The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1954 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 9, 1954
Page 12
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, APRIL 9, 1954 REVIEW -> FORECAST 1954 Beginning as Even Drier Year Than Either of Past Two Don't look now, but 1954 is beginning as a drier year than either 1952 or 1953, two of the most severe drought years in recent history. A check of weather records reveals that both '52 and '53 were quite ahead of '54 in rainfall at this same stage. Though, as far as crops are concerned, the matter may be relatively unimportant. Many farmers will tell you that those two droughts were harder on the farmer's nerves tha.n on the cotton. Some had some of their best yields in '52 and '53. Also, talk of subsoil moisture isn't taken nearly as seriously as it once was, though many are still of the opinion that crops get some moisture from subsoil deposits of water which feed the upper soil through capillary attraction, la 1952,- Blytheville was pelted wife about 18 inches of rain during the first three months of the year. The corresponding figure for 1953 is 16 inches and for '54 it is 14 inches. A better-than-average April will bring early rainfall into line with '58 and '53, which were just about normal. A very wet January brought this year's total up to a respectable figure. Better than eight inches fcH during the first month o! 1954. February precipitation was only 8.5T while March could do no better than 2.95. The first week of Aprfl produced less than one inch. However, a relatively dry early spring has its advantages. Miles McPeek, statistician of the University of Arkansas extension service, reports that farmers over the state are well ahead of their schedules for land preparation and planting, though the latter is just beginning. He points out that with work "well ahead of schedule, there is ample labor for present needs." TEMPERATURES WILL VARY — The weather maps below give you the U. S. Weather Bureau's long-range forecast for April. It is not a specific forecast in the usual sense, but is an ESTIMATE of the average rain or snowfall and temperatures for the period. W& HEAVY { [ MODERATE EXPECTED PRECIPITATION During April, heavy precipitation IB expected over the northern plaint. Great Lakes and the far west. Subnormal amount* are in prospect in the tooth from Texat eactward. EXPECTED TEMPERATURES MUCH ABOVE NORMAL ABOVE NORMAL NEAR NORMAL BELOW NORMAL MUCH BELOW NORMAL Temperature* daring April will be below seasonal normals over Great Lakes, northern plaint and state* east of Continental Divide. Above-normal temperatures are expected over the touth. S-D Services Widely Used 1.3 Million Bales Clotted in State in '53 Cotton classed for Arkansas .farmers in 1963 under the Smith-Doxey program amounted to about 1.3 million bales, according to Eugene R. Mclnnes. who is in charge of the Blytheville Classing Office, Cotton Division, Agricultural Marketing Service, IT. S. Department of Agriculture. This is equivalent to nearly 90 percent of the cotton produced in the state last year. Over 20 thousand Arkansas farmers in 592 cotton improvement groups were eligible for Smith-Doxey classification and market news services in 1953. Classification and market news are tools to guide the farmer in selling his cotton for top market price, Mr. Mclnnes pointed out. The BlytheviUe Office classed about 500 thousand of the 1.3 million bales classed for Arkansas farmers. The remainder was classed by Cotton Division offices located at Memphis and Little Rock. Cotton improvement groups aill organize in Arkansas and other cot- ton producing states again this year. Farmers and group representatives should be making plans now to file an aplication as soon as planting has been completed. The procedure to be followed in obtaining the services will be about the same as in 1953. Instructions and applications will be available from county agricultural agents and Agricultural Marketing Service's Cotton Division offices around May 1. The deadline date for filing applications in Arkansas and other south central states is August 1. Buttons win stay attached longer if the threads are painted with clear fingernail polish. NOTICE *™ $3.25 Hyde Park BEER All Brands Cigarettes Phillip Applebaum Liquor Store 110 So. Fifth Phone 9641 MAKE YOUR OWN RAIN SPRINKLING IS GOOD CROP INSURANCE because fr makes it pos- siU* for you to irrigate when «rxj whert you need to. TH€ A-M SYSTEM givts you many txdu$iv» pat*nttd foirts! H means faster, ta»i»r, foolproof coupling and m> coupling! Evtry valve; coupling and fitting k mad« of tiw few* aJJoy . . . YET A-M SYSTEMS COST NO MORH fell M for a Fftff tftiim inttillition. «* « Dealers Wanted! A-M SPRINKLER IRRIGATION SYSTEMS McKINNONS Irrigation Equipment Co. Manila, Aifc* Pkont 112 Reverse Conversion WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. W) — Navajo tribal leaders have paid high tribute Fr. Berard Haile, Catholic priest who has done missionary work on the reservation almost half a centruy. The priest was told by a Navajo medicine medicine recently: "You came to the NaVajos to make Christains out of us. The Navajos nave made a Navajo out of you." Something to Think About By GERTRUDE B. HOLIMAN County Home Demonstration Agent Man Made Fabrics The cost of curtains of any fabric today, makes it too expensive to make a mistake when selecting new ones. None or the man-made fibers is suitable for all purposes. Properties common to these synthetic fibers are: light weight, wash easily, dry rapidly, absorb less water than natural fibers, and they resist shrinking or stretching while being washed. They are resistant to mildew and common household insects. Disadvantages of these fibers as a group are: excessive heat, when ironed, damages them, they are difficult to dye, and friction causes static electric sparks in most of these fibers. This can at times cause rapid soiling from household .dust collecting on tne material. However, this condition may be corrected by adding anti-static, qr a few drops of vinegar, to the rinse water. Some manufacturers apply an anti- static finish. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of some man-made fibers. Orion For instance orlon is an excellent curtain material in areas of extreme sunlight and industrial gases. Orion is not quite as transparent as nylon. The advantages are that orlon resists sunlight, gas fumes, smoke and salt air. It washes and dry cleans easily without shrinking or stretching, is not affected by humidity, drie quickly and little ironing is need ed. Orion is resistant to mildew and moths, too. There are four disadvantages o orlon. It is difficult to dye, and i may shrink over radiators. Orion s very inflammable, but require an open flame to Ignite it. It is no safe for children who might play with matches. Nylon Nylon has several advantages. I •equires little ironing, resists abra ion. tearing and rubbing. It is easy to wash, alkali resist int. It is mildew and insect re istant and it is generally regard id as non-inflammable. Nylon has disadvantages, too STylon sun-rots, loses strength in a unny window where exposure i ;reat and loses as much as 40 pe :ent of its strength to three months. It lacks resistance to industria gases in air and to acids and it is difficult to dye. Dacron Dacron has great possibilities a, With all PURINA'S know how and help it's easy to raise eggs this modern, scientific way. You'll enjoy running a PURINA "Egg Factory" at a good income. IT'S IASY TO GET STARTED JUST CALL US OR DROP IN FOR FULL DETAILS FEEDERS SUPPLY CO. 513 East Main Phone 3441 curtain material. This fiber washes easily, doesn't stretch when either wet or dry. It has excellent resistance to wrinkling, and unusual ability to retain creases and folds even when wet. It has greater resistan^ qualities to flame than orlon and it resists abrasion, mildew and insect damage. Ducron's disadvantages are that it is not as sun resistant as orlon and it is difficult to dye. It has poor resistance to high temperatures in ironing. Dynel Dynel fiber is not important in the curtain field at present. Advantages of dynel are that alone it will not burn, and it adds to fire resistance of other fibers. Disadvantages of dynel are that it will soften at 275 degrees so this is a problem when pressing and high temperatures cause stiffening and color changes. Fiberglass Fiberglass is a satisfactory fiber for glass curtains. However, it does not stand much abrasion. Thus, fiberglass curtains should never be permitted to drag on the floor or brush against screens. That fiberglass is non-inflammable is one advantage. It is resistant to sunlight and the color is an integral part of the fiber — color impregnated into the molten glass. Also, ironing is unnecessary — it has excellent wrinkle resistance. \ It is less transparent than nylon. The main disadvantage of fiberglass is its low resistance to abrasion when wet. It should not be rubbed, creased or twisted when wet. Soak in milk 'soapy water and wash gently by hand. It breaks easily and in time turns gray. It responds better to washing than to dry 'cleaning. Acetates "Dope-dyed" acetates appear on the market under such names as ! chromespun and celaperm. The i color is added to the liquid solution before it is spun. Advantages of "dope-dyed" acetates are that they are color fast to light, gas fading, and washing. Soils and ordinary stains are easily removed by washing. It is immune to moths and mildew. It has two disadvantages. The fabric sun-rots since acetates loses strength if exposed to high heat' over a prolongea period. Color of the acetates cannot be removed for re-dyeing. It's Time To — 1. Plan an Easter family get together. 2. Check transplants for disease before buying. 3. Give April transplanting trees or shrubs special attention to assure survival. 4. Remove mulch and soil from around the base of rose bushes. 5. Make first plantings of some of the warm weather crops such | as bush beans, pole beans and, sweet corn. j 6. Send blankets to cleaners be-j fore storing them for the summer. A Doggy Bite SAN DIEGO, Calif. (£>}—The glass company salesman bitten by Mrs. Louis Feller's dog when he called to give her requested information about sliding doors was named \ Leo Canine. I INLAID LINOLEUM New Lower Prices Armstrong Standard inlaid .... $2.75 Cementing and laying .... $ .75 Total (Sq. Yd.) .... $3.50 Hubbard & Son FurnV Phone 4409 to add a touch of DJpXHlCf to your home DELIGHTFUL PATTERNS FOR EVERY ROOM PRICED FROM 14 c TO ROLL FREE--FREE PAIR OF CRYSTAL CLEAR GLASS CANDLESTICKS TO EACH CUSTOMER BUYING WALL PAPER E. C. CO 319 W. Ash Phone 4551 •ww*s " •• V* •• .vjrf'V^'' Stlt pulley aptfotul at additional cost. revolutionary tractor drive that boosts pull-power McCormick 9 Farmall INSTANTLY . . . without shifting geart or touching tht throttl* • Boost pull-power up to 4 5 per cent, ON THE GO 1 • Change tractor speed, ON THE GO! • Choice oltwo speeds in every gear, ON THE GO! 10 forward and 2 reverse. With the NEW Farmall Super M-TA, you exactly match pull-power and speed to me job. Ntw, Completely Independent- Pow*r Tak«-off makes possible for the first time, NON-STOP power take-off operation . . . regardless of tractor travel . . . pto- driven machines stay at uniform rated speed at all times. Ott tht Ft«! of the new Farmall Super M-TA—bringing you the most efficient drawbar and power take-off performance ever available for 4-plow, 4-row farming. ASK FOR A DEMONSTRATION TODAY! TORQUE 'AMPLIFIER New McCormick Super W6-TA, featuring TA and IPTO, is first in the "wheel tractor" field to give you job-matched pull-power, instantly— and full rated pto speed at all times. See and try the new Super W6-TA TODAY! You can buy thai* tractors on tho Incomo Purchase Plan ... lot thorn pay for thomiolvos in uio DELTA IMPLEMENTS Inc 'Stry/ct Holdt Our Trade' BlythtvilU Phont 6863

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