Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on September 10, 1963 · Page 13
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 13

Galesburg, Illinois
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Tuesday, September 10, 1963
Page 13
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Valachi Is Getting Stage Fright As Day in Sun Nears By HARRY FERGUSON WASHINGTON (UPI) - Joseph Valachi, the canary of the underworld, is getting ready to sing in public for the first time in a command performance before the Senate rackets committee. Despite a year's rehearsal, the star performer is reliably reported to be suffering from a bad case of stage fright. He fears criticism of his performance, now expected to be around Sept. 20, could take the form of bullets. Valachi. a stocky, swarthy Italian, is 58 years old. He has committed three murders, possibly four, and has some knowledge of about 30 others. His most recent murder was committed in Atlanta penitentiary where he was serving a term for violation of the narcotics laws. A new convict showed up one day, Va­ lachi decided the man was going to kill him and he took direct action by beating his fellow convict to death with a lead pipe. Then Valachi decided to tell all about what he called Cosa Nostra, which translates into "our business" or "our thing." It is a loose confederation of gangs in larger American cities, and in its organizational structure resembles the Mafia which sprang up in Sicily late in the 18th Century. About a year ago Valachi was taken out of Atlanta penitentiary and for a year he was under maximum security at Fort Monmouth, N.J., where he could sing full time, uninterrupted by the rigorous schedule of a federal prison. Explains Criminal Code Much of the advance publicity about Valachi has created the impression that once he has told his story to Sen. John McClellan's rackets committee the walls of the underworld will come tumbling down and the prison population of the United States will shortly be increased by all the notorious gangsters in the United States. Such wishful thinking ignores the factor of Vala­ chi's personality and some basic provisions of the U.S. criminal code. "The Valachi case," says Atty. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy, "represents the biggest intelligence DR. L. ERN5TEIN OPTOMETRIST CONTACT LENSES EYES EXAMINED LIVING SOUND HEARING AIDS GALESBURG OPTICAL CO. 1 339 £. Mala Hourn 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. Fridays: 9 A.M. to «:30 P.M. i Wadneiday'f Tl) Noon. \ 343-0317 o* 342-3017 breakthrough yet in combating organized crime and racketeering in the United States." The key words in that statement are "intelligence breakthrough." The problem now is to take the list of names Valachi has supplied to federal agents, the details of crimes he knows about and forge them into evidence that will enable prosecutors to get indictments and convictions. Many generals have been in possession of excellent intelligence about the enemy and still lost the battle. In 1960 Valachi was sentenced to 15 years for violation of the federal narcotics laws. He joined the organization in 1930 and thus he has information of some sort or other spanning 30 years. But everything he has told about events prior to September, 1958, is useless so far as obtaining federal convictions is concerned. Limitations Statute Key The statute of limitations provides that a man cannot be prosecuted for a crime after five years have elapsed. For income tax evasion the statute is six years. There is no statute of limitations on murder, but murder is outside the jurisdiction of McClellan and the attorney general. It will be up to local prosecutors to turn Valachi's information into indictments and convictions for murder. Valachi apparently has considerable knowledge about the narcotics traffic in the United States, but unless the violation happened in the last five years nobody is going to prison on the basis of his testimony. The rash of such motion pictures as "Little Caesar," "Scarface" and "Public Enemy" several years ago created a folk lore about hoodlums which many persons still accept as gospel. Some of that folk lore has now gathered around Valachi. It seems to be generally accepted as a fact that the underworld has offered $100,000 to anybody who kills him. Calls Price "Scuttlebutt" Who said so? Nobody has placed an ad in the papers making the offer. Gangsters don't distribute handbills to be posted in public places. This reporter's search for verification of the $100,000 offer led to the Department of Justice where a man who knows what he is talking about said, "I think it's just scuttlebutt." Further research indicated the whole thing was started by a casual speculation made while some people were discussing various angles of the Valachi case. The purpose of a congressional investigation, such as McClellan will convene for Valachi, is to gather information helpful in drawing up new laws. But in the first year of the Kennedy administration a set of five laws was passed giving the Justice Department new weapons for the fight against crime and racketeers. In addition, Atty. Gen. Kennedy has established an information pool for all the 25 federal investigative agencies and last year prosecutions for racketeering increased 300 per cent over 1961. So the McClellan committee is unlikely to come up with much new legislation as a result of listening to Valachi. Some persons contend the hearings will be worth while because they will educate the public in the ways of the underworld. There isn't any doubt but that the committee and Valachi will get massive world wide publicity. Some persons deplore that, including Milton R. Wessel. former chief of the special group on organized crime, who wrote to the New York Times: "It is difficult to understand why the press has been chosen as the forum through which Valachi's story is to be revealed rather than the courts . . . the crying need is for judicial convictions that will stick on appeal. Letting the underworld know the intimate details of Va­ lachi's testimony now is much like broadcasting the timing, strength and logistics of a future attack to a military enemy." Cars Must Stop For School Buses SPRINGFIELD, 111. (AP)-With schools resuming classes throughout the state, Secretary of State Charles F. Carpentier reminded motorists today of a new state law requiring drivers to stop for school buses. Under the new law, drivers must stop whenever they meet or overtake a school bus that is stopped to load or unload pupils. Buses are required to have flashing red and yellow lights turned on 100 feet before stopping. The old law required motorists to stop for buses only on highways outside business or residential areas, Carpentier said. Now it is required on all city streets, state highways, country roads, expressways, parkways and other thoroughfares. The only exceptions are on highways divided by a median strip when the bus is on the opposite side of the road, or when a bus is stopped in a loading zone off a controlled access highway. 50th Anniversary Is Celebrated At Avon Home AVON —Mr. and Mrs. Alva Cramer were the guests of honor celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary at an open house at their home at Avon Sept. 1. Alva Cramer and Gilberta Rambo were married in Peoria Sept. 17, 1913, by the late Judge Clyde E. Stone. They have lived in the Avon community the past 25 years, formerly living in Maquon and Knoxville areas. They are the parents of two sons, Wayne L. of Abingdon and Willis Dale (Spud) of Gilson. There are five grandchildren. Granddaughters, Donna, Linda and Sally Cramer presided at the serving table with a centerpiece of golden mums and a white hemstitched linen tablecloth Mrs. Cramer made 50 years ago as a bride. Connie Cramer, granddaughter, presided at the guestbook. The children and grandchildren including a grandson Pvt. Frederick W. Cramer, Ft. Knox, Ky., were hosts for the open house. Guests were present from Galesburg, Moline, Ottawa, London Mills, Silvis, Knoxville, Maquon, Abingdon, Gilson, Avon and surrounding towns. One hundred or more guests were present between the hours of 1 and 5 p. m. Henderson Grove Church Plans Supper Benefit HENDERSON GROVE - Mrs. Claris Johnson* Mrs. Ray Moberg, Mrs. Irving Smith, Mrs. James Youngren and Mrs. Clarence Carlson met in the home of Mrs. Wesley Nelson recently to advance plans for the family-style turkey dinner Thursday, Sept. 26 in the Messiah Church. Serving is to begin at 5 p.m. Henderson Grove Briefs Mr. and Mrs. Clark McCord, Theresa and Mitzie of Ravcnwood, Mo., were recent visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Watters and family and Mr. and Mrs. Irving Smith. They also went to Rosc- villc to visit Mr. and Mrs. Richard Johnson and family. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony DcBlasio and family of Newark, Ohio, spent a week visiting Mr. and Mrs. Gene Eklund, Roger and Brian. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Conrad entertained the following guests at supper Sept. 2: Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose Conrad of Henderson; Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Green, Jeff and Timmy of Galesburg and Mr. and Mrs. Irving Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Douglas, Kathy and Steve spent the Labor Day weekend visiting Mr. and Mrs. Clyde DeGroot, David and Martha, and Mrs. W. C. DeGroot at their cottage on Lake Waubesa, near Madison, Wis, Robert Johnson, Diane, Robbie, Debbie, and Rodney of Corpus Christi, Tex., visited Sept. 3 with Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Watters and with the Irving Smiths. The regular meeting of the LCW of the Messiah Church was held Thursday at 1:30 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hutchins, John and Ruth, of Roscville, were recent visitors in the Irving Smith home. Ruth unit of Messiah Church Dickens Had 1 o Have tied East or West By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP> - Things a columnist might never know if he didn't open his mail- Put Charles Dickens in a bed facing either cast or west and he spent a miserable night. He shared a delusion held by many people over the centuries that good sleep is possible only in a bed parallel to the earth's north- south axis. Ireland plans to raise its minimum age for marriage—now 12 for girls, 14 for boys—to 16 for both sexes. Actually, however, the Irish have one of the world's highest average marriage age rales: 31 for men, 26 for women. (In America it's 20 for girls, 22- plus for men.) Big news: The elephant is reported to be the only quadruped that is unable to take all four feet off the ground at the same time — except when lying down, of course. Did you know that Raymond Burr's real name is not Perry Mason but Raymond Willis Stacy? Our quotable notables: "Woman is a tyrant until she's reduced to bondage, and a rebel till she's well beaten."—George Meredith. Americans now cat 1.3 billion meals a year outdoors and spend $100 million on backyard cooking equipment. The kitchen is losing caste. Old story revived: Returning from a trip abroad. Mark Twain told a customs agent his luggage contained nothing but clothing. The suspicious official rummaged through one bag, pulled out a bottle of bourbon, and demanded, "You call this clothing'.'". "Yes," replied Twain calmly. "That's my nightcap." Geographical quiz: Can you quickly name eight countries that begin with the letter "I"?. Well, Can you retire on these savings? Of course not The sugar bowl might be a handy way to save leftover pennies, but it won't help much when you need regular income. Take retirement, for example. The sugar bowl will take care of the paper boy, but how about the grocer, the doctor or fixing up the house? There's only one answer. Now, during your in­ come-producing years, you must set aside enough money to see you through your retirement years. And the surest way to do this is with life insurance—i a Country Life retirement income policy. Ask your Country Life agent to explain how you\ can provide for retirement income today. He's an expert in many-purpose insurance planning. Country Life INSURANCE COMPANY ^ OMt OF THf COUNTRV C0MJ>ANIi$ 95 NO. SIMINARY ST. PH. 342.3168 - GAlESBURG Donald $tan$«!l Connie Andersen Wayne Uinbach Gqlesburg Register-Moil, Golesburg, III. Tuesday, Sept, 10, 1963 13 80th Birthday Celebrated Vt Biggsvillc will hold a family potluck supper at Lake Storey Sept. 11 at fi:30 p.m. BK1C.SVIU.E - Mr. find Mrs. A. N. Sedcrwall and Miss Linda honored Mrs. Let ha Hrnvloy at a dinner party in their home, for her 80th birthday. Mrs. Hmvena flillup, Burlington and Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Weir also worn quests. Mrs. Rowley wa< the guest of honor at a dinne. - at Nauvon and attended the Gripe Festival «ilh Mrs. Billups. Mrs. Helen V Newman of Stronghurst. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hull and family and Mr and Mrs. Robert Oaks and daughter of Monmouth Mrs. POM ley received many gifts and ranis Riggsville Briefs Mr. and Mrs. Conn Whiteman and daughters Nancy and Connie of Bloomingfon spent a .'cokend in (lie MarshaM Gihh and Roy Whiteman homes. Rrotison Kelly returned to the home of his son in Burlington fol- liwing a several \vrj«:k:; visit with his aunt, Mrs. A. \\. "••arson. Mrs. Walter Carothers visited for a few days in Iowa City with her granddaughter, Mrs. Dean Schncll and fnmliy Miss Patricia Smith is visiting Miss Cheryll Brown in Arlington Heights. Mrs. Roh»rt Spaith and daughter Susan Marie, whe spent several week.? willi her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Smith and sister Mary Susan and othei relatives in the community accompanied the Smiths to her home hi Payton, Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Mary returned to Biggsvillc Sunday. how about Iceland. Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy and India? Big-hearted: We arc regarded as dollar-mad by Europeans, but i American individuals and corporations gave a record billion to public philanthropic causes last year, up $t>00 million from l'Jfil. Here's a statistical reason why insurance is so high for young motorists: In 1962, teen-agers held only 7.1 per cent of the nation's driving licenses — but they were involved in 14.7 per cent of all traffic accidents. Serve 400 At Ellisville Homecoming BLLISVILLR - The Ellisville annual Homecoming Aug. 31 at the Kllisville Christian Church dining hall was a success, approximately 400 persons were served a supper. A large number participated in I the amateur program. The Chorales, a musical group playing guitars and drums won first place. Second place went to comedy twist act. performed by Mike and Roger Paul. Miss Kathy Link, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Richard Link, was named queen of the homecoming at. the conclusion of the program. Kllisville Briefs Harry Voorhees has been dismissed from the Avon Hospital and accompanied his son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Clark Voorhees, to their home in Burlington while he is recuperating. Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Rock of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Zumstcin of Ellisville called on Mr. and Mrs. Bert Zimmerman and nttended the homecoming. Mrs. Elizabeth Ware is visiting at the home of her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Robbins in Stronghurst. Mrs. Helen McLaren is working at the postofficc in her absence. Recent visitors of Mr and Mrs. Robert McLaren were Mr. and Mrs. Turner Markley, DeLong, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Markley, Debbie and David, Avon. .lames Woods, Kathy and Mike, Canton. Bob McLaren, Bryant, Mr. and Mrs. Richard McLaren, Canton. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Howcrter, Earl Chenoweth, London Mills. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Shoop, Farmington, Lynn i .'tsinger and Miss Pat Neville, Fairvicw and Donald Howcrter, Canton spent Sept. I in Peoria visiting the Kenneth Howcrter family. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bcvard and children of Glasford visited his mother, Mrs. Thcda Bcvard and Janice recently and attended the homecoming. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lewis of Bushncll have moved in the El* mer Voorhees property. Mr. and Mrs. Robert McLaren were callers recently in Gales* burg at the homes of Mr. and Mrs. John Cable and daughters and Mr. and Mrs. Don Fahhffld. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Crefg of Galesburg spent a recent week* end with Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Bevard. Recent visitors of Mrs. Ida ffoyt were Mrs. Hazel Simon' of Fairview and Mrs. Bertha Bailey. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Voorhees and baby of Gilson were recent visitors of his brother, Elmer Le« and family. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Myers, of Canton were recent weekend visitors of their son, Kenneth and family. Ontario Unit to Hold Session The Ontario Home Extension unit will meet Thursday at 2 p.m., in the Ontario Church. Mrs. Everett. Nelson and Mrs. Merle 0w- rey will present the lesson na "Winter Flower Arrangements." Any member wishing to take materials for a bouquet will be given help in making their arrangements. The meeting place was changed. DON'T DEPEND ON' HEADMHEWMEDIES TOIRELIEVE NERVOUS TENSION When everyday nervous tension drives you half-crasynj don't depend on headache* remedies to relievo it...lhtljrl just WON'T WORK! Instead jet ALVA-TRAHQUIL tablftl Urtliko aspirin and other ordinary haad« acho remedies that merely relieve pain ... Alva-Tranquil tablets are specially formulated to relieve common nenout tension. Doctors often prescribe the in- grcdicnts used in the exclusive Alva* Tranquil formula. Here's why... Aspirin and other ordinary headachi remedies wero never intended to rctievi nervous tension. Alva-Tranquil Table with their effective sedative action, wer especially formulated io relieve (hi simple nervous tension. Dissolve slowly) over a long period of timo for continuous release of medication so necessary, to relieve nervous tension. So when you feel depressed, jumpy, or* edge, get Alva-Tranquil tablets.The/raj never habit-forming. So safe as dircctedJ you don't need a prescription. Don't depend on headache remedies to relieve nervous tension. Instead, get Alva-Tranquil* at all Druggists, TM. going. • • going. almost gone Don't miss your last chance to save during Rambler's Savingest Days Never before have so many people bought so many Ramblers so fast. Result: While we still have a good selection of factory-fresh 1963 Ramblers, they're going like wildfire. So, hurry in and take your choice of America's best car values: Pick from luxurious Rambler Ambassador V-8s with up to 270-hp; roomy, high-styled Rambler Classics- Six or 198-hp V-8; Rambler Americans that offer the 125-hp miles-per-gallon champ of every economy run officially entered, plus two other Sixes. And, remember, all these Ramblers give you famous extra-value features that helped win them the coveted "Car of the Year" Award from Motor Trend Magazine. Better come in today and see how much you can-save on America's best car values during your Rambler dealer's Savingest Days clearance of 1963 models. Join the Trade Parade to RAMBLER 6 V-8 MARTIN MOTOR CO. Hl-143 E. Ferris St.

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