you'll find the price more than right and the trade-in deal terrific. Can you make it today? •i I :.•>:.;/:.', ]'-:.b Hi ru* >.v .•,' :ke o,:!', /)•, >;.<<!>.'!, B',i.t hui.'Ji lo.ljy. 1: !• j.-.;;..:W OH RO.iDM.iSTER, optionjl jt modmt e\tra cost on Thrill of the year is Bulck -WHEN BETTER AUTOMOBILES ARE BUILT BUICK WILL BUILD THEM- 105 N. Halt BRANDT BUICK Algona, Iowa

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