The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 21, 1955 · Page 42
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 42

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1955
Page 42
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8-Algona (la.) Uppef Oes MoinM Thursday, July 21, 1955 tippet De$lome$ **** IMM ** > t?*t*** l **^*****^***"*** M ****" .!!l!_^ WORDS OF WARNING A? CJeneiul M;i1lhe\v R. Rulp\vay ret ii eel its army chief of staff, lie issued ;i Winning to the nation. He seriously questioned the ^oundness of present United Slate? military policy in a letter to Charles E. Wilson, secretary of defense. He assailed the overemphasis on aiipov-'er and massive retaliation with nuclear weapons, asserting that the existence of greatly superior air-atomic power by the U. S. in the post war era had failed 1" prevent Communist aggression. He advocates hard-luttine ground forces with atomic artillery as a necessity also, and leaves the inference thai we do not have it. It is an unusual situation to have a retiring army chief of staff writing such a letter to the secretary of defense, at the saint.: time that another dis.tinfuushcd army general is President of the United States, and presumably directing policy decisions. General Ridgway may be riuht —• or wrung. Tune will tell. * * » SCHOOL FINANCIAL STATEMENTS The Emmelsburg newspaper recently reprinV ed a story comparing school system salaries for teachers in the various schools within the. Lakes Conference, which originated in a newspaper at Sibley. The comparison made it look as though the Emmetsburg salary schedule was considerably below that for the other schools in that conference. Then the Kmmetsburg superintendent v, role a story for the Emmetsburg paper purporting to i xplain a "cost of living" increase which in some manner of means had not been included in salary totals. This: averaged about SHOO a teacher over a period of years beginning in 195). This "cost of living" bonus was given each spring, it seems. All of which concerns Emmetsburg and neighboring cities west of us more than it does Algona. However, it does bring up an important, point, and that is the actual, TRUE salary schedules for teachers, and n frank statement as to teachers actual, complete, individual salaries. Take the annual financial statement of the Algona Community .School distiict, published last week, as an example. In this summary, it says "this statement of expenditures includes salaries paid from July 1, 1054. to July 1. 1955, AFTER DEDUCTION'OF TAXES." Thus, when you read the teachers' salary listing, you are not reading the total of ALL that was paid, but only the actual "take home'* pay. There is no quarrel with the salary schedule. but'Mve do feel that the taxpayer is entitled to know just how much IN FULL the salaries are, or why print the list at all (except that it is required by Inw). School teachers have their federal withholding lax (income lax) deducted just like all other employees. They have their social security deducted and we believe there is also a deduction under the State o( Iowa public employees retirement fund. AH o( these deductions ;,re taken limn their lolal pay, but they are certainly also a pait of the total t-alary. Upper pcs 111 E. Call Street—Phone 1100—Algona, Iowa Entered ns second cliiss matter at the pustoffice al Algoiia, Iowa, under Act of Congress of March 'J, 187U. Issued Thursdays in l!)f>5 13y THL UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. R. B WALLER, Managing Editor C. S. EttLANDER, Advertising Manager RATIONAL EDITORIAL MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATIONS NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Newspa|)er Representatives, Ine. 920 Bioadway, New York 10, N. Y. SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN KOSSUTH CO. One V'ai. ii. Botii AlRi.i::, Slligle t~:,\il, PCI $5 l lOc SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH One Ytsir in atj Boin Al^ot.ii P.J li'u subbenp-LiOn .t:! .»ti;u;, rnunths. yi-ar _ Jti UU ADVERTISING RATES JjJii.lay Aiiveitising. per inuj ........... ___________ _. (jjo OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER To i.nlv publi.-h (he actual "lake home" pay of M-hool officiiils iiriil iiaelv-is aiid lo omit tin- sum total of salaiy \vithh 1 Id foi stale and Icdei.d tiiscs and social security and retirement is not giving the taxp.iyei a true picfuie of just ex.-iclly whal his school i.|Iici;d.. ,m,.i teachers DO GET as a full salary. + '• •* SMALL BUSINESS OUTLOOK CLOUDY Forl Dodge Messenger — One- measure on the Eisenhower le.iuslativi. piouram a:-.-urefl ol enaet- inent ;it this session of Congress is the bill (S 21-7) to extend 1he hie of the Small llu.-mes- Ailmin- istiation for an additional two ytais. Anything that imrpoits to aid small business, like ..nytlnng |)i-omising to pieseive "the family si/.e liiim," can count, on eloquent suppoit in Congress. In Addition to continuing S.I',.A., the legislation would allow it to make loans up to $250.000, instead of the present £.):")().iKiO. ami lo renew them for full lei ills of as long as 20 year.-. The Hoover Commis.-uni. in a report last M;u eh which i-i commended liquidation of many other governmeiit lending ai'.enci 1 ..-, saifl S.I3.A. should be given iiliother two s eai s of lite "during which time it will have opportunity to demonstrate its • usi.-luine.-is to small bu.-miv.s. on sound business principles." At ihe same time, it said interest charges should hi; i noimh to cover operating expenses and lo ol'iset costs ol Ihe money lo the govei nir.ent. The Truman adminis'.! atioii u.-ed lo look lo •siriidl busme-s to cm b monopolies by supplying iltective eoiupetili'in tor big I'll, ir.ess i uU/rprises --with ;i i. ei'ain amount of government aid. The Kisi-nliower ad'uinisl; ••'• ion cxpi e:--cs I'.•'..- couli- denee on tin- score in the picsi nl period of b'.isine.-.s ireri'crs. which is witn> .-<m.'.'. ihe dis- appi ;u anee of m.iny smaller lonciins thai II.-IHI- STRICTLY BUSINESS "Even though we're one big happy family here, Mervin, stop calling me 'Dad!' " l comi)elition to hirt;er ei ly giive greater e.-tid.ihshment.s. The Senate Small ljusine.-s Committee re- j)orted last March lid thai then; was a widening gap between piofits oi big companies and .small concerns which it iutiiid "most disturbing." Profits after tuxes of firms with assets of less than $250,000 stood at 4.1 per ceril. during the first half of U'54. compared with 10.Ci per cent during tin; corresponding period of li):>2. a decline in two years of more Hum 00 per cent. For larger linns the rate of pmfil ro:-e i'rom 11.H per cent to 1:1 per cent. Said tin: eommille.. 1 , "Th'--e air.l other .fiiclors strongly suggest . . . that there aie obscure, complex and underlying lo'. ce.- at work thai are inimical to the tuUiie of small. indcpeii'U nt business entei |>ris. ." LIVING BEYOND OUR INCOME Grundy Cont«sr Register — Clyde Her; in;:, who was nearly t lected Govei no: of Iow;i last November, got his name in sume oi the state papers liisl Airborne President Washington — The other day, liter President Eisenhower sat through the Cinerama scene who;e one- gels the illusion he's dipping low over the Grand light plane, Ike turn- owell Thomas and grin- is one plane trip where I'd gel back salely." irs'.:. Mr Eisenhower was making talk, but I've wondered what idle thoughts gi • lent'.-- head high in his often has I through the Presi- when he's winging Columbine III. How le mused: "Mv life nds of the criminals, the thievef were the same that staged a $2,000 merchandise robbery at Emmetsburg, less than a week earlier. * * * Edward Jensen, a farmhand for the past -22 years in the Swea Township area, was found dead July 13. Acting County Coroner H. B. White termed it a death from natural causes. Jensen was found dead in his bed. * * * A severe windstorm, including a small tornado, swept into the county during the week, landing near Whiltcinore, roaring cast and taking off again near Sexton. Heaviest damage was reported on the farms of Nick Krieps, .1. F. Cooncy, Chester Bailey, Loiii- Bode, James McEnroe and Jim Brophy. Several buildings were flattened, many trees knocked down, although no injuries or easualties were listed. Lightning struck a transformer near the telephone office, but rain put out Ihe fire. A proposal to abandon five branch lines of the Minneapolis & St. Louis Railroad, among them the 15.1 miles from Corwith to Algona. was submitted to federal court at Minneapolis by Ihe receivers for the company. It was Ihe beginning of the end for the local M. & St. L. * « • Robbery of Bill and Pete's Poo! Ihill and Fischer's Cafe was discovered Wednesday m o r n i n g. Both places were entered from the rear. At the pool hall they broke out a window, while ill the cafe they ripped out screens and pried open windows. They got away with four revolvers, a shotgun, three dice machines, some billfolds and jack knives, while at the cafe their loot included $18.50 in cash, some stamps, cigarettes and a cigarette dice machine. Local authorities thought the group was the same that entered Misbach's Clothing Store a week before. The Algona Grays had more time getting their opponents, the Memphis Red Sox, on the field than they did beating them. The visitors had a flat tire at the edge of town, and were late tor contest. Upon arrival, they demanded $90 lo take the field instead of the $50 originally agreed up«n. They finally gen the $50 and a 14-7 lacing by the locals. Feelings ran high among the 500 fans assembled, and one was heard saying "They ought to tour Ethiopia." Understand Your Child Sponsored by State University of Iowa Child Welfare Research Station Week. That tin candidate got papers was in name in soi i'self e! H • I 11 moci alle n dialy In rclei ring to tin i Iowa and I he huge la.\ i " Herring said, "Before ll Iowa w;i - liviiit; beyond beyontl otii -." Kef, i , mg to th. I, jobhi ildei s on tiie :• ta'e- a pt r:ion i- not ueei 1 him lod:i\' ,iiid do in only m o ; i ,-late i;, e. , V, ail MIL: l»ir liu lie, ili iit this time i.- in the hands of one man--a IM-year-uld pilot..." Acluaily, the President puts his complete trust in handsome young Col. William G. Draper. Me'.- had only one real scare in ii-c'-'iit years while flying, and thai was when he was a General on NATO duty in Europe. Cul. Draper di>closed the account himself. It was while fly- ins .through ;i fierce storm from Seotij}Jl,d t" Paris, when suddenly the plane lurched. A frown shot ;UTO.-S Eisenhower's brow. Drapei recalls, but the piano straightened out and Ik' -igiierl, shrugged his shoul- deis and .smilod. * f * V/hal would happen, should the Coluii.bit e'... moloi, sui'jdenly fail'.' !-'"\v people ; it, but two para- tile lai- 1( ;.:i.-l; i i(ll 1st . FROM THE FILES OF THE ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES JULY 18, 1935 » * * Chet Dillinger, an employee at the Algona Bakery, inadvertantly thwarted an attempted robbery iit the Hub Clothiers here. Chet gut off work at 4 a.m.. got in his car and started home. As h? drove past the east side of the ilnlhing store, he noticed the hack screen door was open. He went around the block, saw that ;m entry attempt was in progress, and went to report to the niaht watch. The policeman found the inside back door partially pried open, but no entry into tne store ginned. It was figured by local authorities, who compared meth- NEW FRIENDS "Oh mother, she is so wonderful." siiid 12-year-old Cynthia, speaking of her'newly-found girl friend. " "I can just tell her everything!" "Yes," said her understanding mother. A puzzled pause on Cynthia's part. '"But, mother, I can tell you everything, can't I!" "Yes. Cynthia." After another pause came Ibis comment, almost a wail. "But, mother, after all, you are a grown-up!" An understanding, etic mother here was helping a sensitive daughter to accept her own experience. The adolescent needs desperately to rate with her own age group. For many parents it is difficult to step aside and let their children find themselves in this new experience. Another mother told of an experience \v:th her teen-age daughter. Mary, a year or two older her face, "I don't want to tell you everything." Then this sensible and secure mother r e p I i e d, "Thiit's all right -you don't need to tell me everything if you don't want to." Then the mother smiled and said, "I just, couldn't resist saying, 'Of course, Mary, maybe it would be just a.s well not to dr, anything you'd be ashamed to tell me!" These two thoughtful girls with their understanding mothers are probably headed toward happy adjustment in growing up. Gelling idling with persons their own age- is important, but another big job for the adolescent is to accept himself in relation to his parents. Persons counseling the teen-ager iiequently find that he wants desperately lo have his parent.- trust him. and he is di.Miuiyed at their fears. Thoughtful parents, like the motheis in these situations, know that tins is the same child they have loved and j'.inded all these veins. He still needs their, aivl th "M,S th vou know I ju>t used ! want, thorn but he must hav,. .. to tell you everything. But now jmeasuie of freedom to tm.l mm...-" a 'troubled ' look coining to Legally Speaking W. A. Foster, Algona Furniture man, was in Chicago on business. One night. while fast asleep in his hotel room, he heard sirens blowing beneath Ins window. He looked out. think- j ,',tj,,' ing it was a fire, but when he j Be<'de- found out it wasn't m his hotel. ' In thi.- day and .ige almost anything can and does -- happen. So. in selling up plans for your family, you want to keep the fu- i iur" unfro/en. Thai'.- why l.twyi rs 1 otteii ad Vise dl.-|)o:,il;i; '•!' otn . i p -pi i ty by will ins'u ad > f I'V d poll.IS. . .11., -ni . •' will nii.v be changid any lime he went back to sleep. The nex , (il , ( . ll( , s) ,,.; ,.-,,,. lli; , nv Uimgs eai) morning he was surprised to !-.:id ! out the man in the romn above him had jumped out of the window, falling 14 stories to his j death. Our fi i end Mr Smith \va< proud of his will, ir.nde in hi-' lawyei's offiee. duly signid .ilid attested by two competent witnesses Later Mr Smith wauled to li-av SI.000 to a man who had befriended him. Rathe: than d:.-!.. h hi.- will, he typed out and a't:ieh ed his desiu-s on a p;.pei . with no witno.v e>. The added pi ovi:- inn w-'.iii r."i hold up 111 i.i iio!!,:i-.i- To b, ! er! I Ye only < ;i rum^'ai'ii A neat little racket was discovered at the local ballpruk. A group of boys were regularly hu- C'd to return baseballs hit "ii'. of the park for a nickel ap:i e<Members of a nearby baseball team persuaded the boys to >ell them the good balls tor ;i.V,H' cents, instead of returning them to the rightful owners. A r;c;e to the- local jug in tin- police cai was promi.-cd to all involved in the proposition, unless it came to ,i screeching halt. M i hiippen u ! iihead leath- i lose i! So will. ; you v mi,;.' ' pi i.-tse ( hiltiil' -peel The \viti; : Witllijs.-es. i te. tu mid' rstaiid i;o. s into i fj.-et yo'.ii mind. Yoi O.Me imi-t ills w:'.h the ,< tn.ii i iage.-, ne\v children, j '_' A " Indeed one call 111.ike or ! j^''' ' tilings e: I!e-,V -.Till w; :te ii j ,nu, ,,i,i ; ,.,-,_, ';"'• .>•'"; I pub!;,B;.i /info::- mav e' !f i> "e\ecUled" foniiidity •— with I'lii 1 i'ei-..">n i" easy \Vher. your will it .:i i' me can spe.ik will not be then, i execute a codicil .lie lot mahtv r in M. V The lo-A.i St.,'.' . ;.- :iitei;,lcd e to ..,iv;-. . F,,. V .ijiphe.i' ion "I th- Ne-.v H.Cl'.p'.on. '.the me'.e;' 1 . ;.avi RECEIPTS •A S72,'.:i;>n ; ; .-., p.i: king :i; a compart- s side —on 1 . other lor Atlanta (Ga.) Senator.-, who have time. I, ilked fieely, aholl! I'l eSldellt t h, v h.iVi Constitution in m the Secf't Service h:. chute.-. ,-,i the ready, u men! -' the Preaiden ior him and the The SS nun art lrahi"d in llv; event t rgeii'.'Y !h;it thev e: 'chute.- on Ike an 1 b.ive them doeeiidm pliilie 111 4.") .second;.. Ike's second plane, 9 four-place Aero Commander, ^ives thr Seen t .-iii-n ntMi'-apoplexy iiee.iu.-e it u-ually flies too low aii'.l i. : loo small tor .-uch a prc- i-uulion. '1 be t \vin-eiiuined blue-iind- i white peashooter icompait-d to 1 \:, - loot-Ion- Coiumbinei. however, is probably a niueh- saUT mode ol travel to (lellys- I.Hirg iind 'hack. Ike made U in 22 minute.- UK- ether day. compared with two hour- b.\ eai . Since the lir-t of I In.- year, more than a do/en pei'.-on.- wi-re killed or manned alon:. 1 , the 7.Vn ; ;lc high.|,-i n j way route the 1'res.denl Ll-.ually takes b; to ride ileason reserve • •y. the el Ser- onlv Ho- Sc Mamie may never get 111 l:-e pi. me wit:. 11; e. - ! 'le "elm \ " c.U ! le-. .'i I i:lid .Ji,':;-,'-.. 1 •••- :den;'- i < <n - i.ii ••e sh.idow. Ar. lor foil: 1 . So l.ii , t he llev. nicKiiamed. plenty ol .-imgosiioiis. AIO..II.U liiem. "Litlle Susan,'' ter his tl'iird griiridehiid. Susan Alt', r ;,!!. I ke'.- reiiiilned thei e'.s pliili but • hasn t Ihere've than one mi i. .-nil Chronicle. n n eoiit Even if you dui;t'< i). i \ 111 toi hi.- u: a n. 1 cabin ci .User l!:u'b; iither 'o iiiidcnild. The tiny pliuie ha nl)"- iii ound .1 subtle: 'lie linn Kur.t Wing •n be is hl- his BABY BANTER can be 'ing tiie You should v/oiking on Ddyhgh! Sovirt'.,- lime! Play'n allcr 7 p.m. jtally iiiii down! Do yoy ever feel bushed? You can ALWAYS kep in Shape with CARNATION milk. EXPLOSION xp NOBODY HURT \'- • :i '. i. . . .,' Kel In!] Jul i'.Kjlle ' • i.' '." ! n Hi i, .,.!' ,,| '.!- 'I. :, II,.'..; - .' "I Ivillvilie. the ''-•••'.. :: ' .' l 'oiimpe: ,. Tlle\ !'i •-:,'. -i .ihd : ,.1-uii ,| .-.inn-', the . ..•'.'>-, . v ,i!.d ; uM'ie, i,,r l',;^ ' • ' • i '• 'I:. i ii; i e:ii:..neii upright. a Oldsmobile You've pot ovory ren»nn in llio writ-Id for wanting this Ohl-iiioliili'! AYc'rWwx/v ilo?-,! 1|'» the mo-t Jiopilliii- Ohl-moliilr of .ill linn-— uilli uioir yl.imuur, more IIOUIT, inorr luxury . . . more rrrr\j/ii;ig than ever lirfnn-! Anil now yoiAo jiul lln- umld fur iiitii.illy uiuiinj: il! IK "Koiki-l" Kiijiinc r.:r i- priced li);lil for jiiu — rijihl nun! In f.nt, you'll IH-HT .• lu-lk-vi- a r:ir MI hi;; rould i u-l n, liillr! Slop in— time it \oiir.-rlf! (',<•{ our p'lirroii- ii[inrjiiul . . • gel out of ihe ordinal} itilu an UUh! "ROCKET" ENGINE ^^B^^ WBum wmi^^ ^•d^ si ^f w ^^a^^ HHB^^ w HHM HRHBI lOCAl OU.IVS8IO PRICE Oldjmobile "88" J-D« er Sedan oi low a& Slate and local | U , C1 „,„„_ Your price de*je i-Ji ...—i_i .1 . upon inoif VISIT THE "RQCKET ROOM". . . AT YOUR OIDSMOBIIE DEALER'S! DAU'S GARAGE - - 125 So. Dodge St. ' PHONE 165 . GO AHEAD . . . DRIVE IT YOURSELF! THE GOING'S GREAT IN A "ROCKET 8"! • .

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