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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois • Page 3
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois • Page 3

The Pantagraphi
Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

Winter's Worst Snowstorm Snarls Traffic, Fires Tempers 4 4 ill up it 1. Ul I' J- 1 .11 yJ 7.75 Inch Fall Makes I960 Record Year Ml it '4'r h' l1i-l ill 1 it'' i I'ii- i I I n. I (. il I 7 I. I mnl I ii I I i -i i 4 IU IUU HUM I I nli-l tl .1 I i Iiil In tlr.ifnl fj'Tji l-i IMIIilIM.

l.l'.- fir iiHSH'iU i'.ii at it: I- tn ii tl. Mill' JUL I UillJ I t'h t. tr t'u Ul lrr i rt rr in rv i 1lI.iV lit I i iv' a 1 i i I iW i' ii I i in I' NJ. t.n I'irik -i Artt I'. kit.

"i I rw t. mr i I ji i 1 7 .1, nit I'x I'll 'vt 'I '11 ,4 lllr. lit I hi' I'm- 11 1 1 m. To- "i i n'l 1 A it. ri i' U-m 7 mvl 11 'M a in it k.

1r .1.) (.1 at a i "ii i 1 i i i'ii iif n. ii at I 1 tl 'HI 'f'l it Tw T. I ') ti in i Vir hr l. i I I. (he ii I 'u I1H.

ll! tan I rrt tt ul tiM'tt ai I h.i.l 11 in. il 'If i.n i Ul I- 4 i Ii! t'J I 0 tn. (,. i i' n.i I f.i no Tn rt.v Hi ir ti.if.'e m. Wt.l te 1 iv.ii!i.

in c.M'".r rrti.1.l U. if "i K.vrf. jihi ni.i.if iii' hi i.f slut ir 'h ri4til "ii" in 117 ti-" mJ i i r.f1!i f'in I 1 1 main" ir tit I'l i4. 7 jl l.ltll Ti.i'.'r ff! ''t r.iin.iii i In i mniinrr Tr iftn' I''" i i li a n.iil ii tw r.i" t'u-k -t i IN Hit I Scrn in. rai lv Wiiin.i.iy lu up lirr- of PanlAcmi n.nm.

Inx iilitw.n iiN'tit hri-i hmns. Dihi-rrs. li. .1 (tKdialk. 1 Dirk Hnnink- nml Wliittt iilN i.

ilai with Ch.irlrs JVtcrs until lis km ihif mm I usually tal Uut a. m. I'it 1 1 trrt rt in i L. (. wiartwa avtHA I 5T NOW MCK '60 j.

Vtui.t'!l 1 r.n's Wi Iik-v.) iy Ui-if rt 1 i Unh c.irt lliftnikhoiil liir 'i i'i. The r.i!;.r iiM.iT t-i-l. K'r. "Aw nuts, tnori snow it rrr crul." Tliat'. M-ntirncnt c.f Jim Alii.rn.

r.amminton riik'iniTrin ili p.ii tmcnt who kittliil snow at Main ani Washink'toii t-tm l-i Wiilm vl.iy morning. Big Snow Provides Stack Of Fuel for Fireside Tales jTI, 111,11 1 I lliH'N -t Mliil Iluit li ii. tilt virtr tTrn r'' i'" n' jinittitp hi it frjiiiU 'whi-r In i' A Public Srrtice by Your lltlpful Tlx I tin-Hi ul 1' iir hoii-il up at fr f'mr' 1 liit Ur A i. I i.f .1 h'f; ir nnjilnw li hi. nil mil pn-lwiilv I fin I (,,, nv-trli Tlii may I' "ni lio tinij l-ir ir.nri tt 1-ul "r- S'nrm.

whi li durrspi 7 'i iix fics of simw thf Twin a. m. Wiilnrvl.iy. will rtvl tonight. Iw tonight will Iv aU.ut IS di-nts with a low of 12 forecast for Thursday fright.

'm DcnPLES BANK. luran a fur Ihnn for K' l-if. Ilu- i'i dnfN cm limili" IW in Itif In cmi. n'i VI imlm i.f a Jtnl of rtnpimrc 5. Iv I Hie oft! V) ti h-t.

I H'V I't ll -'lt I'll ') I rut in l'Hw I Inl il lit l-u i iui'l S. rir t.nt H.Hi-'iil I'ii trrMir in Iji s.i hi. a' Hi' I OH i- hoiN urie rl-itl III Ot i i i'i aliev. M. Itk.i.

IHifl-wer. mi Ii -ni1ti I'H-n Funk 1 1 l.i i. v. i i'; li I'miu'i Pluit if," hullie Ul-tC lllvl 111 IiImIiIv MW luttl'l 111 1'i uinwl.lll t.l li Kt III- lilt mm fl lV mthl n. WHiitmU) M.iiixl Hi Hrlm k.

UP Ml.tAf.tIt I hi fit! 1 mm 1 Heavy Snowfall Curbs n.nrnm.. arrn I amotu' tin m. I "Tnr ihirm nl U.d oU day lo Umvrl mil hrt lmr.vy it in tv.rH.n,. in I hod of IN- rar that he cvutd niakc it lo hoik cm Nw. i.

i i-. K'. in iilam tVMld. lime. h.ivr Urn i'h Xi Im h.

iiWr IT' V. i intn uti' olfrr In Kt thr Ho ami lfird a ho h.n- of Activity in Twin Cities iit. m. Mm-. nht In Morton', r.ty jn.l.

Fic rist hmir. Toni hi. ihn. Min. Vmd rcMM-nle ri.ul rt All iiilivitle ul Hie!'in lahl in Wane Cmnty, Mnh, in rv1iwi Iii iii tmnt which TVy Ii ft tliP C.HrtT-"H..r plant but iih.d Inl.

vie r.f tied Uc und utepi mto h. car. It 1I. Kl U.Vj p. m.

Turml.iy. They mere offrr from MorMn lice." of MAI. Dltll Sue many I ani'iiiM mo lio.itd oimmitii-e nm wi.l give p.inn.i a Avrnz Iho win Cities. January ihtTiugh n''n Thurs.l.iy niKht, p.stmM its Broken Leg Puis eemlier. is 23 7 im-hr.'s III Many Twin (My ac nie ting unU March .1 Ucatiso inchis of snow has InpiMti tliat av- to rrimrts nt noon, we weather. WJBC Radio Broadcast TONIGHT of Itcnton S.Tice of TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH erage. Img wheduLil activities tiv iw mm.y Baskeiball ran In fact, if you're I-tOong for a niht Among th. were the S- c-irruu liUMrvsn N-rvicr nircung. hi-rral reconl.

the Ci.Si Inches ITt sl.M.-nan Chun and Nor- ''-'d Thiirnl iy mgtit. ias can- li.ri-ivl in Iho flint month thit 1.lh,livt A Cfl'-d etlllrsilay. TEMPERATURE EXTREMES for tht wttk tnding March 12 HIGH 39 IOW 3 PEOPLES OF BLOOMINGTON MtmtMl IDIC jrnr has already topiied the nr. Ti -ni' t.uthi ran wrvice will bej Put the Mclean County Mental ord annual snmnfall ot 43 Oj inch-' broadcast. Health plan lo li ei.

set in 1901. I A liloominglon Normal Iwmo. its mooting tonight. snnt Down for Finals 3nf IjitfrrtV. 40 year old Bin HERE'S PROOF-THIS WEATHER'S FOR BIRDS Who says the snow Is good for somcthin'? Pigeons, that's who.

Mr-mbors of the Public Buildings Committee of the Board of Supervisors and representatives of the Bloominglon Association of Commerce were to have met Friday to further plans for trapping pigeons who insist on roosting on downtown buildings. Heavy snow made it look difficult lor rural upcrvisor members of the committee to get to Bloomington. The committee will meet later. Thaw ing not in during the Neighhorti.Mid Club mooting, or no snow. 7:30 TO 8:30 P.

M. Topic by Tailor LiitiWonian 'Wirr Vim Thorp Wlii-n Hi Accused Listen Over WJBC I in uy miiiiis tnr in -v tmlav for the most rati. Al- ington barlM-r and enthusiastic fan hi)n )hp teheiluled tonik'ht, was postponed a Tv of high school basketball, sulfered llinih imo 1 llie Mi U-an Coun-y tlep.ib. slon a fractured loft log Tuesday eve- from an jm. 21 de- liean Women board mooting nmg while helping push a ear ooism wat rrtiorloil as Ivinc piwt Thn ntlioiul Twin Cltv for toniL-ht wan also rani-olod.

tairlv hmh. St. rat rick Thp Twan Cltv for tonuiht was also canceled. 'fair! sturk In snow following the super FOR A LIMITED TIME AT KECK FURNITURE sectional gime at Peoria. Mr.

Diferty was a pat.seru.-er in (he rar driven by Dr Knrd Frost. BloominKton The ear had Income Mailed at Deer Creek on Route 1 The two men. alonj with V. n.iMini and hd Illinois Matp Normal University footlinll See the 1J- 9 12 Rug Included In This 8 Pc. Sofa Bed YELLOW PAGES '1 coach, were returning from the Ot-taua-Pckin game at Peoria.

After the ear became stalled, the three passengers got Mr. Laffcrty's leg was broken above the knee as he was pushing at the rear of the car. Dr. Frost took him to St. Joseph's Hospital, where the leg was to be set Wednesday afternoon.

Mr. Lafferty lives at- 503 E. Grove St. Evergreens Endangered By Snows Disgruntled snow-shovelers had better check their everpTens. a landscape expert warned today.

Many upright evergreen shrubs are staKcrnnft under a heavy load of snow. If it isn't removed, branches may snap, warns W. H. Nelson University of Illinois landscape extension specialist. Nelson suggests shaking the brandies or "swecpini;" them with a broom.

In some cases homeowners may have to gently shovel the snow off the branches. Drifts have buried low, ground-clinging evergreens in many areas. Since these shrubs are close to the ground anyway, their branches should hold up, Nelson concludes. FT5 WfcV I Room Group Charge account purchases account lor 59 per cent of department store sales. Department store sales In U.S.

are up 9 per 'V cent for the first six months of 1959. Bv far the greatest share S'-fet. a is placed in daily newspapers. ls- -T-: WIT) YOUR EYES Jailed, Fined $100 by DR SCHRENZEL Oplomtlriit For Drunk Driving Donald Bangs, 49, Wilmette, HeH tt ii i 1 1 Wednesday in sos n. mainbhi County Court to a charge of drunken driving.

ARE MORE PEOPLE WEARING GLASSES? Have you looked around recently and noticed how many of your friends and family wear glasses? Don't think for ri tTTs MouTH'S He was sentenced to two flays in the county jail and fined $100 by County Judge Robert C. Under Only At Value Giving KECK FURNITURE wood. j'j i 1 1 1 1 1 1, i i I i rw a moment m.mmwm Bangs was arresled Tuesday by Slate Police on Route 24 in Grid-ley. EASY PAYMENTS at Keek's Pay at Keek's No Finance Co. Buy UUIl.

UU (lit mistaken because there are more people with eye trouble today than there were fifty years ago. The reason for this is not lltnf ii'A oro Also Included Are: 2 STEP TABLES COFFEE TABLE 2 TABLE LAMPS Nylon and Viscose Frieze Upholstering in this 8 PIECE FREE DELIVERY! MEMORIAL HOME 1104 N. MAIN ST. jpl DIAL 2-S565 ilk Jy fr' 11 flinspach-Kurth 'r. FUNERAL SERVICE 5 jgaklilMU IHIIW III al abusing our Dr.

Schrenzel eyes, but the work of more people today is highly specialized. There are thousands of young people in schools this year who by using their eyes to study and learn put added strain on muscles that can't carry the load without the help of glasses. Men in factories have to see what they are do-in? to do their work properly with a high degree of safety. There are more recreations today that require keener eyesight. When you go to the movies or watch TV, you want to see the screen, when you go for a drive, you want to see the countryside, and of course, read your favorite newspaper.

Your eyesight is a valuable asset that is usually taken for granted. Guard your eyes as you would your most priceless possessions. Have your eyes examined at regular intervals. See. Dr.

Schrenzel. Read Dr. Schrenzel Column Every Wednesday on "Your Eyes" Probably the most outsfandiiiR buy seen this season. You get a heavy felt and foam topper on both the matchins chair and sofa bed plus a full, room size 9x12 rug plus 3 tables and 2 tabic lamps all at one low price of Limited time offer so buy this now and really save big money. SOFA IJhl) HAS LARGE BEDDING DOX 0 KWoUpiLq I 0 7 II LEE LMEIS, OWNER (J 507-5H NORTH MAIN STREET! Complete Farm News, Slock Markets in The Pantagraph 505 N.


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