Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 7, 1973 · Page 6
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 6

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 7, 1973
Page 6
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6 Gafesburg Register-Moil, Golesburg, 111, Thursdoy, June 7, 1973 Now You Know ... fiy United Press International tlicre are more than 750 million acres of government and privately owned forest land In the United States. Marlon Brando To Appear W Hth Indian on Dick Cavett Show M. JL ,, ...... ui. i.u >i...i<liu Tim nrif.wnrlr The biggest lobster ever reported was a 44'A-pounder hauled up off Long Island, New York, in 1956, says National Geographic. By RICK DU BROW HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - Notes to watch television by: Television In Review The headliners: Sandy Duncan will be guest host of NBC- TV's "Tonight" show July 9 ABC-TV, which previously in- FRI. and SAT. SPECIAL His & Hers T-Bone $7.50 His & Hers Catfish $5.00 Rib Eye $2.25 PLUS TAX Baked or French Fries Large Salad KNOTTY PINE TAP Wafaga, III. — 375-9918 £oiMIJ [ PERfKt SPOT ,;. NOW OPEN BUSINESSMEN'S LUNCH . ... 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. COCKTAIL HOUR 3 to 6 p.m. Chip-n-Dip, Fresh Popcorn, Salted Nuts DINNER MENU ...... 5 p.m. to 12 midnight SANDWICH MENU 11 a.m. to 12 midnight NORTHGATE LOUNGE Route 150 North — Galesburg Coca Cola' Collectors Glass f oea Purchase a 16 oz. Glass of "Coca Cola" and Keep the Coke Glass OFFER GOOD WHILE THEY LAST HAMBURGER Offer Good Thru Sun., June 10 BURGER CHAMP 2100 E. MAIN ST. PHL 343-1009 %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% * Every Friday •X•X- -X- •X-X- *K* -X- *x- 'X•X* -X' •X•S* •X•X- •X•X- •X•X- FISHERMAN'S BUFFET IF YOU LIKE FISH YOU WILL LOVE OUR SEAFOOD BUFFET . . . FEATURING A VARIETY THAT IS BOUND TO PLEASE. • DEEP FRIED SHRIMP, SCALLOPS AND PERCH • CREOLES AND NEWBURGS • CLAM CRISPS • BROILED CRAB LEGS • TUNA CASSEROLE ALL OF THIS AND MANY, MANY GOURMET SALADS AND RELISHES TOO NUMEROUS TO MENTION, INCLUDING CREAMED HERRING AND WHOLE SALMON. and COMPLIMENTARY WINE »$<« Also Help Yourself to a Glass of Fine White Wine w from the Chilled Boitlss You Will Find on Ice at the -X•X- -X-X- •X-X- >X•X- -X•x- -X-X' •X*- •X•X* •X•X- •X•X- •X-X- ~X-X- -X•X- •X* •X•X- •X•X- •X* •X- Buffet Table. -X- SEE YOU FRIDAY NITE AT... * •X-X- -X/-.Ui-;Ai.. -X- ROUTE 150 NORTH — GALESBURG, ILLINOIS -x* Call Now For Reservations 342-215/ , y . dicaled that Marlon Brando would be the sole guest on Dick Cavett's late-night series this coming Tuesday, now says: "Brando will be accompanied by Wallace G. Health, project director of the Lummi Indian tribe of the state of Washington, who proposed that the tribe enter the business of aqua culture, and Sam Cagey, who developed the Lummis' aqua- culture to the point where it is a sophisticated sea farm." Edward Asner of CBS-TV's Mary Tyler Moore series, Karen Valentine of ABC-TV's "Room 222" and Lyle Waggoner of CBS-TV's Carol Burnett show have been named as the stars of a touring theater production of "Born Yesterday" scheduled to bow in this month in Ohio ... The contest between basketball powerhouses UCLA the national collegiate champions and North Carolina State, both undefeated last season, will be broadcast live on ABC-TV's TEEN DANCE VIOLA Opera House Sun., June 10 7:30- 10:30 Music By Leather Soul" Tipton, Iowa's Finest "Wide World of Sports" 15, from St. Louis. Dec. Wide World Expanded The programs: "Wide World of Sports," a Saturday series that runs 90 minutes on most occasions, will be expanded to two programs each weekend starting in 1974, with the added Sunday broadcasts also usually 90 minutes in length ... NBC- TV's motion pictures for the 1973-74 semester wifl include, in addition to "My Fair Lady" (already set for Thanksgiving night), "A Man For All; Seasons" (with Paul Scofield),' "Cool Hand Luke" (Paul Newman, George Kennedy), "Cotton comes to Harlem" (Godfrey Cambridge, Raymond St. Jacques), "Sweet Charity" (Shirley Maclaine) and "Buck and the Preacher" (Sidney Poitier, Harry Belafonte, Ruby Dec). NBC-TV's one-hour documentary "American Communism Today," pre-empted May 22 for a special on the Watergate case, will be presented June 26 ... "Sinai," an hour documentary on the current status of the peninsula captured by Israel in the six-day war ofi 1967, airs on NBC-TV July 10 ... "Doc Elliot," a periodic one- hour series with James Franciscus as a physician, is on ABC-TV's 1973-74 schedule ... The Miss Universe Pageant will be broadcast from Athens on CBS-TV July 21, with singer Helen O'Connell as hostess and Bob Barker as emcee. "Ataerica" to be Rerun Journalist Alistair Cooke's award-winning history series, "America," a recent NBC-TV offering, will be rerun early in the evening on a widely syndicated basis starting' in the fall, enabling more youngsters to see it ... In addition, II w reported that *ho scricfl Is Mm aimed at the nomcomimawlMl network after that ... C1IN-TV, which presented live covonvfio of the Senate Watergate lionr- ings Wednesday, reports Mml. its spot rating in Now York city was 4.4 with a 24 share, as opposed to NBC-TVs 4,(1 niwl 2fl share and ABC-TV's ,1.5 and II) share! ABC-TV says It will broadcast in the coming season "f'\ Scott Fitzgerald and 'The Last of the Belles'" a two-hour special interweaving Hie lives of the author and his wife Zclda with hla work* ... The network also M ( v« upcoming entries of Its late-night, "AnC-Wfdo World of Wntorlnlnmonl" series will Includo: "Mnrjoe's People," do.wt'lbod m o "program with I ho former locn-agc evan- tfHIsl.' n renin of ABC-TV's foiir-parl. presentation of the Husslmi film "War and Peace" Lite week of Aug, 27, a two-part production of Henry James' "Tito Turn of iho Screw," with Lynn Wedgrave, and a presentation of Robert Louis Stevenson's "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," with Jack Palance. Billy Dee Williams: No 'Black' Parts for Him * _ , , i. ,i. , r^?^yz v ^^^>^^wms%^ttt^^^ yrwjf srr?™ -' s * - <"«i of vvniilod to co through her Bv DICK KLEINER around to my way of think- V A\V%$WV %£g*mm *L / > 1 wn iitutugu u» K I By DICK KLEINER HOLLYWOOD (NEA) Billy Dee Williams may be the first black movie star to cut across color lines romantically. Since "Brian's Song" and "Lady Sings the Blues," he's become a romantic figure to his fans and his fans apparently come in all colors. That's the way he wants it. The Lively Arts He's uninterested, he says, in racial issues—"nobody is ever going to get me to talk about black-and-white again" —and that philosophy carries over into his work. He will no longer consider a role that is essentially a black role. From now on, he'll consider only parts which are undefined as to color. HE JUST finished a film called "Goodbye, Marseilles," which, he says, is the kind of part he wants. He plays a hero who could be any color. In fact, the role had originally been written for Steve McQueen. "I don't think, the black- white thing is relevant any more," he says. "I see signs that the world is coming EVERETT'S TAP Wataga, III. FRIDAY and SATURDAY LUV-N-COUNTRY Featuring JONNA RAYE No Disorderly Conduct Tolerated. "Galesbtirg's Leading Fraternity" EAGLES CLUB 74 N. CHAMBERS ST. SATURDAY, JUNE 9 THE POLKA-DOTS Members 50c — Guests $1.00 Till 9 PM After 9 75c and 1.50 DANCING 8:30 - 12:30 NIGHTLY at the RED COACH LOUNGE ENTERTAINMENT from the Sound of Seven ®* THE M.C. t A Local Group from Monmouth College — Don't Miss Them ... See you at . . . b row around to my way of ing about that, too." So he's looking' for these gray parts — a part that could be black or white—and he's in the fortunate position of being able to indulge his whim. Since "Lady Signs the down eight firm film offers lately and has several others which he's considering. He and his advisers feel that he has a definite romantic appeal to women, regardless of color. He recently had an indication of just how strong that appeal is. "I WENT TO Las Vegas," he says, "to see Diana Ross and she introduced me to her audience. There was bedlam in the place. The ladies came running up to my booth — and most of them were white." He feels that's great. He wants to be a romantic movie idol. He believes that a great love story on the screen would clean up today, and he'l like to be a part of it. Actually, he's living a pretty good love story himself. He's married to a lovely Japanese girl named Teruko (that means "The Wind") and they just had their first child. "TERUKO AND I," Billy Dee says, "lived together for two years and then we goj; married two years ago. The ceremony was a kick — neither of us were kids, we'd been married before. But we suddenly decided we wanted Exhibits Planned For Avon Show AVON —A home and garden exhibition will be staged here Aug. 17-18 in connection with the annual Avon Fat Steer Show. Exhibits will be set up at the "Little Red School.^ Registration for entries will be Aug. 17 from 9-10:30 a.m. Exhibits will be on display that day from 1-8 p.m. and Aug. 18 from 5-8 p.m. Competition is limited to residents of the Avon School District, and entries must have been grown or made by the exhibitor. Avon Junior Woman's Club is sponsor of the exhibition. Kiivanians Pick Officers for Year Howard Clause has been elected president of the Galesburg Kiwanis Club. Other new officers, elected Tuesday, include Richard Strader, first vice president; John Griffith, second vice president; Arthur Williamson, recording secretary; Gene Horn, treasurer, and John Kimball, assistant treasurer. Ray Briggs, Jim Eager, Ed Middaugh, and Keith Peterson were elected directors for 2- year terms, and Kimball was chosen to serve a 1-year director's term. "f wanted to go through her pain and her joy," he says, nnd lie found that sharing of emotions mind-bonding. It's been a great few months for him, since "Lady Sings the Blues" came out, following his TV success on "Brian's Song." The two made him a big star. HE'S EXCITED about his present and future and believes his destiny is major stardom. He says, if he wanted to, he could be busy every day and every night. He's being paged for benefits of all kinds and says he could do a benefit every night for the next two years—730 of them. The one thing he says he won't do any more is television. "No TV for me," he says. "I'm a movie star now." Billy Dee Williams ... hot item in Hollywood these days to get married. I guess because we're both products of conventional homes." On April 24, their daughter was born. Her name is Han- ago, which means "flower." Billy Dee was in the'delivery room to watch her being born and says it was one of the great experiences of his life. Bardot Is Still Sex Symbol But She's Anxious to Quit DANCE EAGLES CLUB SAT., JUNE 9 9-1 MUSIC BY Los Reales" ADMISSION - $2.00 Sponsored by LULAC II SARLAT, France (UPI) She is not exactly washed up at age 38, but Brigitte Bardot is anxious to retire. "You really want to stop?" a newsman asked her Wednesday during a break in the shooting of her latest film. "Yes," replied the still reigning, French sex symbol. "I think this is my last film," she said. "I've decided there are other things to do. This way, I think, is a way to get out elegantly." It was not the of retirement by Miss Bardot, who has reigned as a star since 1957 When her first film, "And God Created Woman," made BB one of the world's best known set of initials. Asked what lies ahead if she retires, Miss Bardot' replied: "Life." Her latest film is directed by Ticket Shortage CRAWLEY, England (UPI) — The 10 policemen on duty at Gatwick airport have not issued one traffic ticket in 10 weeks. It isn't because everyone is a faultless driver. A police spokesman said officers are still waiting for the government to print appropriate traffic tickets. a woman, Nina Companeez, and barring delays will appear in October. Miss Bardot said she was enjoying her first experience with a woman director.. • "I enjoy it because a woman understands another woman very well," she said. "Nina Companeez is really an adorable woman. I think she is great." Miss Bardot was asked if Miss Companeez might find new facets of her talent or personality. "Well, the facets at 38 are pretty well known," Miss Bardot said. "Myself, I know all my facets from A to Z and she does to. "Also because I think that this is my last film," she said, "there's not much to discover..." Now Playing thru Saturday FIST FULL OF DOLLARS CLINT EASTWOOD One Show Each Night At 7:30 Children 60c — Adults $1.00 Route 150 North >f G alesburg ELKS FAMILY BUFFET Fridcr ^Mlghtjusttumouttobethisyear'ssleeperandemulatethe runaway success of'BILLY WCK .'-'.w^om.,, M. T™.. Open 6:45 -- Shows 7-9 p.m. Nbw Showing! ' f»nmouniPictufMindTomofrowEnlirliinmtnt ( Ine,PrM«l , ALEC GUINNESS SIMON WARD | ^ HITLER: THELASTTENDAYS ? fpfjl AWOLrQANQAEINKARDTPRODUCTION I .-^fc. 1. I A JOHN HEYMAN PRESENTATION .'iOTW .i <33» W COLOR 'A PARAMOUNT PICTURE W> W| WALKING TALL JOSEPH E.UV1NE p<»ents a y MIKl NICHOLS • 1AWRENCE rUAMAN ACADEMY AWARD WINNER NCT DUUCTOfi \ MM! V MCHOIS *. mi THE GRADUATE TECHNICOLOR* PANAVISION* An Avco Embassy Mtoit^dtls Now Playing! Open 7 - Show at 7:15 "Carnal Knowledge" 7:15 "The Graduate" at 9 p.m. JosephEXevine presents a Mike Nichols Rim Carnal Knowledge 7:30 & 9:45 «• CINEMA I & ll NCAI to AKIANS N Hundtnoii bi GAltiBUlH, 34V 6224 1SJ STARTS TOMORROW! BfUC-9 %99 yvtryBmbtltosH^ylieileHiolwtflaciitB Fists of Fury Color • A Notional General Pictures Release (||} PLUS! JOHN WAYNE in BIG JAKE Last day! I "ACt ELI & ROGER OF THE SKIES" & "WHEN LEGENDS DIE" 7:00 ff ALiil Open 8 - Shows at Dusk Now Showing! Adults 1.50 - Children 50c PLUS TECHNICOLOR* ' $*. umiii iuouitcis Another Disney Hit Napolean «nd Samantha

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