The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 21, 1955 · Page 34
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 34

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1955
Page 34
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2-Ale6rta (la.) Upper D«i Moinfts Thursday, July 2t, 19S5 cmtta KEEM urn* At ftti. • uiti» I el T&*l: Its! Moe* • • At Indication that there's not much doing in the business loop ran be judged by the parking and so it was on Sunday afternoon that I checked and counted the parkings and done some arth- maticmg. The time was 3 bells. Yes. there were 31 cars parked en State street between Jones and Hall streets and this would l>e in the theatre district. • There wove two cars between Moore and Dodge, 9 between Dodge and Thonngton and none between Thorington and Hall. Sure makes the street look plenty dead. There were four cars parked on Call street between Jones and Hall I and there were .11 cars parked on Nebraska street between Hall and Jones. Yep, Call street sure looked deserted and I reckon as how it was. On the cross streets there was one car parked on Hall. 7 on Thorington, 3 on Dodge. 2 on Moore and 11 on Harlan. Yes, a total of 57 cars parked in I hi: business district where there are near 900 parking spots including the metered parking spaces. Yep. the town sure looks plenty dead through holiday hours from a parking standpoint, so to speak. —o— And ii was again Friday night that I done some arlhmaticing concerning the traffic which headquarters the main drag, State street, on a Friday night. An.l so I parked myself against a light post cornering Dodge and State street intersection and Rot out my pad and pencil and proceeded to count the cars which crossed that intersection. The time wa* 15 minutes, 8:15 to 8:30. And there were 21(i cars crossed the intersection, Dodge and State street, going both ways. So thai means that an hour would list t>64 cars. Some traffic. But it's a cinch that Friday night is a busy night and traffic and park-- ing are two great and important doings on that night. Now, suppose we assume that there were a three-person average in each car that would mean the visitor count in Algona for the hour only would be 2.502. And watchinr-. the crowds up and down the street for that hour I could well believe that such might be the case. Sure lots of folks in town. And I was told by one of the officers that parking was at a high premium, that there was none withing a -Two block area of tiie business loop. It was fun to do the counting and some night jn the future I'm going to have some help and we'll count the lolks in the cars and so learn to what extent the trading population is on a Friday night, so to speak. —— O—— It was while I was gulping a cup of coffee that Art Schweppe sat down next to me and also took on coffee gulping. And 1 said "Well, what do you know, you sure gulp perfectly." And then lie answered "You asked me what do you know? And so I like your suit... | INSURANCE ; SHOULD BE i TAILORED TO FIT YOUR NEEDS! ^ ou die A very special pers No one else has O/.IT ihc j*mc problems or the same needs So, doesn't it make **"n»e to iia'-c al'\ our !>ft»ona: inyuafKC handled bv someone \--ho kno^< •• our tn- dr- i:iuA! ne'-d-. and ran h' your im'Jtar.'e to them' It not oniy maVr*. jcn*c, u may save you rnonev If poyt >e know yovr STATE FARM Agent Harold C. Sundet 300 E. Elm St. Phone 841 Algona I am answering "He that knows, knows, and he that doesn't know know?, and knowing that he knows means that ho does know and lie doesn't know that maybe he doesn't know and it is well to know but also to know Hint you know." And so Art had me flabbergasted because on account of I wasn't sure that I might not know or that I might, know that when I know I know as doer. Art know when he knows. That word know covers a lot of territory but there are a lot of us who don't know just how far our know may go, so to speak. I do know this, however, that when 1 know what I know and know why I know what I know I know there is no further need of brain worry" about what I krfow or what I don't know, or how much I know or how little I know. I do know this, however,' that there are many things I don't know and there are many thincs I do know, and so it is with most everybody, they know and they know that they know bill they do not know to what extent they may know, so to speak. ___(-} This is sure a picnic season and picnics are tops mentally, physically and stomachly with most everybody these days. Of course the main angle of a modern picnic is the goody, goody cats that are dished up and taken care of in the open outside. And you will agree with me that the picnic is an enjoyable event for grandpa and grandma and so on down the line to the little folks. Good things to eat and out in the open fresh air areas, though there at times is a bit of battling with flies and mosquitoes, so to speak. I am -reminded of many years ago when I was a kid that we enjoyed our picnic meal immensely but there was always tho chores following the feed of washing the dishes and the glassware. That is done away- wit!) today because on account of the modern picnic dishes and eating tools arc no more plates or glassware. Now the picnic table is set with paper plates, paper glasses and plastic eating tools and when (he feeding is over with, mi* dishwashing, just wrap 'em up and they become garbage. Yep, there's a lot of difference in the picnic of today and of the time when Columbus discovered America, but we sure have fun picnicing, so to speak. Building A New Home, Sexton By The Village Gossip Sexton — Ed Fitch is getting some competition for title of biggest property owner in Sexton. Glenn Gabrielson is building up the town by adding a house on the old church grounds. It will be the home of Mrs Vin- nio Laymon. mother of Mrs Gabrielson. Glenn has also become the owner of the home recently occupied by Mr and Mrs Ralph Parsons and family. There have been rumors of a new business place coming but that would lie almost too much of a boom for one year. This has been an extra busy week for Mr and Mrs Martin Mimbach. Martin is running !he D-X station for Roy Hanson while Mr and Mrs Hansen and Linda are in Chicago visiting their son. Mr and Mrs Mimbach are taking care of the Gabrielson homestead and the children while Mr and Mrs Gabrielson are on vacation. At this time Mrs L. A. Sehei- ber, Sharon and Leola of Henderson, Minn, are visiting at Hie Mimbach home. Mrs Scheiber is a daughter of Mr Mimbach. Mr and Mrs Frank Wise of Mason City were weekend visitors of Mr and Mrs Mack Wise. Pauline Bowman of Algona spent Sunday with Drusilla and Joyce Opheim. There were two caies of children taking their turn with Grandma. Russell, son of Mr and Mrs Clarence Canaday stayed with Mr and Mrs John Jennings. Diane, daughter of Mr and Mrs Roland Bode, spent a few days with Mr and Mrs August Kirschbaum. Seems like otit-of-towners are doing a better job of visiting Mrs Fred Jennings than her neighbors are. Callers last week were Mr and Mrs Harold Roba of Swea City; Mr and Mrs Delbert Hunt of Cedar Falls, Mr and Mrs Roy Clark of Burt and Mrs Mary Stainbrook of Whittemore. Mrs Stainbrook Was thought of at dinner time later in the week when the spring fry she brought Was served. Mrs Nellie Weir of Colo picked a good time to visit with Mr and Mrs Wilford Ward for two weeks. It was not ony the midde of canning time but Joan, and Melvin were both sick with the measles. Mr and Mrs Vern Weir of Colo came to lake his mother home Sunday. The big interior remodeling job has been finished at the August Kirsehbaum home. Starling on such a project is one good sign August is feeling better again. The front steps of Mack's Market have become a popular place in the evening because they make a good front seat to watch the truck unload the weary corn dctasselers. The only girls from Sexton on the job are Joyce Opheim and Mrs Lawrence Weig. Now there is proof that the ladies of Sexton wore shoes in the early days. L. A. Copp found a shoe button hook while working in his garden. It's a good thing he was the finder because there is a chance anyone a few. years younger wouldn't have known what it was. It must also be Mr Copp's wonderful personality, or perhaps the friendly town, but the railroad tracks ASK FOR INGVuEER AM ERICA COPYRIGHT 1955, STQRZ BREWING COMPANY. OMAHA, NEBRASKA. USA. through here seem to get more than their share of attention from the section crew. Kelley Lumber Co. seems to be doing a hangup business from the sounds corning from the new hog shelters being built for them by Frank Pruisman. Putting Up New 90,000 Bu. Elev, Irvinglon — Irvington Co-Op Elevator is putting up a large quonset building for storage of government corn. It will be 200 feet by 40 feet and have u capacity of 90.000 bushels. Reding Construction Co. hauled thei filling and gravel for the bin site. Dud Robinson Co. of Algona will run the cement floor. Building will be on lots leased from C. & N.W. Ry. Co. Mrs Lee Colwell and daughter, Mrs B. O. Davis, spent Wednesday at Ruthven visiting Mrs Colwell's sister, Alice McQuade and helping celebrate her birthday. Mr and Mrs Herman Becker and family and his mother. Mrs John Becker returned Friday July 12, from Fairhope, Alabama, where they attended the wedding of their son, Dick to Marilyn Bornholt. They were formerly of Wesley. The young couple will reside at Fairhope. Ala. Elmer Dole Construction crew begin gravel work in Oscola County this week. Mrs Elmer Dole returned Tuesday from LaMosa, Calif, after a BUDGET ESTIMATE AND RECORD OF FILING COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION ESTIMATE NOTICE: The County Board of Kclucalion of Knssuth County. Iowa, will mod on Monday. August 8. in. r >r>. at R:0(l p.m. in Ilir Ol'l'tc-i- of tho County Suprnntriidonl of Schools of Knssuth County al Alfiona. Iov\;i. Taxpayers will hi- hnard for and against the following estimate of expenditures lor (lie riseal year beginning January 1, 1!)5C. This is in accordance with Chapter 27 H. Code of Iowa, creating a county school system. A. M. Quintard. County Surit. and See. of tin: Board W lf> 5JC, - 1 ~ tr -^ T •0-i '5 -302 J^ ^ . .-4 £_, *' r 1 d — "~" ?• £ _ Co. Honid Of KrhicM Total ..20.8B1 18.521 2.1.175 2-I.2H5 700 14.5B5 Distribution of Board of Education E .\pi.MiUi Hires Past Year 1. General Control ....... ,U).65fi 2. Instruction ... . - . 6.545 3. Auxiliary Agencies .... . — 175 4. Cooidmale Activities .. 484 5. fixed Charges ..._.._._ _ . .... (153 S. Capital Outlay TOTALS" Items 1 to G above ..18,513 Propo-;. Ensuing tli>5fi> 12.01)0 4(10 300 24.285 week with their daughter find family there. Mr'and Mrs Godfrey Strickler of Mason City spent a few days this week with their daughter and family, the Kenneth Eraser's The annual Scheppmann reunion was held Sunday, July 17, at Fairmont, Minn. Mrs Vena Schneider returned from Iowa City on Monday. She is recuperating at Rest Home in Burt before returning to her home here. Mr and Mrs Harold Colwell and sons of Spirit Lake, la. spent Sunday al the Charles Colwell home. Three successive Presidents occupied the White House within 3(1 days. They were: Presidents Martin Van ' Buren. William Henry Harrison and John Tyler. Early Resident Dies In Chicago Hal S. Darr, a native of Algona, who had been president oj! the Darr Aero Tech, Inc. of Tucson, Ariz, passed away last June 22 following a heart attack, in Mr Darr was born Oct. 26, 1893, in Algona, and was reared and educated at Storm Lake. Surviving are his widow and two daughters. Rites were^ held at Tucson, with burial at Storm Lake. The aviation firm of which Mr Darr was president was closely related to air force activities at Marana Air Base at Tucson. CJ-D-M Want Ads Bring The Fort Dodge Office Of SIDNEY B. SMITH Certified Public Accountant Announces the opening of a branch offics in the Sawyer Building at 9 E. State Street in Algona, Iowa Telephone 1492 Bjustrom's Offers Top Quality Carpeting At Low Prices! Direct From Factory! Yes, Bjuslrom's is Kossulh Counly headquarters for carpeting, rugs and custom-made drapes. YOUR home will be even brighter—cheerier with ALEXANDER SMITH'S 'Keepsake' rugs and broadloom carpet. There's nothing like them for wear and beauly at 3 LOW, LOW PRICE too . . . something you have come to expect at BJUSTROM'S. You may choose from our large selection in air conditioned comfort. Other names too — Firth — Gulistan Mohawk — all conveniently arranged on a special revolving rack that lets you see all the patterns at a glance. Look, shop and buy in cool, comfort at BJUSTROM'S this summer, as low as Per Square Yard as low as 6.95 Others from S4.95 Up -.;>; Shuttlcpoint Carpet Headquarters $19.95 Per Sq. Yd. It's New ! See the Mohawk Solitaire Carpet 3 4-Inch Pile, Tufted with Durlon & Nylon. Won'l Burn. $9.95 per sq. yd. Visit Our Drapery Department For New Home Furnishing Ideas Right in line with new floor coverings are bright, new drapes. In our showrooms, you'll find many, many lovely patterns to choose from. Best of all. you have both the carpeting and drapery at your finqeriips . . . match them right in one store. Our expert decorators will help you in mulcing* your selection . . . and in pulling Ihem up in your home. You'll find beautiful floral designs in a variety of color combinations. Small wonder BJUSTROM'S is North Iowa's home furnishings headquarters. Newlywed Headquarters — That's Bjustroms ! BIUSTROM FURNITURE • iqsy Terms! 6 Free Delivery • Direct-from-Factqry • FreeParking USEDCOMNNES-CORNPICKERS Big Clean-up Sale at Bradley Bros.

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