The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 14, 1955 · Page 21
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 21

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 14, 1955
Page 21
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6-Algena (lo.) Upper D« Moine* Thursday, July 14, 1955 favings CD CHHI8 REEM A Lltllt el ThU. * LII11* ef Th»t; Nei Much of Yep, I admit I do blow that nifnitlioruan a 'lot and at al! sorts of times and in all sorts ol plaees and I often wonder that someone don't take it away from me and throw it into the i ity dump. Yes. I do know several tunes, olden-time though they may he and blowing the thing is good exercise of lungs rind keeps breathing ability at a good par. I always thought it was a moutliorgan that I emptied •wind into but the other day Bill Seifeit told me the proper name •lor the noisemaker was a French harp. And here I always thought a harp was an instrument with many strings and not a blow doings like I play tunes on. But ] assured Bill that I didn't know French tunes, just old hoe- do'wns and Dane tunes. And 1 played for him 'Torgangen Nat Vor Sultne Kat" and he admitted that though lie couldn't understand Dane it was a good tune Hist the same. And Fred Shilts told me that though he didn't care much for mouthorgan tunes PLANTATION BALLROOM WHITTEMORE, IOWA Friday, July 15 VIKINGS Sunday, July 17 BOBBY LINDEMAN Friday, July 22 BABE WAGNER Sunday, July 24 JACK COLE Friday, July 29 MALEKS Sunday, July 31 TONY BRADLEY No Advance Booth Reservations Doors Open at 8:30 lie sure did admit that I know all the mhieaths and oiitbrenth* on a harmonica and though my tuning neared a headache for him nevertheless 1 sure knew my onion* when 1 had that French harp between my lips, so to -peak. Thanks. F'led. —o-And my French harp blowing docs meet with approval by some because on account of it was the other day that I blew a tune for Cecil Will and his young 17- i month. 0 old son. Mai k. got th» i biggest kick out of my harmonica ! blowing and when I asked him j did he like that he nodded h:s j head and stamped his foot ant! so indicated that he was please'! with it. And when I asked Mark did he want to play one he sure nodded his head emphatically and so maybe there will be a harmonica blowing in the Will home, and it won't be the senior Will who will do the blowing. But at that it's a lot of fun to play a mouthorgan and 1 have learned that there an. 1 several Kossuth county gents who put in time tuning on a harmonica. According to reports this has been an ant week in Algona. At least I know of eight families who have found their home a icnde/vous for ants, both the red and the black, though reports have it that the black ants are in the majoiity. According to reports the little black nitwits enter homes and hunt up spacing in the kitchen, and one lady said that this was because the ant has a wonderful nostril and can smell sugar and that is. a. .sweet which the ant loves and hence enters a home within neighborhood of sweets. Thank goodness the ant has no big and noisy vocal elements and if they dkl folks who are visited by the ants would sure go plenty nuts. Several gents have told" me that the cause of the ant visits is backed by the recent heavy rains we've had the past week. According to that I guess an- nnt just can't swim, so to speak. —o— It was on the 1st of July thai we started paying a ' •> per cent increase sales tax. just as though we weren't being tax-held-up aplenty. If your purchase reaches a do/en pennies, no tax, but over that you dig up a penny for every half dollars worth of purchase. But what's the difference, we're getting used to this darn tax-hold-up every time we buy 1 something to live. This life of existence, 1945 on to 1955, has been just one darned tax gouge after another and I, for one, don't like it at all. Do vou? DOLL UP YOUR PRINTING Let us plan attractive, eye- catching printed material for you. You'll like our work as well as our price. Upper Des Moines PUBLISHING CO. Phone 1100 Algona I I I STATE FARM ! PERSONALIZED I CLAIM 1 SERVICE Wherever yo« arc, if you are involved in an accident, a State Farm representative is nearby to help you. If it happens near home, the agent who wrote your policy will give you fa»t, friendly assistance. Away from home — there are nearly 8,000 agents and claims representatives across the country ready to help you. It P«f t J» ffn*w Tow STATE FARM Agent i Harold C. Sundet 300 E. Elm St. Phone 841 Algona LuVerne Golden Wedding An open house honoring Mr and Mrs S. R. Baker of LuVerne on the occasion of their 5()th wedding anniversary was held in the Methodist church at LuVerne Sunday, July HI. from 2 to 5 p.m. Many friends and neighbors of the couple attended the fete. Ifosts were the couple's children. They are: Mrs A. W. Porter of Fort Dodge: Clifford M. Baker of Livermoro: Mrs Walton DeWilt of Manson: Mrs W. S. Robinson of Las Vegas. Nev.: Dwight D. Baker of Washington. Iowa. Merlin D. Baker of Cm with: and Cecil Baker of LuVerne. A family dinner was held in thp church basement following the open house. Mr and Mrs Baker were married July 1. lOO.i. at Boone. Attending them were Mr Baker's sister. Mrs C. A. Swan of Woodward and the late Charles E. Jones. Mrs Baker's brother. The Bakers have lived for many years in the LuVerne and Livermore areas where Mr Baker is in the livestock business. They have seven children, all alumnae of the Livermore and LuVerne High schools, and 20 grandchildren. Mr and Mrs Baker are pictured above. (Cut courtesy Fort Dodge Messenger.) At Jhis writing, Monday, we're still enjoying (?) I he 90 degree register. But perhaps we should be used to it by this time? And while we suffered and shrunk, just look what the degree did to our corn. Seemed to leap in height almost a foot a day. And now that the de-tasseling season is here I have been told that some corn tassels are almost out of reach of the teen-agers unless they reach the fi-foot. height. One young gent. 5 feet 1, told me that he didn't think he would take on detasseling this year because on account of he didn't want to carry a step-ladder with him, and reaching to better than six-foot heights proved hard on his arms and muscles. And maybe he's got something there. And one farmer gent told me that the daily growth of his corn had been so. prominent and so outstanding that he could almost hear the stalks take on their increase in circumference and height daily. But there is one sure thing outstanding and that is the beauty of today's corn fields. In color, in height, the Iowa corn fields are something we can surely be plenty proud of. Remember Iowa, that's where the tall corn grows. And there's plenty truth and poetry in that statement. Brucellosis Test Week Of July 25 The fourth county wide Brucel- losis ring test will be conducted, in Kossuth C'puiity (.hiring the week of July 2">, according to Dean Barnes, county extension director. Milk and cream samples will be picked up at every milk or cream receiving station in Kossuth County. The samples will be tested by technicians from the Iowa Department of Agriculture. The results of the ring test will be mailed to each individual farmer. Barnes states that the Iowa Department of Agriculture is now certifying herds as "Brucel- losis Accredited" it they have three consecutive clean ring tests. The ring le.-i i., made on a compoMte sample of milk or cream from the entire herd, therefore, tells only if there is Brucellosis present in the herd and can't tell the tanner which cow or cows aie ini'i cted. A farmer who get.s a positive ring test should consult hi.^ veterinarian Family Picnics At St. Benedict And St. Joe St. Benedict — On July 4, 35 people gathered at the Philip Arndorfer home for a picnic. Those attending were -Mr and Mrs Julian Arndorfer, Joan, Rita, and Bob. all of Waterloo; Mr and Mrs Clyde Monroe, Cynthia, Scotty and Danny, Waterloo: Mrs Joe Hanig, Norma. Duane Ackley and latter's friend. Inez, of Clarion: Mr and Mrs Harvic Kampman and Carol of «,Dumont; Mr and Mrs Dean Hoffman, Pamela and Debbie of California: Mr and Mrs Bernard Capesius and Jean of LuVerne; Mrs Chuck Colwell, Becky and Randy of LuVerne; and Mr and Mrs Clarence Siemer, Ellen Jean and Vicki, of LuVerne. The rain did quite well in staying away until the picnic was almost at an em:. The day was a hot one, but they took care of that by having the picnic in the basement. rosiclonrp Saturrl.iv p.m. Patrirh is employed as a secretary in the navy department in Washing- j "IK ton.' D. C. i" Mr and Mrs Dan Froohlich Sr.. Mr and Mrs Francis Froehlich and Dan Froehlich Jr. went to the funeial of Dan Sr.'s brother-in- law, (ieorge Haunt of Bloomitu:- ton. The funeral was July (i, OM their way home they stopped a' Clinton and Cedar Rapids and visited relatives. Mr and Mrs Dan Froehlich Sr. and Mr and Mrs Jack Ludwig went to the Richlsmeier familv reunion at Ackley Sunday. Mr and Mrs Clans Brims. M^ Julia Schonboh.m. Edward and Edna Sehonbolmi of Danvers. Minn, stopped Friday on thei" way home from the George Baiim funeral anil ^pent the day at the Dan Froehlich Sr. homo'. Mrs Cieorgo Applel.iv of Davenport spent Friday night at the home of Mr and Mrs Joseph Namer. She left lor her home Saturday having spent the past two weeks at Emmetshurg and Spencer with relatives. She is a sister of Mr Namer. Manns of matrimony were published for the first time Sunday. July 10, between Ralph Simons o! Algona and Phyllis Elsheekor of Bancroft. July 30 has been chosen for their wed ding date. Frances Miller, sister of Al, anil Art Hosenmeyer is visiting for several days at Al's and Art's home. She resides at D .-• Moines. Mr and Mrs Frank Ilaldoman of San Diego. Calil. ami their daughter. Mary Aliee Black and 1 sons of Des Moines called at the Al Kosenmeyer home. July (i. Mary Daley was winner of high pn/e at the card party held ai the home of Mrs Nick Kischen the afternoon of July 7. Mrs Katherine Phillips of Owatonna, Minn, was at the Nick Eisehen home July li. She is a sister .of Mrs Eischon. They and Niek motored to the honn.- of Mrs Clarence Kramer of Algona that afternoon. She is a daughter of Mrs Phillips. Mr and Mrs Charles Amnn of Ma.-on City, Albert Amnn, Chicago, were at the Al Rosenmeyer 'home June -<l for dinner. Mr and Mrs Mike Prousehl visited over the 4th of July at the John Preusehl home. The men are brothers. The Harley Waller family at- Wednesday. July 13—(1:30 p.m. Irnrled two pirnies in DPS Moinrs 1 over il'ie 4th of July weekend, Picnic Al Erpeldings Mr and Mrs Lloyd Mueller of Wilmington, 111. are spending a two week's vacation here with, relatives and friends. A picnic was held July 3 at the Bill Kr- pelriing home near St. Joe. Those present were the Muellers, M; and Mrs Forest DeFrance and two children of Marshalltowir .Mr and Mrs John Arend and daughter of Corwith, the John Preuscii! family, Mr and Mrs James Aivna and Danny, Roman Arend. Mi and Mrs Kdwarcl Arend and family, and Mr and Mrs Phil Dang- lerson and family ol Bode. A good number of folks of this community attended the Bernard Burlingame funeral of Algona Friday p.m. Mr and Mrs Bob Hai-.leopl Jr. of Ames and Marlene Arndorfer of Storm Lake spent the 4th ••! July with their parents. Doiolhy Arndorfer is Mrs Hardcopi's and Marlene's mother. Mr and Mr- Bob Hardcopf Sr. of LuVeine are parents of Boh. Ruth O'llara .-pent four day-, at the Francis Froehlich home. Patricia Simons, daughter >-. Mr and Mrs George Simmis nt Algona is spending a week wit:. relative-; here. She and her m,,- Mher were at the Nick Arndorli-; "Our telephone is the cheapest service we buy 1 Our phone doesn't ring as often as when the children were home. But the calls we get seem to mean even more than before—family news . . . Jim's promotion . . . our new grandson . . . an invitation to dinner. We make a lot of calls ourselves today, maybe more than we used to. It's wonderful how much you can do by telephone—calls to grocers, cleaners, repairmen, stores. And then there is the safety our telephone gives us, too. We're; "modernmug" our telephone service, too — ju>t had a phone installed in our bedroom. It's a blue one and Helen loves it. I figure, for convenience and for all the things we do by phone, our telephone service is the cheapest service we buy ! \orlliwestern hiU Ttltpliunc Company. Whal a big difference telephone service makes... and how little it costs! a Waller relationship "athor- and the other Mrs Waller's relatives. They brought two of Mrs Waller's cousins with them for a two week's stay. One girl is from Arkansas, the other from Oregon. 4-H Judging . Workouts Are Underway 4-H club members will have an opportunity to sharpen their livestock judging eye during the month of July on some of tlm line herds of livestock in Kos- •nilh County, according to Robert C. Johnson, county extension voti'.h assistant. Judging workouts have been scheduled for Wednesday evcn- ng for 4-H'er-: wishing to learn more about selecting livestock to lit their needs for a greater pro- I it and more en.ioymi nt. 1'he meetings will also offer members wishing to try out for the. county livestock and dairy judging teams an opportunity to gain added experience. K o s s u t h County will be represented ;it the North Iowa Fair. State Fair. CaMle Congress and Clay County Fair by 4-II'ers attending the judging se.-sion during July. The schedule 1 is as follows: -- hog judging at the Louis Reillv Farm" Loans fnrm nnrl 7: in. beef ju(li:in:T ."•' the Don Knckson 1'arin. Wednesday. July 20 --0:30 p.m. -•-dairy .j ud's ing al tin. 1 Floyd Bode farm and 7:150 p.m. beef .jud.uing at UK? Borl Pnebe farm Wediif'sday, July l!7 -liiiil) p.m. —dairy and' h<>s .iudgin.u at the Herman Soderberg farm and fi:00 p.m. sheep juclgin?; at the Mam ice Bernhard farm. St. Joe Groups Plan Family Picnic, July 24 Si. Joe—Knights of Columbus. si. jii-epir- c lar monlhl of this School 'M n vrr'i i Mond li'(•!•: in M ll ' Di.-'riet officer. |y ell ill • ollliell. Deputy on Si. The K il\ picni July I!-!, Su: Art,r hv Midune and A. r:mi- Smiday, U-D-M Classifieds Pay Dividend! IOWA'S WONDER SHOWPLACl J0WA' e CLEAR LAKE I OWA FRIDAY, JULY 15th Battle of Bands Dude Ranchers ' vs. Malek's Accordian Band SATURDAY, JULY 16th EDDIE ALLEN and ORCH. SUNDAY, JULY 17th Singing Star BUDDY MORENO And His Orchestra Adm.: 1.21 plus tax. tot. 1.35 WEDNESDAY, JULY Teenage Dance 20th NEVER OVER 7 /O and Dividends will Reduce the 4% Rate FEDERAL LAND BANK . V LOANS / wv ^s"?i«.i*^^ ^^^^Vf^^^^y^^-y^^'-^^ Eugene H. Hutchins Sec,-Treas. Algona National Farm Loan Ass'n 110 S. Dodge Algona, la. CONVERT YOUR GRAINS TO SOLID MEATY GAINS 'As Much As $9.00 Savings Per 100 Lbs. Gain" MINERALM Coin savings now pav ol git first class KKSl'LTS ral Meal. KvMilts or. corn supplementing. 'IV- 1-: p. 1 ' orn per lou p, L: That t >:; -. ;i than bu>bels com fet cist is SI.fiO. v, gams. On ; SaM 1 RESULTS, pi edients. i. ent Mini: iH-c.iKso Blend- tl supplement. and minrals naluiallv n S. 4 Big Meat-Building Supplements All In One Bag — All At One Low Price On Sale Also At Algona Flour & Feed Co. Sargent & Go "Makers of Famous Sargont Feeds" FUN in the large economy size ! Surprising, how little it takes to put .this big dreamboat in your driveway for keeps. And your dollars couldn't begin to buy more pure pleasure anywhere else. Here's beauty that's putting the high-priced cars in the shade. Here's action that'll have you driving the long way home just for the fun of it. You owe yourself this new Chevrolet. Come in and see how easily you can swing it! YOU CAN PAY A LOT MORE MONEY AND STILL NOT GET 'ALL THESE CHEVROLET ADVANTAGES! Body by Fisher Found in m;iny of America's costlit'Nt cars — you ivt it only in Chevrolet in the loss -price Held. 12-Volt Electrical System IVIiu-rs MI/VC the punch for quicker starting in all v. c.ilhcr; better ii'mtion for liner performance! Ball-Race Steering Special ball Ivaiiius in lite Meering gear reduce Iriction . . . nuke bteer- ing a lot easier. Outrigger Rear Springs Spaced wide apart to gi\e you --lire - footed stability on curves. Anti-Dive Braking An exclushe Chevrolet development greatly reduces "nose down" under budden High-level Ventilation 1 akes in air above road heat, fumes and Rain L, kept out. CHEVROLET KOSSUTH MOTOR CO. SOUTHWEST OF COURTHOUSE SQUARE PHONE 200

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