Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 7, 1973 · Page 14
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 14

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 7, 1973
Page 14
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Golesbu North Heiidet High School Seniors Receive Diplomas May 28th 40 HENDERSON plomas were presented to seniors at Alexis High School duriiig. commencement exercises May 28. Graduates included: Susan Miller, JeUcry Brown, Jack-^-.Tohnson, . Michael Jones, Steven Lair, Juclt Lair, David MetfKer. Sharon Peer, Linda Shikc. Christopher Miles Spring Ronald Thu'rrnnn, Danny Whitcomb, Raymond Barry, Nancy Carson, Robert Carson, Patfi Dehle, Ricky Edwards, Ricky Flatt, Robert Gittings Michael Hanna, Ann Higgins and Kenneth Johnson. Elizabeth Marie Jones, Gale Mofte, *Mary Margaret Olin, Sherri Pa-iTchon, Mary Lou Pease, Kris Porter, Sandra Richardson, Tern Sharer, Alicia Shaw, Kathleen Shull..,JDeborah Shunick, Kenneth Simpson, Denise Snerry, Kevin Stephenson, John Veverka and Gary Wright. Miss, Olin and Miss Dehle gave-the valedictory addresses, and speaker for the evening was DivStermit Petersen, pastor of First, United Presbyterian "Chiffift, Galesburg. His topic was: "The World at Your Fingertips." Kevin Stephenson •lhe.<*class gift, and school band and. chorus sen ted musical selections. Ronald presented the high pre- tendent Patterson, superin- of schools, presented QJSss of 1973, and diplomas ITCHY BURNING TOES) EASE FIERY PAIN IN ONE HOUR or your 59c back. Apply quick-drying T-4- L., strong fungicide, to quiet itch, burn in MINUTES. Also jfii»e for sweaty, odorous feet. Tr,\**t for happy relief! NOW af 0SCO DRUG. were distributed by James E. Rev. Richard Harken, pastor of Alexis United Presbyterian Church, spoke at baccalaureate services May 26. Rev. and Mrs. Paul Paske- w; : tz will be honored at a potluck dmner at Alexis United Methodist Church June 10 at noon. The Rev. Mr. Paskewitz was re-asigned to a church at Greenfield-Rockridge during the Central Illinois annual conference, and will be leaving the Alexis church. Tracey Purlee was hostess to Handy Helpers 4-H Club members at a recent meeting. The hostess gave a talk, and demonstrations were given by Susan and Sarah Taylor. Patty Spence and Jeff Brown were guests of honor at graduation parties hosted by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Brown. Among the guests were Mr. and Mrs. Cletus Swan-son, Peoria; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Potts, Rock Island; Mr. and Mrs. Terry Rogers o town; Mr. and Mrs. Little Spence, Esther Krey and Miss Emma Krey, both of Monmouth, and Mr and Mrs. Ed Dublo and Post Honor Roll For Valley High FAIRV1EW - Students named to the honor roll for the fourth 9-week grading period at Valley Senior High School were: S#ttlo*i — Margie Mey6r, Jack Roberts, LuAnn Arehdale, Rachel Burliett. SUsan Cnttron, Nancy Childers, John Courson, Vicki Cramer, Debbt Dowell, Brian Glaser, Steve Halsey, Connie Hamm. Jeannie Harr. Cynthia Herbert, Cynthia Knickerbocker, Steve Mccormick, Brenda McCracken, Bill Fruett, Jane Roseite, Linda Watkins, Randy Way, Radine Stueky, Vickl White, Linda WoUord. Roberta Doubet and Sue LeGate. Juniors — Nancy Courtney, Karen Matteson, Marjorie Suydam, Diana Tice, Barren Burnett, Cathy Gray, Pam Johnson, Patty Knickerbocker, Laura LeGate. Superport Proposal Viekl Steveson,. Llnrfa.West, KeUh seated A BY t>ONALt> & SABS SAtt JUAN, P.R. (VP1) proposal, iwportedly suppofted by eight international oil establish commnies a for superport in Puerto Rico transshlpfftiient of,oil from the Middle East to the U.S. mainland, is rocking the political boat an Puerto Rk». The proposal, wlhicih is not rial yet, has driven a wedge to the ruling Popular Demo- cmatic Party (PDP) and has among a the common usually cause feuding Williams, Melody Mitchell and Di aha Simkins. Sophomores — Barbara Fergu- im-ii -u, 4 »hirh' son, David BUrkhead, Rose Steve- parues WHICH son, Debbie Brown, Jerry Boyce. imrjependertce firom the United Tanya Branch, Debbie Brown, Greg ^ *V Johnson, Becky Markley f „ Vicki £mw$ The controversy when the government nomic Development Adminis* tnation (EDA) issued a long- awaited reiport favoring con- To CWA Confab stawtton the superport. The 'report, in fact, suggested Morey, LuAnn Overton, Jeff Ray mond, Joy Roberts and Tina She well, blossomed s Eco* Union President of Communications America sent the Galesburg organization at the CWA's 35th annual convention in Miami Delegates from the union's 854 locals will convene there June 18. Leeper will be among Robert 2,500 delegates at the conven- York; Miss only expansion! island's petmhemieaii industry could provide the jobs needed to keep tit© island economically Hie construction EDA report of the envisions sup6tp>rt, a*w two huge multi-company refineries to go with it, next year. The report did not name the eight oampahies which had expressed interest. However, Rep. Roberto Beni* tez, legislator is chairman of -the newly created House Natural Resources and EnViromental Quality Committee, said the project would need funds from the legislature and the legislature vary likely might not vote them. He met with the head of jhe EDA, Teodotro Moscoso, to iisctiss the proposal, and ft statements both sides made afitiarwards, they seemed to agree only that they were in disagreement. Moscoso said decision made In would three interview wi it afterwards a have to be montlhs. Puerto Rico lias flfiree large refineries flow, but has nevef developed what Moscoso described in ai VPt, a few weeks ago as "a real petrochemical industry." By that,'he meant the many down-stream plants using refined petroleum products, which he said would create many jobs and were relatively pollution-free. Tte EDA's superport report is based on the that this January specl-lhavc mise huge new facility would finally give Puerto Rico tHie capacity to develop such down-stream operations. The •a *rt was careful recojrmmiarad for tHe superport. Mosicoso 's predecessor, Maj> uel Casiano, who first proposed the project just before he left fled that it should be built on|the Mona Island, M uninhabited island off Puerto Rico's west coast. This raised a hue and cry from environmentalists. The government's Enviromental Quality Boand at the time was just competing a sfady, tecom- ilng that Mona, one of the few unp&puteteri areas left in the commonwealth, be set aside as a natural reserve. The Mona Island site also brought protests to Washington from the government of the Dominican Republic which said, in effect, that it was unrieighborly of Puerto Rico to choose a location for a high- pollution industry, where all the winds and currents moved away from Puerto Rico and toward the Dominican Republic. Other possible locations tot been mentioned imcludo far northwest comer of Puerto Rico, wihere the U.S. Air Force is irt the process of abandoning * lamge base; Gtfey*nllla Bay, the sHe of the present refineries and factories of tiie Commonwealth Oil Refining. Co., PPG Industries and Union Carbide, and Yabu- wherc the Sun Oil Co. coa, opened a refinery a couple years ago. The proposal, &s made public by the EDA, calls for a port capable of handling at least four supertankers and processing one trillion barrels of crude oil daily by 1976. The capacity would increase to two million bamreils a day by 1977, at which time one of the two new refineries would be ready to begin operations. The refineries would have a capacity to nraduce 250,000 barrels a day apiece tion, Local 5073 represents workers employed at Intra State Mr. and Mrs. Lea Mead, Alexis. Telephone Co. and the Gales- Pennsylvania had the first oil, pipe line in tfhe United States. burg Holiday Inn. has 550,000 wide. union members nation- DECKER PORTABLE ELECTRIC SAW 1 I 1 -HP motor handles tough jobs Burn-out protected motor Extra-wide safety guard Cuts 1%" to 2 3 /8" deep Approved for 6V4-inch blade Model *7301 %" ELECTRIC DRILL Great all-purpose drill Full2250RPM ( 1.9amps Top quality, low price* VERSATILE JIG SAW • Burn-out protected motor Makes scroll, curved cuts Use on wood, metal • A low jcost time-saver! '/a<lnch Drill $9,tn) No. 7100 t 468 E. PH. 342-6151 7m SAVE TV ON SET OF 4 -V- PRICES BVER • ri ri ^^^H T T ^ n vr FT.* * - SUPERLUX FABRIC BELTED TIRES O MONTH GUARANTEE WIDE SLX .4-PLY NYLON 6 MONTH GUARANTEE SUPERLUX"78" 4-PLY POLYESTER SO MONTH GUARANTEE BLACK WALLS SIZE D78-13 C78-14 "E78-14 F7M4 REG. PRICE SINGLE PRICE 1773 17.73 19.73 SET-4 PRICE EACH 14.18 REG. 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