Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 14, 1896 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1896
Page 7
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YOUNG •We o'ltcr You ?. Remedy Which Insures , • SAFK'LV to LIFE pi Both •' • Moihuc and CUild. • ,.v.. . "MOTHEBS FRIEND" KOUS C(»'FIM:MK.VM>F ITS I'AIX, HOIlKOi; ! .«il» DANCER, Makes CHILD-BIRTH Easy ommended 1 by LATTER-DA Y CHEHATION. Complete besorlptlori Of Process of Incineration. the m s";* on . -foluutur/ le JttOTOIATOB CO., Atlanta, Oi. HOLD »v *u. uuuaoisis. TIMETABLES A m-r except Sunday. Leave Arrive. • 2:15 a n> • 2:46 a ro • 2:20 am • 2:30 a.m •12:30 a ra •12:40 a m •f 11:20 p m t 7:90 pro f 1:05 p m t 4:15 pm t 2:15 pm The Method Mnch More.Popular Than It W»« rive . Venn ABO-Number, of Cromatorlon Now In Active Operation. [Special Chicago Letter.] -With the rise of Christianity and the belief iu the doctrine of resurrection, the ancient custom of burning.the dend foil into disuse. Inhumation took the placeof incineration. Themodernworld has, however, discarded their crude conception of the meaning of resuirection and also knows full well that in less ARTHUR SEWALt SHIPBUILDER BATH ArtAiME J NOT A SOUND .PLANK IN IT, —New York Advertiser. 4 Chi.. • :K am t 7:45 a m «-l:55pm •15:30 r m t'.l :00 a m +12:20 p m WEST BOUND. 7J total J«. *«CIIID. iliiil* *> sun ......... BEL RIVER DIVISION. WEST BOUND. . .; ........................... EAST BOUND. i lor.-t .i,*t-pD.«bu.i. ............ g ' IB IL. Si .10 «•>•*) St' 1 '"'.' °" ' •-:: ..... •ir&'o m "o 8 rx'SUi.tl»y mr.fiout .. iriid..... ........ 8-85 p m No 8 ban ihroiigb .junior c«r,,Ii<li»i>apoll« to 3jutb' Bend vin Col' >x. . No a. bos ibionich p!eeper», 8t Loolf to Msckl, nh "- 'FOB THE' KCUTH ' No 13 iur.Tcrre'Hi<i.l^c!»lij cx9uTi_ ..... 7 13 a m tor TV' r. .H*m> <toll JM Sun. . . . 2 : W,p m ,,. . . ,Cr E • A: Ford. ' t,og«i«p6rt, General " iTrodo 4 NERViES; LJVER KIDNEYS. ,:V, B.B.B. cured me of a bad cafee of La Grippfe and Eiing Trou' LiTEBioiNE, FRESH POND (L. U CREMATORY, than 50 years the body secreted beneath the sod wjll d«?compose.into its elements DS surely as the corpse exposed on the funeral pyre. But the-custom of 1,500 years is not easily overcome nmd the medieval'pr'ajud'iae against cremation still remain.^. . • ...,,. It was notuntilthfi latter half of. the present century thot the agitaion in favor of consigning the corpse to the flames began. Jacob Molcsehot.t, the Dntch-Itnlinn ncientisi. was tlie apostle ,of the riiovtmetit. Progressive m?n in Italy took up his c;iuse nnd in 1870 the : first-crematory of modern times, i. e.. In Christum countries, WHS put intoopern- tiori at'Milan.' Later "in the Kaine'year n crematory was.built ut Washington, Pa., nnd a third at Gotha, Germany, in: 1878. . :••'•' \ Since then -the movement has grown rapidly. The United States Is the fore-most champion, with. Italy a close second. Cremation' societies have-been founded in nearly every, country of .the globe. In the United States there are' over-20 such societies, and a class paper, published in Chicago, Park and Cemetery, devotes a portion of each issue to the subject; A cremation is.no such hideous spectacle as one rhiRht irongine- in fact, its association:? are not near us gloomy as ,those of the earth burial. When the fu- 'rieral procession arrives nt the crematory, the cd-ffin -is first taken into the chapel and placed upon a bier. If so, 'desired, a final ceremony to correspond to'tbat at-the graveia performed, and then .the'.bier "bearing the coffin .is ^lowered by. a hydraulic system to the floor below. ' ••; ;• • ; ,. : •-. .-. ,. . Sometimes the corpse is taken out of the coffin a-nd wrapped in asbestos, but usually coffin'aid all'are burned to•pother: Only the'chief mourners-are allowed-'at the scene'of cremation. The coffin with'its eontents:l3:placcd.upoii a sliding, frame,and bhoved up.to the doors of the> retor.t.-.which are • then 'owned, .Noflrels.visible. But,the. air 'is so Intently heated, .from ,2,000 to 2 700'degree's Fahrenheit, that'a beautiful rosy light bathes the interior of the fiirbace. The -retort;'has' -average di- Tri«.nsions : of ier, l>y.'five% flve'feet. .It is lined .with fire clay andihas an outer ,waM of fire bricV.-. .-'• v.; : •.-.•: . ' '••' . Tt takes about two-honrs-,to complete, 1hV crcroat-ipT).' .'The .process .may be witnessed .through 'a window of mica. : jn ma.ny -fimiaces' nb/flreRuches tlie •b'oBy;'- the superheated- ; air^alonc does -the work. "There'are- two flres, one below: and brie behind > arid '• -above ' -.the -corpse. •.Coal'.oil-.-laitQe.usual.fuel, .The rea-r;fl,re is/fetl .by,.air..ob1ained : tlirough :ioopholes ,,iia ..the .rear ,of J-he furnace- Tt slwots its'-flames to the front and carries the gases from the' body -with 'if These are driven down into the open- lug In front,'which lends through the expensive.. Some we niade of the mosi exquisite serpentine stone, covered with elaborate decorations in precious metr nls. China itnd'bronze are common ma-; terial,, aod silver SB fi-e*]Ue,ntJy used, In New York a columbarium has beep, built—the cremation cemetery. The: columbarium is a large stone building whose .inner walls arc' iiideuted wiUi 600 niches in which tlie unis may be Kept; Thus the sentiment which demands some token of remembrance oi the deceased is- satisfied by the return to an ancient and poetic custom. With a few notable, exceptions, the church luus shown'itself aiiatbctic to- Avnrd the'growing practice,of cremation. But there are.' prominent ministers of all denominations who" hove spoken in favor of it.' The-popehaede-, clared ngainst cremation, but as-it la; a question of practice rather than of docU-ine, the Catholic church may . at uny time change ite' attatude, Stnin«;. _ •_ r. DIG* "XJiFTT A.".** - fc "» •* '"— "~".~~* i 1122' -E. Jackson St, Muncle, Indiana. , '.,. ''• •'• ^JB B B- B-are'puVely vegetable. n- Thirty : d»'ys' ; ^treatment in a box. Price $l-per boxvor six for |5. - Mahnfactured by H; C, BRAQQ, Connersvllle, lad. For sale by all druggists. 7 lime uiiujjj.;*; *•>** **>!.••—-— — ••••«• to say, one of the most enlightened, poverhments of : tne'world', that of Prus- Yia- will perin'it iio : cremations in. its; territories^ There is a columbarium in Berlin, but the incinerations take place' at Hamburg. Gothft orHeidclburg.. ... The better -educated people of Bll countries are to a large extent in favor of the reform, but ite more rapid spread is hindered'by .the fact that in nlnety.- nirie'cases out of .a hundred in whicli 'the dcceased'preferfed cremation with- outaircctly ordering it; the execution of his'wlsh is prevented by the opposition of some more or less distant relative. , , In this country, .the practice of creamr tion has grown-inore.rapidly thD.u any T where else with'the exception, perhaps, of Italy. 'From! 1876 to 1S84 there was but'oiie crematory in the United States,then a second was built at Lancaster, Pa and a third-at New York. The -.tw'enty-secpnd hasgust been completed at Milwaukee. Nine hundred and llfty•• four voluntary cremittions took place in 1895, aa"against 25 .in,the nine yeai-s from 13.76 to .1885. Forty-six hu.iidred. and fprty-sevcn 'cremations,.of which VeSS'-feirto New York', is the'total't*) January lofthis'year. Thetwenly-two, \merican • crematories- aje' located- .at AVasliIngtoniv Pa.-,: rhiliffielphia, Pitts•burgh, Pa., Lancaster,-Pa.^New York 'city (at Fresh J?oud.-L. I.), puffalo,>, .V Troy, N. Y..i,Swin1Surne Island,,N. Y., Wuse'rVilie"N?.Y.',' Los Angeles and Pasadena,' Ca'l:; ab'd ! 'twb at;San : Francisco, iDefroit'; Baltimore; Davenport- 'l*-^- Wayne,Ind:.Milwaulvee. Thereraxe three the most outrageous abuses. It is but a few venrs ago that the English government found a. large district in a Lon-lon cemetery filled with 14 layers of coffins, packed side by side, one generahon directly on top of .the other, with just enough soil to4ntervene so that the relatives of the last arrival could not detect the fraud. It has been estimated that 47,000,000 people die annually, nnd that ittakes.21 square miles to bury them. Twenty- one square miles a year are thus taken from the living, nnd the country within a radius of half a mile is mode practically uninhabitable. • .. - E. T. GUNDLACK. HUMOROUS^ BURGLARS. Dow They Deooirit.d » Home 1? hloh Th»y Had Jolt Ban»ck«d. Burglars with a broad senso of hu nior but with no knowledge of the com paro-tive value'of tilings broke into the flat of W. J, McBrlde, No. 341 Hudson avenue, Chicago. All the members of the .family were awev when the thieves entered the-ba:k door" by means of a.«keleton key. One of the. visitors' acts' was to efcrew the contents of all the.bureaus over the floor from back door to parlor win, dow. They carefully festooned th< obnndeliers, the door knobs aind ,Uv mirrors with underclothing. Then they turned t-hejr attention to the beds The mattresses were .piled'in tJhe mid die of a floor. The burglars then vw-- ited all the closete, taking down every box which they contained and strewing the contents in pora,llel lines over the carpets, making checker board squares with what had been pulled out of the bureaus, ,Out of one of th« closet* a va.li.so filled with clean shirls was pulled. It was put v pn, a d.ismantled bed, nnd though it was unlocked, it was torn oi»n. T} e shirts were put on- the Brazilian 8alm THE GREAT SOOTH1MEBICM BBSttJ ... ounmm . • • i It clears the head of foul nrocous; heals the sores and ulcers of the bead -and throat; sweetens the breath, .iwd .perfectly restorw the senses of the taste,-smell-and hearing. Stops headache and dropping into tut [throat. Also destroys the gernrwhich cauatt 1 HAY FEVER, :ing a perfect cure in a few-days. Never ,»»«i I- }tofalal case o",a G KSTVS ever know* where Brazilian Bah. s faithfully used, is Mestro* \egrippe germ and quickly reraovet ir bad effect - - - ' . ' LI BJ.E in' ASTHMA, CROUP. BROS* PLEURISY, PNEUMONIA, DYSPEPSIA, WMSII,- TYPHOID and SCABIES UEASI.ES, and any disease when? UK* nflaimnation, Fever or CotgesMon, GreatcoC relief in Consumption eve* di*. covered. ,-•'.' ' '•. . Sl^^S»l^i,2S^ , um QUICK CURB FOR CONSTIPATION AND PILEs. (ea.lng Powr Is Almost Hlrwuloui. The B.st Family Medicine Ir, Existed 60 Cent Bottle contains 100 Dosos, or Two leeks Treatment for Catarrh. 9t.oo moTTue EQUALS THmmm GOO, BOTTLMS. £i.ucH«<in.« m<notes. • Stops. Invaluable In-female troubles./ ' • • .'aw Irom wounos. * HOMI TESTIMONIALS: •TJraziHiri Balm cured me of inveterate cattrrh whku * f^'^-^-.r;- _ : . F. . .... », *!,.*•»• K..twfll fiofft . F . JACKSOM & CO., Cleveland, 0, Means, H. IV Battery and - f OB »**• 'FURNACE IN CHICAGO CREMATOBT. under .flre(l»ck-'td the : ohlniney in th*' rear^of • the" retort. So perfect .and so wortukis .the.- .ven-tilation -that, not a rai-ticl* of.gns/can escape without pasB- ing, t1irp.iijrh , both firos,and being entirely neutralijied' by .oxidation., . Wlie : n i ill the' dombubtible ' c'oolea aahe»-'are cooe -a» .The a*hefc offthe corpse aw white^ of-tbe'clothea;a»d::cofflii-'black. : The wh'lte n?he« >weiftbt ; fQrni;nve.,to eight riounds. , .They axe,,picked : out .with nietal tpngueV. an.'d returned ^.^.T 5 '" ''' hi metil 'receptacles. ', ( . ; „ 'TCmnWi°w'e' 'varibugly disposed of; Thejr-iniy'WWrM^n^fiTav .1aB>»yo view.naj l e,.w»«;iiw»' to maki _. *f> ! fiot h,bre ;beaivtiful,. at,least 'M For Sale by B. F. KBB8L1NO. STURGEON'S-.QUEER LEAP. Wb»n H«r Lunb WM In Trouble 8b« Bought Hnm«n Help. . . Having ~reafj;4r.pm. s tin)c to, time in your page^'.sayti a oorreiponaent to.th.a -London Spectator, notable, inatanccfl'of sagacity in dogs and cata, it has^oc- cui^ed'to"»e"ths*'«ie fdllowing of • Bheep may poss«is.,at least, the iuterert -' 1 ownfEd by a gentleman'w-h^'farinli^ close to Lough Foyle wa« left motherless. A yardman in ; cl>arge.pfthe floc^ noreetl and ; fed the litile orphan.- She became very tame, and was much pet^ ted by her maater^^chndren.^ Last year"she had grown into a young sheep, ^-•.-o.-'-ntliimK-dfi'hieir'oWfi.I.-Oheflay. somej li, the^paBture^round. tioor-aii e^aay sMpping ^JBtance 1 ftpart. .arid tlie fre&hijKfetardhea, glo«sy'b6«oms, were walked on with a.detefmiried a»nd ;dlrty tcmd-Y,:; . The thieves . silvepvare-r-f iuM'ij'. •>"' ci -;^-,-: I ^;mT'" of 'spoon's and 'forks'." "Thjfl .they p,u,t< a couch.^ «id^carefullf covertd^ It up, crematories ,in Germany, land about 25 in Italy,-With a.tojal.numler of.crema- tions ainiQsf.-eflUtti..,to. those of -...the. United States.'-6,th|r..creuiatoi-ios are located', at Lon'aori;"-Glasgow, Puns, Copenhagen''anil Stockholm'.' ;.,.;'.; : Tri'reality ''it-is 'tne ; 'old-country that mostneeids;,the.reform. -The'fil-Uiiness and-infectlousicharacter of cemeteries iincreasea with the thickness of population. '• ' ' •',:•';. :. .-.'.-•-. : - .••"•• About5,000.cubic fuet of ga6.a.rc given.. 'findiin outlet'somcwhdre. . Sonie.of it riiiei ! out'''cjf the'prbjiritfand ixjlliites the »ir:'abbve : and' :: iabou't;Vhe'Tjur'ial -ground,. while n. r part prefises laterally -until it finds, an -opening, generally-,. through ;ri- Bpring. or .well, 'through: , wh'.ch ; itefl- . ., , car>es. 1 VTha danger from Buch-drinjclng 1 recnentlrthe. ianger-'- ^e:,nad-.-regijlBtlbnji Ipfottibiting bcinje ' WOTOileveh e.OOO'feet --t-e,. .rare'dhscrimliiatfon'taey 'took•'several -Btick-p'lns,>w.hioh;were platted.rTbcv.. took several g'old.rings'and left behind, two -new ,$100 ,bicycles... a flute, of/great vaiu'e and a cqst4y|/iamei^.begideB.new; plotting: ,Qf. ali;.kindk.; *. i»ir of gold- bowed'' spec.tacl'es was taken,.thelhieves- remo i viDg' - the ( glasBes and placing-tbem c<n the kitchen stove. _ ' fbryi'sit, • ..LONDON..... LI Hnri«-Ch»nijOW,llir.B«,;Entertained by c ... tha Brltlnli Ooyernjnef)t. ,,. ; . Li"Huii'g Chaii/r.' the Chinese .ylceroy,. who ia to spend'threeof four weeks in Fngland,as,.the.guest of: the; nation, is, expected''• tir efrive 1 in' London shortly. Trie .-DaiJaziiig'deceptlon 'w.hlcfi the Germans,- practiced ,upoc. themselv.es.in .a,t^ tributing to Xf Hung Chang the power •t6' ; pu'r«haBe : '-w'nTsii.ip»rrnise loans, con-' clwle co»£tractsf;an.Jl,;:order.mBterial of all sorts will no;t;.be fallen into b.y,,his,. !BHiish v entertainers""He", will Tie; the.. ' K uest"6f 'ine'fdfeign' : omce. ; have ffn audience .ortthe.qtieen, see the dockyards and 'the, Jinipbuild\nK,vBr.ds.,.bjit.the. fpre.ign; 'office 1a Vind'er-no-mfsapprehension.as U>!the' limitation 1 of'hia'' p'owera. -It- ( 1»' learned from an author^atiye,-source- that he .has certain draft, conyentionB, rel'alti'ng'to'l'oanii': 'railway -extenfiton* in Jn.p. to th« DMk of » Pl»o» Bomt »« Scarei the Crew. The crew of the pilot-boat James GOP-, don Bennett, which arrived at Slayton. 1 , Staten Island, at daybreak the other. day, tells a strange Mory of its experi-| enco on its homeward trip. At tw», o'clock one morning something struck! tho-Beniett o'^the^w such a thumw that the ship Bhook from stem to Btern.| In an instant all hands were on deck,] thinking,they .had struck ,a,rock. . . ,J v fi4ng;''baV{r>' and. the cry of ;'Snve»e i , was heard from the bows of the boat-j The next instont Boat-Keeper Low, wb»; "a* "Oie"wKee"unaffi- , up -the. for« to be a sea serpent on the deck under , him, with. Its L ope'n : s'aiibrVer* , large one, iloping. Awards the > • 'RESCUING "THB!.LAiiB.. The yardman,..Aleck, banished-the : Intruders, an^tojlected.the sheep, as he suprx>*ea,,'into safety'.,,,,,,,,.. - ... -, ' An hour' or two afterivordis the pet • sheep rushed -'past "the" dwelling-hoUM* apparen-.ay-" in^ great--distress. With .•piteous bleating she 'went to the^odgo tate, where. Aleck was sitting.atjh.s. noondav, mwaoaBd^ooming .close, to him ' weiiied .to .seek his ; hclp. As h? roue'from "the 'taW* ,.*be ran ,ont;,of-the to tue PIIUIC. ^j.^ 'v ( *! v v . < ,l^r.».,.-•• ... ' saw the 'cause: of her' alarm. Her lap o, Itorrlfied."by r.th'*-.dogs'/:Had' flea" fc a them. Bui The lated ;diirtiriotji of Eurone it'hM ; led>to^ ^ 1 followed her ; .trauftformed; 'the,-;inopmlng,tide; r ,__ Into an taland. Of Couwe. it cojijd.not cross the sta-aJ^janithejDother couW, nptspye^'^he; to- 'tni "power ;.aM :-^aii[iij^i»tea^i^--'-i».^^^ THE STRANQE" PAB8EN.GEB. cited that they all made for' the :c«Wn -': again. .Bang, flop, banp,:wenttheiaon-,,. , ster.-on-deck.ond, ^heelsman Low KWOI* ; h'e.,was coming back toward him, -, .-; .• '!;•; «A1.1 hands on deck.! 1 .VGet the- «. ,j.V, '•n'urry',ejid'get the' Kpeftrs: 1 , were som* -.-.^ of tn^oYders given an^the men plitckei.. v r .| up'-c&urage" and in a : 'inbnicnt sharp in-;, ';.- tmtmeuts'of-all kinds pierced OieUn-,^ truder. -.•.-• •• |V :•'..( ^ Then- .lights;, were -brought, fronvtbw \,; cabin anil -the- crew. were/ : surprised t* ,r 'find 'the 'cauW ofsturbance.w*. '' I te cau o.. l; 'stufgeCHi', .wbjcl».,w.hen l we.'gb .. " Jsfflfccf of 'a 1 abibe»ceof tny tsl .,. lindertaite tl>e with;,a. ) »;iit;icc!n^ii',<y d«s;Ri>Mt to:»-i)- ribie .'tlic.trVwa'ti 'sljipsl'to cociiEiiniciite wit:i the.sho:-ei .". ... •- j 1 "take up i» collection.'

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