The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois on October 29, 1939 · Page 18
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois · Page 18

Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 29, 1939
Page 18
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PHONE WAM ATS 4300 THE SUNDAY PANTAGRAPH, BLOOMINGTON, ILL., SUNDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1939. FIFTEEN liTH YEAR. Junior antajgiI) NO. 7 Krrtlott Two THE JUNIOR PANTAGRAPH, SUNDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1939. Thtr and Fourth Grade f-vMlaW rrry ftaaeay M nkwnlac tna. IlL A rj fr lor arwj the gra'le a. h.. be mm, r i. tiRivmrr. ratine. (irl of ni.mltnlon. Normal nl Crntral Illinois. Jt MM K f ORM K J r l'r:?ar;.h rijS ii;m- br irr ::.;: to club; j.rt .;: r'; t!sfm aa ijun as j tr t.:cr ha them. Ihr. have; t--. c-irJ a- i arc c;rctd any t.-:.. rt.i rrf. .. eirept t h. f r Oc'i tr t.t'.h lays, which wil ra ;-.;,: "fr..!r.i of thl r-en.b.: at th party rru! - . Nv. : the Caatl th!rr.j f"f."X to r r.t With the! ; - wr.a t-.- arrive. Th r l.v.r ''''- t.e but ak that till ts t. y ar.d t.rU b iat;nt. Th . : t rt as .. a a j-..b. 1 I;- r:r who r. i ja r.ews ofj tr.- a.-.i.t hcl f.,r The Jj-.-i i - ri-.'rr;h ar ra..r.Ji that I t-'T -r r t u i-Th Sidra of Jrr ! ; irr ;..... t u ' r.w c .rr. oa th o'.h-r .: b t w r . en v.'.y ' ' i cf f r hrt. Ar.4 jtr. ; rrt.r.. -. .thr - od tlai-iti f ; a a". 1 :r. k. Lm e n-. j ;; 'a th l.-ej a-1 wn'.e j :.-., ::arh rfc.: t t r.d if. r i about ry thre iTZl. c:b ir.a.f with! tr i.rt.'. i. your fractal given at "7 tr Ci tr.atrr rra. t. J.- the char.fe to b at !i at-j Tier are to' th rr.p- '.h. ' ; ar'y which1 frora the' ..-: iA.. ,w a ! thattr at the Cat! a- ! c.jr.J that cnc cf. i.; b thit favor:-. I'.orr i a: t t a-i .rl. .-. or of! t:.z t"i.a f.n i juer.tly ' iy Th Jr:-r rar.tvra;h. -f ive I-".:. re;;ri a-i H; They O -w- U. h; ali th bcya ar.l; r rl tj afrr.J th: fro- f-m.-n w..i ;rrr.l at If.e Cas'.Ze thatr at II 25 a. r.x. Sa Nrr. 4 Th w.:j tr. b-- ar ! f i.-u :a th : thy between :. J" a tr. a:.J 12 r. . a j 0 8 Prize Poem, Class A IIAI.I.OWK'UN. Ily Mury Ann lluvriirr. (iratle 4, Jtohrrta. Hallowe'en Is here at last, (IhosU and goblins dancing faot. Witches on broomstick high In the eky, Doughnuts dancing and pumpkin pie. LiUrk rata are howling, Witche are prowling. -r4!T- I Last Hallowe'en BY JIMMIK DONLEY. Gradn 4, Meeker School. (Iliinitrahle Mrntlnn.) Lajst Hallowe'en Pearl came over and tied up everything. We were lawav so we didn't know it until we came home. Daddy had to un- wire the gate, the cow barn door, and the yard gate. We had a tarty at school. We had a tub full of water, with bushel of apples in it. We were supposed to try to get an appl out of the tub without touching It with our hands. Then we had re freshments. Hallowe'en night I made a jack-o- lantern. My grandma had a party at our house and we had refresh ments and games. We gave away prizes in some of the games at home. . .4r .... y . ... e ,1 J ft-. 5 1 ' X m k "4 1 Pictures at School ltY HA.I I. VISSKKINO, (;rud 4. Stanford (lluiioriililx Mrnllon.) In our school room we made pic tures. We made cats and put them on the windows. We made leaves and put them on the windows, too. We made some pumpkins with black hats and leaves around them. At home we are going to have a lallowe'en party. We are going to have witches on the lights and pumpkins and cats on the walls. Three jack-o-lanterns on the table with lights in them will light the room. The children who come are to wear masks and dress up We will play games, too. I UK I.ini.K I'tJ'ri.lSV Tlr wren play taken from th book hy Margarrt Sidney, will le one f th fratu picture t be hltown at th Cattle theater at 1? noon Saturday for the regular liirth-1-iy parly co;rani gitrn for nietubrn of Hi Junior I'aiitagrapli dub. Menitrs with birthdays in (Moltf-r are to attend tldt prvcram. Hi November birthday program will be aiinoiiiired later. Makes Hallowe'en Suit IIY IIAKIIAHA DAl'GIIKItTY. Grade 4, Stanford. (Honorable Mrnllon.) New Club Members Ti. ?.:;.w.r.f t- ar t f.tJt are ' " Rrr. :; th.a wrrii of Th Junior Party v?:To Be Held At Castle October Birthdays To Be Observed IS V.. kvt !-.. I". r Ls.-.-4 t s. r-, --a 'club i;h Oc'.ok-r biithdav rarti Birthday Greetings The following members of The Junior Pantagraph club will cele brate their birthdays this week. and girls and offers them sincere wuhes for many happy returns of the day. IKT. I. R.trt A-brV Kut'il choc:: Hemhrl tKrm-.. a:. Pairua nho..i; John w li-Hun. ".r Cmk Kt-I; f'r:'-!.. snlfort P"r.'. e: IVrohT V 8rhu.r. W"i Srivaa I- Kupter. Jnrrn The prc.ram for mem- '"" V f." .CrP!'T' rh'xri: rwna:d Short. Irvini: school: Mir iam Aailir.uf, Huij-n, Junr Hendrraun Hudaoa; tHa Lavanda, r'atrbury. NOV. . Bernard Miller. rlpr City: B .bty Shnrt Irvine h-!; Allrn Mamhail. Kairtiury.l The editor congratulates these boys b.rtirid, iniran. T.I P -a t V" j! V-. .a, irl'h :'h 0-dUlV.Uu n.rli.a CKT. So. V.-r lu.-r..-, J,., U ' b given at the Catt.e theater !H!-r. Kmnn cfcwl: Ruby Maa Haaa. ,1 I r.m at 12 r.oo: Ks'.JtdiV. Xnv. 4 ;I.Brtn crxo; . Ltihn Jai Lrctcb. v . -v.. A.." i, .. , catr of tur.-i.tM rhi; will n-.ot the at 11 1 a. in Bishop School a . l-a . .!.. 'A-.1 !.. I..- f.- ... A--a - K f. -. . i--a.-B 1 Rating the Leaves bv r. ;. TO MM. r.rad 4. Mrkr VKw4. Candy favuii will . b a ivrn at the djur. s Th iiuiitm i to include the i!.u if. of "Ki little and Haw Thty Grew and "Ko th W.1J Stallion.- There will also t th atrial chapter and cartoons. Only October birthdays are to be obrvd with this program. N, birthdnys wi'.l b cele-iM: . . . . f a." i T t rak irawa Naacv. tr.y ?. ar.4 X raki th vard Whn fcal raad up aU th leave '.-- wit a I.jc i.e. Thra we ; ,? ! w- b-d. Tht r-. - r-,f eut an t tor, tip bza! 4 at a later date, r.ojrsced oa this pa.-. M T. SI. B ..'y it ''Tr. Htiup hcM.: Jrarl dark. th:r;ry lt:man. "arm- rrvi..a. OV. I. Jran J .l.n.n. alvrna. I!..brt MrGulrr. St Patrt-a'a ah.wii: Ju.a Knaminivr, llr. urtii. Itotir Huffman M;mm'U arlviol: Peppers M.:.r. Orant a-hnol: Ix.ria VotiBrr- fa.-t,ury- Mr(art Wj, Koaarda avhmil: Bjbt.jr II a.a. Unlum; F.d;th thrphrrd. I S. " a.; Jjnur R.chard. HuOaun: S'.an.ry Sa:o. Hidar. NOV. t. !..! H. naror.d achool: Carl aluw-n. tf.ana: Jaan Mnaflar. K-ck Crrrk rw.l Eil'h H.S. Irtuai arhn.l: Cauda to be ar n-,K.rhard. I H C. ; Wi.frad R ibbin. l-nn.aa ah-l . Mary Kut?ir.s. Iwnman h4. t'rbaa K'.mrr. St. Mary's ctul. NOV. S. the file so we had to rake them ;rri Btocp. Lincoln Rural school: ror- tP a-a;a. This tim I failed th!0h naur. .nacn. Harry Arthur :, , . - - . Xiiaiir. tt.andan sih-J. fldaaril Hurt cn.carr.a ar.a Durr.a me leaves laac Walton ichul: BMr.ay Jan Qumn. a th cr.lCkerj didn't hav anv.L" acfKa-1; Mary Miaaon. Hendry .Ara ataa nnfni. rrana..n r---- : Ka-t ara J .n H i. rh.. r It l H any- thirir tit tar up emcept th ah. Our school opened Aug. 2S. W have 18 pupils. There are three be ginnera: Maverine Hill, Jean Mur rell and Rick Moore. There are pu pits in every grade. Those having perfect attendance since school started are Harold Compton. Louise Gabehart, Mardell Moore, John Kudisill, Mary Gronae. Carlin Kudisill, LAverne Gabehart, Paul and Dick Mooie. The fourth and tlftti grades ar going to plant narcissus bulbs at Sttlool. MUa Orrlck, our teacher, brought her little turtle to achool. Tht fourth and fifth grades are goin to take turns feeding it and put ting it out in the sun. We now have electric lights in Uie achool. Our school went to a fair at Trimmer school Friday. We won blut ribbons on a baket of vegetables the longest ear cf corn, a freak ear and a variety of colored corn. Our school played ball with Skin ner school Sept. 2S. We were glad we won. MAHDEUL. MOOP.E, IXWISK GAHKHAHT. I made a Hallowe'en suit. It la orange and blue. I am going to wear it to the school party this year. At school we put Pome leaves on the blackboards. The colors were red, yellow, brown, green and orange. We put some Hallowe'en cata on our e.chool w indows. The cats were black with orange eyes and nioutha. They haven't any nose at all. SCHOOL FAKTY. Dressed like grownups children of the Pleasant (irove school entertained with a party recently honoring 5 year old Shirley Jean Poe, niece of the teacher, 'Mrs. Jessie McGraw, 406 West Division street, IMoomington. In the picture, left to right, are: Linda le Ilinthorn, guest; Mary Kearfott, Shirley Jean, honor guest; Fern Ilinthorn and Nancy Shirey. Three pupils, Herbert and Ruth Kearfott and Ray Shirey, are not shown in this picture. The Month for Fun BY DOKOT1IY I). SPBINGERK. Grade 3, Stanford. (Honorable Mrnllon.) October is a good month for fun, because we often have wlenpr roasts and a Hallowe'en party. The pumpkins are ripe and make good jurk-o-lanterns for the party. I like to rake and burn leaves. We go to the Hallowe'en parade in Bloom- in.; ton every October, which is great fun. Country at Hallowe'en BY JOAN TATK. Grade 3, Thomas Metcalf. (Honorable Mrnllon.) All the country full of witches All the country full of cats All the country full of bats All the country orang nnd black. Harmony School Our school started Sept. 4, 1939 with all grades except first. Miss Readel is our teacher and Mrs. Campbell is our music teacher. On the blackboards we have pictures of black cats, pumpkins, owls und bats. The fifth graders drew maps showing the routes Columbus took to America. The sixth and eighth grades made product maps of South America. Betty Hargis and LaVerne Schneider had perfect spelling dur ing September. We had a fair Oct. 4 to 6. Every me exhibited something. Mrs. Young judged the exhibits. Ribbons were given for the first three placings. Sixty one persons, including four schools, came to see our fair. The directors bought a new furnace for the school and had the well platform fixed. Miss Reddol Is reading to us "The Whistlepunk." We have some read ing circle books from Mr. Brig-'s office that we enjoy reading. Olive Huffman, Billy Hargis, Mr. Hacker, Dr. Rose Parker, Mr. Brig- ham, Carl Shadows, Ivan Houlk and Nellie Jean Houlk have visited us. We have curtains made of brown, orange and green crepe paper. The P.-T. A. met here Oct. 10. Mrs. Campbell gave us four music enacts. Gladys Dickerson gave the school a bouquet of cockscomb and a bouquet of straw flowers. LOIS SCHNEIDER, DOROTHY HARGIS. Dress in Old Clothes BY DOI.OKKS WEBB. Grade 3, Belvidere school. (Honorable Mention.) I like Hallowe'en. I have lots of fun. ' On Hallowe'en we have party. We dress in old clothes Sometimes we have' false faces on We scare the other children. We have whistles to blow and make a lot of noise. Party at School BY DKXORKS WEBB. Grade 8, Belvlder School. (Honorable Mention.) I like Hallowe'en. We have a Hal lowe'en party at school. I hava fun. We play games. We drees up in old clothes and put falsa faces on. I am going to bring a pumpkin to school and make a jack-o-lantern out of it. We made pumpkin faces in drawing. Tha eyes and tongue will move. Trimmer School This year we have six pupils. They are: Jerome Rhoda, first grade; Paul Whately, third grade; Charles Whately, fourth grade; Marilyn Wahls and Mary Ellen Bauman, sixth grade, and Delmar Dawson, seventh grade. Mrs. Estclo A. Morris is our teacher. The first, third, fourth and sixth grades have made fruit and vege table unit booklets. Our schoolroom is decorated with owls, witches, bats and Jack-o-Lan- terns. Tfie sixtti and seventh grades made maps and booklets In connection with the study of South Amer ica. We have new flag displayed in our room. Three teachers near Colfax and Cooksville visited our school Fri day, Oct. 13. Jerome Rhoda is reading in "Now We Go Again" and will soon be ready to begin the book, "Jim and Judy." Our teacher is reading the story of "The Bobsey Twins" to us. MARILYN WAHLS, MARY ELLEN BAUMAN. Stouts Grove School We have our decorations up for Hallowe'en and we are practicing on plays that we are going to have. The name of one of them is "Tho Twins Bad Manners." The players are Ruth McLain, Letha, Donald and Delbert Reed. "Johnny Begins Dieting" is another play. The players in it are Ruth and Betty McLain, Geraline Gibson and Delbert Glaser. "Who's Scared" is another good play because one boy thinks he's not afraid of anything. The players are Mary Lou Mamman, Mae McLain and last of all is the boy who is not afraid is Howard Todd. There is another play by the name of "A Hallowe'en Surprise." First they think they are going to do something bad and they change their mind and do something worth while. The players are Robert Hun ter, Moris Reed, Clarence Glaser and last but not least Earl Todd. CLARENCE GLASER. West Warlow School Those who have had perfect at tendance are Donald Ochler, Delores Deal, Mabel' Warlow and Lorcn Bornau. Donald Oehler alao has a perfect record In spelling. Mr. Brigham gave a talk on In dians of McLean county and als brought his Indian collection. The seventh grade made a chart of famous parks in Illinois. The sixth grade carved animaj out of soap. We have a health contest. We are decorating our school room for Hallowe'en things. We went to the Corn Exposition Monday. Mrs. Warlow, Mrs. Oehler and Miss Booth took us. LOREN EERNAU, MABEL WARIiOW. -w THE JUNIOR PANTAGRAPH, SUNDAY, OCTOBER 29, 19: W. Firth an? Elxth Cradea Srrtlun I our THE JUNIOR PANTAGRAPH, SUNDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1939. Pavmtn nd Eighth. Cradra Prize Poem, Class B IHLLOWI7EV. B rUlljr Ionard. Cr4 S, I'alrburj. W .:. j-;t:.r. ar.4 Hack cats. Ka.rtt X rc-.j f:: cf ba-. .a;-G-..-:-rr fx; cf I--ht. Tr.: s what i 3 ca Hallowe'en W.-fk, hxh fa rro m tuck T.y. A.- ' t- ci'i $ ;tir. by. H.-vi hcj crtak .th taU. A.; ::t .tc.-a rr j:r.4 hats. October Fun BY TltI-IM I MITttlLLL. l.rmir S. vLsn. H-aaa Mravtfcaai I I '. ts rrvaa a af ho-a. I '.3 ha Uaf f.h'a. ! t s to.! !. th r .or i lats A 4 fcat tcr.f.x at r.iht. I tr..r ec:er t . Thr art rtd. crart ar.J brown. T? rr ' in th tra. N: tiy fal-a tj the jrour.J. 1 Lu t) ba a w.r.r roat; Wt nt i :-r w .'.a a b'.:r.. V. j.ay tU a-.i cthr j:r.. 0-t;:r U ct f-i. Witches Ride High Fun Scarnig People II I I OUK'KV ll-noraM unntin It ghrn IhU week to Wilfred Spriiifrr f the eighth era dr. Prairie Collate arliool, for IhU drwltia:. i Columbus Day Trees in Autumn HI JOHN II 4.111 I S Wltllll ira4 3. )!lttMr 4-h.out. A-'-T.r. It : A 2 .r.rr U ... Th ::. a.' t-y as beet. I: '.j- a l.a l- f il T j h p a-- to r-r.. A-.d i: t-: t:xnx unitr ih tr. BY JOIINNA PIT APt'.K GraJ C Irkrr NrhooL iMawrakar Mrntutm.t At laJt Cola;r.b day is her. Tr. day I always love so dear. Th tU- ate wavtr.j In the ajr, I th.nt thU day U very fair. Cv! thousht th world was tour.d. Ar.j that Low AinciKa was found. BY NO KM A SOMEItO. Grade 6, Straw n. (Ilonorahlr Mrnllon.) The witches are ridine hicti. They look like black birds against! the sky. They ride on broomsticks as black as night And try to scare you with all theli might. The black rats acare you niuct o! all. For suddenly out of the sky they ran. You run and run till you're homo at last And you think .all your troubles have past. uut during the nlsht something scares you so That you Jump into your clothes iwtus rata ana witches about your room fly. Till all of a sudden they fly into the ky. BY CAROLYN WHITE. Grade 8, Penman School. (Ilonorahlr Mention.) In October we have 'a lot of fun scaring people. We dress up as ghoshs, goblins, witches and go out after dark. Sometimes we have a masquerade party and invite the parents and our brothers and sisters. Then we try to guess who each other is. We have wiener ronats at the masquerade party sometimes. Halloween comes Oct. 31. In October we stiould remember Columbus day. We sometimes have a program in the morning at school for Columbus day. Columbus was the first man to discover America He landed on one of the southern Island Oct. 12. 1192. He called the natives Indiana and named the country America. Birthday in October BY LEAH SCHOPP. Grade 7. Brlvlder School. (Huaavabla Mrattea.l One bright sunny day in Septem- I lue October because my birth- ber Jean and Jane skipped happily day U Oct. 4. I like to play hide to school planning what they would Plan for Afternoon BY DOLOKKS JOAN 1IKNMNG. Grade 5. Fairtiury. (Honorable Mrnllon.) Springer School VeeVIy Contest 677 Write er Irar and Win a PU a: : I . . a atr a. -a a; J -a .- t T.-.a J ev4A aa a -1 cvaf.'t t ? aavaa aais .4 M st: e ts at .:- ar peem a- !;r ti craa a-1 la . aaa a ,S n i'-s-a ef l.-a t.". H:t :l U.ri ar t u.a ta. a" er pom- ait n t-a r r aas! ta tr-j Oara &. s' t f s a at f fa a'j. aa as - f - W.aa lea-? t et -r. i r. r i a- w a a natraaiuaa aaa4 hm tkaa mmm aa mi t mm m IW raailaaraa Waa ! a i ii , i ..! 4 tSw Snw m-mmm m a aw. m t t ftatttnak m4 1 1. IW m-m waMral Wt -tprB ott." k": "- --i.l t.',t?r ef ..--, V": a 1 r--ra' t t- tr.a. eec'.r.s-.'a W Tta Jsa- I -a ejt ta caia ta bvacfe JSa oa ' l'r 1 r-a t r-j er cf tie tT m- a"r I- er a-a af'. a Mj iui at -. a an4 a"f f-:a ca iws t :c't : .'..a. ilua-'t-u ta ra-na 1 -- I er - -1 jc :r Sa ta T Z - r far-a-a; ! -- a rt, r-t "'! Ta )iff N,-ICI51 c . 9 tn irm e-r.. w . - a4 --4 ap . ,4tr fc't ea - T a a-a; a"".tra- at t- r . .a a m t Jj-r fnix't;) : tj" a .a ta -a t.t r. . - .r a -: t Ta ; t )i('ici:i Jt naw a a i n aa"ir f fvr : r.a c! t t avax'.ara. and ek and ride the pony. I like to tide my bicycle. Beat of all I like to play with Jack-O-Lanterna I like to lSht them. Ijt year my brother and sister anJ I had two. Jack-O-Lanterna each. We lighted them and set them on a post and then played tag. I like wiener roasts, tco. I like to help my father shuck corn, a I to rake leaves. When I get leaves In a pile and a wind along and blows them all The Community club had lt first the first week la October, cornea Djr.rg th last three week w over that makes me angry. hv had t'o b::".hdy parties, one for Norn. a Ritchie and one for 1 r-vtn S.Tpser.. We mad Hallowe'en decorations. We t-.a'.e witches oa the window ar. i ot. c:rn stalks and Jack-o-lar.rerr. cn the blackboards. Orv;:; Kyer. Irvln S.rr.psen. Norma R.tch.e. Donald Slmpaen. Cheater Fytr and Knor Hjtton re-c.r4 pr.z for getting 100 In t j. 11 r g ' r a month. I-ajt Thar lay we made h'a ojt of colore! papr. do late that afternoon. At reco. they decided to have a wiener ronet In their garden epot. They ran home from school that afternoon. and started to rake leaves. When they finished they Invited four children, each of them bringing their own wieners ur.d buns. When they finished eating, and the children went home, Jean and Jane said they had a grand day, and thought the other children did too. Hallowe'en Goblins BY 1IKLF.N GROVE. Grade 7. Crown Point School. (Honorable Mention.) Hallowe'en night I went down to the pump to fetch a pail of water As I was passing the ehed I saw a blir black thlnir and seven or eight small thinga following it. waa so frightened I didn't know what to do except run. I ran with nil mv mit;ht with the call of water. When I reached the gate I thought I would look to see If it w-n still following me. When looked around I discovered it waa pur old pig and her babies. y ( Li riillt: DRAWING, CIXSS I?. Emma Lou Huher of the eighth grade, Fairbury, is given the hook prize this week for her contribution to tlie Hallowe'en contest in The Junior runtagriiph. Belvidere School The first three grades made a Shirley Temple doll house. It has a table, chair, and buggy in it. They aie also making a bear house. It has real windows, curtains, linoleum on the floor, and a baclc porch. Dolores Webb, Gary Sten-son and Louise Henderson, mad and colored the beds, chairs, table ana the bears. Miss Basting had a little stove she set in. The first three grades are also making health charts. The seventh and eighth grades have been having tests, when a certain amount of work is covered. Next week we will take our bimonthly tests. We have a club meeting every Thursday morning at the BchooL. The name is Belvidere Live Wires. We have a paper called Belvidere Echo. Wayne Gundy is president ot our club. Juanlta Webb is vlca president. Leah Schopp, secretary, and Marcella Schopp, treasurer. At our last meeting we had a Columbus day program. Louise Henderson and Gary Stenson gave recitations. Leah and Marcella Schopp sang; Juanita and Delores Webb read poems and Lyle Schopp and Wayne Gundy sang a duet. Gary Stenson and Louise Hender son have not been absent. None of the children have been tardy. We have a chart of marks on the blackboard, two of the pupils choosy and the side that has the fewest maiks win. Louise Henderson, Gary Stenson and Delores Webb do not nave any marks. JUANITA A. WAHLS, LEAH SCHOPP. :r:o; dai a "The S:r.r.:er New.' cho.l wrl'.es s'ene and draw pic- tarea for our monthly paper. I K.vh wk w receive a copy of "My Weekly Reader." Kach Friday we f.ave a rurent event leaaon which e very much. The Crtt and third grades are making October books la nature tn Bane ha been reading sev eral books to ui. Ttj bo'ks that we bt were "Black Iteiuty." Th.:Wr Fa.ry Taleji" an 1 "The Watd of Ox." Kr.or Hj'.t.n. Ch!er Ever. !v,,i:j S..i;;en. Oreille Eyer and! If.n iMrr.paen have had perfect at .tr.Jir.ce. ELEANOR HUTTON. Pleasant Grove School We have six pupils in our school. There are Ruth Kearfott. Herbert Kearfott, Fern Hinthorn. Ray Siurey. Mary Kearfott. Nanoy Shirey. We tiaJ a vegetable dinner in the timber after which we went to the Trimmer school to see the vegetable and fruit fair fftiriey Poe had a birthday party at our school. We dreaaed up like paper called, grown up. Linda Lee Hinthorn Indian Fun in October BY BEVERLY NIXON. Grade 7, Normal "entra. (Iloaoratle Mrntlon.) Rake the leave and pile them higti V'e shall burn them by and by. Bring your marchmallows, one and! all. The time for fun U In the fall. Seen on Hallowe'en BY HELF.r GROVE.. Grade 7. Crown Tolnt School. (Honorable Mention.) The witches, owls, and cats, The goblins and the bats, And the pumpkin facea too, That cry out boo to you. They all come out on Hallowe'en. No other time are they even peen, That is the best of October fun, To see the fraidy cats run. Ballard School Patricia Zogg of Chicago and William Johnson of Normal were " Everyone In'and Larry Shirey were our guests ! visitors during the month. Linda Lee brought candy. Mra. Mc-I We had only one absence during Graw had ice cream and individual! September. birthday cakes for us. I W'e played Center school at base Nancy Shirey won In the number ball and won 22 to 15. contest. Those who received 100 In spell- Tlie second and third grades, ing for September are Dorothy Ann made health booklets and leaf book- Nagel and Frieda Northcutt. lets. We went to the corn show, rode on the turntable at the C. and A. yards, and to the grocery to study tfe.Tetable. We had three teachers to visit un. Ruby Cox. Marie Reddel. Mae Mohr. We had a Hallowe'en masquerade party. Mary Kearfott on a prize for the test costume. RUTH KEARFOTT. We will soon have electric lights Then we are going to have a school party. Our school won third prize on floats at the community fair in Chenoa. j We have bouquets of wild flow ers in our room. We all made passing grades in our monthly tests. FRIEDA NORTHCUTT. HAROLD GRAY. vVhite Pigeon School We had a Hallowe en program at school. Those taking part were June Arthur, Robert Roberts, Mil dred Arthur, Martha West. Dale King, Donald Cowles, Ronald Cowlcs, Shirley Mattux, Eva West, Edna King and all the pupils joined in singing. We served taffy apples and pop corn bails, contest games were won by Mrs. Mattux, Shirley Mattux and Imogene Arthur. We are going to have a party for the three pupils who have birth days in October. They are Donald and Ronald Cowles, twins, with Oct. 13 for their birthday, and Robert Roberts, whese birthday is today. We have Hallowe'en decorations up in our room. IMOGENE ARTHUR, MARGIE COWXES Tile Factory School The seventh grade civics class made posters on safety and fires. Vre have Indian, Columbus, Hallowe'en and fall posters, too. We have completed most of our work for the first quarter and have taken most of our bimonthly examinations. We had Individual pictures taken Sept. 27. Mr. Brigham visited us Sept. 28. In our art work we have mounted our pictures, colored October calendars, and made Italian boys and pumpkin men. The lower grades made vegetable buy a and girls. The first graders have started on! their third preprimer book. The, seventh graders have current events j frcm The Weekly Reader each Fri-j dav. I Those having perfect attendance since school started are: Grant and John Wilcox, John and William Zoeller, Joan Wright, Margaret Mills, Vernon Lee Crutchley. Arlie Crutchley and Dolores Elders. The first and fourth grades are keeping fall weatheri charts. The seventh graders are making maps of Europe. We made our music books this week. are learning several new We enjoy our music very All Enjoy October BY MABEL THOMAS. Grade 7, West C'rumbaugh. (Honorable Mention.) October is a month most everyone enjoys with nice cool days. Jack Frost just can't stay away when October comes. We can already see some of his signs. The trees are no longer green. They have changed to many beautiful colors. Some are red, yellow, gold and brown. The most enjoyment I get out of October is to have Hallowe'en parties and wiener roasts. Scare in October BY VIOLET TEVIS. Grade 8, Crown Point. (Honorable Aientlon.) It was Hallowe'en night and I was going over to the neighbor'. I saw a big black thing coming to-warda me. I was so frightened I fell to the ground in a heap. The big black thing came on, then stopped, and picked me up. I screamed for help. When I opened my eyes I eaw It waa dad, he had come over to my bed to see what I had screamed for, and here it waa nil a dream. We songs. much. The first graders have made a study of ) and have mounted some. GRANT WILCOX. , Junior Pantagraph Club MhMIUKSIIll' COL1-ON (Clip and send In. Write or print plainly.) To The, Editor, Junior Puntaeraph Club, Carn Dally Pantagraph, Bloomlngton, III. I would like to becom a member ot Th Junior Paj)tasrapa Club, end trie my certificate ot membership. llSP Fit as Name Address Date ot Birth .... School Grade as (Tou will be awarded a handsome Junior Pantagraph Club pin wnea you send la your first contribution lot The Junior Pantacrapa.) 1 I 4

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