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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois • Page 2

The Pantagraphi
Bloomington, Illinois
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UWPRECEDEMTED ROBINSON. LOOMINGTON DAILY PANTAGRAPH. In 1U assertion that "anybody, not a mean politician, cannot but know thai polygamy In Utah is rapidly dviM out; and that if left to tbe Influence of Ing erected on tbe West Side. The passenger and freight depot of the Fort Wayne railroad were for a time in great danger, but were saved by great exertion. Lateb -Later accounts reduce the lose by this fire to $300,000, and report one life lost, Mrs.

Margaret Hadley, burned to death in her bouse on Jackson street. W. O. 1A Proprietor TKBMS. 20 cent a week, $10 00 per annum.

we.k.y;::;::."'.'." Alllette'ra'ini communtojtlone should be ad- 0 Bloomlngton, HI. EUYVAKD R. HOE, Editor. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1871 REDUCTION IN miCES AT Merrick's Dry Goods Store, TO REDUCE STOCK PREPARATORY TO REMOVAL TO A NEW STORE. A LARGE.

STOCK OF Dress Goods. Rich Black Silks, and Silk and Wool Poplins, i Will 1.0 oiTcrcJ at prices regardless of cost or real valur. A complete as- sortnient of Black Alpacas, Shawls, Waterproof Cloths and Flannels, (bought previous to the late advance in woolens) ftt the LOW prices. 4-All of which will be sold at corresponding low figures. Also, a handsome lino of JUST OPENED AT J.



CUICAOOl To enable our reader more fully to comprehend the calamity which has overwhelmed we giye a general description of the city. Chicago lies along the wes'erul aUff of Lake Michigan, which has a gene ra course little west of north. The north and sonth branches of Chicago river, flowing respectively from the north and south, nearly parallel with the Lake Shore, uuita in nearly the heart of the city, and the" main river thus formed, Hows nearly due east Into the Lake. The city Is thus Dutui ally divided iuto three parts, the-Soutb Side," extending south of the mailt river, bety the South Branch I Hid 'rfflrlli Side," north of OUR FALL STOCK OF the main river and between the North BrSncb ndthe Lake; and the "West Side," lying west of the two branches of the river. The "South side" Included the richest and most beautiful part of the cily, ami the part which was best kuowu to occasional visitors.

Ilere were located the Court -House, Tost Office, hotels, bauks, newspaper offloos, law offices, libraries, and tlioe wonderful rows and blocks ol palace-like business ediBces which were the pride of Chicago and the HATS AND CAPS, wonder of strangers. In this part of the city, beginning at the malu rivet and proceediag south to the limits of the fire, the main streets rimniim East aud West are: Water, Lake, IS WOW COMPLETE. Randolph, Washington. Madlsoo, Mouroe, A CLOSE AND CAREFUL EXAMINATION OK Styles, Quality and Prices of Goods JS SOL CITED. Aiim Jackson, Van Huron, Harrison, Tolk, Taylor, Twelfth aud the chief streets run" Ding North and South are Michigan avenue, (on the banlcxf the lake) U'abasb avenue, State, Dearborn, Clark, LaSalle, Wells, Franklin and Market streets which bring us to the Sjulh.branch of the river.

All this part of "the city appears to be destroyed. On the "North Mile most ol the stieeU already mentioned as running north and sou.b, continue their course for some miles northward, and are crossed from east to west by Kiuiie, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Ontario, Erie, Huron and Superior streets, Chicago avenue, and a long series of streets still northward. Here were multitude of dwellings, and many business homes also, mostly much Inferior to those of the South Side. The water work were on the lake hors at the foot of Chicago avenue. All this put of tho city also, to a distance far north of the paint to which we have enumerated the streets, Is, as it seems, In ashes.

On the "West Side," the main street already named as running east and wett through the "South Side," continue Indefinitely westward, aud are crossed from north to soulh by Beach (a short street), Canal, Clinton, JelTerson, Des l'lalnes and DEWENTER KREITZER, We are now prepared to make CONTRACTS FOR COAL, For future or present delivery at the lowest prloei DuQuoin, Vermillion, Bloomington, Pittsburg, Blossburg, and Anthracite, all Sizes. A full and complete assortment of all kinds of BUILDING LUMBER, as Pino fink. Pnninr Ash and Walnut, Shingles, Pickets, Lath, Doors, Sash, itiimitt. (I'lncnt.

Plaster fans, Plastering Hair and all kinds of BUILDING PAPER, tjuch as SJJEATIHXO no AUD, Tit 11 1 lHHiFim DO A HD "and CAS1JJST FKLT, New York Salt, Fine, Coarse and 1 Dairy. a nt tiip ni.nvA in small nuantitUs or in car load lots. Highest market price paid for Gr EAIN, we furnish men to Unload It. Office, Yards ii UnrchiiLine on Kat drove Street, taut or Illinois Central Ksilroad Depot. KRTJM ROBINSON KIRKENDALL, PIERPONT CO.

A CLOSING OUT A Line of Embroidered Corsets at $1.00 Worth $2.50. EXAMINE THEM. Th)' are hIco rrcoivintr a anrtmeiit til SILK PLUSHES AM) DRESS GOODS. A LARUE LOT UK Blankets, Very Low. THE FINEST ASSORTMENT OF BLACK ALPACAS y.VEH snows is rin: city.

A Fine Colored Alpaca at 20 Cents Double Fold. it) JaiW7 11C3 North Main Street, iiioimiMnox. Illinois. AT TIIK QUAKER STORE Ton caa buy Moods as cheep a at anjr house la tbe oil j. The BEST GOODS ONLY Are found there.

Foreign and IVimeetle Fruits. to sit VKiir.rAiu.Ki luii.r. CorTeo grnend fre.b ewrv ilajr In thai new mill the A.hlev Mou, 11-4 O. M. CAMP, WILLIAMS' EXTRACT JAMAICA 0IN0ER Cures Colds, Cholera Morbus, lr.pfp.l and Headache.

Mekee a Delldoue lirink. Hold bv lrnggl'W and llrotere, and al th. r'vergrera CHv more, rm Ninwt, Soaib A.m.; Block, Ibv Ming hnitie, In sen, or Uroan. iJ'S-'Um i EMPIRE MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMP'Y To. Ui'J TJroatlwnj', NEW YORK.


I KMI KL II. AIEKS. Arluary. HON-. Ill KIM.

I'rcs'l. TIKIS. K. MOK V. M.

0., Kt'dlcal llim'r. MIOtV (K0HT. M-m'tury. KVtKKTT tlU'V, Knpt. Of Agflclfi.

Manufacturing Company SKAT KBOOCriON IN Aerionltnral Implements. Wo ate now 0 llerlsg ourj Improved Mower amlJKeaper At prices and on terms to meet the demands of .71. ill It to the interest naru times. to call aud examine our Combined Mower anil Dropper. Also our Ten-foot Reai'ers, Cultivators, Lani? Kollors, Fanning- Mills, tie.

READTHIS 11 i.a anil lirAirailoria A nnr wHak-minded coiuutjtiiors, we bt tf leave to rinounce that Wo Still Exist, Anil that we are still able to grapple with any Un tiiHia to excel our ordinary, evory-d'ay photouraphlo productions. WE CHALLENGE ANY ONE To bring their work In competition with ours for Artistic Workmanship. wM nut bAn on hand a larne stock of im ported pictures for specimens, but show our own work-that which we can duplicate at anytime on shortost notice. Our roome are cosrentently arcl pleasantly located, and our facilities lor producing all the MODEItN rOITLAlt STYLES or -PICTTJIIES! Are not eicelled In the city. We guarantee all oar work to be strictly nri-cia, aim make a sueclalty of Beilln Photos, llcmbrandt, or bhadows, Porcelains, Medallions Cartel de VMte, Ambroljpes, thromoljpes, Opalotypcs, and GEMS BY THE MILLION! Our neastlYMiare all artistically and elegantly rnteui-hrd berore printing, gllng the niiunun picture tueappearauce of the Uutsst steel eugrav-Inir.

Old Pictures Copied In the Finest Style MILLER TANKERSLEi, North of the Court House. WAR CLOSED Palace of Music. G. AV. STROP Is selling the IIAt.hKTT A DAVIS riano Siuare and Square Crand, AND Smith's American Organ, At KKIirc'KO PBlCKrt.

Every Piano warranted wueu sold. KatiMactlon guarsiiteed la rub. Old Pianos taken In eschange for new ones at I'kii ik. Hiiitlh Mlit Alilv Hon'' lllwlt. HOLDER, MII.NER (0., Htmlh Bldt Court lliwr, Bwerpttakes Threshers, tIJrr Mills, Fred llnllrrs snit Mills, Kline ('utters.

Home IUt fork, end Agtuullural Tool, and Mailnnrrr. all kiu.l., liulldliig llardaare, Muchaulcs' Touts, Stoves and Tinware. Tln Hoofing done to order and warrsnlnl lliid t'sge, Ire-crratii Krersere, Water Cook-re Uralu Tlie aud ttrwer 1'lpo. HOLDER, MILNER HLUOMINtlTON, II.U IM-d MONliV HI IT-rnr sight Is priceless, but tbe liauioul llpeclacle. will preserve It.

If yon vftlti yonr ft Might bm th irf(rt leniH, (rnunu irurn imuui rieti tl tugrvtUar. n1 rtrtv ihlr nm "iMttmnntr on tit or thrtr hritnwM tttiti lirillttn I ii. will ImI many voari wliliuut cbiict tun wrfntd iiptr1nr all other. Mennifwrf ur-t pt i. n.

hit.m F.H n. v. ccd 11 ln HfilMH tlstniDeil with ur tr4 vs mrk. Kor by ij Hetoittll Atrnt inrougnoiti im in ion. .1.

11 niri.i.i nil, jnw-ier nn ('piimn, jifout or hionminr Ington, from whota Uwf cftft vnly boMiu I. No rtilrt inlufU. octi-1 1 JETER, Ready-MadeCoffins, METAU.I0 AXU WOOD Bl'KIAI. CASKS, OP LATKST tiKSlUNS, MAIN STREET. Second I'eor North or Poelofflce, opposite VI- n.r.a Rlo.k.

eepri tie MERCHANT TAILORING ASHLEY HOUSE BLOCK, In mtta ooeupled by H. Rash, rMperiliilly Iniurms his customers Ibst he Jse rernrcl his Kail Nirlee of gou.le, which will be mt.le op to errtrr tn the moel approved elyle, I the Uiwe.1 cash figure tlTTISB D05KO5 SUOST S0T1CE. BO Y8 CLOTHING Made to order la the meet fMhlenaMe stt'e. will nlware keep na bend tho leioel style, for hoyt suite. Will he particular In havli.g ihena made up suit oueteuiers.

arplS-U and the Browing disaentions among the Mormons it would be extinct In a dozen years." Thousand 01 morai, women who are not "mean UMI Ulu wuw politicians," do not know that, though we think it Is true. Nor do we believe, with the Timts. that "none other than such a mean pol itician but knows that the forcible separation of these extra wives from their Husbands ana supporters would be a most Infamous tyranny Thousands of good people do not know this, though It 1 the truth. And thousands who are not "mean politicians," are so do-voted lo the extirpation of thi Mormon abomination that they cry out for that at all hazards, forgetting how the innocent and helpless will suffer with the guilty. But after all it is probable that the present effort of tbe courts to punish polygamy will be confined to a few of the guilty leaders; and If so, say let them be punished aud their families provided for.

i IU 1 kj- The Democratic organ in Jersey county say that "the Kade are trying to get rid of Guant by advocating 'the one-term a thing they never thought of when Lincoln run thiugs to suit them." Tbe Democrat is mistaken. Tbe very same fussy Republican who are now makiDg use of thi "one term" dodge mad the same oDjecuon to tlie renorainatlon of Mr. Lincoln, and for the same reason. They could offer no other plausible reason why he should nt be renominated, and so they fell upon that. Mr.

(iiiKKl.lcv and a few others afllicted with chronic faull-fiudiug, headed the cry then, aud the same men head it now, though none of tliem lu all their lives were known to be In favor of the succestful candidate. It ha been the life long fate of Mr. O11EM.EY to have advocated the candidate who was beaten, and to have opposed the successful one. it Is a good thing to have U. i.

In the opposition, as bis side never wins. 1 I E7The Jersey county Dtmucral recom-meuds to Its friends the nominee for Cou-gressinau-at-Lrge, by saying that Mr. Hay bas been for year an acknowledged leader of the Deiurrracy In the northern portion of the State vJeY'rvices In the last constitutional convention ami present Legislature have glyen him a reputation second to none in the Slate." The Democrat ought to know that it candidate has no other place In tbe pres ent Legislature than that of a lobby member. Whether a that position he has earned "a reputation second to none In the State," we leave for those who know him belter tli.iu the Dimocrnt doc to say. THE SATI'IIDA NltillT ClIICAtiO- riKK 1.1 An acre or Ham.

An immense fire occurred In Chicago on Sat urday night last, which although so lar eclipsed by the awful conflagration which followed it as to trifling by Comparison, was of Itself the greatest fire which bad visited the city In eleveu years, and destroyed millions of dollar wotth of properly, it appears to have broken out In Frank's beer lalonn, No South Canal Street, at or before ten o'clock on Saturday nibL At three and a half o'clock Sunday morning, Sunday Time reported the fire under complete coutrol, and further danger at an end. The four block bouuuea North by West Adams Street, fcast ny me Hrer rAoulh branch) West bv Clinton and South liv Weet Van Buren Siieet, were burn ed, except a row of buildings fronting on Van Buren Street, aud tke al Elevator on the orm-oaM comer of the burnt district, and a carriage factory and a few dwelliugs on the northwest corner of the sane, that Is, on the south sido of Adams street. All tho remainder of tin lare spai ems to have been swept clean. We tuak mura extract rrom tlie oiinuay rime The elty had not recovered from tbe terrible shock occasioned by tbe murder or Mr. Kdsall.BKKravaled by it midnight glooui and mystery, hen on last eveuliiK great eonllsnra-U011, audi as ha not ravaged the city since the great West Lake street lire in lWio, rayed in a perfect ocean of flam from Van Buren lo Adams street on Canal.

Throughout Ibis rvttlou has been always a great de.ot for coal and ItimlH-r. Million of lect of tlie latter and ruraiiUe bran of oal filled the yards, so thick ly 'rattvrtd along the river. Thi vast store of Tiiel and building material, hleh bad ticen in alu'liar and warm the bodies of human beings, wa swept witlijl he besom detrt1lon on last evening at on fell woon. I'n ain'clator In the distance, tbe hole of that prt of the West divlslou seemed to he in anerlect bell ol lire and moke. Tbe clouds of lurid flame, expiring In ureal matte of grav, that floated above llie a.vnc like a funeral pall, appeared extend for allies, aud bloUed out tuo whol relive lyavDiu.

A warm of hiiiiiineral.le sparks and masw of burning coals were burn through tlie air oil of tlie southwest wind that blew quite Idl the whole sky was tilled as with thick masses of llie, weeping widely alsve tbe hiiildiupi and falling in the streets for luor than a mil from Ibe of lh fierce con narration. Word utterly lall In painting lo th minds oflboe who war not prew'iu aiijuiiiig nav an adequate impn'sslou of the scene. It cau beet suggesied, however, by th simple statement that there was at least au acre of building, mostly tenement house and pUn-ing mill, and of coal and lumbar yards, 011 lire at the same lime during lb period when tbe eoiiilaffration was at It height. About 20 eu- imw (iiM-luiiv of the Habcock machints) ra on th roiind. dashing Incowant streams of water and chemicals Int lb teeth of tbe raging fires that swept along with Irresistible force ana tenacity.

eiy soon u-vura le to attempt to save lb buildings or uin'o-rial already 011 fire, and the problem Urame reduced to the aim Ol preventing um rn--from xu-udlng beyond. TL vast masses of Ignitetl cihU, Iniin wiucn namee enot up from an liable nvre. and huge iass of sparks whirled away aa thick as snow-llakea, made tlila p-cullariy aimciui. nui un men liHlglll Wit II as mucu omuuai mi uiu their tenacious uemy, and sucix't'ded least Is keeping Hi aggressive march of the Iron reaching tliat extent which It was leared by many It would reacli. In addition to the effort of the regular fir depart ment, a large minilier of tugs steamej up the river, aud, taking favorable positions cloeo to the bank, played lustily on the Dames, in spit of llies incessant attacks 00 tlie wlde-siiread fires, for a long lime it seem, an If they were gaining ground.

About th Auains sirtw ohukw m. 1 iw iw-wmui Tltswortli, hewever, dsi acroee in mini-lug bridge at full speed of the horse. Hie name were aireauy conuiieinniu oure riirliil. and the vert hair of th fit ing Iwrsa war burned oir, aa wer th whiskers of the firemen. '1 succeeded In taking favorable peitlon on tbe eatl id of llie bridge, aud played effectively on Um advancing lire.

At Imu on flre-eagine (the Long Jolin)WM aeiroya, aim ivre canal-boais, a also Kliouiier, wer burned on ibe river. Among th property destroyed wu'tbe lumber yard of bhwlll Son, Containing ovef 8,000,000 1' -el of lumber, worth a average ol tweuty-flv dollar per thousand, XT. ihnson'i and B. Holbrook' coal yards, on third of th wood work of Adam street bridge, many Uncmcnt bouats, and lb reel- I deuce of Mr, Kline, which was one of the old- cat bulldlnp In tbe city, being tbe first dwell- Treed bjr Bean. (From the OetreltFree Press, Oct 4 A man 25 years old, named Charles Tyrell, living in Springwells, came down on the steamer Ward yesterday afternoon from Algo-nac, having been hunting in that locality for the past two weeks, lit brought down with blm the skin of a fine black bear, and a pretty lively story goes with tbe relic.

Tyiell was stopping about four miles from Algonac, on tbe opposite side of the St. Clair river, boarding, or rather taking a meal now and then, with a farmer. Saturday last, late In tbe afternoon, he got trace of a black bear, running the animal into a swamp. It coming on dark, he concluded to wait til) morning before coming to closer quarters. When be reached this decision he had not seen the bear for about 15 minutes, having moved cautiously so as not to frighten the animal from the neighborhood.

Il as some distance in the swamp, and had lust made his wav to dryland when two bears 1 1: 1.. c. appeared upon ariuge 1101 nverous 111 um 00m. Somewhat excited, he leveled his riile and fired, and the next moment both liears were coming down upon him at full sjieed. I lie hunter saw that they meant business, each uttering tierce srowls.

and he dropiied his gun and dashed off at a two-forty gait. After running about 30 rods lie found that his revengefiU pursuers were going overtake him, and he caught hold of the limb of a small 011k tree, and swung his legs up just in time to save his hoots. The tree which Tyrell mounted was about a foot thick and lull or limns, Demg what fanners term a "scrub." After some difficulty he worked his way up about 15 feet, as high as tlie tree wouiu near mm, aim throUL'h the doom lie could discern the bears snuffing at the base of the tree. As lie expected, one of them was not long in attempting to secure a closer acquaintance. The animal got up about seven feet, and then the limits refused to let bim by.

Ho pawed, bit, and growled at a great rate, and In making a big eDort to push away trie limns, il 10 ine ground. Tyrell was about two miles rrom tno nouse, our, ne commenced shouting, hoping that some one might hear blm. Hit voice excited tue Dears, anu one of them was quickly up to the limbs again. This time he looked as if be would get clear up, aud the hunter struck a match and dropped It down on bruin's bead, frightening uim so that be went down the tree at a lively rate. The.

hunter had about a dozen matches with him, and every time th bears tarted to climb he would light one and let it fall, the trick never failing to stop their ascent. After a time they both seemed to go away, and the hunter carefully commenced to descend. He was just about to touch tbe mound when both the bears came charging at bim out of the darkness, and he had to go up again, one of his hoots being raked by claws before lie wat above tho limbs. Tbe animals made no further ellurts to climb the tree, but "toro around' for a full hour nt Its base, and hen their grow ls had ceased Tyrell dared not descend for fear that tliey had laid a snare for him. He passed tlie entire night astride of a limb, and lie says that ho would rather ride from Detroit to Buffalo on the walking-beam of a steainlioat than todo It again.

He had towhistlc.dcclaim, quote Nhakspeare, pinch his legs, pull his hair, and resort to other exs'dients to keep awake, and when morning dawned he was an A 1 specimen of a used up man. His as to still that ho could hardly get down, but once down a light met bis ga.o which at once limbered blm up. The bear fired at th evening previous was lying dead in plain sight, the blood on the ground and leaves showing that he had slowly bled lo dealb. The other was nowhere in sight, and after recovering his gnu and getting outside of square meal Ibe hun ter got help lo convey tlie near to ine nome. The hide was on exhibition at the Central depot for some time yesterday, and attracted a great deal of atteutiou.

Anlarldeut ef Ibe Kurepean War. When the rrlnce do Salm-Salm returned to Europe after the death of Kinpcmr Maiunil ian al Oucrctaro, tlie Archduchess Nphle ap pointed the Jrineess to an omcial "Sl al hocnhruiiu. Tho I'riiicesBsoon became the bosom friend and couiltttiioii of the An liducli- eis. who still refuse to be couiforU'd for the loss of her favorite son. I he iTliu-e, mean while, had joined the army and fell at l.rave- lotte, Tbe i'rmcess, although entirely deprived of all fortune bv the deiiloralde event lu Slex Iro, ami holly CeiiciKieiit uiK'iuiio oounty 01 the Archduche, hesitated not to sacrifice tbe sum of 5,000 franca all the possessed to recover ber husband's remain.

'1 he watch, the signal of recognition of the body, besides the usualltoken of uuil'orin and accoutrements, was of peculiar make a present from the Euipcrir Maximilian, aud ol pure Mexicau gold to which wat attached a chain of ibe auie material, with a locket containing a mall photographic portrait of the Trlnces, with tlie Initials of husband and wife, and the motto, four times repested, "Forever mine," In German, English, French, and Spanish. For a eoiisnleralile time no hope was enter tallied ol the recovery of the body, when at last the (ram 1 re want was claimed by a certain la-asant of ravMte, who had discov ered the body of an ollleer ill uniform, too much decouinjsed, however, to Iw recognizable, but in whose pocket the Watch was found, with a portion of the chain still attached. Tlie printed dcecritioti distributed all over the country b-ul made it familiar eiiiiimb to the Inhabitants. The reward was cheeifiillv paid, although the chain was bn ken, and the lo, ket coiiiaiiilng llie rrincs' likeness was gone. The botly as brought to Vienna and there interred wilb all due rceiiiii and the 1'rlnivss de'S ihu went prav day beside the louib.

Last week intelligence arrived from tlie of llrave-loile, declaring tliat the real losly of l'micc de Nihil had been found ill a little wood on the lull beside the hatll field, and as proof of the Inileiiiily'in spile of tlie oiler lnisl-bility of recognition, the pocket-book, nuiked with the 1'iiiice 'a cypher, containing several letters addressed to him by the rrintvss, wai diwoven'd beside lilm.aiid the remnants ol gold chain, lo which was attached the Im ket eoiitalullu; the portrait ot the rlncasa, were found, si ill cliili lied In the grasp of the skele ton lingers of tin- cor ine! he announcement baa produced the greatest sensslloii in Vienna, and llie supposition is that the wateh must hav been lound III th possession of ajrohber, and that the I'rtnee luxl uiveeded lu 'tearing th portrait from his grasp! JSM I The Warning Ilea lleen lleeslra. Inre the espoeure of the attempts made bv eertala ansernpoleus local dealers, lo pal as off their eearee astrtagenls, made frem cheap and Impure materials, la the nlaae ef the greet national tonle, lloetetier's Stenuuh Hitlers, public eplnloa bag set etrongljr agalutt Ibese emplrles and their preparations. Their eccopatloa Is go, or seoa will be. Wkea tbe light Is lei Into derep. Uoa It ssoa wlludovn.

Persons who trifle with tbeliewa health, ailng anhaowa preparations, with ne guarantee to siistata them, when aa eetablithed speelfle, proven by twenty yean eiperlenre to be what It Is claimed I be, teolthia their reerh, are sure lo repent their Umerlly. Many hato done so la this Instance, but It Is hoped that the truth, plainly spoken has arrested the e.ll. la th meantime (he demand for Ibe leading r-roteeilte and restorative medi. cine of Amerira wee never es great ae It hae been this season. Prom the fever and agae districts of the neel, southwest and south, It is literally orei-whelming, and II may bo said of the adtlces frets all parts of Ibe country of tbe cures It lsef feeling la dlspepsla, bllloes somplalnu, and ehronle eenstlpatlea, name Krerynhere the sick and feeble eeem to bare re.

allsed the tmpatteaee of holding feat thai which Is good," and of avoiding what Is sparlous and dangerous. rutssiNcs White Wine Vinegar! It tno fipfV ftrili rOR riCKI.INO VK FAMILf C8E. Oh yw groer for it. T3dlr-Ti 3 tod HI HUt mini, Cbtcftgt Ualstead street, aud so en westward. The Or fr.1! gVi not lo have extended west of Des Haloes street.

The uYatruetlra tire of Saturday night was on thi ido, and the apace laid bare by It served as a barrier to check the northward spread of the succeeding conflagration on this side of the river. TUB DEITHll'TIO AT IlltlCO. On yesterday morning we gave a brief statement of all the facts which bad then ronie to hand, concerning the great lire In Chicago Saturday night. But from the allll Imperfect details which we Oud In the Times, the fastness of the destruction was far greater than we bad beau lead to suppose. But on yesterday we published an extra at eleven clock, giving very brief account of a tec- ond fire then Mill burning before which that of Saturday night sinks to comparative BLOOMINGTON BOARD OF REFERENCE.

SPI'lKilN (Milt n.l ll.rlrr MerrlinnH, PltKsri)KNT. T. WAiT'iS Plow Manul'si'iiirrri. I I'B IS I liTNT. WM.


KW INU, A ITOIl.NKY. TCxocntivo Committee. insignificance. To any one who ha even a WM. SPI IKIIV.

WM. K. NliHUIS, (il.rCKSKI.KI. II. Ht'IHIHI), Mcwmg Mat-hint Agrnt.

HimriT W. I. mm. Merchant Tailor. Wh.

k. Ihtit.uN. Slert'ham. ac'S 8 Mi i i Kiiv, l.nmlMr Uralcr. K.

W. Arflii. H'H .1. Hl.AlK. Ornrcr.

Ia-oh Merchant. II km. w. Fkaxk A. jKiik.i'ii, Slurk he very limited knowledge of Chicago, fact that the Court House, the Sherman House, Ibe Chicago Alton freight depot, the lVsIr the Water-work, field A Liter' great 1 Dry Good home, and other tast itructure Itualed apart, buve all been burned In Uirttme conflagration, iroplie aliwwt tbe PR NCIPAL FEATURES.

OnllnrT foIlrV lM(lutflf n.m rnrrHnhtt from rymfiil of Hrt niiinat irnliii Hproi.) lttK.irniir.-H hn i.rf hUhIiIm itr two minntil (tHvntfttlii. AH Kilir-e iiifiMi.t'iiitlii) lor -nl ru-, nm lin.nttnhte f1ir tmo Jtmn. AH rfsvrlrtlmia tiiu trit, r(-llfitri a no -tnn No satirnmiiUf lor of on luftio or tii ttjrrl rTn.ump ul no IncrrjuK of Annual itr ON sinf rts of rtoHrim. lhvliltnUnfi tlif trugriMlT n( ilmon th? gtmriintei' lute rout tAnn. 1 lit buctnewi or thi la on the ln.

ASSETS OVER $1,000,000. SI20 of Assets to Each $100 of Liabilities. TiiialMMiU-r of ollrlr. kuueil line, orguniiailus orer Iii.ko. Total amount rl.k tlnrroa ots' llrl'iir In.nrlng rlwwhers pirawrall nn Wm.

R. Norrla, ag-cn' or Ilia Kiunira Mutual l.lfrla-iitnee ol New York. iltlce, KiiIIiIIiik, HhNiuimtflon, III. Hone. coiu.clenl, rnrr(etic ag-enta aanle.L Kmw oilier nrnl aoly.

JOSEPH SHUCART, Manascr lli-parinifnl, Ml nasblnicton ilrrrt, bliaxo, III. destruction of the whole beautiful city. make no attempt here to characterise the extent or the liorron of ibis most dreadful run-' narration; we have not, at this writing, the iieceesiry details to do en correctly, eveu If such a thing were posslbli; it caiiin avoid that feeling of dprf anion which tars to pervade all In this eotuuiiiulty wbn have heard of tbe dread calamity, as If it were our own and theirs. Aud while fearing similar visitation at any tuomcut lu our own city, we saw one of our city attain tlre-engiue do part for Chicago, a if going to the help of brat hern and kindred. To the people of Chicago the teachings of (hi calamity mean distinctly, the erection ben-after of fire proof building only, and to make that compulsory In all the better part S.

W. cor. Public Square. T. WALTON, VII WIN I it.

Merchant, WM. II. Will i KI1KAH, K.lllor HiiuU(raili. Cl.AnK.

Ji'MH IM.I.1M. I W. A IIKI'I, Merrhatit. Hti p. Illack.milh Mri'ART, Tra-bir.

W. V. K. Merebaiit. Ami ulhrra.

IIAItWOOU liliOH. of ('out Houhc. STOVKSs Prom the BLOOMINGTON STOYE WORKS! FURNACES ror Hard or s)ft CoaL Tinners' Stock, HARDWARE, Wholesale and Retail. Ilullilara' Uanlwars, Sails, Iroa, lral, Wag-on anil Carrlafi" Mlnrk, f.lal., Oil. and I

Drain Tile, and Fire Bricks. Tin Ware, Tin, Shed Iron and Copper. Work to order. 1 of the elty. Hut It has its i Cachings for us of Bloonilugtou also.

They kd'nonltb us, with all cur defkleuclee lu tbe mean of extinguishing a fire ouce begun, to tee to It that Do lire I permitted to begin. l'ersoual caution on tbe part of all I the earnest aud boundrn duly of raeh for hunself. IaI there be uo carlessueas, no waul of attention to chliunlee, flues, stoves, furnace, aud all source! of confitgratlon. Eternal vigilance I tbe only bopt of escape. The next appeal I for water! Let have more public cistern imtnltalrly; we can talk about water work Wear pretty well supplied with engine and hoee, aud no more efDeleut firemen live than um.

Hut without water both men and englnoe are i iiseleu. Let 1(R more NEW STORE. OUSTAV LANOE, DUALS I TAri ntii Groceries Provisions, CROCKERY, CHINA AND GLASSWARE, a cemkk strkkts, kliionilnu'toii, ill. Ulthost TrUf raid for oantrj I'rodure auia FURNITURE. Th Brat Good, aid Ibt LOWEST PRICES la th rrHXITVK I.IN8 eao bait al a.

HciiiLTra rnmltnr Itors Mv. It North strarl. EXTimrATioi or poiTuint Th Cblcgo Aimduy Timet Uu an article concerning the rtt attempt wiUrpal INjIytsmy lo Uuh, which, hi it malu Mlnt has been beraUfor glveu la tkj l'ANTA- fiRAril. We believe with the Time Is a quntlon of what I lo be don "with th extra wives of tlie saint." TImm women and their children will driven to poverty, aud tlie mothers to tome. thing worse, by wholesale punishment of ihn men.

who art th real guilty partle. And with th admitted fact that th foul vttem I en the verge of eiilnctloei from oilier fraught lib evil lo inao- cent partle, It way ooubuJ wbetber th rretent spaim of enrgy la tbe legal MOMcutlon of in bit ratal It elilwi 1 or wis. not B' with the Timet HARWOOD DRO'3. I.

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