The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 21, 1955 · Page 45
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 45

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1955
Page 45
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Tidbits From Evelyn Oh, h6w I would like to dupli- r.,1e the vacation Esther Quinby has just completed. It -took her right to the heart of our American history, Washington, D. C., Philadelphia. Boston, Concord. Jamestown, Williamsburg, Bran- dvwinc. and then to Niagara Falls;. All of these places ar? rich in American history and Ihe charm of Colonial flays ha? always gripped me. She was in Louisa May Alcott's home, the place I've yearned to see all my life, for her "Little Women" still remains mv favorite book. « • * A letler from Mrs Gilles says she had a wonderful trip to Augusta, got there four hours sooner than expected, but her meals that day were sketchy— no chance to grab a lunch, so it was lucky she took a sandwicn with her. This is vacation time, there is no doubt of it she says for the buses were crowded, so much that she had to stand foi a short time. Then a girl gave her her seat and sat on the arm of it till there was a vacant place. Esther and I are glad she is having a nice time, but it's a bit lonesome with one of the occupants of the "Hen House" awav. » » * Things are "just ducky" for Mr and Mrs Ted Vaughn, former Well Drilling and Jeep-Ditching Contact CLETUS F. ELBERT PHONE 1313 1403 E. Lucats St. Algona, !a. PUBLIC AUCTION Farm Sale The undersigned will offer for sale at public auction Ihe following described properly on Ihe premises, on Sat., July 30 at 2 p.m. The Southwest Quarter (SW'i) and the Northwest Quarter (NW'j) of the Southeast Quarter (SE'i) Section 17, Township (95) North Range 29, Kossuth County, Iowa, Located 4'j miles southwest of Algona, Iowa, 3 4 mile south and '.i mile west Kossuth County Home. IMPROVEMENTS: House, new barn, cribs 32x20 and 24x26, hog house 40x^4, granary 20x10, chicken house 32x16, pump house Sx'lb. TERMS: 20"- on date of sale, balance Feb. 15, 1956. Purchaser to execute ordinary contract of purchase calling for merchantible title. POSSESSION: March 1, 1956. THIS FARM IS WELL LOCATED AND IN GOOD STATE OF PRODUCTION Mrs. Francis Pfeffer OWNER Coiwcll Bros., Auctioneers UU-29-30 residents here who will be well remembered. Mr Vaughn has been with Swift & Co. a number of years and has been Jrans- fcn ed from Unit. 1 to time a c ~ business warranted. They now live at Alma, Mich., and he' is in charge of a 40,000 ducks project. I suppose that means from hatching to marketing. Mr and Mrs Vaughn arc to be guests of Mr and Mrs Melvin Olson this week. * * * Members of Ihe "Hen House" have done pretty well on vacations this year. First Esther Benson spent a few days at her former home in Park Rapids, Minn.. then I took off for a couple of weeks at Houston and Wichita and now Mrs Grilles has gone to Augusta. \Vis.. for a few weeks visit witli her sister, Mrs Edith Miller. It has been a "red letter" year for me. Added to my very nice vacation, I've had a visit from my cousin. Melvin Henderson and family and in mid-August my cousin, Edwin Cady and his wife are coining from Houston. Melvin said he wished I'd put in a little line to "my public" telling them that he was so sorry to have had to miss seeing many friends. It just wasn't possible to make the rounds. * * * More and more I am amazed al what science produces. And what a boon it is to those whose needs aie met. I saw Mr Mahono> (John) on the street not long ago. At the time I didn't know who he was nor what hi* trouble was. He was using a long tube like arrangement with a small funnel shaped gadget at the end. and was conversing with a friend. It was his wife who explained Mr Mahoney had undergone throat surge: y some time ago which k-ft him with no voice-box. All he doi s with this talking aid is t>> form the words — there is absolutely no sound corning from his lips, but this speaking tube pi-./kn up the word formation and transmits via batteries so that conversation is curried on in a highly satisfactory manner. Think of what that means to Mr Mahoney. Ed Ostrum recently and plays in the i~ «ri honor, visiled his parents told them he now Mankato band. It or only really good musicians aic atvop'cd. "Like father, like son", for Frank was an ,v.-co!".p]jshed drummer and tr;ip< player in his day. * * « The Paul Palmers are delighted to learn thai their son Jim. is headed for the States and Nh"uki be "ii tin- west coast in a f.'-.v weeks He is on the USS Hi vce CanV'in which has bee;; ' ::-. and ai-.u.'-.d Japan the past few month- T.> change the mono- t.'ny lie asked '.<•'.' shore duty ?nd liked i! very much. He and his brother. Bub. had been on the was not able to leave with s/.:p. lie was assigned to tne ri'yi.T Cusl'.ing but the lads hoping they can be ri united hip but wen- sepaiated when Bob was in an auto accident and the d(->! are ere long. They also hope arrange- me but , an be at the "i' ti.T.e '. won't marie Mire -ervi.- long J!,' their . B..b h; ~ than now." Anolher person who has had a disastrous fall in Lois Caldwcll. She is an energetic woman and likes to do quite a little yard work. She pulled too vigorously at a little wire fencing the other day, lost balance when it gave way unexpectedly, and as result, broke her arm a little above the wrist. Of course, it would be the right arm and she is right handed. Another provoking thing, she had recently purchased a Hammond organ, was getting into stride on it. and now comes this. » * « I can sympathize with ftay Ladendorff who is recovering from an attack of acute arthritis. It is a very painful ailment and often it takes a long time to shake it. Ray will be more fortunate I am sure, for hts wa.- brought on by expo.nire. He was out in a chilling rain, and found himself with aching joints anc! a bundle of sore joints. In fact, till you have a dose of it you have the usual number of muscl«. : and bones, but WHEN it catche up with you, you'- joints arc multiplied by ten at leas;t. and believe me, you are well aware of every one of them. * * * Mrs A. J. Eason has returned from Akron, Ohio, where shi. visited her brother and sister-in law. We have- this interest in common, for it i.- near Akron that I visited my little town of Pen insula. home of the Cadys befon. they braved the "wild west'' and came to live in it. I had a CHK' from her while she was gone and she had gone for a ride one even int; on the outer edges of Akror and then, all at once they were in Peninsula, which goes to show how close a neighbor it is. I has been four years s;nce I wa there. I am always afraid sonv one will get the i-.lea of making :'. modern. I want it kept just i, •• is. which is almost without change of any kind since my father and his family came here in 1878 or thereabouts and Dad wa- a laci around fourteen. * 4 f: You should see the nice fenced in area the Dale Carvers hav< for their younger son. It is r- large he isn't aware he's fenced in. and what a satisfaction i' must he to his parents t > know i he is safe from cars at a very | busy street corner. I ... 1906 Memories Where HAS the time pone | Back in —June. 1006 the paper j stated "Mrs F. S. Norton and chili dren are visiting at the home.- '..-' i her sisters at Galesburg and Ne-.y Windsor. Hi." (By the \vikle~- stretch of imagination Edna and Eleanor couldn't have dreanu they'd be taking an Alaska?: tour 49 years later. Bu! such :.the case). (Edna is Mrs Arthu: Ferguson of Keokuk. El'-anor i- Dean of Women at the Soul: Dakota U. at Vermiliioni --"Dr. M. J. Kenefick leit fur Ch-.cago last evening to attend the annual commencc'vicn! of Ruseh medical c.'liege" iln IPOtf that item wouldn't have impressed rival all. but now I re-ad i! with ;n- ten:-.-; for I was in Chicago year.; latt-r at the Prc-byUTia.'i hosp;:ai which was cor.nvi U':l w.ih R;i--'h Mr-tvin Hrntgo?:. labor t'.lfJon Moore, labor mclse. In-'.a Eli-i WfSlii-.f!n Youth Fun Night Slated July 22 Kossuth County 4-H und HYP nir.'inbf-rs and leaders are in for a night of fun Friday, July 22, starting at !!:00 p.m. ;,i the County F'aii mounds in Algona. John Rfimsay, International Farm Youth Exchangee from Now Zealand. wil 1 take you on a tour of hi:- homo land with slide.- and his very intei estiim pic'ui esquo s-'tnry. John is livmu with Mrs Marguerite and Curt is Gardner while in Kossuth County. Tho IFYK program in Iowa is sponsored by the boys and girls' 4-H and the Rural Young People's Clubs. An evening of fine square an:' folk dancing on the green will < Kohll'-'ia/ H.ncl-'.-a i'o!|ow the program l>v John I N w, I'.i-il Teleph. Ramsay with Lloyd Fraxee of <' " M< Qu^ir.i:. Has-sett in charm* of the square ;\ii,;'" 5 't''!'•'"""''' dance calling. Mr Fraxee is not'-d throughout the midv. est as nnc of the finest c quare danc* 1 instructors and callers. County 4-H and RYP officer-planning and assist mi: with tin. program for the evening are N'lirrna Jean R< ding. Mary Keith. Fred Erickson. ,J"hn Helleseth Dick Kuecker. R o n ' G'-rber Ueanne Eisenbarth and Beveiiy Gerber. 07.00 88 '.)!> Thursday, July 21, 1955 Algona (la.) Upp«r D«s Moln*«-5 :. Fund. sot-, sf-c. t.ix l">(i.o?i iprvii-o Co. incise 2.009.11 North (Ventral Public sVrvirr- Co. gas bill 2 GfiG ?2 F-'ultoii lion Woiks. inrj-p . 1,<I71.2.'I . FVtl > ash ' ' ' ' 1?,97 .. 10 94 > . . 3.50 ... 13ft .1.1(52.20 15 18 .Simp Co, 4!t2 fin f/orp., supp 314.71 filer F.MF: & F^jliip. '.'o . \V. t) Allen Mis; Cn . supp Water Oepnrtment. seiviee Alfjona M;,c!iine Simp, '-eivire. N'r.Mnn Mnehme Works, supp Ah'.ona Laundry. Mipp K'ink &• Deim. supp. Deal Bi-ntlv-rs Tree .Serviee. sri Huss- Kf. Kv's S'.:i>er Sei.. gas Oieenberf Autn Supp. supp Hiipkin- Sup. Sf! . eas at 01 77 TO 1117 an 13.50 SI RO 72 % 15.5R T175 37 Ken! Wagners D X Kr : \ AdY.-mee I'iihl <", supp. 'I'he palary of .To Anne Doocy. Chief Clerk, was fixed at $185.00 per month Milton Bilyc-u, Line Foreman, $1 fid Pf r hour, and Edwin Weishaar. Ass't Fnreman. $1 52 per hour Then there was discussion of budget requ iremenJs for the ensuing year lor tl-.e Utilities. A proposed budget •A..S .submitted and discussed. Motion by Bradley and seconded by Mc- 1 I :i I Quiston that t.he budget lie adopted .1-2' .ind eeitified fo the City Council. Mu- ''i! - '"' n earned All voting "Ave". 2 HO If-i?a Is and Kay Isaacson On National Program man. s,,l.,i-\ J'e:!-- fasti. e,iM i.-a>h . Waier Fund Siornae Motor Fxpi'i s^ : rgt f &• NW H ii . ti«t P.iviol!. pa>Te!! Fva;;k Oi-t'ur-., iabi.i Wiii'er !-'<•(.-i-.,n. lalxii . Fins; Thi'-l. labor Hiclia: rl Silo.)! 1 ., labnr Keakus lit-lniei-s. labor flelme;:-:. lab.,-, r;<'(]iE;.. \Vf-ic labor Fred I'f: E.'Ji;d(-. Jnrjor F.upene Hc.-lmci! laljoi- lov. a State Rank. viVnhti! la\ 10 Ifi fiS.FiB 25 00 ?.fi 00 2.1.0(1 34.11 551 fl> 124 93 51 35 5!i.7R 4. DO r.2.BO 72.03 , fi 12 2.45 37 20 31.05 '.V-, Of) i -.. A\ Xr-xt ineetme date \\-ns set for .Tuiv HI, l:>55 at 3:00 u'rloi.-k p m McctniR adjourned. 'S/ Ii-.-i Knli! Seel c'ars- . S ' Allen K r.uchanan I'le.-ideut ui She Hoard RUSCO WINDOWS GALVANIZED SfEEL 9ELF- STORING cOMfilNAflON gives ybu more convenience and com- fdii lhan any olher combination window I RUSCO DOOR MOODS AND WINDOW CANOPIES add gteai- ly to the beauty of your home 1 Charles Miller RUSCO SALES Phone 741-W after 6 p.m. Display al 116 So. Dodge, Algona .Jam.'.- D Clo\v & So.i. Plumb £<•-]•;.• Co . sun S< basliin. Ule^r-i dipt Ki'.y I^,i:,cson. Ak'ona. v.'i;i be I5r \vn' Studio. on th; Tfith Annivei'sary program of Convention "f th'- Photographers' As.-ociati.'n '>f America, bcinc holrl at the Conrad Hilt'.n Hotel Chicago. Ann. i.'j-Hi. The c-.inv(-ntii.n \vill consist of toui tech.nii-'d pr'.ma'r.s for each of the L'e.'ier.;! clfis.--, fication* :d pr..fe : .xi,..i-i:,l photouraphv - press, commercial - illustrative, indu?- : i.i! ai:d p -rti In aci'.lition then- v.'i'i ij" panel discu.-sions. r-'Und tai'':.- ; . Uin.cs and print exi-.ibits. A Diu:ivi:i:i Jubilee i.,::-t!-,ciay - . i n 40 ::;IT .:!!• | i i! nidsc 4fi2.0n I.lR.-i.RS s-.ipp. 2835 lfi.33 Farm .« : Loans i.elfi MI NEVER OVER / A IV. ! ceicbl't;' j •'} v. i;i I ! evening. An.:, loth. It will in| elude a his't ;i ieai pageant tracing jthe hisiorv i'! pilot. I-,: aphy. Ai: |lir. noied s:ue-'. of the convention ' will be the winner of t'-.e "S'.vee 1 . Conv .-', America's mod / 7 /o touen:'- and r. in Kii-'.O. t harming woman e .-anu; year the formed.' Utility Proceedings '•i Ti-.!s!eis n; tr.r Ai^oi.a Min.!'-|pal ••• 'he AlL'oii.i M\ V'-.iiln-" v.'.i::.: Id in t'K. 1 City Hall. City o! Aigor.a, Ii' .hiiv- 1. !!I5S. at 7 .:i'l o-.-loi.-k p m Present -ACM- Aih.i, H'at r.anan. C K McQuiit.u:. M J Bradley. T. rilmti. Supt.. ,*.'.A lia Kolil. S-<-re!ary. The minutes n: 'l-.e i" .Hn,e i IB 1H55 and .'-..],,' J'', l.-i.-j.i -.VI-;-L- n-ad i and ,ipprovi-cl. i and ! i Dividends will Reduce the 4% Rate The Hargreavos family is having doublp '.: 'Ub;e Harry ;> in t!;e veteran- h >sp:tai ;<t Des Moinc.- .inri ''a- been 'naving a serifs ->f stomach x-:'ay- Hi< mother fell ar.ct broke her hip ;. shoi t time ago and is in Park hospital at Mason City. She WTS getting along ju-t fine, but got out of bed when the nurses were not in the room, fell and hurt hiv \vnst Merr.bers o! her family a; ',i I.H-CT. to set her. barely reached home when they were -urn- mom-ri back tho (•:'• feits were not too senojs and it is Imped this will not ret aid her :i v overv. nally "Joiru-d" hv r.,; r; .u 1 •t was in th,-' 'buildiiii.; I had •:•'.:• r.,r: .t u Light Fund A I- 1 H!J C. All \'i>".u:£ ' FEDERAL LAND BANK LOANS Eugene H. Hutchins Sec.-Treas. Algona National Farm Loan Ass'n "Ai thur Staj-r iia-- ^. Lean count;-'. work for hi 1 - l.r. inu the v.n-ati Artlnir hist basketball ',e. ,.> Dakot 'ti-er. R .ivert n." (I i eun s gu:nd oj; -,. He did ,i-e-- ,. -t>'Ie . , Brunson . i DO • BTu S2 1.B7T H! ' i-u.:;.i 110 S. Dodge 137 36 Algona, la. CONVERT YOUR GRAINS TO SOLID MEATY GAINS 'As Much As $9.00 Savings Per lOOLbs. Gain" MINERAL MEAL Corn now pay off more than ever! And you can get first class RESULTS with your hogs on Sargent Min- ral Meal. Results on corn savings are greatest with proper supplementing. Tests prove that you can save up to 6 bushels uf corn per 10U pounds gain, compared to ordinary corn feeding. That cuts normal corn costs in half. If com is SI.50. you can save up to 59 cash per 100 pounds ot gains. On a 200 pound hop;, that adds up to SI8. Sargent Minral Meal gets such big corn savings RESULTS, becaus? it lias the genuine pork building ingredients. Blends these into a great money-saving hog supplement. Sargent Minral Meal has vitamins, proteins and minrals plus extra factors. On Minral Meal, hogs just naturally make a healthy, profitable finish. 4 Big Meat-Building Supplements All In One Bbg — All At One Low Price On Sale Also At Algona Flour & Feed Co. Sargent & Co "Makers of Famous Sargent Feeds" Summertime., .and the peaches are creamy! i of teetering da own that Zad | found rather i'<isciiiating. j Starr he;me w,.- the present ! Krc-cnskv'.-. > "Supt J. F. i niyer and wife leave tod; | Lindscy an-:! otht r p»!!-i'.s n I where- they will <pir.d the:: j mer vacation." tT.'o bad ni>t k:v>'.v .ib-'U*. his inter Ohio t.n). We might h.iv >»me interesting eon versa 1 d:d Most Modern, Shortest Stroke V8s in any leading truck! Lady Borden Plantation Peach '^ Ice Cream is here I •piotl Iicrau»c it'-- uiailiMsilli c\tra rrcaiu ...anil il ha- gnhlrn peach chunks all through il! Gel r.oiue linJay. At tin- jilaci: \\liL-rc vuu st-'c tliis Lad) Uordca Ice Lrcuiu »Jt Wi Boixlon ICIi CUEAM. r- Burt Soldier To Leave Japan BEPPU, JAPAN—S-t D. W. Halt, L'P. ?on of Mr ar. i :•. W.-ll'.am Halt. Hurt, is sch- ...: to ilv 111 mid-Julv fi ,•!!•. .'.-.. t . Fort Bra-g, X. C . w.ti, ': ItlTtn Au'borr.i.. Rt gmu'nt.i! C ba! Team as par; of Ope:.,: Gyioscope. ti'.e Army's n '.\ ..: rotation plan. C'.lant C-1LM Glob-maste: - , being use.i in the 12.0()o :.. pro.iect m which the l;-,7:i being reph.ced in th.e Far K,i-' the 508th ARCT. The opei.:' is tlio tirst li.rae s^;,],. H;l - t : . le.- ot uin'.s m tne hi.-tory of : Aiiny. Scrgei'.r.t Halt. '.:'<:< _!•'•.in i ' KiTth in Octoiier l!).")^. i;,i.- :•. in the Army since 1!I4-J. He !: t!:e Bronze Star Medai. jLONE ROCK NEWS i Mr and Mr.- Walter !)a. :, -n land family were gue>(s S.."....> | al'ternoon at H"i.U'it Cody :. -.e in Mason City. Mr and Mrs Alhuer Mann Mr and Mrs Ervin Steindiirfi. W:.: r- town. Wis.; Mrs Bertlia \\'\:--. .---r of Chicago visited from \Vi ,;- s- duy till Satui\iiiy at I.i • S :i- midts. Mr and Mrs R-Ilan 1 !'„,:•.:-'.' and Barber visited Sunday a;: -r- noon at the Merle CuJbe;' - in home in Ringsted. Mr and Mrs Frank Dreyer and family were dinner guests Sunday, July 10, at the Henry Tiemen home in Fenton in ot Mr Ticnian's birthday. Mary Ann Dittmer and Rjch- ue! Mi-Arthur are alien led M, :h- odist C.imp ;>l Spirit Lake ! week. I Janice Kay Alke and PC :-'.v ! Lee Michaelson uf Tiionka sp :! : i lasl week visaing ti;e Cu . ..i.ii I Radios. ; i O'Dunnol! visited u.H\ Boie3/i Ovjfsquare dciign stroke h smaller than bore! Here's the measure of a truly modern V8 engine—Chevrolet's advanced oversquare design. It means less friction . . . longer engine lifei Here are more dollar-saving reasons why Chevrolet trucks offer the most modern V8's* for your money! MODERN 12-VOIT ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Double the punch for quicker starting and more efficient ignition, for liner performance. GAS-SAVING HIGH-COMPRESSION RATIO \Yith a high 7.5 to 1 compression ratio, Chevrolet's new \'S truck engines squeexe extra power—and \\\>rk— out of gas. EXTRA-HIGH POWER PER POUND Since thcxc \'S\ deliver high power per pound of engine weight, more of the power is actually available for hauling. ADVANCED AIRC8AFT-TYPE VALVES Vulve action is more positive at all speed-, for liner, smoother performance. FLOATING OIL INTAKE . . . FULL PRESSURE LUBRICATION Oil intake selects the cleanest oil for positive, full-pressure engine lubrication. *!'•»' MjnJjrJ in the ;/(-i*- /..OK mod* t-/v. an c\ira-ca\i i>!'iion in all ut/terf I'.uf/'/ / urn a/ U-Cuitliol modcit. Year after year ,., America's best selling trucks KOSSUTH MOTOR CO. SOUTHWEST OF COURTHOUSE .SQUARE PHONE 200 Jiiond Walsh h":iie.

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