The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois on June 30, 1881 · Page 3
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois · Page 3

Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 30, 1881
Page 3
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NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. 11 i ITTTVmi HOUSE STANFORD ILLINOIS. Linebfti'irer Bros- BANKERS. STANFORD, ILLINOIS. THURSDAT, Jl'S'E SO. 1881 Collection Promptly At fended to. DKeoalT HaoEivai). Papih Dioouxtu. ) liw-itrntft AXl LOAX IIHOKKHS. Two dlst'nct eUi of books, posted by different Clerki", with our complete Judgment index, insures accuracy In making abstracts of title. J. W. COMPToN ACO., myl7 yl B. B. Cor. Court-bouse Basement RESTAURANT. GBOVE STREET RESTAURANT, between Main and Center, Bloomlnirton, 111. Call In and But a souare meal for S cent. myl8 y0 DAN LEY CO., Proprietor!. B. F. HOOPES, Wholesale and Retail Grocer, and Proprietor Bloomington Steam Coffee. Bplce. Hominy and Feed Mllla. Headquarters fur tresh roasted eof-lees and all kinda of (round feed. Noa. 106 and 107 West North-at. I. r. FANOAKI. A. L. HATHAWAY. Pancake & Hathaway, Ii AND BROKERS, NO. til NORTIT MAIN-ST. (opposite Courthouse), BLOOM INOTON, ILL. Representing- old and reliable companies, unsur passed in me elementa oi saiety ana reiiarumy. Unlimited facilities for placing large or small iaes on the most favorable terms. Losses promptly paid trom this office. Correspondence solicited. d!4-yBl THE CITY. Flower very cheap at Holmes'. A'l numbers In Corallne corset open today. J. E. Houtz A Co. Way down the price go on all kind of millinery poods at Holmes'. Closing out sale: (rood very cheap to close the season, at Holmes', A grand picnic at Stein's Grove Sunday. ABSTRACTS OF TITLE Julr3d,andMoud4y'Jul74th- uuniiniuiv in ii, inn iHiuiius ui roaaieu coffee for $1 at Miller A Clirlsnian'i. Detective MeClune, of Lincoln, was in the city yesterday, looking; after a "bird." Hats, hats, very cheap, at Holmes', The finishing tone work on the extensive front of the new jail was put la position yesterday, To let, two nice, large, furnished rooms Inquire 808 North Gridley street, corner of North street. Special printing for the Fourth can lie secured at the Pantagkaph otlice cheaper than elsewhere. This forenoon we will close out a lot of corded piques at 5c per yard, worth 10c. J. K. Houtz it Co. Dr. Hill has leased his block, comer of Front and East, to Dr. Hooper, for a term of live years, from July 1st. Urcen peas, new tomatoes, huckleberries, red rasp erries, California plum and pears this morning at Miller & Chrlauian's. On Saturday morning at 8 o'clock betrln our great summer sale of dry good. W atch for the bargains. J. . Houtz & Co. Mrs. Sarah Hulllnger, wife of Mr. Jeremiah Hullinifer, on South Boone street, Is reported as being in a serious condition with consumption. Every business man should be represented by special printing on the Fourth. At the Pantaorafu offke you can secure the best work at lowest prices. If you intend to make a show in the Fourth of July procession, see to it that you leave your printing at the Pantaqraph establishment to be done. Mr. Lazell, of El Paso, yesterday accepted a position in the barber shop of Messrs. Miller & Heinman, under the post-olHee. Mr. Lazell took immediate possession of a chair. Dr. Everest, formerly of Normal, and of Eureka College, now president of Asbury University. Ind.. will occupy the pulpit of Elder Van Buskirk, of the Christian church, next Sunday. The twenty-first annual fair of the Atlanta Union Central Agricultural Society will be held at Atlanta, 111., September 5. t), 7, 8 and 9. For particulars, address J. P. Uierony-mus, secretary, Atlanta, 111. Prof. E. N, Currier, formerly professor at the Wesleyan, was married yesterday at Pana to Mis Allie McCoy, of that place, a very fashionable young lady, well known here; daughter of a leading merchant of that place. The assessor's books are beginning to come in from ail over the county, the assessments beng generally completed. The law Is that they must all be returned to tho county clerk's office by July 1st, which is next Friday. The Pantauraph establishment employs more workmen than all the other printing and binding establishments combined, and with the latest and best selected assortment of material and fastest presses, will make better prices than any other bouse. Tbey had at Heyworth on last Monday night the severest rain storm of the seasou. It was accompanied by more than the usual amount of thunder and lightning, and did considerable damage to the growing corn and oats. The house of James Cooper, west of there, wa struck with lightning near the flue, and the shingles torn off the roof for a space of ten feet long and seven feet wide. If followed the flue to the bottom, so damaging It so that it will have to be replaced with a new one. The large new mill house at Opdyke.Ill., In which Mr. H. Reiser has just commenced to place the machinery, was struck by lightning Monday, and badly damaged, the fluid tearing heavy oak timbers into fine splinters. bight men were at, worK at tne lime, ana an were knocked down by the shock. They had hoisted a heavy machine up through the hatchways in the floors, landed it safely, let go of the ropes aud stepped away from the hatchway just In time to save themselves from being knocked down by the shock through four high stories and a heavy machine to fall upon them. Luckily no one sustained any Injury mure than bruises, caused by falling against some pieces of machinery. BROKERS. Gold and sliver watches, clocks, musical Instruments of every description. Agents for the celebrated Automatic Cf pyiLg Pencil. We keep none but tne best aid latest styles ol jewelry. Prices arc as ow as wholesale bouses. Olve us a call and get prices. Watch work done in the best ot e.v'e Satisfaction guaranteed. m i at o i v. u n i. l. , . u-.i-. No. 218 West Washingtou-st., sign ot balls and watches, Ac. dl y49 I PAINTING BAILEY PLUMB, MASTER PAINTER, HO. 404 NORTH EAST-ST, PAINTING, GILDING, GRAINING, GLAZING, MAKBLINO, CALCIMINING, Ac. ar-DONK TO ORDER-DONE TO ORDER4EJ THE PRESENT CASH VALUE LIFE INSOBANGE POLICIES COI-LKCTKD BY WE H. WHITEHEAD, Attorney-at-Law, BLOOM INGTON, ILL., through an organization possessing large experience in collecting such claims, and possessing the best insurance talent. Collections promptly made of disputed death claims, claims for dividends, and the values of lapsed and surrendered policies, and of policies In force, jelfi-tfsrt Lumber, GRAIN -AND ON THE RICE GROUNDS. A Panta.rapb.e Photograph of tb Coining Event To-day the second annual meeting of the Bloomtngton Jockey Club'commencet. All will be admitted free, and a bicycle race and exhibition of all the stock enured 1 the pro. gramue. Many ttraogert are In the city, and the fair ground will probably be crowded. Mr. Cheney wa busy all day yesterday closing up affairs, and no leu than thirty running horses were entared. The track is In good condition, and the stalls have been fixed up to accommodate all the horses. The stands were being erected yesterday by the cigar, candy aud lemonade vendor, who have secured privileges. The bicycle race to-day commences promptly at 2 o'clock, and win be participated in by l heron f ell. JSd. Stewart and Elmer Folsom, Mr. Holtslander having withdrawn. The race will be mile heats, best two in three, and will he the first bicycle race ever held In Central Illinois. It will doubtless be interesting. The Pantaokapu baa just turned outiome neat score sheets which can be purchased for five cents each, on tbe grand stand, imme dlately after the bicycle race, au exhibition of all the horses will be made. Mr. Cheney has further shown Lis gener- ous spirit by Inviting Mrs. Ohr and tne or pnans of the Orpbaus' Home to be preseuton the Fourth. They will be admitted free, and Mr. Cheney desires that all of them shall come. All arrangements are perfected, ana no doubt the entire meeting will be a grand success. It Is to be hoped that the citizens. one and all, will attend and show their ap. preclatlon or this enterprise. QUERY. Is the. Fourth of Jnly a National Holiday, Or Is It Not? To the Editor-1 This question Is timely, from the fact that in some of our dailies la the suggestion that places of business be kept open on the Fourth a day free to everybody to spend as their patriotism may prompt. Yes. This is a strictly utilitarian age- utility and money. Make money Is the ar gument, no matter whose rights aro invaded. or at what sacrifice. Our businessmen, whose patriotism, whose sense of right and justice, go hand in nana, cannot surety encourage such a spirit of avarice that Infringes upon rights given a century ago to every Amerl can, irrespective of nationality or color. Let places of business be closed, and employes claim their rights, ana one ana all enjoy tula Fourth of July, as it closes tne flrst half ceu tury in the mstory of our evergreen city. Laborer. A Plea for a Holiday for the Workers. To the Editor. Ploominoton, III., June 29, 1881. Will you kindle allow us to une your space to express our feeling upon the proposed arrangement In regard to keeping (tores open upon "The Fourth." We desire to cele brate as extensively as any class. We have our friends visiting us to whom we desire to devote a little time. Our families have cluinis upon us for amusement, which we can not overlook. We want our national boll duv without engendering any feelings upon the part of our employers. Should the stores keep open for half a day Monday, one-half of our class will be ooiiired to lose our pare in the day's enjoyment, who hope our employers will give us this day without having to oe personally arked. Yours, Clkkks. OUR COUNTRY SCHOOLS. A Pleasant Gathering In a District School. Friday, June 24th, was the last day of school in district No. 4, known as the Grant school, and an examination aud literary ex ercises were to be the programme of the day. The patrons and friends came, and brought baskets of provisions of all sotts, and by the hour of noon the house, which Is large and commodious, was filled to Its utmost capac ity. Tables were constructed, and both old aud young enjoyed a luxurious din ner. The afternoon was devoted to recitations, declamation and singing, all of which showed careful training and prepara tion, and reflect great credit on the teacher. Miss A. E. Henry, who is known as one of the most popular and efficient teachers of the county. We are glad the directors have engaged her for the ensuing year, and also that she has consented to slay when she bad urgent offers in other places. Kcspectiully, M. Frt. ATLANTA. Social, FeraoMU and Baalnesa Matters-How But Win Disappeared A Election. Mr. T. Hitchcock, proprietress of tb At lanta Houte, 1 visiting friend lo McLean, tbi week. Mr. 8. Elchberg, returned on Monday from a visit to Champaign. Prof. Nash, th phrenologist, lectured at the Christian church, on Saturday evening. Mr. Keudall and Mis Bowyer, of Terre Haute, Indiana, have been (pending a few day at Mr. Ellis Song'. Ml OUie Uowser left on Sunday night, to Join her parents In Dakota. O. M. Strong, father of C. R. Stroni;, of thl city. I visiting here. Miss Emily Beam, of Uloomingtou, 1 visit ing friends nere. J L. llevan, one of our attorney here, ha gone to lowa wun an excursion party, or u clpally made up of those who were on there way to a national camp meeting, but John' friend here thiuk he will pass a he has rather a ministerial look about him. Miss Funk, of liloouiiiiirtou is vlsltlnir menas iiere. Tne adage that "where there' a will there' a way," baa been verified here recent ly. Jlus, as la generally known, 1 a temper ance town, aud the boys who have a hanker ing for something stronger than the fluid from the public well, are bothered to get it, Dr. 8. James had some tine wine of his own make stored In the cellar under Jlawn & West' dry good store, and recently, on go ing down to examine a bowl or his bust, he found the cask empty, and after careful ex amlnation he fouud the boys had been remov lug the iron grate on the outside at night, aud hud succeeded in getting away with his best wine. Central Lodge A. O. U. W.. of this cltv. oeia toeir semi annual election on Tuesday evening, ana the followiug persons were elected: W. H. Mason, W. M.; C. C. Holilit, Foreman; S. H. Noider, Overseer; T. 1). Tut tie, Financier; J. M. Shlply, Receiver; A.J. Randolph, Warden; A, P. West, Guide. . AROUND HOME. Leave from the Live of Those who Dwell Around Us. A telegbone exchange ha Just been er- tabllsbed at Lincoln. 'Squire J. D. Hogue, a respectable rest, dent of Hartsburg, Logan county, died last Sunday. In Champaign county Fourth of July celebrations will be held at Sidney, Tolono, Sndorus, Hensley, Mahomet, Fisher, Rsntoul ana uiuora. Mr. Cllnvbell, a teacher of the school In Melvln, is to teach the schools In Sibley, Ford county, this fall, assisted by Miss Marsh, oi Muivin. A new mill, to coat $4n,(Xxi aud to have a capacity of 2iH) barrels of flour per day, is to be erected on the site of the old Esgle mills. at uttawa. Bishop Seymour Is arranging for the e talillshtuent of an Episcopal young ladles' seminary at Springfield. The Chestnut rest deuce properly will be put into shape for that purpot-e. John F. Strahal, formerly of Blooming- ton, and recently a salesman In Linn A Scrugg's dry goods store. In Decatur, has started a dry goods aud notion store for him self In Decatur. The Wabash He,ul-Liijh( is the name of a new paper published at Sibley, Ford county, oi UOUI tE joiiusoii. llio Jlt.Hil.idht is a rcllcx of railroad news along the Hues of the great Wabash rallroud. Thirty wells have been bored, dug aud bricked ou Hiram Sibley's Burr Oaks farm during the pant eight mouths, and two augers are kept busily at work and wl.l remain busy the year out, unless the farms are supplied lie lore inui nine. BLOOMINGTOfl JOCKEY C1X11 RACES. JUST REMEMBER NOT TO FORGET THAT MINNIE M'KAY, THB INDIAN GIRL, WILL RIDE FRIDAY, JULY 1st, 1881. ALSO, REMEMBER NOT TO FORGET TIIAT THE GREAT FREE - FOR - ALL TAKES PLACE SATURDAY, JULY 2d, 1881. AND DON'T FORGET TO REMEMBER THAT THE BICYCLE MuESJHc FOOT RACES AND ALL THE GOOD THINGS DAS' VERS. Burglar Unsuccessful Out lor Religions Meetings-Church Courtesy Children' Sunday. Burglar tried to enter the residence of Ira Abbott Tuesday night, but were discovered and driven away. Rev. M. M. Longley held au out-door meet Ing in Mr. Win. Westcott's orchard, last Sub- bath, preaching to an attentive congregation. He holds another service In two weeks, In the same place. It being made known at a meeting of the Baptist church that the Congregational bouse was closed for repairs, the church, by vote, sent to the Congregational church au offer of tbelr bouse for evening service, to which the Congregational pastor seut a note of thanks, and it wa read in the Baptist house Sabbath a. m. As the invitation and thanks were meutioned at the Congregational service, evl deut pleasure at such courtesy was mani fested. By the energy of the ladles of the Congre gational church, which is not easily estimated , their house of worship, which bad been in the hands of paperers last week, was ready for occupancy, and the little folks bad the first use for the annual children's meet ing. The relitting of the church made It very attractive. The tables and stands full of pot flowers and bouquets, the former from Airs, ueacan vvastiburu s, and tne children seated in front of a very large congregation, all made a scene delightful aud inspiring. The pastor used the text, "I have come into my garden," and for forty minutes the chil dren gave most earnest attention. The sing ing of gospel songs was truly Inspiring, Mr. Arthur Abbott, a former teacher au ;a long time a pupil, now a member of a quartette choir in Chicago, giving assistance. The meeting was one long to be remembered. HEYWORTH. Minor COAL. I. Ii. KRUM, anl3-y 20 B. Grove-st... Flnnmlneton, 111. WEST Si HE ITEMS. Proposals For Iron Bridge. Sealed proposals will be received by the Com missioners of Highways ol ilie town ol Randolph, McLean county, Illinois, until noon July 2d, 1881, for the erection ol an iron brldire, complete, over the Klckapoo, two miles west ol Heyworth, on the Heyworih and McLean road; said bridge to be eighty feet in length, with roadway fourteen leet in the clear, to be supposed by stone abutments. Plans and specifications can be seen at the office ol the County Surveyor, at Bloomiugton, Illinois. Separate bids will be received for stone work or lor Iron work, or for both. Successlul bidder will be required to give bonds for faith ml completion of work. Bridge to be finished by October 1st, 1881. Payments to be made on monthly estimates as work progresses. Commissioners reserve the right to reject nny or all bid". WM. F. DAMS, G. tl. CLARK, JOHN O.DAVIS, Commissioners of Highways cf Randolph Tp. Communications addressed to J. O. DAVIS, Hevworth. 111. June ISth, 1881. jel4-td-2t24 11 & SOFT COAL Warm- degree yesterday, aud still going up. W. B. Probasco ships 375,000 bushels cf corn East this week. P. W. Connor, cashier in the freight bouse, was overcome with heat yesterday. Engine No. 31 took thirteen loaded pas senger coaches to Chicago on No. 3, Monday night, making regular running time the en. tire distance. Mr. Keating ran off the track with tho director's car, at East St. Louis, Tuesday. His engine was partly turned over, but not disabled. No one was Injured. A tramp was killed at Alton Tuesday night. A whisky bottle was found by bim, which indicates that be was drunk, and, it is supposed, fell in trying to board the train. Two hundred and eighty-four through passengers came out of St. Louis on tram No. 3, Monday night. H. F. Moulton had charge of the train. Not bad for a hot night. Passenger traffic is demanding cars. The two new ones finished yesterday will be put In immediate service. These coaches reflect great credit on Messrs. Fagerburg and Town, send. A man was found dead at Bridge Junction yesterday by an engineer on a passenger train. From appearance he had been dead some time, and bad probably fallen from a preceding train. Delightful Decorating. Tho decorators had a delightful time yesterday in the grand jury room, preparing decorations for the Fourth. The room is In the northeast corner of the building, and Is one of the coolest rooms in the city. Those who attended yesterday were treated to lem onade, and the same will be given to day to all those who work. All ladies and gentle men who will, are requested to meet at 9:80 this morning and help decorate. Don't wait for a further invitation. Come all who will. VIsitorM Young Thieves Various Mentioning)). Mr. Charles Leeper, of Fort Worth, Texas, and his sister, Miss Maggie Lecpcr, of Doca- tur, 111., were here on a short visit. They both left here on last Monday evening for their respective homes. W. H. 0luvee, who went to Ohio, lus week, returned home last Tuesday evening. Mrs. Dr. McFarland returned on Tuesday, ber father, Mr. Dunn, accompanying ber home from ber five weeks' visit to her old homestead in Indiana. Our assessor has closed bis books, and la through assessing the township. A couple ol small boys Here nave in uie last week stolen three revolvers from the store of Stevenson Bros. Monday evening they were placed in the calaboose, and two revolvers were recovered, but the third one they sold for a mere triile to a young man of this place who said that be bought it in Hlootnington but on notice on Tuesday morning that it was known that he had it. the revol ver was back In the store again. Au exam pie should be made of some of these boys by Bending them to the reform school at fontlac and It might teach them a lesson. THE MCLEAN CO. GOAL CO. Are now mining two veins of coal, both ot superior quality as compared with other bitnmluous coal, but different as to each other. In this case we are prepared to suit the most particular cub tomer, as either one or the other vein ts to give satisfaction. We also keep a snpply of hard coal, of the best quality, at lowest market price. ' Office, 106 East Washlngton-st (Eagle Block.) J. E STEVENSOU, Secretary mm NO HARNESS. NO SPRINGS. NO RUBBER. ANEW SUSPENDER. THE Ha Si Less strain when stooping than when standing- Bee one J fij tigs ana you wui w vunw. For sale by GAM k EELDMAN, One-Price Clothiers and Oeuta' Furnishers. US and '114 It. aMm Maln-st. EELTJMAN& CO., Ore-Price Clothiers and Gents Furnishers. dOS North Cente street. TAGS WE HAVE A STOCK OF ISo.O 0 tags, assorted sices, which we will put at lower prices than ever before offered Call or send for price an ample. FANTAOBAPH. Oelng to the Show This Evening? At the Opera House to-night Canfleld, Booker & Lament's Humpty Dumpty company will commence a four nights'- engagement. To those who saw the show on the occasion of its recent visit it needs no com. mendatiin. It Is one of the best as well as funniest organisations now before the public. Canfleld and Booker are the great originals of all the acrobatic song and dance men, and the La moot trio of acrobats have never been surpassed in Bloomington for skill, grace and daring.. They work an Irresistibly funny pantomime, entitled "The Frolics of Koko," carrying a full brass band and orchestra, and a number of performers with good spe. cialties. How Richard' Parr' Foot Got Cut Mr. Richard Parr, living In 8tout' Grove, cat upon the fence talking with a neighbor about the political situation at. Albany, hay. ing left his scythe lying upon the ground be- neath bim. Richard made some remark which did not coincide with the view of his neighbor, whereupon the neighbor hurled a large stone at him, causing a hasty retreat, In which be came in contact with the scythe, which made a wound about three inches long and one deep In the ball of the right foot. Notice to Bloomlngtoa Batchers. The butcher of Bloomington are re quested to meet at the market of Tho, Erwln Thursday evening at 8 o'clock, to make ar. rangement a ahall seem necessary for appearing In parade opon the 4th of July. Order committee of arrangement. Norman Horses. A dispatch has been received from Dillon A Co., in France, stating tbey would ship their horses from London on July loth, and would land at Boston. Mr. George Stubblefleld will atart for France next week for a lot of Normans. He will bring several for Mr. Geo. Hanna, who is arranging his land near Hudson for a stock farm. David Vandolah, of Lexington, also talks of going to France soon with Mr. Hodg son, of El Paso. Mr. V. Is a large breeder of horses, having now s line thirty broodmares. He intends to have the pure Norman. Litigation Over a Small Sam. Yesterday Mrs. Mary J. Mayers, of Ells worth, commenced a suit in replevin before A. T. Lawrenco, justice, against George W. Curry, constable of Ellsworth, to replevy some household goods sbe had loaded In a car to ship to Indiana, her future home. Mr. Curry had levied ou the goods with a writ of attachment for (J, which sbe says she does not owe. (Constable A. T. Lawrence went, to Ellsworth last evening to take charge of the goods. The case will be vigorously contested The Old Timers' Dinner. The Invitation to dinner on the Fourth, extended by Mrs. Palm, has not been definitely stated. It applies to those of the old pinoneers heads of families who were here 55 years ago. The dinner will be promptly at iuo'ciock, at tne residence or Mrs. Patst, on i,asi wasningron, corner oi uridley. i ne dinner will doubtless be a most interesting social event. A Shut Down and Changes and Enlargement The chair factory closed for It annual shut-down on Tuesday. It will be stopped a week or ten days. Mr. Miner will begin moving out to day Into hi rew building, and hopes to get in this week. He will start up as soon as be can get his machinery arranged. The ckair company will occupy the shop space be vacates with machinery of It own. Fourth of July Celebration. A full attendance Is requested of the members of the general committee for the Fourth of July celebration at the office of 8Uveneon & Ewlng at nine o'clock Friday morning. The chairman of each of the other committees is requested to be present. A. E. Stevenson, chairman General committee. SA YBROOOK. Rev. Those person who do not need Iron, but who are troubled with nervousness and dyspepsia, will find In Carter' Little Nerve Pill a most desirable article. Tbey are mostly used In combination with Carter' Little Liver Pills, and In this way ofter exert a most magical effect Take Just one pill of each kind Immediately after eating, and you will be free from Indigestion end dyspepsia. In vial, at 25 cent. Sold by all druggUU. Fox sale by W. W. Marmon. . Hoffman The Comet de La Tnlfy The Crop. Rev. H. O. Hoffman lectured before tho Y. M. C. Association on Monday evening Subject "The age In which we live." Esaulre Thompson, of Arruwsmith, is In town. Mr. R. Newman was In atfenuance upon bis father's funeral Tuesday. Creed McDanlels Is talking of taking In the Hot Springs, Ark. He thinks the trip will benellt bis Health. There Is too much Iteration of the Panta graph 8 fathering of mat comet. Jim Ballard Arhogast discovered it on the night of the 21st as he sat with his girl. It will hereafter be known as "La Comet de Arbo gast de la Tutty." (J wing to tne extreme warm weainer many of our citizens took their yearly bath lust evening. Our farmers have been unable to work their corn owing to the recent heavy rain. The crops are looking fine and a large harvest Is anticipated. Saybrook will do ner snare toward tne sol diers' meeting? Most of the soldiers In this part of the county have signified their Inten tion of participating. Fifth Anniversary of Their Marriage. On yesterJay Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hcover celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary, which will be July 4, and owing to the celel ration on that day, the day was recognized a few days prematurely. A great many of their friends from around Covel Joined with their friends in the city, and at noon ealled upon them with baskets filled with the delicacies of the season, numerous presents. There were about fifty present, and a very pleasant time was bad. The following Is a partial list of the many valuable and useful presents given tbem. Table and folding rocker, Messrs. R. R. Campbell, Geo. Rust, N D. Hullett, J W. Rogers, W. H. Rogers, D. R Stubblefleld, and Mrs. Harriet Eolow and Mrs. E. Blair; a set of chairs, Mrs. 8. J. Hoover and Mr. W. H. Newton; work basket, Mr. and Mrs. Sher-blne; xephyr wreath, Mis Nettle Rogers; picture frame, Mr. Arthur Rogers; plated butterdish, Mr. and Mrs. Edward and w. H. Cut'ing; Brltarnia teapot, Mrs. Dr. Hoover and Mrs. L. E. Randolph; pillow-shams, embroidered. Miss Msggie Rogers; embroidered Dillow-sbams and bed-spread, M rs. J. A. Rog ers; Majolica water picber, Mr. S. A. Rogers; Majolica cream pitcher, Mr. Wm. I. Newton; handsome writing desk, Mr. M. Matern; towels, Mis Adda Jackson; money, Miss Ad Piper; patent acalp raiser, Mr. L. E. Randolph; set of plate, cup and saucers. and goblets, Mr. T. A. Roger. Try Carter' Little Nerve Pill for any case of nervousness, sleeplessness, weak stomach, lndigestien, dyspepsia, &c; relief is suae. The only nerve medicine for the price in market, la vial at 25 cent. For cafe by W. W. Marmon. The Muttoon Coal Company ha expetid- tbe sum of $i!5,000 in linking a abaft to the depth of -tiM feet They expect to reach a paying vein at a depth of tUHl feet, and will continue their efforts to Dud coal until that depth Is reached. While playing with three other little girls, on Tuesday, at Mt. Puluskl, In the elevator of McFarlln Jt AVood, Eva, a five-year- old daughter ol Mcholas Hclmler, fell upon the drag belt and was carried into the sl.eller. Nothing but a mas of toiu-up humanity re. mains. An amusing strike took place among the employes of the Streator House, In Strcator, on luesday. I he force of waiter boys. white, refused to work any longer under the head waiter, Henry Stanley, colorej; hence at dinner hour the proprietor, Maj. Ruggles, requested the chambermaids and laundry girls to go to the dining room to help out, which they refused to do so long as voting Btanley was there. The Major immediately told them to go to the dining room or quit wuiK, wtiere upon tney an quit, and the Major who weighs about 300 pounds and young Stanley did most of the waitln r upon guests. Tho house at present Is without a clerk, waiters, chambermaids or laundry gins. Mrs. Maltie Davis,wifo of Richard Davis, a farmer living a mile from Springfield, while walking from home to her fathers, half a mile away, was accosted by a negro, who had beeu In ambush, and who made improper proposals. Frightened, she ran until ex haustid, end fell fainting on the road. The negro followed hallooing to her to stop, but failed to come up with her. He again dlsap (eared In the underbrush. Mrs. Davis is In a delicate situation, and her death is expected. Henry Finer, formerly a waiter at the Commercial Hotel, Nashville, and William Ltley, a shoemaker at Springtleld, were ar. rested. Mrs. Duvis recognized L'tley as the guilty party, having previously minutely do. scribed bim. Ulley and were jailed. ureal excitement prevails, and it Is not Improbable they will be lynched. TAKE PLACE JULY 4th, 1881. It affords in much plessure to call attention to our new line ol baby carriages. '1 Hey combine beauty, style and comfort In a higher degree than ever ueroro. experience in iiantuing aineieni makes, and a careful study of the wauta ol the trade, enables ns to shew a stock unsurpassed lor quality and variety. Every carriage warranted. Prices moderate. FREELAND BROS., 216 N. Center-si, Bloomington, 111. Our Illustrated Catalogue to any address. LECAL. STATE OF ILLINOIS, McLesn oonnty.-s. In tbe McLean Circuit Court, W ths Septsmber term, A. U. 1881. Manlia Burgwln vs. Thomas W. Burgwln. Divorce. Allldavlt having been Bled In ths office of th Circuit Clerk of said county, satisfactorily showing that said delvndant, Thomas W. Burgwln, l nut president of tha btate of Illinois, an4 subpoena having been issued against htm, return sols on the fourth Monday In September, A. D. 1881. Now, therefore, notice la hereby given to yon, the said Thomas W. Burgwln. that the above entitled suH Is now pending In tne McLean Circuit Court, and that uuleas you shall be and appear be- thureol, to be holden at HloomlWtnn. on the bECOM MONDAY OF SEPTEMBER, A. D. 181, and plead, answer or demur to said bill, th same will he taken as conlessed stralnst you, and a decree rendered according to the prayer thereof. Dated at Blootniugton, this glut day of Jane,. A. D. 1881. J. C. McFARLAND, Clerk. Ib J. Bt-ooiiriiLn, Complainant's Attorney. je4w lore said court ou the flrst day of tbe next term the Court-house la Miles E. Harper, of near Leroy, cele brated the 25th birthday on Monday. A little son of Jos. Taylor, near Leroy, fell from a fence and broke his arm. Illinois Wesleran Uilrersitf, Bloomington, III. The fln-t Incorporated Business Co'lege the flrst Business college autnonr.en to grauuaie siuiicuib and confer diplomas the flrst business college In lllonmlnt'toii. tic course oi stuny emorarea me boolts of five heavy Chicago business bouses, knowledge of which Is worth to the business stu dent more llisn the tuition for the entire course. Krlucttc Short-Hand is tatmht by its author. It ha Just been compared in New York ;lty by llrowu's PhoLOL'rauiilc Monthly with U4 other sys tems, and shown to he the briefest and simplest system before tne puniic. experts in ii are in ao- uiand. Pend for circulars. mi-eoa-iy IHE CONTRAST ! IFhtle other linking J'owdtrs are laravlu lnftrraleil with Alum and other hurtful drugs, ILLfMEYOOFAT 03 has been kept unchanged in all its original ptiritu and strength. The best evidence of its safety and effectiveness is the fact of its having received the highest testi monials from the most eminent vhemisis in the United States, who have analyzed it, from its introduction, to the present time. There are no powders that bear tiiftier chemical tents, nor any that show so good results by the TEST OF THE OVEN. It is a pure Fruit Acid Baking Powder. Made bit STEELE & PRICE, Clilcago, 111., and St. Louis, Mo., Manufacturer of Lupulin Yeast Gems, Dr. Price' Spnclal Flavoring Extract, 'and Dr. Price's Uniqnn Perfumes. ANDCURE DYSPEPSIA, LIVER COMPLAINT, AND ALL DIS EASES CAUSED BY MALARIA. These Bitters not only give an appetite, but with It power to digest the food taken. Tbey make yon eat and at the same time enab'e you to get the good out of what you have eaten. With their use dyspepsia disappears, the liver accretes Its proper amount of bllo, and the bowels move regularly in consequence. Carter' Liver Bitters also break up Chilis and Fever and Sreveut their return, and are a complete annate to all Malarial polson.yetentirely free from Ouinliie. .No thickened syrupy dose. Mo cheap whiskey und worthless roots. No " food " nonsense; but a really medicinal bittors, every drop of which la of value and will do someone good. Sold In large pint bottles at One Dollar per bottle. Prepared only by CARTER MEDICINE CO., (Mtkar, of Cartn'i LlUla Llnr Mil, e.) 5 A 87 Park l'lace, Now York City. For Sale by W. W. Marmon. WE KEEP CONSTANTLY in stock a larye line of envelopes, all shades and weights. Buying direct trom manufacturers we are able to sell at lower prices than other douses In Illinois. Pantaraph Bstabmsbm't. EnYBlopes TRUSTEE'S SALE.-Wbxbia. William N. Burrr aud Marunret Berrv. his Wit, ol the county -of Cumberland and biate of 1111 LOIS, by their cruln deed ol trust, dated beputmhw ao, A D. laVft, duly recorded in Book aol Deeds, page 14a, In tha Recorder's office ot Cumber and county, Illinois, did convey to Corydon Weed, aa trustee, ana to bis successors in trust, in follow ing described premises, suuatea in mm couniy w Cumberland aud ttiate oi Illinois, to-wlt: The noilbeast quarter of the northwest quarter of seo-llon lourteen (14), ud ths sontbwwt quarter of the souti west auaitar. and the west lliun (16) ao es of ths southeast quarter ot ths southwest quarter of section eleven (11), all In township ten (10) north, range eight (8) ast of th third princi pal meridian, cou prising va acres oi lano, which conveyance was made to secure tb payment of u ludebtedneaa of tnuO. as shown by oo certain promissory note of eight huudr, d dollar, bearing even dale wun said trus-. aea, pa awe u the order of VV'iliUm U. hesrdsley. and falling dae January 1, lt80, with interest thereon, altar ma turity, at tne rate oi eignt ptr cent, per annum, Davahle semi-annually : aud Whbreas, bald trust deed provides that In ease of dclault in payment of principal note or Interest coupons, or auy ol them, or any part thereof, at the tlmu and place aud In the manner specified therein, or delauli In payment ol taxes or assessment levied sualnat salt! vrenilses, or himich of kny OI the coveuants contained in said trust aeeC, then the whole of said Indebtedness may be declared due and payable, and, on the application of the legal holder or said note, the said trustee, or hi successor in trust, shall have tbe right to (ell the said Divinises In ths manner therein prescribed. snd apply ths proceeds of such sale a therein specified; and Whiuias, Hald trust deed further provide that In case of the death or Inability of the said Corydon ,1 1 ,K..n 1 -J UJIlll.m ' HchI.U, M Ik. ,, WU, L 11 1 11 ,mu ., lllll.ul uu J , bbbw legal holder of said note, shall hare the option ot substituting any other person In bis stead, and the acts and doings of said party ao substituted shall he as effectual aud binding as if done by said Corydon Weed: snd W uehsas, Maid Corydon Weed departed this life on or about November ltd, A. D. 1878, th holder of said note has therefore appointed the undersigned, Hudson Burr, to act in his stead: and M uieucas, Default bas been made in payment of said principal note and the Interest due thereon Jantiaiy 1, 18H1, and by reason of such default said William C. Beardi-ley, the legal holder ot said note, has declared the whole ol said indebtedness to be now due and psysble, snd has applied to bave said premises sold ana lie proceeds mp plied according to the provisions of said trust deed; and Wueiieas, The wnole or saia inaeoieaness, on - the flrst day or July, A. D. 1881, amounts to the sum ot eight hundred and sixty-four dollaja, not includlne attorney lees and costs of this proceed ing, provided lor In said trust deed. Now, theretore, by virtue of the power In ma vested, as trustee by appointment, and in eompi" ance with the terms ot said trust deed, I will offjc the premises above described at public sale, to I ulKlieni Ulftuur, jur wji m unuu, w -vw of the Cumberland County Bank, in Neoga, Cum berland county-llllnois, on -rm ir r tuiJAi, lux. n us i isA i vi mjuii a. n. lnrii. at the hour of two o'clock In the afternoon of said day, with ail right and equity of redemption and all homestead rights of tbe said William M. Berry aud Margaret Berry, their heir ana Magus therein, and will execute and deliver to th pur-haaer ornnrchasers at said sale a deed or deeds of conveyance lu fee of the premises Sold. Dated June 1st, loot. . HUDSON BFHR, Jefl-td Successor In Trust and Trustee. DECATUR AND SPRINGFIELD INFIRMARY. ";.- T TT . DB M. ?ii BRANDON, Decatur, 111. DB. H BRANDON, 211 South Flrth-et SoriMllelil, III. They give special attention to the TREATMENT OP THE EYE 4 EAR. Alllnqolrybv mall promptly answered. Call address at either place. oSS-sia STABS AND ST.RIPES. U. S. FLAGS. FITZ WILLI AM & SONS Now have on sale a large consignment of Flags, which will be sold at moderate prices. Over 2,500 United States Flags, mounted on sticks, ranging in size rrom the small toy to a large-size three by five feet, suitable for exterior house decorations. Also Large American Ensigns, regulation sizes, in bunting, sewed and first-class in every way, ranging from 10 to 19 feet in length. Dealers snpplied at wholesale rates. Decorating Prints, in Na tional Colors, in great variety, by the yard. BLOOMINGTON, UJl, JUNE 25, 1881.

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