The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 21, 1955 · Page 39
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 39

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1955
Page 39
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MRS. ARDItM HALVERSON Newt Editor ifenf*n July 21, 1955 Published By The Upper t>« MoiflM Publishing Co., Algeria, Idwo Sentral Bond Issue Fails To Get Needed 60% Vote Egg FOR SALE Cocker Puppies, Red, Blond & Parti-Color. Purebred, No Papers. Male -$10 Female - $7.50 ROBERT KRAUSE Phone 477 Fenton Iowa 29* THOMAS FUNERAL CHAPEL Fenton, Iowa Experienced Embalmers and Funeral Directors Reliable 24 Hour Ambulance Service Funeral? May Be Referred To Uf With Confidence Ringsted 100 100 A 21A 21B Sentral Community School district voters did not give tho required (JO r r majority in favor oi a bond issue for $450.000 to cnn.s- truct a new Sentral district higii school. Monday. The vote in favor was 447: those against totaled 410. There were 11 spoiled ballots. The majority in favor was 52';. In a vote on the same question, held earlier this year, the proposal also failed, but did have a 57'" majority. In the first vote the location was set 1'z miles north of Ihe location proposed in the second vote. The most recent location is on the blacktop road between Fenton and Lone Rock. The Scntral district is compos ed of the areas of the forme; Kock-Fenton-Seneca school districts. What the Suture may hold i? , now the question. The chief p'o- j lilem seem.-; to be the location. In both elections, a majority (but not the required ti()'" ) favored the idea ot constructing a new hiyh school to serve all (lie three ai ••,<-. Hut the bi^ obstacle is "whc'.e t.i put it." In the first v-i!e. there v.'a- some obiectpiti that the location was a I'.tlle 1.,.. far north. In tin second vote, tie objection wa.- that it was a litth- too fai south. The r-choo! diMrict intended to transport all hi^h .-ch.oul >;tude:i!.- bv -chool bus to any new iii.uh schoiil en cled. :e::ardless of v. h' re it wa... was. New Law Puts Him Out Of Business Fenton — Floyd Duncan, proprietor of the Duncan Produce here, has discontinued the buying of eggs as a result of the new state law which went into effect early in July. He will continue as usual with all other portions of his business, but said that under the new law the requirements arc such that ai his age —he was 66 last Friday—he did not fc»l he could ahMhll * all of the equipment necessary for compliance with the new egg laws. "There is plenty of room here for some young fellow who wants to get into the egg business", said Mr Duncan, "but I can't see practically starting all over under this new law at my age. Thur.-dav, J-.ily 'J i I:-. !• pi :)• d. nee M:>.-. r.-. Hhikjer WMF Kuth fin le. Monday. J'aiy 2"> — Wo:k<!'- L'ollle; en. r W.dnesdav. July -7 KliM' ""Thursday. Julv 2:: I) co'.he. lisc'.e. Depew WMF. Native Of India Is Guest Of Fenton Pastor Fenlon—Surender Singh from India is a gues.t this week in the Rev. C. C. Callahan home 1 . Surender came to the United States in July. 1954 and is at present studying m St. Paul. Minn. Hi; will complete his college course in June. 5956. Surendcr was by the Indian government in 1053 to come to America to study. Surendcr expects to return to India a.-, a missionary in late' 1!)57 or early lP5fi. Me will do agricultural extension wen k under the Methodist church there. Surcnder spoke in the Fenton Methodist church Sunday morning. In the evening service In- -howc-l slides of his native India as well as many costumes. Surender has been delighted witn the friendly folk.- of Fenton. tie was tin- sliest speaker at the Fen*on Community Club meeting Mi-nclay evening He spoke on | Indo - Anv.'iican relations and; also .-i, ,c.ved .-hdc> of his home- j 'and. I Wed July 10 At Fenton To Establish A Furniture Firm In Newel Bldg. Wehrsponits Held Family Reunion Fenton — A Wehrspann family reunion was held Wednesday evening in St. John's Lutheran church basement. Salina Hantelman, who has spent the past year teaching in the United .States Military School in French Morocco, had several Arab garments which were modeled. She also showed colored slides of that area. Those present for the reunion were Salina Hantelman, Mclinda Hnntelman of Clinton; Mrs Glen Hicks, Dubuque; .Mr and Mrs Lester Wehrspann and sons, Mrs Lillian Wehrspann and Mrs Mina Wehrspann of Ottosen. Mr Henry Ostwald, Mr and Mrs Roland Ostwald and Hank, Mrs Anna Wehrspann, Mrs Lizzie Baas. Mrs Amelia Meyer. Mr and Mrs Merlyn Wegener, Douglas and Blair, Mr and Mrs Walter Vaudt, Sandra and Ann, Mrs Elmer Maahs, Mr and Mrs Lorenz Qade, Brenda. David and Rachel. Mr and Mrs Melvin Lauck and Allen. Mr and Mrs L. H. Wehrs- pann. Herman and Harlan of Whiltemore; Mr and Mrs Norma \Vegener and Steven of Cylinclo' Mrs Mollie Kressin and Orville, Caroline Friedrich, Mrs Cliff Douglas, Renee. Larae. and William. Mr and Mrs Calvin Vaudt. Candycc and Randy, Mr and Mrs Ed Bruhn. Mrs William Fischer, Mr and Mrs H. R. Pcttit. Ronny. Lacl. Joe, Dana, and Willy, Mi and. Mrs John Struecker. Tim and Tom, Mr and Mrs William Hantelman, Mary and Becky, Mr and Mrs Robert Wegener. Lyndon, David and Dale, William Voigt and Peggy, Mr and Mrs Merle Voigt. Tresa. Terri and Valaine, Mr and Mrs Harold Wehrspann, Bonnie. Betty, Beverly and Barbara. Gerhart Hantelman and Eunice, and Mr and Mrs Martin Hantelman. NOW GOING ON! Fenlon—Roy Peterson of RID?,- | ! -'.ed has purehas'-d the N'ewe! j i Hardware luiildiru' at F'Titon. He I ' ha* -: nuaced the ILinteiman ! ! ti'.i;ld;im. i;ef-'n '-'."ckiriii it with i ;a c imp!'-:e line • I furmtuie An- j 1 nour)cc.".-.'-:it w:l! be r.aiJc late: to; 1 an '-pcninc date. Carol Jane Biersiedl and James Meyer, who were married July 10 at St. John'> Lutheran church in Fenton, are pictured above. Both are graduate.- nf Fen ton hmh school, and attended Waldorf college. They will make their home in Mason City when.- the bride- proem is employed by the Standard Oil Co. The bride is a daughter of Mi and Mrs Bierstedt, of Fenton. and the briciuc; oom is a son of M: and Mrs Fred Meyer of Algona. \\Vddine .stoty in la>t week'.-. Upper DCS Moines. (Photo by Brown's Studio).' Auxiliary At Friendly Neighbors I Tiie Friendly N^.ghbu' i hib &*rrVPt Thursday. July 14. in the [home of Mr.- A: .MI Juhl with Mrs : KhivT Kr.'iiise a-.-i.-tiiii; hostess. l"!ui> c\ies'.s win M:s Edith Hav• n.;\. M:- D •;) On-,'- and Mrs . •{,... v H.'ia.-e. i M:- Her-hal II..I'.!;',:,:) !'• , i •> ,-v.-. ..I ,::tn-!e, ,,n v,,e,,<. -i,M: - !'.<•, . H;,i! an.i ..!:\... •',••: M' ••• •. : were in i ha: -• • •', i ! ; -- ;•; ,c.:.,; 1; Ml.-.- M. y. r t -::<;:i- •• d ,, ,;.../ T. • A;:_ii- '. me* tin.: v. .'1 !-. "•a* ;-nn;ia! tzuc-t da;. - a' '].-• Ki n* •<.-> la! k. : W.S.C.S. Circle Mel The M.,i,el Circle of ••<-.' WSCS ! !?,'•• T':- 1 ,!: .-day aftern ->n at tiie 'Fe::v>n park with ) o-; ( -ses Mrs , F 1 . d Mortens..!] .,nd Mrs Bili • ll.'tit-c Then \ver-. 1 -:x'.< csi mem- ;he : - -,rul me _,:,-.. M.- Lylc ! H.issi tt pr- -ei.' i M: •- F W HU.-..C ;•: e--. -itcd the I !.-,<:. r. n- Y..I". ,.Kd Mi -• Dale , ! l ' Niemb'ei-. "! V .- Ma-.,.! . •:\-\< ' • \M!( d not to : .,ve ,.M A.i.,;.!-' Mrs Frank Mueller will be wilting tiie Fint'-n new; J"r Mrs Halverson w:,;ii' sl".( ;> "n \-aca- juiy irrr.v-iiu^r^uVJvv'ii-.ii 11 '^! Fenton Installs risked to rail Mrs Mueller (Ted. 4M _ T , _..„,, , . ... , Fenton—The Julv meeting ol Boity Cody, daughter of Mr and lisan and (.i!c:m Han'i'l- had spent tiie p.i.-'l week Mr and Mrs Wilmar Schmidtkc ' Vtr ~ : r,enr:c:. installed the and farrulv and M: \V. H. S.;!'.-.uri- ; '"' A :n - ".tN-ers tor the coi ,'.,. , v> -,' S "r : •• v ,..,...-• • v,•,,;-. Mr.- td B:uhn. pi''j>.df-:i!: I ••'ii.-V :• t- (' \vV.''.:''i:r. H.,!ri' l .Vi?.,n • ^'--^ M.-'---'!* Ohi-.i. vice pre.-i- ' ien!. .\',;s J.ihn Waite, secretary: ' '.i..- Ciiarles Newel, treasurer. ' ,Al:- S. E. Stralcy, Chaplain: Mrs' ••'.• :''.'•' ^^"'Sur.d'i-*' ' : i ( ..-Vt"""'n | C.irhart Hantelman. His'ori.nv ; •'.< !i.;.:e!inan home v ere Mr ; ' ri '" 1 ^' ls Arnold Hansen, Sfit-At- ] :.i'i Mrs Wa'.deniar S. .-inidtk'- A ; '"iS. , ; .a-.;-. (.::v,',!y and Mrs W. B Sr:.- I: was anr.-Hiiu-ed that the State ; m:dtk.- o!'Morrs.-town .,nd D..nn> c--r.vention i- to ne held at KRNT , Hannon of I.on« Reach. C,.!.! , '» De> Mnmiv. July 'J,, 2ti. and 20. , Mr and Mrs Marcus Lindsey . M ''-- Hans Ba:i.s;o and Mrs John 1 of C' irpu- Waite were named HS delegates W- dnesdav afternoon and >uppcr ; '" "u convention and Mr.- Martin uiiest-; in tiie Sam Warner home. oh ' ;i an;1 -" r s D ' I;C \\ ei.-b:\>a ;.s 'M.i'.cus i- ., nep.A-w of tlu- Wa-.nor.- M:- M.,:••••; n;-. ; i ,, n: i D,..-.. ! nis we: -, ..!- > -lijjl'ie: The Ru!h Circle of the WSCS \\irt :noi! i:-:;.- Tv.ur.-d.iv, July -1. at the Fenton !'ai k. Mr and Mrs Wilfred Stoeber. .1. •!,.-.< ..IV-i W..VIU atMule.l the A'l i' ;-o:i ;,i:i:i!y reii:i: n held Suiuiay at Swea City. rnatr-.-. Sh.aron Wichtendahl. who at tended Girl's State at Cedar Fall.- <ii Jiida. fiave a very :ntcr- estini; account of her trip. The August meeting will be a pi.'iuc at the home of Mi> W. R W,.lle WANT ADS BRING RESULTS , Depew Fellowship j The D, pew Ft!!,,w.-h;p eird' ! me! T:.ui-dav afternoon in the ; h.-i-a- ..: Mr- John Fmne.-ta.l. M;, I I! L N.•: i-eiiii conducted the ; Hi'!. Mrs A-ner Codv ! i;ave a i lading ai:d Mrs Hob i Ueike! ,r.d and I-h, H'ikeland * -ani; \ uuet. Menil>ei - of the ! i ircle .tie niei.'liny Wed.'ic-clay of | I!::.- Wi ek ill the hoir.e .if Ml | Alhei ! Mitchell to pai K i'"\i •• t..i -.!• h.i\-s of St. Joh,n'- em.;rc3 tioii wlio are in service. BUDGF.T ESTIMATE AND RECORD OF FILING TOWN AND CITY ESTIMATE re! ,V:r ;•'. 1 I o5 at f> pm ,-t c.>ir,niurat> Ct-r.ii-i Ta'.'. -f-^- *- •-• ' ' < ; <- i'ttaid i n or ;a:.unM t!u- foil.. \v i'.\K t->t.n\al<- nl CMKT inn-,- ':••• i...- • . ..: In---:! • •••-.£. .'..:ci .; . I lioti A i:. '. .ii-ii ,:..:I>MI i.' -.1 I.K.JII.- ,a:<i J^l-LiL-.-aii'ii'.-. b,,'.h past ..n 'll,., i',.1 -,\i:: I i' .iV.:i;.ili!< .,1 Inr l-.f.i i ;'-,>; I'.iai \V. Ki^li-r 't'ovvii Citv f!,".k ! Infant Baptized Lynnora Ann. infant dauuhtci of Mr and Mrs Huhard L-nelei - uond. \va.- bapti.'e'l Sunday at S'. John's Lutheran church with the Rev. 11 L. Nnrlieim oHiciatin.: S|3onsor.- for tiie iiifant were Mr and Mr.- F.diiic Silrum of Minneapolis and Mr-.- Anna Mai ic Mitehrll in Japan. Following the .-cr\'!ce-, Mr a no Mr.- Albert Mitchell t ntertaincd at dinner in honoi of the occasion. Mr and Mr.- Richard Underwood. Mr and Mrs Hen Mitchell. Mr and Mrs Eddie Sil- rum and family, Mr and Mrs Arnold Hailer and family and Mr and Mrs Morris Mitchell. t T: ii-l anl \t!t i :i I StO'i 'I I •'Mil ll.-l' j l.iqiloi I'liillt Tel FA IS K-tnii.iii-ii T.i\i-- 1., \alik- v.ih:.,ni, M.-l.i ;. ..: (i c: , ii i rl. 000 till liiH IK 375ii Oil MH in Z'2'M :U 2H.VI ii') 18 t>8 JUO.IHI ^nO fill u:<5 so -toco no Ii3i',l M Df',951 (^ Iri'axi mi il ,..-bl-SM.'d V,lluc .?2\ 00 Bon 00 2!i5rt.iXi 2000 on L' 00 lot' IMI ()W) 00 ;;ooo oo 1000 oo 2of oo KiOOOO 2600 Ot) 200 m) 1700 GO 11-RiO M Sfii.'i..", 18.0'i Mr and Mrs Oliver Stoeber. Steven and Susan and Mr and Mrs \V. K. Stoelx r eni".ved a steak fry for dinner Sunday at Tunic Lake. Mr and Mrs Ed Mclinda Hantelman ma llantelman lett Uuluth, Minn loi the Lelajvl llantelman From here thi'y plan Bruhn, Miss and Mi-.- Sal- Satulday lor a vi.-lt witli family. Ki- to I'liito. S.i.-'ri., C'anada to vi.-il Mr and Mr.- Lou Hantelman, Mr and Mr.- Bob ilantelman and Mrs Bil! Ilotkins, the tormcr Emma Hantelman. The Ellen circle of the WSCS will meet Wednesday. July 27. with Mrs Eu.nunu Huskaiv.p. Mr and Mrs Gerald Gochenour are the parents of a son born Tue:-(.iay. July ,"). lie weighed 7 FENTON BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY GENERAL INSURANCE J. WALLACE SMITH Agent WEISBROO Implement Company JOHN DEtRE DEALER Bu>. Phone 3 Res. Phone 60 HANTEIMAN BUILDING SERVICi For Building - Remodeling PHONE 125 or 17 Dr. E, W. Ru$ke DENTIST Office Phone 79 Residence 3$ Fenton, Iowa HANTELMAN'S GARAGE Auto t Tractor Repairs FENTON, IA. Good Food Good Coffee HOMf ANNUAL TOY SALE PRICES CUT UP TO 50% We Go To Our Toy Buyers' Convention On August 1. This Sale Makes Room For New Toys. Make Your Christmas Selection Now From This Large Slock of Trucks, Wagons, Games, Guns, Etc. Everything Priced To Sell! All Sales Final! Stoeber Hardware FENTON, IOWA Summer Merchandise Sale BOYS' SHIRTS $ GIRLS' 2-Pc. Sun Suits PEDAL PUSHERS Many Other Items At Real Discount BAILEY'S STORE 1 FENTON o-o.o:< o o, o o % 8 o; CONDENSED STATEMENT First Trust & Savings Bank ARMSTRONG. IOWA JUNE 30, 1355 ASSETS— Loans and Mortgages .. ...... _ _. ---------- 31,325,155.13 Commodity Credit Loans _____ ......... - 305.822.40 United States Bonds ...... _ .............. 602,912.00 Municipal Securities ..... ______ . . ..... ______ 31,572.61 Banking House and Fixtures ____________ .. 7,697.22 Cash and Due from Banks ________ ____________ 485,962.05 TOTAL ASSETS S2.759.121.41 LIABILITIES— Capital Stock S 50,000.00 Surplus 75,000.00 Undivided Profits - 124,446.79 Dividends Declared . - . .-.-.. 3,500.00 Deposits 2,506,174.62 TOTAL LIABILITIES $2,759,121.41 Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation +HHT ff ^ t^ YOU CAN'T HARDLY 6ET A GOOD 15 AMP FUSE NO MORE! • • • until yew knew . . . the A, B/ ft ef Adequate Wiring A An Adequate Electric Service Entrance . . . Be sure there's no "bottleneck" where Reddy Kilowatt comes in. Have enough wire of the right site to accommodate today's and tomorrow'* electrical needs. B Enough Circuits . . . Avoid "f'cffic jam:." on Reddy's rvghv-cys. Have lighting circuits, separate circuits for small and major appliances and have spare circuits for future 0- plionce needs. C Enough Convenience Outlets, Permanent Lights and Switches. Hove plenty of outlets, strategically placed for greatest convenience . . . plenty of light switch controls for comfort and safety. There's nothing the matter with the fuses . . . they're the same excellent quality as ever. But if you overload your wiring, that's'^different . . . something has to give! Reddy Kilowat says you don't have to have these problems. Throw away those snarled-up extension cords! Don't let your home have a thicket of cords sprouting from every outlet! Wire now for to- day and TOMORROW. Then, you'll not only enjoy safe adequate wiring, but you'll be able to add new electric servants in the future, with full confidence that circuits and outlets are available to operate them efficiently and economically. Rpmembcr: Adequate Wiring Serves and Saves. Bring your plonj for free consultation to your quolified electricol contractor who'* listed with the Central Iowa Certified Adequate Wiring Bureau. IOWA ELECTRIC LIGHTS POWER

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