Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 14, 1947 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 14, 1947
Page 5
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NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.), TUESDAY, JAN'.. 14, IM7—PACE S Bristol Terrace Folk Find Borough Attractive Proposal To Secede From Waterbury May Be Strongly Opposed View Of Bristol Terrace Area Involved In Waterbury Secession Move \]\ Terrace Residents Not In Favor Of Proposal; Decision Of Borough, Board On Petition Awaited By DOROTHY M. BEAN An invisible' Jim' i-t' sipnnitiou cro;itos a gnpiny | iri ..,(.|i in x small portion of land, located on itio sloping il.n'jiins of tlii' lioriyii.n'li and adjaiuMil llniss (.'ily, and | ;ill ,\vn n* the- rosidonlial Bristol 'IVnaof. Il is not a m'\v surest ion tlii's nmtti-n of annt-xation of u small i-irtion of tin- 'IVi'mci- to the lionm-ili, for \Va- l( . r i,iiry ivsi.k-iils of Hit- jiiv:i had the idea yovi-nil your* .,,.,, The ilonimnt issue kiiulled, giitlic-rod momentum !,nd combustion resulted when llio revaluation of tho ^ilv's pi-i.pcrt'K-s took afi'fct about a year n»'o. As interest dwindled the issue became- <|uiosccnt and ,,r,l until a \veo.k.a-o did the sparks rei-nite. Sinorj tluit lime it lias been I lie focal point of numerous .sarcastic j;,|)s from tln>.oily fathers of Waterbnry. but an <>I<1 acla-e 'li'iiv he tfivi.Mi a's wariiin.i;; t<> the involved residents of I],,.'Terrace, "those whom tin- tfods ati.u'cr arc lost.."^ Of the approximately ini-i.OOU residents of \\';il<>r- l.nry afl'i'cted by the annexation wmild lie those li.viir; in M-VI'MI houses on Vuutlirop avoiiue and six on Sandy ave- i,ni.. Two of those on, the.latter thoron-bfare own property situated for the most part in Xaii.n-atuck. Anticipation of a secession buttle., should the mnt- !<T erupt, has become a topic of considerable speculation in the l>orou.i;-li and Waterbnry, but with only a handful of residents involved, the ~ ~ .. ..-, , .,., Ifousp Divided Consensus Ol atlltl!de> <lj)- Jn ih - Wco ,. mo , ,. es iclence mnals nCiil's to be ''what's the d i t'-! j ri -> cntfn in Nautfatuck and slcci) . ' ,. | ia cbtiiir.od in Waterbury. The It-relice, . hollso jt . C |. 03 . SOC | by the line at an • T'ni« dlfff-rcnci- us il appears is !irK | t ,, u .j t h t.!,o majority of it be•Sut .1 boundary lino cuts throuKh inl , irt t he boroupr'.i. although u V-wol Tt-rraco' Icuvinc u minority > f;00 d portion of tho :o: in the raar fV'Vho dnvclopmcnt-s's houses in . ,' s in Wnterbury. • he VVaini-bury "rn". "'hero rcsi-i Mr. and Mrs. Wocrmcr and thciy ( 'i,'.nM lnMl'-;t they urn not "KCttinK! throe children arc really "in the t'hi-ir money'* worth" In police and' middle." Although Mr. Woermer tin. protfction and othpr survlccs. ; K i^ nc d tho original' pctiHon pre•n,,« boundaiy lint- comes cross-: .-unled to thy board of warden and ,v ,,ml into thi- Thrace cut-! burKC.^CH April 2. 1946. at present con--ii> "'^ .Hgn of the "William • .'so is Mkinpra neutral standpoint. r"V", Tro'nAv on Sandy avenue, j Thr Gorhor^ wou'd net mind «.'os', the h'l-'hwuy and tHrouRf. thoir small piece of land now ly- "hl• proportj- of Wr.liam Wjoi-mcr : ins in Waterbury beinp taken over omSk° it .-I "house divklud." Prom; Into the borotish. Before the re- hTc-n It KMM throuph lots.! valuation they were paymjr prop- •hroi'L-h tnc cornor oC Rncinar and . crty taxes amountins: to $1.70 and U'iru'hrop avenues »nd dov/n across • n"«' thf ta.x is nearly $5 the so-c'ilU'd River ;-oid. ' Tho Terrace, developed by Louis '^'•'^ . ..•;, ' ..••..' ..-.-• s »<-.., • ••• •• -.•' .. •'_ r *ti ••'._•-_ ' • .._ . '.jia^Bi^B A composite picture showing the Waterbury section pi' Bristol Terrace which residents would have annexed to the borough. The highway, on the left is Winthrop avenue, on which there are seven houses. Two not shown on the left are owned by Hobart Butcher and George Cowperthwait. Not shown on the right is one owned by George Weiland. The road in the foreground is Radnor avenue. The houses on the right are located on Sandy' avenue. The town line cuts between the property of Ernest J. Valois and that cf William P. Gerber, leaving a small -portion of the Gerber land in Waterbury. As the? line crosses the road it cuts the residence of William J. Woermer at an angle (note line as it cuts house). The line then goes across lots and actually cuts through the corner of Radnor and Winthrop a-yenues. Only house in the Waterbury section on Sandy avenue not shown is that of James Schaff adjacent to the Baker property. The second house owned by the Bakers is now under construction. "WHICH DO YOU WANT FIRST,DEAR-TOAST, COFFEE, OR YOUR PANTS PRESSED?" D«n't ev*rlood your wiring iyit«m. Wh»n you buIN or mo«Urnlx. provldo ADIQUATf W/*»NO. O YOUR COMPANY NAMI HIM THE CONNECTicuT®>liiGHT& POWER Co. \a>iaxcd. Tax-Paving Company FLINT-KOTE ROOFING We lire holding our price line— So if your roof need* repairing X X '"'"'*!>- have it done ROW before winter comes. BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR LEADERS and GUTTERS WE WILL ESTIMATE YOUR NEEDS And Do A Complete Job Or Supply Material! Needed For a Complete One-Stop Service PHONE 3-5991 Middlebury Lumber Co Traurlg of Waterbury. had Alfred P. Baker as tho contractor. Mr. Baker's own home is on Sandy avenue in the Waterbury section ,ind at present he is constructing a house adjacent to his own property. Other Owners Other property on Sandy avenue is owned by James Sr.haff, Ernest Valois. Everett Welch and Thomas Hnnlon. Winthrop avenue from the Nau- gntuck lir.e northeast includes tho residences al' Edwjrd Dempsey, Fi'ancis M. Shea, John Klimak, Alexander Chmielewki, Hobart Butch- or, Gep'i-ge Ccwperthwait and CJeorge Weiland, In regard to taxes, the N.iuga- tuck residents in tho section being :n the outside district are paying .$21.25 per $1,000, with adjacent Waterbury property owners paying $^S.70 per SI,000, There are no separate tax districts in Waterbury Residon-.s living in the heart of tho city r-ay e.\;ctly the same as do those living in the farthest suburb.; with the exception of course, that assessed values are affected by location. As for services — water is supplied in iht! V/.ilorbury section by the N.iUgatuck Water Cn,. mail is chiough the Naugatuck post oMice, residents' sny fsllosving complaints .1 year tigo concerning lack of .police protection a motor patrol car v/^s sent, to the area, but siicil patrolling has been eliminated a; ,-if las:' August; .a (Ire box. No. -IR V.IM installed li'.st Spring, there am no buses for school children, who must attend the Hopevilio -choot, streets are not plowed free ,'rom snow anil there are no rubbish collections. Tho Terrace is without street li;;!il?, bec^u.-:c some say other; do viv want them. Gas 'ir.d homfj LEARN PHOTOGRAPHY UNDER EXPERTS Photography can be a profitable career — or a fascinating hobby. Now you can learn the latest methods, use »he most modern equipment without interference with your daytime activities Attend evening classes in this Tine s-hool, four evtnings a week. Enrollment in night classes for Wintnr Term now being accepted. Coeducational. School approved under G. I. Bill of Rights. Prepare for a Profitable Career Send for Catalog Today PROGRESSIVE SCHOOL OF PHOTOGRAPHY 217 Park St., New Haven 11, Conn. Tel. 7-0117 olcctricity is supplied by the Connecticut Light and Power Co., but there are no sanitary sewers, home owners having insUlled septic tanks. The insurgents claim "us l;ng as \ve're paying for it wo feel we :-hoi!ld have protection End services." Aided By Duail-End Borough enow plows clear Sandy r.vonue following storms. As i.hc boundary line cuts across the side of a hill and in the middle of .the .;troet, there is nothing for the truck •.o do except go to the end of the dead-end street to :urn around. The vVatcrbury residents on this street are fortunate in this respect. But, v.'hen it comes to rubbish col- ! ec-Lioiis, that ends at the Gerber residence. Others in the avenue dispose of their own refuse. Residents on Winthrop avenue relate ii: disgust, "for the first time in teix years Waterbury put a little sand on our stretM this year." It is notfd the borough trucks sand to tho end of Radnor avenue and go no r.irtlicr. One of the amusing facts to the :i. upholders is that those persons residing in Waterbury muEL travel la hiil! 1 mile through Naugatuck in order to get to their homes or out [,'Lgnin. There is no other means oC access. i:u: average person in learning of. Hie annexation attempt mi;;ht well wnndL'i 1 why -Uic borough does not Mf-reu imimidialply to accept the la'nd, or why Waterbury is obviously sneering, und opposing the isuin:. ! Li!.,al tJiiKStiuil i For the borough corniis many legal 'questions. Naugatuck is proceeding ' with caution for it does r.ot know whether 'the streets have ever been accepted by Wale: bury, what t-ic-s are in Uio ground, if the houses are included as a part of tlu bunds issued by tho city. And there appears to be morn and more of sucn interrogations. And Waterbury is afraid the matter iniglit liet u in-credent in other outlying sections of the city, resuii.- ing in what one Watcrburian hay said "might whittle us right down LO the boiders of the Green." When Naugatuok was established there were parts of Waterbury, Oxford and Bethany taken, with sonui financial .agreement made, but whether this could be done again cronies another quei-Jon marl;. It has been qointud out thut residents all around the borough have property in the inside and outside lax district whit^h is divided by boundary lines. Athough a portion of the o'utside district was brought into the inside last year, it is not practiced consistently, and a few arise I'ro.ii the prevailing condition. Petition Right now the Bristol Terrace properly owners in Waterbury only want to know if Naugaluck wants thorn, and the petition signed by nine residents and submitted to the boiough board last April says merely that. It is-as follows: "We, the undersigned, a major- i'v of 'h" hn"ir owners and residents of the Waterbury section of ^lii^oi Tcli-iice, wish to inquire JJ, in tho nninion of '.ho board, Naugatuck will accept the portion of Bristol Terrace which now lies in the town of Waterbury, providing a bill be introduced and passed by the State Legislature to change the existing town line to that area of the IseC'Lion known ns Bristol Terrace be brought wholly within the town of Naugatuck." The petition was placed on file and nothing more said about il until the residents renewed thei rploa 0.1 the January meeting of -the board last week. Prior to the first time the petition was introduced, eleven resi- rlen's of the section a letter to the Waterbury Board of Aldermen that they intend to petition the legislature to have -the section madc'olllcially part of the borough. They gave reasons as the "unfair" revaluation and the alleged failure of the city to provide services. As the letter was undated an alderman said It was practically "obsolete." The letter stated Waterburv facilities are "totally lacking," although the assessments now average "about three times those of the 1 houses .on the Naugatuck side of the line," It blasled the police, -fire uiid street departments, and took extreme exception ^o the revaluation. When the petition appeared before the local board. Warden Brophy commented that the suction is in the outside lax district, and would not be eligible for any better service than any other outside district areas. This was again his an- swor at the petition renewal ineel- ing, with spokesmen for the group declaring they would be ugrfoahlo to receive the same services as rendered Naugatuck residents in the | Terrace. Tho Waterbury rebuttal on the Terrace move on sectssion has been one [•? i-idiciilu and satirical remarks.' and despite the city ollicials cinini that tho move is being ig- noiixl, they are watching the de- vi:lo.;iments can.l'ully. O]'p<>*>Uon J'JxpectcJ The city l-.ius taken offense at tho preliminary action, and undoubtedly will oppose, any, bil! which might be intrtducod in the General Assembly. The situation appears to bo one of almost utter futility. It has been said some of the involved residents ,LIC tiring of the matter already, 'n:ivc withdrawn and placed tho responsibility on thct shoulders of others. At tinius it take:.; (lie aspect of 'six of one and a hair dozen of the othC'i 1 ," us soine residents claim Veteran* Febuary 1st Is Headline for re- nstaiing -term policies of National Service Life Insurance without a ihysical exeminrHion. Army's Office of Dependency liom'fits has moved from Newark. N'. J. Address all inquiries to Build- np 205. Army Finance Center, OCP, 1300 Goodfeliow Blvd., St. Louis 20, Missouri. Veterans and their families now constitute over 60 per cent of : the '.ota! population in the United 3tatcK. Veterans number about 18.- JCO.OOO. one-third of whom hold -nombership in a veterans' organization NEW Haven Restaurant Institute s now forming new classes. Disabled Wrtr Veterans with a record of at least five years of employment in the Federal Govern- nent are elidible for disability annuities, even in addition -to disability compensation from the Veterans Administration Service in the irmed forces may be counted tow- u-ds the fivn years minimum. Inllattcl Prices for Homes should •lot be paid, especially if the vet- is dependent upon a G-I loan. AVaito Reports of Veterans tak- ; ny education in institutions are 3ii-the-job must be made by letter if thp veteran has not received :he usual form upon which to re,)or; his wages. StMtn BomiM'H have been voted by Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Illinois, Michigan. Rhode Island and the territory of Alaska. Surplus Property Sales: Hand tools, textiles, electrical equipment, plumbing and heating equipment, recreational equipment, shoe find: ings, rubber soles, heels, paints. ! varnishes, power equipment, ice cream freezers, and cabinets, air conditioning units, refrigerators, I general hardware. j Voctiliomil Rehabilitation may be I extended beyond four years under i certain conditions for which Vet- einns Administration recommends a longer time. Veterans In education under the GI Eiil must not change from one school to another nor from High school to oanother, nor from High school to college, nor from employer to employe without permission from Veterans Administration. Another Certificate of Eligibility must be securc'd for each successive school or employer. xnxiousr.oss to become a part of Naugatuck and others aseume a lax and carefree attitude. That the ma- .u:-jty are employed in Waterbury is true, but a grea.; many \Vater- burians are employes in the bor- ui;h, making' the situation not one of dispute. Tin; element of time is an import- in t factor, for the Legislature has just convened and if n bill is not introduced within a reasonable en;rth of time, the issue will-be ride-tracked for another two years. With residents to submit maps nrxl ;i descriptive survey -of the arcn, borough ollicinls have promised to study the matter and pvo- .^en._ a report at the February meeting o. r the borough board. If the report is favorable, it may be assumed a bill will be introduced to Llie General Assembly without IOKS of lime. From all outward appearances it would seem the borough is being most' cooperative, with Waterbury sharpening i-ts knives for a battle ajjuinst the secession effort. Woman Injured In Automobile Crash | Mrs. Ruth Russell. 26, 121 Aetna street, suffered possible fractured ribs ard a possible fract,ure of the right leg Saturday night, according to a Waterbury hospita'. spokesman, when a car in which s\ie was a passenger skidded and crji-hcd i.'iio a rockpile on Millville avenue. She was admitted to the hospitOi Sunday night at 10,05 o'clock. It was reported that Celso G-abini was the driver of the car, said to be owned by Tony Cuccinello, 3 Ross street, Waterbury. The condition of Mrs. Rusfell was reported ns go=d this morning. Niugatuck police so id they -had received no report of the accident. YOU CAN'T HAVE ^ SOAPS, WOOLENS, IRONS, 6TC., WITHOUT® FATS AND OILS. THERE'S STILL A WDRLP-^ WIDE SHORTAGE OF FATS. use? FATS/ They're needed today, more than ever before) i . j Coming to Loew's-Poli STENOGRAPH ' 15>'l to 2011 words pnr minute. >'o previous knowledge of pencil shorthand is nccicssnry. Night School Starts Jan. 23 A Career Made for You • INCREASED EARNING • SECURITY • PRESTIGE APPROVED FOB VKTEKANS POST 24 Central Ave,, Waterbury JUNIOR COLLEGE Phone 4-8772 Robert Montgomery and Ingrid 15orgmun in n scene from the representation of "Huge in Hnavcn" with George Sunders, startine Wednesday ur. the Loew-Poli Theater. Also on Name program is "The Faljulous Suzanne" with Barbara Brltton und Rudy Vollcc, Our veterans go to school, too Many veterans returning to the telephone company head straight for the classroom. The purpose, of course, is to bring them up to date on the many developments and improvements since they went away. For example, there's a special class for telephone installers, one for cable splicers, another on line construction. Having personnel that know their jobs thoroughly helps us to give you the best possible telephone service — at the lowest possible cost. THE SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND TELEPHONE COMPANY

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