Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on September 10, 1963 · Page 5
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 5

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 10, 1963
Page 5
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Golesburg Register-Mail, Galesburg, 111. Tuesday, Sept. 10, 1963 5 GALVA 324 Main St. RUSSELL ALDERMAN Correspondent Phoni WE 2*2658 School District Board Approves Budget for Year GALVA — A new budget and tax levy was approved by the Galva Board of Education at a meeting Monday night. Biggest chunk of the budget went to the education fund where $275,000 has been appropriated. Other funds appropriated were transpor- - - i.f l; . j. ] tation $5,200, building fund £60,000, Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund $5,500. The budget also contained $75,DOO in working cash fund bonds end $847,000 in building fund bonds. • Okay Fund Transfer Also approved at the meeting R'as the transfer of $4,000 from the education fund to transportation fund; installation of two lights behind the high school and purchase of a counter at a cost of $200. Supt. Watson reported to the board that 1,143 have enrolled in the Galva School District. F. U. White School has 325 students, Lincoln 172, Bishop Hill 110, Burns B8, Junior High 185 and Senior High 313. The superintendent also stated he will get cost estimates on the resurfacing of blacktop play areas at Wiley Park and Lincoln School. Charles Hay, a representative Df the Waller Insurance Agency, went over the school insurance program with board members. He recommended that they carry more public liability and a set of suggested increases in coverage will be given at a meeting Monday. Cite New Loading System School officials were reminded that a new bus loading system was being used which includes the closing of Morgan Road during loading and unloading of the vehicles. Distribution of complimentary activity tickets in the Galva School District has been curtailed as a result of a resolution ap­ proved by the school board Monday night. Tickets shall be restricted to members of the educational staff (and their spouses) of the school sponsoring the activity. Lay people will be given tickets only if they are directly connected with the activity or if they have rendered material assistance to the activity. Determines Holders The School Board left it up to the superintendent or school heads to determine who would qualify for complimentary tickets. Reduction in the number of complimentary tickets was needed to offset partly the increase in cost, according to the approved resolution. "In years past, low cost of operation has permitted a very generous distribution of complimentary tickets but lately, however, the cost of extracurricular activities have increased sharply," the resolution said. CORRAL Formerly Jack's Supper Club SPECIAL DELICIOUS PAN FRIED CHICKEN Alt You Can Eat 79c PER PERSON SERVING FROM S to 10 WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 11 No Carry Out Orders Bring Your Family Out For An Evening We Fry our Chicken while you wait, takai a little longer, but worth the wait. Fine Imposed in Magistrate Court Mrs. Do" /anRaemdonk, Galva. appeared before Police Magistrate William Quinney Friday night and paid a fine of $5 and cost for driving too fast for conditions. The arrest was the result of a one-car accident on Northwest Sixth Avenue, Aug. 27. Police are investigating two thefts reported by Verl Clayton of a bank containing $80, and by Ted Matticks of two saddles and two shotguns taken from his home during the past week. Galva Grid Coach Speaks at Club Meet James Elwell, head football coach of the Galva High School, was the speaker at the Galva Rotary Club when it met Monday in the Galva LeClaire Hotel. He talked on what could be expected of the local football team this year. James B. Young served as program chairman for the day. Guests included Lloyd Barnard, Richard Leboldt and Gregg Young, of Kewanee. 29th Reunion Conducted By Families BISHOP MILL - The 29th reunion of the Johnson-Ollne families was held at Bishop Mill in the Colony School House with 37 members and four guests present. During the business meeting it was reported that there were eight births and two deaths during the last year. Vera Kalley of Peoria was the oldest member present and Debra Kay Oline, the youngest. Those present were from Independence, Iowa; Moline, Cambridge, Galva, Galesburg, Rio, Peoria, Washburn, Chenoa, Kewanee, Nekoma, and Philadelphia, Pa. The 30th reunion will be held the Sunday before Labor Day in Bishop Hill at the school. New Windsor Ladies Aid Sets Project NEW WINDSOR - The Ladres Aid of the United Presbyterian Church, which convened Thursday, set Nov. 13 for the annual supper bazaar and food sale at the Christian Education Building. Miss Sally Ann Wright conducted devotion at the meeting, with Mrs. H. T. Wallace presiding. A card of thanks was read from Mrs. Donald Crawford in appreciation for cards and gifts while she was at the hospital. Mrs. Perry Thomas read a letter from Mrs. Axel Hanzl of Rije- ka, Yugoslavia, and displayed gifts she had received from her. Hanzl and Percy Thomas have been pen pals for the past six years. Mrs. Dale Sholl played a group of piano solos, Mrs. Myron Hickok gave a group of readings and Miss Mabel Coleman played a piano solo. Mrs. J. P. Petrie was in charge of the birthday table at which Mrs. Vernum Wildermuth, Mrs. C. C. Mead, Mrs. Adolph Dunlap and Mrs. C. B. Walsten were seated. Birthdates which occurred in July, August and September were observed. Hostesses were Mrs. Wallace, Mrs. Arthur Larson and Mrs. Tom Shull. fir yowrihou</it$ Dear Penny, t am IS and am going steady with a boy t tike very much. Me Is a nice boy with a good reputation. Before he started going with me, he datetd another girl a few times. They no longer care for each other. This girl's friend is constantly trying to break us np by putting little doubts into my mind about his faithfulness and his feelings toward me. She will not say anything definite, though. Since I have gone with this boy, she has subtly been trying to break us up. I am quite sure of this boy's feelings, but If she keeps this up, she may be successful-although she Would not be interested in him If he were free. What do you think? BURNING Dear Burning, Some time in your life you will have to learn to close your cars to people who would like to start a little trouble, and it may as well be now. She may be interested in this boy for herself, whether she admits to it or not, or else she is just plain mean and meddlesome. Either way, I wouldn't give her the satisfaction of thinking she is causing you any unhappiness. When you see her coming, make tracks in the opposite direction. Dear Penny, I read your column all the time, and I thought maybe yea could help me with my problem. I am on a party line of three, and every time I try to make a call there is a girl who says, "Hang up! Get off the line!," and other such things. She Is on the phone every time I try to make a call, and I don't understand how I am supposed to know the line is busy unless I pick up the receiver. PARTY LINE Dear Party Line, Anyone who has to share a phone line should be aware of the rules that govern the use of the telephone. The rules are set forth in the front of every telephone directory. I would politely call this to the attention of the girl on your line. If this doesn't help, call the telephone office and make a complaint. They have a letter which they send out in cases of this kind. As a last resort, of course, you can call and ask to have your line changed. A party line is a give- and-take affair, so remember to keep your manner courteous and your conversations reasonably brief, too. Dear Penny, Let's congratulate the Galesburg Drive-In Theater for their flash on the screen, "Five Minutes Until Snack Bar Closes." It's an appreciated warning and doesn't interrupt the movie. THANK YOU Dear Thank You, Always glad to pass along a pat on the back, and I agree with you. I can't think of anything worse than finishing up that bag of salty popcorn and having to sit through the rest of the movie without a cold drink. Thinking of you . . . Penny Send your questions to Penny, in care of the Galesburg Register-Mail. Vour letter will be answered either In this column or personally. Letters need not be signed unless • personal reply la desired. BUSHNELL. (few* Coff«*«ofi4«flt i. Bernard triUMfl 820 W. Hurst St., Buihnell. Phono Bushnell 519 Boys Baseball Club Treated Burlington, Bushncll and Chicago. BUSHNELL - A hamburger fry was held Sunday for boys who played on the Yankees team of the Bushnell Little League at the cabin of the coach, Willard Markham. Families of players were guests. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Garrison, Brad, Janet and Greg, Mr. and Mrs. "Butch" Yocum, Greg and Timmy, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Brillhart, Stan, Steve and David, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lorton, Linda, Larry. Lonnie a n cl Lindcll, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Olson and Gaylord, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Olson, Kay, Larry, and Steve, Mrs. Willard Clayton, Mary Beth, Allen and Betty Jo, and the Markhams and Gene and Mae. Reunion Conducted The McMahill and Berkshire reunion was Sunday at the Monmouth Park. Attendance totaled 150. Towns represented were San Bruno, Calif., Monmouth, Roseville, Rock Island, Good Hope, Avon, Kankakee, Gladstone, Biggsville, Prairie City, Peoria, Galesburg,- Macomb, Griggsville, READ THE WANT ADS! The National Restaurant In Roseville wishes to announce that wo will be serving Chuckwagon Dinners on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings • - • All you can eat for a buck. Sunday Buffet Dinners served from 11:00 A.M. 'Till 8:00 P.M. Notional Restaurant ROSEVILLE, ILLINOIS • * 1 1 • • • * • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • * * • • # • • »* • • • • • • • • 1 * * * • # ON SALE NOW Family Moves To Little York From Kirkwood KIRKWOOD - Mr. and Mrs. Troy Taylor and Janeal, residents of Kirkwood many years, have moved to Little York. Taylor is mechanic for the Yorkwood school buses. Mrs. Harriet Taylor, Loren and David, ently visited in the home of ?rr son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Iiee and children, Ronnie, Doug, Larry Dean, and Con; ' \ at J "mpshire. Young people from the Methodist Church who are attending various colleges are Clinton Conway and Ronald Tinkham, Iowa Wesleyan University at Mount Pleasant; Rodney VanRiper, Eureka College at Eureka; Bill Lee and Ann Pence, Western Illinois University at Macomb, and Albert Fell and Pau'ne Kersey, Burlington Business College. Mrs. Harriet ylor ~ J David and Mrs. Taylor's brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and "Trs. John Hopkins of Car -ron, attended the rodeo at Fort Madison Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Taylor and ch r dren, Ricky and ^a, of Monmouth, and Mrs. Blanche Ray HOSPITAL NOTES Wednesday Night SPECIAL chicken m m IN THE f BASKET f 4# V CLUB 34 Homer and Ruby Walker Route 34 AIR CONDITIONED For Vcur Comfort ENTERTAINMENT Cottage ADMISSIONS MONDAY Mrs. Jacqueline S. Hinderliter, 1427 Brown Ave. Mrs. Eaton A. Anderton, 310 S. West St. Clyde K. Peterson Jr., Abingdon. Floyd V. Gustaison, Dahlnda. Val E. Strode, Galesburg Route 3. Thomas B. Johnson, 159f Meadow Drive. Mrs. Clara E. Lively, Chicago. Everett R. D. Eager, 765 Maple Ave. Mrs. M. Doris Schantz, 1008 E. Brooks. Mrs. Judy A. Miller, Knoxvllle. Mrs. Nancy H, Hunter, 1271 Nelson Ave. Mrs. Betty M. Malcolm, Altona. Steven G. Clewell, E. Galesburg. DISMISSALS MONDAY Mrs. Julia A. Ma. , Mao.uon. Mrs. Doria E. Powell, Dahlnda. Mrs. Janet S. Perry, 131 Duffleld. Haroldean Shinn. Abingdon. Steven P. Wilson, E. Galesburg. Marshall W. Davis, 116 S. Cedar. Jerry A. Brown, Bushnell. Mrs. Amy A. Duke, 170 Cedar Ave. Mrs. Elizabeth A. Faber. E. Galesburg. Vickie L. Hillier, 548 N. Henderson. Toulon Youth Attends Onarga Military School TOULON — Brian Wilson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Wilson, has enrolled in the military school at Onarga, where he will be a junior. Four Toulon young people will return to Northern Illinois University at DeKalb, Syl Keller will be a senior, Marilyn Heaton and Joyce Durbin will be Juniors and Evelyn Roark will be a sophomore. Linda Gerard will be a junior at University of Illinois. She has been employed there this summer. of Kirkwood were Sur dinner guests of Mrs. Harriet Taylor and family. RIB SHACK North on Rout* 1M Rtbf, B«*l. Chlck.n, F»i«d Chlcktn, Shrimp, Pltss, Sandwich**. Air Conditioned For carry out Mrtleo Call W-J4U Opta Daily at » P.M. St. Mary's ADMISSIONS MONDAY Mrs. Donald W. Glllenwater, 1051 Willard St. Mrs. David R. Brouillette, 265 S. Henderson St. Mrs. Flora Polk, 227 W. Waters St. Ronald E. Quinn, Abingdon. Albert C. Matthews, North Henderson. Mrs. Ada P. Sloan, 474 W. Tompkins St. Mrs. Ethel M. Masterson, 523 W. South St. Mrs. Roy R. Carlson. Abingdon. Mrs. Stanley Bougulski 251 E. Berrien St. Mrs. William B. Stegall. 681 W. Sanborn St. Mrs. Deleen E. Brown, Galesburg Route 3. Mrs. Wayne E. Icenogle Altona. Ollie Thierry, 371 S. Prairie St. Mrs. James C. Godsil, 1268 Nelson Ave. Mrs. Orvllle Weaverling, 381 Franklin Ave. Mrs. James E. Olinger, 126 Lincoln St. DISMISSALS MONDAY Mrs. Ray W. Miller. 987 Pine St. Mrs. Nellie Peters, 924 N. Farnham St. Ricky Spencer. 1055 Lancaster St. Mrs. Isaac C. Wade, Alexis. Movie Calendar TUESDAY, SEPT. 10 ORPHEUM: "Don't Give Up the Ship," 1:30, 4:50 and 8:15. WEST: "Corridors of Blood," 1:45 4:55 and 8:05 p. in.; "Werewolf in a Girl's Dormitory," 2:30, 6:40 and 9:50 p. m. DRIVE IN: "Advise and Consent," 7:45; "Days of Wine and Roses," 10:15. One complete showing nightly. Livestock Group Slates McCloskey As Speaker Congressman Robert McCloskey of Monmouth will speak to the Henry County Livestock Feeders Association Friday, at 8 p.m. in the Gruey Memorial Library at Cambridge. McCloskey is expected to discuss the problems of the livestock feeder, including the problem of increasing meat imports; and also his views on the nuclear test ban treaty. All interested persons were invited to attend this meeting. Vessels wrecked near Cape Hatteras, N.C., range from colonial galleons to Civil War ironclads and sub-sunk World War II tankers. Bushnell News Notes Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chambers, Danny and Terri, moved last weekend to the Norman Head property on East Twyman Street. The West PTA will meet Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at the East Elementary School for a potluck supper. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Berkshire of San Bruno. Calif, are spendint* this week with his aunt, Mrs. Elsie Berkshire. The Grandmothers Club will meet Thursday at 0:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Emma Dimmitt. The VFW Auxiliary will hold a social Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at the VFW Home. Flower Show Entries Are Rated in Annual Bushnell Festival Grand championship of the Bushnell Town and Country Festival flower show was won by Mrs. Grace Glaze, with an entry of red roses. A philodendron totem pole planter, exhibited by Beulah Laux, won the grand championship of the plant show. Winner of grand championship of the vegetable show was Mrs. Ethel Loy of Roseville. Show winners, with the number of first, second and third place ratings, included: Flowuri Mrs. Alleync Stenger 4-4-6, Moul of Astoria 4-1-0, Emery 0-1-0, Beulnh Lnux Francis Rutlcdgc, Macomb, Louise Putnam 2-1-1, Mrs. Mariner 1-3-1, Hazel Filbert, Ellen Walters 0-0-1. Esther 2-0-0, Nancy Beatty Orval Foley Smith, Helen Mnbel 0-3-1, 3-3-0, Jnck 0-0-1, Ogle 0-1-0, Mrs. MacomS, 1-0-0, Zelma Macomb, 2-0-1, Mrs. George Stambaugh 0-1-0, Sarah Brensuw 1-0-1, Signa Dldlock 2-0-0. Ruth Heaton 0-1-1, Mary Lee Cnrr 4-0-O, Linda Carr, Avon, 0-1-0, Stella Lutz, Good Hope, 2-0-1, Myrtle Larson 0-0-1, Mrs. Robert Olson, Prairie City, 0-1-0, Grace Glaze 1-1-0, Jack Beatty, Avon 1-0-0, Daisy Strode 0-1-1, Thorza Totten 3-1-0, Barbara Taylor 0-1-0, Ralph Wilson 1-1-0, Mrs. Myron Armstrong 1-0-0, Audrey Wells 0-0-1, Mary Lou McClelland 1-0-0, Martha Beatty 0-0-1, Doris Check 1-0-0, Virginia Elam 0-1-0, Helen Snyder 0-0-1, Myrtle Parson 0-1-0, Marie Mead 0-0-1, Marjory Wolf 0-1-0, James McNcelev 0-0-1. Planti Doris Botkln 1-0-0, Signa Dld­ lock 1-0-0, Myrtle Parsons 0-1-0 Leona Blansctt 1-0-0, Haldee Chat-1 terton 1-2-2, Feme Peck 1-0-0, Therza Totten 0-1-0, Anna May Graves 0-0-1, Beulah Laux 1-0-0, Marlory Wolf 0-1-0, Julia Sltton 0* rt-I. Lee Phillips. Cantoft, 1-0-0, Evelyn Cravcrart 0-1-0. Mr*. Ethel Loy of Rosftville 2-00. Vcrla Kille 3-1-0. Alice Murphy of Marietta 2-1-0, Louise Putnam 2-1-2, Ruby Mason 0-0-2, Dorothy Wallieh of Plymouth 2-1-1, Nnrtcy Drummonds of Good Hope 2-1-1, Harry Drummonds of Good Hope 2-3-1, Nancy Beatty of Avon 0-1-0, Mrs. Anna Barnes 1-0-0, Arthur Perrlnc 0-0-1. Kathy BsaUv of Avon 1-0-0, Sharon Strode 5-0-1, Mrs. George Stambaugh 0-2-0, Rryan Husted 2 1-1, Mary Mason 0-O-I. Michael Lutz 1-0-0, Marvin Rhivules 0-2-0, James MoVeelpy n- l; 2 ' Ellen Walters I 0-0. Allyne i n n IT, r s - c,rrr >* Gallowav 01-0, Gladys Pii«h 1 -0-0. Kathy Mason 0-1-0. Assisting In the flower show were Mrs. Vernon Smith, flowrri- Mrs. Virginia Elam. Mrs. M v rt|p Parson, Mrs. Ororge Chain "anri Mrs. Thur/n Totten, r^gA ration- Mrs. Kjrmlt Hart, Mrs. rj. V Dirt! ootc Mrs. Gale Miller. Mrs R*, . L ah anfl Mrs - Margaret Mor- 5?JJ; .? Ie ""•angements after rn. gistratlon: Mrs. Bernlrr R r)an nn rf Mrs. Vernon Smith, ribbon" Ashling In the vegetable show carl Parker and Miss Roberta Roan. Melvin fJ.iines w a s general nf the show and Don Norns nf Macomb was ahow Judge. N#»dl#cr»fl A 70-vear-old pieced duilt. exhibited bv Mrs. Gladys Pugh won the grand championship of tha needleTraft. show, while Jame* Mc- Nceley who exhibited « leather picture was recipient of grand championship honors in the Junior show. Entries totaled 143. Mablc Emory and Dorothy New- bv. co-chairmen of the jhow. wer« assisted bv Virginia Thornton, Barbara Smith, Francis Kikendall. Ethel Sperry. Kathrvn Acklarre, Mei"i Miller, Helen Madison. Louise Heath, Jill Gallchue. Elmor Yocum. Maud Sperry. Esther Ogle and Thclma Curtis. Mrs. Marjorl* Dunbar was the judge. Winners with the number of first. second and third placa awards, Included: Dortha Lincoln 1-0-0. Mrs. Clyde Warren 1-1-0. Shirley Myers 00-1, Mrs. Alice Huffman 1-0-1, Mrs. John Miller 0-2-0. Mrs. Beulah Laux 0-0-1. Joan Rhoades 0-1-0, Gertrude Bennett 0-0-1, Vivian Mc Necley 2-0-2, Hazel Filbert 0-1-0, Mrs. Shirley Phelps 1-1-0, Mrs. Fred Brown 3-1-0. Mrs. Esther Chase 2-1-1. Mrs. Nellie Schoon- ovcr 2-0-0, Mrs. Jess Ellis 0 -1-0. Mrs. Lucille Cortelyou t-0-1. Elizabeth Frakcs 0-0-1. Mrs. Hatdca Chatterton 1-0-0. Mrs. Helen Miller 0-3-0, Mrs. Esther Ogle 1-0-2. Mrs. Gladys Pugh 1-0-0, Mrs. Sarah Brcasnw O-i -0, Mrs. Marie Walters 0-0-2, Mrs. Gerald Theobald 1 -0-0, Mrs. Mildred Sorrells 0-1-0. Mrs. Corda Taylor 1-0-0. Mrs. Robert Olson 0-1 -0. Blanche Kane t-0-0, Helen Snyder 0-1-0, Minnie Geer of Prairie City 0-1-0, Belle Lovell 1-0-1 and Mrs. Earl Smith 0-1 -0. Junior Show — Marsha Walters 10-0, Debbie Gain 0-1-0 and Jamc« McNeeley 1-1-1. fREOERO 1 BRI3S0N Production •SeRcise AIR CONDITIONED Show Starts 7:30 Adults 60c Children 25c THEATRE KNOXVILLE Altonans Attend Threshers Reunion ALTONA — Mr. and Mrs. Scott Erickson, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Collinson, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Collinson, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. Milo Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Baney were among those of the Altona area who attended the threshers reunion at Mount Pleasant, Iowa, Thursday. Set Alpha Session ALPHA — Oxford Homemakers Extension Unit will meet Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Howard McCurdy. Mrs. Harry Humphrey and Mrs. Theodore Johnston will give the major lesson on "Low Calorie Desserts." Members who plan to attend were asked to take a cup and saucer, an apron and a spoon. From ungainly camels, Arabs get transportation, hair for cloth and milk for drinking. ENDS TONIGHT! 'Days of Wine A Roses" "Advise and Consent" ^ THEATRE w STARTS TOMORROW OPEN 7:00 Show at Dusk . "TAMMY" at _ _.9:20 "ZOTZ" at __7:45 /MAGiCwbpr? FOR mi ^TDM JUUA POSTONMCWE Coming SUNDAY! lurt Lancaster Kirk Douglas FOR tttOfiOfwy-mfhdtd TRAVILIR5 Famous for Good Food Writ* for Folder No. 2 SOON SOON DAYS OF FLAMING ACTION! DAYS OF TITANIC ADVENTURE! DAYS OF EXOTIC PASSIONS! SUPER TECHN1RAMA TECHNICOLOR 2 £2 FAB-U-LEWIS fun for the family! DoittOto Up The Ship Rock /{•BYE BABY "SHIP" at 1:30-4:50-8:15 — "BABY" at 2:55-6:20-9:40 NOW! COMFORTABLT COOt_ NOW! FIENDISH FEATURES IN A NEW HORROR SHOW! NERVO-RAMA HOW MUCH SHOCK CAN YOU STAND? FOR^PJEOP^E^H ^RVES OF IRON ONLY 111^ FRIDAY THE 13th ONLY!: 2-Pulse Chilling Horror Hits-2 "we bad put her liyjflg in the tomb!" -Poe tDiiAR ah an roes . U. M . u»U' .'I I HI IV II PIUS 2ND SPINETINGIER! BLACK SUND a Y*

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