Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 14, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1896
Page 8
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=5>--v; Last Call on Shirt THE GOLDEN KULE'S MOTTO IS Never Carry Any Goods Over Until Next Season, Therefore we will put the Knife in our Shirt Waist Department and will place the Entire Stock in 3 lots on our first floor. LOT NO. 1 All of our real fine Persian, Dresden and Dimities andfin fact any of the finest Shirt Waists in the store worth $1.60 to $3,00. You Choice b± lot - - -••-•. - • • 98c LOT NO. 52. Many Waists made in best material slightly scuffed from handling, many worth up to $2.00. Your choice - - QQc LOT NO. 3. Waists that were sold at 48c, 58c and 66c, all go at 26c THE GOLDEN SPRING NECKWEAR,' SPRING OVERCOATS. JOS,Q. GRACE .:!•;•>' - WIllL 5ELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY FOP LESS MONEYS ' ' '''.'"' • • • . THAN ANY OTHEP CLOTHIER IN LOGANSPORT. IV' '. LINE GOnPLETE. Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date '• . ' 4 426 Broadway. P. S. \i you want a Tailor Made Suit don't forget my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing Subscribe for Tlie Journal, 40 cents » month. : Peter Ruskoski of .Long Cliff is tak ing a vacation 1 . " ... By smoking the''Columbia, cigar you nmy receive a $25 prize. -' Mlk-e Cusitlng amd John Maher were arrested yesterday oa 'tbo charge of '.Next Sunday will ge a gala day oft St. Joseph. Pull. partlcuIaTs given In 'another column. Irtrank Fiddler 'lias .again' takeia Us posiitton at Sboll's meat market o.fter a lay oft of a month. *' Wash, suits for cliUldren as low as 38 cants to close -them." out—Ferguson & Jenk», 322 Market street. ' - CUr-'fl Joaniierpette lost a. horeo Wedmydiiy, Its death probably being ' due to the excessive heat . Pensons wishing to room awl board teachers dulling the County Institute will please Inform, tlie Coumty Superintendent at once. There will be a social by Hue ladies of /the Nhiitli street Christlain clmrch, to- nlglirt. at tiho 'home of Mrs. ,T. B. Stanley of Bring.h.ui'st streeit, . - Pat Dcrv-toey, the^man wlio was arrested ait tlve Wabash stabtoa WedDicisday miglKt and jailed for being drunk, was given n Jnil sentence 001*010 ctiargo yes- tcrday. ... ; 'There was a preaeliitog'seirvice'at the, ; camp inieqlitng grounds at the park last wlghlt lafld a numbed' of people from the •city attended. Tomigh.t the concent will be tlie predooiliaanit featviTe. ',•':. , Tohn Canrpbell, a 'manried man of On- wainl, Ims.beeo'held'to theClrcuiit convrt^ . under $500-boind on tlie charge of bas- itonly, praPereod by Cora Cnmxook, re- wntly dlvowjed 'ft'om her 'husband. The' ' case was first taken before .Tustijee Ha'a? .-alt Onward, 1 duel the -trial caused a great •,'scmsailJian..at'Qnward. The gosslps.are 1 rtlll' ' ' ''' ANOTHER MATCH RACE. wiU be ajmatdi race Saturdaj 1 aiftemoom at itUe DrWing'park behveen Jlk-liael Ellison's "Canmopi Baill" and Kknler's '"BeHo K." The race be .for a puree'of $DO, 'amd will be '-Jwsalb in tlbfec. TJie horses are both well known rivals, and the friendly .flnail-.tost, after.statom-cuits; .made by ownofe* as to i£he''-speed of the .aotanJs, jjamnot'faJil to arouse., much! .interest •aiinong .loVers of the sport. The ra!I- roadere are' paTtlcutoriy dmterested in Firenifwi Klinler's speeder. -Weutlier •pMuiiiWng tlio test will begin about 2 o'clock. The judges lor tlie. race will be cliosen with regard for (tiielr ability aud fairness, and the.match wlll : be for blood. THE ANNUAL PICNIC. Tbe annual picnic »t ttie groiiuds of AUtcliael's untv-ensslt'y was the e-foat Of clttaf interest to Logaus.po.nt yesterday. Tlru attendance was noit heavy, but fiil- ly Qv.c liundrcd people enjoyed the .ex- cellnnt futures of th eenibertatoiBenit afforded .by .the managemenit of the affair. ..iTJiero wns excellent music by.a quartette olwlr, and otlwr nntists were 1 on 'the-iui.is'ljeal portlicm of ; th.e excelleuit'pTO- jjnrm. Tliore were addresses by VeiT I^x-.i M. E.,Camiplon and ex-Mayor B. C.-''I>. -Bpad. Tlie -addresses were given to-thip eJnapel'luill, and were, greatly enjoyed by the throng-lm nttendamce. The campus is In fine conidilitton, eonb-astinft pleasantly with the"'vtav •'. afforded 'a yearago. ',''•'" ''"'";''• SALOON. 3VAE-; AT WALTON. Pi-osccutor .Garable •'•B-as:calted to ; Wa-liton y.estei.'da.y. mornJng. to to vosli- te charges made by somo'of the eitL- xcm-s against ;the .saloon' •firm .of •;' that place, lUitlh & Co. Tlie prosecution was not .niade r the charges not being backed by. sufficient- evidence to -warrant tt. Republican Speakings. Republican speakings' will'be, held at tlio following'places in Caas coumity: . Lucerne, Friday eveniing, Aug. MIL— •W. T. Wilsom .'...; Eoyal Cenitor, Saiturd'ay evening, Aug. 15tih-W. T. Wilson. . ' . Clymers, Satuirday. evening, Aug. IDWi —Q. A. Myeis.,,,. . : , . Deaoon, Deer' Creek,tpwnsUp, Thuw- day evening, Aug.:,20th-Q. A. Myera. Twelve Mffle,. Saituirday evening, Aug. 22d-W. T. WJison. • ; .''-.Young. America,. Saturday eveni'ig, Aug. 22d—D;.Ci Jus bice. . . Loganaport Saturxlay eronlng, Aug. 22d—Hon. Thieodore ShlockMey of .Union QJty. . ."..-- ... .-:'.'• •''• • .W, T. WJison will speak at Gailveston on Tuesday, evening,-August 18. Logaiispart, ThTirsday evening, August 27th—HoiC^Hmk' 'S. Posey of EvansvHle/at-tlie.rinik. ' '-...• :. TO JOURNAL SUBSCRIBERS. MT. Geoa'ge Gonser has purchased the 'subscription routes-of Tlie Dally' Jour- .nia-l and'wllt'.gM'e. tnenr.ltis entire, attention after Auigust 20.'th'• ,;He will be -foaiind ait the'JouiKani^office'to atjteiid to 'coniplaitofis of defective service or stolen tyaptws and .'to-.toke s-ubsonlipttonis, and •aiiy'sulbsoriptlon: : OT-complaint left for liii.m. at .the Journal office will receive prompt 1 'attentions' Siitecriibers,are requftsted.to .pay up promptly out tlie 20th. of-tMs momth. so thait the old acc'ou'nitsicni be closed'up; LOGANSPORT JOURNAL CO. Dr. - J. -H. ShiUltz -has deceived a valua- blo addlttoa to fhls aquailuim The specimen, or a rhre spedts of star fish, \\ns sent to the doctor by ? Ws cousin, Will Sliultz, of Tacoina Washington. IS CALLED DOWN Governor Hatthews Brings a Storm About His Ears. HEARS THE THUNDER And Hust Feel the Sting--A Democratic Fight. hue! called down upon himself a istorin of denunciation 'by Iris rccebt uttei'a'ueas iiidlicul-lng the DeimoCraitlc sound money. nioveiMCMt. The Goveimlor a-t-teiikpted'to be faeetiimis but descended to in vecti/ve and vltuper- atioro.. Tihfc'does ii«t sit well on. the stairwells of.the men who made him w.liat-.h.e Is, amd who would eti.ll be life fr!;euds had iho arot gome over into the PopuHst'"«wup, actuated by the hope flluut lie might be able to suave rise Pws- d.dau>tital uolmtaation-. Jolm R.- Wilscni, who was the. close advisor atid warm -I'l-iond of Mr. Matthews u-nliiil he begam to show signs of Ilio silver rabies, ib sftcreftrry of ifhe na- .tlQ.iiai'"CouMii'iiC(iWj of tbe NafiBonuJ Dciuo- craiuifc party. T'lie Governor did not spare -luls old f-riomd in hiie ridicule of five hffliies't-moiioy Doimoci'a.Wic faqtion,. but called hto all sorts of nairnes and' exlaiibliled some 'temper m the matter. Mr. Wilson-, iu answer to die Govenior'.s ill 'tempered remarks, lias written an open let-tor to -I-Tfe Excellency Iu which lie takes occasion to remind Mr. .Matthews of a few 'iSi'lugs oiC which -lie was- seomiingly dsuorant. Mr. WJison soys:. "To Governor Olaude Ma'ttbews: ."My Dear Gpvemior—I will avail myself of the opportunity offered by your tateirview hi Tlie News, of recent, date, ito SUIT a few words TO une'Deinocrams 0.1: Indiana,- aiul, iiivofrtcn.fci.lly to you per- "The great fcsuo prescnited to the vot- ars of tbe coimtry .InVolves the cunxsicy qiucslilon; Mid .more panfeicu'lnrly, tli grave question whether gold aud silve shaJi be freely colaied. by Dliis couu.tr alone at. the ratio of 10-to 1, when th world's •mercantile ratio is about 31 to 1 I note your enervation -that the plai form put .forth recently ilu CMicago ,is I parfeot havmonJoy with all the record 'and 'tradtitans of th'e Democratic paa-t for the-past -twenty-five yea«s, espec lully a* to-'Wie flnanelal plank. Now my deaa 1 Governor, -Wnerc .Is not a won of truth iin. Mils utterance; and I regre ito fluid that yoti airu'so dousely an.t of t-h,e actAKil facts on" bis For it 4s Wills -tginoi-iiuce *hait itaduces yon to speak -of myisoLf and others a. bci'.tens.- *•*.*' * "Now;- let us r.unii in another dlree Won a-nd flwl what party •y'ou.lwvi Jolni'di-wlitiit bedibellow you have takei up wiitt. Yom are found- lit a'practica allHance offensive amd defensive, with itlie Populists, renegade Republicans amd allegied b«miocj-ats who reccsntly pro mulgated the pla'tfojiiui.in Chicago. Yoi and yourself shoulder to slwulder with Senators . Teller, Petii:ignenv, Wlson, Maintle, 'Siwviurt amid (mch. lite Ropu'blilcaiiis: They nre now Avltili you to support oC.yoitr.alleged Democratic nomtaee oo an'alleged Democraitt<; plat fotiny. Farther, tlie ejitlre Populistlc pairiy recouitly assembled in. St. Louis sta'iuJtag. flor ail tine isms most odfows to' the Jerfersootara- .Idea of goveruimeiit tovo nouniinhited di-e.mau ilwt you iiisls-r staadis as^the-expaneat of DemocTO,tlc -prin.'ciples.; they pcopoise to elect him— your ' candidate,i'for , Presidanif.' Thoi?e wffli' yoitt' aw' daily seeklitiig an unholy alltance witto'tlils'paiiitiy-.iin'/Oie Staito 01 Iiiidilaiua aiiild wlierever you can .induce tlneuii to seduce you. Tln'e papers .have been'fuU-of'the..declarn;lipinso.f .tine load- .oi's of the Populists couoern4n.g Uie «it- Oirvl .fchesrei too',, confirm .what is to 'awv .moiffi of sense; tliat you and those with you.-have joined'the Populist party;." *. *''•*• * I luiiiglit go-'oa'an'd call, alitenitiion. at some leiDigidlii to'7i'iKimi.ber'of bills Introduced, emib'odyiing praotlcaiEy tlie <a«ed of tliie parity'ito wtu'ch- yon .lia.ve allied yiouniself ais-ii-bolter if ram' the Damoorat- te pninty. THie aiggregate amount of the ig bills, initroduced by your frlonds •requilre,' ass. estiuiatxsl, $33,507,300,000. If I 'have corredUiy. ^tated the doctntos of --the Dgmiocraltic parly, and these ibe 'the princliples. and policy of tbe Populfets, let nie ask yo.u, wlio is the bcflltjer—yoii. or I? "lu coinciliuslo'n, ;a word to you personally, iimy dear' Govornoir. You speak glibly .of those recently assembled In tliils city, amd.-wlho.-hold itlne pi-JJiiioIples amd tradllttoas of .the.greait Democratic party tis making aa 'aiawex' or 'sideshow' to- 'tthe '-Repu-bMcain organlzatloiii. Now, rwhnit teve'you to say' of youirself and tboffe with you who hiave quit the creed of itlie Dem,ocrat)|p party ncd goiiie weir bodily to tne Popuilsits, .TTou would Ihsvvfe the Deanobrajtlic party cease to ex- Isit You an,d ; :ithoise wiith .you. do not nllse to *he dlgial'ty of a sideshow or 341- ne\. You liiave beep, bv a coin>btaattou '•of ol-rcuTnatamces, made' tlhe trustee Of 'prlnclpleis ,T\ ; lul]ch\ ypu 'have betrayed, amd ane so lost to the significance of your conidTict..ithait .you, : have tlie auda- tlona hardilhioo(di to t-UL as 1C you deem su<ih condw* credliitablc "You liave 1 been! disloyal to tlie great painty, anid deport yourself as if It were a matter of honor You even seek by In- T he Event of the Day. THE ABSOLUTE Closing Out Sale Of Harry- Frank's Stock at Actual Half Price, September First, THE LAST DAY. We Quote a few of the many articles. Our $ 7.50 Caasirner'Suits, now $3.48 Our 10.50 .Cheviot Suits, now. 5.30 Our 13.50 Black Clay Suits, now C.QS Our 12.00 Irish Freize Ulsters, now 5.98 V • Our S.50 All Wool Beaver Overcoat, LIOW S.9S Our 2.50 All Wool Cassimer Panto, now 1.4s Our 1.00 Working Pants, now 58 Our ..1.00 Fine Laundered Shirts, now .Go Our .50 Unlaundered Shirts, now 25 Our .50 White Shirts and Drawers, now • .29 Our ,50 Gray Sfiirts and Drawers, now .• .29 Our .25 Buy Shirts and Drawers, now .10 •Our .25 Suspenders, now ', .- •..' .03 Our ,lp Socks, now '. 04 Our .20 Coon Collars, now '..' '. .12 Our .15 All Linen Collars,, now '. 10 , Choice of any 50.50 and 57.50 Children's suits go at $3.24. Children's Pants HALF PRICE. Boys' Suits Half.Pdce. Hats Half Price. Glovea Half Price. It willpay anybody to come 25 miles, to attend this sale, as you'll never see such a chanc* again. Respectfully, HARRY FRANK, 314 FOURTH STREET. iiueado and figure of speech to. impugn the moiti.vos of those of us who have the courage a.ud sense to decline to march wiith you amd others .lite you toto 'the cajuip 'Of Uhe Populisas—our enemies .ind titoe .eaomiiK)s of our country; and here you use language berrajtng as girass a degree of igiuorance of the Scrii>tnres as your roceiiit luitervJiaw undieates of the true Democraato oiieed: You seem to be .iginoraait, my dmr Govemor, tha.t Judap Ixjtrayed a great leader for silver; tl«it -lie, Wke you, qult-a noble amd eoa- ttuiiug cause for am ignoble and temporary gain. You stand alone among these occupying high, offlclnl position iu tibils Staite'ta crlitiicislng .the motives of the gGnitlemen you .refer to; you stand as the self-appointed judge of our iwir- ix>sei3 aaid character; one would be lu- cljnod to fclitok +tot your recent expei iance Ju Chicago, so huuiiilatins 'to th: State oif Indiiua, if not to you, would liaye adimoutehed you at least to be havie with somethlup of miodestj', to 0,oubt'iHie accuracy and tafaJlibill'ty of your own estiniate of men. an< meastwos. . . A tew • words' more. If you Ehose wliUi you con find.delusive pleas ure to tbe companlonslrp of the Till taxas, ATtgaldti, Peflfers,. Simpsons and Coxeys,.y.cra are hfeantiily • welcome to it But shame on yoirtor your, attack on such men as,Palmer, Bragg 1 , Buclnier Wattereon:, Bnoadliead ajid n$$oeJa<tes!" .. -.' . find men of all classes wlio put patalot- ism over panitisamsWp 'loi an Issue of ithis blind. I IIATC BO hcalitattioin to er- [wv^siing t'Jife belief. It comes from what I tore iseen, what I have beaird, what I have iarostfcgated, and what I kuow." ••'•." BY A BIO T1AJORITY. Whitney Says McKinley Will Sweep New York State. A. spcdal saj-s: Eaii-lj' yesterdaj: there was a report iii circuihtioai that MUaro C, Wh'litney, in tTlscuL=s1ng tlie 'hiird jxirry meaning at ludlaiiiaiiolls, h«ul expressed the opinion that Bryaoi carry New York S'ta.te. Oojutra- diofciloai 1 canio speedily In thie slra.pe of a stoitemfloit. It ran as follows:' "I aim credited wi,tli haviLng expressed ve opinion, tihat N«T\' Yoirk State is In doubt. I liave , aevoi' expressed any opimiion having, any likeness to this •sta'temenit.to anyone.- On the contrary, have always. saM that Bryan would, in n\y. ju'ddsment, lose 'this. State by a ina'joiiiity. I should not feel called upon' to pay any .aitteattoa to ru- iinoi's of nils sort, except for tie fact I am .Informed, improper Ufiie.. .is being made of ^my. alleged;opiaton.?'•.•.'•'-. . "Then you do not give up uie State?" "Wihflt! 'Give :up 'the 1 Stjitefof'Xew York cnu anrlBBue \y!M.cli : mc.ii«''repudia- Never! .'Tuiere" 'is .".-no'ttiitog—abso-' utelv noihJngT-to Justify liomest men In Mding..nm »ncii of th«iir- grouiid. 'On he'conitra.ry, yo,uimay expresB ft as'niy mm convlctliola-ith'at Mr.-McICiinley will any thite -Starte- by' fully : 200,000 ma V A PRETTY STORY. •Hare is the way the local correspond-' ent of the Times Herald takes advantage of the credulous telegraph editor. of that sheet The story Is hooTy with age, and of very thto matertol: "Miss LlzzJe Reasor, living in Gass county, started to walk to St. Louts this moraiinig, where she Is to meet B. A. Stensell, .of Denver. The long overland jouimey is to luave its sequel In the mar- . riage of the couple. Miss Reasor Is 25 years of age, and unusually pretty. Stengel! advertised for a wife and Mites Rea- eor was the successful appUtani'tor his attention. He gives Ms age as 31'. The novel agreement that .they Bliould meet in St. "Louis was fixed up*piii"Jn: lieu of Miss Reasior's-toabUlty, to go to Dearer. She expects to be assisted' on her journey by persons enroute." ': LOOKING FOR COLE, was a call at the. police'head- quartets yesterday morning, for CKarles Cole." A mani by-that name had ;ueen in jaiil on the charge of tn*oxicaK»n, but was released yesterday morning', and no tnforniaitiion as to Ills whereaboute could be given. The. Cole wanted by •the stranger, who soemod -very anxious,; to find Mni, was saW to tovie deserted his wife at Stoubenvllle,' Ohio. Bicycle, liose. guson & Jenks. Bedrock prices at Fer- SHOE STYLES Some of tlie New Things for This Fall— Pilling, the Sloe Man Always * •';' In the Lead. /. Ltoc PdlMmg receJTed today one of the . largest sUpmente of ladles' fine show ever sent at any one time to any fira: in thiis dity; and to say that .these goods are : beautiful and the .very-• latest ! a style and toe. In Quality, Is UghMy putting It- . •••' • -,''. • Some of especially nobby lasts in IMs ot of shoes fa the Savoy. The new Jonton aid .the new Tokto, ail of whJcii are decidodly new.'. The Savoy is tak- ng.&e lead irii the East and promIsea W be the leader for., all corcect dressers both ladles and gentlemen) In' this city.. verybody. Is requested'to-jcall'emd. see'" tlneseiuew. tMngBsln! sioes^eyeJi.tlKMiffh, you'are isat.-.'ready -to .tniy. Plillng's ..' oxlty and In that majority you wmi sboe 412 Broadway

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