Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 13, 1947 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, January 13, 1947
Page 8
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PACE »~XAUO.\TIICK NEWS (CONN,), MONBAY, .TAN. 1.1. 1041 light Cases Heard By Judge Jones In Borough Court Three companion ctxsos and five oihcrs were hcarU x'-.Ts morning in NauRixtuck borough court by Deputy Judge John P. Jones, A continuance to Feb. 28 was /,'rnnted In tho companion case of John Kochnnowski, -10 Goodyear (ivonue.; Charles Tarasiowjcx, 113 South Main street, nnd Frank l^rellis, twri North Spring street, on charges of broach of the peace, Albert Brewer of Ailerton road, Millville. wn.s given a suspended sentence of GO days in the New .1,'ave.n county jail on a count of non-support of u wife and four minor childrrn, providing he pay £r,r> u week to the probation officer for six months. In another non-support ' CUSP, William Kra.ainsky, 51 South Main .•:tree.t. was granted u continuance Hi l''db. 3 providing h'? pays .$'10 a wfirk for the. support of his wife imd three children through the probation ollicer. Othor cases wore: Thomas Hoyil, 3S-I Maaplo. street, breach of the peace, t'orieited $10 bond; Rocco 'ilii.stino. KIM lia.Ht 210th street, IJronx, N. Y., passing u red light, forfeited ,?r/ bond; Joseph Owous, 70 Cliff street, operating a motor vehicle without first obtaining ,'c li- e.ense, fined S'i. Expect Release Of Company's Capital Release by inlay of $210.001'' working c:i(iitul of the, Mattutxirk Manufacturing f'o. attached In .'i CIO portal-l.j-|)0i-i'-il stii'. wns promised company olllclals last nichl hy M.ircart't,5rs Drisvoll. coun.icl for the Mine, Mill ancl Smeltur Workers union. Mrs. Driscall Maid tho union's rc- Icjse fxctior. notice would be received by the Waterbury National (•.•ink thiu morning. Suspension o'.' plant operations by today because of lack of capita! was th rente rid if the. unions attachment action was n it revoked. Bulletins (V~-OIIUIIUL.'U front ., OFFERED — Two thousand ill rewards hiivo neon of- turcd for tnu arrest of vandal* who threw Jar* full ul paint Into the homos of executives of tho Mtr;ko-l>oiind Philadelphia- Kccord. And II!HU iiuu homes on Mtrlklnjf members of the AIIKT- Icau Newspaper Guild. Hie t'UI tuts liocn iisked to mve.sllguti' the liiclilent. oOo D.'VBK KUTII New York—Babe Kuth is still trying to snap back Irom the operation on his nock to relieve head pains. The Uubc, baseball idol oi millions of sandlot kid.s, underwent the operation a week ago. So fnr, tfic one-time New York Yunkvcs slugger has not shown all the improvement his doctors have hoped for. But the latest report on his condition is that it's satisfactory. oOo ABOARD TKNDiCil Antarctic—Five of the six survivors of tin- Aiiturcutlc. plane eiash seem none the worse for their experience this morning-. They're ulinard the seaplane lender Vine Island, and uro iinvioas to K«* on with their ui- slgnmeiitM in thi! Uyrd ex|>cdl- tion. 'liie survivor who wax serlnlisly injured Is Lieutenant Itulph I.e Uliinv of Saint Mar- fli-.svllle, l.oulslanu. oOo SIGNS CONTRACT Stamford—The CIO Chemical Workers union has signed a contract with Plastics Munufuctur- i;ig company calling for -an 11 cents an hour wage Increase for J.OO workers. The tuMtrnct also provides for six paid holidays a your, maintenance of member- borship, a cheek-off system and an improved schedule, uf vacations. - Church Notes - St. Francis' St. Mary's A first anniversary requiem Mass Novcna,, devotions In honor of was celebrated for Emil Boulang- | Our Lady of the Miraculous, er this morning at 7:30 o'clock. A month's mind Macs for Samuel BOVR was celebrated this morning .t 8 o'clock. A first anniversary Mass for James Healoy will be celebrated -.omorrow morning at 8 o'clock. The Senior choir will rehearse tomorrow evening at 7:30 o'clock. The Junior choir will rehearse Thursday evehing at 7 o'clock. Religious instruction will be held for public school children after ;chool hours Thursday afternoon. High school students will meet for instructions Friday evening- at 7 o'clock. i Medal will be hold this evening ot 7:30, The High School Study club will meet after tho devotions, A second anniversary requiem Mass will be cclebrj'ted Wednesday morning at 8 o'clock foi- Albert Ratkowich at the request of the family. Workers of the church, Including collectors, the choir and thi entertainment and carniviil committees, will be guest of trte Rr-v Thomas M. Griflln, pustor, u-t » dinner Wednesday evening ul D'Angelo's restaurant, Wtitertown avenue, Waterbury. Those attending will meet at the church :;l A Bingo party will be held Fri- j - , clocl{ an(J , cave at 7:30 -Jay evening at Columbus hall. A montn . s mind rcqp ; Cm M a.«.. When reading the financial report if St. Fravcis parish at the Mass•s yesterday, the pastor, the Rev. Paul F. Keating, was most enthu- iastir* in hi.s praise o;' the parish- ( oners' and their cooperation with lim in the work that was done dur- ng the year 1946. The finances of he parish had a large increase over year and showed the largest amount of money ever received in no parish, lie recalled the reconstruction of Jolnmbua Hall, the installing of the public addressuystem, and the new decorations. The loud speaker sya- Lem in the church, and the rubber cnnelers, redecorating' of the rcc- .ory nil came within the expense if 1940. The item requested by friends, will be celebrated Thursday morning «.l P Postmaster John J. Leo today re- Thp regular weekly parish enter- IninmeiH will be held Thursduy evening. St. Hedwig's which was most important was the final payment of '.he note In the bank for $38,!iOO. This cleared the parish of all debt, ''ather Keating said, "Today we do nit owo a cent to anybody, anil we 'mv<> a substantial balance in the lank." The Roman Oathnlic Union so. ciety will meet this evening in th« class roo-Tis in the basement of th« church. Tiio CYO High School Study Club will also nvi-nl this evening .at 7:30 as will the Cold Star Post nuxiliai-y. The annual report rend nt Masses yesterday indir.utcd ,1 Now At The Salem Sfie'n'c from "The Bcchelor'H Daughter*" on program with "Step hy Step." " very to cessful" year, according Rev. S. F. Nulcwajk, pastor. the Metal bulelts di'd not come into use until about 1SOO when crude iron pellets replaced smooth stones used previously in warfare. IIOUSK SOLD A house, nnd lot in the Clendulo Munor housing project has been sold by the W. J, Mejtin, Inc.. to Sherman H. Brown, accordfnK to ii warranty deed on file in the 1 ! of- ficr of Town Clerk Raymond J. St. John. At the outbreak of the Revolutionary war, Baltimore had n population of about 7,000. Why Thousands of Doctors Have Prescribed <CAUSED BY COI 3S) PrHTUKSTN T7(l(,f{ bO pOQCJ When Bunds of Ducior.i huve prcsicrlbt-d It fur HO nut ny ytrui'M. iTflTVMstrN nets tit onfp \Q rt-Movo -such cQUghtntf. It ucttinlly JocttMiis phlegm (vnct niukf'K :t <?i(«tiT co 1' 'S'(i/(/ uric! efftictivt: for both old «nc! youtit;. J'lcaxurtt testing, too: I GET A JEEP Your WII.I.YN-OVKKI.ANI) Dnilrr LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc H Iliirrlmin Arrnii* Kvlmiixr I'hiiT. Wutnrburr •I'liun* LOSES APPEAL Wasliinjtton—Jumos M. Curley —the "3-.v«>ar-oUI mayor of Boston—today lost his appeal from si .six to 18 tnonUiM j:ul sentence on mail fraud ulur.-ees. Unless tti<: I;. S, Supreme Court reverses the* decision, Curley will have to go to jiiil for his purt hi the wartime operations of Engineers' Group, Inc., of which lie oneo was president. The government charged that the group obtained more than SUO.OOO from clients by falsely representing that !t could obtain war contracts, oOo • HUMAN FLY HELD New Haven — An 18-year-old Yale student who turned "human-fly" to creep several hundred feet clown the dangerous perpendicular- fuce of West Rock. I'M being held for a police court hearing Saturday. The student—Edward Chapman—crc- 'ated considerable 'excitement with his daring stunt. So much so, in fact, that both "rcmen and police were at hand to greet' him when he completed the perilous descent. -oOo-— MEETI.NG TONIGHT A n-U'Otinjr of tho board Of Public Wcl'uie iis scheduled for' tonight 'it S a'clork in the .;own hall. Rou- %ino business will be transacted providing n quorum is in attendance. Two Plane Crashes Take Heavy Toll; Twenty-Three Dead (By United Press) The death toll in two plane crash- is yesterday now stands at 23. In one crash, authorities blame jilot failure. In the second crash, hey deny that the failure of a ra- lio beam nt Winston-Salcm, Noi-^h Carolina, was responsible for the lisaster that befell an Eastern Air- Ine plane in which 18 persons were uHed. Civil Aeronautics Authority of- 'icials in Atlanta say the Winston- 'nlem beani did not slop function- np until after-the Eastern airliner had crashed. Airlines President Edlie Rlckenbacker claims the Win<ton-Salom beam was not working at the time the crash occurred. tai ' society of that church. The second accident took place According to. members Mrs. Mary Caine (Continued from Pag-e One) D^vld E. Fitzgerald, New Haven; former United States Attorney General Homer Cummings of Stamford; the late Senator Francis T. Maloney, former Governor Wilbur L. Crass and other leaders during the past quarter century. Her sound advice was an asset to the Democratic party, and many term in part the success of tho party in thn borough for many years to her energetic activjvties. News of her death came as n hock, not only to close friends, her many acquaintances r.iid mom bers of her political party, fen\ als to tho public in general, who ass, ciatcd her so st'-onpij with bo: ouprh politics and social circles. A communicant of St. Mary church, she was active in the A Brother Of Local Woman Dies In Long Island Hospital Patrick Francis Barrett of New York city, brother of Mrs. John Sargent of Nnugatuck, died yesterday at St. Anthony's hospital, Woodhavcn, L. I., ufier a brief illness. Born in WaU;rbury, the son of the late John and Margaret (Shugrue) Barrett, he had made his home in New York the greater purt of his life. Besides Mrs. Sargent he is survived by another sister, three brothers, and several nieces and nephews. Funeral services will b<; held tomorrow morning from the Mulville Funeral Home. Waterbury, to the Immaculate Conception church. Burial will be in new St. Joseph's cemetery. Friends may cull at the funeral home today. 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Atlantic Hi-Arc Gasoline for Quick Starting POUST'S " SERVICE STATION 144 Jlubher Ave| Tel. 4033 For A Snack, a Sandwich or a Full Meal, Try DUFFY'S Restaurant WATER STREET PULL LIQUOR LICENSE Additional Classified Miami airport, when two light planes collided. Five persons lied. Officials say one of the pilots ittemptcd to land against .1 red ight flashed by the control tower. The collision took place 100 feet iver u runway. Across the Pacific, the 36 survivors of a plane crash in -the China I :ea have reached Manila after their c-.cue by an army transport vessel. . of he family, she had been enjoyin good health and had made pre liminary preparations for the fam ily's Sunday dinner before leavin for church. Hod death comes as a blow to the Democratic party, and she wi PHIICO ms**nf**m m •• a».**••»!«»•• MILL SUPPLIES-POWER TOOLS KLKCTRIC FUEL TUMI'S fur KITCHKN KANCiRS FI.OOll J'OUSHEB FOR KENT GALLAGHER'S ' HARDWARE 178 ftMPLK STRKET (AcroHs from City Dukcry) Free Delivery Telephone 5M4 T«L 0401 4i:t >'o, Muln St. Union City Slorv Opi<n Frldny Night Until 9 O'Clock YES! ! WE HAVE SCOTCHES J. K. STORES CVT BATE. LIQUORS, WINFS, HKKOS Fr<-« Dnllv««ry Anywhere In HoroiiEh :i!Mi Nn. Muln St. Tel. 4»7B REGISTER NOW New Torm Starts Mon., Feb. 8 CALL. WRITK or PHONE FOR DETAILS JUNIOR 34 Contrnl Ave. Wntcrhury I'hone 4-8772 MEN'S uncl WOMEN'S SHOE SKATES (Including White Shoe SkutON for Women) Boys' Hockey Skates ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE SO SOT'TH M*rv ST. TEL. 6162 Nnucatuck, conn. Two Cases Moiled, Two Forfeit Bonds, In Borough Court The violation of motor vehicle be missed during the year's elec tion campaigns. Mrs. Caine wa always a prominent figure in the party's plans, staunch, steady un a diligent worker. Besides her husband she leaves | a daughter, Miss Madeleine Caine j member of the High school faculty; a son, Leonard M. Caine student at St. John's Law school I New York; two sisters. Mrs Thomas Mui tha of Naugatuck, and Mrs. Frank Flaherty of Torrington, and several nieces and nephews. Funeral services will be held 'aw cases of James W. Rnilly, Sum- ! We ' J ™sday morning at 8:30 o'clock •nit road, and Miss Ruth C Les- ! om lhe late residence to St or, 16 Orchard atreet, Tcrryville, I Ma 'T's church, where a solemn were nolled without cost when heard Saturday morning by Judfe Martin '.. Cnino in borouKh court. The drivers were ordered to appear in court following- a collision :n North Main street Jan. 5 be- wcen n State Health Department car driven by Miss Lester nnd a panel truck driven by Mr. Reilly. Leioy Noble, New Haven road, 'orfeited a $3 bond on a charge of mssinf; a stop sign; Samuel Volos:in. 20 Gilbert avenue, New Haven, orfeited a $!> bond on a charge of >assins: a red light. high Mass of rcquiom will be cele brated at 9 o'clock. Interment will be in St, James' cemetery. Friends may call nt the late residence after 7 o'clock tonight until the time of the funeral. Arrangements arc in charge of the Buckmiller Funeral Home, 22 Par!: place. Members of the Altar society of St. Mary's church will meet tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock to pay their respects to Mrs. Cjiine. All Americans Elect Johnson Chemical Society Elects W. S. Coe ' Dr. W. S. Coe iJf the Naugatuck The Ail-American veterans elect- chemical Development Department ed Frank Johnson president at was ejected to the chairmanship of their first annual meeting held recently at the local Y. Mr. John son succeeds Robert T,awlor. Others elected were; Vice-commander, Jack Ashmore for the second term; secretary, Francis Schaffer, and treasurer, Edward urgonia, second term. New officers will be installed at i time and place to be announced Comdr. Johnson said. Plans will be discussed at the next meeting, Thursday, at 7:30 p. m. nt the Y 'or u Valentine's Day dance. PLAY POOL and Bowl at the R & M ALLEYS IBS MATI.E S'JTKEET Patterson Listed For Vet Committee Tentative approval for assignment to the HOUSR Veterans Aftlarr< committee has been received hy Congressman James T, Pattersin. He was listed for that committee when House members trying to untangle the flood of requests for committee assignments agreed Sat> urday they would recommend H slate of candidates for approvn' early this week at a Republican caucus. tho New Haven section of the American Chemical Society at a meeting of the group early this month. At the same time, Dr. PV. F, Brucksch also of the Naugatucft (Jjie.-r.ical Development department was elected to serve as coun- seller for the group. These two men were the only local persons to receive such recognition. They will serve during the calendar ye;;r of 1947. A survey revealed that 77 per cent of industrial executives In the U, S. are church members. Salem Teachers At Conference Miss Lillian Smith, fifth grade | teacher, and Miss Virginia A. Smith, eighth grade teacher, both of the Salem school faculty, attended a conference on reading problems Saturday at the Nfiw Ha- SkivtinK is gooil al Paulson's in Woodbridge. It'.3 two miles from Seymour, eikht from New Haven, just off cement surfaced Route 67. Parties invited. Electric lights for night skating. Tel. Seymour 500. LEAKN — Contract bridge, Cornell Bridge Club. Mrs. John Moriarty, Culbertson maiiter teacher, GO Linden St., Wtby. -I-3S06. GUITAR — Instructions for beginners and adv^inced pupils. Instrument loaned free. Fred Bredice. Guitar Studio, 24 Grand St. Tel. Wtby. 4-013G or 3-0120, NOTICE Real Estate Wanted HOUM-H for Sale TWO Family House on Greenwood St. Three rooms in each apartment. Immediate occupancy. Call or see Joseph V. Eosko, 3 Union St. Tel. 492S-2932. Good skating at Hurry's Skating Rink. New Haven Rd. (2 1-2 mile.s from center of Kaiiftatuck.) Also ntin;,' every niffht. (Electric liffhts.) Employment ON HIGHLAND AVI-:. — Two family house, 10 rooms, excellent condition. One five ronm apartment with two sparo rooms now vacant for new owner. Modern step saving kitchen. Oil 'Automatic) Hot Water heat. | WALTER H. HART, INC.' j REALTOR — INSURANCE John C. Kicrnan Eve. Nauff. 5707 20 East Main St., Wtby. 4-3129 FOR SALE—One family. 6 room house. Furnace hoat. Telephone 4013 after 3 p. m. Established 1870 Deposit! Fully Guaranteed Situation/ is Veil irvlland Mortgages are long-term loans and sometimes during- Hie years of amortization require advice or help. "\Vhen seeking 1 a loan of tins typo, you will find this Bank qualified, because oi' experience, to guide you in your decision. Naugatuck Savings Bank Naugatuck, Conn. HP'? \Vunteii—Male WANTED—News Carriers !n all sections of town. Inquire Mr. H. T. Dillon, News Olllce. RECENT ColleRe prnduate chemist or chemical engineer for work as an assistant chomist in Rubber laboratory of a plant located In southwestern part of Conn. State in detail in first hand-written letter, age, education, experience if nny, and remuneration ex- HOUSE FOB SALE—14 room, 2 family houee in jjood condition. Two lurnaces. N'o agents, Call •111137— 390 Scott St. ••'Oil SALE—Curtlss St. 3 family, 12 rooms, store, 2 car garage. Four room house with large piece of land. Scott. St., two family house, 11 rooms. New Haven Rd— one family house, one car Karage, lai £e barn and seven acres of land. JOHN IlEALV, Tel. 5031. GUS SMOKE SHOP 402 North Main St. Union City Gun Klinia.szew ski, Prop. MODEL AIRPLANES HALF PRICE pected, Write Box A, Care Naugatuck Daily News. of Land For Sale Help Wuntcd—Female AT ONCE — :;-uijjuUiok & Waterbury, dependable woman who seeks increase in fami'.y income. Steady income — short hours. Write P. O. Box 927, Wtby, LOT on Riverside Drive—lying between two Highways—3..120' frontage. T. r > to :0()' deep. Must be sold immediately. Pi-ice S2.000. Louis Taylor, 70 Huntingdon Rd., Stratford. Tel. 7-3C25. li Real ICKtutu Agents THE MCAOI.K AGENCY REAT, ESTATE INSURANCE 08 Bank St., Wtby. 4-t236 Wanted To Kent VANTKD—Experienced woman for plain cooking, lijjlvl housewoi-k in Watorburj-, to live in. Refer- ; VETERAN and Wife would like 3 nfurnished Telephone < Highland Package Store 1)3 Highland Ave. — Tet. 3H83 Anthony Furrar, I'rop. FREE DELIVERY All Parts of Naugatuck ! WHITE FISH MARKET JOSEPH CAERAL. Prop 8 South Main SI, Tel. 50O1 SALT and FRESH WATER FISH of ALL KINDS FOR SALE Ten room hoiue, 5 room* flit floor, S room* second floor, ! bath-room*, hot ulr furn»w, electricity, X car garage. Formerly 3 tenement noun »nd owner will r*-convert to I tenement* and r've InutusdUlt occupancy to flrat floor. Located eaiit ilde of town u may be Inxpccted In afternoon. F.W.EATON, Room 9 Neary Building Church Street TRY CLASSIFIED ADS cnccs required. Phone Waterbury j „.. 4-5254. ] ?1 I rooms. 330-J.' No od or children riGH SCHOOL Student for gen- ___ eral office work. Must be famil- | W ANTED-Ront of -t rooms or rar with typing and good at f.g- ; mo ,. n . ures. Good opportunity for amb.- tious person. Reply in own hand writing to Box ,'G," care of Naugatuck News. Real Estate Wanted Houses for Hale 'EARLY NEW—3 family house of six rooms. Built with pre-war materials. Oak floors brass pipes, hot water heat and garage. A. Shepley, tel. 2-133 or 51-14. ACANCY Feb. 15 —An 11 room house on Millville Ave. In A-l condition. For further details call A. Shepley, tel. 2-133 or 51-44. OR SALE—7-yijar-old pre-war 6 room 1 family house and garage. ( All improvements. Immediate occupancy, located West side, back of High school. Patsy Labriola, Real Estate Agent, 172 High St. Tel. S-ir.8. child—best lijcal references. Write Box D, carp Nauga- j luck News. ; Rnnnm To ftant WILL RENT—Bedroom and kitchen privileges to couple, by.woman alone in modern home in quiet neighborhood nnd convenient to bus line. Write Box "J," care of News. lla MONUMENTS Spec.igl Pi Ice* On All Memorials W. RICHARDS— 260 So. Main St. Naugatuck—Dial 3467 •IRAN'S KNITTING STCDIO — Yarns, Rug Y a r n s, Crocher Thread. Instructions free, daily I to 6. 20 Diamond St., Union City Tel. 3172 SEWING and Alterations to do In my own home. Tel. 3232. ven Stitc Teachers Dr. Smmett Belts, college, director of the Reading Clinic, Temple university, Philadelphia, Pa,, spoke on "A Developmental Reading Program." ELECTED A Meriden man has been elected president of the Connecticut Op- tometric society. Dr. Lester H, Sugarman was chosen the society's head at its 40lh annual convention. Francis A. Antczak, D.AA.D. ANNOUNCES THE OPENING OF HIS OFFICES 1 FOR THK PRACTICE OT 1 GENERAL DENTISTRY TEL. 3-4907 53 CENTRAL AVE. WATERBURY, CONNECTICUT Oldest Established Body Shop In Naugratuck EXPERT BODY REPAIRS and PAINTING- We have had many years experience repairing and painting automobile fenders and bodies. A complete shop equipment of hydraulic and electric tools with scientific paint mixing to match the color of your car insure satisfactory results. \ Work done by appointment, on predetermined contract, under the supervision of Kenneth E. Johnson. The Naugatuck Fuel Company 87 CHURCH ST. PHONE 5236 Try NEWS Want Ads—they bring r«sull>

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