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Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California • 1

Long Beach, California
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i-f'i Vi: It- it "i i -a" 'J'i-- le 4 Others Fined in Huntina Case Ll 1 i 1 11 LONG QEACH WORLD COVERAGE i A Airphoto HOME EDITION (Four Editions Dairy) errant Associated Press Press Special Writers LONG BEACH 12 CALIF SATURDAY JANUARY 3 1948 TELEPHONE 6-9066 FtJimd VOL LX NO 337 PRICE FIVE CENTS POLICE 1 HALTS SUSPECT Frank Morgan mm Wmw Mm tsb i ra i BSk iii caj29 PI KM I 111 I HE'4' -r --41 si HwV' '''3aaji" -HH ti Hr p1JlKl Off rair brazen Gamble Fails Brown Also Assessed Too Many Ducks Cost Fliers Die in Plane Fire i i Ml- rrTWO Long Beach fliers one an instructor and the other a JL student were killed last night as their light training plane crashed and burned on the east bank of the San Gabriel River 500 yards south of Spring St The dead are Tesley King 27 of 545 Truman Boyd Manor instructor and Charles Green 28 of 520 Havana Ave student Both bodies were taken to the Norwalk Funeral Hnrm inLBflolduD Mi 4 ill Film Players $200 Hunter Pays $50 Clyde Schlieper co-owner of BAKERSFILLD Jan (UP) Hollywood star Clark POLICE GUNS 1AJUC TO HALT BANDIT Two mn souglfl for hours following tfi holdup of a Long Booch liquor ibrij (' capturod oarly today near Anahoim St and Gladys Awauoflis? polica shotgun Majli'' shaHorod tho ttfli of tha night Abova ara shown tha captors and suspects immediately after the shooting From left to right era Patrolman Armrtage Sgt Howard Sweat tha two captives Clifford Norton and Harlan Olson Patrolman Harold Burnet and Patrolman (Photos by Harold Munson) Aircraft Associates in whose plane the two men were flying Gable comedian Frank Mor Montanans Pese as Liquor-shoppers When Officers Walk In Two c'ojbl fast-thinking young bandit suspects lost eV desperate gamble last night because a Long Beach police officer decided to have another look The pair Identified by police as Clifford Norton 25 of Kalispell Mont and Harlan Olson 25 of Libby Mont assert-edly walked into a liquor store said that King and Green had gan western picture Johnny Mack Brown and pro ducer Dull of Metro Goldwyn-Mayer pleaded guilty taken off from the airport at 6 for a night cross-country flight part of the flying course Apparently there were no witnesses to the actual crash Capt ancer here today through an attorney Stalin tii Sik H2I af Ti 4 (IssM "4Bk I nBfc ntt Ve Cm I I n9 3P 0 mP I CI Pp! ill sr in VsncSf Hslf to game law violations and paid Sewell Griggers head of the Los Angeles County aero squadron WOO fines The four men with two others at 2826 Anaheim St shortly said that the cause was not immediately discernable that it would be necessary to make a thorough investigation today by daylight Meat Rationing Legislation Due in Congress Soon WASHINGTON Jan 3 UP Sen Flanders (R-Vt) said today he wfU introduce legislation shortly setting up meat rationing machinery be! pn't into operation by Congress If a serious shortage develops Flanders said in an interview that a bill he is drafting would authorize the Agriculture Department to go ahead with plans'ior meat rationing Congress then at any time could pass a measure putting the program into effect the Senator said Flanders said his bill which he were cited near here last Saturday by District Game Warden Les Arnold for having more than Two witnesses Morris Troch nf IT SnHner St j- A In before midnight andf informed the lone clerk Charles Chaffee 55 of 630 Grand Ave that the place was being held up "Keep your hands down said one of the men "and give me Mystery Call the legal number of ducks (four) in their possession mffos and Chester Birt 29 3757 Ir Francisco St Hawaiian Gardens -1 rrr Sbyevenue Mw listed as Speculators jWlflNGTON Jan 3 (U PK ThJt Senate appropriations committee revealed today tho SB) Internal Revenue field loyfes aorae of them agents in change 'of New York and TuUa Okla offices have been 'WKfBJUpafji in fcoiiswodiljr mor- jih fix names were furnlaheo the oortimittee by Treasury Sec told Norwalk sheriff's Investi Altering paying the total $800 Attorney Michael Cohen M-G-M lawyer said that was only part the money STOCKHOLM Jan 3 AyP) Prof EKs Berven Swedish cancer specialist Micl gators Behgston and Flouton that they had not seen the plane hit the ground but that before the crash they heard the plane making screaming noise fTtHE SEASON'S worst atorm which left a crippling cover of 'A' fen nnd mow over the eneCntn hnlf of the country aindl out td3n yn Only a few light snow flurries in Maine remained of the tempest which silenced communications halted businesa arc industry and disrupted transportation in communities from the Panhandle to the North Atlantic seaboard of the cjst of the hunting incident 'This whole thing has cost radiologist left by plane today They rifled the casn register taking approximately $75 then forced Chaffee to step rrrtoa back room just as Radio Officers Shaw and L-Welch drove up Sensing that all was not well Shaw went into the store to invest igateji as though in a power dive The engine coughed a couple of times M-G-M a million dollars in bad i ii -fl i tl 4 ml they said publicity" he said Cohen reported letters have poured in from The fire and crash truck sta The section east of the Appala all over the country since the chians faced a week end of clear tioned at the Municipal Airport were dispatched to the scene news of Gable's citation was plans to introduce shortly after Congress reconvenes next Tuesday will make no provision for price control He said it will aim at holding meat prices in line by strict regulation of the number Marines Sailing Greens body later was re made public last Tuesday The fines were levied by Jus moved to the Coon Funeral ing weather but several days of considerable cloudiness were in prospect for the Great Lakes or ration coupons in circulation tlce Frank Noriega A court clerk said Charles Moist of Long Home Surviving him are his mother Katherine Gilbert and stepfather A Gilbert both to Bolster force retary yFohn Snyder alter a survey made of all field employes jis requested by committee members secretary mt Agriculture An derson predicted last night that Americans Will be asking for Beach cited at the same time earlier paid a $50 fine Don for Moscow for consultation on a serious cancer "I cannot tell you who my patient Is because I don't know myself yet" Dr Berven told news men He received a cabled request from "the Russian authorities" The Stockholm press without citing any authority speculated that Dr Berven's patient might be Prime Minister Stalin Mrs Berven said her husband had-no idea how long he might be in Moscow She added that his assistance had been requested "not for an operation but only for consultation" Dr Berven 62 is chief physician of the Stockholm Radium Hospital Before the war a Swedish brain of the Havana Ave address and region Temperatures mild enough to soften the snow but not warm enough to melt it were predicted for the storm belt over the week end No further rain or snow Warner the sixth member of the a brother Walter Green 2100 Golden Ave I'LL TAKE THIS' One olTthe bandits came out of the rear room coolly selected two bottles of liquor and said: "I'll take this who's going to wait on me! The bandit guarding Chaffee In the rear room prodded the clerk with a gun which he kept in his coat pocket "Act like we're customers" he told Chaffee Chaffee stepped Into the outer room and In answer to a question by Officer Shaw said these men are customers Everything is okayy The bandit in the front room selected two cigars and paid for them with monev which he had meat rationing by spring Forecasting a meat shortage in this country in a radio talk last The body of King later was re Earlier Sny6er had reported that no upper bracket employes party had not yet appeared in court Gable a crack shot originally was charged with possessing 25 moved to the Patterson Snively was in sight however Mortuary mght Anderson said he believes the people will demand rationing Company officials in co-opera oy spring i-iowever he cautioned that such a Drocrram rrftHt In Indiana two days of heavy rains brought the threat of floods on the Wabash and White Rivers Six families were evacuated in Anderson Highways in the path of the ducks but after a conference between Cohen and the court It was acknowledged" that there had been a mix-up and that he had only six and the additional have "a general voluntary accept- tion with local A A authorities this morning were investigating the accident the first tragedy of the Aircraft Asso -iVi-' in Mediterranean WASHINGTON Jan A group of Marines whose number the Navy declines to disclose will sail next Tuesday to strengthen forces aboard the aircraft carrier Midway three light cruisers and ten destroyers now stationed in the Mediterranean sea The cruiser Little Rock and two of the destroyers are based at ports in Greece which this country has been trying to bolster amtr lu uc Will I Hill III ciates flying school since its es just taken from the store's cash storm remained hazardous fflnsl ice continued to strain trees and tablishment in 1934 ducks belonged to another actor who left before Arnold made the arrests last Sunday at a private club seven miles south of Bak- surgeon Prof Herbert Olive-crona was called to -Moscow for consultation under similar cir overhead wires VI LEAST 10 DEAD Gov Herbert of Ohio register POLICE RETURN Still suspicious Shaw and Welch parked their radio car around the corner and returned to-the store The bandits had ersfield The storm brought death to at cumstances Later it developed tpnt he had performed an operation on a high Soviet official Weds in Indiana Brown former Alabama foot least 16 persons in the New England states and the New York Rescue Ships Unable to Aid Vessel Aground KODIAK Alaska Jan 3 OLE) Ominous radio silence today aroused feaflro' naval officials that the motorshlp Spencer aground on the shores of Sheli-koff Straits north of Kodiak had INDIANAPOLIS Ind Jan 3 ball star pleaded guilty to possessing 12 ducks Dull 13 apd gone Chaffee told' the officers of the fTTeaury Department in Wamn4'ton including the Bureau of InteTl Revenue were involved li speculation The Ut included Raymond dams described as agent In charge bf the Internal Revenue office af New Torn and Charles GidRfon agent in charge of the Tufia office The ry port covered the period from Jhiv 1946 to Dec 11 1T The committee did not reveal the typfc Or a-nounr of commodities any held Also sted were: Wilfotjd' Ahsher University City Mf-: Julius A Kuzminskl Cmcagof Chiirlton A Pope Wilmington and Duke Trex-ler Savannah Ga The itest disclobures were made as-Senatr investigators subpoenaed i brokerage records of the grain an) comrroditv speculations of Brig Gen Wallace Graham jf Gov Thomas Herbert of metropolitan area Other fatali then that the men had held him ud The officers notified head against Communist encroach ties attributed to it were reported In the midwest region Hans Olov Berven 20-year-old son of the Swedish specialist said the sudden call of his father to Moscow was "fantastically mysterious for him and for us" He said the cable from Mos Morgan id Anti-inflation Ohio and Mildred Helen Stevenson his Indianapolis fiancee were married today before members of their immediate families Property damage was expected to total millions of dollars quarters and a number of police were staked out In the area of the store Shaw and Welch started in pursuit of the bandits but tempo- rarllv Inst th trail ianihll Hundreds of communities re Group Selected cow came on Dec 31 and that it was signed by four Soviet physi ment The other craft are in Italian waters The only clue to the size of the Marine force given In the Navy announcement last night Wfsf that the men all from the and a small group of friends Governor and Mrs Herbert planned to leave by private plane for Miami Fla WASHINGTON Jan 3 UE cians who had visited Stockholm and Dr Berven's laboratories at main without telephone or light service which was disrupted by the snapping of wires from the weight of Ice 6r from the strong winds which accompanied the Sgt Sweet making a rou Governor and Mrs Gates of Indiana were among the guests tine patrol noticed a ltHZ buick (Continued on Page A-8 Col 2) storm The break in power lines Second Division will make the trip on a "normal size transport of 12000 to 15000 tons fully the radium hospital early In December The Soviet consulate promptly issued a Russian visa Asked whether the cable contained any information as to the patient young Berven replied "nothing whatsoever" President Truman today Issued an executive order delegating responsibility for administering the Republican Anti-lnfiation Act Responsibility was assigned to Secretary of Interior A Krug Secretary of Agriculture Clinton Anderson Secretary of Commerce Averell Harriman At ien tnousands without heat or cooking facilities Railroad motor and Dlan travel wn riismnt Tax-cutting IT'S BARGAIN physician to President ed but is attuning to near nor Droken up and sunk The vessel was believed to be carrying four crewmen She radioed distress calls yesterday stating that she was aground and being pounded by giant waves' The Coast Guard cutter Clover andT'the Navy tug Mataco were dispatched from Kodiak to the stricken vessel's aid However giant waves washed over the rescue I s' superstructures and froze in the subfreezlng weather forcing them to seek shelter The Nvy said that It was impossible to aid the grounded ship under present weather conditions Hunt for Missing mal in many midwest cities Edumlw Pauley Informed the Bill Given New Ydtk City hit bv the ice Senate mmmlttee that records of BANDIT FOILED storm escaped a heavy snowfall loaded" They will leave from Morehead City The men are being sent 'thf: Navy said for shipboard training and to "restore the total personnel on board to approximately the normal over-all complement" of the carriers and three his personal commotit -specula frsynai co tions wifi be given it later today be gl (Continued on Page A-8 Col 2) Rush Order Mystery fat Gadget on Sale $45 biy torney General Tom Clark and Defense Transportation Director Johnson Flood Warnings in Switzerland GENEVA Jan 3 trP) Flood warnings were sounded throughout Switzerland today Unseasonably warm weather caused snows to melt even at 6000 feet Assem i cruisers Carriers in the Midway class normally carry 2200 men lnclud- WASHINGTON Jan 3 CSt A quickie tax-cutting bill and a short-term foreign aid measure were marked for first attention in the House as Republican leaders today laid plans for the new session of Congress i-v 100 Marines and cruiser? Girl Nation-wide MERCH ANTVILLE Jan 1000 men of whom 50 are Marines However the Navy said Amer Speaker Joseph Martin Jr 3 4GE) A nation-wide police alarm Woman Dies 75 Flee Fire 1 SAN FRANCISCO Jan 3 till A woman was burned to death and 75 persons were routed when a two-alarm fire swept through an apartment house at 555 Eddy St early today The victim was Identified as Mrs Maude Sheritt 65 It was believed the fire started in her apartment but the cause was not delermlnd Twelve occupants including an invalid Mrs Dorothy Clark 59 were carried down a ladder by firemen ican Navy ships have been under manned for some time apparent-far -C hint that it would take more than the ordinary number ol was broadcast today for Barbara Virginia Berry 18 a pretty student who disappeared New Year's Eve after telling her ir-ents she was going ta a party in the fancy Philadelphia suburb of Drexel Hill' Pa The girl's father Lloyd Ber Marines to bring the four ships up to their normal over-all Bartender Swung Ballbat Twice Inyader Fled BERKELEY Jan 3 JP A two-gun bandit proved no match last night for a bat-swinging bartender The gunman entered John Bouzout's Fore-and-Aft Cafe and ordered a beer His hands' went into his pockets and each came out aiming an automatic pistol "Thki Is a stlckup" the man said The hell It is" said 57-year-old Bouzout and he came up swinging a baseball bat he had grabbed from under the bar The first swing knocked one pistol from the gunman's hand The robber fired graz-infr Bouzout's forearm He swung again and the other pistol was knocked spinning across the tavern The bandit raced for the door and escaped in an automobile Spectators got the license number and Oakland police later picked up a man for questioning The Navy turned aside questions whether it has plans to JWwiijian 'j PABW jttLsJ The National Ahaembly upheld Premier Robert iiuman today against a eombineC Communisi-De Gaulllst nttempt to modify the anti-infla-'tion biiupon which he staked ius government The vote was 322 to 2fi? The vite came on a proposed nmendmt'nt to an article in the 125 franc $1 OfiOnOO flOOt sav-the-franc ttx bill dealing with i taxation of small shop keepers iind craftsmen Sc a Immediately announced -be was asking a vote of ecmfidentf on five other amend stents and declared he would resign If tie Utter? was not adopt send additional Marines or ships ry said he saw his daughter off at a Philadelphia subwav station Wednesday afternoon but later learned she had not reached her to the Mediterranean later DALLAS Jan 3 There's an electrical gadget on sale at an Army surplus goods store here the price is $45 but no one knows what it flfc Store Owner Chester Kllng-man purchased it from the Army Medical Corps The corps had paid $900 for it but they didn't know what It was Neither did the manufacturer whom Klingman wrote "We don't know what It is a reply said "The Army asked for it and gave us a plan for making It" Several physicians were stumped 7 One commented: "It might have been intended for use in cauterizing wounds but you could never cauterize a wound with It" So Kllhgman has set the price at $45 "The electric mo- tor and generator are worth that" he sale of Massachusetts coupled those two Items with rent control ex tension and federal budget reduction as part of the early must program for the legislators convening Tuesday He said that he expects the House to pass a tax reduction bill this month just to let the White House know what Is on the way There are no plans for such rapid action in the Senate where some Republicans and many Democrats favor delaying legislation until the federal fiscal picture is clearer Martin said that he has no particular measure in mind but Chairman KnUtson (R-Minn) of the1 House ways and means com mlttee has ready a bill to Cttt News High Lights Long Beoch-Los Angeles Harbor shipping shows heavy increase Page A4i Command changed on two cruisers in Long Beach Harbor Poge A-3 Long Beach bank deposits for year increase Page A-3 Off the teletype Morshall aid plan doomed House Republican says A-2 Budget problems snarl Republican plans A-2 I strike ends in -8 WHERE TO FIND IT Comics Page B-8 Local News Page A-3 Radio Pane 8-li'-f Shipping Table Page A-8 Sports Pages A -6 and A-7 Theaters Pages B-l B-2 B-f II Ambossado friend's home in Drexel Hill He said she carried two suitcases containing phonograph records a Arrives of Rangoon clarinet and her evening clothes RANGOON Burma Jan 3 Up Berry said he believed his Edwin Stanton United States White House Moil 'Really Astonishing' WASHINGTON Jan 3 The volume of White House mall during 1947 was described by a Presidential aid today as "really astonishing" He aaid It consisted of 862R70 incoming letters and 908345 cards Tn addition there were 124561 telegrams or an average ot 1422 telegrams every hour daughter may have gone to Cali ambassador to Siam accompanied by high ranking Army and fornia He said she was unhappy naval 'Mcers arrived today about returning to classes at State Teachers College New mm Intact as he submitted it from Bangkok as chief American Brunswick and recently $5600000000 off the present tax had cashed a $100 war savings load and knock an estimated under Assembly rules uws representative at Burmese Inde postpone further voting until pendence celebrations to com Moncya mpfire tomorrow bond 7400000 persons off the rolls.

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